GH Transcript Tuesday 4/20/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/20/04

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Skye: What is he doing out of the freezer?

Luke: I'm thawing him out enough to bend his arms and legs so we can sit him up in the car when we move him to the Quartermaines' tonight.

Skye: And how long do you think these emails are going to convince Ross' superiors he's on an extended undercover investigation?

Luke: Long enough to clear you of a murder charge.

Skye: Yeah, provided nothing else goes wrong.

[Knock on door]

Faith: Open up, kids! It's your not-so-silent partner, Faith. We have lots to discuss!

Ric: My gut is screaming at me that Sonny is the natural father of Alexis' child. All I got to do is prove it. Let me take it. Alexis.

Alexis: No, whatever it is, please call my office.

Ric: Well, first I'd like to talk to you about Sonny and his role as a father.

Carly: Michael faked being kidnapped so he could force us back together. He wants our family back the way it used to be. Sonny, we have got to figure out what is best for him.

Sonny: So you're saying you'd be with a man you hate just so your kids would be happy?

Carly: I don't hate you, Sonny.

Jason: Michael? Can you hear me? Michael? Michael! Michael, it's Jason! I need you to talk to me, buddy. Come on. Come on, say something, Michael. Please, make a sound.

[Leaves rustle]

Skye: Luke's not here.

Faith: Hmm. Ok, then tell me where he is and I'll let you get back to your knitting or whatever the rich and useless do to pass the time.

Skye: Well, if Luke isn't at the casino, then I really have no idea where he is, so -- I have a bubble bath waiting.

Faith: Oh, and be careful not to put the blow dryer too close to the tub. We wouldn't want you to meet with any unfortunate accidents.

Skye: Did you find anything?

Luke: Yeah. I've been running through Ross' address book, trying to match it to his call history. I've recognized a number.

Skye: Somebody we know?

Luke: Well, let me put this way -- he was connected to the Haunted Star before the night you met him. In other words, you're not the only vixen I know in bed with a dead Detective Duncan.

Skye: Faith?

Luke: He was probably one of her boys on the take. Maybe he got greedy.

Skye: So she eliminated him.

Luke: Well, it's called killing two birds with one ice pick.

Skye: Well, she's not going to get away with this. She committed murder, and I'm going to love sending her to prison.

Luke: Hey, whoa, not so fast!

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: How was the memorial?

Dillon: Definitely not boring. Some parts were sad and moving, but other parts were just ridiculous, like Nikolas' grandmother -- she stood up and starts just cursing everyone in the room or something. I don't know.

Georgie: I'm sorry.

Dillon: I wish that I had known Nikolas better. I mean, I -- I realized that prince is a title mostly, but he lived up to it.

Georgie: You and Nikolas actually have a lot in common.

Dillon: Like what, our catastrophically messed-up families?

Georgie: No. I was thinking more of how you dealt with your catastrophically messed-up families. Nikolas wouldn't let the Cassadines run his life, and you won't let the Quartermaines run yours.

Dillon: Canít. It's a waste of time. Nikolas loved Emily. He loved her regardless of what anybody thought. Not -- not everyone has that, that kind of love, but we can. We just -- we just, we got to start living in the moment, you know?

Georgie: What do you mean?

Dillon: I mean we're here for, like, a second. You know, you and me.  We -- we belong together.

Ric: Yeah, get on that as quick as possible. Thank you. Oh, expect to hear from my office. I've subpoenaed all the records from the Corinthos custody case.

Alexis: Why

Ric: Because you made serious allegations about Sonny's criminal activities.

Alexis: I was trying to win Carly custody of her children.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: That was what I was hired to do, and none of those documents can be used in a criminal prosecution.

Ric: Why are you covering for him?

Alexis: I'm not.

Ric: The only thing that I can think of is you're worried about some sort of repercussions. What does Sonny have on you?

Carly: I hate the way you act sometimes. I hate the way that you turn on people. I mean, it's not only me, Sonny. It's Courtney and Mike, even Jason -- anyone that you think may have failed you in some way. And I don't understand why you can be so cruel to the people that you love the most.

Sonny: Why do the people I love betray me?

Carly: Sonny, it is not always about you. Sometimes people make choices that you don't like, and you can't just shut down on them.

Sonny: It's not something I want.

Carly: It's just the way you are, right? Oh, God, the biggest mistake that people make when they get married is that they try to change their partner.

Sonny: I loved you, Carly, for who you are. I just -- I just wanted you to stay out of my business.

Carly: I'm not talking about you, Sonny. I'm talking about me. The whole time that I was married to you, I was trying to save you. Because I believed in that man behind all those scars. So I followed your rules and I wanted to exorcise your demons. But in the process, Sonny, I lost this big part of myself.

Jason: Michael! It's Jason! Let me know if you hear me, buddy! Just move your hand or something!

Lorenzo: Yes, the woods off Skycliff Road. He's unconscious at the bottom of a well. Is there any water?

Jason: Not that I can see. I'm shining the light right in his face and there's no reaction.

Lorenzo: All right, the paramedics need to bring rescue equipment. No, we cannot tell if he's breathing.

Jason: We got to get him out of here!

Lorenzo: Yes, I will hold on the line. They said not to move him. He could have a spinal injury.

Jason: I'm not going to let Michael die while I stand around waiting for the paramedics. Iím going to get him. You have to pull him out when I hand him to you.

Skye: I don't know why we can't go to the police now that we know who set me up.

Luke: We don't have any proof.

Skye: Yeah, we do. We have Ross' P.D.A. It connects him to Faith.

Luke: And you think Lansing is just going to overlook that little detail about a cop being found dead on your living room floor with an ice pick in his back?

Skye: Yeah, yeah. Don't remind me. Oh, poor Ross.

Luke: Please. Don't sentimentalize the corpse.

Skye: I mean it. It's such a waste, you know? Look at him. Actually looks like the kind of guy you could marry, you know? Oh. Oh. We're almost here. No, don't -- don't go in the front gate. Go around to the service entrance because no one uses it this time of night.


Officer: This is the police. Pull over and turn off your engine.

Georgie: So are you feeling any better?

Dillon: I don't know, Emily is really who I'm worried about. They never even found Nikolas' body.

Georgie: You got me thinking about wasting time. And you're right, there's no guarantees in life, so it got me thinking about the boathouse.

Dillon: I wasn't talking about sex, Georgie.

Georgie: Yeah, but you still want to do it, right?

Dillon: Yes, of course -- yes, of course I do.

Georgie: Then it's like I said before, we're not rushing. I trust you, Dillon.

Dillon: I know. I just -- I don't know if I think the boathouse is good enough for our first time together.

Georgie: As long as we're together, I don't think we're going to care. All we need is privacy, and no one goes there this time of year.

Dillon: Uh -- there's one thing -- my grandfather is, like, a freak about keeping an eye on all the shacks on our property. He, like, is always making sure that the master key is in the safe box in his study, and --

Georgie: Dillon, you've seen, like, a billion spy movies. Couldn't you take them without anyone noticing?

Dillon: Is that what you want?

Georgie: It is.

Dillon: Then the boathouse tonight is ours.

Georgie: Bye.

Ric: Look, you've obviously made some poor choices where Sonny is concerned, but now you're worried about some sort of retaliation from somewhere about something that I don't know.

Alexis: Try to grasp this -- I never participated in or had any knowledge of Sonny's alleged criminal activity. I was his lawyer on retainer. Everything I did was completely legal. Thank you.

Ric: Mm-hmm. You know what?  You're very good; you're very professional. You're also very detached and, you know, a little bit condescending. I don't particularly mind that, but you're lying through your teeth.

Alexis: How do you know that?

Ric: You admitted to sleeping with Sonny during the custody trial. Is this standard practice as a lawyer on retainer?

Alexis: One night. That was one night, one regrettable lapse in judgment that could have and should have been forgotten long ago if it weren't for Carly.

Luke: You got this covered?

Skye: Yeah, piece of cake.

Officer: Evening, sir.

Luke: Hey.

Officer: Ma'am.

Skye: Oh, Officer Watkins. Ooh, your light is so bright.

Ofc. Watkins: Sorry, Ms. Quartermaine. We met after the holdup at the Haunted Star.

Skye: Uh-huh.

Luke: That's my place, too, officer. I was actually out of town when that happened, but I understand you did an outstanding job.

Ofc. Watkins: Thank you.

Luke: Um -- so what's the problem? Over 30 in a blue-blood zone?

Ofc. Watkins: Actually, you have a broken taillight.

Skye: Oh.

Luke: Oh, I missed that.

Ofc. Watkins: Have it fixed soon?

Luke: Yeah. Now, I mean, if there's nothing else, I'd kind of like to get Ms. Quartermaine and her friend home. He's had too much to drink. I mean, he's just dead.

Ofc. Watkins: Hope he feels better.

Luke: Thanks again!

Skye: This is disgusting.

Luke: Hey, wait a minute. We're not in the clear yet.

Skye: He's coming back?

Ofc. Watkins: Sorry, I meant to ask you -- the detective that arrested Ms. Rosco a while back, Ross Duncan -- he's disappeared.

Luke: You don't say.

Ofc. Watkins: The last time anyone saw him was Monday the 12th at your casino. It would be helpful if you could come down to the station sometime, check out a few mug shots?

Skye: Oh, absolutely.

Ofc. Watkins: Have a good night.

Luke: Ok, thanks!

Skye: Oh, my -- my God. Luke, they are searching for him now. They know something's wrong. How long do you think it's going to take the police to figure out that Ross was with me?

Luke: Well, technically, darling, he's not with anybody anymore.

Skye: Yeah, well, you got that right, Luke. I'm wedged here in a back seat next to a corpse thanks to your brilliant plan. Now, I appreciate the help -- I really appreciate the offer of help, but all you've managed to do is make a thoroughly disgusting situation worse. I'm telling you, if you can't find a way to get Ross into a freezer tonight, I am going to call the police and I'm going to explain everything.

Luke: Have I mentioned how hot it makes me when you panic?

Jason: It's ok, buddy. I'm going to get you out of here.

Lorenzo: Is he alive?

Jason: He's ice-cold. He's barely got a pulse. We got to get him out.

Jason: Ok. Ok, here we go.

Lorenzo: Come on. I got you.

Sonny: I would do anything for my sons, either of them, but you said that you can't be with me because you'd lose yourself. I never wanted to break you. I just didn't -- I didn't think it was a lot to ask for trust and loyalty.

Carly: I was loyal. I even am now. My God, Sonny, you put a gun in my hand and you wanted me to kill Lorenzo.

Sonny: I knew you weren't going to shoot him.

Carly: What if I did? What if in that moment nothing was more important than proving myself to you?

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Carly: What?

Sonny: I'm sorry for putting the gun in your hand. I would never force you to kill anyone, not even -- not even the bastard who destroyed our family.

Carly: So then why did you do it, Sonny? Why?

Sonny: I'll tell you. I just -- I wanted to punish you because I knew you wanted to save him.

Carly: You always want to punish me.

Sonny: I knew damn well when you walked into that apartment you weren't -- you weren't there to stop a crime. You were there to save Alcazar. I just wanted -- I wanted you to admit it. I still do.

Carly: Ok, so I wanted to save Lorenzo.

Sonny: Because you love him?

Carly: No, Sonny. God, because I love you.

Lorenzo: He's out of the well.

Jason: He's barely breathing.

Lorenzo: His breathing is shallow. He looks like he's in shock. Send the paramedics directly to 243 Skycliff Road.

Jason: It's ok, buddy, you're doing good. It's ok. Just hold on a little longer, ok? You're doing good.

Luke: I'm going to need a chiropractor from lugging this dead weight.

Skye: You know what, I'm going to make sure that everyone's upstairs.

Luke: Hey, no, no, no, the house is too big for that. We got to get the meat in the freezer before it turns any more.

Skye: Ok, well, look, the basement -- the basement is this way. Let's go.

Luke: Ok.

Skye: Oh, God.

[Door closes]

Skye: All right, in the closet, fast!

Dillon: Hey.

Luke: Ah, D.W. Griffith.

Dillon: What are you guys doing here?

Skye: I could ask you the same thing. I thought you swore off this family for good.

Dillon: Well, I came to get D.V.D's.

Luke: Oh, yeah, well, a man's collection are a window into his soul.

Dillon: They are?

Skye: Yeah, depends on what you're collecting, I guess.

Luke: Uh-huh.

Dillon: You guys are acting a little weird. What's -- what's going on?

Maxie: Is that what you wanted?

Georgie: I don't know. Are they the right kind?

Maxie: I don't know. They're latex condoms. I didn't get any more specific.

Georgie: Thank you, Maxie. You are saving my life.

Maxie: Georgie, can I talk to you for a minute?

Georgie: Yeah, but I only have a minute before I have to meet Dillon at the boathouse.

Maxie: Ok, then really fast -- why are you doing this, really?

Georgie: I love Dillon and I want to show him how much.

Maxie: Dillon loves you, too, but it's not like he's pressuring you to have sex right now.

Georgie: Maxie, you were the one who told me to get back together with Dillon, and you were right. Look, after everything that we've been through, Dillon and I are even stronger and better than ever. Maxie, if Dillon was the last person that I was ever with, I would know it was right. Come on, Iím going to stop wasting time. I mean, look at Emily and Nikolas. It is so easy to lose someone that you love.

Maxie: Ok, well, if you're sure, then Iím really happy for you.

Georgie: Thank you, thank you! I know this sounds a little crazy, but if feels like my entire life is beginning tonight.

Ric: See, it's a matter of public record that you did a D.N.A. test in October of 2002.

Man: You know how many D.N.A. tests I do a month?

Ric: Yeah, well, I'm interested in one in particular -- Kristina Ashton Davis.

Man: I'd have to look it up.

Ric: That's ok. I already know the test results. I want the real ones.

Man: Somebody must have given you the wrong name or something.

Ric: Do you have any idea what the penalty is for tampering with medical records?

Man: I'd lose my job.

Ric: No, you'd go to jail, unless you cooperate with my office. Might be able to grant you immunity if you give me the truth now.

Man: I remember the test. I switched the results.

Ric: All right, I need the truth. Is Sonny Corinthos Kristina Davis' real father?

Carly: Oh, let's just face it, Sonny -- we are fundamentally incompatible. I mean, it's not just sloppy versus neat-freak. I mean, that's annoying, but it's kind of endearing.

Sonny: As long as you don't mind coming home to a freezer full of pizzas and find that your best knife is being used to unscrew -- what is it, a toy jet?

Carly: Oh, you see? You see? You are still mad at me about that.

Sonny: No, you said we're incompatible. I'm just agreeing.

Carly: You know, Sonny, things didn't work out between us because we were always testing each other, and one of us was doomed to fail.

Sonny: I don't really agree with that. I mean, I think, you know, our marriage at times was loud and irritating, but it didn't really start getting bad until Alcazar showed up.

Carly: That's not true.

Sonny: Well --

Carly: It isn't, Sonny. We had problems all along. There was always some issue, some other woman, and, I mean, think about it, Sonny. Think about our arguments. It's always about the same thing. It was about me doing something that I thought was for a good reason, and you finding out about it and getting furious.

Sonny: Right, then you'd say you're sorry when you didn't mean it, then I'd say I forgive you when I didn't mean it, then it'd go back to being the way it was, right? Well, I guess that's what you mean by testing me. You know, you -- you'd do something crazy, like blow your life apart. You needed to take that risk to see if somebody loved you, to prove they can forgive you for anything.

Carly: Yeah, and you need someone who obeys you. And who can't fail and can't think for themselves.

Sonny: I guess what you're saying is I'm a selfish bastard.

Carly: Not with your kids, Sonny. Ok, and I don't want to be, either. I want to do what it is best for them, and I just -- I don't know what that is right now because that family that Michael wants -- it does not exist anymore.

Sonny: Things change, you know. People figure out they're fundamentally incompatible, but the love doesn't go away. That's what we got to tell Michael, you know -- that we love him. And just because the marriage is breaking up doesn't mean the family is. We will always be there for him as a family together.

Carly: All right. So we'll just reassure Michael, and hopefully at some -- oh, my God.

Sonny: What happened?

Lorenzo: He fell down an abandoned well in the woods.

Carly: How long was he down there, huh?

Jason: I don't know. He was unconscious when we --

Carly: Oh my gosh.  He's cold as ice. Give me this.

Lorenzo: I called the paramedics. They're on their way.

Sonny: Hey, buddy, it's going to be ok. You're home. Buddy?

Carly: Oh, my God, come on, Mr. Man. Come on.

Skye: So, Dillon, where are you going to be staying, huh? You're actually one of the Quartermaines I like. I'd hate to lose touch.

Dillon: Dude, what are you doing?

Luke: Oh, back pain, man. This technique was taught to me by a Midwestern doctor to realign the spine.

Dillon: You don't mean Eastern doctor, like holistic doctor?

Luke: No, I mean Midwestern, like Omaha.

Dillon: Ok. Well, I'm going to get my D.V.Dís.

Skye: Dillon, no don't --

Luke: Dillon, you didn't see us here, ok?

Dillon: Same with me.

Luke: Deal.

Skye: I knew this was a bad idea.

Luke: Less griping, more lugging. Oh, come on, pop. Here we go.

[Voices approach]

[Skye gasps]

Edward: Why should you walk up and down the basement stairs every time cook needs something? She can use the little freezer in the pantry, and the walk-in unit, you -- what in blazes! This look like a brothel to you?

Skye: Well, Luke was just consoling me after an emotionally draining week.

Alice: Come on.  I think it's romantic, don't you?

Edward: Groping each other against a door?

Alice: Well, some attractions are too powerful to resist.

Edward: And we're supposed to sit here and watch?

Luke: No, you're not. Don't watch. Leave us in privacy, will you?

Edward: Spencer! This happens to be my house!

Alice: It's ok, Mr. Quartermaine. Leave them in peace, and I'll clean out the freezer.

Luke: Alice, you're a champion of romance.

Edward: You're also a soft touch. Suit yourself. Come. I got to talk to you about something upstairs. You'll clean out the freezer later tonight.

Skye: God. Did you hear that?

Luke: Yeah.

Skye: The freezer is still full.

Luke: Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. I -- uh -- I always have a plan B.

Doctor: What do we got?

Paramedic: 8-year-old boy, fell down a well. Altered L.O.C. at the scene, chest contusion, hypothermic, and delayed cap refill.

Doctor: Get him into cubicle one. You'll have to wait here.

Sonny: No, no, he's going to want to see us when he wakes up.

Doctor: Just let us get him assessed and stabilized.

Carly: Our child's hurt. He's going to need his parents.

Doctor: We'll let you in as soon as possible.

Sonny: Can --

Carly: Oh, no, no.

Sonny: No, no, let the doctor do -- you're going to help him through this, ok?

Carly: Yeah, but he's going to need us when he wakes up. He's going to be afraid, Sonny.

Sonny: He's -- he's going to be fine.

Carly: Excuse me, is -- is Michael ok? Is he still unconscious?

Paramedic: I think we got him here in time.

Sonny: What do you mean, you think? What do you mean, "think"?

Paramedic: Your son has a very serious condition. Fifteen more minutes and he may not have survived.

Second paramedic: Whoever got Michael out of that well saved his life.

Sonny: Hey. No, it's ok.

Ric: Is that it?

Man: You need to know I didn't want to do this.  Mr. Ashton said it's what the mother wanted because the real father was a dangerous man.

Ric: Which is Sonny Corinthos, right?

Man: It's all right here. The D.N.A.'s a perfect match. Sonny Corinthos is the father.

Ric: Thank you, Jeff. The state thanks you. You did the right thing.

Jason: I climbed down and handed up Michael to Alcazar.

Sonny: Did Michael ever wake up?

Jason: No.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you for finding him, both of you. The paramedics said that you saved his life.

Lorenzo: Just glad we got to him in time. I'm going to get some coffee. You need anything?

Carly: No, thanks.

Jason: Carly, are you ok?

Carly: I will be as soon as Michaelís --

Sonny: How's our son?

Doctor: Michael is still very hypothermic. We're working to get his core body temperature up. Then we're going to take him for a cat scan, then x-ray his chest and then right leg, and then he'll be admitted to Pediatric I.C.U.

Carly: Can I see him first?

Doctor: One at a time.

Sonny: Go ahead, go ahead.

Carly: Hey. Hey, Mr. Man.  You gave us quite a scare, you know. We all love you so very much and your daddy -- your daddy and Jason, they're outside. They're waiting for you. So -- um -- we love you, and I'm right here for you. So do me a favor, Mr. Man -- wake up, ok? You wake up so you can give me one of your world-class hugs.

Skye: No, Ross should be fine here for the moment. The Quartermaines don't use this place until at least mid-May.

Luke: Well, it won't take long. I expect that Alice will clean out the freezer before she turns in for the night.

Skye: Yeah, Alice is nothing if not diligent.

Luke: We're practically home free.

Skye: Oh, God, Luke, what if they turn off the power switch to the meat locker?

Luke: Relax, we'll keep an eye on the power switch. We'll keep it turned on. Besides, he's only going to be in there until we connect Faith to the murder.

Skye: Ugh, Faith. What did I tell you about Faith? I warned you she was nothing but a homicidal maniac who causes nothing but trouble.

Luke: Well, you were right, but I'm sure going to miss her money.

Skye: Please, there are other ways to make money, ok, other ways to take a chance that don't involve getting me framed for murder.

Luke: Oh, now this is my fault?

Dillon: Guess who.

Georgie: The lead singer of the White Stripes?

Dillon: No. It's your poor excuse for a boyfriend.

Georgie: Aw, thank you. Did you steal this from your grandfather's house?

Dillon: Well, I did, among other things.

Georgie: Is that the key to the boathouse?

Dillon: No one even knows I lifted it. Hey! So are you -- you ready for this?

Georgie: I am. I love you, Dillon.

Dillon: I love you, too.

Alexis: Good, I'm glad you got the message.

Carly: What? I am here to see --

Alexis: What have you told Sonny about Kristina?

Carly: Nothing.

Alexis: I am being threatened constantly, specifically about my fitness as a parent.

Carly: Oh, so Sonny thinks you're a bad mother? You think he's a bad father. Big deal.

Alexis: If you told Sonny that Kristina is his daughter and you're stringing me along so he can lay groundwork for a custody battle, I'm going to find out about it.

Carly: Listen, if Sonny knew Kristina was his daughter, she would be out of your house and she would be out of the country. He wouldn't bother with you or the legal system. He would take her away from you, and it is exactly what you deserve, so do not tempt me.

Luke: Let's check out that freezer.

Skye: What, are you crazy? You can't go anywhere near that thing. Now listen, I will find Alice. I'll find out when she's going to be done. But in the meantime, Ross is fine where we left him in the boathouse.

Edward: Someone took the key to the boathouse. I want to know who.

Alice: Oh, Mr. Q, there's no need to go down there.

Edward: What are you not telling me, Alice?

Alice: Well, all right. I caught Dillon making off with the key, and I let him.

Edward: Why would Dillon want the key to the boathouse?

Alice: He's with his girlfriend?

Dillon: You are really good at kissing and walking at the same time.

Georgie: I can't -- I can't believe that this is really happening.

Dillon: It -- uh -- usually looks a little better than this. You see? This is what I mean. You deserve so much more than what we've got going --

Georgie: No, no, no, Dillon, Dillon, Dillon. Do you remember the first time that we tried this? We splurged on a hotel room, got all dressed up, and it didn't even matter. All that matters is that you're here with me and you're holding me and kissing me.

Dillon: Ok, all right, you know what? Let me just, like, set the mood, ok, because we've got -- no, seriously, we've got --

Georgie: It's ok.

Dillon: There's, like, party candles in here and -- no, there's, like, tons of chairs and the chaise lounges and things like that, and we can set the whole thing.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: What? Oh, you're nervous because it's our first time. Don't worry about it.

Georgie: No, no, no, it's not what you --

Dillon: No, Georgie, I promise you, I will go -- I will go slow, I'll be gentle --

Georgie: Dillon, turn around.

Dillon: What, you're embarrassed about undressing in front of me now?

Georgie: Dillon, look.

Dillon: Oh! Ok.

Georgie: Um --

Dillon: Um -- Hey!

Georgie: Is he, you know -- is he dead?

Dillon: He is so dead.

Sonny: I'm sorry, Michael. I should've been paying more attention. I didn't know you were so sad you'd run and hide. I'll do anything to make this right. You got to open your eyes, buddy.

Doctor: Mr. Corinthos? Sorry to interrupt, but they need you up in pediatrics to fill out some paperwork, and that's where we'll be bringing Michael after his tests.

Sonny: Can I just sit with him?

Doctor: We need the forms to proceed with more tests.

Sonny: Ok, buddy. They're going to do some tests, ok? Your mom and I will be out there waiting for you when you're done, ok?  I got to go to pediatrics. Can you just stay with him? I know he's asleep, but I just -- I want somebody with him.

Jason: Yeah, no problem.

Jason: Hey, buddy, how you feeling?

Michael: Did it work?

Alexis: What heinous crime have I ever committed against you, Carly, that you make me pay for one night of misjudgment with your husband every minute of every day, and then you expose my indiscretion in open court?

Carly: Well, if sleeping with him and having his child wasn't enough, you brought up the subject of his breakdowns on the stand. And you know what, it backfired in your face because Sonny now truly does hate you, and the only reason that Kristina is still yours is because I haven't opened my mouth. Don't push me, Alexis. Really, honestly, I don't know why I shouldnít.

Alexis: Because I saved your butt when you deserved to have your children taken away from you.

Carly: What did you just say to me?

Alexis: I said you are a horrible woman --

Carly: Oh, you think so?

Alexis: And a rotten mother.

Carly: And?

Sonny: Who are you to lecture anyone on what it is to be a good mother? Carly's here because she's helping her son fight for his life. The doctor had to drag her away from Michael. Speaking of children, where's Kristina? Do you even care?

Alexis: Who the hell do you think you are?

Sonny: How far you going to push me, Alexis? Until I push back? Until I see that kid of yours with her father?

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Dillon: There's a dead body in the boathouse.

Edward: Whose dead body?

Ric: If you want to protect yourself, then help me put Sonny behind bars once and for all.

Emily: Mary, what are you doing here?

Carly: Ok, it's not as bad as it could be, right?

Doctor: We need to take Michael for a CAT scan.

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