GH Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

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Emily: Unless you can wave a magic wand and bring Nikolas back, there's absolutely no way that you can help me. You know, even if you did have that kind of power, I'm sure you wouldn't use it unless there was something in it for you.

Lorenzo: You're absolutely right.

Jax: You said that you needed someone with deep pockets whose reputation is impeccable. Will I do?

Courtney: Why would you want to help me with my foundation?

Tracy: Well, it's a moot point. Jax isn't available to sit on the board of your --

Jax: Don't speak for me, Tracy.

Tracy: Somehow I think that little outburst has nothing to do with Courtneyís little project. Is there something on your mind you haven't told me yet?

Jason: Don't even think about it. Sam, what's wrong with you? Well, that's stupid to try and run away.

Sam: Thanks for the concern.

Jason: No, I'm serious. You could've fallen and you could've hurt the baby.

Sam: Oh, come on, Jason. Sonny's not going to care once he finds out that this baby may not even be his.

Jason: He already knows.

Sonny: You don't understand. Things have gotten extremely complicated with Sam.

Carly: Then make me understand, Sonny. Complicated how?

Sonny: Ahem. There are issues between Sam and me that are unresolved.

Carly: You know, I really wished that we hadn't promised Michael that we'd be a family, because backing out now that he's got his hopes up is going to hurt him.

Sonny: I'm not backing out.

Emily: At least you're honest.

Lorenzo: Yeah, yeah, I'm a businessman, always looking for the next opportunity. My most recent investment isn't well-known at the present, but I imagine it will be very soon.

Emily: L&B? Smart choice.

Lorenzo: No, I don't invest in corporations; I invest in people, and seeing their potential is a particular talent of mine. I see it in my niece Sage, Dillon, Ned, and you, too.

Emily: Oh, come on. You barely know me.

Lorenzo: I know you well enough to realize that I may be in a position to help you, Emily.

Emily: You know what? No. Just forget it, all right? I'll never want anything from you.

Lorenzo: "Never" is a long time.

Emily: L&B is more than a company to Ned and Dillon. They've invested their hearts in what they're doing.

Lorenzo: All the more reason for you to support them.

Emily: You know what? Don't hurt anyone I care about, and we'll get along fine.

Nikolas: She doesn't like you very much.

Lorenzo: Her brother's a business rival and Emily is extremely loyal. It's an impressive quality, one I expect from my employees.

Nikolas: Won't be a problem.

Lorenzo: Are you available to start tonight?

Mary: Excuse me, Connor. I need to talk to you, alone.

Luke: Another double, no ice -- waters it down.

Skye: How about we just have some water and skip the drink instead.

Luke: Hey -- hey! Do I cut you off when you're trying to tie one on?

Skye: Luke, you're upset, ok? Believe me, I get that. But getting drunk isn't going to solve anything.

Luke: Blaze, I ain't trying to solve anything; Iím trying to get drunk, ok?  Laura! Sorry.

Jax: You have no say in the decisions I make, Tracy.

Tracy: Tell me something -- does your sudden enthusiasm for this project have anything to do with altruism, or perhaps an interest in the stripper that's presenting it to you?

Jax: Are you finished? Tell me more about the foundation. Have you filed for a 501-3c status with the I.R.S.?

Courtney: Yes. It'll take a month for the application to be certified.

Tracy: And do the feds know that most of your funding comes from career criminals?

Jax: You realize once you fund your foundation, you won't be able to get your money back?

Courtney: Well, I believe that helping children is the best possible use for my money.

Tracy: Oh, yippee. Now you're a candidate for sainthood.

Jax: Will you be recruiting corporate sponsors or individuals?

Courtney: Both. I mean, you could represent yourself and J&J Jacks.

Jax: You're going to need operating expenses.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I think that the initial endowment will cover all startup costs. But my main problem is the child welfare office assumes that I'm using the foundation as a front for mob money.

Tracy: There you have it. Even the bureaucrats have managed to figure it out.

Courtney: I have nothing to do with Sonny or Jason or their business.

Jax: Well, keep it that way and I'm your man.

Jason: Jax told Sonny that he slept with you the night of the fire, and Jax thinks this is his baby.

Sam: Sonny must think Iím a slut. I mean, Jax certainly does, and I'm sure you feel the same way, too.

Jason: I don't care one way or the other.

Sam: Jason, when that hotel caught on fire, Jax and I were trapped. We thought we were going to die.

Jason: Look, Sam, you don't need to explain.

Sam: I -- I want to, ok? There was nothing serious going on between me and Sonny at the time. We had turned to each other because we had both been hurt. It was a distraction. That was it. I had no idea my feelings for Sonny were going to grow stronger. The truth is I still had cared about Jax, and I guess a part of me hoped that we would get back together. Anyway, we made love, and then we were lucky enough to escape from the fire. I didn't think there was going to be any consequences.

Jason: Like I said, the reasons don't matter to me.

Sam: Well, the bottom line is I had something with Sonny, it's over. I had something with Jax, it's over. It doesn't matter who the father is, Jason. I'm giving this child up for adoption.

Jason: No, you're not.

Sonny: After Michael almost died, I -- I realized there's nothing more important than putting the family back together.

Carly: And Sam.

Sonny: No. That's not -- no, not Sam.

Carly: But she matters to you. And Sam has a piece of you, and your family has a piece. And you don't know how to make that work.

Sonny: Yeah, something like that.

Lorenzo: Call me with whatever you decide.

Nikolas: Ok. I don't want to fight with you again.

Mary: Neither do I. I realized Iíve been so determined to protect you, I've -- I've held you back and made you unhappy.

Nikolas: No, no, it's not that.

Mary: Yeah, it is. I've practically kept you prisoner.

Nikolas: I just -- I just needed some time to rest, Mary, and get my bearings. I've done that. Now it's time for me to make a contribution to this marriage and just try to be a good husband. You've done so much for me. All I want to do is give something back to you.

Mary: You don't owe me anything.

Nikolas: Yes, I do, and I owe myself, as well. I -- I can't wait for my old life to come back, Mary. The injury changed me.

Mary: You're still good and -- and kind, strong, loving -- like the Connor I used to know.

Nikolas: Yeah, but I am so different in so many ways. I can't -- it's ok. I can't live in a cocoon anymore, Mary. As happy as I am with you, I need to be out in the world and find out who I am now.

Mary: I don't want to hold you back.

Nikolas: The job -- it'll be good for the both of us.

Mary: I just -- I want you to know that everything I've done, I've done out of love.

Nikolas: I know. I know. And you don't have to worry, ok? Ok, because I will never leave you again.

Jax: I will be happy to sit on the board of your foundation. This will be my quarterly contribution, subject to my personal review, of course.

Tracy: And what happens when she mismanages the funds, or is exposed as a fraud?

Jax: I have confidence in Courtney.

Tracy: Well, I donít. And I don't relish the idea of looking like a fool when she goes crawling back to her hit-man hubby.

Jax: Well, this has nothing to do with you, Tracy, does it? So your reputation -- such as it is -- will be intact.

Tracy: Excuse me, two months ago, she was waiting tables at Kellyís. What on earth qualifies her to run a charity?

Courtney: I don't think you are in any position to throw stones, considering the current state of E.L.Q.

Tracy: This from a woman who gives lap dances to make ends meet.

Courtney: You know what? I know what these kids are up against, ok? I grew up in a broken home. My mom struggled to make ends meet.

Tracy: Oh, please! Go tell it to Oprah.

Jax: Ok, you know what? That's enough!

Courtney: At least I am trying to do some good with my money instead of using it as an excuse to look down on people.

Jax: Don't bother defending yourself. Tracy's incapable of generosity and compassion. She's ruled by greed and self-interest.

Courtney: So what about you, Jax? I mean, I know you aren't doing this out of the goodness of your heart. You'll be expecting some sort of payback.

Jax: Yes, yes, of course. Will you be able to compensate me sometime in the future?

Courtney: I guess I'll just handle that when it comes. The most important thing is getting these kids the help they need.

Tracy: You resign from Courtneyís foundation, or Skye gets nailed for murder.

Skye: I am so terribly sorry. He -- he just thought that you were somebody else. So, please, stay, and why don't you play a few games on the house. Would you take care of her? Thanks.

Woman: Thank you.

Skye: All right, that is it. You've got to rein yourself in, do you hear me?

Luke: You've got to stop trying to rein me in, you hear me? I don't like it. I don't like it! In fact, we're closed!

Skye: Come on, calm down, please.

Luke: The joint is closed! Get out of here! Go on, get out! Get out! Bunch of fat cats and bimbos. We're closed until further notice.

Skye: Are you done? Or you going to throw something at me, too?

Sam: I thought you'd be thrilled that I was putting my baby up for adoption.

Jason: Sonny sent me down here to find you, Sam. If it's his baby, he wants to keep it.

Sam: Carly and the boys are living with Sonny. Then my baby has got to be his worst nightmare.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Look, Sonny would never turn his -- turn his back on his own child.

Sam: But Carly would! Trust me, I'm sure this isn't what she had in mind when she agreed to reconcile with Sonny.

Jason: Well, Carlyís a great mom.

Sam: Yeah, and she hates me and she'll hate my baby, too.

Jason: No, that's not how she thinks.

Sam: Oh -- Jason, maybe you want to believe that, but I donít. Carly will resent this baby. It'll be a constant reminder of Sonny's infidelity. She'll probably tell it what an awful person I was and how I hated the idea of being a mother.

Jason: No, see, now you're just making this up in the head because -- because you're scared. You just need to sit down with Sonny and talk this through, Sam.

Sam: No, no, no, Jason, please. Please listen to me. Ok? I want my baby to have a better life than the one I can offer, with a safe, warm home, with a loving mother and father. So please let me go. I am begging you. Tell Sonny that I crawled out that window and ran away. Let me go find a place to have my baby so I can give it to parents who really want it. Sonny will never have to know.

Sonny: I have to -- I have to sort out a few things with Sam before I can move forward.

Carly: Do -- do you realize how unfair this is to me? I didn't want to move back in here with you, Sonny, but you insisted because of this promise that you made to God. And now less than a week after I move back in, you are leaving to go find your girlfriend, and I am supposed to stay and reassure Michael and take care of things here.

Sonny: It's important. It's very important.

Carly: It's more important than your family?

Sonny: Why would you ask me that? You know that family's the most important thing in the world to me. That's not going to change. I didn't plan on Sam running away. I didn't plan on any of this. Things happen and you adjust. You're a master at that. I've seen you accomplish the impossible to get what you need.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: Just do me this favor, please.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Reassure the kids for me while I -- just for a couple of days -- while I take care of this.

Carly: Why? Why should I?

Sonny: Don't do it for me, then. Do it for your family. That's why we're both doing this, right? To keep the family together; to make a home for the kids.

Carly: Well, if you want a good family and a home for your kids, then you prove it, and you stay here with me and the kids instead of going after Sam.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello.

Jason: I found Sam. You need to fly to San Salida and take care of this personally.

Skye: Whoa, all right. Come on.

Luke: Oh --

Skye: You notice there's a -- a weird kind of symmetry going on here? I spin out of control, you take care of me, and now I'm trying to do the same, except I don't really think Iím helping very much.

Luke: Well, you didn't let me scare you away. That helps, believe me.

Skye: Only because Iím more scared without you.

Luke: Oh, Red, then you're in big trouble.

Skye: You know, you -- you almost had me convinced that Laura wasn't the one stalking me until Lucky found that bracelet you gave her. Now I am so terrified that your wife is so confused, so disoriented that she's decided she wants to hurt me.

Luke: I am, too.

Skye: What? You're terrified?

Luke: What if the only way I can protect you is to see her locked up again -- for murder? I mean, how the hell am I supposed to save both of you?

Emily: Hey, how much do you know about Lorenzo Alcazar?

Lucky: Probably about as much as you do. Why?

Emily: Well, he's playing benefactor to my new friend, Mary.

Lucky: So?

Emily: You know that she's a widow who lives a simple life by herself, and then suddenly -- and now an international gangster shows up and starts spending time with her? No.

Lucky: Sometimes the most unlikely people find themselves thrown together.

Emily: You know, Alcazar's got to have an ulterior motive. He's probably trying to take advantage of Mary somehow.

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, I think Mary can take care of herself.

Emily: You know what? See, see, that's just it. See, Maryís an honest, trusting person. I mean, there's no way that she's equipped to deal with Alcazar. Lucky -- are you listening to me? You need to do something.

Lucky: Like what? You want me to arrest Lorenzo Alcazar for showing some kindness to a lonely widow?

Emily: No, no, just -- Mary just lost her husband. I just don't want to see her get hurt.

Lucky: Is this about Mary or this is about you?

Emily: Both, probably. I mean, I -- I miss Nikolas, you know? The love of my life was just taken away. I've been working nonstop since Nikolas died, just trying to keep myself so busy and so exhausted that I don't have time to think about how Iím going to spend the rest of my life without him. So, yeah, I probably am using Maryís troubles to keep me from dealing with my own.

Lucky: You know what? I think it's about time for us to both stop hiding. I think we should face that loss together.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Excuse me. Ahem. Spencer.

Skye: Lucky, it's Skye. Your father got drunk and threw everyone off the Haunted Star, and now's he's taken off.

Lucky: Where?

Skye: I have no idea. I don't know what to do. I've never seen him like this.

Lucky: I have.

Skye: Lucky, we have got to find him.

Jax: I haven't forgotten the terms of your blackmail.

Tracy: Marry me, and Skye doesn't go to prison for killing a cop. It's a simple arrangement. Everybody benefits.

Jax: I doubt that.

Tracy: You know, marrying me is going to be a lot more pleasurable than you expect. I look forward to being your partner in every way imaginable.

Jax: Don't push your luck, ok? There are things that I won't tolerate, like people trying to run my life. Now, I will go along with our little arrangement as long as it suits me. But watch your step. You're in a more precarious position than you realize.

Mary: Be careful. Call when you can.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Mary: What? Stifling you all these months?

Nikolas: No. For letting me go, having faith that I can go out into the world without losing what we already have.

Mary: I just don't want you to find that you've outgrown me.

Nikolas: No. How could I do that? You are my rock, Mary, the one person in this world that I can completely trust. It's ok. Ok.

Mary: Hey -- I love you, Connor.

Nikolas: Bye.

Luke: Laura! Laura! I know you're out here somewhere! Don't hide from me! Listen, angel, I just want to talk to you, see you, hold you. I would never hurt you! You know that! Our love -- it -- nobody's ever had what we had! I just want to -- I just want to talk to you and help you remember so we can both be alive again. Laura! Laura!

Sam: Jason, stop following me.

Jason: Will you just stop running?

Sam: Why are you forcing me to face Sonny?

Jason: Because he has an obligation to this baby, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, that's right, an obligation. This isn't about two parents wanting to bring a child into this world, Jason. He has a family. What does he want with my baby?

Jason: Don't -- don't assume you know what Sonny's thinking.

Sam: Yeah, well, it's not hard to figure out. Why are you putting me through this? What does it get you for Sonny to call me a whore?

[Jason sighs]

Sam: To tell me that -- that I -- that I tricked him? That Iím just running a con just to trap him, right?

Jason: If it's Sonny's baby, he'll want to take care of it.

Sam: Jason, this has nothing to do with love. Doesn't this baby deserve better? I mean, wouldn't you want more for your own child?

Jason: There's no decision to make until we know whose baby you're carrying, Sam.

Sonny: There is a lot more going on here. Sam's important to me, I never lied about that.

Carly: Oh, well, fine, then go. Just go chase after her, Sonny. Go to Puerto Rico; take her to the island. You know what? Open up my closet to her; let her wear all my clothes, I don't --

Sonny: Keep your voice down.

Carly: Any lie that you're going to tell Michael, Iím not backing you up.

Sonny: Ok, fine. Tell him that I chased after Sam; let him get angry and upset. He'll run away -- it's on you.

Carly: Oh, no, Sonny, it will be on you.

Sonny: I just need a little more time. I promise you -- I promise you I'm not breaking the promise I made to our son.

Carly: Well, it sure as hell looks like that to me.

Luke: Laura, I don't care what you've done! I just want to see you, talk -- talk -- talk -- oh --

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: Oh.

Lucky: Dad --

Luke: Well, what are you doing here?

Lucky: Mom's in trouble. You're not going to -- you're not going to help her like this.

Luke: Yeah? What happened?  Skye call you, tell you I was ripping through town on a bender, and come to haul me in?

Lucky: Dad, going after mom when you're drunk -- you're not going to help her.

Luke: What do you know? What do you know? I couldn't help her sober! You see where that got her!

Lucky: Dad, she's -- she's scared. She's all alone; she has nobody to turn to. What are you -- do you think just yelling out for mom, you being drunk and all, you think she's going to find that as some kind of safe haven?

Luke: You know nothing! You know nothing! I'm your mother's safe haven, me! I always have been, and she has been mine. But I -- I can't just look out for her. There's other people to protect.

Lucky: Like who?

Luke: Like my partner. I -- I can't let Skye get hurt because of me.

Lucky: Come on. Why don't we just go get a cup of coffee and you can sober up.

Luke: Oh, you're just full of good ideas, ain't ya? Just --

Jax: Whoa.

Skye: Hey. Yeah, we're closed due to temper tantrum by management.

Jax: Well, then I guess my timing couldn't be any worse. But I came to give you a fair warning. I won't be able to cover for you with Tracy any longer.

Skye: Oh. What, is she insisting that you elope tonight?

Jax: No, nothing so drastic. I just won't be able to follow through, Iím sorry.

Skye: Jax, you have gone above and beyond, really. You didn't have to get involved in this mess and you did. I am so grateful. But may I ask what it is that Tracy did to make you bow out?

Jax: It wasn't Tracy. Sam's pregnant.

Carly: Sonny got a call from Jason. They found Sam, and he couldn't get out of here fast enough.

Courtney: My brother's an idiot, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, I can think of some more appropriate words to describe him.

Courtney: How can I help?

Carly: I am so mad right now and I don't want Michael to see me this way. And I just thought maybe you could come here; you could help calm me down; you could help me figure out what I need to do next.

Courtney: No, Carly, just don't do anything, ok? You need to calm down first before you make any decisions.

Carly: What am I supposed to do when he comes back with Sam?

Courtney: You thought that you could handle it.

Carly: Yeah, and I was wrong. God, this is -- this is crazy. It's crazy. We're living a lie here, and this promise that we made Michael -- it is meaningless. I cannot go on pretending that we're some happy little family while he is involved with another woman.

Courtney: Look, Carly, I know that this is hard for you, but --

Carly: No, it's not hard; it's impossible. I am hurt, I am angry, I am fed up, and I can't cover for Michael for long. I mean, pretty soon he's going to realize that his mommy and daddy can't stand each other. I don't know. I mean, I just -- I think I should just end it, and take the kids and leave tonight.

Mary: And I thought I was a workaholic.

Emily: Oh -- back again, too?

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: Must be kindred spirits, huh?

Mary: I'm just going to finish this filing.

Emily: Hey, Mary, Iím sorry I came down so hard on Lorenzo Alcazar.

Mary: You were just giving me your opinion.

Emily: Listen, I was out of line. I mean, if you like him and you want to accept his help, it's none of my business.

Mary: No, you don't have to apologize for trying to protect me from a situation you -- you thought might be bad.

Emily: I -- I just don't have the right to try to run your life.

Mary: Believe me, I understand the impulse. In fact, Iíve done it myself. But sometimes you just have to accept the fact that people need to make their own decisions, and all you can do is hope for the best.

Lorenzo: Here's a cell phone, Canadian passport. My jet is waiting for you at the airport.

Nikolas: Looks like routine paperwork.

Lorenzo: It is.

Nikolas: So what is this, a test?

Lorenzo: You're dealing with a lot of unknowns. I thought I'd keep it simple the first time.

Nikolas: See if you can trust me to do a good job?

Lorenzo: I have no doubt you will. Next time, you'll be responsible for more things.

Nikolas: You -- you have an awful lot of confidence in me.

Lorenzo: I believe there's a reason we met. I told you that I envied the fact that you've been able to start your life over with a clean slate and I meant every word. Now, my intention is to help you do that.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I'm sure that Sonny used precautions. He already has two kids with Carly. Sam and I didn't. You know, we really didn't think we were going to make it out of that fire alive.

Skye: So now you're afraid that Sam is using your baby to trap Sonny?

Jax: Sam has lied to me more times than I can remember. Why should this be any different?

Skye: Well, there still is a slight chance the baby could be Sonny's.

Jax: Well, that's why Iím filing for a paternity test. If it turns out that Iím the father, then Iím going to fight for sole custody, pay Sam off.

Skye: You know, no matter what you might think of Sam or how tough she is or what her life was like before this, this baby could very well change everything for her.

Jax: I know this is a sensitive subject for you, but Sam has lied to me once again, and I have to look out for my own interests and the interests of my child.

Skye: So when you get custody, then -- then what?

Jax: Well, I'm going to raise the child myself. You know, give him or her what my father gave me -- a sense of purpose, love for family and friends, and respect for nature. I get to experience it all again through the eyes of my child.

Man: Mr. Jacks?

Jax: Yes.

Man: The papers you requested.

Jax: Thank you. It's a court order for the paternity test. Now all I need to do is find Sam.

Nun: This is your beautiful baby girl. Look at that.

Woman: Hi. Hi.

Man: She's so beautiful.

Woman: Oh -- oh, please thank the birth mother for this precious gift. We will love her with all of our hearts and give her the best life that we can. Yes, we will.

Man: Hi.

Woman: It's ok. Hi, sweet pea. Hi, sweetie. Hi.

Jason: Sam's waiting outside.

Sonny: How's she doing?

Jason: Honestly -- uh -- I mean, she didn't want to see you because she thinks you're going to yell at her for sleeping with Jax and tell her what a mess she's made of things.

Sonny: Well, I don't blame her.

Jason: You know, I -- Sonny, I tried to talk to her, but she wanted to leave. She wanted to go someplace and have this baby and give it up for adoption so you wouldn't interfere.

Sonny: If Iím the father, I want that child.

Jason: Ok, and I honestly think she's trying to do the right thing for the baby.

Sonny: Now I got to do what's right.

Courtney: Carly, you are not going to run off with those kids.

Carly: Listen, this "marriage" is about to come crashing down. Why should Michael be a witness to that?

Courtney: It doesn't have to crash.

Carly: Sonny already bailed.

Courtney: Ok, did he say that he was choosing Sam over his family?

Carly: I just told you that he --

Courtney: Did he say that he loves her, that he wants to be with her?

Carly: No, he didn't say that, because he was trying to avoid a fight because he didn't want Michael to hear. But he did tell me that he never made it a secret that Samís important to him, and he needed to go find her to sort things out.

Courtney: Ok, maybe Sonny's planning to end it with Sam and he wanted to do it in person.

Carly: I think you're grasping at straws here.

Courtney: Well, I think you're jumping to the worst-case scenario. Carly, you can't think in absolutes. There is too much at risk -- your boys, your family.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. It's my family. Mine. And if Iím going to stay in a loveless marriage for the sake of my kids, then I need to -- I need to figure out a way to make it work for me.

Luke: Hey, Red.

Skye: Well. Looks like the night air did you some good.

Luke: Thanks for cleaning up.

Skye: Yeah. What are partners for, right?

Luke: I'm sorry for losing it like that. The truth is I -- I got no idea how to deal with this.

Skye: I have a suggestion.

Luke: You do?

Skye: Maybe we could draw Laura out of hiding.

Luke: How?

Skye: Well, it seems that Laura is acting out of jealousy or anger or both. And I was thinking that maybe if you and I were to do something together, like go somewhere romantic, maybe Laura would make a move.

Luke: If this is Laura and not some setup, and she makes a move, then what? What am I supposed to do; see her locked up again? Maybe push her back into a catatonic state? That's no solution. I'm looking for a way to protect the woman I love.

Courtney: Cake, patty-cake baker's man.  Bake me a cake as fast as you can.  Pat it, roll it mark it with a B put it in the oven for baby and me! Oh. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Morgan, you're such a big boy. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Oh.

Jax: Has anyone every told you you're good at that?

Lorenzo: Let me know when the shipment leaves the harbor. Carly. Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Lorenzo: What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing, I suppose. Sonny went to Costa Rica to be with Sam.

Sonny: Sam, you should've told me.

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Luke: I'm falling in love with you, but I also have to help my wife.

Carly: Sonny's gone to bring Sam back.

Lorenzo: Then what happens next is up to you.

Sam: This is my baby and I have made my choice. I am giving it up for adoption.

Sonny: Don't make me fight for my kid.

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