GH Transcript Friday 5/7/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/7/04

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Courtney: Sonny is being a jerk, but you're being even worse, Jason. You won't even stand up to him and tell him that he is wrong.

Jason: Did something happen?

Courtney: Yeah, Jason, you happened. I mean, you know what? Sometimes I wish that I had never met or kissed you. Sometimes I think that falling in love with you was the biggest mistake that I ever made.

Jason: Well, why are you so mad at me? I'm the one who should be mad at you.

Courtney: Because, Jason, I want to start a foundation for abused kids, but people think that I am trying to use it as a front to launder money for the mob. What?

Jason: Well, I'm sorry. That's understandable, Courtney.

Courtney: Why? Why? All I did was marry you. Why should that get in the way if Iím trying to help a bunch of kids who desperately need it?

Jason: Because you have to live with the choices that you made. We can't just erase the bad stuff. It doesn't work that way. I'm living proof.

Lorenzo: It's kind of you to befriend Emily. Losing Nikolas was a terrible blow.

Mary: Please. Please, I know you don't have any reason to keep my secret, but if you tell them that Nikolas is Connor, Iíll lose everything.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Yes.

Nikolas: Mr. Alcazar?

Lorenzo: Connor. Glad to hear from you.

Nikolas: Yeah, I'll take the job. I'd like to start as soon as possible.

Lorenzo: I'm glad to hear that. I just gave your husband a job.

Emily: Yes, Sam is pregnant.

Jax: Why do you have her prenatal vitamins?

Emily: I'm dropping them off later. Listen, Sam is trying to keep the situation quiet.

Jax: Well, I'm sure she is. Everyone must think that Sonny's the father.

Sonny: If it doesn't lighten up, I'm going to have to call the boys to bring the umbrellas.

Carly: Oh, yeah. See, your dad doesn't want to get his clothes all wet.

Sonny: Yeah, just because I don't like rolling in the mud like a bunch of farm freaks?

Carly: Oh, yeah.

Michael: Let's go roll in it and then hug him.

Carly: Whoa, wait, no, no, no, no! Hey, hey, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Michael: Look.

Carly: Sam, wait. Come on, Sam. Come on in out of the rain.


Sam: Thanks. It's pouring out there.

Carly: Yeah. What are you doing here?

Sam: I was just walking through the park and the rain kind of came out of nowhere, so --

Carly: Oh yeah, and you just happened to find us?

Sam: Yeah, that's right, yeah, yeah.

Carly: It's a coincidence.

Sam: Hey, Iím glad you're feeling better.

Michael: Thank you, but Iíd like to spend this time with my family.

Sonny: It wouldn't be nice to just, you know, let a person --

Sam: Sonny, it's ok, it's ok. The rain's letting up. I got places to go anyway, ok? Thanks.

Emily: You and Sam were close at one time.

Jax: That's true. Yeah, I probably know Sam better than anyone.

Emily: Well, then you understand how difficult this situation must be for her.

Jax: Well, I can only imagine.

Emily: Since Sam needs all the friends she can get right now, ok, especially ones who know how to keep quiet.

Jax: Do you know how far along she is?

Emily: Even if I did, I can't tell you.

Jax: Oh, sure, sure, I understand. Do you know if she's had a paternity test?

Emily: I haven't asked.

Jax: Oh, but she's decided to have the baby?

Emily: Yes, yeah. That much I know for sure.

Jax: Well, that's good.

Emily: And please don't tell anyone.

Jax: Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I'm just glad that she has a friend, and, you know, I've got my hands full with Tracy, so --

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Yeah. You're a brave man, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: Well, I do my best.

Lorenzo: You've taken on quite a juggling act, haven't you? Allowing Emily to believe that the love of her life is dead while you keep him all to yourself?

Mary: It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Lorenzo: How was it supposed to be? Why are you trying to convince Nikolas that he's someone else?

Mary: Have you ever lost someone you loved? Do you know what it's like to shut down inside, feel only pain?

Lorenzo: Yes.

Mary: And were you willing to do anything to make that pain go away?

Lorenzo: As a matter of fact, I was.

Mary: When my husband was killed in Iraq, I had nothing. Connor was my life, and he had been ever since we were teenagers. And when Nikolas showed up on my doorstep, that was a miracle. I didn't plan what happened next, but I saw my chance at filling that emptiness in my heart, and I took it.

Lorenzo: Interesting.

Mary: Please don't tell Emily.

Lorenzo: I know the world that Nikolas is from. It's violent, even deadly, all behind the veil of extreme wealth.

Mary: So he was rich. I had suspected that.

Lorenzo: The Cassadines make the Quartermaines look like peasants, and Nikolas is more a prisoner than a treasured heir. But Nik-- Connor, when he's with you, he seems to be happy now. His life is simple. I walked away from a simple life to take care of my family. I still regret it.

Mary: So then why did you give him this job? He can't go to South America.

Lorenzo: Good. He told you about it.

Mary: Yes, and he doesn't even have a passport. If he leaves the country and is stopped and --

Lorenzo: You'll be found out.

Mary: Yes.

Lorenzo: I'll take care of the paperwork, but Nikolas will be out of town from time to time. But you can think about it this way -- with Connor out of town, your secret is safe.

Emily: Hi, Mary. I don't mean to rush you, but if we hold dinner much longer, Cook's going to start screaming.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Mary: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come.

Emily: Wait. What's wrong?

Mary: I have too much to do at home. Thank you for the invitation. It was very nice meeting your family.

Jason: Maybe loving me is really the worst mistake you ever made. But we're over now, and you have a lot of money. You can live anywhere you want. You could leave tonight.

Courtney: My life is here, Jason. All the people that I care about --

Jason: Well, then, you know what? You can't be upset when everyone thinks that you're connected. That's just how it goes.

Courtney: My attorney -- she wants me to change my name back to Matthews.

Jason: I mean, maybe that's a good idea. You know, there's no -- there's no reason for you to keep my name.

Courtney: Yeah, I guess not. I mean, we're not married. We don't have any children.

Jason: Look, Carly needs a friend, ok, tonight, and if you would go see her, that would be great.

Courtney: Yeah, I've never gotten used to that, how you just cut off what you're finished with. I wish I could do it. I wish I had been stronger that first night, too -- that first kiss.

Jason: You know, we can't take back everything we said, anything we've done, and especially that first kiss. And Sonny's your brother, no matter what; if you guys are speaking to each other or not, and I'm always going to be your ex-husband. And how you deal with us -- that's up to you.

Sonny: You need to lie down, get some rest, and I'll make you some food.

Carly: Yep.

Michael: Can we have a picnic right here?

Carly: A picnic? It does sound like fun.

Michael: It'll be just us.

Sonny: Well, I guess we can make some food together.

Michael: Anything I want?

Carly: Sure, anything. Whoa, hey, ok.

Sonny: Later, buddy.

Carly: Thanks for the loan.

Sonny: Yeah, no problem.

Carly: Do you want to go check on Sam?

Sonny: Why would you ask that?

Carly: Well, she acted like it was a coincidence, showing up in the park, but I got the feeling she wanted to talk to you about something.

Sonny: I'm spending the day with my family. Whatever Sam needs or wants can wait.

Sam's voice: "Jason, I'm sorry. I couldn't tell Sonny Iím pregnant. I love him too much to wreck his family. If you still want to tell him, it's your choice. Sam." "Dear Sonny --"


Nikolas: Hey. What happened to your dinner?

Mary: Oh, I left early. I missed you. The place looks great.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Mary: I wonder if the priest will get you some more work.

Nikolas: Well, I took that job with Mr. Alcazar.

Mary: What will you be doing?

Nikolas: I'm just traveling, like I told you. I'm not really sure what else, but we're meeting tomorrow. Sounds like a pretty good opportunity.

Mary: Please don't.

Nikolas: Excuse me?

Mary: Please, please don't take that job.

Sage: When can we go home?

Lorenzo: It's rude to leave early.

Sage: People barely spoke to me at dinner. Why are you making me do this?

Lorenzo: I get the strong impression that the Quartermaines know something about you that I don't. Perhaps you'd better fill me in.

Sage: You'll hate it and you'll probably send me back to boarding school.

Lorenzo: Sage, I might surprise you.

Sage: It wasn't my fault. It was hers.

Tracy: Darling, dinner wasn't that bad, was it?

Jax: I put in an appearance. Now I have work to do.

Tracy: Not during your engagement party. I think not.

Jax: You know, I allowed you to blackmail me, but I never agreed to take it this far.

Tracy: I've got an idea. Why don't we come clean with the photographs of Skye with the police officer she murdered and stashed in the freezer downstairs? It'll liven up the party.

Jax: Tracy, don't push it.

Ned: Trouble in paradise?

Emily: Hey, Iíve got to take care of something, ok? Excuse me.

Lucky: Is everything all right?

Emily: Yeah. Won't be long.

Lucky: Ok.

Emily: Ok.

Tracy: My darling. Look, everybody. Dillon's finally here. Sweetheart, now we can have dessert. Where the hell have you been?

Dillon: Why is she here?

Tracy: I didn't invite her. I don't know.

[Doorbell rings]

Tracy: Sage --

Dillon: Lie.

Tracy: Look who's here. I bet you two kids have a lot you can catch up on.

Skye: Luke.

Luke: Hi.

Skye: Oh, thank God you're here. I really need you. How was Montrťal? Did you find out anything?

Luke: Is my son here?

Skye: Yeah -- oh, Alice, could you get Lucky? He's in the living room. Thanks.

Alice: Yeah, no problem.

Skye: I was really worried about you. I tried not to keep calling, but Tracyís really pushing this blackmail thing to the limit, you know?

Luke: Blaze, I really can't think about this right now.

Lucky: Hey. What's going on?

Luke: Your mother disappeared from her room. Apparently, she spent one night in some cheesy motel near the hospital.

Lucky: Ok.

Luke: But after that, there's no record of her anywhere.

Lucky: Was she alone?

Luke: She checked into the motel alone.

Lucky: Ok. All right, Iím going to go call in a favor to the station. Just don't go anywhere.

Skye: When did Laura escape?

Luke: Well, nobody's sure. Everybody's, you know, said -- they've been telling me all this time that she was catatonic, but apparently she switched ID's with some patient who had been transferred, and it took a while for the staff to catch on.

Skye: Was she missing the night Ross was killed?

Luke: Why do you ask that?

Skye: Well, maybe it's Laura. Maybe she's the one who's framing me for murder.

Nikolas: Why don't you want me to take the job with Mr. Alcazar, Mary? We need the money.

Mary: You barely know this man. He could be lying about everything.

Nikolas: Lie -- what would he have to gain from that?

Mary: Well, I don't know exactly, but why would he go out of his way to hire you?

Nikolas: To be kind, maybe? To give me a chance? Look, he said he envied me not having to live with regrets; I told him I didn't know what to do next, and he's just offering me a solution. I'm not doing this to hurt you, but I'm not going to feel guilty for wanting more from my life than staying in permanent hiding with you!

[Mary scoffs]

Luke: Laura wouldn't come after you or anybody else. What happened to her stepfather was an accident.

Skye: But Lauraís very ill. And if somehow she thought that maybe I was taking you away --

Luke: She'd kill a cop and frame you for it? No, no way. The last time I saw my wife she was sitting in a chair staring at the wall. She didn't know me. She didn't know anything.

Skye: Well, obviously, she's gotten better.

Luke: Or that's what somebody wants me to believe.

Nikolas: Mary, are you there? Pick up. I need to know you're all right.


Nikolas: All right, I'm just -- I'm just going to get my check and come home, ok? I know you're upset, but -- I love you.


[Door opens]

Emily: Hey, Jase. Listen, thanks for getting here so quickly. We can't discuss this at the house.

Jason: Are you all right?

Emily: Yeah. Jax knows Sam is pregnant.

Jason: Oh. How'd he find out?

Emily: I dropped her prenatal vitamins on the floor.  He picked them up, and that was that.

Jason: Did he agree to keep quiet?

Emily: Yes, but do you think there's any chance that Jax is the father of Samís baby?

Michael: Aunt Courtney.

Courtney: Hey.

Carly: Hey!

Courtney: Ooh! Hi!

Michael: You're just in time for the picnic. I'll go get you a plate.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Courtney: I -- I can come back.

Sonny: No, hey, hey, you know --

Courtney: Oh, God. Carly, Iím sorry.

Carly: No, no, no, no, no, no, please. It gives him a great excuse to go call Sam.

Courtney: Hey, are you all right? Jason's worried.

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine.

Courtney: Ok, Carly, look, I'm trying to be a friend here, so tell me what to do. You want me to believe you or do you want me to ask you what's wrong?

[Phone rings]

[Answering machine beeps]

Samís voice: Hi. This is Sam. Leave a message.

Sonny: Sam? Are you there? Pick up. I know you were looking for me. What's going on? Call me when you get this.

[Answering machine beeps]

[Knock on door]

Jax: Sam?

Sam: One second.

Jax: May I come in?

Sam: It's a bad time, ok?

Jax: This won't take long.

Sam: Well, it's late and I'm tired.

Jax: You're also pregnant.

Sam: Who told you?

Jax: Am I the father?

Nikolas: I thought I might find you here.

Mary: How'd you know?

Nikolas: We used to come here sometimes, especially after a fight. You told me that. Hey, I'm sorry.

Mary: Are you still going to work for Mr. Alcazar?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Mary: What if you get caught?

Nikolas: Well, I'll find a way to work something out. I'll negotiate something.

Mary: Negotiate? You're a soldier who deserted. No one's going to listen to you.

Nikolas: Mr. Alcazar doesn't see me that way. Mary, around him, you know, I actually feel -- I feel capable. You know, it's like we're from the same world, a world where I belong.

Mary: Instead of at a cabin with me.

Nikolas: Mary, listen to me. I want to be with you, ok? We will be married again, but I need a job, something more than odd jobs for cash. I want to travel, I want to experience the world, and Mr. Alcazar's giving me the opportunity to do that.

Mary: He'll take you away from me.

Nikolas: No, he's paying me to do something that interests me, ok? And it could turn into long-term employment. Maybe we can move to another country, somewhere where we don't have to be fugitives.

Mary: Do you hate our life together?

Nikolas: No, no. I just -- I want more for both of us.

Jason: I mean, if Jax is the father, this changes everything.

Emily: But what if he isn't? Sam will have to take a test.

Jason: Well, she's still got to tell Sonny. She's supposed to do it tonight.

Emily: I'm glad you talked her into telling him.

Jason: He's got to know.

Emily: I think Sam loves Sonny. It's going to be so awful for her to have to admit that she slept with Jax. You know, sometimes the truth isn't meant to be told, like when Robin told you about Michael. I mean, look at what that cost you.

Jason: I can't -- I can't look at it that way, ok, because there's a good chance that Samís baby could be Sonny's. He's got a right to know, and then he and Sam can figure out what happens next.

Emily: I hope you're right.

Jason: Thank you for telling me about Jax.

Emily: He swore he wouldn't tell anyone.

Jason: Yeah, right. We'll see.

Emily: Ok.

Jason: You want me to walk you out to the car?

Emily: No. I'm going to stay here for a while. I always feel close to Nikolas in this church.

Jason: You want me to stay with you?

Emily: No, no, it's ok. I'd rather be alone.

Jason: I understand.

Emily: All right. Do you ever see Courtney?

Jason: Where did that come from?

Emily: I don't know. This place, the love I felt here. Jase, you know I think you're perfect.

Jason: Ah, I'm far from it, Emily.

Emily: It would be perfect if you'd just get out of your own way and just let yourself be happy.

Jason: Please, don't do this.

Emily: You know what? I've heard all the reasons that you and Courtney can't be happy, Jason. I'm not sure I believe them. I'm not sure you do, either. But I'm absolutely convinced that love is precious, Jason.  It's rare, and you'd be a fool to throw it away. And my big brother's nobody's fool.

Carly: Listen, as long as Samís around, Sonny will leave me alone.

Courtney: Meaning what?

Carly: Meaning I don't have to worry about his moods. He can stare out of that window for weeks if he wants. I don't care.

Courtney: Yeah, but you guys were all laughing when I got here.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: I mean, I heard you out in the hall.

Carly: Yeah, and that was for Michael.

Courtney: Wow, and you sounded so happy. So, why do you think he's calling Sam?

Carly: Let me see -- oh, because she showed up in the park in the pouring rain. Isn't that pathetic? I was so nice to her it was disgusting.

Courtney: Why?

Carly: Because I'm trying to make this work.

Courtney: God. I mean, I just -- I keep trying to break away from Sonny and Jason, and here you are getting deeper and deeper.

Carly: Yeah, well, like you said, it's different. I have kids.

Courtney: Yeah, but you don't have to live like this.

Carly: Well --

Sonny: Oh, man. Ahem. All right, I think you can pretty much go.

Carly: Excuse me?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you don't approve of how we live, so why are you here?

Carly: Oh, were you eavesdropping?

Sonny: Yeah, kind of.

Courtney: All right, look Sonny, you disapprove of me. I get that, all right? I'm not exactly thrilled with you, either, but Michael and Morgan are still my nephews. Carly is my best friend. We could at least be civil to each other.

Sonny: Right. Well, the fact that you're still here is pretty much me being civil.

Courtney: All right, I'm going to go. Just call me later.

Carly: Yeah, I will. Well, so much for making this work.

Sam: You would love for this child to be yours because it would mean that you had won and you would have one up on Sonny.

Jax: If I am the father, I don't want Sonny anywhere near that child.

Sam: Will you just leave this alone, Jax?

Jax: You know, Sam, you have plenty of incentive to lie about this. Keeping this baby's a sure way to hang on to Sonny once he loses interest, right?

Sam: Please. This is between me and Sonny.

Jax: No, it is between you and the baby's father.

Sam: Look, I don't want you to make this ugly, and I don't want to regret being with you, but it's been over for a really long time now.

Jax: All right.

Skye: Well, it was just a suggestion, that's all. I mean, we both know somebody's after me.

Luke: Yeah, well, it wouldn't be Laura. Believe me. No matter how sick she is, she wouldn't do that. And besides everything else, she couldn't move that cadaver on her own even if she wanted to.

Lucky: Hey, I got full access to the PCPD computer, but we have to hurry. Nobody knows it's about Mom.

Luke: And we're going to keep it that way.

Skye: Oh, absolutely, no question.

Luke: Ok, you check the travel grid. I'll look into everybody that's crossed paths with her, particularly the usual suspects -- Helena, Scott Baldwin. Wherever she is, somebody's helping her.

Lucky: Exactly.

Skye: I'll run interference; keep the cops away from the computer.

Luke: We can handle it.

Skye: Oh, but what if it has some connection to the killer --

Luke: Skye, you need to stay out of this.

Minister: Hello.

Emily: Hi, Father.

Minister: Did you see the young man who painted the church?

Emily: No.

Minister: Father OíHaraís forgot to leave his last paycheck. I'm sure he and his wife need the money.

Emily: I haven't seen anyone. I'm sorry.

Minister: He did such a nice job.

Emily: Yes, he did.

Minister: There was something about him -- a real sense of dignity.

Emily: Yeah. I used to know someone like that.

Minister: If I leave the check here, he'll find it.

Emily: I'm sure he will.

Minister: Do you need my help?

Emily: I -- I just need to be here. It helps me feel close to someone I love.


Mary: If the wrong people find you --

Nikolas: Mary, Mary, what's the worst that could happen, huh?

Mary: I could lose you. I know it's selfish. I have to let go of this, don't I?

Nikolas: Yes.

Mary: Then I will. Take the job. Not that you need my permission anyway. You've always been your own man.

Nikolas: So, you know, I'll have to leave for a little while, but Iíll be back, I'll be back.

Mary: That's what you said before.

Nikolas: And I came back, didn't I?

Mary: Yeah.

Nikolas: Now, listen, it doesn't matter where I go or how many languages I speak. I love you. You're all I have.

Tracy: Well, dessert is about to be served in the dining room, but, first, I'd like to propose a toast.

Ned: To Jax, who may be flying to Alaska as we speak?

Tracy: Isn't that funny. No. To our other guest of honor, Lorenzo Alcazar. To a long and profitable association with E.L.Q.

Ned: Since when?

Lorenzo: To Tracy Quartermaine, a brilliant businesswoman who has nothing better to do than to blackmail teenagers. You are a disgrace to your family.

Ned: I'll drink to that.

Tracy: You've made a hideous miscalculation.

Dillon: Mom? You ok?

Tracy: I'm fine.

Dillon: Why don't you just admit that what he said hurt you?

Tracy: Because I'm strong and I need my family to know that.

Dillon: Why, if they hate you for it? You know, every time someone gets close to you, it's, like, splat.

[Tracy scoffs]

Tracy: "Splat"? Thank you, son, for that articulate analysis.

Dillon: You're running out of people to mess up, Mom. What are you going to do then?

Ned: That was a very impressive toast.

Lorenzo: I meant every word.

Ned: Would you be interested in a little revenge?

Lorenzo: Possibly.

Ned: I'm looking for investors to help restart my record label. Mother hates the whole idea. It scares her, makes her a little insecure. So I was thinking, if you invest with me, it'll make her miserable.

Lorenzo: I might be interested, on one condition.

Carly: I get to have people over.

Sonny: I just don't want Courtney in this house.

Carly: Yeah? Well, I do.

Sonny: Ok, you can as long as Iím not around.

Carly: Oh, so I should schedule my entire life around you and what you need? What does that make me?

Sonny: Courtney turned me over to the cops, Carly. What do you want from me?

Carly: I want you to compromise, because Courtneyís important to me. Listen, I moved back in here for my children, for myself as a mother, and I don't care what you promised God. I'm doing this for me and the promise that I made to my son, and Iím not going to be walked on, especially by you.

Sonny: What do you want me to do, Carly? Yell? Fight back? Admit that this is not going to work? It can work as long as we figure out a way to just respect each other. I'm doing the best I can.

Carly: Hey.

Michael: Where did Daddy go?

Courtney: Rosie -- Rosie --

Jason: Hey, hey, hey!

[Jason whistles]

Jason: Hey, Rosie!

Courtney: Rosie, come here, come here! Hi.

Jason: She got away from you?

Courtney: Yeah, the leash slipped. Jason, wait. Look, I was totally unfair, ok? I was just upset about --

Jason: Ok, just forget it, just forget it. I know you're angry. I wrecked your life. Let's just leave it at that, ok?

Courtney: So you'd rather just stay mad at me?

Jason: No, I'd rather not feel anything, Courtney. That's what I'm used to. I mean I'd rather look at you and see a person that I used to know, someone good, someone who deserves a good life who has nothing to do with me anymore.

Courtney: We will always be connected, Jason --

Jason: Look, I don't want to hear that, ok? About how you wish things were different or how one day you want to be together, the next day you don't, or how you didn't have a choice when you knocked me out to save Alcazar after I told you to leave!

Courtney: I told you why I did that.

Jason: I turned my back on you, Courtney! It's my profession, I know better, but I trusted you to do what I said. Instead, you hit me, you knocked me out, and you destroyed any chance we ever had, and the only thing that's going to make it worse is to listen again for you to explain it away.

Lorenzo: I will invest in your record label if you invest in a young female singer.

Ned: Is she any good?

Lorenzo: Well, that's up to you. Sage?

Ned: Oh, I knew it.

Lorenzo: I'd like to arrange an audition.

Dillon: Let me get -- let me get this straight. You can -- you can sing?

Lorenzo: If you don't think she's any good, I understand, but if you do, I want her to have the best of everything.

Ned: You're serious?

Lorenzo: Of course. That is, if Sage is interested.

Sage: Sure. You really think Iím good enough?

Lorenzo: Obviously, but Mr. Ashton is another matter.

Ned: All right, if I like Sage's voice, I'd want Dillon to direct her video.

Lorenzo: Sage?

Sage: That would be awesome. Thank you so much, Uncle Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: You think of this as an investment in both your futures.


Skye: Who's there?

[Skye gasps]

Courtney: Jason, do you really hate Alcazar so much you would be willing to spend the rest of your life in prison?

Jason: I don't give a damn about Alcazar! You were my wife, Courtney. I loved you more than anything. 30 minutes before it happened, you said you still loved me and you wanted to get back together.

Courtney: I do! I did want to get back together with you, Jason. God, I practically begged you not to sign the divorce papers, but you did it anyway and closed the door in my face!

Jason: So just leave it closed, please. Ok? I can't freaking do this anymore. I can't have you yelling at me one minute and then crying for me the next. I can't stop being mad at you any more than I can stop loving you, and I don't want to fight anymore! This is not what our relationship was. It just keeps getting worse.

Courtney: Then say goodbye, Jason. Say it and mean it, and maybe I'll mean it, too. It's ok to do it --

Carly: So, this is about Sam. Is this right? Because if it is, I've had about as much as I can stomach.

Jax: Then you know.

Carly: Yeah, I know all too much about Sam, but I'm fine, I'm fine.

Jax: Are you fine with everything?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Sam? Hey, Sam?

Sam's voice: "Dear Sonny, this may come as a shock to you --"


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Jason: I shouldn't have done that.

Courtney: Why not?

Woman: And then we found out about this convent that runs an orphanage and home for unwed mothers.

Jax: What happened between Sonny and Sam isn't exactly a secret, except apparently to you.

Sonny: Sam doesn't want to break up our family, Carly.

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