GH Transcript Thursday 4/22/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/22/04

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Mary: Connor?

Nikolas: What, what's wrong?

Mary: I was afraid you'd come back here.

Nikolas: Well, why wouldn't you want me to come back to the church?

Emily: Making a clean getaway?

Dillon: Yeah. Georgie's dad is out for blood. Need a place to stay.

Emily: Still determined to live on your own, huh?

Dillon: Yeah, I got no choice. I cannot let the family run my life.

Emily: You sound like Nikolas.

Dillon: Thanks.

Emily: All right, well, hurry up.  Go, go before grandfather sees you.

Edward: Too late.

Sam: It's just coffee. We've been sitting here all night. I figured you could use some.

Jason: Thank you.

Courtney: Hey. How's Michael?

Jason: We haven't heard anything in a while.

Courtney: I'm going to go check on him.

Jason: No.

Michael: Mommy?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, Mr. Man, Iím here.

Sonny: Hey, how you feeling?

Carly: Hey -- yeah, how you doing?

Michael: I knew it. You're back together.

Mary: It's not the church I'm afraid of; it's you. You haven't seen a doctor since you left the V.A. Hospital.

Nikolas: Mary, I -- I feel fine.

Mary: You're still getting headaches and you haven't recovered any of your memories.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, you know, keeping me locked up won't help.

Mary: I know it must be hard not being able to go anywhere or see anyone else, but I'm --

Nikolas: I'm not going to stay in hiding while you go out and work to support me. I may not remember who I was, but I can certainly tell you that I wasn't lazy.

Mary: Of course not.

Nikolas: Yeah, I need to get back to the man that I was. That's why I came back to the church, Mary. I need answers.

Dillon: I left some D.V.D.ís here the other day. I just came by to pick them up; that's all.

Edward: Dillon, help me regain control of E.L.Q., and you won't find the locks changed when you need a place to lay your overstyled hair.

Dillon: I don't need anything from you.

Edward: You didn't last a week on your own. You know as well as I do, you're nothing without this family.

Emily: Grandfather, if you want Dillon to stay, give him a reason. And I don't mean blackmail.

Edward: You are so fortunate to have a champion like Emily; one of the few people around here who's worthy of my respect.

Dillon: Emily is -- is awesome. But that has nothing to do with you!

Edward: My boy, if I come across as harsh, it's because I want to protect my legacy. The wealth that you children pretend not to enjoy, the bed you slept in last night, the scones you stuffed your pocket with this morning -- admit it, Dillon, it's not so bad to be rich.

Ned: Has anyone seen Mother?

Dillon: I've been trying to avoid her, personally.

Tracy: Oh, yippee! You both failed! So, Ned, my darling, I suppose you're going to accuse me of double-crossing you on the Patterson deal, hmm?

Ned: Actually, I'm going to thank you. I'm going to thank you for making my dreams come true.

Jason: Sonny and Carly have been with Michael all night, ok? They're tired; they're worried. And seeing you right now is just going to cause a fight that -- that nobody needs right now.

Courtney: You know what, Jason? The reason why Michael ran away in the first place is because he's afraid he's losing his family. He needs the people who love him to stay close. Does my love not count anymore? Is that it?

Jason: No, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that you're bad for Michael. I know that you would protect him with your life, ok? But Sonny's on edge right now. He's just going to blow up at you.

Courtney: I don't care.

Jason: I do. So please -- you say you want to help? That's why you're here? Just -- you know, just leave before you make things worse.

Carly: Um -- Michael, sweetie, we're here because we love you.

Sonny: And you're going to be fine now.

Michael: I want to go back to daddy's house. I want us all to live together.

Doctor: Hi, Michael. I'm Dr. OíDonnell. How you feeling?

Michael: Sore.

Dr. OíDonnell: I know you've been through a lot. I'm going to give you a checkup, and then I need to talk to your mom and dad alone.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Ok, sweetheart, we're going to be out in the hall, ok? All right?

Sonny: I tried to explain to Michael we're not getting back together. He just doesn't really get it, you know.

Carly: Yeah, but he doesn't even believe it's going to be true. He won't listen.

Sonny: Well, I don't know.

Dr. OíDonnell: Michael's condition is improving, but I'd like to keep him for observation. He took a hard fall, and I don't want to take any chances. I'll check back later.

Sonny: Thank you, doctor.

Carly: Thanks. Well, that's positive, right?

Sonny: Oh, that's good, yeah. That's real good. We're just -- well, we're going to have to talk to him about the divorce.

Carly: Yeah, but I don't want to bring it up right now, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, but you know what? We can't risk him running away again. The reason he's in the hospital is because he can't accept our breakup. We have to make him understand that our marriage is over.

Ned: Patterson was a smart deal.

Tracy: I don't agree.

Ned: And instead of coming to me and discussing it, you dismantled a potential moneymaker before breakfast.

Tracy: My darling, there will be other deals -- better deals.

Ned: I'm sure there will be. You'll have to handle them on your own because I'm done. I'm finished with E.L.Q. I've decided Iím going back to doing something I really love to do. I'm reviving L&B Records.

Edward: What? Not that music business again?

[Ned sighs]

Tracy: Sweetheart, your singing career already failed. Your real calling is business, and E.L.Q. needs you.

Ned: Well, you're going to have to do it all on your own because I am now focused on L&B Records. And the best part is, I'm taking Dillon with me.

Faith: I have been calling your office all week. See, Iím facing these money laundering charges, and I need a really good lawyer.

Alexis: I'll have my assistant give you a nice referral. Ah, there we go.

Faith: Uh -- no, no, no -- I want you to take the case.

Alexis: I'm not available. Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Enjoy.

Alexis: Thank you.

Faith: Check your schedule. I'm sure you'll manage to squeeze me in. See, I can be very persuasive when I want something and really no fun at all when somebody tries to turn me down.

Mike: Honey, Iíve been trying to reach you. How's Michael?

Courtney: Well, I guess there's no change.

Mike: Well, you mean you didn't see him yourself?

Courtney: Jason won't let me go near him.

Mike: What?

Courtney: Well, according to Jason, Sonny's upset, and seeing me would only cause a fight.

Mike: Well, Jasonís just doing what he always does -- protecting Sonny, and it doesn't make any difference if he hurts anyone else. But just try not to let it get to you, ok?

Courtney: Look, I can't help it. I still love him, dad. And now, Jason treats me like Iím a stranger.

Michael: Mommy and Daddy were together when I woke up.

Jason: They were worried about you.

Michael: Do you think they're falling in love again?

Jason: You know what? Don't worry about them. Your job is to work on getting well, and try to get some sleep, ok?

Michael: I'm not tired. Where's Aunt Courtney?

Jason: She -- she came by last night and again this morning to check on you.

Michael: What about Sam?

Jason: Sam? She's -- she's outside. Why?

Michael: I want to talk to her.

Jason: You want to -- you want to -- no, I don't think that's a good idea.

Michael: Please? Then I promise Iíll go to sleep, then.

Jason: Ok.

Jason: Michael wants to talk to you.

Sam: Hey. How you feeling?

Michael: Ok. This is private.

Jason: I'll be right outside.

Sam: What can I do for you?

Michael: Leave town and don't come back.

Jeff: D.A. Lansing.

Ric: Mr. Murray.

Jeff: I need to talk to you.

Ric: Look, if this is about your falsifying the D.N.A. test, I told you, you're immune from prosecution.

Jeff: I'm not worried about going to jail; Iím worried about my life.

Ric: Oh, you're concerned that Mr. Corinthos might be upset that you falsified the D.N.A. test of his daughter and denying him his rights as a father?

Jeff: The mother didn't want him to know! Alexis Davis and Ned Ashton are to blame, not me!

Ric: The PCPD will do whatever it can to protect you.

Jeff: Yeah, well, that's not good enough!

Ric: Well, then I suggest you leave town. Excuse me.

Jeff: When are you going to tell Mr. Corinthos about his daughter?

Ric: Could be anytime now.

Sonny: Leticia brought you some clothes?

Carly: Yeah. I didn't want to leave Michael to go home and change.

Sonny: Yeah, that's best. Look, we're going to have to -- we're going to have to figure out how to help Michael, you know, accept the divorce.

Carly: Yeah. I think he really needs to know that it's not his fault.

Sonny: Right, right.

Carly: We're not abandoning him. I don't want him to feel abandoned by this; that he can see whoever he wants whenever he wants. Not just you or me, but Jason and Courtney and --

Sonny: No, I don't want my sons to see Courtney.

Carly: Sonny, don't do that. Don't be ridiculous.

Sonny: Carly, she called the cops on me. She's going to have to live with the consequences.

Carly: Yeah, so, we want Michael to feel secure and loved. So tell me how cutting people that he cares about out of his life is going to help him.

Sonny: Well, I'm not going to lie to my sons to pretend that, you know, what Courtney did was fine.

Carly: Right. Right, because everyone pays with you, Sonny. Just -- I have a question. How long is it going to be before Michael and Morgan do something that you don't like, and then you turn on them, too?

Sonny: That would never happen.

Carly: Not while they're young and you still have control, but give Michael a few years. Wait till he starts really talking back and fighting you on things. Are you going to -- are you going to just turn on him when he decides on something that you don't like?

Sonny: I'll accept anything Michael wants or does.

Carly: Really? Really? What if he decides he wants to be a cop?

Sonny: Why are you doing this?

Carly: Because, Sonny, I'm trying to make you understand --

Sonny: No, stop, stop. I don't want to -- Iím not going to fight with you. Just a few minutes ago, you know, we didn't know if our son was going to live.

Carly: I know, Sonny, I know. We just got to put aside our hurt and do what's best for them.

Dillon: Dude, are you serious?

Ned: Absolutely. E.L.Q. is for soulless suits. We can do better.

Tracy: Ned, Dillon doesn't know anything about the music business. How could he possibly be an asset to your -- L.M.B.?

Ned: L and B. He's young; he'll learn which is key in today's market.

Edward: Been a long time, Ned. Are you sure the leather pants still fit?

Ned: To hell with the leather pants. I'm working behind the scenes this time. I'll be discovering new talent.

Edward: Look, E.L.Q. needs you. Join me. Work with me in repairing the damage your mother and A.J. did.

Tracy: Look, daddy, just -- don't waste your breath. Obviously, he's suffering a relapse of the longest midlife crisis in history.

Ned: Singing for L&B Records was the best time in my life. Lois and Brenda and I -- we created a very successful record label. It worked, and I'm determined to do it again.

Dillon: Sounds great.

Ned: I thought you'd agree. So what do you say? You want to make some money and have some fun in the music business?

Tracy: Would you stop filling his head with nonsense? He is a student, and he is doing an internship in my office this summer.

Dillon: Been there, done that, and I'm not going back. What would I do at the label?

Ned: Well -- um -- you'd have to, you know, work there after school. But I was thinking that maybe you could, you know, direct your own music video.

Dillon: You mean, like, with a budget and everything?

Ned: Yeah -- well, you have to keep your grades up and go to college.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, I know. That -- that's the plan. I'm going to film school.

Ned: Well, there you go. You'll have a jump on everybody else. You'll learn how to direct, how to produce, and you'll learn from people who already know how to get projects made.

Tracy: Not an option.

Ned: Uh -- actually, I think Dillon can speak for himself.

Dillon: This is me speaking. I'm in. Let's blow this lunatic asylum.

Tracy: Not so fast!

Georgie: You can't do this to me.

Felicia: Georgie, this is the way it has to be right now. Mac's been taking care of you for a year, and I respect his decision.

Georgie: But it's not fair. Dillon and I love each other. Mom, Iíve never felt so strongly about anything in my entire life. You can't keep us apart.

Felicia: Oh, honey, I can see that you care about each other, but you have to follow the rules.

Georgie: I'm just asking you to convince dad that he's making a huge mistake. Please, Mom, you're my only hope.

Alexis: The answer's no.

Faith: What about a girl's right to a fair trial? That whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing?

Alexis: Every citizen is guaranteed his or her rights under the constitution -- even someone as blatantly guilty as you. But the good thing is, is that I don't have to be the one to represent you.

Faith: Hmm.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: Oh. Lorenzo? How's the eyesight?

Lorenzo: It's good enough to see the panic on your face.

Faith: No, no, no. This isn't panic -- well, not quite yet. See, I am in trouble, but I think you can make it go away.

Courtney: Thank you for agreeing to handle this.

Jen: Oh. Well, I was glad to get the referral. Although, you know, I'm still not clear on how representing you would be a conflict of interest for Justus.

Courtney: Well, he's my husband's -- well, I'm sorry -- my ex-husband's lawyer. Also my brotherís. And my business is completely separate from theirs. In fact, that's one of the main reasons I'm selling the waterfront properties. Sonny and Jason are my biggest tenants, and I'm just -- I'm sick of the lies and the violence and the never-ending fights over territory. So Iím getting out. I need you to sell these piers as soon as possible.

Jen: Well, you're in luck. There have already been two offers on the property, the highest coming from a company called C.N.J. Transport.

Courtney: Yeah, I've never heard of it.

Jen: They came in 20% higher than the other candidate and they want to close as quickly as possible.

Courtney: Ok, what else can you tell me about the company?

Jen: Not much. They're privately held. Could be a subsidiary.

Courtney: Yeah, meaning a front?

Jen: Ok, I'll do my best to get you their most recent financial statements.

Courtney: All right, find out what you can because Iím not selling until I know who is behind this offer.

Sam: Look, I live in Port Charles now, Michael. I really can't leave.

Michael: Why not? Daddy doesn't love you. He loves my mom.

Sam: Your -- your mom and dad -- they love you more than anything else in this world. And that's not going to change just because they have friends.

Michael: Sometimes, Daddy gives people money to do what he wants. What if I pay you to leave?

Sam: You know, we really shouldn't talk about this right now. You should just focus on getting better.

Michael: Ask Jason. Tell him I said to give you as much money as you want. Just promise you'll leave.

Sam: I'm sorry you're hurting. I really -- I never meant for you or your family to get hurt, ok? Ok, I have a message for you from the world's littlest mobster. He'd like to have you pay me whatever I want to get out of town.

Jason: How much do you want?

Sam: You really think I should go?

Jason: Doesn't matter what I think. If he said Iíd pay you, I'll pay you.

Carly: Hey.

Michael: Can we go home now?

Sonny: What? No! You got to rest, buddy.

Michael: When Iím better, can we move back into your house? Right?

Carly: Well, sweetie, you know that you and Morgan and me -- we live in a beautiful house now, and that's where we're going to stay.

Sonny: Yeah. You get to see me whenever you want, I promise.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Yeah, you can do all kinds of fun stuff with daddy, I promise you. It's just that you're just not going to live with him.

Michael: But I want to live with him. Why can't we all be together?

Sonny: Mike, your mom and I can't be together. It's -- it's a grown-up problem. You'll understand when you get older.

Michael: Then we won't be a family. Not a real one.

Nikolas: I -- I asked Mary to leave me here alone, but -- but I didn't explain why. The truth is -- and the truth is, I just -- I -- I hate being taken care of. You know, it makes me feel weak; it makes me feel useless, and -- you know, I -- I was a soldier before, Father. I mean, that must have given me some purpose.

Priest: You know, Connor, there's a fine line between purpose and pride.

Nikolas: Are you saying that it's selfish that I want to support my wife?

Priest: No, no, not at all. I'm simply suggesting you try to include Mary in your plans, rather than direct your frustration at her.

Nikolas: Yeah, maybe you're right. Mary -- she deserves my best.

Emily: Mary? Hi. Are you here to eat?

Mary: I -- I need a cookie fix. I was craving chocolate chip and I refuse to make an entire batch for myself.

Emily: Um -- thank you again so much for last night. It helps so much to be with someone who understands what it's like to lose the person you love.

Mary: I'm happy I could listen, Emily, but you don't need me. It's obvious you're a really strong person.

Emily: So are you.

Mary: No. I try to be, but sometimes the sadness makes it difficult for me to see things clearly.

Emily: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. It helps me to go to the little church in the woods. You know, whenever Iím there, it's like Nikolas is still with me.

Lorenzo: Let me know when our offer is accepted. I want to close this deal as soon as possible.

Faith: Finally. Look -- ahem -- what do you think? Can you make D.A. Lansing drop the charges against me?

Lorenzo: Our association has ended, Faith. You're on your own.

Tracy: My darling, Dillon, do you really think that your big brother is going to trust you with the money it takes to make a music video? You have no experience.

Ned: Once again, Mother, you're missing the point. He's going to be getting experience by doing. He'll be learning on the job. Here you go.

Dillon: What is this?

Edward: It's a bribe, you idiot. Shut up and take it.

Ned: It's an advance on your salary. I know how much you hate living here, and I thought that, you know, with that money, you'll be able to get a place of your own.

Tracy: Ha-ha-ha! Can you live on what Ned is going to pay you? There's movie tickets, DVDs, college education. Oh, well, perhaps you are planning on paying for film school, Ned?

Dillon: Mom, Iíll worry about that when I get there. Man, you know, I finally have the opportunity to have a life that I want. And I'm really sorry it has to go down this way, but I guess it doesn't include you, does it? Thank you, Ned. I won't let you down.

Tracy: Congratulations, Ned. You just got me the only place Iím vulnerable.

Ned: This wasn't about you, Mother. I just did more to support Dillon in five minutes than either one of you have in a lifetime.

Tracy: That boy has what it takes to be a winner, and everything he knows he learned from me!

Ned: I don't think so, because I don't see him as greedy.   I don't see him as selfish, as treacherous, conniving, and perpetually --

Tracy: Stop!

Ned: Dissatisfied! He is on a path to his future. A path free from your stranglehold. And finally -- finally, so am I.

Edward: So how does it feel, Tracy? Ahem. Your offspring have turned on you, as you did on me. Well, not exactly. They didn't try to lock you up in a mental ward. Well, not yet, anyway.

Jen: The owners of C.N.J. were unavailable. However, I managed to contact their attorney.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Hello, Justus. Why am I not surprised to see you?

Justus: My clients have made a very generous offer for your property.

Courtney: Uh-huh, yeah, using a holding company.

Justus: Corinthos-Morgan frequently does business through subsidiaries. You know that.

Courtney: Sonny is my brother, Justus. Jason is my ex-husband. They should have approached me directly.

Justus: And if they had?

Courtney: Well, I guess we'll never know, will we? Take the other offer.

Justus: Whatever it is, I'm authorized to beat it.

Courtney: Sonny made it perfectly clear that I was nothing to him. I am not about to help him expand his company. You can tell my brother to go to hell. His offer is refused.

Sam: What if I agreed to take the money? A million dollars like you offered me the first time?

Jason: I could have the briefcase here in less than an hour.

Sam: Would you tell Sonny the truth? That you paid me to leave?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Do you think he'll thank you?

Jason: I don't know.

Sam: I do. Sonny doesn't want me to go anywhere. He needs me. I'm going to stay.

Sonny: Turn around, buddy. Buddy, let me talk to you for a second. A family is about more than where we live. It's -- it's about taking care of each other.

Carly: And we're going to try and take much better care of each other. I mean, you and daddy, just because you don't live together -- you're still going to do fun stuff together. We're all going to do fun stuff, and we'll still be a family.

Michael: You and daddy used to love each other. So when did it stop?

Sonny: There are all different kinds of love, Michael. I care about your mom. I want her to be happy.

Carly: Yeah, sometimes sweetheart, love, it -- it changes.

Michael: How do I know you won't stop loving me, too?

Sonny: You know how you're going to know? I'll tell you how you're going to know. Because parents never stop loving their children. It's the strongest, most powerful love in the whole world. And that's why you never give up on your children, no matter what they say, what they do. You're a part of us. That will never change.

Carly: Yeah, sweetheart, I know -- I know that this is hard, getting used to not living with daddy, but it'll get a little easier. And you -- you can talk to us about anything. Do you know that?

Michael: Ow!

Carly: Oh -- hey, hey, hey --

Sonny: What's wrong?

Carly: What's going on? What's going on, huh?

Michael: My tummy -- it hurts.

Sonny: I'll get -- yeah.

Carly: Go get the doctor. Ok, sweetheart, breathe for me, breathe.

Michael: It really hurts.

Carly: I know. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, little breaths. Come on, sweetie, breathe.

Michael: It hurts!

Carly: Look at me.

Dillon: Hello.

Georgie: You realize if my parents knew I was meeting you here, they'd lock me in my room until I was 30.

Dillon: Yeah, maybe not.

Georgie: Look, I tried reasoning with my mom, but she will not go against what Mac says. And I don't think he's going to change his mind because he pretty much says that he never wants me to see you again.

Dillon: That is because Mac doesn't want you to hang around Dillon the screw-up with the funny hair. But I would like you to meet the new me.

Georgie: You're cutting your hair?

Dillon: No. I got a job. I am now Dillon the Łber-director.

Woman: I'll have a copy of the store clerk's statement on your desk this afternoon.

Ric: Thanks, Jamie.

Jamie: What's gotten Ms. Davis so worked up today?

Ric: Oh, that would be me.

Alexis: This is a violation of my client's rights, and I fully intend to file a motion to dismiss this based on improper conduct by the district attorney's office. You know, Lansing is not in an all-you-can-eat banquet where he can just fill his plate with whatever prosecution that happens to suit him at the time. It is completely inappropriate.

Ric: Ahem.

Alexis: I'm not going to -- you took Feldman off the case?

Ric: Yes. I needed a more experienced prosecutor.

Alexis: And that would be you?

Ric: That's right. Eileen Sheridan held a man at gunpoint. I think you can forget about your client getting off with a simple slap on the wrist here.

Alexis: There were extenuating circumstances.

Ric: Well, save it for the judge, Ms. Davis. I'm looking forward to getting you in open court.

Sam: Have you tried explaining to Michael that it's not up to him to fix his parents' marriage?

Jason: Of course I tried. You've tried; Sonny and Carly have tried; even Courtney. Michael doesn't listen. He does what he wants. He gets that from his parents.

Lorenzo: Hey, how's Michael?

Sam: He's holding his own. The doctors are just going to keep him for a few days for observation, but he's awake.

Lorenzo: That's good news.

Jason: You can leave now.

Lorenzo: You know, it would really be in your best interest to change your attitude since I just finalized the purchase for Courtneyís waterfront properties. So that means now I'm your landlord.

Mary: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Mary: I thought we can walk home together.

Nikolas: Yeah. I'm sorry that I was short with you earlier.

Mary: No, you don't have to apologize.

Nikolas: I just -- I'm -- Iím frustrated, you know? And -- but I don't want you to have to suffer for it.

Mary: Do I look like Iím suffering? I'm happy. I'm so happy to have you back. I can't help but want to make you happy, too.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. I think I finally have a place to start, anyway. The priest. The priest -- he -- he told me that I should accept all that you've done for me, and make sure that you know how much I appreciate it.

Mary: I like this guy.

Nikolas: He also gave me a job. The church needs to be painted, inside and out. So Iím going to be here working every day for a while.

Mary: You canít.

Jason: Physically, he's feeling better. He's awake. He's -- he's talking. He even tried to get me to pay somebody off for him.

Emily: Oh, God. Does it ever bother you that he's turning into Sonny right in -- right in front of your eyes?

Jason: I admire Sonny.

Emily: But you wouldn't want Michael to grow up just like him.

Jason: Trust me, Michaelís definitely his own person.

Emily: Yeah. I know you're still worried about him, huh? You know, Mom's been monitoring his case. She -- she says he's doing really well.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but he's going to get hurt again. Michael did this. He ran away, he pretended to be kidnapped so -- so he can get Sonny and Carly back together. And it's not like this kid did it for a selfish reason. It's like he's fighting for himself and he's fighting for Morgan. And fighting for the life that he wants. Which is exactly what we -- which we taught him to do, but it's not -- it's not going to happen. I mean, Sonny and Carly are in there right now explaining that nothing he does is going to stop the divorce.

Emily: You're right. It's going to hurt a whole lot worse than the fall ever did.

Jason: And I want to be -- I want to be there with him, you know? But if Iím -- if Iím standing in the hall, he can use me to hide from his parents, which is exactly what he tried to do in the custody hearing when he said that he wanted to be with me instead of them. So Iím just trying to keep my distance. But, you know, if you -- if you check on him to see if he needs me, that'd be -- that'd be good.

Emily: Yeah. I'll be back in five minutes with an update, ok?

Jason: Thank you.

Emily: All right. Hey, Jase, Michaelís going to be all right. He has you to help him through this.

Alexis: My witness list.

Ric: Thank you. So you're basing your entire case on the fact that the defendant's husband abandoned her?

Alexis: Eileen Sheridan raised and supported five children all by herself, along with a deadbeat husband who emptied out her bank account and disappeared.

Ric: Yes, well, Ms. Sheridan's decision to marry a deadbeat does not entitle her to commit a felony.

Alexis: Well, maybe she was in love. It makes one do desperate things.

Ric: She pulled a gun and robbed a convenience store.

Alexis: The gun wasn't loaded.

Ric: I don't think the convenience store owner's life, who she threatened, knew that at the time.

Alexis: But the officers who used excessive force when they arrested her did.

Ric: Ok, you know what? I shouldn't do this, but Iím going to offer you a deal. If your client pleads guilty to the weapons charge, she gets five years, she's out in two.

Alexis: No way. She is not going to jail. She has children to support.

Ric: Whom she can send to her mother; who lives in Kansas.

Alexis: 5,000 hours of community service.

Ric: No. No, no. A year, out in six months. That's my final offer.

Alexis: Done.

Ric: You know, I'm not surprised that you pled her out. You'd never beat me in open court.

Faith: Ric, I need a postponement.

Ric: Forget it.

Faith: I don't even have an attorney yet.

Alexis: Actually, she does. I'll be representing Ms. Rosco, and I look forward to beating you in open court.

Faith: Huh.

Dr. OíDonnell: The bleeding around Michaelís kidney is getting worse.

Carly: Ok, well, can you give him some medication to help it?

Dr. OíDonnell: I'm sorry, we're going to have to operate immediately. If the hematoma ruptures, Michaelís life could be at risk.

Jason: Is there any way to block the sale?

Justus: Courtney already accepted the offer. Unless something goes wrong in escrow, that property is legally Alcazar's.

Sam: Sonny's son is in there fighting for his life, and you took advantage of that by beating him at some business deal?

Lorenzo: A piece of commercial property was put up for sale. My offer was accepted. If you're looking for someone to blame, you should talk to the seller.

Jason: So why'd you do it?

Courtney: If you're asking me why I turned down your offer, Jason, it's because you weren't honest with me. You guys used a holding company instead of just --

Jason: So you turn around and sell to Alcazar, instead?

Courtney: Alcazar?

Jason: Yeah, congratulations, Courtney. You sold out to Sonny's enemy. If you wanted payback, you got it.

Emily: Jason, you need to come to I.C.U. They're taking Michael for emergency surgery.

Michael: This going to hurt?

Sonny: The doctor's going to give you medication, and then you're going to be able to sleep.

Carly: Mm-hmm. And then when you wake up, you're going to feel so much better.

Michael: I want you and daddy to stay with me. You and daddy.

Sonny: We're not going anywhere, buddy.

Carly: Yeah, sweetheart. We love you. We'll be right here when you wake up. Ok. I'm just going to walk with him to the operating room.

Orderly: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Carly: Excuse me, I -- it's just, he needs me to be with him. He's my child.  Sonny.

Sonny: I know, Carly. Let them do their job.

Carly: Sonny, I just -- I want to make sure they take care of him.

Sonny: They will, they will, they will.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ric: Trust me, Alexis, you're not nearly as good as you seem to think.

Tracy: You and I need to have a little chat.

Emily: The bleeding's gotten worse. Surgery is the only way to get it under control.

Courtney: I thought that Michael was getting better.

Sonny: You just need to do whatever you got to do to save my son's life.

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