GH Transcript Friday 4/16/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/16/04

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Nikolas: I want to remember when I got this cross. I want to find my way back to the person I was when I -- or maybe Iím looking in the wrong place, the wrong direction.

Lucky: Emily?

Emily: Hey. Uh -- it's early. The service doesn't start for a while.

Lucky: All right. Emily, I don't want you to be alone.

Emily: Thank you.

Carly: Courtney makes you happy, Jason. You love her and you always will. Don't go throwing that away on Sonny's orders.

Jason: This isn't Sonny's choice. It's mine.

Carly: Ok, then you look me in the eye right now and tell me that you don't love Courtney.

Jason: I don't love Courtney.

Mike: You have the nerve to call Courtney disloyal and you can't see the double standard staring you in the face? You have a choice. You can accept your responsibility as a husband, a father, and a brother or you can run!

Sonny: I don't run, Mike! I'm not a coward like you.

Mike: That's right. That's right -- you're a different kind of coward. You drive away everyone who loves you before they can hurt you by leaving on their own. And now you're doing the same thing to your little sister.

Sonny: I don't have a sister. I already told you that.

Courtney: Oh, trust me, there is a lot of times I wish I didn't have a brother either, Sonny.   But that's not something we get to decide.

Sonny: You want to show us how it's done? Or how to make everything all right?

Mike: Hey, I just want you to think --

Sonny: Come on!

Mike: About what you're --

Sonny: Show me -- show me how to be a good father, a real family man! Choose between me and her because you can't have both.

Mike: Don't be ridiculous.

Sonny: Come on! Take a stand for once in your life! Which one do you want?

Sonny: What's wrong -- can't make up your mind?

Courtney: Will you please stop?

Sonny: Come on, Mike. You called me over here. Don't waste my time -- which kid do you want?

Courtney: Sonny, you're being unfair.

Sonny: Make a choice!

Courtney: Quit yelling at dad.

Sonny: "Dad," "dad." You hear that, dad? Whose dad are you?

Courtney: Leave him alone.

Sonny: You crawled into my life --

Courtney: Sonny --

Sonny: Years ago whining for a second chance, begging to be my father. Well, be a father. Show her what it means to be loyal. Help her understand the cost of betrayal. You choose me, you'll have the son you always wanted. All your dreams will come true. What's it going to be?

Mike: And what if I did choose you? How could you live? How could you find an excuse for all the pain that you've caused? Yeah, I could've been a better father. There's no question I made mistakes and you've suffered for them. You know what, Sonny? In the here and now, you could be a better son, a better husband, and you should sure as hell could be a lot better father. Look at you. Just look at you -- you're disrespecting me and you're ignoring your sister. And all the time, we're pretending your girlfriend isn't standing right over there. And all the while, you have two very healthy sons who would give the world to be with you right now. You dwell in the past. You look for reasons to feel betrayed. You deliberately hurt your sister and everyone else in this world who loves you most.

Sonny: You're stalling, Mike. You afraid to make a choice? Go ahead, run. It's what you do; it's what you're good at.

Courtney: Damn it, Sonny. Why can't you see that he loves you? Why do you have to punish him for it?

Mike: And Courtney loves you, too. But she has a mind and a heart of her own, and you don't respect that. You don't respect her -- you never did. You -- you can't even try to see her side of this. So fine. I'll make you happy. I'll do one good thing for you in my life. I choose Courtney.

Carly: You are lying straight to my face. I never thought you'd do that.

Jason: I used to love Courtney.

Carly: When? Three seconds ago?

Jason: Carly, I don't know her. And I can't love anyone I don't know.

Carly: Ok, so -- so when did Courtney become a stranger? Huh, Jason? When she did something that you don't like?

Jason: We've been through this, ok? She saved Alcazar's life; she knocked me out so he could run away.

Carly: Yeah, to keep you from going to prison.

Jason: What, by hitting me over the head and calling the cops on Sonny?

Carly: She got scared, all right?

Jason: No, it's not all right! You're the one who panics. You call the cops; you do stupid things without thinking about it. Courtney knew exactly what she was doing. And stopping a crime was more important to her than her loyalty to me and to Sonny and that proves that I can't trust her!

Carly: Ok, so you can't trust her because she doesn't do exactly, exactly what it is that you want? You know, you have been spending way too much time with Sonny. You make choices every day. Jason, you make choices every day that hurt her. And so now, she made one that hurt you -- great. You know what? It is actually really good because now you know what it feels like.

Jason: No, and that's why it's over. Carly, it's done so no one can get hurt anymore.

Carly: You know you're lying to yourself, Jason. You're lying to yourself, you're lying to Courtney, and you're doing all of this to try and please Sonny. Well, guess what -- he's wrong. He is wrong, just like he was when he tried to keep the two of you apart in the first place. Will you just stand up to him and tell him that you love Courtney; you're going to be with her no matter what? Tell him that you have your own life and you're going to live it exactly the way that you want to live it.

Jason: Do you hear yourself? This has nothing to do with me and Courtney. It's only about you and Sonny. Like always.

Michael: I'll leave a ransom note. Mommy and daddy will get so worried, they'll forget all about being mad. Then Iíll show up and say that I escaped from the bad guys. And they'll be so happy, they'll love each other again.

Nikolas: This cross was supposed to protect me. It was supposed to bring me home safe to the woman I love.

Emily: Nikolas feels so close -- as if he were just inside this church waiting for me.

Lucky: He is, in spirit. And we should be glad for that.

Nikolas: The man I used to be, he's -- he's lost somewhere, and he's trying to find his way home. He's trying to find his way home to the life, to the love that he left behind. Please, God, show me the way.

Emily: I don't want to say goodbye, but I can't keep holding on, either. It hurts too much.

Lucky: I know, but I think Nikolas -- he'd want us to get on with it.

Priest: Excuse me, sir. Please use the side door.

Nikolas: Is there a problem?

Priest: Guests are arriving for a service this evening.

Emily: It feels like Nikolas was here and he's reaching out and he's trying to tell me something. We were married in this church; at least our hearts were. Nikolas promised to share my burdens, keep my secrets, to trust me and believe in me, and to love me forever.

Lucky: You hold on to those promises, Em. They'll help get you through.

Emily: I need to touch base with the priest and then go home and change. My family's going to be here in full force, just so you know, all right? Helena's probably going to show up. I wish Laura could be here.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I'm kind of glad she isnít. Maybe she'll never realize that Nikolas is gone.

Emily: But you need her. What about your family?

Lucky: Well, Bobbie and Lucas -- they're out of town, and my grandmother Lesley, she'll be here with Lulu.

Emily: What about your father? Does he even know about the memorial?

Lucky: I'm sure he saw the paper.

Emily: What, you haven't asked him to be here?

Lucky: No. I'm not going to.

Emily: All right, then I will.

Lucky: Listen, Em, that's a bad idea.

Emily: But Nikolas respected Luke. I know he'd want him to be here. Should I call or should I go in person?

Lucky: Will asking my dad make you feel better about the memorial service?

Emily: Yes.

Lucky: Ok, then Iím coming with you. You don't want to catch my dad off-guard, you know, in the middle of something.

[Luke speaks German]

Skye: What are you doing?

Luke: Danken.

Skye: You know what? I can't take much more of this.

Luke: Much more what?

Skye: There's a dead cop in my laundry room crammed into a rented freezer!

Luke: Sweetheart, that's the only way we can keep the guy from turning ripe.

Skye: Yeah, well, you said that was going to be a temporary solution. Have you come up with a more permanent one?

Luke: Yeah -- to solve the murder! Did you happen to remember anything else?

Skye: No.

Luke: Well, you know, I'm not surprised. You were so blasted when you staggered out of the casino.

Skye: I must've killed him.

Luke: Maybe, maybe not.

Skye: Luke, he can't stay in my house much longer, you know -- freezer or no freezer -- so what's the plan?

Luke: Well, Ross is having some very productive emails with his boss. Did you know all the cops hate Lansing?

Skye: Yeah, well, that's a surprise.

Luke: They're also pretty worried about Mac and his recovery. But our boy is still working on his case; it's a very complicated case. Could take years if necessary.

Skye: Ok, you know what? Let's try this again, shall we?  What is the plan?

Luke: You're so cute when you do that.

Skye: Oh, you know what? Just forget it! I'm -- Iím going to think of something myself. Just forget I even bothered you.

Luke: Another freezer.

Skye: That's it?

Luke: For now.

Skye: You want to move Ross Duncanís body into another freezer? That's actually your idea of a solution?

Luke: We're going to have to, aren't we, since you don't want him stashed next to your pork chops and frozen peas.

Skye: Luke, listen. I have to know that there's a plan in mind before I see Tracy today. Now, she is going to be at that memorial.

Luke: Tracy thinks I punched out your one-night stand. What's the problem?

Skye: But what if she gets suspicious? I need to know that everything is being taken care of.

Luke: But it is. All we got to figure out is who -- besides you -- could've put the guy on ice.

Skye: That could take all summer!

Luke: So we need to find a remote freezer.

Skye: No, listen, I -- I cannot have a dead cop in my house in a freezer, especially since Iím the one who probably killed him with an ice pick when I was drunk!

Luke: Blaze, calm down. We'll find somewhere to stash him. Question is, where?

Sonny: I'm not surprised you picked Courtney. She'll be grateful and she'll expect nothing from you.

Mike: And am I supposed to be sorry?

Sonny: The one thing, you know, that you managed to do that I could never do is to get my pathetic old man off my back. Thank you.

Sam: Sonny, wait.

Sonny: No, no, no.

Sam: These people are your family.

Sonny: You don't know --

Sam: You love them.

Sonny: You don't know anything about my family. What are you doing here?

Sam: I just -- I thought I could help.

Sonny: No, stay out -- stay out of it.

Carly: Sonny's an arrogant jerk. He is a control freak and he does exactly what he wants. He can't be satisfied. He gives orders to people that nobody can possibly follow. You know what? He trashes everybody for standing in their way. You know, I'm done.

Jason: Carly, calm down!

Carly: I am so done with the drama! I'm calm, and I know exactly what I am doing. Sonny and I -- we're over. But I'm not quite finished yet.

Jason: What -- it doesn't make any sense what you just said.

Carly: Don't worry, it will.

Luke: Freezers --

[Knock on door]

Luke: Go away.

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: It's open. Hello.

Lucky: Hey. We were wondering if you'd seen the paper -- about Nikolas.

Luke: Yep, I saw it.

Emily: Nikolas had great respect for you, and Lucky and I would both appreciate it if you went to the memorial.

Luke: Sure -- when bacon takes wing.

Mary: Connor, donít.

Nikolas: Don't what?

Leticia: Hey, Michael? Is Morgan ok?

Michael: He's fine, Leticia, don't worry.

[Leticia vacuums]

Michael: "Dear Michaelís mother, I have your son." In a ransom note, you have to ask for a lot of money. A whole bunch.

Sonny: Listen, I'll meet you back at the penthouse --

Sam: Will you think about what you're doing?

Sonny: Now is not the time --

Sam: You're not the only one who feels pain, Sonny; who feels disappointed or betrayed.

Sonny: This is about my family, ok? It has nothing to do with --

Sam: Do you even realize how lucky you are to have a father here with you that's alive and well? You can work this out.

Sonny: We tried -- I tried to work it out. Mike doesn't -- he made his choice.

Sam: All -- all Mike wants to do is love you, Sonny. He's not trying to run a scam or make a quick buck. He doesn't want to steal your last dollar.

Sonny: Sam --

Sam: He wants to be close to you.

Sonny: I can't talk about this right now. I can't talk about it right now, ok? Go run up my credit card.

Sam: Oh --

Sonny: Do what you got to do. No, no -- I'm just telling you, just -- can you?

Sam: No problem.

Mike: Very good, very good. You just ran off the girlfriend, too. You made her feel like a high-dollar hooker right in front of us. That's very impressive. Who are you going to dump on next?

Carly: Well, Sonny, Iím glad that you're still here.

Sonny: Not for long.

Carly: Well, then go. Go, because I'm sure that everyone has had enough of the world according to Sonny. You might want to do just one thing first, though.

Sonny: What's that, Carly?

Carly: Tell Courtney you are sorry, or you are not going to get to see Michael and Morgan again.

Mary: Please give me the paper.

Nikolas: Why? Why, what -- what's the problem? What are you doing?

Mary: Did you see the -- the death notice?

Nikolas: Mary, what -- what are you talking about?

Mary: A soldier from Albany was killed in Iraq.

Nikolas: Oh, ok, then I should read it. Maybe I'll remember something. Let me see the paper.

Mary: I canít.

Nikolas: Why not?

Mary: Because you've already been through so much pain. I don't want to cause you any more.

Nikolas: Oh, Mary, come here. My God, you're shaking. What --

Mary: I'm afraid that if you can't remember our life together that you'll leave.

Nikolas: Ok. Look, we need to stop worrying about the life we had, ok, and live the one we have now.

Mary: Is that what you want really?

Nikolas: It is, on one condition -- give me the paper.

Luke: You think I belong at Nikolas Cassadineís memorial?

Emily: Asking you to the memorial was my idea. Lucky tried to talk me out of it.

Luke: Well, see, Emily, that's because Lucky knows when Cassadines die, I usually dance. Right now, I'm holding myself back from a jolly jig.

Emily: I think Laura would want you to be there.

Luke: Do you? Well, you're probably right. She probably would want that if she had any idea what was going on, but you see, she doesnít. And one of the major reasons she doesn't is because Nikolas -- with the help of my son -- kept me from getting to her when I still could've reached her.

Emily: Look, I didn't mean to upset you.

Luke: Look, I'm sorry you lost your boyfriend, but nobody asks me to grieve for Cassadines.

Emily: I was hoping that you could grieve for Lauraís son, and for Lucky and Lulu's brother. Nikolas respected you, but he didn't need you. Your family, your children do.

Lucky: Emily, let's go.

Emily: All right.

Luke: Thanks for stopping by.

Skye: Think. Remember. Then what?

Tracy: I'm glad I caught you. Are you drunk, or are you planning on using that on me? Or both?

Sonny: Did you call Carly over here, too, Mike?

Mike: No, but maybe I should have.

Sonny: Well, you've done such a fine job with your own life; I can see why you'd want to run mine.

Courtney: But dad's nothing to you, right? I mean, he's dead to you, like the rest of us. Never mind that we love you, Sonny, and we're family.

Sonny: Don't keep me from my sons, Carly.

Carly: All you have to do is apologize to your sister. You won't, will you? No, because your standards are too high, and Courtney just doesn't measure up and neither do I. That's fine. It's really -- it's fine. You win, I lose, because all I've got left is my pride and my children.

Sonny: Leave them out of it, Carly.

Carly: If you want to see Michael and Morgan again, then step out of yourself for once. For once in your life, try a little empathy. And here's another idea for you, Sonny -- why don't you forgive us our transgressions, because we sure as hell have forgiven you.

Sonny: Anything else?

Carly: If you want to see Michael and Morgan, forgive Courtney.

Sonny: You're going to -- you're going to hold the children hostage for forgiveness and empathy?

Carly: Listen, Sonny, if you need to see it that way, then, yeah, that's what I'll do, sure.

Sonny: Ok, then Iím going to have to drag you back into court and get sole custody.

Carly: I am sorry, Courtney. I tried.

Courtney: Yeah, and I appreciate it. But I -- I can't let you use Michael and Morgan against their father.

Nikolas: If we're going to build a life together, you have to trust me. Ok, I won't -- I won't read the notice.

Mary: It's on the front page.

Nikolas: I understand that.

Mary: Why do you want the paper?

Nikolas: Do you trust me?

Mary: I'm trying.

Nikolas: Ok. Then give me the paper.

Mary: What are you looking for?

Nikolas: This -- the Fall River Inn, ok? It's about an hour from here.

Mary: You -- you just want to go there?

Nikolas: Well, yeah. I mean, we can't live in a shell for the rest of our lives. We need to get out and explore, see things, do things.

Mary: What if you get caught?

Nikolas: Well, that's a risk that Iím willing to take. Are you?

Mary: Maybe, if we're careful.

Nikolas: Ok.

[Mary laughs]

Nikolas: There's only one problem.

Mary: What?

Nikolas: I don't have any money.

Mary: Well, there's the mad money in the cookie jar.

Nikolas: Mad money, ok. You go get the mad money; I'm going to change clothes.

Mary: You want to go now?

Nikolas: Yeah, why not?

Mary: I have -- I have some other place I have to be.

Skye: I don't like surprises, that's all.

Tracy: Too bad you didn't use that ice pick on father when you were the heir. Would've prevented him from changing the will.

Skye: I prefer a more subtle approach.

Tracy: You need to be hostile to me at the memorial service.

Skye: Well, that shouldn't be a problem.

Tracy: I don't want father to know that we're working together against him to keep him out of E.L.Q., and don't even think of double-crossing me.

Skye: Why would I do that?

Tracy: I know what you're capable of.

Skye: Really? Do you?

Tracy: Put down the ice pick. You'll only confuse him. Ice pick. Cocktails. Skye, friend.

Monica: Jason --

Alan: Jason, Iím so glad to see you.

Jason: Where's Emily?

Monica: She's upstairs getting dressed.

Ned: I know Emily really wants you there.

Jason: She -- she wanted me to take her to the memorial.

Tracy: Ooh, that seems inappropriate.

Monica: Leave him alone!

Edward: Jason, wait a minute --

Alan: No, no, let him go, let him go. Twice in a few days? That's great, let him go.

Ned: Don't get your hopes up.

Tracy: Oh, he's working all of you! Why can't you see that?

Dillon: How do you do that? How do you pretend that family doesn't matter?

Jason: They don't.

Emily: Jase? Hey.

Jason: Hey. Oh.

Emily: Thank you.

Jason: Mm-hmm. So are you ready?

Emily: I hope so. Will you tell them that I left with Jason?

Dillon: Sure.

Emily: Ok.

Carly: It's a ransom note. The bad guys want lots of money.

Sonny: Let me see it.

Carly: Someone -- someone stole Mr. Man! Where do you think Michael could be?

Sonny: I need you to find my son now! Go!

Carly: Oh, Sonny, I know Michael is strong, I know he is brave, but Iím worried -- I'm worried about my little boy!

Sonny: Listen to me. We're going to get Michael, ok? When he comes home safe and sound, we're going to put the family back together, ok?

Carly: Oh, Sonny! Oh, I love you so much! I don't want to ever be apart again.

Courtney: You can't use the boys to blackmail their father.

Carly: Why not? It's the only language that Sonny seems to understand.

Courtney: Ok, what about Michael and Morgan? Why should they have to deal with any of this?

Mike: Look, they're already stuck in the middle. Why make it worse?

Carly: How could anything be worse than what Sonny has just done? I'm sorry, but my kids are the best ammunition that I have.

Mike: Carly, will you listen to yourself?

Carly: Listen, I don't want Sonny around Michael and Morgan when he's acting like this.

Courtney: The boys need their father.

Carly: And Sonny needs to set an example for his boys. No matter how angry you are, you forgive the people that you love, and you find a way to compromise. And as soon as Sonny does that, Michael and Morgan will be waiting.

Sonny: You're still here?

Sam: You listen to me. I overstepped today because I care about you, and I'm sure it's not going to be the last time it happens, and if you can't deal with that, you just tell me now and we'll both cut our losses and I'll go.

Luke: You going to get sloshed before the memorial? Pour me a double.

Skye: What, are you going?

Luke: Well, somebody's got to prop you up.

Skye: You're a much nicer man than you let on, you know.

Luke: "But seriously, folks --" do you want a ride there?

Skye: That sounds good.

Luke: Great. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunset. We'll put the top down on the old Cadillac and maybe the wind will give us some inspiration about what to do with the b-o-d-y. Yeah.

Monica: We're going to have a family dinner here after the service, Alice, so if you would ask cook to get a roast and a ham out of the freezer?

Alice: Yes, ma'am.

Monica: Thank you.

Luke: That's a very good idea. You know, cleaning out your freezer every once in a while to make room for an extra rump roast?

Emily: Nikolas and I stood right here, and we said our wedding vows, and they were as real as our love. In my heart, I'm the wife of Nikolas Cassadine and I always will be, no matter where he is.

Mary: I know what it's like to lose someone and I -- I can't help but feel bad for her.

Nikolas: I know, but you just -- you don't even know this Emily woman.

Mary: But I know the kind of pain she's in. I want to be a presence at her fiancťís memorial service. She needs all the support she can get, even if it's from a stranger.

Nikolas: Ok, then.

Mary: You don't have to walk me to the car.

Nikolas: I'm not. I'm going with you.

Mike: I'm sorry for putting you through this, sweetheart. I should've known better than to force a confrontation with your brother.

Courtney: Why did you choose me over him?

Mike: I let both of you kids down. And maybe it was rougher on Sonny than it was on you, maybe it wasn't, but I have paid him all I can pay. Nothing I do will ever be enough. But you? I still have a chance. For all those times that I wasn't there when you needed me, I'm here now.

Courtney: Thank you.

Mike: How about I get you a cup of coffee?

Courtney: Uh -- actually, I -- I need to get to the office.

Mike: Well, hey -- I'll make it to go.

Courtney: Ok, thanks.

Mike: So -- uh -- does the office still feel a little empty?

Courtney: It's all right. You know, I'm getting used to it.

Mike: Yeah. I love you, honey. And you know where I am.

Courtney: Thanks, dad. Damn it.

Lorenzo: Is there anything I can do?

Sonny: I don't need any more ultimatums.

Sam: I'm not giving you one. I am just simply telling you how it is.

Sonny: I understand.

Sonny: Sam?

Sam: Aw.

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Were those in the hall?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Look -- uh -- I'm a difficult man and I hurt the people who love me, and I know a lot of times I should apologize --

Sam: Then why don't you?

Sonny: I know that my father and my sister love me and they're family and that I should apologize to them, but it's not in me. Betrayal is, you know -- I mean, when Iím betrayed, I put a wall up, ok? I can't get through it, I can't go around it. It's just what happens, I can't change it. I'm getting to -- I'm getting to apologize. Um -- you know, all you did was care about me, and I apologize.

[Sam giggles]

Sonny: Well, I apologize for unloading on you. I guess sometimes I'm just, you know, a bastard.

Sam: Sometimes. Apology accepted, especially since I think I might be the only person you have left.

Sonny: Hmm.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Well, it's good enough for me.

Leticia: Mrs. Corinthos!

Carly: Leticia? Oh, hey, what's wrong?

Leticia: Michael's been kidnapped!

Michael: The runner's going to third. Here's the throw -- got him!

Carly: Ok, just -- just tell me what happened.

Leticia: I left Michael and Morgan here for a few minutes and I vacuumed, and -- and I found this.

Carly: "Dear Michaelís mother, I have your son. Give me $500 and Iíll trade him back"?

Carly: Oh, I think I know what that little stinker's up to.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Why wouldn't you want me to go to the memorial service with you?

Emily: I'd like to tell you about the man I love.

Carly: Michael has decided to fake his own kidnapping.

Courtney: Is Sonny searching, too?

Sonny: You're too good to be true. I would like to do something for you.

Sam: Like what?

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