GH Transcript Wednesday 6/9/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/9/04

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Ric: Good morning.

Alexis: Hello.

Ric: Listen, I'm sorry about the poor choice of words, but about last night --

Alexis: What about it?

Ric: I think I left my keys at your place, which isn't surprising, considering --

Alexis: Considering what?

Ric: Well, what happened between us.

Sonny: Dear God, I'm asking you for a little help here. Lying is something Iím not comfortable with. I'm trying to do what's best for my children. Now that includes this baby with Sam. That's why Iíve asked Jason to do what he can to marry Sam to save my family. I think it's the right solution. I don't know, you know? There's so much going on. I just need a little help now to get through this. All right.

Courtney: Will this wedding be as hard for you as it will be for me?

Carly: So you stop this joke of a wedding, and I will make sure that as soon as Sam gives birth she will be on her way out of town.

Edward: Really? Now, you tell me how you will guarantee that.

Carly: Because I know this woman. She's a grifter. She's a greedy little wench who worships money above everything else.

Edward: Oh, sounds like I might get along with her.

Carly: This isn't funny, Edward. Your favorite grandson's entire future is about to be compromised.

Edward: Well, I got used to that a long time ago.

Carly: Edward, listen to me. Sam will take that payoff, and Jason will keep his child, and I will be involved in his life, and I will use my considerable influence to make sure that the Quartermaines have access to their child. So not only will you have access to your great-grandchild, you also get a second chance with Jason.

Edward: Pardon my continued skepticism. What's in it for you?

Carly: I get to save my best friend from making the worst mistake of his life.

Sam: Thank God you are here. Where have you been?

Jason: Riding my bike. Just relax, ok? I got plenty of time to get ready for this wedding.

Sam: No, no, no, you are ready, and so am I. Forget the formal ceremony. Forget it all. It was a horrible idea. I just -- I want to elope.

Alexis: I didn't notice any keys in my apartment that didn't belong to me.

Ric: I don't know. Maybe they fell when I stepped inside the door. Did you look?

Alexis: Why would I?

Ric: Well, then, they could be there.

Alexis: If you're going to hound me about it, I'll ask Viola to take a look around the house.

Ric: No, no, no, no, I'm not going to hound you. I just, you know -- the super let me in this morning. I have an extra set of keys.

Alexis: Then why would you even bring up the subject?

Ric: I don't know. I don't want you to have 24-hour access to my apartment.

Alexis: Did you say "this morning"?

Ric: Yeah, you know, the super's grumpy on a good day, even. Look, it wasn't a big deal. I just -- you know, he let me into the apartment. I didn't want to wake him up last night. I spent the night with my friend. You already know that because you spoke to her.

Alexis: I spoke to no one.

Ric: Well, maybe you don't remember, but -- I mean, my cell phone rang and my friend answered. The caller I.D. was your number.

Alexis: Coincidence.

Ric: Why can't you just admit it was you? I mean, what's the big deal? Unless -- were you checking up on me?

Alexis: Don't be ridiculous.

Ric: I think you're jealous.

Georgie: Good. You can tank the song if you want.

Lynn: Won't that make Dillon look bad? I didn't think that was your motive in all of this.

Georgie: It's not. In fact, I want the complete opposite. I would love for Dillon to find the next big thing and for you to have a career that would make you both look like stars. And I would really, really love for Ned to go tell Sage Alcazar and her uncle to take a hike. But if that's not possible, I will settle for you working with Dillon, and brilliant or awful, it's really up to you.

Lynn: Georgie, you're betting that once I start singing Iíll do my best. I won't be able to help myself, right?

Georgie: I'll admit you strike me as the competitive type, but, ok. I have pulled out all the stops I can think of to get you to do this. So this is me blackmailing you. I sent your dad off in the wrong direction the other day. This is how you pay me back.

Courtney: You know, I almost left without letting you know I was here. I feel like such an idiot.

Sonny: Why?

Courtney: What am I even doing here, Sonny? I mean, come on, Jason and I are over, and I'm the one who's supposed to be ok with it, especially since it was my brilliant idea.

Sonny: You're not?

Courtney: Oh, I don't know. Even though it's selfish, I know it is, it just helped knowing that he was missing me and that our hearts were still connected, even though we couldn't make it work. But now, I mean, everything's changed, you know? I mean, Jason is getting married and he's going to build a life with someone else.

Sonny: Courtney, I know how devastating this must be for you, right? But even during our worst moments, I never ever intended to break your heart.

Courtney: I know. I mean, you've been pretty amazing.

Sonny: No --

Courtney: Yeah.

Sonny: I have not, not really.

Courtney: Come on, Sonny, I mean, I have never seen you show such a level of forgiveness, accepting that Sam was unfaithful to you with Jason and not seeing it as a betrayal Jason couldn't come back from.

Sonny: Don't give me too much credit. I'm just trying to get through this, you know, day to day, just like you.

Courtney: Do you think they're doing the right thing?

Sonny: Who am I to judge? I mean, you know, yeah, Jason and Sam are doing what they think is best, and that's all any of us can do.

Sam: So why didn't you laugh in my face when I suggested a formal ceremony? I mean, you must have seen it for the truly terrible idea that it was, maybe pointed out to me that I was going temporarily insane. I mean, what if we threw a wedding and no one came, right? Because that's probably what's going to happen to us, with the exception of Jax, of course, because he wouldn't miss the opportunity to spit on me.

Jason: Sam, I don't care how we have this wedding. We need to get married for the baby, ok?

Sam: Ok, I got that part, and I agree, but we don't need a formal ceremony, a church wedding in town to make that happen. I mean, we can go to Atlantic City or Mexico, Vegas, anywhere, anywhere but here.

Jason: Ok. I just don't understand what you're suddenly so scared of.

Sam: Oh, I don't know, maybe being struck by lightning or something. I'm not that religious or anything, but even I know that church weddings are supposed to be sacred. They're not for pregnant mistresses or pretend grooms. Jason, a civil ceremony -- now, that I can handle. Swearing before God about vows neither of us mean is -- that's a little too dishonest. Yes, even for me, yeah.

Jason: Ok, well, it's not going to be a lie when I promise to honor and protect you or that I'll welcome your baby into my life as a gift from God. And it's not going to be a lie when I say Iím going to be committed to you and this child. Will that be a lie for you?

Sam: No.

Jason: Then it's a real wedding, Sam, no matter where we have it.

Alexis: I feel sorry for whoever spent the night with you last night. That person is either an innocent victim or a masochist with a weakness for arrogant, self-satisfied, morally bankrupt power junkies.

Ric: You are jealous. Oh, that's so endearing. Listen, truthfully, I would have rather spent the night with you.

Alexis: Never.

Ric: Never's a long time.

Alexis: Not long enough. I find you loathsome, repugnant, and revolting. I find you an utter waste of skin.

Ric: And I find you fundamentally dishonest. You are attracted to me. You're just so used to lying in your own face that you can't admit it.

Alexis: For the last time, you conceited jerk, I do not find you attractive. I wouldn't sleep with you if my last option were death!

Lucky: Are you prepared to send Skye to prison? Or are you too busy working your own personal agenda with Alexis?

Carly: Oh, that is such a great outfit. It's a really great suit. Have I ever told you that? It's sexy. It's understated. It's great for just about any occasion.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, the only occasion on my calendar today is a budget meeting with my attorney.

Carly: Ok, well, you need to reschedule that, because you can have a budget meeting anytime. You have one chance and one chance only to stop this farce of a wedding between Jason and Sam.

Courtney: Carly, we have already been over this. Ok? Jason is doing what he thinks is best for his child. I won't stand in his way.

Carly: Well, if you aren't going to stop this madness, I will. And it's fine, because you know that I am more than capable of doing it. But if I do it, it's guaranteed to get messy.

Courtney: Why don't you just drop it? Jason's not your husband.

Carly: No, he's not, but he is everything else to me. He is my oldest and dearest friend. He is the brother that I never had. He accepts me. He doesn't judge me, hardly ever. Listen, the point is Iím not going to let him marry Sam.

Courtney: Well, it's not your call to make.

Carly: Well, I'm making it. Courtney, you are the only woman that I have ever felt worthy of Jason, and you are still in love with him. So save him, for God's sake, for Jason, for me, for yourself, because if you let Jason get married, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Emily: You look very handsome.

Jason: Well, I can't take your word. You're biased.

Emily: Not a bit. Here. Next to Nikolas, you're the most handsome man I know. All right. You ready to do this?

Jason: Are you going to tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't?

Emily: You know, it's crazy how you always want more. It's not enough that Nikolas is alive. I want him to remember. It's not enough that you're going to be a father. I want you to love and be loved as a husband, too.

Jason: One out of two. Not bad odds.

Emily: Is it enough?

Jason: I've thought about this, and I -- you know, I believe getting married is the right thing to do.

Emily: Even when it's not about love?

Sonny: Is Jason here?

Sam: He already left for the wedding.

Sonny: Why didn't you ride with him?

Sam: Oh, come on, Sonny, don't you know the drill by now? It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: What about me?

Sam: Well, I guess that's ok.

Sam: After all, you're not the groom, Sonny, only the man I love.

Sonny: It's beau-- you look beautiful.

Sam: Thank you. It's your exquisite taste. I never thought I'd get married in a dress like this. I mean, I never thought I'd get married, period. My father warned me that would never happen.

Sonny: Why would he do that?

Sam: Well, you know, "Big fluffy white dresses aren't in your future, Sam. You're a con artist just like your old man. No one's ever going to trust you enough to marry you, so get it out of your head." That whole thing. I think you get where I'm coming from. Parenting was never Codyís strong suit. I won't have to worry about that. I mean, between you and Jason --

Sonny: If I could claim the child, you know, I would. It's just --

Sam: I know.

Sonny: You know, I mean --

Sam: I know.

Sonny: Yeah.

Sam: I mean, it took me a minute to understand. When Jason set all this up, Sonny, I was blindsided. I mean, I thought he was trying to take over my life and arrange everything around a promise that he made to Michael, and you agreed, but now -- I mean, now I've come to realize that you are torn and hurting, just like me. And it's hard to believe, isn't it, something that started out as an escape would end up costing us all so much.

Sonny: I'm sorry, you know? That I can't give you what you're entitled to -- my name, my time, a promise of a future together. But the only thing that I can do is entrust you with the best person I know. You'll be safe with Jason.

Sam: I know.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: I just -- I really wish things could be different.

Sonny: Well, I guess now, what do I do? I guess I just let you go. I don't know.

Sam: No. No, Sonny, I don't want you to let me go, and I don't ever want to let go, either.

Sonny: Hey. It's all right.

Alexis: You are late. Judges frown on that. They think it's disrespectful. Go figure.

Skye: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. I just had a little fashion crisis of confidence, you know. I just wanted to make sure this is appropriate. Do you think this is innocent or --

Alexis: I think it's the least of your worries.

Skye: Well, easy for you to say.

Alexis: You need to go in there, keep your mouth shut, and let me handle it.

Skye: Alexis, you've been where I am, haven't you? Charged with murder; your freedom on the line. How detached were you able to be? And you had a courtroom full of supporters. I've never been more alone.

Alexis: Please, stop feeling for yourself. We're due in court.

Skye: Hi. You're here.

Alan: We thought you might need a couple of friendly faces.

Ned: We didn't want you to think you're alone in all this.

Skye: Well, I don't know what to say except thank you. Your presence means so much to me.

Alan: Good luck.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session, the Honorable Martin Hernandez presiding. Be seated.

Judge: This is the second bail hearing in the matter of the State of New York vs. Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Are all parties present?

Ric and Alexis: Yes, your honor.

Judge: I'll hear you, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Thank you, your honor. Your honor, Ms. Quartermaine is charged with first-degree murder. She has considerable financial assets, and the state considers her a potential flight risk. We're asking that bail be denied and that Ms. Quartermaine be incarcerated until the trial.

[Knock on door]

Georgie: Is it safe to enter? God forbid I violate the "No Georgie" zone.

Dillon: Ah, yeah, don't worry about it. The diva is taking the day off to rest her voice, and Nedís at Skyeís bail hearing, so we got the place to ourselves.

Georgie: Cool.

Lynn: Good. So let's get this over with before I change my mind.

Emily: You didn't answer my question earlier.

Jason: I -- I think Iím good at two things. My job and being a father, ok? And you know what, Emily? I've missed that since Michael went to Carly and Sonny. I'm actually looking forward to this baby.

Edward: Hello, you two.

Emily: What in the world is grandfather doing here?

Jason: Nothing good.

Emily: Ok, I'm going to go check on the bride.

Jason: All right.

Justus: Jason, congratulations. You ready?

Jason: Yeah.

Justus: All right.

Jason: Thanks.

Sonny: Is Carly here?

Jason: No, not yet. Maybe she decided to skip it.

Sonny: I don't think so. You having second thoughts?

Jason: Not at all.

Sonny: Listen, even though Iím not comfortable with this whole thing, I appreciate -- I appreciate you doing this for me. I know everything you've put, you know -- you've put so much on the line, and this isn't the woman you planned to marry or the life you planned to have. I'm the one that made the promises, you know, and you're doing everything you can to make sure I keep those promises.

Jason: Yeah, but I made promises, too, to Michael when he was a baby. Before he even had a name, Sonny, I promised him that he would have a good life; that he would be happy and loved. And I can't keep those promises myself. You're going to have to do that for me. You're Michaelís father, and I know that you have never failed him, so please don't now.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: You know, you know what just hit me? How much has really changed since your last wedding day and you were marrying someone you actually loved.

Sonny: He's just doing what he thinks he should be doing.

Carly: Yeah, we'll see.

Emily: Hey. Your bride is ready.

Jason: All right. I guess this is it, then, huh?

Emily: Yeah. I love you so much, Jase. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Jax: Well, this is some happy day.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Jax: Someone has to give the bride away.

Emily: Sam, it's time.

Sam: Hi. I am so nervous I'm shaking. Why am I so nervous right now?

Emily: Yeah, all brides are. Occupational hazard. Hey, look, Sam, I don't want you to be blindsided, all right? Jax just went inside.

Sam: Yeah, of course he would be here. Why miss the joke of the century, right?

Emily: Take a deep breath; stay focused on Jason. He's the calmest person who ever lived.

Sam: I know. I know he is. It drives me crazy. Oh, my gosh. You know, I couldn't stand the guy, and now Iím about to marry him.

["Wedding march" plays]

Minister: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God and this company to join this man and woman in holy matrimony. If there are any here present who can show just cause why they should not be wed --

Justus: Sit down.

Minister: Let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Therefore, having come together freely and without reservation --

Carly: Jason can't marry Sam. He's already married to his real wife.

Sonny: Carly, Carly, don't do this.

Carly: Jason's divorce from Courtney isn't finalized. There was a problem with the paperwork. Isn't that right, Edward?

Sonny: Ok. I mean, I'm sorry. You know what? The problem she's talking about has been handled.

Carly: What?

Minister: If there's any question about the legality of this union, then --

Justus: There isnít. I have written confirmation from Judge Hernandez that Jasonís divorce is final. He's free to marry. I also have executed paperwork here if you'd like to see it.

Minister: That won't be necessary. Now that we've addressed your concerns, we can continue with the ceremony. Therefore, having come here freely and without --

Carly: No, no, no, no! You know what? I object! This whole ceremony, it's a sham, and if you perform the ceremony, you're a hypocrite.

Jason: Carly, that's enough!

Carly: No, it's not even enough! Sam is a liar.  She's a user, and I'm not going to sit back and watch you throw your life away, Jason!

Jason: Excuse me. I need to handle this.

Minister: I would think so.

Jason: Everything's going to work out, I promise.

Carly: I --

Jason: Carly --

Carly: No, no, don't -- don't -- don't stop here. Come on, let's keep walking. I'm getting you out of here, and you are going to thank me for it one day.

[Music plays]

Lynn: We lived our dreams and promises we shared the laughter and the tears and in the times of uncertainty you've been my shelter through the fear and though I always thought the goal was somehow worth the cost Iíve learned Iím not free to say you're the only one I love the only one I love you're the only one I love you're the only one I love oh there was a time I fled honesty emotions are never shown and restless dreams they kept haunting me but I never let you go 'cause if I ever lost the one and only heart I trust I could never find my way you're the only one I love the only one I love you're the only one I love you're the only one I love oh oh, oh, yeah

[Music stops]

Dillon: Uh -- Lynn, that was incredible.

Georgie: It was awe inspiring.

Dillon: Yeah, I mean, you -- you really ought to get ready, because when Ned hears that he's going to sign you. He's going to sign you.

Lynn: Yeah, look, about that -- look, just forget it, ok? Because, like, it was a one-time deal. I never should have agreed to it.

Dillon: What are you talking -- you were just getting all into it. Did I miss something?

Lynn: Look, I don't want to sing, you idiot! Ok? You know what? In fact, I don't want anything to do with either one of you.

Dillon: Hey!

[Door slams]

Georgie: Now what do we do?

Dillon: Make her change her mind.

Alexis: Your honor, Ms. Quartermaine has significant social and familial ties to Port Charles. She also has a thriving business here. She certainly isn't a flight risk, not to mention that this case is based solely on circumstantial evidence.

Ric: Not so, your honor. I'm prepared to offer forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony, and photographs of the deceased with the defendant.

Judge: I'll allow Ms. Quartermaine's bail to stand. However, Iím moving the trial date up to Thursday, June 24.

Alexis: I object, your honor.

Judge: Well, you have a choice, Ms. Davis. If you need more time to prepare your case, your client's bail will be revoked and she'll await trial in lockup.

Skye: Take the trial.

Alexis: All right, Thursday it is.

Judge: We'll reconvene then.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Skye: Well, I just want to say thank you so much for being here. It made all the difference, it did.

Alan: We'll be at the trial, as well.

Ned: And try not to worry. I can see that Alexis has that old fire in her eyes. She'll have you acquitted before Ric knows what hit him.

Alexis: Don't -- go away. You're not going to win this case with any more personal overtures.

Ric: No, this is not personal at all. I have an open-and-shut case, and you're a good enough lawyer to know that.

Alexis: I don't know anything of the kind.

Ric: Look, your responsibility is to your client's best interests. So stop grandstanding and take the deal that I'm about to offer you.

Skye: Lucky -- wait, please. Can I just talk to you for a minute?

Lucky: I'd rather you didnít.

Skye: Look, I know why you're angry. I understand that. You think that I manipulated your mother's illness and I wanted to get to Luke and -- but I didn't. I'm innocent. I swear to you. Come on, you of all people have to know that this just doesn't add up. Luke would not go into hiding and then accuse me in a letter. That is not Luke Spencerís style.

Lucky: You know what? My dad would do anything to protect my mother. You should have realized that when you tried to frame my mother for murder. You overplayed your hand, Skye. My dad is done with you.

Ric: Look, get Skye to plead guilty to second-degree murder. I will drop the kidnapping charge related to Lauraís disappearance. She'll get 20 years to life, out in 15 on parole.

Alexis: Not interested.

Ric: It's a generous offer, Alexis.

Alexis: "Generous"?

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: You just blindly took away 15 years of a young woman's life. I'll get her acquitted.

Ric: Oh, you know what? Get your ego out of the way here and think about your client for once. 15 years is a hell of a lot better than a lethal injection. She killed a cop. Now, my advice to you is you present this deal to her and you convince her to take it. It's not going to be on the table for long.

Emily: All right, here. Have a seat and try not to get upset. This is just a momentary glitch. Jason will be back any second.

Carly: I happen to love you enough to save you from your stupid, noble self! I cannot sit here and watch you throw your life away!

Jason: Now, listen, go home so you don't have to watch it! I want you to stay out of my life for once and let me live how I want!

Jax: Hey, Sonny? Just wondering. I'm curious, does it ever bother you that Jason and Carly are so close?

Sonny: I don't have time right now, ok? Does it bother you that you're not invited? Go ahead and leave.

Jax: If you insist.

Sonny: Yeah. The door's right there, Jax.

Carly: All the hell we've been through together; all the times that we have taken care of each other -- it has got to count for something, Jason. Please, if you have ever trusted me in my life, trust me right now. Do not marry this woman.

Jason: Carly, I get that you're trying to help, but you're wrong. Sam is not trapping me. I want this.

Carly: How can you? How? You don't love her. She's not going to make you happy, Jason. She's not going to stand by your side. She is not going to be loyal to you. She is just going to use that baby and she's going to work you for everything until something better just comes along.

Jason: Sam and the baby need me, and maybe I need them, too. You know what? Remember our first bet? 20 bucks. I'm going to bet you 20 bucks that this all works out.

Carly: I can't take your bet, Jason. It's no contest. You don't have a prayer in the world.

Georgie: Lynn, are you out here?

Man: Lynn isn't here, and she isn't in Nashville, either. Why'd you lie to me, hmm? Come on, what's my daughter up to?

Georgie: You busted me fair and square. Lynn asked me to steer you in the wrong direction. She's actually going to California.

Man: See, you're lying again. Lynn is right here in Port Charles, and you are going to tell me where.

Georgie: You better back off right now, because my dad is Mac Scorpio! He's the police comm--

Dillon: You ok?

Georgie: Yes. I'm fine. But you just knocked out a cop.

Dillon: It looks real. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. It could be a movie prop.

Georgie: Why would Lynnís dad, the pushy music promoter, pretend to be a cop?

Dillon: He's not. There's enough official I.D. here to choke a horse. Look at this. Meet Frank Mariana, official Brooklyn police detective.

Georgie: So Lynnís been lying about everything.

Dillon: How much you want to bet this guy isn't any more related to Lynn than I am?

Lynn's voice: You're the only one I love the only one I love you're the only one I love

Ned: Who's there?

Lynn's voice: You're the only one

Lucky: Lansing, you going to be ready for trial in two weeks?

Ric: Well, I may not have to be. I made a generous offer to Skye, and Alexis is smart enough to convince her to take it.

Lucky: You know what? Skye tried to frame my mother for killing a cop. She doesn't deserve a generous deal.

Ric: She's going to jail regardless, Lucky. Does it have to be for life?

Alexis: And that would be in return of a plea of guilty for second-degree murder.

Skye: Forget it, Alexis. I'm not pleading guilty to anything. I don't even remember killing Ross Duncan, and I certainly didn't frame Laura. There is something else going on here, ok? Luke would no way turn his back on me or accuse me in a letter. I'm the one who's being framed, ok? And to make matters worse, I'm really afraid that something terrible has happened to Luke.

Courtney: What brings you here? I thought you were so disappointed in me for my lack of faith in you.

Jax: Well, I wanted to give you a chance to redeem yourself. What are you doing this afternoon?

Courtney: Working.

Jax: No, you're not. You're hiding; pretending that Jason isn't getting married -- which he is, by the way. I was just thrown out of the wedding by the great Corinthos himself.

Courtney: Why on earth would you even want to be there, Jax?

Jax: Well, perhaps I'm petty enough to enjoy watching Jason make the biggest mistake of his life. Unfortunately, I was thrown out of the church before the noose was nice and tight around the neck so Iíve got the rest of the afternoon free. I thought I'd get out of town. I could use some company.

Courtney: Well, why don't you call Tracy? I'm sure she would make herself available.

Jax: That's cold. That's very cold.

[Courtney chuckles]

Jax: Can I just remind you that a condition of our bet is to spend time together, so consider this a date. Come on.

Courtney: Ja-- but where are we going?

Jax: You'll see when we get there. But I guarantee it; you'll enjoy it a lot more than staying here.

Courtney: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey!

Jax: Come on.

Jason: I, Jason, take thee, Samantha, to be my wife, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.

Sam: I, Samantha, take thee, Jason, to be -- Jason, Iím sorry. I can't do this.

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Georgie: Lynn's not running from her dad. She's running from the cops?

Sam: I don't love you, and I wish I could go through with this, but I can't.

Sonny: Sam's an expectant mother. You forced her to walk out of her own wedding.

Carly: If you don't like it, it's too bad.

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