GH Transcript Friday 5/14/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/14/04

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Luke: If this is Laura and not some setup, and she makes a move, what am I supposed to do? See her locked up again? Push her back into a catatonic state? That's no solution. I'm looking for a way to protect the woman I love.

Skye: Well, Laura is seriously ill. She did threaten me with a knife.

Luke: You didn't see her face. You can't be sure it was her. Look, I told you I would protect you, and I will. But I also have to help my wife. There's no way Iíd ever turn my back on Laura.

Courtney: Morgan, you're such a big boy. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Hmm.

Jax: Has anyone ever told you you're good at that?

Courtney: Well, it's easy to love this little guy. So are you here to see me?

Jax: No. Actually, I have some business with Sonny. It --

Courtney: Oh, oh -- hold that thought. Oh, Morgan, you need your diaper changed, huh? Here, could you --

[Morgan fusses]

Courtney: Could you hold him? Yes. Yes. I'll be right back.

Jax: Hi.

Lorenzo: Carly? Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Lorenzo: What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing, I suppose. Sonny went to Costa Rica to be with Sam.

Lorenzo: Costa Rica?

Carly: Yeah, some -- some town called San Salida?

Lorenzo: Why would Sam go there?

Carly: Who knows? It doesn't really matter, but Sonny's gone to bring Sam back.

Lorenzo: Then what happens next is up to you.

Sonny: Sam. You should've told me.

Sam: I don't want me or my baby to tear your family apart, Sonny.

Sonny: Is the -- is the baby mine?

Sam: I don't know.

Luke: If this is Laura, what's happening isn't her fault.

Skye: I understand. It's her illness.

Luke: No. No, it's me. It's me. I should've realized that something was wrong, that she was slipping away. If I had, she would've never been locked up because she wouldn't have killed her stepfather.

Skye: Luke, Lauraís illness is not your fault. And you're not the one who stabbed Ross in the back with an ice pick or tried to hurt me.

Luke: But we don't know it's her, either. We don't know it's Laura, not for sure. There are very strong other possibilities here. The only reason that I would even consider that it might be her is our connection. It's unexplainable, but she knows. That's the only reason that I would even consider she might try to hurt you, because she knows. She knows I'm falling in love with you.

Lorenzo: What do you want, Carly? Not for Michael and Morgan, for yourself?

Carly: A life of my own, and accomplishments that I can be proud of.

Lorenzo: What about love?

Carly: You know, it hasn't really worked out very well for you and me, Lorenzo. I think maybe we should just take the hint and stop trying.

Lorenzo: Where are you?

Nikolas: In the air, en route.

Lorenzo: There's been a change in plan.

Jax: Here.

Courtney: Hmm.

Jax: I just didn't realize babies need so much stuff, you know?

Courtney: Yeah, well, stick to the boardroom, Jax. I don't think baby wrangling's your thing.

Jax: You really don't think that Iím cut out for fatherhood?

Courtney: Well, I mean, don't take it the wrong way or anything, but you just -- you seem a little uncomfortable with Morgan.

Jax: I just met him.

[Courtney laughs]

Courtney: Yeah. Come here, sweetie. I am trying -- ooh -- to picture you with a baby. I mean, you probably play, what, like, 50 high-risk sports. I mean, Jax, you raid corporations for fun and for profit, and you're always dressed -- perfectly.

Jax: Well, that's -- that's called multitasking. I imagine that would -- that would help with child raising.

Courtney: Yeah, yeah, but you also have to let go of a lot to just keep up with a kid, you know? And babies -- they take a lot of time. They're messy and demanding and -- I don't know. I mean, I barely have time to put my hair in a ponytail when Iím with the boys. And sometimes they get upset. And you can try everything and still have no idea what they want, right?

Jax: Well, you're certainly a natural.

Courtney: Oh. Yeah, well, I was no good with Morgan at first, but -- but Jason -- he taught me how to take care of you, didn't he?

Jax: You know, I'm surprised that you and Jason didn't decide to have kids of your own.

Courtney: Oh. Well, I -- I did get pregnant once, but I miscarried.

Jax: Oh, I'm -- Iím sorry. I didn't know.

Courtney: Yeah. Well, that's probably why I spend so much time with Michael and Morgan. Huh? Huh? Hmm.

Jax: You certainly do this out of love.

[Morgan sneezes]

Courtney: Oh --

[Courtney gasps]

Courtney: Bless you. Bless you. Hmm. Oh, I still like the -- the thought --

[Morgan cries]

Courtney: Oh, really? I still like the thought of having my own kid someday.

Jax: Well, you know, life's full of surprises.

Courtney: Yeah.

[Morgan fusses]

Courtney: It's ironic. You know, I've always wanted to be a mom.

[Morgan cries]

Courtney: Ooh, yeah, I know. But -- uh -- I'll never get that chance. You know, I mean, thousands of women get pregnant every day and some of them don't even want kids.

Sam: I guess Jax told you I slept with him during the fire.

Sonny: But I need to hear it from you.

Sam: Well, there's not much to tell. I was in the elevator when the fire started. I passed out in the hallway. Next thing I remember, I was in Jaxís suite.

Sonny: Right?

Sam: He saved me, and we were trapped and we thought we were going to die. Sonny, I spent so much of my life alone. I just wanted to connect with someone before it was over.

Sonny: Were you there when I came to Jaxís suite?

Sam: Yeah, I heard you, but you were desperate to find Carly.

Sonny: Well, I was worried about both of you, Sam.

Sam: Yes, but your priority was Carly, Sonny, and to be honest with you, I didn't want you to know that I had been with Jax. I didn't want to spend what I thought were the last minutes of my life fighting with either one of you.

Sonny: So you hid?

Sam: Look, after you left, Jax and I tried to make it out of the front, but it was blocked. Then we finally were able to climb out a window using a dead firefighter's equipment. I got to the ground. I saw Courtney; she told me you had been killed. And then I saw you coming out of the smoke and it was like we had a second chance. Jax and I went our separate ways, and it -- you and I, we -- we found our way back to each other.

Sonny: You know -- no. The fact that you were with Jax does not matter to me. When did you realize you were pregnant?

Sam: The night you made your deal with God. When you promised Michael you'd give him his family back. Sonny, I know that promise meant everything to you. This pregnancy will only get in the way.

Sonny: We were clear on how we were doing things. If this -- if this baby is mine, I'm going to be part of his life.

Sam: I've decided to give it up for adoption.

Sonny: Giving -- giving our child to strangers is not an option. If -- if Iím the father and you still want to give the baby up, give him to me.

Sam: The nuns here -- they help place kids with families who really want them. Sonny, they do really good work here.

Sonny: If the baby is mine, I -- I don't want to give him to anybody else.

Sam: Well, that is not fair to Michael and Morgan. Think about -- you don't want to bring more tension into their life.

Sonny: Well --

Sam: Carly will resent this baby and so will Michael.

Sonny: It's my responsibility to make Michael understand that this is his brother and this is his --

Sam: Well, it's not fair to Carly to ask her to deal with a constant reminder of the woman who had an affair with her husband.

Sonny: Carly has her faults -- God knows we all do -- but I can tell you right now she's a great mother, and eventually she'll learn to love this baby like it's one of her own.

Sam: That's your solution? I give birth to your child, hand it over to you and Carly, and disappear?

Sonny: Only if you want.

Jax: You know, I'm starting to understand why -- why you're so passionate about your foundation.

Courtney: Well, if I can't be a parent myself, maybe I can help abused and neglected kids get a better life.

Jax: That's an important project with a worthy goal. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Courtney: I'm going to remind you that you said that when I need another donation.

Jax: All right.

Courtney: Hi.

Carly: Hey. Jax. Max told me you were here and I bet I can guess why.

Jax: Well it's nice to see you, too, Carly.

Carly: If you're looking for Sam, she's in San Salida, Costa Rica. But she's not alone; Sonny's already there.

Jax: Thanks for the info. I'll be in touch.

Carly: Why would Jax need to stay in touch with you?

Courtney: Because he's my new trophy board member for the foundation. He's rich, high profile, and he is known to despise the mob, so that should kill any rumors that I am using the foundation as a front to launder money for Sonny and Jason.

Carly: Hmm. And Sonny's going to hate it, so that's a plus.

Courtney: Huh. I take it you're still upset.

Carly: I am so sick of living by his rules when he has absolutely no respect for me.

Courtney: Hey, at least he was honest about going to look for Sam.

Carly: What, and because he's honest I should like it? Do you know that he basically dared me to tell Michael the truth, and imply that it would be my fault if Michael got upset? I just think the worst thing for my kids would be to go on like this and lie. I just have to tell Michael what's going on with me and Sonny.

Skye: That was huge.

Luke: You have no idea.

Skye: Do you really mean it? No -- no, I'm sorry, Luke. I -- I know you obviously don't want me to push you on this, and I understand. There's -- there's a lot going on, so --

Luke: I don't know what's going on. None of it makes any sense to me.

Skye: Well, tell me what you want me to do.

Luke: Maybe we'll run with what you suggested -- go away. Make a big noise about going away together, someplace sappy, just the two of us.

Skye: In other words, use me as bait.

Luke: I won't let anything happen to you.

Skye: No, I know. I know, Luke, but I also know that you want to protect Laura, and I'm just wondering what you're going to do once you catch her.

Luke: I'll get her help privately, discreetly so the cops don't even have to know.

Skye: Luke, I don't want to hurt Laura, but there's a man who was killed, a dead body. Now, Tracy is not going to sit on that information for very long.

Luke: I'll figure it out. I will. I have to.

Lucky: Dad? Mom's definitely back in town. I got proof. There was a break-in at the old club.

Luke: What's that have to do with your mother?

Lucky: The place was trashed, and "Rise" was playing on the stereo.

Skye: What's "Rise"?

Luke: It's an old song with some bad memories, but that's ancient history. You got anything else?

Lucky: Well, I did find a message scrawled on some pictures -- about Skye.

Skye: Well, are you sure it was her?

Lucky: No, but I did find the lipstick that wrote the message. So Iím going to have forensics analyze the D.N.A.

Luke: No, no, no. Forensics is going nowhere near that club.

Lucky: But, Dad, they're already there.

Luke: Didn't it occur to you that this could be a setup, that somebody may have kidnapped your mother to frame her? How can you do this? Lucky, she's out there alone with nobody to protect her!

Lucky: Dad, it's just an A.P.B. We got to get to Mom and find some answers.

Carly: They were all out of chocolate. I hope Michaelís ok with glazed.

Courtney: Carly, I think this is one time where junk food is not going to help.

Carly: Look, I know it's going to hurt Michael to tell him the truth, but Sonny's left me no choice.

Courtney: Carly, you were determined to stick this out for Michael. I mean, you were ok devoting your whole life to your family.

Carly: Yeah, but this isn't a family, Courtney. I never should've lied to Michael in the first place about us getting back together. Sonny's the one who made this promise to God, and he just assumed I'd go along with it, and I did. But it -- it is not going to work out, and I just feel that I need to get Michael out before he invests any more than he already has.

Courtney: Ok, Carly, what's up? Did something happen while you were gone?

Carly: I ran into Lorenzo, and he made me realize what I have given up to go back to Sonny.

Courtney: Carly, come on. You were not happy with Lorenzo.

Carly: Yeah, because I never gave it a chance. Courtney, listen, I mean, I know -- I know that Lorenzo is unpredictable, I know that he's dangerous. He loves me; he respects me. I don't know, sometimes I just wonder if maybe he's the man for me.

Sonny: You sure you want to give this baby up?

Sam: I didn't say that.

Sonny: I mean, I could -- we could work something out. I could pay for whatever you need me to pay --

Sam: No, don't do this, Sonny. Please, it is not fair. You are with Carly now. I'm going to give this baby to a family who wants it; who is going to see it as a blessing, not a complication.

Sonny: Sam, you'll be carrying this baby for months; you're going to get attached. It's going to be part of you. You're not going to want to hand it over to somebody else, a stranger?

Sam: No, the nuns said I could help pick adoptive parents, Sonny.

Sonny: I adopted Michael. I believe it can work. It's an incredible gift. But my stepfather hit me, even though everybody around him, who knew him, believed he was this kind and loving man. Things get covered, things get hidden. I'm not going to take a chance that my kid is going to be exposed to something like that. Now, look, I understand if you don't want to raise this child, but I do. I will give this baby -- I swear to you Iíll --

Sam: No, no, no, stop it, Sonny. Please, stop it, ok? I can't take it. This is my baby and I have made my choice. I am giving it up for adoption.

Sonny: Sam, don't make me fight for my kid.

Luke: I can't believe you. I've been working my guts out, trying like hell to get over this cop thing with you, and then you do something like this. You assume your mother is guilty. I give up! You think like a cop!

Lucky: Dad, why can't you just understand, all right? Mom needs help, ok? She's been institutionalized; she's stalking Skye with a knife.

Luke: She's been in an institution for two years catatonic, Lucky. That means that wherever she is she's alone, she's scared, she's confused, and I got a whole lot of enemies who would be very happy to take advantage of that!

Skye: Well, obviously Lauraís mind has fractured even further.

Luke: Any chance that we had to solve this on our own was blown by you and your little tin police whistle.

Lucky: Dad --

Luke: Now you've got all your little police friends out there looking for her!

Lucky: Hey --

Luke: And when they find her, what's to keep them --

Lucky: Dad --

Luke: From shooting her?

Lucky: The A.P.B. makes it clear -- Mom is sick.

Luke: Oh, yeah, she's sick. And she's accused of stalking Skye and escaping from the loony bin. The cops will shoot first and ask questions later, and you know it!

Skye: Luke, listen to yourself! My God, you're acting like this is Luckyís fault!

Luke: He didn't call the cops by mistake, or it wasn't an accident. No, no, he chose to call the cops. He chose not to protect his mother!

Lucky: Why can't you just understand that I'm trying to find Mom before she hurts somebody else.

Luke: What happened to Rick Webber was an accident.

Skye: Look, I don't understand how Laura, who was catatonic, was able to get out of the mental hospital in the first place.

Luke: Yeah, see, this is my point. That is exactly my point -- we don't know that she still isn't catatonic, that somebody hasn't got her somewhere, that somebody didn't take her out of the hospital just to frame her!

Lucky: You know what? You stand in now, because I'm not going to sit here yelling with you about what Mom's going to do next, all right? I'm going to stop her before she hurts somebody and Iím going to lead the search!

Luke: You've done enough!

Skye: Luke, come on! I know you're angry, ok, but you and Lucky should be working together on this.

Luke: Stay out of this. Both of you stay out of this! I'll find Laura myself!

Dillon: Ok, so then we're going to cut from the Moroccan bar to a police lineup.

Sage: Well, isn't that what you originally had planned?

Dillon: Yes, but Ned wanted something a little more intense, so I kind of added a little twist thing at the end. What we're actually going to have you do is sing your way down the lineup, ok? And as you pass each bad guy, they're going to be looking up at you, staring longingly, then we're going to cut to a series of black-and-white mug shots. It's going to be like bam-bam-bam-bam! These guys want you, ok? They're obsessed.

Sage: I can buy that.

Dillon: Once you get down to the last guy, who is the only one who doesn't want you, I'm going to have you turn around real quick, and then sit down on his lap and kiss him hard and fast.

Sage: I like it.

Dillon: Uh -- ok. Show me.

[Music plays]

Sage: Wait, now? There's nobody else here, the chairs are empty.

Dillon: Sage, you're --

[Music stops]

Dillon: You're the star of the video, ok? You're going to have to do a lot more than lip-synch. Why don't you, you know, try acting.

Sage: Well, what am I going to do when I get to the last chair?

Dillon: I -- I don't know; it's blocking. You don't have to actually kiss anything.

Sage: Well, could you at least sit there so I could, you know, do the whole lap thing?

Dillon: This is rehearsal.

Sage: Ok.

Dillon: No contact.

Sage: I got it.

Dillon: I'm serious.

Sage: No, I got it! It's all about the acting. I'll -- I'll do it.

[Music plays]

Sage: Who can drive me up a wall? Who can always make me fall? You don't seem to see at all, you neglect me, boy, you affect me so much.

Dillon: Sage? Try to keep in a straight line, ok? You're too good for these guys; you have to let them know that.

Sage: Hanging 'round waiting for you to come back down and go round and round until I can't hold concentration.

Dillon: Hey --

Sage: I'm so high, what, you don't think it adds something? I thought it worked.

Dillon: I get the idea.

Sage: To you. You almost forgot. You. Iím so addicted. Iím so addicted to you. You

Courtney: Carly, would you even be speaking to Lorenzo, much less regretting what you think you may have had, if Sonny hadn't gone to look for Sam?

Carly: Look, I'm just saying that Lorenzo opens my eyes to things that I want in life, and this arrangement with Sonny -- it is not it.

Courtney: Ok, then you need to tell Sonny what you do want.

Carly: Why? Why bother? He's just going to do what he wants, anyway.

Courtney: Well, you're not really giving him a chance. Listen, Jason and I may never get back together again, but at least we were honest about still loving each other. It helps.

Carly: Yeah, well, your situation is very different.

Courtney: Carly, Iím not defending Sonny, ok?

Carly: Well, it sounds like it to me, ok?

Courtney: All right, look Carly, the man is not psychic. You know, I mean, you tell him that you don't want him, that -- that you're only in this for the kids. He believes you, goes after his girlfriend, and you're mad about it?

Carly: You know, you're oversimplifying this whole thing.

Courtney: No, you know what? I -- I don't even recognize you anymore. The Carly I know would never have given up this easily. I mean, even little Michael fought harder to get you two under the same --

Carly: Hey -- that --

Courtney: You know what? You need to do something about it, ok? You need to stop reacting to Sonny and start figuring out what the hell you want, even if it turns out to be what you already have.

Sam: Last I checked, this kid was inside my body. What are you going to do, Sonny? You going to lock me up until Iím in labor and take possession of my child once it's born?

Sonny: I don't want -- Sam, I don't want to take your baby. But if the baby's mine, I want to protect it and care for it. I want to fulfill my obligations as the baby's father.

Jax: Well, how can you be certain that the child is yours?

Lucky: Emily.

Emily: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: You sounded awful on the phone.

Lucky: Yeah. Come here. It's -- it's bad.

Emily: All right. Let's sit.

Lucky: No, it's --

Emily: Ok. So you say you've got a lead on your mom?

Lucky: Yeah. You know what? I'm -- Iím sorry. This is a huge mistake. You just got so much on your plate with Nikolas.

Emily: Hey, Lucky, Lucky, what are you talking about? You've been my rock, you held my hand, you gave me someone to grieve with.

Lucky: I know, but Em, we both loved Nikolas.

Emily: But Nikolas would want me to help you right now, Lucky. Talk.

Lucky: I think my mom tore up my dad's old club. There was just -- there were pictures of her and Dad, and there was a threatening message about Skye.

Emily: Oh, my God.

Lucky: Yeah. Em, I put an A.P.B. on my mom.

Emily: Ok, let me guess -- Luke went postal.

Lucky: Yeah, he just wants to handle this himself.

Emily: You know what? She is your mother, Lucky. You need to do what you think is best.

Lucky: Em, my mom is sick. She needs all the help she can get. I mean, that means doctors, specialists.

Emily: Ok, did you explain that to Luke?

Lucky: He doesn't care. He's never been rational when it comes to my mom.

Emily: He blames himself for Lauraís condition.

Lucky: Yeah, and me for whatever happens next.

Emily: Lucky, that's the way your dad is. Whenever he's hurting, he takes it out on you.

Lucky: Em --

Emily: You know that.

Lucky: My mom is here because of me. That makes me responsible if anybody gets hurt.

Officer: Coast is clear.

Skye: Oh. Well, thanks for checking.

Officer: You sure nothing was disturbed?

Skye: I -- I don't know. I feel like something's missing. I just can't quite figure out what it is.

Officer: You're on regular patrol, but if you should see anything suspicious, call 911.

Skye: Ok. Well, thanks.

Officer: Mm-hmm.

Skye: Oh.

[Skye sighs]

Dillon: You are so predictable. You did it again.

Sage: What --

Dillon: You did it again!

Sage: What, acting?

Dillon: No, manipulating! How did I know this would happen? Huh?

[Georgie claps]

Georgie: Well, so much for professionalism. Hold on a minute, hold on. Ok, I got it -- you ask Dillon to rehearse, and then you threw the kiss in for kicks.

Sage: No. For your information, Ned added the kiss.

Georgie: Right.

Dillon: Yes, but Georgie is right about everything else. You took advantage of the situation, Sage.

Sage: You guys are totally overreacting. I was just following the script!

Dillon: What did I tell you? What did I tell you? No physical contact! I was only helping you with the blocking!

Sage: You told me to act! I go by method. I needed the kiss for it to be real. That doesn't mean that I was trying to seduce you, Dillon. You guys should really be more secure in your whole relationship thing.

Dillon and Georgie: Try that again and we walk.

Sage: Face it, Dillon. You wanted this just as much as I did. It's your dream to direct, just like it's mine to sing.

Georgie: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I have never heard you say anything about wanting to sing before.

Sage: When I was in boarding school, I would go up to the roof and sing until I was exhausted. It's the only thing that made me feel less alone. It was like an escape. This is a real opportunity for me, Dillon, and I am not -- not going to waste it on some boy. Especially one who's taken.

Dillon: Go home; learn your stuff. I will email you later tonight with Georgieís revisions.

Sage: Ok, fine.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: So, did Ned really add that kiss?

Dillon: Yeah. He said he wanted it to be edgier. I mean, it'll work; it'll work in the video, but --

Georgie: I don't like it.

Dillon: I know. You've been ok with all the other ideas, though.

Georgie: Yeah, but they didn't involve Sage coming on to you for the eight billionth time. I -- Iím jealous, all right, Dillon?

Dillon: You're also smart, perfect, funny --

Georgie: That's me -- perfect, smart, dependable, plain, hard-working Georgie. But then there's Sage -- beautiful, needy Sage, who's constantly, constantly chasing after you. It is no wonder that she is suddenly in to singing. She found out that you were going to be a director, so she begged Uncle Mobster to buy her a job. Look, I know you feel sorry for her because you all have similar childhoods --

Dillon: But wait -- wait a minute. That -- that doesn't mean anything. That doesn't mean that Iím ever going to be with her again. I -- I have to work with her. Ok, fine, whatever.  And, yes, we have something in common because we both know what it's like to grow up feeling like something is missing.

Georgie: Right.

Dillon: But I'm not lonely anymore, because I have you, right?

Georgie: Of course.

Dillon: Oh. So, forget about Sage. You and I get to work together on this amazing project, and nothing or no one will get in our way.

Sonny: We're in the middle of something, Jax. Leave.

Jax: Not without Sam.

Sonny: Oh, please --

Sam: Jax, you cannot force me to go with you.

Jax: Actually, I can. I have a court order. You're going to have an amnio to determine whose child you're carrying -- Sonny's or mine.

Sam: See, this is exactly why I didn't want either one of you to know I was pregnant.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? You don't want to get her upset. Why don't you just leave, Jax?

Jax: You know, I didn't come all the way down here to leave without Sam, ok? Sam --

Nikolas: It's Connor.

Lorenzo: Are you in San Salida?

Nikolas: Yeah. I found the woman, Sam McCall. She's -- she's in a convent.

Lorenzo: What?

Nikolas: The man you told me about, you know, the one with the dark hair?

Lorenzo: Yeah, Corinthos.

Nikolas: Right, right. He's with her, and it appears that Sam McCall is pregnant, and Corinthos could be the father.

Emily: So when did you see Laura? Nikolas told me that the doctors didn't want the family visiting anymore, that -- that since Laura was trapped in a time before you and Nikolas were born, that seeing you could only make her worse.

Lucky: I just didn't want to believe it. I went to the hospital and made them let me see her.

Emily: When?

Lucky: Right after Nikolas died. I just -- I thought my mom had a right to know that her oldest son died.

Emily: Did she react at all?

Lucky: She cried. After years of nothing, she had tears on her face.

Emily: Oh, Lucky, Iím so sorry.

Lucky: No, it was just -- it was a huge mistake. You know, I just -- going to see her just brought more pain to her.

Emily: You know what? Listen to me. You had no way of knowing that Laura would react the way she did. You wanted her to know about her son. You did the best thing you could, all right? And I'm positive that Nikolas would've done the same thing.

Lucky: You know what, thank you so much for being here.

Emily: You know what? You never have to thank me for caring about you. But listen, I mean, there's something I don't understand. It makes sense that Laura would go back to Port Charles if she were upset about Nikolas' death, but why would she go after Skye?

Lucky: Well, whenever my mother needed help, she'd always lean on my dad. I mean, she probably went looking for him and --

Emily: And found Luke and Skye --

Lucky: Yeah.

Emily: Together romantically.

Lucky: Mm-hmm.

Emily: All right. See, Lauraís jealous, but, I mean, it isn't rational. She isn't thinking clearly.

Lucky: Well, who knows, because she's obviously more capable than the doctors knew.

Emily: Yeah, but even if Laura is functioning on some level right now, I mean, she isn't the mother who raised you and -- and tucked you into bed at night. You know, the Laura we knew is gone.

Lucky: Yeah, Emily, you tell that to my dad. He doesn't want to believe that my mom is a threat.

Emily: But you do?

Lucky: My mom is so far gone right now. There's no telling what she's capable of doing.

Luke: Skye, it's me. Skye, I was a jerk! Total jerk, I'm sorry! Please, let me in.

[Luke knocks]

Luke: Let me try to explain.


Luke: Skye! Oh --

Carly: So give me a call so we can set up a meeting. Thanks.

Lorenzo: Tell Carly Iím here. She'll decide if she wants to see me.

Max: Mr. Corinthos doesn't want you in the building, all right?

Lorenzo: I don't care.

Carly: Hey, hey, hey, Max? Max, this is -- this is my house, too, and Iím allowed to have visitors. Come on.

Max: Mrs. Corinthos, are --

Carly: It's ok, Max, thank you.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Carly: Well, for somebody who says that he's not going to pursue me anymore, you keep showing up a lot.

Lorenzo: Carly, I know why Sonny went after Sam.

Carly: Yeah, I do, too. He wants to get his girlfriend back.

Lorenzo: No. It's more complicated than you realize. Sam is pregnant with Sonny's child.

Jax: I don't want you anywhere near my child, Sonny.

Sonny: Your child? The baby could just as easily be mine, Jax.

Jax: Well, Sam can come to Port Charles, she can have a paternity test, and we can settle this matter once and for all!

Sam: No, no, no, no, Jax, this is not your decision! The baby is mine, and I haven't heard either one of you say how I fit into this child's life.

Sonny: Whatever happens, I will provide for this baby. That's --

Jax: This place arranges adoptions, and you were planning to come here and have the child and give it up, weren't you? But if the child is mine, then I want --

Sam: This child is mine, and I will decide what's best for it! In the meantime, the two of you can go to hell!

[Sam screams and falls down stairs]

Sonny: Sam?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Officer: You're not going anywhere, Mr. Bishop, or whatever your real name is.

Lorenzo: You don't owe anything to Sonny, so leave, Carly.

Doctor: Try to relax.

Sam: Doctor, is my baby going to be ok?

Skye: Help!

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