GH Transcript Wednesday 4/14/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/14/04

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Skye: Let go of him!

Luke: Whatever you say.

Skye: My God, Luke. What did you do to him?

Courtney: Max told you I was waiting?

Jason: Why are you here?

Courtney: I am still your wife, Jason. You owe me a chance to explain.

Jason: Ok, ok. Then you can tell me why you saved Alcazar and why you set him free to go on hurting the people you say you love.

Carly: I hate him, Sonny. He is out of my life for good.

Sonny: There's only one way to be sure.

Carly: Sonny, it's over. You do not have to kill him.

Sonny: I'm not going to. You are. You say you hate him? Prove it. Kill him.

Lorenzo: If it's true that you despise me, it shouldn't be hard to pull the trigger.

Skye: Ross, sweetheart? Time to wake up. Come on! Well, don't just stand there. The least you can do is get him some water since you are the one who did this to him.

Luke: Well, it's not my fault the guy's got a glass jaw!

Skye: Well, just -- would you please get me some water and an ice pick -- pack?

Luke: Sure, coming right up.

Skye: No, don't go yet. Help me get him onto the couch.

Luke: Let him wake up on the floor! The guy's a wimp!

Skye: Luke.

Luke: Sure, make me the bad guy. Always with the bad guy.

Skye: Ooh. Come on. Oh, Ross.

Luke: Ay-yi-yi.

Skye: Ross? I am so sorry.

Luke: I don't think he can hear you.

Skye: I -- I had no idea he was going to attack you like that. You -- oh, your forehead must be pounding. Now, I will get the water and the ice pack. You go get some firewood because it is freezing in here and I don't want Ross getting a cold on top of everything else.

Luke: No, not on top of everything else.

Skye: No, hey -- watch your step, would you? I saw a huge mess out by the front door.

Luke: Ah. I'll handle it.

Mike: Can I take your order?

Ric: No, I'll wait, Mike. My wife's meeting me here.

Mike: Oh. Well, I can think of a few places that are better for a romantic reunion. There's the Haunted Star, Cafe Matisse.

Ric: You suggesting that I leave?

Mike: You've brought nothing but misery to my son and daughter, so yes. I think it might be comfortable for both of us if you went someplace else.

Ric: You know, life is kind of strange, the way it hinges on seemingly minor things. I mean, for instance, if you had been a better father and husband, I probably would've never been born. The chain of events that led Sonny and I to be at each other's throats constantly probably would've never begun. So I guess in a way, Mike, we have you to thank for setting all that in motion. So if you don't like the outcome, then maybe you'd better look at yourself. I think that you have nobody to blame but you.

Mike: Courtney was right. The worst thing about you is the charm, almost exactly like Sonny -- except you have no soul.

Courtney: Jason, there is no way you could have gotten away with killing Alcazar.

Jason: That's not your problem, Courtney.

Courtney: Of course it is. I don't want you going to jail for murder.

Jason: Alcazar had to be dealt with once for and all!

Courtney: Ric Lansing hates you, Jason. If Alcazar suddenly disappears, he would suspect that you or Sonny killed him, ok? He would get a warrant, he would go down to that basement, get some sort of D.N.A. evidence or something else that would tie Carly to the crime.

Jason: Ric has his job. He does it fine. I have my job. You may not like what I do -- obviously, you don't -- but I'm good at it, Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah, well, so is he. You could have been charged with murder. Carly could've been charged as an accessory. I was trying to save both of you, Jason.

Jason: No, the only person you saved was Alcazar. What?

Max: Sonny's over --

Jason: No, no, do not -- don't talk in front of her any more, please. Outside.

Max: Sorry.

Jason: Ok, I'll take --

Courtney: Yes, I need Officer Spencer, please.

Lucky: Spencer.

Courtney: Lucky, it's Courtney. Look, I need you to send a patrol car over to Lorenzo Alcazar's apartment. I have reason to believe that he's in danger.

Lorenzo: I'm not afraid to die, but there will be retaliation. My men will find Sonny and they will kill him.

Sonny: Carly, don't listen to him.

Lorenzo: Maybe it's for the best. You'll be a widow. You'll have a second chance.

Sonny: He's just bluffing to scare you so you won't pull the trigger.

Lorenzo: You want me dead? Stop hiding behind Carly and do it yourself.

Sonny: Give me the gun. You know what --

Carly: No.

Sonny: You're not going to find the gun anyway.

Carly: No, you know what, no one's dying here tonight.

Sonny: He's right. This is all about trying to save him.

Carly: No, I am trying to stop all this violence!

Sonny: You want to stop it? Admit you love the bastard so we can move on!

Skye: Oh, Ross, I am so sorry. I had just no idea that Luke was going to be so possessive, you know? Which is really a double standard because God knows he flirts with all those bleach-blond mobster molls anytime that he wants, and, well -- well, maybe it's true that I was trying to make him jealous, but -- and you're a great guy, you know?

Luke: Ok, you can stop coming on to the dead guy. She's gone.

Skye: Oh, God! Oh, God, that was revolting. I want -- oh, God, I want disinfectant. I -- I want a long, hot, soapy shower.

Luke: Just calm down, calm down.

Skye: No, no, I want this over! I want this body out of my house and out of my life!

Luke: Ok, I told you I'm going to take care of this.

Skye: No, I am calling the police right now --

Luke: No, you're not!

Skye: And I'm giving a full confession!

Luke: No, you're not! You're going to keep your mouth shut!

Skye: Tracy saw me! She's going to turn me in!

Luke: You're going to keep your mouth shut until we figure out what happened.

Skye: Oh, really? Listen, there is no "we," ok?  I am the one who woke up next to that corpse, I am the one who probably killed him, and I am the one who's probably going to prison, ok.  So, it's my future and stop telling me what to do!

Luke: It's my future, too -- mine! Because this is my life and because you are my partner and you are my -- friend, and because my life was a hell of a lot more empty before you came into it, and I'm not about to lose you now, not over this. So we're just going to calm down and we're going to think it through and we're going to handle it -- together.

Jason: Look, bring the car around. Courtney's going to take Michael and Morgan over to Carlyís, ok?

Max: No problem.

Courtney: So are you going to ask me to take the kids or you just --

Jason: You know what, Courtney, you shouldn't be here, and neither should Michael and Morgan.

Courtney: Why? What's going to happen?

Jason: Where'd Carly go? Do you know where she is?

Courtney: She's probably trying to stop Sonny from killing Alcazar.

Jason: Do you think any good can possibly come of this; for Carly or for Sonny or for the kids? Courtney, Alcazar is tearing their lives apart, and he would've been gone if you hadn't stopped me!

Courtney: Jason, you could have been arrested.

Jason: You knocked me out!

Courtney: I was trying to save you!

Jason: I don't want you to save me!

Michael: Stop it! Don't fight. Don't be mad at each other like mommy and daddy.

Carly: I don't love Lorenzo. I never have.

Sonny: Then how come you can't let him die? Alcazar has come after me over and over and over again. He has torn our family apart, destroyed our lives together. He is a business rival. He has to die tonight. The only one who can save him is you. All you got to do is admit that you love him. I will accept that. But I'm not going to listen to any more lies, any more excuses for betrayal. If you feel for this pig, own it! Say that you love him, that you've wanted him all along.

Carly: Do you know? Do you know that there is no pleasing you, Sonny? There is never, ever enough love for you. There is never, never enough ways that I can prove my loyalty? I mean, you can lie on me, you can cheat on me, you can break my heart, and I'm not supposed to feel it? I'm supposed to forgive it. But when you shoot me in the head and my actions are a direct result and consequence --

Sonny: Actions? Is that what you call it, "actions"?

Carly: Yes! What do you want me to do? I'm still wrong! You want me to shoot him?

Sonny: If you hate him.

Carly: Fine, you want me to shoot him? Will that prove something to you? Fine, I'll shoot him!


Ric: Kick it in.

Lucky: Police. Nobody move.

Lorenzo: Is there a problem?

Ric: Well, we heard shots fired. You mind telling me what the hell is going on?

Mike: They're -- they're for you. At least, I assume so.

Elizabeth: So Ric came in?

Mike: He said that he was meeting you here, but then he got called away on some kind of business.

Coleman: So, you have another job for me or what?

Tracy: Yes, I do, provided you're a little more subtle than you were at the auction.

Coleman: That depends on the pay.

Tracy: Depends on how well you do the job.

Coleman: Why do you keep talking in circles here, Trace?

Tracy: You want the job or not?

Coleman: What do you need?

Tracy: You recognize this man?

Jax: What are you up to now, Tracy?

Skye: Where's Ross?

Luke: I wrapped him in the rug and put him in the crawlspace like we planned. He'll be ok there for a couple of hours, but we need to get him on ice as soon as we find a freezer.

Skye: Can't we just bury him?

Luke: No, you can't bury him. If they find him and he's buried, then they're going to think you killed him for sure. Just find a nice walk-in freezer that nobody's using.

Skye: Oh. Oh, sure. Yeah, a convenient, walk-in freezer.

Luke: Look, it's only until we find out who killed him.

Skye: Of course nobody's going to notice us shoving Ross' body into a freezer. I mean, why would anybody notice that a police detective is missing who was last seen --

Luke: I'm only trying to buy us some time, Skye.

Skye: Well, what are we going to do?

Luke: Well, I may have a way to keep Ross alive.

Courtney: Leticia, thank you for coming in on your night off. I appreciate it.

Leticia: Oh, no problem. I'm glad to help. Come on, baby, we got to get you to bed.

Courtney: You, too, Michael. It's way past your bedtime. Come on, Iíll tuck you in.

Michael: What happened with you and Uncle Jason?

Courtney: Well, we -- we had an argument, sweetie, and Iím sorry that you overheard.

Michael: Uncle Jason isn't like daddy. He hardly ever yells. What made him so mad?

Courtney: Um -- well, I -- I stopped Jason from doing something he thought was right, and he's angry. But once he has time to think about what I did and why I did it, he'll understand.

Sam: Where's the guard?

Jason: Max actually took Michael and Morgan back to Carlyís.

Sam: I thought they were supposed to stay for a while.

Jason: Well, she didn't clear it with Sonny, so they had to go back.

Sam: Oh, Carly was supposed to stay here at the penthouse. Jason, she picked a fight with me to use as a diversion so she could after Sonny. I know something big is going on here, and I don't expect you to give me any details. I just -- I would like to know what to expect.

Jason: You'll have to ask Sonny.

Sam: It's obvious Carly wants him back, Jason, and Iím pretty sure that Sonny still loves her, so should I save him the embarrassment of asking me to leave and pack my things right now?

Jason: What do you expect me to say?

Sam: Yes or no would be nice.

Jason: Look, Sonny and Carly love each other. Doesn't mean they're going to be happy. Doesn't even mean they're going to be together. Love isn't always enough to make a good life. Sometimes it's just an excuse to hurt each other.

Ric: All right, I heard multiple gunshots outside that door. I can still smell gunpowder in the air.

Lorenzo: I don't smell any gunpowder, do you?

Sonny: No, I don't smell anything, actually.

Ric: Uh-huh. All right, where's the gun?

Lorenzo: You break into my apartment. You don't appear to have a warrant.

Ric: I don't need one. Courtney Morgan made an emergency call stating that your life was in danger.

Sonny: Courtney must have been mistaken. As you can see, he's perfectly safe. Alcazar's under Carlyís protection.

Luke: Well, we've got his I.D. and what looks to be about 3,000 bucks in cash.

Skye: Seems a little high for an honest detective.

Luke: Yeah, but pocket change for somebody on the take. And we got his badge; we got his gun.

Skye: You know, this is all very interesting, but how will this help us avoid a police investigation into his disappearance?

Luke: Looks like our boy was into the latest technology.

Skye: What's that?

Luke: It's a wireless computer used for text messaging and sending and receiving emails.

Skye: Oh, great. Why don't we just email the PCPD and turn ourselves in?

Luke: I got a better idea. What if Ross emails his office and says he's on a lead and he'll be out of touch for a little while? And then we'll go through his email account.

Skye: Then we can see who he's been communicating with.

Luke: Now the synapses are starting to snap, aren't they? Yeah, maybe we'll find out who killed him and who set you up.

Tracy: While I appreciate your concern, actually, it's just a little personal problem. My son Dillon ran away from home and I don't want to involve the police, so Iíve hired Mr. Coleman to search for me.

Jax: Well, I apologize for my insensitivity.

Tracy: Your good manners more than compensates, as usual, thank you.

Jax: Well, my apologies again, and I do hope that you find Dillon soon.

Tracy: I'm sure we will. Does he look familiar?

Coleman: Actually, he does.

Tracy: Who is it?

Coleman: Beats me, but I can find out.

Tracy: Well, then do it.

Coleman: You were dodging me on my price, Trace -- which happens to be five grand.

Tracy: I'll give you seven grand if you do it within the hour. This man could give me the leverage I need.

Elizabeth: Hey, it's me. I'm here at Kellyís with your flowers. Mike said you got called away to some meeting. Anyway, I will be here for another 15 minutes, and then I am going home. Ok, bye.

Lucky: Leaving Ric a message?

Elizabeth: Yeah, we were supposed to meet here, but I guess he got called away.

Lucky: I just left him a few minutes ago at Lorenzo Alcazar's apartment. PCPD was trying to nail Sonny, and it turned out to be a false alarm. Sonny walked away again, and Ric, he's not too happy about it.

Ric: Look, I know what's going on here. Sonny did try to kill you and you're covering up for it so you can stay in Carlyís good graces.

Lorenzo: You got a vivid imagination.

Ric: Meanwhile, you're trying to keep the peace, but you know what, it's not going to work.

Carly: I don't know what you are talking about.

Ric: Sonny and Lorenzo hate each other, Carly! Now, one of them is going to wind up dead and the other's going to prison for it. Now, personally, I don't mind if Lorenzo dies. I just want to send my brother to prison. I don't want to go to his funeral, but you know what, either way is fine with me. And, you know, the next time Sonny decides to make an attempt on your life, you might want to report it.  Do yourself a favor, unless you honestly believe that Carlyís good opinion's is going to be worth dying for.

Lorenzo: Lansing's right about one thing. I am willing to die to be with you. And you are not, obviously, willing to kill to be rid of me. So where does that leave us?

Carly: There is no "us."

Sonny: What happened?

Jason: I sent Michael and Morgan home with Courtney. Sam is upstairs. I -- I think she might be packing her bags.

Sonny: Packing? Sam's a great girl.  I'm having a great time with her, but she's got this idea that Iím just -- in one second, I'll get back with Carly. Hell, no. It's over. We're done.

Jason: Where's Alcazar?

Sonny: Still alive at his apartment. Carly saved him, of course. But here's the best part -- if Carly didn't do what she did, Ric would've walked in while I was killing Alcazar. I'd be at the PCPD right now facing a murder charge.

Jason: Ric? How'd Ric get involved?

Sonny: You don't want to know -- but Iím going to tell you anyway.

Max: Ahem.

Sonny: We were betrayed.

Courtney: Max said that you wanted to see me?

Sonny: One more time, and then never again.

Luke: One small glitch here. The not-so-dearly departed used a password.

Skye: Ugh. So much for checking his emails.

Luke: No, no, we'll get in. We just have to figure out what the password is.

Skye: Well, I don't know about you, but Iím not psychic. I mean, there must be at least 10 billion possibilities.

Luke: Well, let's think this thing through. Usually people use a number, like a phone number, birth date, or maybe the name of their --

[Skye gasps]

Luke: What?

Skye: It's Jax.

Luke: Oh.

Skye: He's watching us.

Luke: Ok. Well, let him in. Don't look guilty.

Skye: Ok. Jax, what are you doing here?

Mike: Here's your tea.

Tracy: Don't you have Earl Grey?

Mike: It's that or spearmint chamomile.

Tracy: I'll make do.

Ric: Hi. Sorry I'm late. I got called away on an emergency.

Elizabeth: Can you tell me about it?

Ric: Yeah, we got a report that Sonny was trying to kill Alcazar.

Elizabeth: Hmm. And since it involved your brother, you needed to deal with it personally?

Ric: Yes, I did.

Lorenzo: Voy a hacer cambios en mis negocios. Necesitamos revisarlos en persona. Adios. Thanks for waiting.

Carly: I only waited to say goodbye. You have a safe trip to South America or wherever it is you're going.

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere; just the opposite. I'm making Port Charles the center of my U.S. operation.

Carly: Are you insane? You are moving right in to Sonny's territory.

Lorenzo: Sonny controls one town and a few casinos; I'm international. Now, Iíve stayed out of his way for your sake. Not anymore.

Carly: Lorenzo, why -- why are you doing this?

Lorenzo: Why are you defending Sonny? There's a difference between love and domination, Carly. Sonny wants to possess you. I witnessed firsthand his need to control you. He tried to force you to commit murder, and you actually, for a second, were thinking about obeying him. That's abuse, Carly.

Carly: Ok, Lorenzo, stop. I don't want to hear any of this.

Lorenzo: Listen, I love you and I want to be with you, but even if you hate me, even if I lose you forever, I am going to take Sonny out of your life.

Carly: Lorenzo, it is not your responsibility to get him out of my life. It is for me --

Lorenzo: I stood by tonight and watched him manipulate you, and I hoped that you'd see the truth. That's abuse, Carly, and I am going to make sure that that bastard never hurts you again.

Carly: I --

Sonny: You interfered with my business tonight; knocked your own husband out to save my enemy.

Courtney: I didn't want Jason to be charged with murder, Sonny.

Sonny: What if you'd fractured his skull and broke his neck? You'd have killed him to protect Alcazar.

Courtney: Jason wasn't hurt, Sonny. I wouldn't do that to him.

Sonny: Is that what you wanted? You wanted him to die? Is that why you tried to save the man who tried to kill your own husband, who's going to keep on trying? Why'd you do it, Courtney? Is this about your fixation with the law? Killers are wrong.  Killers, you know, should go to prison? Maybe that explains why you called the cops on me tonight.

Jason: No, you didn't.

Sonny: Carly was holding the gun. She was going to pull the trigger, but because of her enormous love for Alcazar, somehow the bullet missed! But that doesn't matter. The point is Ric walked -- walked through the door with two cops and tried to arrest me for attempted murder.

Courtney: So why did Carly shoot, Sonny? Did you put the gun in her hand? Did you scream at her?

Sonny: Because I knew she wouldn't do it! I knew she wouldn't do it! Never speak to me. You're a traitor. You tried to send me to prison. You seduced my best friend and you conspired against me. This all ends now.

Courtney: Do you think that Iím afraid of you?

Sonny: Well, you should be. Because I'll show you how I deal with liars.

Jason: Sonny, stop. Sonny, stop.

Jax: I owe you an apology. Tracy made yet another overture, and I diverted her by pointing her in your direction.

Skye: Oh, what would Tracy want with me?

Jax: Well, she's working up another scheme against Edward, and I suggested you as a potential partner.

Skye: Well, that's a horrifying thought.

Jax: Exactly. So if she's bothering you, then --

Skye: No, Tracyís not a problem at all.

Jax: Well, Tracyís always a problem. That's, you know -- I just want to know if there's anything I can to do to help.

Skye: Actually, Tracy did stop by earlier, but I didn't have time because, as you can see, Iím entertaining Luke this evening.

Jax: Right. I see that.

Luke: Yeah, how are you?

Jax: Good.

Luke: Thanks for your concern, but we can handle Tracy.

Skye: Oh, yeah, Jax, I appreciate the offer, but -- thanks.

Jax: So everything's all right?

Skye: Absolutely.

Jax: Ok, well, then I guess Iíll be heading out. You enjoy your evening.

Luke: You, too.

Jax: Uh-huh.

Skye: My God, did you see the way he was looking at me? He suspects something. I know it.

Luke: Stop it. We're on the verge of solving this mystery.

Skye: Oh, yeah, right, next you're going to tell me you actually came up with the password.

Luke: I -- I did! It's his --

Skye: Really?

Luke: It's his badge number! How simple was that? Yeah, it's booting up now. We're in. Oh, man, this is great. That was so simple. Ok, now Ross is going to tell his friends at the cop shop that he's alive and kicking.

Coleman: You're in luck. I thought I recognized this cat, and I was right. He's a new hire at the PCPD. He's a detective named Ross Duncan.

Tracy: Now, that fascinating.

Ric: You know, my first impulse was to lie to you about going to investigate Sonny.

Elizabeth: But you knew how I'd react.

Ric: And that's the crux of our problem, isn't it? You can't understand why I hate Sonny so much; why I feel the need to prove that Iím the better man and I can't stop feeling that way.

Elizabeth: You know, when we got married, I just -- I assumed you were over it.

Ric: Would you have still married me if you thought that I wasn't? Hmm?

Elizabeth: Probably not.

Ric: Hmm. I -- uh -- love you more than Iíve loved anybody in my entire life.

Elizabeth: And I love you, too.

Ric: Yeah, but you asked me to tell you the truth, and the truth is that this is something that would come between us. You trusted me, and my inability to let go of the anger that I feel towards my brother and how it affects my decisions -- no matter how we've tried to ignore it or push it aside or pretend that it doesn't exist, it would always be there.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Ric: You know, I came here with the intent of some kind of a reconciliation, but instead I'm letting you go.

Elizabeth: I came here to -- I came here to tell you that Iím leaving town, and I'm not sure when or if I'll ever be back. But I want you to know that you're a good person, Ric. And it has nothing to do with you being better than your brother. Ok? Ok.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Lorenzo: Put the Miami property up for sale. Port Charles just became my new base of operations in the U.S.

Man: What about Corinthos? He's going to defend his territory.

Lorenzo: At the first sign of violence, the D.A., Ric Lansing, who happens to be Corinthos' brother, will have him arrested.

Man: Corinthos has walked away from a lot of arrests.

Lorenzo: Well, if Lansing can't put him in prison, I'll put him in the ground. Either way, Sonny won't be a problem much longer.

Carly: Listen, I'm sorry things were confusing tonight. I never should've brought you over to daddy's without calling him first.

Michael: No, it's ok. I like daddy's. Why can't we stay there all the time?

Carly: Sweetheart, because things have changed. But everything's going to be ok because we all have each other -- you, me, and Morgan. And you know what? That is enough; it is. And we are going to be happy. I promise you that.  Right?

Jason: If you want to cut ties with Courtney, that's your choice, Sonny, but she never lied about hating our business.

Sonny: For Mike's sake, I won't do any more than turn my back on her. But if she crosses me again, I will deal with her like any other enemy. Never allow her in my house or any place I own again. Never speak her name to me, because I don't have a sister. She's nothing to me.

Courtney: Thank you for -- for trying to reason with him.

Jason: Donít.

Sonny: I saw you on the stairs.

Sam: I know. I probably should've left earlier, but I couldn't help listening, Sonny.

Sonny: I can't forgive betrayal. Love is nothing without loyalty. You understand what I'm saying?

Sam: Yes.

Sonny: Please, never betray me.

Jason: I don't -- I don't understand you, and I see now that I never did. It's like you're a stranger to me. Love and family mean nothing to you.

Courtney: That is not true.

Jason: You called the police on your own brother, and you still think you're right. I guess we don't belong together. We're too different.

Courtney: We love each other, Jason. You said that you would love me forever, and I feel the same way. That doesn't just disappear.

Jason: Just take them.  Just leave and don't come back, because there's nothing here for you anymore.

Courtney: Jason --

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Maxie: Oh, my God. Are you seriously out of your mind?

Ric: What did you dig up on Alexis Davis and Sonny Corinthos?

Nikolas: I'm remembering something.

Courtney: I have a business proposal for you.

Sam: Courtney and Sonny had a really bad fight.

Sonny: If you're still in love with her, we're going to have a problem.

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