GH Transcript Thursday 6/3/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/3/04

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Mary: Well, why should we go back? We love it here.

Nikolas: Mary, this place means a lot to me, but it's not our home.

Mary: Well, it's better. The ocean is beautiful. It's warm. It's --

Nikolas: Be honest. Do you want to stay here because you really love it, or because you think it would be easier to hide?

Jason: Nikolas is -- is gone, Em.

Emily: No, no, no, Nikolas is alive, Jase! I talked to him --

Jason: Ok, ok --

Emily: For hours!

Jason: Ok. You just need to calm down and start at the beginning, ok?

Emily: All right.

Jason: Where did you see Nikolas?

Emily: In Mexico at a resort called Las Rocas.

Jason: And are you sure? Are you sure it was him?

Emily: Yeah, I am not making this up, Jase! Nikolas is alive, all right? He hurt his head and he doesn't remember, and I'm afraid to tell him the truth!

Jason: Why?

Emily: Because I love him, Jase. I always will, and I don't want to find out that he can't love me back.

Jax: Pry your hands off that million-dollar check you got this morning and start spending. Ok, this fundraiser will be worth every penny.

Courtney: Ok, look, not that I don't appreciate your generosity, Jax, but you had no intention of even telling me that anonymous check was from you until I forced you into it. So that pretty much means that you forfeit any say in how I spend it.

Jax: Oh --

Sam: Well, that's our Jax. Soul of generosity. Have you ever heard of the expression "If something seems too good to be true it probably is"?

Courtney: Look, I know you guys have issues, but the benefit is tonight. So unless you're here to help --

Sonny: Well, that's why I came by, actually. What can I do for you?

Jax: If you want to help, Sonny, you can leave.

Sonny: I need to speak to my sister alone, so you can go ahead and come back, if you like.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Thank you.

Jax: Don't expect me to leave on your command. You know, Courtney’s trying to do something good with this foundation. She asked me to get involved because I would help legitimize the charity and distance herself from the organized crime element which you represent. Now, it would be best for everyone if you returned when the benefit is over.

Sonny: Well, I need to hear that from Courtney.

Dillon: Oh, ok. I get it. So now we're in the habit of hitting people that try to help us?

Lynn: I'm sorry, "help" me? You set me up!

Dillon: What are you -- what, by giving you room and board?

Lynn: Ok, look, I don't appreciate being lied to or used, and you did both!

Dillon: What are you talking --?

Georgie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, look, apparently, there's been a huge misunderstanding here.

Lynn: No. Look, I'm sorry. Dillon said I could crash at the studio. Man, I thought you were being cool, but it turns out you just wanted to get me on tape!

Dillon: Oh, come on. Do you know how many people would kill to be a part of the record industry?

Lynn: Do you know how many people die once they're part of it?

Dillon: What? Die?

Lynn: Haven't you guys ever heard of Sid Vicious?

Dillon: Uh --

Lynn: Man, what about Jimi Hendrix?

Dillon: Oh, you know what, sweetheart? Unless you got a drug problem; I don't see the comparison.

Georgie: And you do have an amazing voice.

Lynn: Then listen, because it's the last time you're going to hear it. Look, leave me alone!

Dillon: Oh -- oh, where you going, Lynn?

Lynn: Look, it's none of your business.

Dillon: Hey, wait, wait, wait -- wait a second! Come here! Now, I bet you don't have a lot of cash on you, do you? I'm going to guess that a chili burger at the local diner would sound pretty good right about now?

Lynn: You want me to trade my soul for a burger?

Dillon: No, your soul can stay right where it is, ok? I want a conversation. I talk, you listen, and maybe you can wolf down some cheese fries while you're at it. Do we have a deal?

Faith: Oh hey, I have some news.

Lorenzo: Not interested.

Faith: Oh, you will be. Sonny and Jason are through playing nice. I tried to bring in some backup from Miami the other night and Jason sent them right back south.

Lorenzo: Oh. What does that have to do with me?

Faith: Well, if Sonny shuts me down, he'll be free to focus on getting rid of you.

Lorenzo: I have my own plans for Sonny.

Mary: I'm the reason you're a fugitive. Connor, I won't ever feel completely safe in the United States.

Nikolas: Mary, I've already been out of the country a couple of times, and except for that test that Alcazar arranged, no one's even looked twice at my passport.

Mary: But that doesn't mean you're safe.

Nikolas: I realize that I could still get caught. But the chances of that happening are less and less all the time.

Mary: So why not be sure? We could create any life we wanted to here. There's nothing waiting for us back in the United States keeping us there.

Nikolas: There's my job. I mean, come on, Mr. Alcazar gave us this place. Do you really want to --?

Mary: What is he going to want in return?

Nikolas: He considers me an asset to his organization. Not only pays well, but he's giving me an opportunity to advance.

Mary: Advance to what? The man is a criminal.

Nikolas: Well, from what I've seen, I just -- I just think he's an intense -- you know what? Let's just -- can we forget about my job? Here we're on our honeymoon, so let's just try and enjoy it. Again, let's forget about the past and look towards our future. Ok? Things are only going to get better.

Jason: Emily, drink this.

Emily: What, brandy?

Jason: Just a couple of sips. You need to calm down.

Emily: All right, all right.

Jason: So --

Emily: Hmm --

Jason: Ok, come on.

[Emily coughs]

Jason: It's ok, it's ok. Sit down.

Emily: Ok. Ok. Here. I am not imagining things.

Jason: Ok, ok. But you've had a huge shock, so we're just going to go through this one step at a time, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Jason: Nikolas had the accident, walked away.  People think he fell into the river, right?

Emily: He didn’t.

Jason: Then where was he?

Emily: Mary Bishop's house.

Jason: Mary, your friend, the widow?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. Mary told Nikolas that he was her husband, Connor, and he thinks that he deserted from the marines, and that she's hiding him from the military, Jason. I mean, it was -- she had his clothes, his wedding rings -- I mean, a whole life, a whole life ready and waiting! I mean, Mary stole Nikolas and she made him Connor.

Jason: Ok. If this is true, all right, she's probably the one who put Nikolas' jacket near the river's edge. She wants everyone to assume that Nikolas drowned.

Emily: Well, it worked, you know? I mean, all those times -- all those times that I thought I saw Nikolas -- I mean, he was really there, you know? That night when I drove my car off the side of the road --

Jason: Right.

Emily: And I thought Mary helped me. She didn't. Nikolas did. I mean, he carried me. He carried me all the way back to the house.

Jason: See, I knew that she was lying to me about that. Does Mary know that you've seen Nikolas?

Emily: No, and, see, he's not going to tell her, either, because he doesn't want her to worry that someone's going to turn him in for desertion. I mean, you see? You see, Jase, how perfectly Mary’s lie works? See, Nikolas wants to hide. I mean, he thinks he owes it to her.

Jason: Ok, but you know what? That is going to work to your advantage, if this is true, because Mary’s not going to have any idea that you know the truth.

Emily: I -- oh, Jase. What do I do with the truth? What do I do with the truth? I mean, do -- do I go up to Nikolas and tell him that he has a family -- what, a little sister, a brother, an aunt, me? I mean -- do I tell him that I love him more than anyone else in the world? What --

Jason: You just got to do what you know, what you think is right, Em.

Emily: Wait, Jase, don't tell me that I should do what I think is best and that it's my decision! Please, Jase, tell me what you feel, all right? If someone walked up to you right now and said, "Sorry, big mistake. Everything that they told you about the life you thought you had is a lie." Right? "You're someone totally different. You've got a family who you've never heard of. You've got a fiancée who loves you more than anyone else in the world." What would you do? What would you feel?

Jason: I'd want to run. I would hate the people who lied to me, and I would hate the people who just told me the truth just as much.

Emily: Oh --

Georgie: Thank you, Mike.

Dillon: Thank you. Ok, you've obviously spent some time in the record industry. You've been around some temperamental talents, seen a few depressed, desperate roadies, and that turns you off, I guess, and I understand that, that's totally cool.

Georgie: Dillon's mom wanted him to be a business executive for the family business, so he did an internship. It didn't turn out so well.

Dillon: Yeah, it was a disaster, I mean -- which is why I'm working at the label that I’m working at now. She wanted to push me into a business that I wasn't comfortable with. I don't know the first thing about economics or, like, corporate raiding or whatever that is. I wanted to be artistic. I wanted to be creative, follow my passion, you know?

Lynn: Good for you.

Georgie: Lynn, what he's saying is it's obvious that music is your passion.

Lynn: Very true, which is why I refuse to sing for money. Guys, I'm not going to commercialize something I love.

Dillon: Ok -- you know, you got to support yourself, all right? The runaway thing -- it's going to get old fast.

Lynn: You think?

Georgie: So where are you going to next, Lynn?

Lynn: Well, I guess right now I’m just going to sit here and eat and listen, right?

Dillon: You obviously care enough about singing to break into a studio so that you could do it. What on earth is holding you back?

Lynn: All right, look, about music, it isn't music to me, ok? And half the girls out there singing; they don't even write their own songs. I mean, they might as well be androids -- created by the label to satisfy a marketing report.

Dillon: Ok. So forget that, all right? You -- listen to me. You could be great. You could be brilliant. You could be like a pure voice in a sea of sellouts.

Lynn: You know, that's very idealistic, Dillon, but that's not how business works. All right? That's why I refuse to sing for you and anybody else. End of discussion.

Ned: Can I get you something to drink? A bottle of water? Iced tea?

Sage: No, thanks. I can't stay long, but, you know, I just wanted to touch base with you after you spoke with my uncle.

Ned: I'm very happy that you decided to come back to L&B instead of letting the accident end your career.

Sage: Well, I'm feeling a lot better.

Ned: Can I ask what changed your mind?

Sage: Well, I've always wanted to sing professionally, and I love to perform, and my uncle's willing to back me, and you're willing to record me. I think I'd be a fool to chicken out.

Ned: Now, your uncle mentioned that you want Dillon back as the director of the video.

Sage: Absolutely. Dillon is going to be an amazing director. He is the only man for the job, but I do have one tiny request.

Ned: Name it.

Sage: No Georgie. I don't want her anywhere near this studio.

Courtney: Jax, I need to speak with my brother alone.

Jax: All right. I'll be back for the final preparations.

Sonny: You're dating Jax now?

Courtney: Jax is a board member, Sonny. He's done a lot to help the foundation.

Sonny: So it's ok if he's using you?

Courtney: Ok, look, you did something really decent by coming here. Don't turn it ugly.

Sonny: Why do you think he suddenly has interest in you?

Courtney: I'm --

Sonny: I'm just --

Courtney: Sonny, I’m not having this conversation with you.

Sonny: He's after you because you're my sister!

Courtney: I need Jax because I'm your sister. Ok, Ric and the police -- they're watching me, Sonny. They've accused me of trying to use the foundation to launder money for you.

Sonny: They can't prove anything if it isn't happening.

Courtney: But it still affects my reputation, Sonny. People aren't going to let their kids come to the center if they think it's a front for organized crime.

Sonny: Oh, so I see. Jax legitimizes you? Is that what you're trying to say to me?

Courtney: Yeah, that's right.

Sonny: Ok.

Courtney: That's right.

Sonny: Right.

Courtney: Look, Sonny, I'm not kidding myself. I know that Jax likes rubbing your face in this, I do, but he has also been really great. He's really helped with the foundation and I need him to stay on the board.

Sonny: So you'd rather have Jax on your side than your family?

Courtney: That's not what I said, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, you need to make a choice. Who's more important to you? Jax or me?

Sam: After all the times you called me a liar, it's kind of nice to know that you are one, too.

Jax: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Jax, you've been a jerk to me, and sometimes I’ve even deserved it, but what has Courtney done to you besides be Sonny's sister?

Jax: Courtney and I are business associates and friends.

Sam: Friends. Why are you lying about the check Jason donated, then?

Jax: You know what, Sam? Bust me, ok? Tell Courtney that Jason made the donation. I'm sure she'll be grateful. The two of them might even reconcile, which would be real inconvenient for you and your baby.

Sam: Forget I ever said anything.

Jax: You know what? Listen, just -- it's not a bad idea. Just hear me out. If Jason and Courtney get back together, they'll want to raise his child without you. So he might even pay you off.

Sam: Oh -- you know, I am so happy that Jason is the father of this baby, because if it were you, I wouldn't let you anywhere near my child.

Emily: I remember how angry you were after the accident, and I never asked you why before. Now I need to know.

Jason: I had brain damage, ok, and that's not necessarily what happened to Nikolas, Emily.

Emily: God, Jase, I mean, could you just tell me, please? I mean, you smash things, Jason. You fought with everyone. You know, when people tried to help you, you either screamed at them or you walked out of the room. I mean, you drove a motorcycle inside the house.

Jason: Yeah, well, that was a good day for me.

Emily: Right -- you wanted people to be afraid of you. You wanted them to leave you alone.

Jason: See? You already know all this stuff.

Emily: No, but I never understood why, Jason, and I need to know if I'm going to reach Nikolas. All right, why was it worse with the people who loved you?

Jason: Because I didn't want to be around the memories, ok, or the love they had for someone who was gone. I didn't want to hear a hundred times how much they needed me, and, no, I could never be enough.

Emily: Ok. I love you so much, Jason, but I don't want Nikolas to be the way you were -- all right -- angry and alone and vulnerable.

Ned: Hey, bro.

Dillon: Hey!

Ned: Where you been?

Dillon: I have been setting up a meeting with my singer.

Ned: Good.

Dillon: There's still some conflicts, but this could be good. This could be really good for L&B, I think, so --

Ned: Good. Well, in the meantime, I spoke with Sage.

Dillon: Oh.

Ned: She still wants you to direct the video. Now, after what happened before, I really thought it might be better for you to apprentice for a while, but -- well, she's very confident in your talent.

Dillon: You're serious? She is?

Ned: So, you're back on as the director.

Dillon: Oh!

Ned: Under two conditions --

Dillon: Uh --

Ned: Listen to me.

Dillon: Ok.

Ned: Two conditions.

Dillon: Yeah, name it. What are --?

Ned: You have to be careful. We can't afford another accident. I mean it.

Dillon: Absolutely. No, absolutely. Done. What's the other one?

Ned: Georgie can't be any part of this.

Georgie: Mike should be back any second.

Lynn: So, you really think he'll hire me?

Georgie: He needs the help, and it's a pretty good job. You get all the food you can eat, and maybe even a place to stay. But you need to be 19. So you were born in --

Lynn: 1985.

Georgie: Great!

Lynn: Yeah, great.

Georgie: So Dillon should be back any second. He just went to check with his boss.

Lynn: Ok, cool. Hey, you and movie guy -- is this, like, the real thing?

Georgie: Totally. Dillon's smart and funny, and he's completely sincere.

Lynn: Yeah, you know, he seemed pretty cool at first -- until I found out that he was trying to, you know, set me up, and then --

Georgie: No, it wasn't like that. He just wanted to prove that you exist.

Lynn: Ok. You've been really decent, but it's so obvious that, you know, you're completely clueless when it comes to guys. Look, Georgie, they lie to you, get what they want, and then they dump you.

Georgie: Not Dillon. When he says something, he means it.

Lynn: Ok. Let's say that you're right, ok, and Dillon is Mr. Honesty with good intentions. Georgie, where do I fit in?

Georgie: There's another singer. She happens to hate my guts and completely want Dillon.

Lynn: Oh.

Georgie: Yeah, she's rich and spoiled rotten, and her uncle will invest in L&B as long as it makes her a star.

Lynn: Can this girl even sing at all?

Georgie: Well, sure, she's ok, but she's nothing compared to you.

Lynn: Ok, I'm not singing.

Georgie: If you don't, this girl, Sage, will use the video as an excuse to get close to Dillon.

Lynn: So what? I mean -- oh, God, Georgie, if Dillon is as good as you say he is, you have nothing to worry about.

Courtney: Why do I have to make a choice, Sonny? You're my brother. Jax is helping me help kids who need it. I mean, there is room for both of you in my life.

Sonny: You know what? I knew I shouldn't have even come here. I mean, it's not easy for me to come here, but it's family. I'm trying to do the best I can.

Courtney: I am trying, too. Ok, I wanted you to be involved in the foundation, I did, but it just raises all the wrong questions.

Sonny: So you're ashamed of me?

Courtney: No, Sonny, you are family. I love you.

Sonny: When it's convenient.

Courtney: No. Just listen, ok? This is my night to do something that I care about. Ok, I sent you an invitation. I'm having it at Carly’s club. I even invited Jason. Ok, just because I can't accept your money, it doesn't mean that I am rejecting you. But Jax -- he is a part of this, too, and I need him to make this foundation work. Ok, I'm not going to ask him to resign just to please you.

Emily: Without his memory, Nikolas has no way of protecting himself. I mean, what if Helena finds him and convinces him that she's on his side? I mean, what if he turns his back on all of us and disappears? You know, anyone -- anyone can lie to him. Anyone can take advantage of what he doesn't know.

Jason: Does -- does he seem different?

Emily: What do you mean?

Jason: Well, I mean, does he speak the same way he used to, you know, laugh at the same jokes, or does he seem slow like he's, you know, trying to keep up or faking his way through things he doesn't understand?

Emily: Well, you know, except for the memory loss, I mean, Nikolas is pretty much the way he's always been -- you know, very, very kind, polite, very, very articulate.

Jason: Well, that doesn't sound like brain damage, ok, but you can't be sure until, obviously, a doctor checks him out, and I assume Mary didn't let him anywhere near a hospital.

Emily: No.

Jason: Do you know when he's getting back from Mexico?

Emily: I think it's going to be pretty soon, because I know they don't really have a lot of money.

Jason: Ok. What? Are you all right?

Emily: No, but I'm better. And I just -- thank you so much for helping me through this. God, I just -- I wish I could tell Lucky, you know? But I know that he's going to go straight to Nikolas. You know, God, Jason, do you know how frustrating it is to have to keep Mary’s secret for her?

Jason: I don't know why people think lying makes your life easier. It's the hardest thing anyone can ever do.

Emily: I know.

Sam: Hey. I was thinking, as long as we're getting married, why not invite Jax, because --

Emily: Hi.

Sam: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Did I just hear you right? Are you getting married?

Jason: Yeah, to me.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Oh, what, did you forget your key? What --

Lorenzo: Hello, Connor.

Nikolas: Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Sorry to interrupt your vacation.

Nikolas: It's ok.

Lorenzo: I have a job for you, if you're ready to go back to work.

Nikolas: This is a little earlier than expected, but it's obviously important. What do you need?

Lorenzo: I'd like you to follow this man. Find out everything you can about him.

Nikolas: Who is he?

Lorenzo: His name is Jason Morgan. He works for Sonny Corinthos -- the man I had you watch in Costa Rica?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Lorenzo: I want you to find out where Morgan is most vulnerable. Follow him. Watch him where he goes; who he meets. When he's alone or distracted. When it might be best to catch him off guard.

Nikolas: Ok. I assume that you would like me to start immediately?

Lorenzo: Will that be a problem?

Nikolas: It's a little disappointing, but it's the least I owe you. I'll get a message to Mary. She's at the spa.

Lorenzo: Be careful. Morgan's dangerous. If he suspects you're following him, he will shoot to kill.

Dillon: Ned, Georgie has great ideas. She has to be on this shoot. We need her on the shoot.

Ned: We also need Alcazar's money, or there is no shoot. I'm sorry, Dillon. This is nonnegotiable.

Dillon: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I mean, think -- think about why you resurrected L&B in the first place.

Ned: I wanted to get back to doing something I love.

Dillon: And you wanted to be successful and rub it in mother's face, right? Well, Sage -- she's mini-mom. If she's not happy, then she's completely content making everyone else miserable.

Ned: Actually, Sage was very honest about her animosity towards Georgie.

Dillon: Oh --

Ned: And she's afraid that Georgie’s presence will have a negative effect on her performance, and I happen to agree with her.

Dillon: Ned, you know what she's doing? She's using this video to get close to me. That's what Sage is doing.

Ned: Well, I'm glad to see your ego is still intact.

Dillon: Now, wait a minute. Don't get me wrong. I know who I am, ok? I'm the weird, outsider kid with funky hair. But Sage is kind of an outsider, too, and for some reason, she decided that she wants me.

Ned: The fact remains that Sage has talent. She also has funding, and L&B needs her a lot more than we need Georgie. I'm sorry. I know it doesn't seem fair, but that's just the nature of the music business.

Dillon: Ned -- Ned, if you just give me a little more time, ok this --

Ned: Dillon, I'm not going to jeopardize this company because of your romantic difficulties. Georgie cannot be here when Sage is performing. Am I clear?

Dillon: What if I quit?

Ned: Well, you go right ahead, and I won't stop you. And if you're not truly committed to do something like this, you can't sacrifice a few things, then maybe you shouldn't be here.

Dillon: All right, stop. Stop, just wait -- I'm not going to quit, ok? That was a bluff, and you called it, but I don't want to hurt Georgie, you know?

Ned: I understand. But, look, I can talk to her if you want me to.

Dillon: No, I have to -- oh, God, I have to tell her myself.

Mike: Hey, listen, I'm sorry about that. I was checking on a delivery. So, you wanted to talk to me, Georgie?

Georgie: Mike --

Mike: Yeah?

Georgie: This is my friend Lynn --

Lynn: Hi. I'm Lynn Gibson.

Mike: Hi. How are you?

Lynn: Nice to meet you.

Georgie: She just got into town. She's thinking about starting at P.C.U. in the fall.

Mike: Oh. Let me guess -- you need a job?

Georgie: And a room.

Mike: Well, it says here you've got some restaurant experience. Have you waited tables before?

Lynn: You know, actually, I'm better, you know, in the back. Is there anything available?

Mike: My dishwasher just quit.

Lynn: Perfect. I'll take it. If you want to give me the job.

Mike: Well, look, any friend of Georgie’s is all right. You can start tomorrow.

Lynn: Really?

Georgie: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Hey, listen, why don't you come back later. We'll go over the details, and I'll set you up with a room.

Lynn: Thank you so much.

Mike: Sure, no problem.

Lynn: Hey.

Georgie: Well, it looks like you're staying in town.

Lynn: Thanks to you.

Georgie: It's going to be great having you, but in the meantime, consider singing for L&B.

Lynn: Look, even if I wanted to, I got to keep a low profile, ok? I can't have my dad finding out where I am.

Mary: Connor, you have to get one of those outdoor massages. I have never been so relaxed in my entire --

Lorenzo: Mrs. Bishop.

Mary: What are you doing here? Where's Connor?

Lorenzo: Oh, Nikolas had to return to Port Charles. They wouldn't let him disturb you at the spa, but he left you a letter.

Sam: Anyway, it was a -- a bad choice on both of our parts and we both agreed to act like it never happened, but now, obviously, there is a baby involved.

Jason: So we decided to just, you know, get married.

Emily: Wow. Well -- ok. Congratulations. I happen to know that Jason is a wonderful dad, and I’m sure that you're going to be a great -- great mom, too.

Sam: Thank you, Emily. You're actually the first person to wish us well. I appreciate that.

Emily: Yeah. Well, I love my brother, and I want whatever makes him happy. Have you set a date?

Sam: No, no, not yet. We're -- I am adjusting to the whole concept of marriage still, you know.

Emily: Well, if you need a witness or a bridesmaid or someone just to show up and think good thoughts, I'm available.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Thank you.

[Door opens]

Sonny: Sorry, Emily. Jason, I need to talk to you. You heard about Courtney’s charity benefit tonight?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Ok, Jax is going to be there, ok? He's onboard. I need you to break into his apartment.

Jason: What am I looking for?

Sonny: Anything you can find that I could use against him.

Singer: She's got a way yeah, she does

Sonny: See something you didn't like?

Sam: I wasn't expecting anyone, so --

Sonny: Ok, I made you some dinner. We got some chicken penne with some vegetables. You know, you need all the protein you can get.

Sam: Thank you. You look great.

Sonny: Yeah, I got to go to this thing for Courtney.

Sam: I wish I could go with you. You know, maybe you could hold me and we could, I don't know, dance close.

Sonny: We can dance right here if you want.

Emily: So, big brother's getting married. Third time's a charm, right?

Jason: What?

Emily: Well, first, Brenda and then Courtney and now Sam.

Jason: Emily, it's -- I mean, it's different than with Courtney.

Emily: Because it's for the baby?

Jason: Yeah.

Emily: Your baby?

Jason: I'm its father, yeah.

Emily: You know, Jase, it's amazing how you're willing to do anything to give the people you love what they need.

Jason: Emily, it's not like that. I'm getting what I need.

Emily: Right. Sure, you are. You know, Sonny and Carly and the boys are happy. Sam and the baby are safe. The baby's going to be loved. Everybody wins. Right? And if it means letting go of Courtney, then that's a small price to pay.

Jason: No, Courtney and I already let go.

Emily: But you never cheated on her, you know? And if it's important enough for you to lie about it and say it's true, then it's important enough for me to lie about it and believe it -- on one condition.

Jason: What?

Emily: You do your best. You really try, all right, to be happy, because no one deserves it more.

Jason: Stop worrying about me, ok? I'm fine.

Emily: Thank God, because I'd be a basket case if you weren't.

Jason: I got to go to work.

Emily: Ok.

Jason: Are you going to be ok to get home?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. I'm just going to sit here for a while and kind of let everything soak in.

Jason: Ok. Be careful.

Emily: Ok. Thanks. Oh, man.

Nikolas: First, Las Rocas, now here. Must be fate.

Georgie: Hey, there! I have some great news! I got Lynn a job at Kelly’s, and Mike's going to let her stay upstairs, so it looks like she's going to stay in town after all!

Dillon: You didn't have to go through that trouble.

Georgie: You know what? Lynn seems really cool, and I think I would have even if she wasn't going to work at L&B.

Dillon: No, no, Georgie, it doesn't matter. Sage got to Ned, and he's going to sign and promote her.

Georgie: Well, all that's going to change once Ned hears Lynn sing.

Dillon: Georgie, I have to talk to you about something. It's not good.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: Sage told Ned that she didn't want you on the project, and Ned agreed. And so Ned says that whenever Sage and I are working, you're not allowed anywhere near the studio.

Georgie: What do you want, Dillon?

Felicia: So how are you feeling?

Mac: I'm fine.

Felicia: Good. I want you to take really good care of yourself tonight because this is the first night you've had out since the nasty fire.

Mac: Felicia, will you stop coddling me? I plan on enjoying myself tonight.

Felicia: Well, I'm going to have a good time, too.

Mac: It feels like old times.

Felicia: Yeah, I suppose it does. However, in the past, I would have never imagined us going to a charity event that had anything to do with Sonny's little sister.

Mac: Yeah, well, it was an excuse to ask you out. You look stunning, by the way.

Felicia: Thank you.

Mac: Shall we?

Felicia: Hello.

Tracy: Commissioner Scorpio. How nice to see you back at work.

Mac: Tracy.

Edward: And when do you expect to make your first arrest?

Felicia: He is not working tonight.

Edward: Oh.

Tracy: Well, he may not have a choice, because when Sonny Corinthos arrives you're going to have to shut down this entire event.

Felicia: My, are we expecting trouble tonight?

Mac: There's a chance Sonny's using this charity event as a money laundering operation for his business.

Ned: Ridiculous. Courtney and Jason are divorced.

Monica: Tonight will make or break Courtney’s charity, and I, for one, hope it's a big success.

Tracy: Isn't that perverse, seeing as she dumped both of your departed sons? I, for one, hope she leaves this event in handcuffs.

Singer: She ain't got time for me

Sonny: Hey, I should go.

Sam: I don't want you to.

Mary: He says I should stay as long as I want. You sent him back to work?

Lorenzo: Nikolas is a dedicated employee.

Mary: Stop calling him that. His name's Connor.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry your vacation got cut short. There's no reason to get upset.

Mary: Why did you send him away? You must have dozens of people working for you.

Lorenzo: I'm trying to help. Without the outlet I offer, Nikolas could get restless, start exploring the world, might even run into Emily.

Mary: I don't trust you.

Lorenzo: You don't have to. Just stay out of my way.

Mary: And what if I don't?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. Well, then Nikolas will realize who he truly is, go back to the woman he truly loves, and you will be left alone -- again.

Nikolas: Is that popcorn I smell?

Emily: Huh. There's a carnival nearby.

Nikolas: Carnival -- that sounds like fun. Can I buy you some? Come on.

Emily: Yeah. God, you must be psychic. Popcorn is about my favorite food, except for pixie stix.

Nikolas: What -- pixie what?

Emily: Never mind. I think the carnival sounds fun.

Nikolas: Oh, ok. Hey, I wanted to thank you again for not saying anything back in Las Rocas.

Emily: What do you know?

Nikolas: What? What is it?

Emily: This is the exact spot where I first kissed the love of my life, Nikolas.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: I'm off the video.

Dillon: We both are. I'm quitting.

Lorenzo: Part of him realizes he's not who you say he is.

Emily: Why would you want to hear about Nikolas?

Jason: Are you going to Courtney’s benefit?

Sonny: I'm not going to hide.

Jax: If you cared about your sister at all, you would leave.

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