GH Transcript Wednesday 5/26/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/26/04

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Skye: Excuse me, Luke should be here by now. What have you done with him?

Ric: Well, he should be in custody on his way to the station as we speak -- that is unless he's managed to escape, which would make things a lot worse for him.

Lucky: Ok, what do you plan on trying to charge him with, trying to protect his wife?

Ric: Look, you know, no offense, Lucky, but I've had all I can take of your father for one day. I let him off before; he tried to throw me into a wall. I'm really fresh out of favors at this point. Book Mr. Spencer here on accessory to murder.

[Music plays]

Courtney: What are you doing?

Jax: Research. We need to make sure that this music is working. I thought you were committed to the idea of a fundraiser.

Courtney: I am, ok?

Jax: Well, then you can't object to a little hands-on research. Come on, dance with me. I dare you.

Courtney: Fine, Jax, I'm only doing this for the cause. Ok?

Jax: For the cause.

Courtney: Right.

Jax: Jason. Are you here to cut in?

Carly: Did something happen?

Sonny: It's about Samís baby. Look, the deal --

Sam: Good. You're both here. For some strange reason, that makes this a whole lot easier.

Carly: Ok, what the hell is going on here?

Sam: I wanted both of you to know Jason is the father of my baby.

Carly: Is this what you were just about to tell me? No, no. No, how could it possibly -- how could you possibly have known?

[Music plays]

Dillon: Don't move!

Georgie: Jeez! Oh my gosh!

Dillon: Georgie?

Georgie: Dillon, you scared me half to death!

Dillon: Yeah. What are you doing here?

Georgie: I, um -- I missed you a lot, and we haven't spent that much time together since -- since you were demoted.

Dillon: Since I was -- hey, don't let anyone tell you "production assistant" is a fancy way of saying "not doing much." I've been running around like crazy. What is all -- what --

Georgie: Oh, oh, wait, wait. This is a picnic, and I got movie food. There -- there was popcorn, but not anymore. But I have candy and chips and sodas and -- and pizza, which I realize is not a movie food, but we always go out for it afterwards, so --

Dillon: You didn't have to do this.

Georgie: Consider it part of my ongoing apology for hurting Sage and getting you fired.

Dillon: Oh, Georgie, would you give yourself a break? Ok, it was an accident. I mean, it was a prank gone bad. I've done a lot worse. And you know what? It probably did me some good.

Georgie: Well, how does that work?

Dillon: Well, because, I mean, I lost my directing gig, and -- and I probably needed to. I mean, there's a lot I have to learn, and now I get to do it from the bottom up.

Georgie: Well, you may not be a big-time director, but you still have a number-one fan.

Dillon: I do?

Georgie: Yes, and you're looking at her.

Emily: Mary. Hi.

Mary: Hi.

Emily: I thought you were going home after your shift.

Mary: I was, but I -- I made the mistake of leaving through the E.R.

Emily: Oh.

Mary: They were admitting a man about Connorís age, and just for a second I flashed on his smile and his courage and the way he used to tease me. It made me sad. Such a devastating loss so quickly.

Emily: I know; it's -- it's horrifying the way a random act changes everything in the space of a second. I fired a gun at a man last night.

Mary: What?

Emily: He -- he was an intruder and I found him at my house, so I grabbed a gun just to scare him away. I didn't even realize that I'd pulled the trigger until the gun went off in my hand.

Mary: Are you ok?

Emily: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's the man I shot at that I'm concerned about. Hope he's ok.

Lorenzo: How are you feeling?

Nikolas: Well, all things considered, not too bad. The wound seems to be healing; pain is minimal. I should be available to work again in a week at the most.

Lorenzo: No, no, no, I'd rather you take the time to recuperate fully and come back at 100%.

Nikolas: Well, can we settle on 90%? I'm already starting to get stir-crazy in this house.

Lorenzo: Maybe I can help. This is a biography on Julius Caesar.

Nikolas: Wow.

Lorenzo: I was a history major, so I suffer from the delusion that books like that are very interesting.

Nikolas: Ok.

Lorenzo: But more likely, it'll bore you senseless. Either way, it'll work. The more you sleep; the faster you'll heal.

Nikolas: Well, that sounds interesting. Thank you.

Lorenzo: You're quite welcome.

Nikolas: You know, I can't help but be curious. Why are you going out of your way to cultivate me? Or are you this solicitous with all your employees?

Lorenzo: You're trapped in a life that doesn't fit. I know how that feels.

[Music plays]

Courtney: I, um -- I assume you're here to see Carly?

Jason: Yeah. Is she around?

Courtney: She was, but she must have left.

Jax: Yeah, we didn't actually see her leave. We were busy. Oh, look at that. It's a casino chip. Did you bring this back from Monte Carlo for good luck?

Courtney: No, Jax, I cashed in my chips before we left the casino.

Jax: Oh. Well, it must be one of mine. These things are so easy to lose track of. You know, the dealers in Monte Carlo learned to tremble every time they see Courtney coming. But you know that. I'm sure you took her gambling. She loves it so much.

Jason: Courtney should do whatever makes her happy.

Jax: Yeah, see? We're all friends.

Courtney: Congratulations, Jax. I mean, you just proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am going to win this bet. You just flaunted me in front of Jasonís face. There's no way in this life that I will ever sleep with you.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: Do you see? Do you see what Jason gets trying to help you? You lie and you say that he slept with you. Ok, you know what, I'm really fascinated. Fill me in here. When did this so-called seduction take place?

Sam: A couple of nights after the hotel fire.

Carly: Right, and so Jason just saw standing on the pier like a little water rat and he was swept away in passion for you?

Sam: No, Jason was coming off yet another battle with Courtney, and Sonny asked me to keep my distance because he didn't want to look bad while fighting you for custody of his kids. Jason and I met in a bar. I didn't feel like talking; neither did he. We got a room and we used it. The next morning, we both agreed we would be better off if nothing ever happened, and we were fine with that. Until now, it was one night that didn't matter.

Carly: You are such a liar. Okay, keep up with me here. This is important.

Ric: I think I understand the impulse to want to protect your wife more than most, but look, Laura is clinically insane and she's running around town killing cops.

Luke: You can't prove that.

Ric: Look, if Laura didn't kill Detective Duncan, then that means you did, right, and that just doesn't have any ring of truth to it whatsoever. Come on, Luke. You have to give this up. You can't keep covering for Laura, not unless you risk yourself. And I'm telling you, unless you come clean, I'm not going to have any choice but to up the charge to homicide.

Luke: You do whatever you damn well please, but I'm not saying anything about my wife -- not now, not ever.

Skye: Why on earth Luke would insist on having Alexis Davis as his attorney is beyond me. The woman is useless, not to mention unstable.

Lucky: Ok, you're really not in a position to criticize.

Skye: Excuse me, are you calling me unstable?

Lucky: You appear to be at times. And, yeah, I suppose you could say the same about Alexis, but you know what, she's a damn good attorney and she's brilliant, all right, and that's what my dad needs right now.

Skye: Oh, well, gee, here comes our savior now.

Alexis: Where is he?

Lucky: Interrogation One with Ric.

Alexis: Great, it's like clockwork -- I walk in the office; he's already violated my client's rights. Let me see if I have the basics -- he protected Laura, and then Ric charged him with obstruction of justice.

Skye: Old news.

Lucky: Mm-hmm.

Skye: He just added accessory to murder.

Lucky: And the victim in question is a cop. His name was Ross Duncan.

Skye: Are you going to be able to get Luke released?

Alexis: There's a decent chance in that Ric has a tendency to overestimate the strength of his cases, let alone his prosecuting ability.

Ric: Ah, right on cue.

Alexis: Hey, just so there are no surprises, I want you to know that I will be pressing charges against you and the PCPD for violating my client's rights.

Ric: Well, that hasn't happened

Alexis: Did he ask you any questions?

Luke: Yes.

Alexis: Did he apprise you of your right to have an attorney present?

Luke: Nope.

Ric: Well, actually, that's not correct. Mr. Spencer was apprised of his legal rights at the time of his arrest, as he well knows. Luke has been in jail more times than Sonny. Today's his second time.

Alexis: Ah, see there? We have my client's word against yours, and we certainly know the reputation of the sterling PCPD.  But don't worry. I don't want you to worry because when you are disbarred, you can have a career as a novelist, because all of your charges are pure fiction.

Ric: Oh, no. On the contrary, Mr. Spencer has offered a full confession without any prompting from me.

Georgie: So, will Ned be able to keep L&B running since Alcazar's pulled his investment?

Dillon: Well, he says he's got a new source, but he could be covering. It's sort of the Quartermaine creed -- even if you're flat broke, you don't admit it.

Georgie: Right.

Dillon: But even if he has a new investor, you know, we're still missing the key element, which is an artist.

Georgie: Thanks to me.

Dillon: No. Don't do that, ok? I didn't bring all that up so that you could start beating yourself up again. I'm the reason we lost Ashley B., right?

Georgie: Ok, well, what about this -- if I go to Alcazar and confess what I did? I mean, he can be pretty cool, right, or at least he was to you. I throw myself at his mercy, and maybe he'll reconsider reinvesting in L&B.

Dillon: He could forgive it, but, you know, unless -- unless Sage heals completely so that she can sing again, he's got no reason to invest again. His whole thing was about Sage chasing her dream, you know?

Georgie: What if Sage recovers?

Dillon: Then I guess it could work. I don't, you have a thing --

Georgie: Yes.

Dillon: Against Sage, though? I mean --

Georgie: Yeah. I have a big thing. Sage Alcazar makes me feel insecure on every possible level.

Dillon: Yeah, I don't get that. She's not all that.

Georgie: There were times when you thought she was.

Dillon: That's when I was trying to forget you, ok? I mean, Sage is a -- she's manipulative, she's spoiled, she's an attention junkie, and she can be ok when she stays out of her own way. You know, she can be sort of a half-friend. But I guarantee you she's no competition for you.

Georgie: You know, if I did not love you already --

Dillon: What?

Georgie: I would fall in love with you for saying that. Ok, ok.

Dillon: Hmm?

Georgie: That settles it. I'm going to Alcazar. I'm going to fess up and -- and ask him to reinvest in L&B. That's it.

Dillon: Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, hold on one second. Before you do that, I may have an alternative.

Georgie: You've been holding out on me?

Dillon: Yeah, I know. Well, it's a long shot, but I may have found a new artist.

Georgie: Well, that's great. What's her name?

Dillon: Don't know her name. I've never seen her. In fact, I can't even prove that she exists.

Jax: You know, instead of sulking, why not release some of that tension and toss this in my face?

Courtney: If I decide to throw a tantrum, Jax, I won't need a permission slip from you d do it. I'll just flip you flat on your back.

Jax: Oh, I'd love to see you try that.

Courtney: Oh, don't push me.

Jax: I don't understand why you're so peeved. I'm only doing what I said I would. Yes, I find you attractive and charming, but I also loathe your brother and your ex-husband, and I will not deny myself the pleasure of rubbing their noses in the fact that you're seeing me.

Courtney: That is not what's happening, Jax, and you know it.

Jax: Appearances.

Courtney: Well, you may wind up disappointed because Sonny and Jason may not care one way or the other what is happening between us.

Jax: Oh, you really cannot be that naive. Whether they're indifferent to you or not, they still think that I'm stealing something from them. You know, it's kind of like territory. They're going to choke on this, and I'll be the one on your arm enjoying every minute.

Courtney: That's a little sad, don't you think? I mean, dating someone for the sole purpose of tormenting your enemies?

Jax: No, no, it's not the sole purpose. That's just an added incentive. I'd be pursuing you anyway.

Courtney: Am I supposed to be flattered?

Jax: That would be the natural reaction, yes.

Courtney: Oh, my God, you are so conceited, Jax. I mean, if I didn't want your money for my foundation, I would call off this bet so fast.

Jax: You know what, Courtney; this isn't about the cash, really, is it? You saw Jason and it made you feel guilty. That's ok. If you want to fall back in line and be a good little mob moll, there's nothing I can do about that. I'll just take my $10 million and my conceited self elsewhere. All you have to do is say the word.

Carly: Tell me you do not believe this crock. Jason would never sleep with a woman after Sonny has been with her. It is against their code.

Sam: I realize this probably never occurs to you people, but maybe -- just maybe -- Jason actually has a mind of his own. Maybe he acts on his own desires without feeling the need to clear it with either one of you. Jason and I were hurt and alone. We weren't thinking about you, Sonny, or anyone else.

Carly: Oh, ok. So just tell me, clear this up for me, how can you be so sure that Jason is the father of your child? Because you've obviously been a really busy little tramp. It's Jax. It's Sonny. Now you're pointing the finger at Jason?

Sam: You know, Carly --

Carly: How many others could you accommodate in that window of time?

Sam: I really don't give a damn whether or not you believe me or not! Jason is the father of my baby, and that's all that matters!

Carly: Really?

Jason: I need to speak to Sam.

Sonny: Don't worry. She already filled me in on the happy news, Jason. You know, you want to know what I think about it, huh? (Punches Jason.)

Lorenzo: I gave up my own ambitions to work in my family's business.

Nikolas: I understand that, I think. You feel like you're honor-bound to the traditions of people who came before and that it's your duty to make sure future generations are provided for.

Lorenzo: I'm impressed. For a rank-and-file soldier, you have quite an understanding of the aristocratic mindset.

Nikolas: Is that how you think of yourself, Mr. Alcazar, as an aristocrat?

Lorenzo: Certainly not in the sense of true aristocracies, such as European nobility, for example. To people like that, families who can trace their lineage back for centuries, duty, tradition, noblesse oblige are so ingrained, it's almost as if they're genetically encoded.

Mary: Hi. Oh. I didn't realize you'd be here.

Lorenzo: I just came by to check on Connorís recovery. I'm afraid I stayed on to bore him to tears.

Nikolas: No. No, not at all. I actually enjoyed hearing your views on European aristocracy. It's weird. Some of what you were saying was vaguely familiar to me.

Ric: I need to know that once we find Laura, you're going to be prepared to press charges. I know this is a difficult situation for you, but you know better than anybody Laura Spencer is a danger to herself as well as others. You've been her intended victim more than once.

Lucky: Skye, look, my mother's sick. She was just trying to frighten you.

Skye: Well, frankly, she did a very good job.

Lucky: She would never kill you.

Ric: Lucky, I want you to go home. You are officially on leave, all right? There's no reason for you to be here.

Lucky: Ok, my father is under arrest, my mother's a focal point of an A.P.B.  From where I stand, that is plenty of reason for me to be here!

Ric: Pressuring Skye into not testifying is skating dangerously close to obstruction of justice.

Lucky: Justice? Why don't you show me justice in any of this?

Alexis: If you want me to help you, you are going to have to tell me the truth. What happened to Duncan?

Luke: Well, I wasn't there, so there isn't much I can tell you.

Alexis: I'll hear that.

Luke: I walked in on the aftermath. Skye was unconscious on the couch. The detective was on the floor next to her with an ice pick in his back.

Alexis: Are you sure that Skye didn't kill him?

Luke: Yeah. My fear is that Laura may have done it.

Alexis: Why?

Luke: I don't know. To implicate Skye? I still think the most logical explanation is that this is all an elaborate setup, that one of my enemies has framed Laura, that she's still catatonic and being used.

Alexis: This sounds awfully elaborate.

Luke: I know, you're saying that I'm grasping at straws. And believe me, I wouldn't at all consider Laura a possibility if it weren't for the fact that I went to the hospital and I checked it out, and all indications are that she walked out of there on her own.

Alexis: Where do you think she's hiding?

Luke: I told you what you said you needed to hear. Now you got to do something for me. You got to get me out of here -- tonight. And it wouldn't hurt if you can clear Lucky of this, too.

Alexis: I don't believe this. You aren't honestly arresting him now, are you?

Ric: Afraid we are.

Alexis: Well, this is absurd. I was in the next room. If he had done anything, I would have seen it. This is a carefully designed case of harassment against the Spencer family.

Ric: Oh, come on. You don't seriously believe that, do you?

Alexis: Save yourself the embarrassment and the bad press. Release Lucky and Luke now.

Courtney: Ok, you actually think that it would be hard for me to walk away from you and your stupid bet?

Jax: Well, it's your decision. I mean, if you're, you know, afraid of invoking Sonny's displeasure --

Courtney: Oh, God, Jax --

[Jax chuckles]

Courtney: Come on.  Unlike you, I don't live my life in reaction to Sonny, ok? I am trying to put my focus on something positive for neglected and abused children before they make the same destructive decisions that have damaged Sonny's life. Now, in order to accomplish that, I need tons and tons of money. You have it, all right, and it seems to burn a hole in your pocket. You may be the most irritating man on the planet -- and you are -- but the bet stands. And, you know, all you're accomplishing by being a smug, self-important jerk is making me more determined to win the bet.

Jax: You're not going to win.

Courtney: Ha!

Jax: You're going to sleep with me, and you're going to enjoy it a hell of a lot more than you ever did with Jason.

Courtney: Oh --

[Jax laughs]

Sam: Here.

Jason: Just leave me alone.

Sam: Are you out of your mind?

Sonny: What did you expect, you little tramp? You think I'd be happy about this?

Carly: Know what, Sam is not worth it!

Jason: I have never been disloyal to you!

Sonny: Yeah, right.

Jason: Ok? I made a bad choice in the moment! Now I have to deal with the consequences!

Sonny: Then deal with it!

Jason: Let's go, Sam. I got to talk to you privately.

Carly: Yeah, no kidding. Ok, now that they're gone, you want to tell me why, if things are done between you and Sam, this is eating you up inside so badly?

Jason: What the hell were you thinking?

Sam: Why are you so mad? I did what you wanted.

Jason: Why didn't you warn me what you were going to do?

Nikolas: Thanks again for bringing the doctor.

Mary: I'm grateful my husband didn't have to go to General Hospital.

Lorenzo: Was glad to help.

Mary: Yeah, unfortunately, he's far from a full recovery. He tires easily and he needs rest.

Nikolas: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Lorenzo: No, no, no, your wife is right. I've overstayed my welcome.

Nikolas: No, no, you havenít. But if you need to go, that's fine.

Lorenzo: Before I go, I was hoping to speak to the two of you together.

Mary: Oh?

Lorenzo: Yes, I'd like to make you an offer.

Mary: Really, you've done too much already.

Nikolas: No, no, no, let's at least -- let's at least hear him out. What kind of offer?

Lorenzo: Well, you were shot in my employ. I'd like to compensate you by sending you away to recuperate, wherever you want -- islands, mountains, wherever you prefer.

Mary: Thank you, but that's not necessary.

Nikolas: Oh, a break would be nice, thank you.

Lorenzo: Excellent. You just pick the destination; my plane will be waiting. Tell the pilot where you'd like to go and enjoy yourselves.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Mary: Why would you take that kind of money from Alcazar?

Nikolas: It's like he said. I was hurt on the job. Think of it as workman's compensation.

Mary: You can bet it's more than that. He's working an agenda.

Nikolas: I don't see how he could. I'm just a working man, just a soldier. There's nothing I possess or control that could be of any interest to a man like Mr. Alcazar.

Mary: No, you're wrong.

Skye: Oh, Emily.

Emily: Hey.

Skye: Thank you for getting here so fast.

Emily: What's going on?

Skye: Well, let's see -- Lauraís missing, Lukeís imploding, and Luckyís about to go up in flames with his father -- that is unless you can put him in your care now, making sure Luckyís ok is the only thing that I can do for Luke.

Emily: What do you suggest?

Skye: Get him out of town, ok? Use sneaky, underhanded tactics -- I don't care. Just please get him out of harm's way?

Emily: Any chance you can do the same for Luke?

Ric: Look, Lucky has already obstructed justice. Now he's compounded the offense by refusing to leave the station and he's trying to coerce Skye into retracting her statement against Laura.

Alexis: A plea for leniency toward a desperately ill woman hardly constitutes a felony.

Ric: Ms. Davis, you ever heard of witness tampering? It's in Basic Law 101. I'm sure you'll find it's very enlightening.

Alexis: All right, all right, all right, already! Just tell me what you need to let him go.

Ric: I want him to complete his leave of absence as he already started and I also want him to stay out of the Ross Duncan investigation.

Lucky: Ok, can I say something here?

Ric and Alexis: No.

Alexis: Consider it done.

Ric: I'm not finished. I also want somebody to be responsible for Luckyís behavior.

Alexis: Ah, there. How about Emily Quartermaine? She's a very nice girl. Will you please keep him out of trouble?

Emily: I can do that.

Alexis: There. Satisfied?

Ric: Take the cuffs off.

Skye: I thought you'd like to know Ricís releasing Lucky.

Luke: Well, that's a start.

Skye: You might be another story.

Carly: Do you wish that Sam was having your baby instead of Jasonís?

Sonny: Carly, it all worked out best for everyone.

Carly: Except for Jason and Courtney.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: You know, all this is actually starting to make some strange sense. Courtney walked in on Jason with Sam once. Sam had her dress half off. She claimed that she spilled some wine on it. Courtney suspected something else was going on -- not that they were sleeping together, but that Sam was trying. And now she ends up pregnant with Jasonís child; something that Courtney never will be? Believe me, if this is Jasonís baby, she is going to use that kid to jerk Jason around for the rest of his life.

Jason: You gave me that whole song and dance about how hard it's going to be for everyone concerned and the only right decision was to leave town, Sam, and I respected that and I knew Sonny would be furious. He was probably going to tell Carly the truth when you showed up.

Sam: This whole thing is your idea, Jason! Why are you so mad now?

Jason: Because I don't like to be jerked around, Sam!

Sam: Ok! Ok, fine, I can fix this. I would be more than happy to go across the hall and tell Carly the truth, then.

Georgie: You know, I don't mean to be a spoiler or anything, but I really don't want you to get your hopes up, because you almost caught this girl the other night when she came here.  So what if she never comes back? Or she does come back and you catch her singing on this, so what? We don't know her name; we don't where to find her, if Ned is even interested.

Dillon: Georgie I thought you weren't going to be a spoiler.

Georgie: Sorry, I can't help it. I think things through and what if this woman/girl --

Dillon: Girl. Girl, I'm pretty sure. Her voice sounded young.

Georgie: What if she doesn't want a singing career?

Dillon: Well, then why come to a studio in the middle of the night to sing? I mean, why not belt it in the shower or buy a karaoke machine? Maybe she wants to, but she's too insecure. Either way, what does it matter? What have we got to lose by getting her voice on tape?

Georgie: Well, nothing, I guess.

Dillon: Ok. So if I'm wrong, we spend a whole lot of time tomorrow listening to hours of nothing. But if I'm right, I could be taking my first step towards redeeming myself with L&B by finding a new superstar.

Carly: You probably feel betrayed by what Jason did to you, right? Well, why don't you take yourself out of it and think about Jason for once. He was probably hurt and vulnerable because of the breakup with Courtney, and then Sam took advantage and now she trapped him. So why don't you be the friend to Jason that he always is to you and just put aside your hurt pride and help him?

Sonny: Ok, first of all, it's not like I was in love with Sam, anyway. I'm not turning against Jason. I mean, I just need a minute -- I need a minute to just let -- let this settle.

Carly: Well, maybe Jason actually just did you a favor. Maybe he just proved to you that Sam wasn't worth any of the time that you spent on her. And I hope she's as greedy as I think she is.

Sonny: What does that mean?

Carly: Well, I can't imagine that she's got much interest in wanting to be a mother, so maybe -- maybe once the baby is born, Jason can pay her off to leave town. And then we can all raise the baby together as one big, happy, extended family.

Jason: It would be selfish to tell Carly the truth now. I mean, trust me, it'd be easier on me, harder on everyone else. Michael and Morgan need Sonny and Carly back together. And you, you can't run forever, ok? If you're going to settle down with this baby, you are going to need someone to help, someone to care about that baby as much as you do. I'll be that person.

Sam: It's not fair, Jason, but I am -- I am very grateful.

Jason: Ok, and one other thing, and it's very important -- if this is even going to work, we need to learn to trust each other, ok? The baby is going to need it.

Sam: Ok. I agree.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: Where are you going?

Jason: Courtney needs to know. So that means I'm going to have to look her in face, I'm going to have to lie to her. I never thought I'd ever, ever do that to her, but I don't have a choice.

Courtney: Ok, that's -- that's far enough.

Jax: Whoa, hold on a second. You said that I could walk you home.

Courtney: I live, like, a half a block from here, Jax. Maybe you should quit while you're ahead.

Jax: If I didn't know better, I'd think that you were trying to dodge a good-night kiss.

Courtney: The thought had crossed my mind, yes.

Jax: Who are you afraid of? Me or yourself?

Alexis: If you release Luke on bond tonight, it might go a long way in mitigating some of the charges that I intend to press against you.

Ric: You know what? I can see now where you got your stellar reputation. You can bluff with the best of them, can't you? But you know what I can do? Call. Luke stays incarcerated for the foreseeable future.

Skye: Alexis is pulling out all the stops at the moment, but Ric isn't feeling very cooperative toward you right now -- something about a previous altercation?

Luke: Nah, forget Lansing. Laura's waiting for me. You have to help me get out of here.

Skye: Absolutely not.

[Horse whinnies]

Lucky: You know what, Emily, thank you so much for dealing with Ric. I just don't have time to waste right now.

Emily: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. The only person with any hope of getting through to Laura is Luke, all right? All you can do for either one of them is just to stay out of the way.

Lucky: Emily, Nikolas would want me to help our mom.

Emily: Nikolas would want you to help me.

Mary: Ok. I got every single travel magazine they had at the magazine stand.

Nikolas: All right, well, get over here. We've got a destination to choose.

Mary: There.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Emily: Like, every time I think I'm coping with the loss, I get blindsided, you know? Like -- like this morning. I, uh -- I got a call from a travel agency, and it seems -- it seems Nikolas arranged a vacation for us in Mexico before he died.

Mary: I wish you weren't so determined to do this.

Nikolas: You don't want to go away with me?

Mary: Of course I do. You know it's not that.

Nikolas: Well, then stop looking the gift horse in the mouth, Mary. Didn't I promise that you'd get a honeymoon?

Lucky: So what are you getting at?

Emily: Well, I was going to cancel the trip, but now I think it might be a last gift from Nikolas.

Lucky: So you're going?

Emily: If you'll go with me.

Nikolas: You know, we can get remarried wherever we go, you know, maybe say our vows at sunset, go to the --

Mary: Did you see something you like?

Lucky: You're really serious about this?

Emily: Yep. I need it more than I can say. Please, Lucky.  Go to Las Rocas with me?

Nikolas: This place. I want to take you here.

Mary: Where? What's it called?

Nikolas: Las Rocas.

[Knock on door]

Sam: I figured it would be you or Carly. Come in.

Sonny: Jason here?

Sam: No, no. He went to go look for Courtney.

Sonny: Well, that makes sense.

Sam: I'm glad you're here, though, Sonny. I -- I wanted to ask you something.

Sonny: Ask me anything you want.

Sam: Jason believes this arrangement -- me living here, pretending he's the father -- is the best thing for the baby. Do you agree?

Michael: Where's Daddy?

Carly: He's out.

Michael: I need help.

Carly: Yeah?

Michael: I need help on my homework.

Carly: Well, I can help you do that. Let's see here.

Michael: When's he coming back?

Carly: He'll be back soon. He's just talking to Jason.

Michael: About Sam?

Carly: Why would you say that?

Michael: Because she was here. I heard her voice, so I came down to see what was going on, but Leticia caught me and sent me back to my room.

Carly: Well, good. Good for Leticia, because you know better than to spy. You get the things wrong and you don't understand it, anyway.

Michael: I don't understand why you and Daddy don't explain anything, like why Sam is still here.

Carly: Mr. Man, you do not have to worry, ok? Sam is not going to take your daddy away from us.

Jason: Courtney.

Courtney: Jason, what happened to your face?

Jason: Sonny hit me.

Courtney: Sonny? Why?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Attendant: Flight to Las Rocas, Mexico.

Nikolas: I can't wait to get you to Las Rocas and renew our wedding vows.

Skye: There's no way I'm helping you break out of here.

Jason: Sam's moving in with me and I'm the father of her baby.

Sonny: I want you in my life.

Sam: You made a commitment to Carly and your family.

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