GH Transcript Tuesday 6/1/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/1/04

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Courtney: You need to cherish that life, Sam. Protect it. Ok? Don't do anything crazy or impulsive. You need to make that baby come first no matter what because if you don't, it could be the worst mistake that you have ever made. Sam, come on. It is your responsibility to protect that baby. You have to make completely different choices. You need to stop thinking about yourself because it's not just about you anymore.

Sam: No, Courtney. It's about you.

Sonny: You want to marry Sam to take my place as the baby's father?

Jason: No, it's not about taking your place. I just --

Sonny: What?

Jason: I just want to give the baby the best life I can. Isn't that what we talked about? Isn't that what you want?

Sonny: No, what I want is to stop lying and I want you to stop, too.

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Dillon: I -- I work here.

Woman: Is there a session tonight?

Dillon: Session? No, no. I was just studying.

Woman: Oh. You the night watchman?

Dillon: Yeah, in a way, kind of. I mean, tonight, I sort of am.

Woman: You should really double-check the back window -- I mean, especially with all this equipment in here.

Dillon: That's how you got in.

Woman: It's unlocked.

Dillon: You sing great -- you know that?

Woman: Look, I thought this place was empty. Sorry to bother you.

Dillon: What? Hey, hey, wait, wait! Wait a second! Hold -- I'm -- I'm Dillon. Who are you?

Woman: Why are you asking, huh? So you can get my name right when you call the cops?

Dillon: No. no. No, I don't -- I don't want to call the cops. I would never do something like that. I just want to know --

Woman: It's Lynn.

Dillon: Lynn. Ok. Nice to meet you, Lynn. What on earth are you doing coming to an empty studio in the middle of the night to sing?

Lynn: Beats the shower.

Dillon: "Beats the --" your voice is amazing. Have you -- have you ever thought about singing professionally?

Lynn: I've considered it.

Dillon: Ok, ok, because -- because if you wanted, you could get a record deal like that.

Lynn: I would rather throw myself in front of a train.

[Door slams]

Ric: That's it. Oh, pardon me. Thank you very much. Ok.

Alexis: I never agreed to conversation. I'm here for the sole purpose of demonstrating that you hold no attraction for me whatsoever.

Ric: Understood.

Alexis: They must be trying to upgrade the place.

Ric: Are we making conversation?

Alexis: I was just pointing out the specials.

Ric: Oh. I see. Hmm -- "The grazing connoisseur -- 11 whisper-light mini-entrees served with an elegant sampling of complimentary wine."

Alexis: Not in this life.

Ric: I'm surprised you even noticed. But you're going to order mineral water, right? A small green salad with oil and vinegar on the side and fish of the day, lightly grilled.

Alexis: And your point would be?

Ric: Am I wrong? Come on, face it -- I'm an excellent judge of character; you're an easy read. Harvard Law was crawling with women exactly like you. You've all done very well in your power designer suits and your expensive but practical shoes, slaves to your day planners. You run to the gym whenever you possibly can and you never eat or drink too much.

Alexis: I'll have the grazing wino special, please. Which course is first, red or white?

Mike: Look, I saw your boys outside. There's no need to get hostile here. I mean, I -- I'm good for the loan.

Mickey: Yeah, that's what you said last week.

Mike: Look, Mickey -- Mickey, just give me a little time.

Mickey: Better idea -- give me my money.

Sonny: I used to lie. I mean, you know, I lived with Brenda close to a year. I would swear to her that I was not in the mob. I lied to Lily. It got her killed so I stopped. I mean, a little lie here and there to spare somebody some pain is one thing, but right now, there are people who I love who are trusting me. Their lives, their happiness are in my hands.

Jason: Michael's happier this way, right?

[Sonny sighs]

Jason: Ok, I think Morgan will be, too. You know what, Sonny? Who knows how this situation with Sam and me is even going to work, but at least we can get married. We can give the baby that much.

Sonny: And you don't care that it's built on another lie?

Jason: Yes, I -- of course I care, but I'm doing this for Michael because I love him and it's best for him! That's the only truth I care about. You promised Michael to keep his family together -- that's what you're doing, so you can't be with Sam. She and her baby need somebody -- that's where I fit in. This is the only way to give everybody something.

Sonny: You know what, Jason? What you're saying sounds right, but it does not change how I feel. If you marry Sam, it's more than an arrangement -- it's the first step to building a family with my child that doesn't include me.

Nikolas: I've never seen you more beautiful, have I?

Mary: Nope, never once. Another toast?

Nikolas: Yes -- to our wedding night and to all our nights together for the rest of our lives.

Mary: To us.

Emily: I -- I am probably breaking all kinds of confidentiality rules, but I am wondering about the -- the man next door.

Bellhop: Is there a problem?

Emily: No -- not at all, but he looks like a guy I went to college with. Do you know his name?

Bellhop: Connor Bishop. He is here on his honeymoon.

Sonny: You know, I know I'm being selfish, but Samís baby will never miss me.

Jason: The baby is going to know you its whole life, just like Michael knows me.

Sonny: I finally get what I took from you. You used to be Michaelís father. He looked up to you. He needed you. Now all that belongs to me. Ok? He trusts me, the way he talks like me, the way he thinks I'm smarter and stronger than anybody else, and I'm thinking maybe a little bit that you're going to, you know, have that with Samís baby, you know, and maybe I should be ok with that. Now, I'm not saying that you wouldn't be a good parent -- you're a lot more patient than I am -- but I -- that's not the way I'm made up. I can't give up my child even -- even if it's for its own good. Now, I agreed to do this because I didn't have a choice, but the more this goes on, Jason, the more I hate it.

Jason: All right, Sonny, I hate it, too. I just don't see any other way.

Sonny: I know that, ok? I know that and -- and I -- you know, I realize how much you're trying to do for me, and you're trying to clean up my mess, you know, but I should be thanking you instead of fighting you every way.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello. What? Is he conscious? All right, I'll be -- I'll be right there. Somebody beat up Mike bad enough to put him in the hospital.

Sam: It must be really difficult to see a nobody from nowhere carrying Jasonís child.

Courtney: You're somebody -- believe me. When you have that baby and you see what a child needs, maybe you'll understand. I mean, Sam, there's going to be this little person who loves you and calls you "Mommy." I mean, you're going to be a giant in your child's eyes. And that baby -- it will trust you above all others, just like it trusts you right now and depends on you for protection.

Sam: I understand that.

Courtney: Yeah, I thought I did, too. But then I didn't think about my baby when I should have and I miscarried and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Sam: Hmm. Not even me?

Courtney: Listen, one thing I know for sure -- if you don't take care of that baby now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

[Phone rings]

[Courtney sighs]

[Courtney whistles]

Courtney: Yes? How bad?

Emily: You won't believe what just happened.

Lucky: What, you know about it?

Emily: How'd you find out about it?

Lucky: I called Alexis. My dad -- he escaped from jail and Skye helped him with it, but she's under arrest for murder -- for killing Ross Duncan, you know? And now, they think that Skye -- she helped my mom escape from the institute and framed her for murder.

Emily: Yeah -- oh, God. Yeah. It's crazy.

Lucky: Listen, I need to go home.

Emily: Yeah -- no, I understand.

Lucky: Ok. How did you know about it?

Emily: That was something else. Don't worry about it.

Ric: You might want to cleanse your palate a little bit with some soda water.

Alexis: Don't be ridiculous. Where I come from, 11-year-olds drink wine instead of milk for dinner.

Ric: You know, I spent a summer in the Greek countryside -- it's extraordinary, right in between Harvard College and Harvard Law.

Alexis: Twice in one sentence -- that's impressive.

Ric: Am I supposed to understand what that means?

Alexis: You've mentioned Harvard three times since we've switched from white to red, which is a total of seven since we sat down at the table.

Ric: Really? Hadn't noticed.

Alexis: Dropping the name of one's Ivy League school is permissible at 25, immature at 35, and pathetic at 40.

Ric: Really? How old do you think I am?

Alexis: Old enough to know better.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: And old enough to know that you aren't the only person in Port Charles with an Ivy League degree.

Ric: That's right. You went to -- oh, Yale, right? Something like that?

Alexis: Summa cum laude, Yale undergrad, Yale Law, post juris doctorate at Oxford, and a few economic seminars at Wharton just for fun.

Ric: Unbelievable.

Alexis: That my degree is better than yours or that I don't throw it in everyone's face?

Ric: Neither.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Well, I just find it amazing that a woman of your education would be attracted to a thug who didn't even finish high school. So come on, Alexis -- what's the story between you and Sonny?

Sonny: Why didn't you let me know when you got in over your head, Mike?

Mike: Look, I just- - I just needed a little more time.

Sonny: Well, you should have let me take care of it.

Mike: Truthfully, I didn't want to listen to you call me a worthless bum. It may be accurate, but it's still hard to take.

Sonny: So you let yourself go through this?

Mike: What'd I tell you? I just thought I could get an extension.

Sonny: Well, next time, come to me. I mean, you know, I'll quit the name-calling, you know? It doesn't do anybody any good.

Mike: No, no, wait a minute. Is it my painkillers or is my son starting to mellow?

Courtney: Hey. What's the word -- he got beat up by some bookie?

Jason: Yeah, it looks like it.

Courtney: Well, how bad is he hurt?

Jason: He's ok -- no internal injuries.

Courtney: Why didn't he tell me about this? I could have made it go away. God, I sound just like Sonny.

Jason: Sonny's in there.

Courtney: Well, Mike's my father, too, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but the doctor said one visitor at a time.

Courtney: Ok. Well, I still reserve the right to run in there and defend my father if Sonny starts yelling at him for the unforgivable crime of getting beat up.

Jason: Why are you doing here?

Sam: I ran into Courtney in the park, and -- and then she had gotten the call about Mike. He's just -- he's been really good to me --

Jason: Yeah, but it is a little late to be in the park alone.

Sam: I'm fine, Jason, I'm fine.

Jason: Ok, that's good, but you need to think about the baby and be more careful. You can't take unnecessary risks, Sam.

Sam: I'm starting to understand that.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Oh -- I'm -- I'm sorry, I didn't realize --

Emily: Do you know who I am?

Nikolas: You're -- you're Emily. And I know that we've never met, but now's probably --

Emily: Never -- never met? I mean, the bellhop said that your name is Connor Bishop and you're --

Nikolas: I -- I --

Emily: Here on your honeymoon!

Nikolas: Emily, I am -- I am Connor Bishop. Look, I know that Mary --

Emily: No, wait -- Connor Bishop is dead! He was a marine! He was killed --

Nikolas: I know --

Emily: In Iraq!

Nikolas: I know. Emily, Emily, Emily, I will explain. Just please keep your voice down. I don't want to ruin this for Mary. We're on a second honeymoon.

Emily: All right. That's impossible.

Nikolas: Would you just let me explain? Please.

Emily: Yeah. I'd really like -- I'd really like to understand.

Nikolas: Ok. Ok, I know that Mary told you that she was a widow. Ok?

Emily: She talked about it all the time.

Nikolas: I know, but obviously, that's not true, but there's a good reason for it -- she's covering for me. Emily, I am a deserter from the marines. Ok?

Emily: Right.

Nikolas: I was -- look, look, look, wait, wait. I was injured in the war. Ok? I was -- I was missing and I was presumed dead. That's the -- the military even -- they told Mary that. They had a memorial for me. They even -- they even gave her a flag. It's in our living room.

Emily: Yeah. I've seen it.

Nikolas: But there was a mistake. There was a mistake in identification, ok? In actuality, I was in a V.A. hospital recovering from my injuries and when it was time for me to report back to my unit, Mary -- she couldn't take it. She -- she begged me to stay with her and I -- I guess I gave in because I left the hospital --

Emily: Whoa, what -- you guess? You --

Nikolas: I -- I -- yes. I don't remember what happened. Ok, I think I may have -- I hit my head or -- had a fight with the M.P.S. I don't know, I don't remember. I was -- I was wandering around, and Mary brought me back to our house.

Emily: Ok. Why can't you remember?

Nikolas: Just waking up, trying to recall where I was, who I was. And then -- and then I realized that I didn't know anything, Emily. It was just a complete sense of disorientation. I -- I panicked. I panicked, so Mary explained to me what happened. Look, I -- I didn't know her. I didn't even -- I didn't know myself. I couldn't recall our life together or even loving her. But, you know, somehow she -- she got me through it. She helped me heal.

Emily: She's told a lot of lies.

Nikolas: I -- yes, I know. But it -- but it was to protect me. Emily, Emily, I -- I am a fugitive. If the military finds me, I will go to prison for desertion, so Mary -- she has to pretend that I'm dead. Look, I -- I know that that -- that must seem unimaginably cruel to you, given the real grief that you feel for your fiancťe, but that -- that is the truth.

Emily: You -- you know about Nikolas?

Nikolas: Yes, I do. I've -- I've heard you tell Mary about him, and I've seen you alone and crying about it. The night that you -- you know, you spun your car off the road?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: I carried you back to our house.

Emily: I wish you'd said something.

Nikolas: I know, but I -- I have to hide. It's the only way that I can be with Mary.

Emily: You want to stay with her?

Nikolas: Of course. She's my wife.

Dillon: Hey, where did you learn to walk so fast?

Lynn: Are you following me?

Dillon: I have a question.

Lynn: No.

Dillon: What? What?

Lynn: Look, whatever you're going to ask, my answer is no.

Dillon: Why do you not want to sing?

Lynn: Why should I explain anything to you? You're a complete stranger.

Dillon: Well, I don't know -- maybe because I could have called the cops on you for breaking and entering and I didnít.

Lynn: Look, I love to sing, ok? Nothing makes me happier. And when I sing, my life makes sense. But singing professionally, dancing in some stupid video -- that is completely different.

Dillon: So you don't like music videos?

Lynn: Why should I prance around in glitter and sequins for some no-name director who would rather be making a movie? Huh? And why should I sing for some drooling teenage boys? They don't care about my voice -- believe me. And the girls -- all they care about is clothing and jewelry, not the music. And the suits? Look, just forget it, ok? All they care about is demographics.

Dillon: Hey, how do you know so much about this business?

Lynn: I have a stage father from hell. He's determined to turn me into the next Britney Spears. Look, all I want to do is sing, ok? He doesn't care about that. All he cares about is packaging and marketing and getting that next big break. Music doesn't matter to him. I couldn't take it, so I left.

Dillon: Ok. That's because you're an artist.

Lynn: Whatever.

Dillon: No, I -- listen to me. Listen to me. I understand that. I really do. Where are you staying right now?

Lynn: How is that any of your business?

Dillon: I -- I have a stage mother, too, in a way, kind of. I mean, I -- I always wanted to be a director and -- and I wanted to follow that passion and that dream and she wants me to be Donald Trump, so --

Lynn: Well, you already have the hair for it.

Dillon: Hair joke -- ok. Look, the point is that I am living on my own, ok?

Lynn: You don't even work at the studio, do you? You just crash there?

Dillon: No, I do work at the studio, absolutely. I just -- I just live on a -- on a boat right now. It's more of a casino sort of thing.

Lynn: Oh. I am not going to some boat with you, so just save your breath.

Dillon: No, wait a minute -- why don't you stay at the studio? Yeah.

Lynn: Are you serious?

Dillon: Yes, I am -- what's the -- what's the problem?

Lynn: In return for what?

Dillon: I'm not hitting on you, ok? Not a chance. I have a girlfriend -- thank you.

Lynn: Right. That's what they all say.

Ric: Why are you so defensive about Sonny?

Alexis: Why are you so obsessed with Sonny?

Ric: Look, sleeping with a client -- I didn't know that was a class maybe they offered at Yale.

Alexis: Oh, like you've never slept with a client.

Ric: Look, we've all had our unfortunate lapses in judgment. I just don't understand how a ruthless career criminal would ever bed down a scholarly prude.

Alexis: A what?

Ric: A scholarly prude.

Alexis: You think I'm a prude?

Ric: Don't take offense at it. I'm just making an observation.

Alexis: Just because I know how to dress and I don't expose my midriff and I know how to speak the Kingís English?

Ric: Well, obviously, Sonny saw something that I'm missing.

Alexis: You just keep talking about him no matter what. Is that why you took me to dinner?

Ric: Look, I understand you were slumming, right?

Alexis: What, are you going to call him up on the phone and tell him that you have me out for dinner?

Ric: I'm not interested in my brother, Ms. Davis. I'm interested in you.

Alexis: He's going to laugh in your face -- if he ever laughed, which he doesn't, but he may smile. He has a nice smile.

Ric: Oh, is that what got you?

Alexis: No!

Ric: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up Sonny. Obviously, I dredged up some sort of pain from a past love affair.

Alexis: Love affair? Me and Sonny and one one-night stand does not a love affair make. That was right, right? I mean, "and," conjunction, "one," indirect noun, "one night" --

Ric: All right, so, if it wasn't --

Alexis: Compound adjective --

Ric: A love affair, then what was it?

Alexis: What?

Ric: Between you and Sonny.

Alexis: I helped him with some legal work, all right? And I got him out of trouble on more than one occasion.

Ric: Well, I'm well aware of that.

Alexis: And he was very grateful for that, so he flirted with me.

Ric: And you fell for that?

Alexis: I went to bed with him one night!  So what?

Ric: All right, but why Sonny? What was the attraction? Are you ok?

Alexis: I have asthma.

[Alexis exhales]

Alexis: It was his eyes, all right? They're dark -- and soulful. And dark.

Ric: Yeah, well, he has that going for him.

Alexis: You know how it is with him. I mean, you just don't know what's happening and even though you know it's going to turn out bad, you don't care because it's some sort of rush. It's like speeding down a highway in a limo in the dead of night without headlights and that kick of adrenaline that you could die at any moment.

Ric: You never struck me as somebody who was suicidal.

Alexis: Neither did I. I'm not. It was a lapse in judgment. Can you just drop it?

Ric: Ok. Well, if you could change one thing, would you -- would you ride in that limo again?

Alexis: I would pass on everything except one night.

Ric: The night that you went to bed with Sonny?

Sonny: I'm not saying it's ok to gamble, Mike, but we both know you're not going to quit anyway. But if you get yourself in debt again, just -- you know, if you don't want to call me, that's fine. Call Meyer -- he's my accountant. He'll take care of you.

Mike: It sounds like you're being a little less angry with me.

Sonny: Well, you know what? You weren't there when I needed you growing up, but one lesson you did teach me and that is that if you give your word, you keep it. When you love somebody, you don't let them down. Now, when you have a child, you protect that child no matter what else you have to give up.

Mike: So, in other words, you're trying to be the kind of father that I wasnít.

Sonny: I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm understanding a little more of what it takes being a father. You know, trying to keep a family together -- it's not so easy. I'm not saying that I would leave like you did, but I -- I'm understanding a little more what you were going through, at least a little more than I did.

Courtney: It's my turn.

Sonny: Can you give us a minute?

Courtney: Come on, Sonny. I'd like to see him, too.

Mike: Hey, hey. Come on, guys. Take it easy, all right?

Sonny: All right. Don't upset him, huh?

Jason: How is he?

Sonny: He's doing all right. I guess it was just a warning. You know? They could have really worked him over pretty bad, but they didnít.

Sam: Wow. I'm glad he's ok.

Sonny: How'd you hear about it?

Sam: I was in the park with Courtney, and before you lecture me about the potential dangers of being alone at night in the park, don't worry -- I've already agreed never to do it again.

Jason: We should get going. You need some rest.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Ok, hold on. I just wanted to say one thing. I was a little out of line before about the marriage. I think -- I think we all agree, you know, that this is right for the baby and all that kind of stuff and as long as, you know, this is going to give the baby a better life with me, you know, part of --

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: His life, right? Then I'm, you know -- I wanted to --

Sam: Married -- I'm glad you feel that way.

Sonny: Give me -- let me know when the dates and all that stuff is --

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: And we'll keep on playing the charade.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: All right.

Jason: Let's go. It's getting late.

[Music plays]

Alexis: Why is it that you men always think that a woman being in bed with one of you is the most memorable experience of their lives? Is it testosterone? Is it ego? Is it cluelessness?

Ric: All right. Then what was the most memorable time you ever had with Sonny?

Alexis: Puerto Rico. He took me to Puerto Rico and -- it -- it was transcendent. It was -- the world just fell away. I didn't think about anything, I didn't worry about anything. I didn't try to figure anything out. I just danced.

Ric: You never struck me as much of a dancer.

Alexis: You -- are so narstissic -- nartistic -- narcististic.

Ric: I'm so what?

Alexis: You're stuck on yourself. You can't see the obvious that's right in front of your face. So typical.

Ric: You know, why don't we -- why don't we dance right here?

Alexis: So you can prove to Sonny that you're a better dancer than he is?

Ric: You know, I've never seen Sonny dance, so I couldn't really tell you.

Alexis: I'm not going to be an event in your endless competition with him.

Ric: Oh, it's one dance!

Alexis: Uh-uh.

Ric: What is it? What is it? You're afraid?

Alexis: Nope.

Ric: Then I guess I must assume that you can't dance.

Alexis: Let's dance.

Ric: Ok, you're on.

Alexis: Maybe it's the wine.

Ric: What? Why do you say that?

Alexis: I think you actually dance better than your brother.

Sonny: How's Mike doing?

Courtney: He's ok. The nurse is in checking his vitals again. I'll -- ahem -- I'll pay off his bookie.

Sonny: No, it's -- don't worry about it. It's already taken care of. Save your money for your -- the charity. It's doing ok?

Courtney: Yeah. I never thought that helping kids could be so complicated.

Sonny: It's for abused children, right?

Courtney: Yeah. Neglected ones, too. And I want to get them while they're young, give them a way out.

Sonny: How'd you get the idea to do something like that?

Courtney: From you.

Nikolas: It took a while, but we finally found a way to start over and, little by little, I fell in love with her. I -- I may not know the man that I -- that I used to be, Emily, but I know who I am now, and honestly, I -- I really couldn't imagine my life without Mary.

Mary: Connor?

Nikolas: Oh, look, I -- I have to go. Will you please -- please, don't tell anyone about this?

Emily: Not a word. It'll be as if we -- we never even met.

Nikolas: Ok. Thank you.

Emily: Ok.

Dillon: So, you can sing all you want. Nobody will bother you.

Lynn: You'll lock that window?

Dillon: The -- oh, yeah. No, yeah, yeah, yeah. You'll be safe -- don't worry about it. There's food in the fridge and a cot up in the booth.

Lynn: Look, thanks for all of this.

Dillon: You're the best singer I've ever heard. You have a gift, Lynn, and I hope you don't throw that away to spite your father.

Lynn: Look, I can't be something I'm not.

Dillon: You're an artist. Artists create their own reality. They make their own place in the world. So am I. It's what we do.

Lynn: You really believe that, don't you?

Dillon: Yeah, I do. Maybe someday you will, too.

[Music plays]

Ric: Oh! Oh, there you go! Ah!

Alexis: Oh! Is that for us?

Ric: No, I think it's for you. You're quite the dancer.

Alexis: Yes, I know -- I mean, thank you. I think I need to go home.

Ric: Wait -- oh, wait a minute. You're really in no shape to drive yourself.

Alexis: I realize that. I'm going to -- I have -- I -- I can call someone.

Ric: Well, no. Let me take you home.

Alexis: No. The number's in my --

Ric: I'm sure it is --

Alexis: Whatever, in my purse.

Ric: But you're going to have to wait for it. I mean, really. I can take you home. It's no problem.

Alexis: Well, now, are you sure, really? Because, you know, I -- I need to know that there is not going to be a problem, if you know what I'm saying. No funny business.

Ric: Well, I'm not that funny. Ask anybody.

Alexis: You swear?

Ric: I swear.

Alexis: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, look, we might not ever like each other very much, but sometimes when you're not making me so angry I can't see straight, sometimes I picture the little boy you must have been -- you know, very serious but sweet, quiet, way too sad, but really smart.

Sonny: It's a little too late to save me.

Courtney: Yeah, but what if you had had help when you were a kid?

Sonny: Well, I mean --

Courtney: You know, what if you had a place to go when Deke was angry or you knew how to get help for your mom instead of trying to help her yourself? I mean, what if you had just had a chance to be a kid?

Sonny: I -- I did all right, Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah, you did great, Sonny. I mean, you -- you made a life for yourself, but it cost you.

Sonny: Yes, yeah. I realize that.

Courtney: Well, maybe if you'd had a little help all those years ago, I mean, maybe you could have gone to college or gotten off the streets or maybe you wouldn't have had to be so cold and ruthless and there wouldn't be so much danger in your life. I mean, you didn't have anyone back then to protect you -- I can't change that. But maybe if I can protect some of these kids, give them what you never had -- anyway, that's -- that's the idea.

Sonny: You're doing a good thing.

Courtney: Well, so are you.

Sonny: I've been bailing Mike out for years.

Courtney: No, I mean -- I mean with Jason and Sam. You know, Jason betrayed you. I mean, he took something that you want and I know -- I know how difficult that is for you.

Mary: You've given me the most beautiful honeymoon a bride could ever dream of.

Nikolas: Are you sure that you're ready to spend the rest of your life with me?

Mary: Yeah.

Nikolas: And do you realize that I may never again carve you a wooden duck?

Mary: Oh, my God. I -- I never thought of that.

Nikolas: Can you handle the disappointment?

Mary: No. Uh-uh.

Nikolas: What do you mean, no? What do you mean --?

[Mary giggles]

Mary: No -- ah! Oh, no! Ah! Ah! No!

[Mary laughs]

[Mary screams]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: You're going to go to prison for what you put my mother through.

Jason: I need a check drawn up for a million dollars.

Courtney: Thank you for the check. I know that it was your way of apologizing.

Nikolas: You're still here.

Emily: I've been waiting for you.

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