GH Transcript Friday 6/4/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/4/04

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Singer: She ain't got time for love

Sonny: I should -- I should be going.

Sam: I don't want you to.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, but, you know --

Sam: Sonny --

Jen: Thank you so much for coming.

Alexis: Thank you for having me.

Jen: Absolutely.

Alexis: I appreciate it. Thank you.

Alan: Alexis, you got a minute to talk about Skyeís case?

Alexis: Listen, I don't want you to worry. Ric is grandstanding. All the evidence is circumstantial.

Alan: I sure hope you can prove her innocence.

Edward: Well, why would she want to? I mean, Alexis hates Skye because she kept Kristina from her. Probably throw the case.

Alexis: Skye is innocent. It is my job to prove it, and I will.

Alan: Well, I hope so, because that D.A. is out to get her.

Alexis: You don't worry about Ric Lansing. I can handle him. Excuse me.

Alan: Hmm.

Ric: Well, Alexis. Don't you look lovely? So, are we going to have another conversation about the case, or do you have anything more personal in mind?

Tracy: Well, it's about time. You need to shut down this mobster's ball. Now.

[Reporters buzz]


Mary: I don't trust you.

Lorenzo: You don't have to. Just stay out of my way.

Mary: And what if I don't?

Lorenzo: Well, then Nikolas will realize who he truly is, go back to the woman he truly loves, and you will be alone. Again.

Mary: You -- you don't even give a damn about Connor! You're just using him!

Lorenzo: As difficult as this may be for you to accept, Connor Bishop is dead, and Nikolas Cassadine is living the lie that you invented for him.

Mary: Well, he loves me, and I'm not going to let you or anybody else hurt my husband.

Nikolas: What is it?

Emily: This is the exact spot that I first kissed the love of my life -- Nikolas.

Nikolas: Wow, this is the spot where you and Nikolas first kissed?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, I -- I think about him all the time. Nikolas said that he'd always find his way back to me no matter what.

Nikolas: You think it might help you if you -- if you told me about him?

Emily: Why would you want to hear about Nikolas?

Emily: There are so many wonderful things about Nikolas. Um -- what do you want to know?

Nikolas: Anything.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Sit down.

Emily: All right.

Nikolas: You know, I like hearing about other people's lives.

Emily: Yeah?

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't remember anything about my past relationships -- with Mary or really anyone else, for that matter. But, you know, sometimes I -- I find myself just doing something on instinct and I wonder, you know, how did I get this way? How did I discover a taste for red wine? Why do I like living by the water?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: I don't know, maybe if you -- if you told me about Nikolas, it will give me something to think about besides the blank I have on what my past should be. You know, unless it'll upset you too much --

Emily: No, no, no, not -- not at all. Not at all. I love talking about Nikolas. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'll never stop -- stop loving him.

Nikolas: How long have you known him?

Emily: Since -- since I was a teenager. Nikolas was a prince.

Nikolas: Doesn't every girl think that about their boyfriend?

Emily: No. I -- I mean that literally. He was from Russian aristocracy. His full name was Nikolas Mikhail Stavrossovich Cassadine.

Nikolas: Oh.

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: What was he doing in Port Charles?

Emily: Well, his -- his family situation was complicated, to -- to put it mildly. He came here to save his baby sister's life, and he stayed here to be closer to his mom.

Nikolas: I bet he fell for you right away, didn't he?

Emily: No. Uh -- not even close. He was sophisticated with beautiful manners, and I was a skinny, awkward geek.

Nikolas: Oh, so you fell for him right away?

Emily: Yeah, the instant crush.

Nikolas: Hmm.

Emily: But even then it was more. Um -- I helped him through a really difficult time and we became friends, and then we grew up and we had relationships with other people, and we fell in love with each other. And when that happened, every -- every feeling, every -- every sense I had was deepened. I think once love touches you, the feeling never fades. I know if -- if I could have Nikolas back, I'd never let go of him. I'd spend every day of my life thanking God that I had Nikolas to love.

Mary: You can leave now, unless you plan on following me to the airport.

Lorenzo: If you're this upset, maybe it's time to end this charade. Hmm? I'll tell Nikolas who he truly is, that the live he's been living with you is a fabrication.

Mary: Why can't you understand that I'm actually worried about him? I'm afraid for him. I know that the work that you're having him do is dangerous!

Lorenzo: Nikolas is free to leave whenever he wants.

Mary: But he won't, because for some reason he actually cares what you think about him, whether or not you respect him.

Lorenzo: Then accept his decision.

Mary: I refuse to accept the way in which you're using him.

Lorenzo: Do you really want to compare my offering him a job with what you've done? You have stolen his life. You've kept him away from his friends, his family, the woman he truly loves.

Mary: Emily says that Nikolas Cassadineís family is a nightmare. You told me that yourself. He's better off with me.

Lorenzo: You may be able to deceive yourself, but Nikolas knows better. Even now part of him realizes he's not who you say he is.

Dillon: I guess there's only one thing I can do.

Georgie: You're right -- I'm off the video.

[Dillon hits piano key]

Dillon: We both are. I'm quitting.

Georgie: Dillon, you canít. This is an amazing opportunity for you.

Dillon: There will be other opportunities. There will be better opportunities.

Georgie: Excuse me. There are two people in this relationship. Do I get a say?

Dillon: Of course.

Georgie: Then I say be a director. We love each other, and Sage is not stronger than that. You will make this video and you will be on your way to becoming the next Ridley Scott.

Dillon: Good choice, Ridley Scott -- very daring, bold director respected by many for generations, huh? I'll take that.

Georgie: I know my stuff. Come here.

[Door opens]

Sage: I'm here and Iím ready to work! I brought energy drinks and popcorn and -- Georgie.

Georgie: Hi, Sage.

Dillon: Hi, Sage. So Iíll see you at Kellyís?

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: I'll see you there.

Dillon: Bye.

Georgie: Excuse me.

Sage: So I guess Ned filled you in on my little requirements.

Dillon: Nice move -- you went over my head to do a power play. Well, that's great. Looks like you're going to get everything you want except me. I will work with you, but that is the extent of our relationship. Now, let's get going.

Sage: Ok, but you know what? It's a beautiful night out, so can we just open a window and enjoy it?

Dillon: Is your voice strong enough to work on the title track?

Sage: I need to take it slow. The specialist told me not to push it. My vocal cords were pretty badly strained.

Dillon: Cheer up, Sage. It looks like everything is going just according to plan.

Sonny: I made Sam some dinner. You know, it's good for the baby.

Jason: Yeah, I'll tell her.

Sonny: How'd it go at Jaxís place?

Jason: I couldn't -- couldn't get in.

Sonny: Security?

Jason: Courtney and Jax were outside when I showed up, and she saw me. You know, if Jax noticed anything out of place, Courtney would've known that I broke in.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, right. I know you're too good to leave any signs behind.

Jason: I'll do it the next time he's out, all right?

Sonny: Right, right, right. You know, you're better off, Jason, you know, coming back when you did.

Jason: Yeah. So did you hear from Carly?

Sonny: Yeah. They're still on the island, you know -- her, Michael, and Morgan. Enrique says she's redecorating the place. I know it was best safety-wise to leave them there.

Jason: Are you going to Courtneyís benefit?

Sonny: I'm not going to hide like, you know, she should be ashamed of me. Anyway, it's for a good -- are you all right?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sam: Ok, if we hurry, we shouldn't be late for the benefit. You do have a tux, right?

Jason: I'm not going. Neither are you.

Jax: It's so nice to see you.

Tracy: Oh, look -- it's the blond leading the blond.

Alexis: I think it's nice to see Jax happy.

Tracy: He'll be bored in a week.

Ric: I take it you don't think that Courtney has enough to offer?

Tracy: Please. She's a stripper with delusions of grandeur. It's going to take a lot more than that to keep him interested.

Alexis: Meaning you?

Tracy: Watch and learn, counselor.

Alexis: What is Faith doing here?

Ric: Well, I'm sure the entire organized crime contingent will be in attendance. As a matter of fact, I'm counting on it.

Alexis: This is a legitimate charity. Think about all the children that are going to benefit from this rather than your obsession with the mob.

Ric: Oh, that's why you're here, huh? To combat my power-mad vendetta against the mob?

Alexis: I hadn't thought of that. Yes.

Ric: You know what? Admit it, Alexis. This is just yet another excuse for you to run into me. Admit it -- you've got a crush.

Alexis: You are not only deluded, you are narcissti--

Ric: Narc-- narciss-- narcissistic? Is that what you mean? You know what? I'd like to run around the playground with you, but I have a little business to attend to. Talk to you later.

Courtney: Hey.

Mike: Oh, hey, honey.

Courtney: Thank you.  Thank you for coming.

Mike: Well, where else would I be on your big night?

Mac: I think what you're doing here is great, Courtney.

Courtney: Thanks.

Felicia: Maxie told me that you helped her a lot while I was away, and I wanted to thank you for that. I know she had a lot of tough times with that boy Kyle.

Courtney: Oh, well, we all have boy troubles, right?

Mike: Speaking of -- did you really come here with Jax?

Courtney: He's a board member, Dad. We're hosting this event together.

Mike: Hmm.

Felicia: Sonny must not like that too much.

Mike: Just be careful, and don't let him try to use you to get to your brother.

Courtney: Dad, Jax and I are just fine, ok? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to play hostess.

Faith: Try putting a little vodka in it this time. This ticket wasn't cheap.

Bartender: Sure.

Ric: Yeah, you know, things aren't the same as when you ran it.

Faith: Oh, right -- they water the drinks down now.

Ric: Mm-hmm, and hardly anybody ever gets poisoned.

[Ric laughs]

Faith: Ha-ha-ha.

Ric: What brings you out tonight, Faith?

Faith: Oh, didn't you know? I love children.

Ric: As a midnight snack?

Faith: You know, I don't have to ask why you're here. Everyone knows you can't miss an opportunity to stick it to your brother.

Ric: Oh.

Faith: Give it up, Ric. You're never going to touch Sonny. You're never going to find a way to bring him down.

Ric: Don't be so sure.

Jax: If you care about your sister at all, you would leave now.

Nikolas: You know, the way that you -- that you talk about loving Nikolas -- I -- I feel that way, too.

Emily: Are you saying you remember?

Nikolas: No. See, Mary and I -- we connect -- we connect on a level that isn't based on any sort of history.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: You know, I know that I'm loved, and I love her with -- with everything that I am. I mean, she's -- she's my past, my present, my future. She's built her entire life around our marriage. That's one of the reasons why I asked you to keep it a secret when I saw you in Mexico because she just -- she can't shake the fear that she'll lose me like she almost did in the war.

Emily: Can you really live your life in secret, I mean, and never, never getting close to anyone else?

Nikolas: I -- I guess it's worth it if it keeps Mary and me together, don't you think?

Emily: Yeah, I'm sure nothing's more important. Ahem.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I did it again. I didn't mean to be insensitive. I know you just lost Nikolas, and I didn't mean to ramble on about marriage --

Emily: No, you know, it -- you spoke from your heart, and it's who you are.

Nikolas: But you don't even know me.

Emily: I feel like I've known you my entire life.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, it's strange, but you -- you seem familiar to me, too. Well, I guess we're -- I guess we're friends by osmosis or something. I mean, we both really care about Mary and -- you know, when you -- when you see her, just try and understand where she's --

Emily: No, no, don't -- don't worry about Mary. I know exactly how Iím going to handle her.

Waitress: There you go.

Maxie: Thank you very much.

Man: I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for this girl.

Maxie: Why? Are you a policeman?

Man: She's my daughter.

Maxie: I'm -- Iím sorry, I don't know her. If I did, I wouldn't be giving any information to strangers. Sorry.

Sam: You already gave Courtneyís charity a $1 million donation. The least you can do is get a dinner out of it.

Jason: I gave the money because it's a good cause. I don't care about the party.

Sam: We're trying to convince people you got me pregnant! Acting happy in public is a really great place to start.

Jason: Yeah, you know what? The three of us there, it's going to be a weird situation. You're only going to see Sonny.

Sam: No, that -- Jason, that is not what Iím doing. People are having a hard enough time believing we're together as it is. If we are seen out together laughing and dancing --

Jason: Sam, I hate parties.

Sam: Ok, I know, and you don't want to make this any harder on Courtney. I know what you're going through. You think if you keep your distance, it's going to be easier on the both of you, right?

Jason: Oh, see, that's the first smart thing you've said. I'm glad you understand.

Sam: But we're supposed to be putting this baby first, and that means acting like a couple, going places together, starting tonight.

Sonny: First of all, Jax, Courtney invited me.

Jax: Well, Courtneyís very generous. Family is important to her. But nothing could put this foundation out of business faster than public ties to you. There are reporters downstairs, and Tracy Quartermaine is just looking for an excuse to discredit this foundation. Don't give her one.

Courtney: How did I know Iíd find you two out here?

Jax: I was just explaining to Sonny that his presence here compromises the foundation's public image.

Courtney: Jax, Sonny is my brother.

Sonny: See you downstairs, Courtney.

Jax: Well, we're going to have to come up with a strategy to spin this for the press.

Courtney: No, first, Jax, you're going to have to deal with me.

[Music plays]

Reporter: Mr. Corinthos, how do you respond to the allegations that your sister's charity is a money laundering front?

Tracy: Did you hear that? I believe that is the death knell of Courtneyís little fundraiser.

Ned: Mother, you're practically foaming at the mouth.

Justus: You seem to live for moments like this, don't you?

Tracy: What I live for is being right.

Ric: Gentlemen, I can assure you that, as district attorney, we have scrutinized this particular organization. We've found it to be completely legitimate, and it has the intent of helping abused and neglected children. The governing body is also set up by local businessmen such as Mr. Jasper Jacks. Mr. Corinthos is here to support his sister, which he has every right to do. I think we need to give Ms. Matthews the respect she deserves and make this a success for the children, don't you? All right, thank you. That's all, that's all.

Sonny: Are you waiting for me to thank you?

Ric: Not necessary.

Alexis: D.A. Lansing is intent on proving that Courtneyís foundation is a front for your illegitimate business. Fortunately, he's not going to succeed, although you're not doing her any favors by showing up here.

Ric: You know, Alexis, you look a little overheated. Why don't I get you a drink, huh?

Sonny: Is something going on with you and Ric?

Tracy: You just made a serious miscalculation. My family can make or break a district attorney in this town.

Ric: I'll consider myself warned.

Tracy: Whoo-ee! You are an arrogant one. You may be better educated than -- what is Sonny to you? Is he your half brother?

Ric: Yeah, that's right.

Tracy: Well, you know what they say -- blood will tell. A thug is a thug is a thug, even though you have a law degree and a job as district attorney.

Courtney: Ok, look Jax, I know that you are trying to protect the foundation --

Jax: And you want to be both benefactor and little sister. You can't be both, Courtney.

Courtney: Well, they're not going to close down my charity just because Sonny showed up at a party.

Jax: It puts the charity in a bad light.

Courtney: Well, you know what? It's worth it to me. I mean, you just happen to hate Sonny. You don't think you're being a tad bit oversensitive?

Jax: Look, it'll do more harm than good to let him in.

Courtney: Well, all right, if you really think you can't handle Sonny, then --

Jax: No, I can handle Sonny.

Courtney: Ok, then prove it.

Alexis: Excuse me. Can I have a mineral water, please?

Bartender: Sure.

Alexis: Thanks.

Sonny: Alexis, is Ric working you for information? Because everything you know is protected by attorney/client privilege, and if you give Ric anything, I can have you disbarred.

Alexis: Will you stop threatening me? Ric and I are on the opposite sides are every conceivable issue. He derives pleasure out of antagonizing me. It's competition and ego, nothing else.

Sonny: Oh. Well, you always thought you were smarter and more educated than everybody else, and Ric pretty much believes the same thing about himself, so Iím sure you guys will have a lot in common.

Ric: Champagne?

Alexis: No. I've had enough of you. What are you doing, Ric?

Courtney: If I could have everyone's attention, please.

[Music stops]

Courtney: Ok. I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight. Tonight is about helping children, and I didn't invite you here for the food and drinks. I am really after your money.


Edward: She's certainly charming.

Faith: Like a prom queen.

Tracy: And just about as interesting.

Jax: Ladies and gentlemen, the price of your tickets isn't enough, so I am issuing a challenge -- I will match any $10,000 donation made within the next five minutes with the same sum and double anything higher.

Monica: Whoa.

Justus: Is he serious?

Alan: Jax loves to show off.

Jax: I see a lot of rich people in this room tonight -- including E.L.Q.'s new C.E.O., Tracy Quartermaine. What do you say, Tracy? Accept my wager, and your picture will be on tomorrow morning's front page.

Tracy: $50,000.

Edward: Come on now, you heard the man. You're rich. Make it 100,000.

Jax: Oh, did you hear that, ladies and gentlemen? Edward Quartermaine just donated $100,000!

Edward: I said no such thing! I --

Tracy: Oh, smile for the camera, Daddy.

Jax: Any other takers?

Ric: I think I see one now.

Tracy: Oh, look, the pride of the Quartermaines -- Jason, the professional killer.

Justus: He's a lot less lethal than you are.

[Music plays]

Sam: Just smile and pretend you're glad to be here, please?

Edward: Jason, it's good to see you. I'm surprised you brought Ms. McCall, since you're --

Sam: I don't know if you've heard, but Jason and I are getting married.

Tracy: Really? Is he even divorced yet?

Ned: When did this happen?

Alan: Jason, you need to give yourself some time to get over Courtney.

Monica: You don't want to rush into something you might regret.

Tracy: Did you knock her up?

Jason: Sam and I are going to have a baby.

[Tracy laughs]

Sam: Don't everyone congratulate us at once. Thanks.

Edward: Well, this is surprising but welcome news, as long as you're sure the baby's yours.

Monica: Let's not do this in public.

Alan: Congratulations, son.

Tracy: Are you kidding? Your son has just gotten trapped by a gutter-dwelling grifter who's obviously pregnant to get his money. Oh, just to make things perfectly clear -- Morgan, Quartermaine -- no inheritance.

Sam: Oh, good. No problem. Because I'd rather starve before I took money from you.

Courtney: This is a train wreck.

Jax: Why don't we give the press a distraction? Dance with me. Come on.

Jason: Now you see why I didn't want to do this?

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Ok, your family is like a million times worse than I thought. But we can't leave, Jason. We'll look like cowards. Come on, let's just -- let's dance or something.

Ric: Whoo. Now, this is what I call a party, huh? Let's see, we got Alcazar and Faith in attendance. We got Jax sweeping your sister off of her feet, and we got your best friend and enforcer, who has just stolen your mistress. Any idea who you're going to shoot first?

Sonny: Yeah, I think I got an idea. How about if I start with you?

Georgie: Lynn, hey. I'm so glad I found you.

Lynn: Look, Georgie, I can't talk right now.

Georgie: You leaving town?

Lynn: Look, I'm so sorry. Please tell Dillon that I didn't mean to bail so quickly, but I got to get out of Port Charles, like, yesterday.

Georgie: No, no, you can't leave, not until you help me vaporize Sage!

Sage's voice: Who can drive me up a wall? Who can always make me fall? You don't seem to see at all you neglect me, boy you affect me so much

Dillon: Ok, see that right there? That's the part that I want to reblock.

Sage: It won't change anything.

Dillon: What are you talking about? I'm setting up an entire different ending in the final sequence, ok?

Sage: The song sounds awful, Dillon. I sound like a total amateur.

Dillon: Sage, it's a rough track. It's -- it's not supposed to sound perfect.

Sage: Let's face it, I'm -- Iím never going to be good enough to be a professional singer. I wouldn't even survive in a bar full of karaoke geeks.

Dillon: Sage, I thought this was your dream.

Sage: It is. But that doesn't mean that I can actually make it happen. I mean, I know my uncle believes in me, but it's kind of hard when nobody else does.

Dillon: Oh, that's -- that's very touching, Sage. It's too bad I don't believe a word of it.

Sage: You are the least compassionate, most self-absorbed, totally clueless person ever.

Dillon: Oh, yeah? Why is that? Because I'm not falling for your perfectly timed crisis of faith?

Sage: I can leave L&B at any time if my uncle even suspects that Iím unhappy here.

Dillon: Sage, Sage, you're not going anywhere, and we both know that, ok?

Sage: No, because I want to make something of myself, and you're the only one that can help me. A good director would support his talent, make them feel secure, special.

Dillon: I'm not here to feed your ego, Sage.

Sage: Well, meet me halfway.

Dillon: I will if you stop playing games.

Sage: I wasn't.

Dillon: You came in here a second ago, Sage, peeling your clothes off. Come on!

Sage: I have a fast metabolism. It makes me hot sometimes.

Dillon: All right, you know what it is? You know what it is? You're confused, all right? You're -- you're lonely and I'm the only one here, and you can't seem to get it through your head that Iím not going to be any more than a friend to you.

Sage: Well, if we're friends, then help me. I want this music thing to work.

Dillon: It will work if you just take the work seriously.

Sage: I am. How many -- how many times do I have to tell you that?

Dillon: You don't have to tell me. You have to show me. Just show me. Make it about the work. Every time you come in here, let's make it about the music and not about "hooking up."

Sage: Call me when you learn a little basic courtesy, and then --

Dillon: Ok, all right --

Sage: We might actually get something accomplished!

Lynn: Look, Georgie, you've been great, ok? But I'm not singing for any reason.

Georgie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Lynn, you have an amazing voice. You could be great, not just some prefab like Sage.

Lynn: Ok, admit it -- she's the only reason why you want me here.

Georgie: That's not true. Ok, maybe a little, but I need an ally.

Lynn: Why, Georgie? Look, it's so obvious that Dillonís into you.

Georgie: You've never met her. She's a criminal mastermind. She will do anything.

Lynn: I'm sorry, but this is way too much drama. Georgie, I have to go.

Georgie: Wait, wait, wait, just -- just start working with L&B, and if you don't love it, then you can --

Lynn: I already told you, ok? I have to keep a low profile.

Georgie: Your dad won't find you. Please, Lynn, there must be something I can do to make you change your mind.

Lynn: Yeah, actually, there is.

Ric: You know, assaulting the district attorney could generate some bad publicity for Courtneyís foundation.

Sonny: I don't know what you're talking about, Ric. I just made a comment. You probably just took it the wrong way.

Ric: Yeah, right. You know, you're very easily misunderstood.

Alexis: People are starting to stare.

Sonny: They always do.

Alexis: Tracy wants to ruin this for your sister, and if you two start this, she'll exploit it.

Sonny: All right, you know what? Just -- just stay away from my family.

Ric: You got family right in front of you, in case you hadn't noticed. Thanks for the rescue.

Alexis: I'm protecting this charity. I can sympathize with unwanted children.

Ric: Yeah, so can I.

Alexis: The only reason you're at this charity is because you want to start trouble with your --

Ric: I have multiple interests here, Alexis, unlike you, who seems to keep saying the same thing over and over again. I mean, you have the vocabulary. That's wonderful, but, you know, the theme is constantly repetitive.

Alexis: What are you babbling about?

Ric: You. You take every advantage possible to be near Sonny. Or is it me you're trying to be near?

Sonny: What made you change your mind about the baby?

Sam: I thought it was -- we thought it might have been a good idea to make people think that we were a couple.

Sonny: Right, right, right, right.

Jason: Just -- I'll let you guys talk.

Sam: Are you mad at us for showing up here?

Sonny: It just makes things difficult. You understand what I'm saying?

Sam: Well, that's good.

Sonny: What do you mean, "Thatís good"?

Sam: Right? The way you look right now, all tense and cold? It should convince anyone that you can't stand me.

Sonny: I don't like anything about this.

Sam: This is the way it's got to be, Sonny. We all agreed. So if you want to get mad at someone, get mad at me because I practically had to drag Jason here.

Sonny: No, I tell you what -- you guys go ahead. I'll give you guys room to be a couple, whatever you need to do. Whatever, I don't know.

Monica: Can I talk to you?

Jason: Yeah, go ahead and sit down.

Monica: Thanks.

Jason: I just -- I'm sorry that I walked away from you and Alan, but --

Monica: No. No, no, no.

Jason: He drives me --

Monica: I know, I know, and I'm sorry that the family treated you that way. It's just -- Jason, we're just a little surprised. You know?

Jax: You know, you really shouldn't be. Jason's never shown particularly good judgment. You know, first he signs his life over to Sonny and then he -- he cheats on Courtney with trash like Sam.

Monica: Jason --

Courtney: Wait, wait! Jason, are you crazy? Just go. Leave before you wreck everything. God!

Man: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for someone. I don't know, maybe you've seen her.

Georgie: Linda.

Dillon: Lynn.

Georgie: Right.

Man: You -- you know her?

Georgie: Yeah, she worked here.

Man: Uh -- when?

Georgie: Couple days ago.

Man: And do you know where she's staying?

Georgie: No, she left town.

Man: You -- you sure?

Georgie: Oh, absolutely. She was -- oh, man. She was broke, living in a park.

Man: Mm-hmm.

Georgie: She kept stealing food from here, but the manager gave her a break. A couple of us pitched in and bought her a train ticket out of here.

Man: Uh -- where is she headed?

Georgie: Nashville, I think. Is she in some kind of trouble? I -- I -- maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Man: No, no, no, no. You did the right thing.

Georgie: Who are you, anyway?

Man: I'm someone who needs to find Lynn right away. Well, thank you very much for your help.

Georgie: You can come out now. He's gone.

Lynn: Hey.

Georgie: Hey.

Lynn: Um -- so I guess I owe you again?

Georgie: I'm glad to help.

Lynn: Look, I -- but you still want me to help keep Sage away from Dillon, huh?

Georgie: More than anything.

Lynn: Georgie, look, I promise to try, but if my dad comes back, I got to get out of Port Charles, like, right away.

Lynn's voice: Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah oh, oh, oh, oh

[Tape stops]

Dillon: Just in time. I was about to lock up.

Sage: I just needed some time to cool down.

Dillon: No, that's ok. You take as much time as you want. I'll call you with your schedule tomorrow.

Sage: I'm sorry, Dillon.

Dillon: I'm sorry, too. I keep asking you for, you know, professionalism and you deserve to be treated with that same courtesy, so --

Sage: So are you willing to try again?

Dillon: Sage, you know -- you know the deal. You know how I work, ok? If we're going to be -- if we're going to be working together, then -- then as long as there's no come-ons, no physical anything, then -- then Iím fine. If it's about the business of the music, then Iím cool. I'm down.

Sage: I want this, and I want it to work out for you, too. And I promise from now on, I'm -- I'm going to focus on the work.

Alan: Are you ok?

Jax: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mac: Do you want to press charges?

Jax: No.

Mac: All right.

Jax: Let that be a lesson to all of you -- beware of soliciting charitable contributions from your date's ex-husband.

Courtney: Are you ok?

Jax: Yeah, I'm fine. Let's have some more champagne.

Sam: You can act as cool as you want, but I am sure you had that coming.

Courtney: Sam, I invited you and Jason here against Jaxís advice. This is exactly the kind of scene I was trying to avoid.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Do you think Jason slugged Jax for the hell of it? Come on, the guy was your husband. You should know him better than that.

Courtney: Look, all I -- all I care about right now is damage control. This fundraiser is important, Sam.

Sam: This fundraiser is already a success thanks to Jason. He is the one who sent you the $1 million check, not Jax. All he did was take credit for it.

Lorenzo: Where's your wife tonight?


On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: You know, it's funny you should be here. I was just thinking about you and Nikolas.

Courtney: Did you write the check or not?

Jax: Let's deal with this tomorrow.

Courtney: If you really did write that check, I need you to prove it.

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