GH Transcript Tuesday 5/18/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/18/04

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Nikolas: All right, I'm making an executive decision here. We'll renew our vows the last week of May. May, ok?

[Mary laughs]

Nikolas: That -- that should give you enough time to blow some of that new money on a beautiful dress.

Mary: You're going to spoil me.

Nikolas: That's the whole point. I mean, with the kind of money that Iím making now, I can take you someplace special for our honeymoon. Any particular place that you've dreamed of?

Mary: Right here in your arms.

Luke: Laura, don't hide from me! We can work this out!  I know you're hurt, angry. Don't take it out on Skye. You mustn't harm Skye, Laura! All right, this has to stop! You hear me? It's time to stop!

Skye: Luke! Luke, I'm in here!


Skye: Luke? Is that you?

Jason: Excuse me. This is Sam McCall.  She's pregnant; she fell down some steps.

Sam: Hi.

Jason: Dr. Meadows is her doctor. We called ahead.

Nurse: First-time parents, huh? You've got the look. Well, not to worry, Dad. Wait here and I'll get your wife settled into an exam room.

Sam: Thank you. I mean it.

Courtney: It's ironic, isn't it? The nurse thinks that you're the father of Samís baby when you're the only one we know for sure is not.

Carly: So did you find Sam?

Sonny: Yeah. She's pregnant.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: How do you know?

Carly: Really, I don't want to waste time explaining how I know. I know. Isn't it enough?

Sonny: We're not sure who the father is.

Carly: Yeah, I know that, too. It could be you; it could be Jax. It could be the harbormaster. It could be the guy who delivers groceries. You know what, Sonny? I really don't care about all those other people. I care about you, and I care about how it's going to affect our family. So have you thought about what you're going to do, what you're planning on doing if the baby is yours? You know, I don't even know why Iím asking you this because of course you're not going to abandon a child. I respect that about you, but I don't know -- I guess the real question for me then is, are you planning on moving the kid into the house, or is Sam part of the equation, too?

Nikolas: It's our anniversary. All right? I mean, what -- what date is more significant to a married couple as happy as we are? I feel like we should be doing something, don't you?

Mary: Like what?

Nikolas: I don't know. Celebrate. Go out -- go out dancing or something. Ok, ok -- a five-course meal with a different bottle of wine for every dish. Ok. I wish I would've known. I would've -- I would've driven you out to a country inn or something for the day and night instead of running all over the world for Lorenzo Alcazar.

Mary: Well, we couldn't have afforded it until you took the job.

Nikolas: Hey, good point. But I did, and we can. So what's your pleasure?

Mary: You're home safe. We're renewing our vows at the end of the month. That's celebration enough for me.

Nikolas: You are way too modest. You don't even know how amazing you are. No, I'm serious. I mean, you have shown such grace under pressure putting up with me, even when Iím being selfish and stubborn. I owe you a lot. And -- and now that I'm working, I'll finally be able to pay you back -- you know, take you places, buy you pretty things.

Mary: I love that you want to do that, but the only place I want to be is home with you in bed, laughing and talking and making love until -- until the sun comes up.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. Yes, Iíll admit I can't think of anything that sounds better than that. But I need you to give me a couple of hours, ok?

Mary: You're going straight home, right?

Nikolas: I may make a couple of stops, and don't bother asking me where because I'm not telling you anyway.

Mary: Ok, ok. It's going to be hard to wait, but I will.

Nikolas: I'll be home in a couple hours.

Mary: Ok.

Luke: Hey, easy. It's just me.

Lucky: I guess there's really no reason to ask what you're doing here.

Luke: If it wasn't your mother drawn back to this place, it was definitely somebody who wants us to think she was. It's perfect, though, isn't it? This place? Eventually we all come back here. Perversity's pull is stronger than resistance.

Lucky: Dad, you all right?

Luke: I searched the joint. Couldn't find her, not your mother or Skye. Nothing but this house -- this dirty, musty, decrepit old shack begging to be put out of its misery. It's a shame about houses -- they can't choose their tenants, you know. It's just the luck of the draw like everything else in this senseless, random universe. But it's not the house's fault. It's the evil that lived here. It's in the walls. Yeah, it would be a mercy killing. Like vampires, the curse of the Cassadines is in this house. You can feel it! Can't you?

Lucky: Dad, listen, if Mom and Skye -- they're not here, there's no reason for us to be here, so why don't we just get out of here.

Luke: Ok, as soon as I burn this hellhole to the ground.

Lucky: Dad. Dad, no. No. Dad. Dad.

Courtney: Jason, come on. I mean, Sam is a grown woman. If she wants to run off by herself and have her baby without anybody knowing -- a baby who, by the way, very well could be Jaxís -- isn't that her right?

Jason: Sam made the decision to come back. No one made it for her.

Jax: What are you doing? Get out of my way.

Jason: No, you're not going anywhere near Sam.

Jax: I don't care about Sam, ok? I'm here to make sure that the paternity test and amnio gets performed tonight.

Dr. Meadows: Have you experienced any cramping?

Sam: No.

Dr. Meadows: Bleeding?

Sam: No, I'm just -- a lot of anxiety.

Dr. Meadows: Ok. Well, you fell down a flight of stairs. Anxiety is an appropriate response. Happily, though, there seems to be no reason for it, but I would like to do an ultrasound just to be sure.

Sam: Ok.

Dr. Meadows: Is the baby's father waiting?

Sam: I'm sure both of them are by now.

Dr. Meadows: Both?

Sam: I don't know who the father of my child is. And it's driving me crazy, which is why I want to schedule an amnio as soon as it's safe. I need to know who fathered my child.

Sonny: I'm not exactly sure what Iím going to do right now.

Carly: It's not that hard to figure out. You never let go of your children. You hold on tight to them, no matter what the consequence to them or the women involved in your life. So, Sonny, just tell me what happens first. Sam moves in here with you, me, Michael, and Morgan, and, what, we help her deliver her baby? And then after that happy event, we all settle in here like polygamists? You'd probably like that, wouldn't you? Yeah. It'd probably work great for you.  Everyone else would hate it, but, hell, there is no democracy in a harem, right?

Sonny: Calm down.

Carly: Is that it?

Sonny: Morgan and Michael are upstairs.

Carly: Huh? Why? Why should I calm down, Sonny? Because you say so? I'm not supposed to voice my opinion or object to the way that you are turning my life upside down? Because the Great Sonny Corinthos has spoken and Iím not supposed to have feelings about it?

Sonny: Yes!

Carly: I'm not supposed to --

Sonny: Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly how it's going to be.

Jason: If Sam wants you here, she'll let you know. Otherwise, get out and leave her alone.

Jax: When did you become Samís protector? Oh, wait, wait, wait, of course -- Sonny gave you marching orders -- keep Jax away from Sam, right?

Jason: Yeah, and with good reason because the last time you stuck your nose in, she almost lost her baby.

Jax: Now, what is that? Is that selective memory, because Sonny was there, too. My stake in this is exactly the same as his, so I won't be going anywhere until I find out who the father is.

Nurse: Excuse me -- you can see your wife now.

Jax: No, no, no, I'm the baby's father.

Nurse: Oh, I'm sorry. I --

Jax: That's fine. Just -- just show me to Ms. McCallís room, please.

Courtney: Why are you protecting Sam?

Jason: Sonny asked me to. At the end, I -- I guess I feel bad for her.

Sonny: This is what you do when you get upset. You blurt out outrageous theories.  You come at me with sarcasm, then I get angry --

Carly: Is my response to your bimbo not to your liking, Sonny? Gee, Iíll have to work on that. Sorry.

Sonny: Getting all fired up isn't going to change what happened. I got to deal with this, it happened. You know what I mean? You know how I am. You know what I got to do.

Carly: I used to think I did. I used to think that knowing you was something special. It was something sacred that was reserved just for me. But obviously I was wrong about that because clearly Sam knows you just as well as I do. And don't even try to deny it, Sonny, because when she went for that ultimate play, she went straight to the kid button, and it is the one that gets you every time. She is a sneaky little witch who sat on the sidelines and she watched us at the custody hearing and she watched the whole dynamic of it all, and then she licked your wounds at night. And you probably told her about Deke, too, didn't you? And your childhood and just what abandonment means to you. Am I right? Ok, let me tell you something, Sonny -- you trust me on this one. Sam knows exactly whose baby she is carrying. She is not confused about it. She knows who the father is because it's exactly who she intended it to be, and it is not Jax. You have walked into the oldest trick in the book.

Sonny: How Sam got pregnant doesn't matter. The child exists and Iím not going to pretend it doesnít. If the child is mine, I will raise it equally with my other children. I am not going to let this little boy or little girl grow up thinking its father walked away any more than Michael has.

Carly: So -- so I assume that you -- you're going to Sam right now, right?

Sonny: No, not Sam.

Carly: Is that it?

Sonny: No, not Sam. My child.

[Carly screams]

Skye: Can anyone hear me?

Luke: I should've burned this rock pile down before. I think I tried once. Something stopped me. Do you remember what it was?

Lucky: I would hope it was because Nikolas lived here.

Luke: No, that wasn't it! Oh, well. Better late than never.

Lucky: Dad, you know what? You might want to rethink this. You remember, you already burned down the police station, and what did that get you?

Luke: A new police station, but don't you worry -- once this pile of rocks is nothing but rubble, she shall not rise from the grave like your sainted cop shop!

Lucky: Dad -- oh, my God, you can't blame the Cassadines for this! Mom broke out of the hospital on her own accord.

Luke: On her own accord? What the hell does that mean? The last time I saw her, all she could do was stare at a wall! If your mother is involved here, she sure as hell ain't doing this alone. Helena's stench is all over this!

Lucky: You know what? This isn't the time to go psycho, Dad. Mom needs you. Skye needs you, too, all right? Listen, we -- we're just wasting time in here. We should be out looking for them.

Luke: You're right. Let's don't waste any more time.

Lucky: Dad, please don't do this.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Burn!

Lucky: God. You're crazier than Mom ever was.

Luke: Well, the fire's out. You can take your puffed-up civic pride back to the station house. You've done your coply duty -- you saved your father from another night in the slammer. Go tell Commissioner Bubba. He'll kiss your medals.

Lucky: Why are you trying to send me away, huh? All I'm trying to do is help you. I thought we were working together.

Luke: We were, a long time ago.

Lucky: I know you're hiding something. I've seen the looks between you and Skye. I know you're avoiding calling in the police. Why, Dad? Why?

Luke: Avoiding? Come on, man, you know me. I've hated cops all my life!

Lucky: Ok, but I'm trying to help you find Mom or Skye before somebody else gets hurt! Why won't you let me?

Luke: Because I don't trust you, cowboy. I can do this better on my own.

Lucky: You know, you just need to stop torching your past every 10 feet. You know what? Fine. If that's what you want to do, just do it! If you need me, I'll be at Skyeís house.

Luke: Skye's house? What do you want to go there for? Laura, Skye -- whoever it is -- they're long gone from there.

Lucky: I don't know -- forensics. They might have uncovered something.

Luke: Forensics? At the lake house?

Lucky: Yeah, they might have found something.

Luke: Oh, my God --

Lucky: Dad! Dad?

Skye: Luke! Lucky, Iím here! I'm here! Please! I know you're there! I know, just -- just let me out, please! Oh, God. Look, I -- I know what you're trying to tell me. And I know who you are. It's Laura, isn't it? Please. Please, I'll do anything you want! Just let me go! Please!

Sam: Is that how it's supposed to look?

Dr. Meadows: Exactly. The baby's fine, Sam -- healthy, no apparent trauma. Heart looks good. You want to hear it beating?

Sam: No, not -- not yet, please. I mean, that's ok, right? It doesn't make me some sort of horrible person or anything, does it?

Dr. Meadows: Of course not! You'll have plenty of opportunities. I'm going to go and check on the other test results, and I will be back.

Sam: Thank you.

Dr. Meadows: Mm-hmm.

Jax: We need to come to terms on a few things.

Sam: Such as?

Jax: Well, if it's determined that the child you're carrying is mine, how much do you want?

Sam: What did you just say to me?

Jax: How much money do you want?

Sam: Go to hell, Jax!

Jax: Oh, come on -- come on, Sam. Can we -- can we just skip the part where you pretend that you've suddenly developed scruples? I mean, all you care about is money, right? And between Sonny and me, well, you've hit quite a little jackpot.

Sam: Accuse me all you want. You are not entirely wrong -- I would extort money from you. I would use this baby to work you for everything you had, but you know what? I could never do that to Sonny.

Mary: Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Mary: Are you all right?

Emily: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Mary: I know you saw me in the park with my friend.

Emily: He seemed like a lot more than that.

Mary: Evidently, you still don't approve.

Emily: None of my business, Mary.

Mary: Look, I want you to be honest. You think it's too soon. You think that Iím -- I'm being unfaithful or I'm disrespecting the memory of my husband.

Emily: Yes, I do, Mary, and if you really want me to be honest, I'll go even further. I think you're being horribly selfish because when you're done feeling better with your substitute, when you realize that he isn't the real thing and he never will be, the only one who's going to be hurt is him.

Luke: Well, your boys are busy.

Lucky: What'd you find?

Officer: See for yourself. We've got traces of blood near the sofa and fireplace. Something bad happened in this room.

Lucky: But that's impossible. When Skye went missing, there was no blood in here. And whoever took her couldn't have possibly cleaned this up in the two or three minutes that my father was unconscious.

Officer: This could be days old, even weeks.

Lucky: Give me a sec.

Lucky: Is there something you're ready to tell me?

Luke: I know whose blood is all over the living room.

Sonny: The baby's all right?

Sam: Well, the doctor said the heartbeat was good.

Jax: Did you schedule the amnio and paternity test?

Sonny: Do you have to stay in the hospital or --

Jax: Hey, guys, you know what? The sooner we resolve this, the better. Then we don't have to hang out.

Sam: Would you back off, please?

Sonny: You heard her. Come on, Jax; give her a break, will you?

[Knock on door]

Dr. Meadows: Your test results are fine. Now, you mentioned taking an amnio, but I'd like to wait. I want to make sure that you're completely stabilized.

Sam: Ok, whatever you say. Is it safe for me to go home now?

Dr. Meadows: But not alone. You'll need to have someone around for a couple of days. I'm sure you can work something out.

Sam: Thank you.

Jax: You can take the spare room in my apartment.

Sonny: Don't listen to him. Listen, I'm going to hire a nurse, and you -- you can stay --

Sam: Don't even start, please, guys? I can decide this for myself. I don't need you.

Jason: She can stay with me.

Jax: Oh, well, that's convenient -- right across the hall from Sonny. It's out of the question.

Sam: For God's sakes, Jax, I am sick of you ordering me around. Stop it! Thank you. I would like to stay at your place.

Sonny: Wait. There's something we need to settle right now.

Carly: Hi. Thank you for meeting me here.

Courtney: Well, you're my best friend, Carly, and Iíll come whenever you ask, but I so don't want to be in the middle of this.

Carly: Yeah, what sane person would be? You know, you're right -- I probably shouldn't drag you into all of this drama.

Courtney: Well, I'm already there. I ran into Jason and Sam at the hospital. He was helping her find the doctor, and -- ugh -- I wanted to throw her out the window, so I can only imagine how furious you are.

Carly: Oh, you know what, I don't even know where to put all of this.

Courtney: Sonny wants to raise Samís baby, right?

Carly: I mean, of course, right? That's to be expected. He accepted Michael. He took him in as his own. This is his child. You know what my problem is? It's that it's Samís. She is conniving, she's manipulative, and she's this lying little tramp who only got pregnant so she could trap Sonny, and you know what? It is working.

Courtney: Sonny would never choose Sam over you. That much I know for sure.

Carly: No, you're right. He'll want us both -- his little wife and his mistress. I'm sorry, folks. I'm not doing it!

Courtney: Ok, Carly, come on. You don't have to make any irrevocable decisions yet. I mean, there's still a 50-50 chance that the baby could be Jaxís.

Carly: Yeah, and I don't really like those odds, so Iím going to get that paternity test and I will guarantee the results.

Courtney: You're not serious.

Carly: Do I look like Iím joking? No, I've thought this one through. It's really easy. All I need to do is get a lab coat and an access card and grab those test results before anyone else sees them, especially Samís doctor.

Courtney: Ok, and how do you propose to do that?

Carly: By acting quickly. Don't -- don't look at me like that! I've done stuff like this before and it's easy. It's so easy, and I will tell you something -- it feels really good to be taking action again instead of just sitting around, acting like Sonny's little obedient foot soldier. The hours are long and the pay sucks.

Courtney: Carly, if you get caught switching the results of Samís paternity test, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Carly: I'm not going to get caught. God, I mean, anyway, you said it could be Jaxís baby, and if that's the case, then I won't even need to make that switch. Go ahead. Say it. Say it.

Courtney: What? Go what?

Carly: Go on, tell me. Tell me how devious and desperate this plan is, and don't forget to leave out the part where it's crazy and it's not going to work.

Courtney: Carly, you are confusing me with Jason. I happen to think that your plan is brilliant.

Carly: Are you kidding me?

Courtney: No, I mean, I hate Sam just as much as you do, but I don't know. I mean, she -- she wrote the book on being devious and desperate and -- I don't know. I don't know -- admiring your plan and supporting it are two very different things.

Carly: The lecture. See, I knew it was lurking in there somewhere. And you know, I'd love to hear all about it, but right now I got some preparations to make. Yeah.

Lucky: Skye woke up with the dead cop?

Luke: Yeah, but she didn't kill him. She was having a bad night. She started hitting the bottle, she got tight, she picked up this stranger on her way home. When she woke up, he was dead.

Lucky: Skye doesn't remember?

Luke: No, man, she blacked out. I've been helping her stash the body until we could figure it out.

Lucky: Ok. Where's the body now?

Luke: I -- I dug up Stefanís grave and I put him on top of the coffin.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: You want to talk dťja vu headaches? Try digging around in the Cassadine crypt.

Lucky: You know what? I won't even ask. I'm sure you already have a theory.

Luke: Yeah, I do. My theory is that somebody is making it look like your mother killed Ross to frame Skye.

Lucky: To get Skye out of the picture.

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: You know, those blood samples -- they're going to come up as Ross' D.N.A.

Luke: I know. And then they're going to look for your mother because she's been expertly framed here, probably by Helena. And then she's going to be in worse hell than she's ever been in before, so now do you see why I didn't want your boys in blue involved?

Lucky: Dad, I can see it either way.

Luke: What do you mean?

Lucky: Mom. She doesn't necessarily have to be the guilty party here. I think things are exactly as they appear. In some kind of alcohol-fueled rage, Skye killed Ross and blocked it out.

Skye: You know, I know this might sound patronizing, but I don't mean it that way. See, I -- I understand what you're feeling, really. I know that pain. And if we were just to sit down for five minutes, I swear you would discover that we have so much in common and that -- and that Iím not your enemy. My -- my intention never was to hurt you. Believe me, I am not a strong enough person to ever think that I could come between a love as strong as yours and Lukeís. I mean, really, from these pictures alone, I can feel that love -- it's almost palpable. And for Luke, that hasn't changed. If anything, it's grown stronger every day, and there's no way he is available to any other woman or me. Luke -- Lukeís heart and soul belong to you, Laura, and only you. He's looking for you, you know. Luke's looking for you because he wants to protect you like he always has. And he wants you to understand that there's no reason for you to be hurt or angry about this. He just wants you to stop this! No, I won't say anything, I promise. Ok? Nobody has to know what was going on between us. Just -- just open the door and let me go. Laura, you have such a beautiful family. You have Luke and Lucky and Lulu. Don't throw it all away for revenge that isn't even necessary. Just -- just let me go. No, no -- no, Laura! Laura, no! No, don't go! Please, Laura! Please let me out!

Jax: I don't want to stand around here and be threatened by you.

Sonny: I'm just -- hey, it's not a threat. I think we can, you know, discuss this like reasonable men for once. What do you think?

Jax: Ok. But there's just -- there's nothing to discuss because I know my rights.

Sonny: Well, apparently, you're having a little trouble with the boundaries. You very well may be justified in your anger towards Sam because you feel that she, you know, for whatever reason, betrayed you. Now, that's not easy to come back from, I know. But she's under a lot of stress, pressure, and she doesn't need any more from you. So Iím going to ask you nicely now, Jax -- stay away from her until after the paternity test is done.

Jax: You know what you can do with your nicely couched orders? If I want to see Sam, I won't be asking for your permission.

Sonny: You see what Iím talking about? You know what? If the baby's mine, Jax, and anything happens to it and I suspect that you had anything to do with it, I will have to kill you.

Sam: I forgot my bag.

Jason: Uh -- ok. Just -- you know what? Here, go inside and make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

Sam: Thanks.

[Carly claps]

Carly: Hmm. Well done, well done. You managed to maneuver yourself right across the hall from Sonny. Leave no stone unturned. Right, you little slut?

Emily's voice: I think you're being horribly selfish because when you're done feeling better with your substitute, when you realize that he isn't the real thing and he never will be, the only one who's going to be hurt is him.

Mary: So did I wait long enough?

Nikolas: Yes, your timing is perfect. You look sad. Did something happen?

Mary: I was just thinking about this time when I was a kid. I -- I trapped this bunny rabbit, and I took him home with me. And he was so cute and very special. And I wanted him to belong only to me. But after I had him, something about it felt wrong somehow, like I was keeping him from his real bunny life. So I set him free. Do you want to be free?

Nikolas: I already am. My heart is free with you, which actually turns out to be a decent segue. I have something for you.

Nikolas: Go on, open it.

[Mary gasps]

Mary: Oh, my God, Connor.

Nikolas: Is it ok?

Mary: Ok? It's -- it's incredible.

Nikolas: Good.

Mary: But I have my old ring.

Nikolas: Yes, I know. Give me your hand. This ring is a symbol of our first marriage. This -- this is about our new life together.

Mary: I don't know what to say. It's beautiful.

Nikolas: And so are you.

Jax: Hey. Enjoying the evening?

Courtney: Yeah. It's lovely.

Jax: Do you mind?

Courtney: No, not at all.

Jax: I'm sorry that you had to hear that at the hospital earlier with Jason.

Courtney: Well, Jason was being unfair.

Jax: Pet peeve of yours?

Courtney: When it comes to children, yes. She's not a very nice person, is she?

Jax: Sam? I don't know. I didn't have a very good experience with her.

Courtney: It's just -- I don't know, she seems so removed from the fact of her motherhood. She was actually going to give her baby away to strangers. I don't know? I could never do that. If I ever got a chance to have another baby, I would make it the center of my life.

Jax: Oh, that's exactly what I intend to do if the baby's mine.

Courtney: You know what? I actually believe you.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Well, I'm a little surprised because I didn't think you thought too much of my potential parenting skills, you know?

Courtney: I changed my mind. I think you'll be a great father.

Jax: Well, it sounds like you -- you might actually think that Iím the father.

Courtney: Well, I can't be positive, but I have a very strong feeling things will work out for you.

Carly: Listen, you may have all these men lined up buying your load of crap with your innocent little "I have no idea how this could happen to me" act. You do not fool me. You manipulated this from day one.

Sam: You honestly think I wanted to get pregnant and not even know by whom?

Carly: Mm-hmm, yeah, I honestly do, except for the part where you don't know who the baby's father is because you lined up those odds strictly in Sonny's favor.

Sam: This pregnancy is an accident, Carly.

Carly: Oh, bull! It was a calculated attempt for my husband. It was a direct attack on my family. You have declared war on me, Sam, and believe me, you are way out of your league.

Jason: Carly, that's enough.

Carly: No, it is not nearly enough, Jason!

Jason: In order to keep some kind of peace, I suggest the two of you go out of your way to avoid each other.

Carly: Yeah, well, you should've brought her someplace else, then!

Sam: They all think I got pregnant on purpose. Carly, Courtney, Jax, even Sonny -- they think that I would have to stoop to some level of trapping some man; any man as long as he had money, right?

Jason: Why do you care what people think when you know the truth?

Sam: Well, what about you, Jason? Do you believe me when I say I didn't deliberately get pregnant?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Carly: I heard the door.

Sonny: I never meant for this to turn out the way it did. If I could change it in any way, you know --

Carly: You'd probably do things the same.

Sonny: Yeah, you're probably right.

Carly: We'll get through it.

Sonny: "We"?

Carly: I'm still your wife and we're still a family, and I will do whatever it takes to keep us together.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: I have a mutually beneficial offer to propose.

Sam: I am taking that paternity test today.

Carly: You are siding with Sam!

Sonny: We are a family. That's not going to change.

Michael: Then why did you make another baby with Sam?

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