GH Transcript Thursday 4/8/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/8/04

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Dillon: No, I just want to get away from the Quartermaines.

Mike: Yeah, well, you wouldn't be the first. So, let me get you a cup of coffee.

Dillon: Yeah, thank you.

Mike: Oh, the Chili Mac is on special today. You interested?

Dillon: I'll let you know.

Mike: All right.

Sage: Dillon, Hi. Are you still mad at me?

Dillon: After what you did to Georgie? Sage, I don't even know you.

Carly: Let go of me.

Lorenzo: Sonny hurt you. He betrayed you. I tried to protect you.

Carly: What? By lying to me?

Lorenzo: You know why I lied to you -- to preserve your peace of mind, Carly.

Carly: Stop it. Stop it. I am never, ever going to believe you again. Now, you let go of me right now, or Iím going to scream.

Jason: Is Carly here?

Courtney: Um -- she doesn't want to see you, Jason. She's embarrassed about overreacting to something stupid. It's just girl stuff.

Jason: Well, you're covering for her. What has Carly done?

Sage: I had nothing to do with those pictures of Georgie.

Dillon: Please, Sage, just give it up. My mom told me everything, ok?

Sage: Well, your mother is lying.

Dillon: She blackmailed me with those pictures, all right? She said she'd ruin Georgieís life. And so I had to vote for her as head of E.L.Q. She got what she wanted, as always.

Sage: Yeah, and she's trying to blame me. Please, Dillon, you can't let her do that. You're the only friend that I have. I would never do anything to hurt you -- or Georgie, no matter what your mother says. Please, Dillon, say you believe me.

Edward: Dillon is just throwing a tantrum.

Alan: He left home today.

Monica: He wants to be on his own.

Tracy: Not to worry. His money's about to run out.

Emily: Oh, you cut off Dillonís money?

Tracy: I had no choice.

Emily: What if he gets stranded in some awful place?

Tracy: He doesn't go to awful places!

Emily: How can you joke about this? Why didn't you go after him?

Tracy: Because he's probably having a cup of coffee at Kellyís!

Emily: Well, haven't you even bothered to call? Does anybody even care that Dillon ran away?

Skye: I care.

Tracy: You don't count.

Skye: Why did Dillon leave?

Tracy: Because he's a spoiled teenage brat who's mad at his mommy.

Skye: Why did he get mad, Tracy?

Ned: Go ahead, tell her.

Skye: Does this have something to do with the vote?

Tracy: Who let you in?

Edward: She has every right to be here.

Skye: Thank you.

Edward: She has more insight into this family than anybody else in this room.

Ned: Really? Then why can't she see that you're setting her up?

Edward: Oh, now don't be jealous, Ned, just because she's a Quartermaine heir and you're not.

Skye: Tracy, did you force Dillon to vote for you?

Tracy: Of course not.

Skye: What did it take? Extortion? Blackmail? Is that why Dillon ran away from home?

Edward: Excuse me -- blackmail? You blackmailed that young man? Then his vote is null and void.

Tracy: You offered him money!

Skye: Because I felt sorry for him.

Tracy: And you offered him a film contract.

Edward: And he turned me down. That's what makes him such a nice young man.

Skye: Manipulating a stockholder's vote is against S.E.C. regulations. Anyone who voted could be held liable.

Monica: Did you blackmail Dillon?

Alan: Come on, Tracy, spill it! Your greed got the best of you.

Tracy: Just shut up, everybody! Dillon's vote was perfectly legal.

Skye: Oh, tell that to the congressional committee.

Emily: Ok, stop it! All of you just shut up!

Carly: Let go of me.

Lorenzo: I want you to calm down and think.

Carly: I am thinking. I'm thinking right now about how much I hate you.

Lorenzo: No, you donít.

Carly: Lorenzo, you blew up Sonny's limo.

Lorenzo: So that you could have your children.

Carly: Oh, my God. You just -- you manipulated me.

Lorenzo: I love you, Carly, and you know in your heart you love me, too.

Jason: Tell me what's going on.

Courtney: Nothing. Jason, Carly -- she's -- I told you --

Jason: Carly is dragging you into something, and I need to know what it is.

Courtney: Jason, you've always been a good friend to Carly, even when she's driving you crazy. But I don't think you're going to understand this problem.

Jason: Then why'd she call me?

Courtney: Because she always calls you. Yeah, but this time, she felt better -- that she decided she needed a woman's perspective, and I -- I just --

Jason: Carly!

Carly: Hey.

Jason: What the hell is going on?

Dillon: You know, Sage, I thought that you were like me -- in the way, out of place, not really -- not really cared about by anybody. But when you put those pictures on the hospital computer --

Sage: Didn't you take them off?

Dillon: What if somebody uploaded them to the internet, Sage? What if somebody did that? That's ruining Georgieís chance to go to college.

Sage: I told your mother it was too mean.

Dillon: But you did it anyway, didn't you?

Sage: Yeah, but she threatened to send you away to military school. I thought I would never see you again.

Dillon: I would rather be in military school than have to see you. We are not friends; we never will be. And if you do anything to mess with Georgie ever again, I'm going to tell your uncle what you've done, and he's going to send you to boarding school, and that's going to be a hell of a relief for me.

Emily: How can you let Dillon take off on his own? We have such a short time together. Why are you wasting even one second?

Monica: She's right.

Alan: I'm so sorry.

Skye: Emily, I heard the search was called off. I just -- I came by, actually, to say Iím sorry and make sure you're ok.

Emily: Thank you.

Tracy: Oh! This is so heartwarming!

Ned: Emily, Iíll call Dillon.

Tracy: You could have stopped him from leaving in the first place. That might have been more effective.

Monica: Going to blame Ned for your bad parenting?

Alan: You see what you get, Ned, for siding with Tracy? No loyalty, even less thanks.

Ned: I sided with my mother because I am sick and tired of bailing out this company with nothing to show for it in return.

Alan: Nothing? I wouldn't call your salary nothing.

Tracy: Ned sided with me because I'm his mother.

Skye: Oh, Ned, you can't be that naive.

Edward: I've dedicated my entire life to this family and to E.L.Q.

Ned: Oh, here we go.

Tracy: I only want to carry on that proud tradition.

Skye: Oh, you can't possibly believe that.

Alan: Do you really want Tracy to run E.L.Q.?

Monica: I'm beginning to wonder.

Tracy: Alan, you lost. Why can't you accept that?

Alan: Emily?

Monica: Leave -- leave her. Leave her. I'll check on her in a while.

Alan: I think we made everything worse.

Edward: I always knew Nikolas Cassadine would come to a bad end. They all do.

Tracy: Not to worry. She'll be in love with someone else by the end of the month. She goes through men like candy.

Monica: One more crack like that and Iím changing my vote.

Skye: Why wait? Why not melt the wicked witch right now?

Jason: What happened?

Carly: Nothing happened. I'm fine. What are you doing here, anyway?

Jason: Well, you called me 14 times.

Carly: Yeah, but didn't you get my last message? I said everything was cool -- not to worry about it.

Jason: Come on, Carly, you're lying to me.

Carly: Well, that's very nice, Jason. You walk into the house, you -- you don't say hello. You call me a liar? What --

Jason: Ok, whatever you've done, is there a chance Sonny could end up in jail?

Carly: What are you talking about? I was upset, Jason, so I --

Jason: Look, I don't have time for this right now! Emily needs me!

Carly: That's fine! Then leave! I am fine!

Jason: No, I'm not going to leave, because you're covering something up! Something happened, you panicked, you called me to fix it, and then you change your mind. And if it doesn't have to do with Sonny, it has to do with Alcazar. What'd he do to you?

Emily's voice: "Nikolas is so different than the boys at school. He's a man, really. He's been all over the world. He knows all about finance and opera and riding horses. He touched my hand today. It was by accident, but I got goose bumps. Nikolas probably didn't even notice. He thinks I'm just some kid, but it would be so cool if he could see me as a real woman. Wouldn't it be amazing if Nikolas loved me someday?"

Tracy: May I remind you for the umpteenth time, you are not a real member of this family!

Edward: She's still the Quartermaine heir.

Ned: At least, for the moment.

Edward: Don't listen to him.

Alan: I think another vote's a very good idea.

Skye: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: Don't be ridiculous, Alan.

Skye: I say we boot Tracy out and get the company back on its feet.

Edward: Now, I like the way you think.

Ned: And as soon as grandfather's back running E.L.Q., you'll be getting the boot.

Skye: Excuse me -- Edward respects what I can bring to the table. He understands what this family means to me.

Edward: There is no question about it.

Skye: Tracy blackmailed her own son. Not only is that morally reprehensible, it's also illegal. Now, she obtained control of this company through an illegal vote, and I say that we have every right to consider that vote null and void.

Tracy: I blackmailed nobody!

Sage: Yes, you did, and now, Dillon hates me!

Dillon: Home. Simple, trusting. A window left unlocked in the laundry room above the washer. We've got pictures. Pictures of kids all around. A mom who came home. What would it be like to live here? To always have a place to be? To -- to know you belong?

[Key turns in lock]

Felicia: Thank you, honey.

Maxie: Uh-huh.

Mac: Thank you.

Felicia: Could you close the door, too?

Maxie: Yeah, I got it.

Felicia: Ok, let's just go right over here on the couch.

Mac: You shouldn't have cut your trip short.

Felicia: Yeah. Sit right here.

Maxie: Come on, Mac, how can we concentrate on colleges when you're getting out of the hospital?

Mac: We can check the college websites on the internet, Maxie.

Maxie: Sure, Mac, whatever you want. I'm going to go get this upstairs.

Mac: Thanks.

Maxie: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Well, I'll get you settled, and then Iíll look for myself an apartment.

Mac: The girls need you here.

Felicia: Well, I think that'd be a little awkward for us, don't you think?

Mac: Well, they need both of us here.

Felicia: What about what you need?

Mac: Look, I don't know what's going to happen between us, Felicia, but I'm glad you're home.

Felicia: So am I.

Mac: So where's Georgie? At the library?

Felicia: Yeah, she's at the library. I think she's actually searching for that kid, Dillon Quartermaine.

Mac: What did Georgie tell you about Dillon Quartermaine?

Felicia: I'm not going to like this, am I?

Mac: Unfortunately, Dillon is very bad news.

Carly: Did Sonny send you over here? Does he have you spying on me now?

Jason: Carly, you called me.

Carly: Yes, because I was upset, and -- and -- well, you have not answered my question.

Jason: Ok. Well, I have proof that the hit man worked for Luis Alcazar which means he probably worked for Lorenzo. Your boyfriend is responsible for blowing up Sonny's limo. Did he admit it to you?

Courtney: Come on, Jason, leave Carly alone. You're being completely unfair, especially when I'm the one that you're mad at.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Courtney: Well, I won't agree to take the alimony, so you're mad about it. And instead of coming out and saying it, you're taking it out on Carly and that's not fair.

Jason: The divorce papers have nothing to do with this, Courtney.

Courtney: Oh, yeah, of course you're not going to admit it. I mean, you never admit when anything is bothering you. But come on, Jason, I was your wife long enough to be able to read you. And look, if the only way to get you off Carlyís case is to finish the divorce, then fine. You can come over to my loft tonight and we'll sign the papers.

Jason: I know you're covering for Carly.

Courtney: Does that mean you don't want to sign?

Jason: You know what? I don't have time for this. Emily needs me right now, and both of you are lying to me. You do it all the time. For you to be lying, there must be a good reason. So that -- you know what? That's fine. I'm going to leave. And I will be at the loft to sign the papers tonight.

Carly: Oh, my God. God, that was close.

Courtney: You were about to tell him, weren't you?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, well, yeah. Because I want more than anything in the world for Jason just to fix this. But you're right. He's going to end up killing Lorenzo, and I can't just let that happen.

Mac: Dillon is the worst thing that ever happened to Georgie.

Felicia: He seems concerned about her at the hospital.

Mac: Did he mention that he stole a motorcycle and dragged her across state lines? Did he say how many hotel rooms he snuck her into? Or that he's worked for Lorenzo Alcazar? And Alcazar has a niece, Sage?

Felicia: I've met Sage.

Mac: Dillon is dating both girls. He's playing Sage off against Georgie.

Felicia: I don't want my girls anywhere near any Alcazar, ever.

Mac: Well, then we have to keep Georgie away from Dillon.

Skye: How did Tracy blackmail you?

Tracy: I didn't.

Edward: Why don't you have a glass of water? Make you feel better.

Monica: What did Tracy do?

Sage: She ruined my life.

Ned: The S.E.C. isn't that concerned with teen angst.

Skye: Yeah, don't be so sure. If she manipulated that vote, we could all be in serious trouble.

Alan: Just tell us what she did.

Tracy: Are you going to believe this hysterical teenager over me?

Edward: You are trafficking in teen porn?

Sage: She told Dillon she'd ruin Georgieís life with those pictures if he didn't vote her way. And she ruined my life instead.

Edward: And he fell for this?

Alan: He's just a kid.

Edward: Yeah, but he should have come to me. I could have advised him what to do.

Sage: He can't trust any of you guys! And now, he hates my guts, and it's all your fault!

Tracy: This is ridiculous. She's obviously upset because he broke up with her.

Edward: I'll be damned.

Monica: Jason.

Tracy: Did anybody hear the angels singing, or is it just me?

Alan: What happened?

Monica: Are you all right?

Edward: Good to see you, my boy.

Tracy: Why are you here? Should we call the police?

Jason: Is Emily here?

Monica: Yeah, she's up in her room.

Edward: Why don't you give her a little more time? You rarely visit with us.

Alan: Father, just leave him alone.

Edward: You're not going to ask your own son to stay?

Jason: I can't stay. I'm just here to see Emily. She said she wanted to come back here, that she needed all of you. Try to come through for her just once.

Tracy: How dare that thug pass judgment on us.

Monica: Shut up, Tracy!

Edward: That thug may be the only grandchild I have who's worth a damn.

Tracy: Oh!

[Knock on door]

Emily: It's open. Hey.

Jason: Are you sure you're ok up here by yourself?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, I just needed some time alone.

Jason: If the fighting gets too much, you're welcome to stay at my place.

Emily: No, I just -- I just needed to be here for a while. When I -- when I left this room to be with Nikolas, I -- you know, I thought Iíd never be back. Thought maybe I'd crash here when Nikolas was out of town, or, you know, camp out here when we came to see the family, or I imagined that our children would stay here when they came to see the family, but it isn't going to happen. I'm back here again, and my room's the same, but I'm a different person. I'm Emily without Nikolas.

Jason: How can I help?

Emily: Tell Courtney you love her while you still have the chance.

Courtney: Ok, you cannot leave Lorenzo chained in your basement indefinitely.

Carly: I know that. I just -- I just want him to leave town.

Courtney: Then why did you handcuff him to a pipe?

Carly: Because I told you -- I told you, I panicked, ok?

Courtney: Ok. All right, ok. What do we do now?

Carly: I don't know, I just have to make Lorenzo hate me, and I have to make him see that there's no future between us.

Courtney: Well, then you need to tell Lorenzo the truth over and over until he finally understands that you are still in love with Sonny, and you always will be.

Carly: Courtney, come on now. Even if that is true -- even if it is, well, really, what does it matter? I mean, love -- it's just -- it's just this feeling, and it's a pretty inconvenient one at that. Come on, look at Lorenzo. He loves me. In his own way, he does. And look what he's just done. He's basically trashed his life because of it. For God's sake, he is locked in a basement and I -- I am not going to know what I could have had with him, because I just -- I canít. It's over. It just has to be.

Courtney: Ok, look, Carly, I hate Lorenzo Alcazar. I think he is the worst thing that has ever happened to you. But you need to think about what you really want. Because wanting a relationship to be over, even knowing that you'd be better off, is a lot different than letting go.

Carly: Yeah, then don't.

Courtney: What?

Carly: Courtney, you and Jason -- you love each other. And unlike any other couple I have ever known, the two of you have never deliberately tried to hurt each other. So you think long and hard before you sign those papers.

Lorenzo: I heard someone at the door.

Carly: Yeah? Then why didn't you yell for help?

Lorenzo: Because if it were Jason or Sonny, they'd try to kill me, and you'd carry the guilt forever. If it were Michael or anybody else, you'd have some pretty awkward explaining to do, so I decided to sit here and wait. You're going to have to let me go.

Carly: I remember begging you to let me out of the panic room, and I tried to make a deal with you.  You wouldn't help me or listen to me then, so why should I listen to you now?

Lorenzo: People are going to wonder where I am. Sage is going to be alarmed. She's going to come looking for me.

Carly: Well, if that happens, then Jason and Sonny are going to come down here and kill you and it's going to be Sage's fault, not mine. And the only way that you could help her not feel guilty or deal with any of the sadness over that is to leave town and take her with you.

Lorenzo: I've always admired your determination.

Carly: Oh -- what does that mean? Please, tell me.

Lorenzo: You'll say anything to make me go away.

Carly: No, I hate you.

Lorenzo: No, you're afraid for me. You're convinced that Sonny and Jason will kill me. You're actually trying to save me. This isn't the way, Carly.

Carly: Ok. Now you tell me why I would want to save you, hmm? Lorenzo, everything I ever felt for you was the result of a brain injury. It was a medical condition and anything I ever felt was all because of brain damage.

Felicia: This was a very hard year; a very confusing year for all of us. What I need to do is get a normal job and be available for the girls.

Mac: It's not too late for that.

Felicia: Because you didn't slam the door in my face or pass judgment. And that's what we need to do for Georgie now.

Mac: Georgie needs rules. Georgie needs boundaries.

Felicia: Yes, I agree with you, but we can't tell her how to live her life. It never works. Think about Robin. How many times did you tell her not to see Stone?

Mac: If Robin had listened to me, she'd have a different life now. We have to do better for Georgie.

Felicia: Oh, God. I've been gone for so long. They're not going to respect what I say. I can't just walk in here and rule the house. We have to do this together.

Mac: I can live with that.

Maxie: Ok, Mac, your room is all ready for you.

Felicia: Your room is all ready for you.

Mac: Oh, well, then let's go.

Maxie: Come on. Got it?

Mac: Ok. Thank you, thank you.

Felicia: Easy.

Maxie: Got it all right?

Mac: Yep. Ok.

Felicia: I have you.

Mac: Thank you very much.

Maxie: This way.

Mac: Ok.

Felicia: Does this one hurt?

Mac: I'm all right.

Maxie: Yeah, I'll get you guys some lemonade.

Dillon: Don't yell.

Maxie: What are you doing here?

Edward: Jason chose to live with criminals and hooligans instead of his own family.

Monica: Well, it was his family that drove him away.

Edward: He's the only who had an ounce of backbone and determination, though.

Tracy: Daddy, he kills people for a living.

Edward: That was never proven in court, and the fact is that boy with half his brain gone, walked out of the house and built his own life.

Tracy: As a mob enforcer!

Edward: He never took a dime from the family.

[Tracy laughs]

Edward: He lived and survived in a brutal, competitive world. And hopefully somewhere down the line -- hopefully, he'll realize that he's wasting his time getting shot at for Sonny Corinthos. And he'll come home, and he'll use all those gifts that you all so profoundly lack, like courage and resolve and focus and vision.

Tracy: Yes, and the ability to kill people and not get caught. Yippee!

Edward: Well, if that doesn't show he's a gifted planner with nerves of steel, what does? Mark my words -- one of these days, Jason is going to be the finest C.E.O.,  E.L.Q. ever had.

Monica: Except he'll never do it.

Alan: One more reason to be proud of our boy.

Ned: Well, I finally got Sage into the car. Reginald agreed to drive her home. Of course, he's demanding hazard pay.

Tracy: Poor dear, she's terribly confused.

Edward: And heartbroken. And so am I. Can you tell me why you would side with your mother against me?

Ned: I gave up because there's nothing I can do to please you.  No matter how hard I work or how many times I save this company.

Edward: The vote's going to be overturned because your mother's a blackmailing incompetent. E.L.Q. will be mine in no time, and I will not be able to find a way to forget that you betrayed me. You, on the other hand, Skye, never let me down.

Ned: And, Skye, if you were a real Quartermaine, you would understand that you're out. It's over.

Tracy: I'll have Dillon home by breakfast.

Edward: I seriously doubt that.

Skye: Well, we did it. You're almost back where you belong.

Edward: Because of you and your invaluable assistance.

Justus: I have those -- those papers you requested.

Edward: Oh, good. Excellent, excellent. Um -- this will only take a minute.

Skye: Oh, sure, yeah. I'm just going to go check on Lilaís roses.

Justus: Call me when you get a moment, Skye.

Edward: You want to start showing me the papers? You have it with you?

[Knock on door]

Mike: Courtney? Hey.

Courtney: Hey, dad.

Mike: I got everything you asked for.

Courtney: Oh, thanks. I'm kind of cutting this one a little close.

Mike: So, who -- who'd you invite over for dinner?

Courtney: Jason.

Mike: Is that good or bad?

Courtney: Well, we're -- we're signing the divorce papers.

Mike: Are you sure that's what you want?

Courtney: No, but -- I mean, we've tried everything else. I just -- I can't deal with his life and what we're doing now -- this -- this almost getting back and splitting up -- just hurts too much.

Mike: So you're giving up?

Courtney: Well -- ahem -- know when to fold, right?

Mike: Will you ever love anyone as much as you love Jason?

Courtney: No.

Mike: Then you're both fools.

Courtney: But, dad, I -- I don't expect you to understand.

Mike: This is what I understand, princess. Only the very few -- the very lucky -- get to have what you and Jason have. So I would make a nice dinner, open a bottle of wine, and lock yourselves in here until you work things out.

Emily: Love is all you have; you know that. And it's wrong to waste even one second being apart.

Jason: Courtney needs me to change my life. I canít.

Emily: You still love her?

Jason: I always will. That's why I have to let her go.

Emily: What? You're giving up?

Jason: No, I'm not giving up. Being with me makes Courtney sad. She's afraid all the time. She deserves a better life.

Emily: What is the point of a better life, Jase, if you aren't together? None of us knows what will happen next, but only love will last. That's all I have left of Nikolas. That's how Iíll survive losing him -- knowing that Nikolas loved me. And Courtney needs to know that you loved her in the same way, Jase. So tell her. Don't wait until it's too late.

Jason: It's not going to change anything.

Emily: She still needs to hear it, and you need to say it one last time. Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't. You got to promise me that you will tell Courtney that you love her.

Jason: I promise.

Emily: And once you tell her, never let go.

Carly: Lorenzo, have I -- have I ever once -- ever once told you that I loved you? Hmm?

Lorenzo: No.

Carly: No. No, I havenít because I donít; because I love Sonny.

Lorenzo: Then where is Sonny? Why isn't he pounding down the door? Why hasn't he killed me by now?

Carly: Well, you know what? I can tell him. I could call him and tell him to get right --

Lorenzo: All right, go, go! Tell him!

Carly: I canít.

Lorenzo: You proved my point. If you hate me, Carly, why are you trying to save my life?

Maxie: Are you sure those pictures of Georgie are off the computer?

Dillon: Yes.

Maxie: And they're never, ever going to be seen on the internet?

Dillon: No, not a chance.

Maxie: Your mom is a heart-stopping witch.

Dillon: I know that. Why do you think I left the house? The problem is Iíve got 34 bucks cash and no place to stay, ok?

Maxie: You can stay in Georgieís room.

Felicia: Maxie, darling, we'd love to have lemonade.

Maxie: Go outside, ok? I'll unlock Georgieís window, and I'll make sure that her bedroom door is closed, ok? Go. Go, go.

[Doorbell rings]


Felicia: What do you want?

Tracy: My son!

Monica: Em?

Emily: Hi.

Monica: Hi, sweetie. Can I come in?

Emily: Yeah.

Monica: How you doing?

Emily: Oh, I'm glad to be home. Not ready to face the rest of my life yet.

Monica: Well, I happen to think that you're one of the strongest people I know.

Emily: Mom, I love Nikolas, that's all. That'll get me through this night and all the nights to come.

Monica: Oh, hey. I know this.

Emily: Yeah. I was in love with Nikolas even then. That makes me lucky, blessed. Nikolas and I found the perfect love, and it'll be with me always.

Skye: Justus left?

Edward: Yes, it didn't take very long.

Skye: Good, good.

Edward: I'm glad you stayed. We've done some fine work, haven't we?

Skye: Yeah, you know what? I think that we should go have a celebration, at the Haunted Star, on me. What do you say?

Edward: Sit down, Skye, please.

Edward: You know I'd be on the back ward of Shadybrook now if it wasn't for you. You're ruthless and you're intelligent, and I'll always be grateful for your help. And you will always be an honorary Quartermaine.

Skye: Well, isn't that the whole idea?

Edward: You even think like a Quartermaine.

Skye: Thank you.

Edward: So I know you'll understand that the reason I made you the heir was to protect the Quartermaine assets from Tracy.

Skye: Of course.

Edward: Well, I'm back in control now. Skye, you have plenty of chandler money. You have the casino; it's taken off, and I am so proud of you.

Skye: Thank you.

Edward: But my first responsibility is to the family. You're not a true Quartermaine and I can't allow you to inherit the fortune. Justus drew up a new will. I beg of you, this is not personal. I have to cut you out.

Courtney: Hi.

Jason: Wow, you look -- you look great.

Courtney: Thanks. Come in.

Jason: Something smells good.

Courtney: Yeah, it's -- it's chicken pot pie.

Jason: That's what you made for our first date.

Courtney: And now I've made it for our last.

Carly: I am not trying to save you.

Lorenzo: Then go ahead. Call Sonny and Jason. Let them do what they have to. Once Iím dead, maybe Sonny will take you back. Isn't that what you want?

Carly: I want you out of my life.

Lorenzo: Then call him. Summon my executioners. Let them kill me, Carly, because it's the only way I will stop loving you.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: Are you sorry you married me?

Jax: Hope you're not setting yourself up for a fall.

Sam: Is that a threat?

Sonny: You tried to break me.

Ric: Problem here?

Carly: I do want you gone.

Lorenzo: Are you back with Sonny?

Nikolas: What's wrong?

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