GH Transcript Monday 5/3/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/3/04

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Lorenzo: The RICO laws are very elastic. A family tie can be used to establish criminal conspiracy.

Courtney: So Ric wants to charge Sonny if something goes wrong on the property I sold you.

Lorenzo: Think of it as the domino effect.

Courtney: You would have made a really good teacher, you know that? You seem so convincing. Never mind that you're lying through your teeth.

Lorenzo: I'm simply explaining U.S. law as I understand it, that's all.

Courtney: Well, thank you, Alcazar. I appreciate that.

Lorenzo: You all right?

Courtney: Who were they trying to kill?

Lorenzo: Me, I think. Certain people don't find me quite as charming as you do. Ugh.

Michael: "One day, the first prince got really sick. He almost died. The king and queen had to sit next to his bed, really close." Even closer than that. "Then they stopped fighting. The first prince got all better, so the king said, 'come back home,' and the queen said, 'ok.' And then -- and then they kissed." The king and queen kissed.

Sonny: Then what happened after that?

Michael: Dad. A real kiss, on the lips.

Carly: Ok, I don't think that it says it in there, Mr. Man.

Michael: I read it.

Carly: Oh, really?

Michael: "And the family lived happily ever after."

Jason: Go ahead and say it, Emily. Whatever's hurting you; I'm going to help.

Emily: Sam's pregnant. She's terminating it tonight.

Jason: And did you -- did you try to talk her out of this?

Emily: Yeah, I asked her to wait. She said that she couldn't, that she wasn't cut out to be a mother and that Sonny already has another family. And I shouldn't even be telling you this, Jase. I'm not even supposed to know. The counselor at the clinic breached confidentiality when she told me, and she only did because I volunteer there.

Jason: I don't want to get you in any trouble, ok? But Sonny has a right to know. Emily, Sonny and Sam need to figure out what to do together.

Doctor: You seem unsure. It might be wise to wait until you're --

Sam: Look, I have already had the counseling session. How many times do I have to say yes? I want to terminate this pregnancy tonight, ok?

M.P.: Sir. We have a few questions.

Tracy: Frozen corpses just don't move themselves. Somebody broke into that freezer, took out the late Detective Duncan, and stashed him someplace.

Coleman: And who'd want to do that?

Tracy: I don't know. I'm paying you. You find out.

Coleman: No can do, sweetheart. None of my contacts are into moving frozen bodies.

Tracy: Well, whoever did it was highly motivated. They took an enormous risk. Mystery solved.

Luke: Tracy's been much too pleased with herself all night. I wouldn't doubt if she isn't the one that moved the copsicle from the family freezer to parts unknown.

Skye: And why hasn't she called the police?

Luke: Because she's blackmailing Jax into a marriage bed. We're probably safe until he says "I do."

Skye: What do you mean we have until Jax and Tracy’s wedding? Time to do what? Oh, Luke, you know what -- that is it. I give up. Tracy's won.

Luke: Come on, darling. You're overlooking a very important fact. You have a secret weapon that Tracy doesn't have.

Skye: And what might that be?

Luke: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.

Coleman: This is going to cost you big time.

Tracy: No problem. I'm about to marry a very rich man, provided you find the corpse.

Skye: Fine, Mr. Secret Weapon, what do we do now?

Luke: Get the stiff back before he resurfaces.

Lorenzo: They're long gone.

Courtney: You want to tell me who sent them?

Lorenzo: The name would be meaningless to you. It's my problem. I'll handle it.

Courtney: Why am I not reassured?

Lorenzo: Look, they weren't coming after you. This was a warning directed at me by a business rival.

[Siren approaches]

Courtney: You could've hired the gunmen yourself. Alcazar, for all I know, this is your latest attempt at playing hero for Carly. So what do you expect me to do? You want me to run to her and tell her how you nobly saved my life?

Lorenzo: I'll tell you -- a former associate came to me and strongly "requested" my cooperation in transporting his product through the piers. He was very unhappy when I refused.

Courtney: So why would you?

Lorenzo: As we discussed, I have multiple incentives for keeping my local business dealings clean.

Courtney: Yeah, right. Suddenly, you're willing to risk your life to keep Ric from filing RICO charges against me and Sonny.

Lorenzo: Courtney, it's a simple equation. I bought the piers from you; you're Sonny's sister. If there's drugs found on the property, we could all be brought up on criminal conspiracy charges.

Courtney: All right, well, then why reform? Why wouldn't it be easier to just leave town?

Lorenzo: It would be. But I promised my niece we would stay here.

Courtney: Right, right, ok. It has nothing to do with Carly?

Lorenzo: No. Sage likes it here. I'm just about the only family she has, and I've neglected her for far too long. So we are going to stay here so I can give her a sense of home and a place of permanence.

Ric: Hello? Well, I see you've discovered the dangers of doing business with Mr. Alcazar.

Lucky: Did any of you see the gunmen?

Courtney: No.

Lorenzo: I caught a glimpse.

Ric: Hmm.

Lucky: Well, how were they dressed? Any recognizable details?

Lorenzo: Not that I noticed.

Lucky: How many were there?

Lorenzo: Two.

Ric: Did you try to back out of the deal to sell him the waterfront property? Maybe this is Mr. Alcazar's way of encouraging you to sign on the dotted line.

Lorenzo: Courtney and I are in complete agreement over my purchase of the piers.

Ric: I see.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Ric: Well, then perhaps this is Sonny's way of showing his displeasure --

Courtney: Oh, my God.

Ric: At the fact that his sister is doing business with his enemy.

Courtney: Of course, of course! I just realized it. This isn't about investigating a shootout or uncovering the truth, right, Ric? It's about your lifelong obsession of blaming Sonny for everything.

Sonny: Ok. It looks like it's time for you to get some sleep.

Michael: I'm too excited about going home.

Sonny: Ah.

Carly: Uh-huh, but you know what?  If you stay awake all night, tomorrow's going to be a very, very long time coming.

Sonny: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Michael: We can take Morgan to the carousel this weekend. You can ride two of the big horses, and I'll hold Morgan on the little one.

Carly: Oh, maybe I should hold Morgan.

Sonny: If you don't settle down, you're going to be sleeping on the way that we take you home. We're going to have to drag you in there like a sack of potatoes. All right, buddy.

Carly: You have sweet dreams, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Close your eyes. Keep them shut. Keep them shut.

Michael: Mom?

Carly: What?

Michael: I'm going to dream about you, me, daddy, and Morgan.

Carly: Ok, sweetie. Good night.

Michael: Night.

Carly: Wow, Michael used to be so easy. Last time we separated, he took it in stride.  He never complained when we sent him off with Leticia, and now it's -- it's like he's sure saved up, huh? Paying us back.

Sonny: Yeah, he's cashing in big time.

Carly: I don't know, Sonny. Michael's expectations are so high. He wants this perfect family; perfect parents who never -- who never fight. Nothing bad ever happens. How are we supposed to live up to those expectations?

Sonny: We're not. You know, we just got to do the best we can.

Carly: You know, it's your fault, anyway. He's just acting like his father. "It's my way or the highway," mm-hmm.

Sonny: Well, no, I think he's his mother's child, you know -- the plotting, the scheming.

Carly: You're making him sound like he's a little spy.

Sonny: You guys would be a great covert operations team.

Carly: Mm-hmm. We'd probably get caught all the time.

Sonny: Yeah, but it wouldn't discourage you because one way or the other, you would get what you want.

Carly: Hey, Emily. What's wrong?

Jason: Sam!

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Are you all right?

Nurse: I'm so sorry for the intrusion, Miss.

Sam: That's ok. You can leave us.

Jason: Do you need help?

Nikolas: Uh, I'm sorry. I'm in a little bit of a hurry.

M.P.: Just a second.

Nikolas: My wife's waiting for me. I really need to, you know --

M.P.: Any chance she's waiting at Ida Mae's Bluegrass Barbecue Bar and Grill?

Nikolas: I -- excuse me?

M.P.: We're lost. Can you tell us how to get to the corner of Third and Brewster Street?

Nikolas: Oh. Bluegrass barbecue in upstate New York?

M.P.: They're supposed to have the best ribs in Port Charles.

Nikolas: Right. Well, I'm sorry. I wish I could help, but I'm new in town, so --

M.P.: Thanks anyhow.

Nikolas: Yeah. Good luck finding it.

Mary: Connor.

Nikolas: What?

Mary: What are you doing here?

Nikolas: They were just asking directions to a restaurant. It was --

Mary: That's not the point. Why would you risk being recognized again and coming back into town?

Nikolas: Mary, Mary, you worry too much, ok? No one's looking for me.

Emily: I stopped by to visit Michael, but it just occurred to me that it must be way past his bedtime. I'll -- I'll just come back tomorrow and --

Sonny: Well, he won't be here tomorrow because we're bringing him home.

Emily: Oh, that's great news, yeah.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: It's going to be a week or so before he's 100%, but it's going to be difficult for us to figure out a way to keep him from being so excited, but we'll figure something out. I don't know.

Emily: You know, I don't mean to pry, but "we"? You guys are --

Sonny: Yeah, Michael, Morgan, and Carly, they're moving back in. Well, you can visit anytime you want.

Emily: Thanks, yeah.

Max: We have a situation. There could be trouble.

Sonny: Where's Jason?

Max: I don't know.

Sonny: Ok, can you track him down?

Emily: Whoa, wait, no. You can’t.

Sam: I guess Emily told you I was here.

Jason: Yeah, she was worried about you.

Sam: Are you? Or are you here to protect Sonny's child?

Jason: Emily thinks you might need a little more time before you decide anything.

Sam: She's right. Because I couldn't go through with it.

Coleman: I don't get it.

Tracy: You don't get what, that Luke and Skye are in cahoots?

Coleman: They just outsmarted you. Why aren't they over there doing a victory jig or something?

Tracy: Because it's a trap. They're trying to get me to lower my guard.

Coleman: So you really think they got the dead cop?

Tracy: I really think they're stringing me along, hoping I won't use what I know against them.

Skye: Look at the two of them, thick as thieves.

Luke: And watching every move we make.

Skye: It's obvious what happened. Tracy hired Coleman to do her dirty work. She acted as the lookout while he went in and relocated Ross' corpse.

Coleman: If they had the body, they'd be over here trying to negotiate.

Tracy: Excuse me -- Luke is too smart for that.

Luke: If Tracy’s got Detective Doughnut, what's she planning to do with him?

Skye: Take him to the PCPD.

Luke: She has nothing to gain by going to the cops.

Skye: And everything to gain by squeezing us for the rest of our lives.

Jax: Bad news, my sweet Venus Flytrap -- I won't be your next meal after all.

Skye: Hey, maybe Jax is the one who swiped the body and he's turning the tables on Tracy as we speak.

Luke: Ooh, well, I doubt that. No offense intended towards your ex, but he ain't the sharpest tool in the box.

Jax: You should've quit while you were ahead.

Tracy: Darling, why would I think of quitting?

Jax: There's no way I'm moving into the Quartermaine house.

Tracy: Oh. You want to wait till we're married?

Jax: The engagement's off. Now, shall I tell the Quartermaines or would you like to do the honors?

Tracy: Oh, I'll tell them the sad news -- right after I go to the police and tell them about your ex-wife and the cop she killed. Oh, by the way, that's what they call murder with special circumstances.

Jax: You see, I would rather pay for Skye’s defense than get personal with you.

Tracy: Well, I certainly understand that. Why change your life for someone you divorced years ago and why not assuage your guilt by paying for her nonexistent defense?

Jax: Oh, it's hardly nonexistent.

Tracy: What about those pesky photos I took of her in the freezer with the dead guy?

Jax: Photos can be faked.

Tracy: Mm-hmm. And don't forget that I also saw Luke and Skye at Skye’s house with the corpse the night he disappeared.

Jax: You see, your testimony is unreliable, Tracy, because you despise Skye, and everybody knows that. Your motivation for framing her is stronger than hers for killing that cop.

Tracy: Well, everybody knows that she's a hopeless drunk, and she probably killed him in an alcoholic blackout.

Jax: Conjecture.

Tracy: Which forensic evidence will bear out when I produce the corpse? Look, Jax, why don't you leave it alone? She's had a difficult life. Maybe it's right that it should end now -- and it will -- by lethal injection. Because that's what special circumstances means. When she's convicted, she can get the death penalty.

Skye: What happened to Jax’s confident grin?

Luke: Well, it looks like whatever card he thought he was holding, Tracy just trumped it.

[Knock on door]

Dillon: Hey, Mike, you still open?

Mike: Yeah, yeah, more or less. What, are you hiding from the family again?

Dillon: Actually, believe it or not, I've got a new place to live besides my table here, so that's good.

Mike: You're always welcome.

Dillon: Thanks. On that note, how do you feel about serving alcohol to minors?

Mike: Not a chance.

Dillon: Ok. Well, then I'll take a chocolate shake and a plate of fries.

Mike: Ok. I take it you're drowning your sorrows?

Dillon: Yeah. You have no idea. You know my mom is marrying Jax?

Mary: You got lucky this time. A couple of M.P.'s were out on the town looking for fun, but next time they could be looking for you.

Nikolas: Mary, it's been weeks now. I think I'm probably safe.

Mary: Well, maybe they just haven't seen your picture yet. But they could -- they could go back to the base and stroll past the AWOL board and recognize you as the man who gave them directions, and --

Nikolas: They didn't suspect anything. They're not going to.

Mary: Well, we just can't take any chances.

Nikolas: I'll be more careful. Ok?

Mary: Will you just go home, please?

Nikolas: I -- look, I wasn't intending to stay out long. I just -- I just wanted to take a sneak peek at your new workplace.

Mary: No. No, that is too risky. Promise me you won't go anywhere near that hospital.

[Nikolas sighs]

Carly: Wait, is something wrong with Jason?

Emily: You know, sorry. I'm just -- I'm being ridiculous. I just thought that I might ask Jason to join me for dinner. I'm kind of lonely without Nikolas, and Jason always makes me feel better, so --

Sonny: I'll tell Jason you're looking for him.

Emily: No, that's ok. You know, his work comes first, so I'll just go to a movie or I'll call a friend.

Sonny: You sure you're all right?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

Sonny: Ok. I'll see you later.

Carly: Ok. Em, Sonny has a real soft spot for women with dark eyes. He had no idea that you're up to something.

Emily: You know, Carly, if you don't believe that I miss Nikolas, then that's your prerogative.

Carly: No, Emily, Emily, I do, I do. And I'm sure that Jason’s been great, but you were just covering for something right now. What is Jason doing that you don't want Sonny to know about?

Emily: You know, Carly, I really don't care. It's --

Carly: No, you do care. You're practically jumping out of your skin. Something is going on, Emily. What is going on with Jason that you don't want Sonny to know about?

Michael: Emily!

Emily: Excuse me. Oh.

Sam: Thanks for bringing me home.

Jason: You were in no shape to drive, that's for sure.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm tired all the time and -- I guess that's how women feel when they're pregnant.

Jason: Just get some rest.

Sam: You know, I really can't figure out if you feel awkward about this or if you're just completely indifferent, because you were silent on the whole ride home, and now you're acting as if --

Jason: No, I -- I have nothing to say.

Sam: Yeah, but you have something to ask. So why don't we just get the Q&A out of the way right now? Jason, I was ready to terminate my pregnancy and I couldn't go through with it. I have no idea why. I never -- I never wanted a kid. You know, my mom, she bailed on me before I could remember, so I don't have a role model. And my life, obviously, isn't kid-friendly. And God knows I have no plan for where I go from here or how to handle the next six months, let alone the next 18 years. So why am I so sure I made the right choice?

Jason: Did you get pregnant to trap Sonny?

Luke: Oh, how are we going to do this? How are we going to do this? How do you get the friendly neighborhood corpse? Maybe we take an ad out in the paper -- "Wanted -- large, blue popsicle, willing to negotiate price."

Skye: Luke.

Luke: Or maybe something better, like, um -- "Missing, something great from the freezer." I don't know.

Skye: Luke!

Luke: Hmm?

Skye: He's here.

Luke: How'd he get here?

Audrey: Well, thanks again for coming back on such short notice.

Mary: Well, I'm glad I could help.

Audrey: Well, I know officially you're not supposed to start until tomorrow, but we have been so understaffed.

Mary: Oh, I understand.

Audrey: Good. Oh, Emily.

Emily: Hi.

Audrey: Hello, dear.

Emily: Hey.

Audrey: How are you?

Emily: I'm doing ok.

Audrey: Oh, good.

Emily: Have you heard from Elizabeth?

Audrey: Mm-hmm. She called this morning.

Emily: Oh. How does she like California?

Audrey: Well, she said it's beautiful, and she loves the little cottage she's staying in.

Emily: Aw.

Audrey: There's a vegetable garden out back and --

[Pager beeps]

Audrey: Uh-oh. Oh, I'm sorry. She sends her love and says that she will call you very soon.

Emily: Thank you, Audrey.

Audrey: All right.

Mary: Bye.

Audrey: Bye-bye.

Emily: Bye.

Mary: I take it Elizabeth is a good friend?

Emily: Yeah, my best friend, actually. She recently moved away.

Mary: Bad timing, huh?

Emily: Oh, yeah, the worst. Elizabeth and I have known each other forever. We have this sort of best-friend shorthand. She kind of helps me through whatever I'm dealing with just by being there.

Mary: Well, I know I couldn't fill the gap, but if you ever need an ear, a substitute friend --

Emily: Be careful about making offers, Mary. What time's your shift over?

Mary: In a couple hours.

Emily: You want to go get some dinner when you're done?

Mary: Sure. Yeah, why not?

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: What's going on? You all right?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ric: Well, isn't this heart-warming? A mob family reunion. I'm surprised you're so concerned since your sister sold out to the other side.

Lorenzo: I'm not in competition with Sonny.

Ric: Well, that's technically true, considering you are his landlord now. Well, I know you've been spending a lot of time at the hospital with Michael. I don't know if you're aware that Courtney sold her waterfront property to Mr. Alcazar here -- which, if I don't miss my guess, you do rent some of those piers, don't you, Sonny?

Courtney: Jason's known for a couple days. I thought he would've told you by now.

Sonny: I've been busy.

Courtney: I know, and I apologize for blindsiding you. I just --

Sonny: But not for selling to Alcazar?

Courtney: He used a holding company, Sonny, just like you and Jason did, but the only difference is I didn't realize it until it was too late.

Sonny: So you regret the transaction?

Courtney: I wasn't taking sides against you, Sonny. I want out of this altogether.

Sonny: Well, then you should've researched the buyer more carefully, Courtney.

Courtney: God, say it. Just say it. It's more proof that I'm disloyal, right?

Sonny: Isn't it?

Courtney: Your crime war has cost me everything, Sonny. It killed my marriage. It's even ruined this. Louise Phillips had enough faith in me to give me her company as a gift, and I was doing just fine until the mob started closing in!

Sonny: You want to discuss this in front of these men?

Courtney: Why? Why? I don't have any code of silence. I'm out of your violent and twisted world. If you guys want to fight over this place, turn it into rubble, be my guest.

Lorenzo: Hey, I'm sorry.

Courtney: Yeah, sure you are.

Ric: Why don't you go down to the pier, see if the officers have come up with any evidence?

Courtney: The interrogation is over, Ric.

Ric: I'm not the enemy here, Courtney.

Courtney: Yes, you are.

Ric: Look, I know you want to wash your hands of the mob, but those ties are not so easily broken, as well you know. Look, if you need any help whatsoever, I'll be happy --

Courtney: Ok, Ric, if I need any help, I won't be turning to a sociopath with a toxic vendetta.

Ric: No, that's all done with now, Courtney. See, I'm the district attorney of this city, and I can be a very powerful ally --

Courtney: No, Ric, you're a maniac --

Ric: Or I can become a problem for you.

Courtney: Who tried to blackmail me into marrying you just to stick it to Sonny. I wouldn't let you use me against my brother back then, and I won't let you do it now.

Sam: Have a baby to hold on to Sonny? Gee, why didn't I think of that? After all, I know how he feels about his kids and the hell he went through trying to get custody. Why not make him feel guiltier? Tie him to me forever with a baby he doesn't want, but will feel obligated to provide for, right?

Jason: You say you love Sonny.

Sam: Yeah, that's right, I love Sonny!

Jason: Ok, well, maybe someday you'll think he'll love you back, especially if you share a kid.

Sam: And at the very least, I have an excuse to stay close. Is that what you're thinking?

Jason: Yeah, pretty much.

Sam: Then why did I consider terminating?

Jason: I don't know. Maybe you knew that my sister worked at the clinic and you took a chance that she'd come to me. Anyway, it's not like I stopped the procedure. You made the decision to keep the baby before I ever got there, and you made the right decision because you and Sonny, Sam, you need to decide together.

Sam: Fine, but you're not going to say a word about this to him.

Jason: So you're going to be the one to tell him that you're pregnant?

Sam: I'm not sure of anything right now, actually.

Jason: Is Sonny the baby's father? Or don't you know?

Carly: Are you all right?

Courtney: Hey. Yeah, I'm fine.

Carly: Hey, are you?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm ok.

Carly: Well, what happened here? I saw the police out front and --

Courtney: Look, I was in here with Lorenzo discussing business and suddenly the lights shut off, two men with guns burst in and opened fire. If Lorenzo hadn't pulled me to the ground, I would've been killed.

Carly: Courtney, the gunmen could not have been after you.

Courtney: Yeah, well, Lorenzo claims that he refused to move any drugs through the docks and, I don't know, he thinks that it was a former business associate who decided to protest using bullets.

Carly: Lorenzo could've staged the shooting.

Courtney: Yeah, I thought the same thing. But Lorenzo says that he's made Port Charles his home and that he doesn't want any trouble and he's raising his niece here; that he wants to give her security and a sense of family.

Carly: Sounds like he laid it on pretty thick.

Courtney: Yeah. Well, the scariest thing is he actually sounded sincere.

Carly: Maybe. Or he took quite a risk trying to be a hero in my eyes.

Dillon: Thank you.

Mike: Sure.

Dillon: So my mom is blackmailing Jax; I know that. But he's going to get out of it, he's going to dump her, which she deserves, and then she's going to feel all sad, which she also deserves, and then I'm -- you know, I'm going to have to listen to it, which I don't want to do. I don't want to be around for that.

Mike: I don't blame you.

Dillon: Have you ever had a relative that you feel obligated to love -- and you do love them.  You do love them despite the fact that they're just awful?

Mike: Yeah, and they're awful 90% of the time. Yeah, I can get next to that.

Dillon: Ok, ok, what do you do?

Mike: Look, our situations are different. You see, in my case, the relative in question is my son, and a large part of his awfulness is a direct result of my being a bad parent.

Dillon: I don't buy that. I don't buy --

Mike: Look, I walked out on Sonny and his mother.

Dillon: Yeah, but it's -- you know, it's not your fault that Sonny became a gangster. It was his choice. Like me, I want to be a director, right, you know, and you could say that it's because, you know, my mom and I did a lot of moving around and she didn't pay a whole lot of attention to me, and so all I had was my movies, but the fact is, you know, it was my choice. I wanted to be a director. And you can blame your parents, but for only so long. I mean, after that, it's -- it's your life. You know?

[Mike chuckles]

Dillon: What?

Mike: Either you are wise beyond your years or I am very slow on the uptake, because it took me a heck of a long time to get to that same conclusion. Listen, Sonny's life is his own and I can't make his decisions and I can't try to stop him from being hell-bent on hurting himself and everyone around him. All I can do is stay out of his way. And maybe that's all you can do for your mother.

[Dillon sighs]

Dillon: The thing about my mom is deep down -- deep, deep, deep, deep down, she's got some good in her, you know? But she's just so focused on being strong all the time that it -- it twisted her or something.

Mike: You know, I never would've believed that Tracy Quartermaine and my son have a single thing in common, and it turns out that they have two. They both need to be strong no matter what, and they both have people who love them anyway.

Ric: Mr. Corinthos, thank you for waiting.

Sonny: You can call me Sonny, Ric. What do you want?

Ric: Well, I thought I made that fairly clear on the phone. I'm a little concerned about your involvement with Courtney and Alcazar's business.

Sonny: What do you want, Ric?

Ric: Ok.

Sonny: Ok.

Ric: Look, I know you've been arrested several times --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Under the RICO statutes.  But I'm not really sure if you're aware of all the stipulations there, specifically family relationships in conjunction with criminal conspiracy.

Sonny: Oh, you mean like if I get arrested for racketeering, they can bust you, too, because you're my half brother?

Ric: No, no, I wasn't thinking of anything so obscure of a connection. No, Courtney, see, she's your sister and she was married to your right-hand man, and she just sold a large parcel of waterfront property to Mr. Alcazar.

Sonny: What you're trying --

Ric: Now, if said property --

Sonny: What you're trying to say is that if Alcazar gets busted moving drugs through those piers, you're going to charge Courtney and me for conspiracy under the RICO act; the idea being that I was in business with Alcazar and Courtney as the go-between.

Ric: You know what, I'll say it again -- if you hadn't had dropped out of high school, you would've made a hell of a lawyer. Yeah, but the problem is that you are a criminal.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: So if Alcazar moves anything illegal off these piers --

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Ric: Then that means you and your sibling of choice, Courtney, are going to go right to prison. You're on the side of law and order, big brother. The only way to protect yourself is to make sure that Alcazar stays legit.

Sam: Do you think I'm trash?

Jason: What?

Sam: Because Carly and a lot of other people seem to think so.

Jason: Well, obviously, I mean, Carly can't stand you, and she's very good at figuring.  What does any of this have to do with telling Sonny about the baby, Sam?

Sam: You can -- you can do something wrong, something you regret, and still love someone. You can be -- you can be a liar and a hustler -- you can be trash -- but it doesn't mean that you don't feel.

Jason: You're not trash. Sonny likes you a lot.

Sam: No, Sonny likes that we have fun together. He likes what he knows. Sonny might not like the truth very much at all. And I just -- I can't risk telling him right now.

Jason: You have to.

Skye: I don't get it. Who would go through the trouble of stealing Ross from the freezer only to return him to us?

Luke: Well, it wouldn't be Tracy because without the cop, she loses her leverage.

Skye: Mm-hmm. Good point.

Luke: And it wouldn't be the servants because if they found him, they certainly would've called the cops.

Skye: So would one of the Quartermaines.

Luke: Maybe we're being framed.

[Skye gasps]

Skye: Oh, my God. Luke, that's it. We're being framed. That's what this has all been about since that first night when --

[Pounding on door]

Lucky: Skye, you there? It's Lucky.

Luke: Live cop at the door, dead cop on the couch. This is a perfect frame.

Carly: Lorenzo's done this kind of thing before. I mean, at the custody hearing, in the courtroom, Sonny's limo was supposed to explode just in time to prove that he was a menace so I could get custody. I mean, it was a good plan, right? It wasn't so bad if you believe that the ends justifies the means, and Lorenzo does.

Courtney: Ok, but you told me that Alcazar was letting go, Carly, that he accepted you're back with Sonny.

Carly: Yeah, well, maybe I'm -- I'm wrong.

Courtney: Ok. So let me get this straight. My office was riddled with bullets, but my life was never in danger? It was all just an elaborate charade to make Alcazar look good in your eyes? What if you're wrong, Carly? I mean, what if the man I hate more than anything in this world just saved my life? What am I supposed to do with that?

Jason: If there's a chance that Sonny's --

Sam: Jason, there's more than a chance!

Jason: Then he needs to know, Sam!

Sam: What if he acts like you and he thinks that I got pregnant on purpose?

Jason: Well, you just tell him you didn’t.

Sam: Are things really that simple for you? You're not -- you're not afraid to lose people? You don't care if the people you love look at you like dirt, like you've failed them or disappointed them or they were an idiot to ever trust you in the first place?

Jason: I disappoint people all the time! I'm not enough, I'm not what they need, and no one's ever called me trash, but they've called me a lot of other names. Most of the time, it doesn't matter, but if it's someone I love, it's like being shot. So I understand why you're afraid right now, but I'm telling you a lie is worse.

Sam: You don't want Sonny to know about this any more than I do.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Jason, he has a life and a family with Carly and those boys, and I am not going to ruin that.

Jason: You do not have a choice! Sooner or later, no matter what you do, Sonny's going to find out.


Emily: Thanks for having dinner with me, Mary. I hope I didn't bore you with my endless Nikolas stories.

Mary: Well, in case you didn't notice, I threw in my fair share of Connor stories, too.

Emily: You know, you and Jason are the only ones who really understand.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Oh, my God.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: I saw Nikolas.

Lucky: We got a tip that Ross Duncan’s body was discovered here, and we need to search the house.

Courtney: If you can live with Sonny for a while without seeing Alcazar, he will break up with Sam. I know it.

Sonny: Why are you here with Sam?

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