GH Transcript Friday 5/21/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/21/04

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Ric: We found traces of blood in Skyeís living room. Now it seems that the lady herself has vanished.

Luke: And your point would be --

Officer: The forensics report, sir.

Ric: Thank you. It appears we have a match on Ross Duncanís blood type. Get me an arrest warrant.

Luke: Oh, now that seems a terrible waste of taxpayer money. I mean, here I am.

Ric: No, the warrant isn't for you, Luke. It's for Skye.

Jason: Sam's baby has nothing to do with you, Courtney.

Courtney: If Sonny's the father, Jason, I'd be the baby's aunt.

Jason: No, I'm saying, look, you have a different life now -- separate, just like you wanted. Nothing we do can hurt you anymore.

Courtney: I don't understand. Are you apologizing or are you shutting me out?

Jason: There's no point in apologizing. It's not going to change anything. I got to go.

Dr. Meadows: I had the test results rechecked. They're definitive. You're not the father, Mr. Jacks. Mr. Corinthos, you are not the father, either.

Sonny: Could the test

Dr. Meadows: The results were double-checked. The D.N.A. samples simply didn't match. I have other patients. Sam, you need to set up your prenatal appointments as soon as possible.

Sam: Ok, thank you.

Sonny: Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Meadows: You're welcome.

Jax: Thanks. You have no idea who the father is, do you?

Sonny: Jax, you need to back

Emily: Don't move, or I'll shoot. Turn around. Let me see your face.

Emily: Stop. Now! I'll shoot, I swear to God. Oh, my God.

Ric: So, have you seen Skye?

Luke: No, and it doesn't make any difference if I have. She's innocent.

Lucky: Dad, what are you doing? You need a lawyer.

Luke: Will you stay out of this?

Ric: You're dismissed, Officer Spencer.

Lucky: Yes, sir.

Luke: What a disappointment. You sweat, you save, you do the best you can with a kid, and look what happens.

Ric: Yeah. So let me get this straight now. You claim that Skye is innocent?

Luke: I know she's innocent.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Luke: I'll tell you exactly what happened. Duncan was hanging out at my casino. He took a shine to Skye. She liked him, too. She invited him back to her place. They called me. They said, "We're having a party, come on over." I went over, we had some drinks, it got a little out of hand. I happened to be standing there with an ice pick in my hand when Skye and Duncan did something that I didn't like much. It's classic crime of passion.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Well, it sounds plausible enough, but I just don't think that that's what happened. See, what I think is Skye killed Ross Duncan.

Luke: No, that isn't it --

Ric: And you're falsely admitting to some crime here, Luke, because you're covering up for somebody -- either Skye or maybe even your wife. Lucky suspects that Laura is after Skye.

Luke: Lucky talks too much.

Ric: Well, he put out an A.P.B. on her after she supposedly trashed your old club. Now, I don't know how all these pieces fit together, but I'm definitely on the right track.

Luke: No, you're not on the right track. I'll tell you exactly what happened.

Ric: Please.

Luke: I killed the cop. I killed the cop. Skye's on a bender, and if that's Laura out there -- and believe me, I'm not at all convinced it is -- then she needs search and rescue, not a swat team.

Ric: All right, you're free to go.

Luke: What do you mean, free to go? I just said I killed a cop! You're putting me back on the street?

Ric: Just stay in town. I might need you for a statement.

Luke: Oh, brother.

[Phone rings]

Luke: What? Hmm. Hello?

Skye: Luke?

Luke: Oh, hi, Lulu. How are you, sweetheart?

Skye: I'm at Wyndemere, in one of the towers. You better get over here. I'm not alone.

Luke: Ooh, that's great, sweet pea.

Skye: Just hurry.

Luke: Yeah, I'd love to take you to the movies tonight, ok? Terrific. Daddy's right -- I'm on my way. All right, baby, bye. Cops!

Ric: Follow Spencer. He'll lead us straight to the real killer.

Jax: Well, my condolences. You won't be getting quite as big a payoff as you expected.

Sonny: Well, you're not the father, either, so --

Sam: Oh, come on, stop it, both of you. Jax is right. I am the original lying tramp. Do you two really think you're the only men that I have slept with? I tried to warn you, Jax. The odds of you being the father were slim to none. Now we all know you arenít. So why aren't you happy? Why haven't you cracked open your bottle of champagne yet? You're off the hook. No court fights, no custody fees, nothing. Isn't that what you wanted?

Jax: She's all yours.

Sonny: You should probably rest.

Sam: No, Sonny, I need to get the hell out of here. It is over. You are free and so am I.

Carly: So what is the happy news?

Sam: It's not Jax. It's not Sonny, either. My baby belongs to me.

Sonny: Could you please page Dr. Meadows?

Jason: Sonny, I need to speak to you -- it's important.

Sonny: Hold on, ok? Have her call me -- Sonny Corinthos. All right, listen to me. The paternity test came back. Listen, Jax is not the father. I'm not the father. Something's going on here.

Jason: I know, I know.

Sonny: What do you mean, you know? What did you do, Jason?

[Knock on door]

Sam: Back so soon?

Carly: I wanted to say goodbye.

Sam: Why? You think I'm leaving?

Carly: I think it would be best for everyone.

Sam: No, you think it would be best for you.

Luke: You did this. You called the cops on your own mother!

Lucky: I was just trying to help.

Luke: Yeah, you tried to help like you helped put her in the loony bin; like you helped Nikolas keep her away from me! You're a traitor! You're a mistake!

Lucky: Dad, could we just decide what to do next?

Luke: I don't talk to cops! The only good thing about this is that your mother isn't here to see it! It'd break her heart.

Lucky: That was you, Dad.

Luke: Get out!

Lucky: Never me.

Luke: Get out!

Lucky: Mom needs you.

Luke: Don't tell me what your mother needs! Get out!

Lucky: Just making things worse.

Officer: Is he always like this?

Lucky: Yeah, when it comes to dealing with my mother. Just, you know what? He just -- he's going to just grab another bottle and drink it till he passes out, so listen, if you don't mind, can you just stay here, make sure he doesn't leave? I don't want him driving.

Officer: Sure.

Lucky: Thank you.

Luke: I can hear you out there doing your little cop talk! Why don't you go do something useful? Eat a box of doughnuts; write some parking tickets! Go on, get out of here! Bring me back a bottle of tequila! I can hear you! I don't need you! I'll find Laura myself! I'll find Skye myself! I'll find anybody whose ever been missing!

Mary: I'm so glad to see you. Connor? Connor? Oh! Oh, my God!

Skye: I can't even believe we didn't think of this before. It's so obvious. You did everything.

Helena: Untie me at once.

Skye: You drugged me and dragged me in here.

Helena: You broke into my house.

Skye: And you taunted me with these pictures.

Helena: What on earth is wrong with you?

Skye: You hate Luke. That's why you did everything.

Helena: How long have you been in my house?

Skye: You stabbed a police detective and made it look like that I did it, and you knew Luke would get drawn in because of me. And then you made it look like that Laura framed me?

Helena: Laura is in a sanitarium.

Skye: Oh, please, you helped her escape.

Helena: She's sitting in a rocking chair staring at the wall.

Skye: And then you locked me in here, and you walked back and forth outside and then you pretend to cry, pretending that it's Laura.

Helena: I have not set foot in this house since the memorial.

Skye: Oh, so you just happened to come back tonight?

Helena: Yes. Yes, I remembered some photographs of Nikolas as a child, and I came back to retrieve them, along with a few other things. I noticed that someone had broken into the house and started a fire. I began looking around, and then you assaulted me.

Skye: So what was the plan, Helena? Were you planning on just letting me die here?

Helena: You're delusional.

Skye: And you are brilliant, but it's over.

Helena: Oh, ho-ho-ho. You're the drunk, aren't you? Yes, you're the one that Luke beds from time to time. It's so difficult to somehow keep all of his women straight, but I remember. Yes, you're the one who tried to impersonate a Quartermaine. And then poor, darling Jax. Oh, he abandoned you on your wedding night. And now Luke is amusing himself with you. But he doesn't love you. How could he?

Skye: Say whatever you want, but it'll be all over when Luke shows up.

Luke: Hey! Hey, cop, you still out there on patrol? Protecting the world from big, bad me? Why don't you do something useful? Why don't you go look for my wife? Why aren't you looking for Skye Quartermaine Chandler Jacks, whatever the hell her last name is? I'll tell you why -- because the PCPD is a joke! You people couldn't catch --

[Luke's voice speeds up]

Luke: A killer if you had a gun to your head! You couldn't catch a stray dog!

[Luke's voice slows down]

Luke: You couldn't catch a cold! Idiots! Does anybody pay for anything in this hellhole? No! Port Charles is a --

[Stops tape player]

Courtney: Oh, hey.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: So, have you heard anything? I was on my way to the hospital to see if the results had come in.

Jax: Yeah, I'm not the father, but neither is Sonny. Apparently, the baby's D.N.A. doesnít match either one of us.

Courtney: Well, I can't exactly say that I'm surprised.

Jax: Yeah, I guess Sam was just going after the deepest pockets, you know? I should have known that.

Courtney: Look, I'm really sorry. I know -- I know that you wanted that baby.

Jax: Not if it tied me to Sam for the rest of my life. You know, this way, I'm free. I don't have any ties to her, no responsibilities, and it didn't cost me a dime.

Courtney: Well, Sam doesn't really bring out your best side, does she?

Jax: I barely know myself anymore, but that is all about to change.

Courtney: And why is that?

Jax: Because I am going to Monte Carlo. Why don't you come along?

Sonny: You tampered with the paternity test?

Jason: That's right. Sonny, you're the -- you're the father of Samís baby. I saw the real report myself.

Sonny: I need to know exactly what you did.

Jason: I stole Alanís security card and broke into the lab. The paternity test results were on the computer. I deleted your name. I just said there was no match.

Sonny: Are you insane? Why?

Jason: To keep your family together so Carly wouldn't take the boys and leave you, Sonny.

Sonny: What the hell are you talking about? You've been defending Carly so long; she's contaminated your mind! Changed the way you think?

Jason: No, that's not it.

Sonny: Yeah? What is it, then? Did you have a plan? Did you really think that I would turn my back on my child -- any child? Nothing justifies that lie!

Jason: Not even for Michael?

Sonny: No, don't bring that card in there.

Jason: No, Sonny, you promised Michael. You promised God that you would go back to Carly and keep your family together! And now you can.

Sonny: When did you decide to take over my life? Tamper with tests? Lie about who the father of the baby is? What is that?

Jason: I gave you my word that I would do what's right for Michael.

Sonny: And this is it?

Jason: Sonny, I -- I walked out of here, and I looked back at you sitting there, and I realized it was the only way.

Sonny: And you didn't think to ask me first, Jason?

Jason: Oh, come on, I knew you'd refuse me!

Sonny: Well, that's the first right thing you've said all night. I refuse. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to deny the paternity, ok. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go to Sam. I'm going to explain to her what's going on here, all right? I'm going to take another test. We're all going to sit in a room until the results come back and I'm listed as the baby's father.

Jason: No, no, Sonny --

Sonny: Wait.

Jason: Sonny, come on.

Sonny: Jason --

Jason: Sonny, please.

Sonny: Please what?

Jason: I'm asking you for a favor.

Sonny: Why?

Jason: Because I have done everything that you have ever asked me. I put my life on the line. How many times have I been shot? What about the night that I walked in and I found you and Carly in bed together? I didn't fight you. I got out of the way. I gave you my family, and you swore to me that you would take care of them, so you take care of them. You are Michaelís father. You don't get to abandon him. You don't get to -- get to break his heart. Quit being selfish and put your kids first.

Sonny: Do you want me to just give up my baby with Sam, too?

Jason: No, no, I donít. I'll take care of Sam and the baby. They can live with me.

Sonny: You don't think Carlyís going to figure that out, though?

Jason: Not if -- not if Sam and I say we slept together and that the baby's mine.

Carly: So when are you leaving town?

Sam: Carly --

Carly: Listen, ok, you know what, let me rephrase it -- how much money is it going to take to get you the hell out of here?

Sam: I'm not going to take your money.

Carly: Oh, why? You think that Sonny's going to offer you more? It's really doubtful, Sam. He doesn't deal with infidelity that well.

Courtney: Ok, what makes you think that I would go anywhere with you?

Jax: Have you ever been to Monte Carlo?

Courtney: That wasn't the question.

Jax: It is a magical city. I mean, you check your past at the door and you play your luck all night. You forget about your troubles. Whenever you lose at one table, you're guaranteed to make it back at the next.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. So it's basically Atlantic City, but with a better beach.

Jax: No, no, better everything. Better clothes, better architecture, far better clientele, and then of course, you know, I'm going to be there.

Courtney: Are you always this sure of yourself?

Jax: Come on, when was the last time you had some fun? When was the last time you spent an evening with a guy who doesn't want to control you, doesn't tell you how to act, can hold up his end of the conversation? When the most important thing is the next roll of the dice? Why don't you give yourself a break? Come on.

Courtney: I am supposed to be starting a foundation.

Jax: Yes, and for that you need money, right?

Courtney: Almost everybody who gambles loses, Jax.

Jax: Oh, but I am not almost everyone.

Courtney: Yeah, well, that's what all gamblers think. Believe me, I know.

Jax: If you go with me, I will donate half my winnings to your foundation.

Courtney: Ok, so -- so when you cash out at the casino, the winnings go home with me.

Jax: Of course.

Courtney: Deal.

Luke: Red, where the hell have you been?

Skye: I caught her.

Luke: I knew it was you!

Helena: Luke, darling, you certainly took your time getting here. Please, untie me.

Ric: Where's Luke?

Lucky: Last time I saw him, he was in his office.

Ric: Really? Because he got away.

Lucky: What? What do you mean, he got away? He was plastered. What, you let him drive?

Ric: I don't know, Lucky, you tell me, because your father could have led us straight to a cop killer. Instead, all we have is this --

Lukeís voice: Does anybody pay for anything in this hellhole? No! Port Charles is a laughingstock. The police are a bunch of morons! Worse, you're civil servants! Oh! Lucky's one of you now. He'll never solve a crime. He couldn't find a missing dog! He couldn't find anything! He'll waste his life working for that department! "Yes, sir, Mr. Lansing! No, sir, Mr. Lansing! May I lick your badge, Mr. Lansing?"

[Ric stops tape player]

Lucky: You taped my father.

Ric: Oh, cut the crap, Lucky. You know full well that he taped this himself. You deliberately diverted a fellow officer so that your father could get out a back window.

Lucky: Listen, I don't know what you're talking about.

Ric: You're off the case.

Lucky: On what grounds?

Ric: On the grounds that you are emotionally involved. You interfered in a murder investigation.

Lucky: You know what? My father was not under arrest, and if he chooses to climb out of any of his windows --

Ric: Lucky, I understand that you're trying to protect your parents here, but I don't have time for that. You are off the case.

Lucky: You know what, I got a better idea.

Ric: Oh, don't --

Lucky: You know what, I'm off the force.

Ric: Don't be ridiculous. Your father isn't going to care if you resign.

Lucky: What?

Ric: You know what? Let's just consider this a leave of absence.

Lucky: You consider it whatever you want.

Ric: Serino, I'm going to give you one more chance. You mess this up, and you're going to be working graveyard for the rest of your life.

[Helena gasps]

Luke: I knew it was you.

Skye: Luke, what are you doing?

Luke: You took Laura from the mental hospital. You've got her somewhere while you're framing her for murder. You got five seconds to tell me where my wife is! Tell me where my wife is or sprout dragon wings and fly.

Helena: I have no idea what happened to Laura.

Luke: Liar!

Skye: Luke, don't!

Luke: You took her from the mental hospital, didn't you?

Helena: No, Luke! Think!

Luke: You framed her so it would look like she was stalking Skye.

Helena: No, I have no idea what happened.

Luke: We've had some good times together, you and I. You're a worthy opponent with legs to die for, but I swear to God, the only one going to die today is you, unless you tell me where my wife is!

Helena: No, Luke, I swear, I don't know!

Luke: Going --

Helena: Whatever happened to Laura, it was not my doing.

Luke: Going twice --

Helena: Maybe -- maybe it was her lover, Scotty Baldwin.

Luke: Going -- going --

Skye: Luke, stop this right now!

Luke: What's your problem?

Skye: Well, if you kill Helena, you'll never find out where Laura is.

Luke: By the way, before I forget, the cops know that Ross was killed at your place. I suggest you lay low for a few days and let me figure this out.

Skye: Oh, my God. What about her?

Luke: Don't worry about her. I'm not going to kill her yet. She's having too much fun. She's always been my favorite dominatrix, queen of bondage, haven't you, darling?

Lucky: Emily?

Emily: Oh, God thanks for getting here so quickly.

Lucky: Don't worry. It's ok. Just tell me what happened.

Emily: All right. Everyone's out, thank God, except for grandmother, and I don't think she heard anything. Alice is checking on her right now.

Lucky: Ok, did anybody else see the intruder?

Emily: No, I was alone in here. I was looking at a picture of Nikolas, and I had to put it down because it hurt too much. I -- I turned out the lights; I started up the stairs. I heard something from the terrace, and someone slipped through the doors.

Lucky: Right.

Emily: And grandfather keeps the gun in his hall closet.

Lucky: Ok, wait, wait, somebody attack you?

Emily: No, no -- I never even saw his face. He ran for the terrace, and the gun just went off by accident.

Lucky: All right, looks like there's blood on the floor, so I think you could have clipped the guy.

Emily: I didn't even mean to shoot.

Lucky: It's all right. Listen, I'm going to notify the E.R. to be looking out for a gunshot victim, all right?

Emily: Ok.

Lucky: So, do you think you can remember what he looked like?

Emily: Uh -- he was about -- um -- he was about 5'10" or 5'11". He was wearing a dark hood.

Lucky: Ok.

Emily: And there was something about his presence, Lucky. It's like I know him.

Mary: Tell me what happened.

Nikolas: What -- huh? Alcazar needed a bid on some numbers. I -- I broke into a house, took pictures of the file.

Mary: God.

Nikolas: A mansion, some mansion on Harbor View Road. Your friend -- Emily? What's her name?

Mary: Emily?

Nikolas: She shot me.

Mary: Did she see your face?

Nikolas: I don't think so. It was dark. Alcazar told me to make sure that nobody saw me. Oh God, I heard the -- I heard the gun go off. Glass broke. Oh, I thought she missed me. I guess not.

Mary: Well, you're losing a lot of blood.

Nikolas: Doesn't even -- hurt.

Mary: No. No, Connor? Connor? No, don't leave me. Wake up. Connor, wake up!

Courtney: The lights in Port Charles are getting smaller.

Jax: That's what I love about flying -- it puts everything into perspective.

Courtney: Well, we'll have to land eventually.

Jax: Yep. But Monte Carlo -- nothing is real there. If you've got money -- and I do -- you can spend all your time playing. Some people say that's an empty existence, but at least it's fun.

Courtney: You're disappointed about the baby, aren't you?

Jax: No, the last thing I need right now is a baby.

Courtney: Come on, Jax, our real lives just disappeared, right? You can tell me.

Jax: I imagined calling my mother at least 20 times. She needs some good news right now. I don't know if you know, but my father died a few months ago.

Courtney: Yeah, I heard about that. I'm sorry.

Jax: This baby felt like a second chance, you know? Once I got over the shock, I was actually quite excited. I imagined how my life would change. I pictured myself up in the middle of the night moving stock around in Tokyo and pacing the floor with my baby. I wanted to be the kind of father my dad was. You know, I thought about camping trips, schools, about going hiking in the mountains with my baby on my back. I was even going to fly my mother in for the birth. I knew I was getting ahead of myself then. And just like that, the child was gone.

Courtney: Yeah, I -- I know exactly how that feels.

Sonny: What the hell happened to you? You don't even lie to cops. Now you're going to lie to everyone that you love? And that includes Courtney? You're going to let her think you were sleeping around?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: With my girl?

Jason: We've got no choice right now!

Sonny: I know that you would never touch a woman that I slept with. Carly knows that, too. How are you going to figure that one out?

Jason: Yeah, well, Carly thinks I never lie to her, Sonny, because I never have. Now, you taught me about honesty, you taught me about honor, and I know that you don't like to lie, right?

Sonny: Right!

Jason: Ok? But if there was one time, it's now, for Michael. He just got out of the hospital.   His family's back together, he is happy, and as much as I don't want to lie, Carly will believe me and so will everybody else.

Sonny: And you expect Sam and me just to go along with it like it's nothing?

Jason: What's the alternative, Sonny, huh? Carly takes the boys and leaves you again? I mean, how do you think Michaelís going to feel when he finds out about all this? And where do you think Carlyís going to take your boys -- to her mom's? To some house that you buy her? She's going straight to Alcazar's!

Sonny: I thought you were Carlyís big defender.

Jason: I -- I love Carly, but I'm not going to lie about how she thinks, ok? What better to pay you back -- then to take your kids to a man that you hate. And if you fight her, Alcazar can take them all out of the country.

Sonny: Not if he's dead!

Jason: Sonny -- you can't be anyone's father if you're locked up for murder. Don't you see that you're in a box? One that you put yourself in? And the only way out is to look at this like a business problem.

Sonny: What do you mean, business?

Jason: Look, if there's no way to win, which there isn't, you have to settle for minimizing the damage.

Sonny: So you want me to lie to my children, to Carly, to everyone. What if it gets worse? Then what?

Jason: Either way, it's going to cost you. Everything does. You taught me that.

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