GH Transcript Tuesday 4/6/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/6/04

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Proofread by Brian

Lucky: I remember this woman. Her name is Mary. She lives alone. She couldn't tell me anything.

Mary: You're back. How can I help you?

Emily: I'm sorry to bother you again, but I left my scarf when I was here earlier.

Dillon: Hey. Hey, here I am, reporting as ordered. But before you start -- if this has anything to do with my mom and --

Monica: This is a lot more serious than the family's tedious politics. I have something that you need to see.

Dillon: What?

Sam: I'm sorry.  Iím not really sure I really heard that exactly straight, so could you please just repeat it one more time so I could hear it?

Sonny: Yeah. I'm asking you to stay here with me.

Sam: Why, exactly? I mean, I'm not in any danger anymore. The hit man is dead. There really is no reason for me to stay here, and I certainly won't take your charity.

Sonny: This is not about feeling sorry for you or even protecting you. The simple fact is I like having you around. You light up the place. It'd be empty without you. And you know, I mean, I've had way too much emptiness.

[Phone rings]


Lorenzo: Let me guess -- this is you.

Carly: What the hell is going on here, Lorenzo? I found a piece of paper which is bloodstained in your pocket; paper that you must have gotten off of the hit man while he was lying here dead. You were trying to eliminate any ties that you have between you because the person who hired someone to blow up Sonny's limo was you, wasn't it?

Lorenzo: Yes. I did it for you.

Lucky: Allow me.

Mary: Thank you. If you had shown up 10 minutes later, you would've caught me in bed. Gathering wood is the last thing I do every night before I go to sleep. Mornings here can be pretty brutal.

Mary: Here's your scarf.

Emily: Thank you, and I apologize again. I know it's late, but this was a Christmas gift from Nikolas, and I couldn't stand to be without it.

Mary: I understand exactly what you mean.

Emily: I suppose you would. I told you that Mary lost her husband in Iraq.

Lucky: Oh, I'm sorry.

Mary: It's the worst thing that ever happened to me. But, believe it or not, time does heal. I know it's the oldest clichť in the book, but it's true. Time is the only thing that helps.

Emily: No, that would be Nikolas coming home to me safe and whole, but thank you, Mary. I know it's late. You should probably get to sleep.

Mary: Yeah. Good night.

Emily: Good night.

Lucky: Here's my card. Please call day or night if you come up with anything that might help us find Nikolas.

Mary: Of course.

Nikolas: You lied to me.

Ned: What are you up to now?

Tracy: Are you talking to me?

Ned: Who else would send me a deliberately obscure message ordering me to attend some mysterious clan gathering?

Skye: What's the plan, Tracy? A poison buffet to eliminate the competition?

Tracy: I can't tell you both how incredibly flattered I am. Sorry to disappoint. I had absolutely nothing to do with this, whatever it is.

Alan: Then it must be father.

Tracy: Oh, great, then we're in for an incredibly boring and desperate night.

Edward: And you would be wrong as usual. And where's Monica?

Alan: She's at the hospital. She's running late.

Edward: Oh, well, I hope she won't be too late. I don't want her to miss the New Yearís celebration.

Tracy: Father, it's April. Are you senile, after all?

Edward: Tracy, this is a new year of hope and promise for E.L.Q., for this family. No more threats of lawsuits from the hotel fire. We actually have money in the bank. How about that? And best of all -- best of all -- your power of attorney, along with your reign of terror, expires at the stroke of midnight when I resume my rightful place as head of this family.

Monica: I'm not all that computer savvy. I mean, are you saying these could be faked?

Dillon: No, they're -- they're real. It just doesn't make any sense. I mean, you know Georgie. She wouldn't -- she wouldn't post nude pictures of herself on the internet.

Monica: Well, maybe she was just trying to help out. I mean, her father's hospital bills are enormous.

Dillon: So she'd get a paying job. She wouldn't -- she wouldn't do something like this.

Monica: But it looks like she was building a web page to do just that.

Dillon: There's more going on here. Georgie's shy to the point of self-consciousness. She's not going to post a bunch of naked pictures of herself for slobbering strangers to see her. Her mind just doesn't -- just doesn't work like that. Whoever did this had to be cunning, had to be manipulative -- excuse me.

Sage: Hi, Dillon.

Dillon: Hi. You did this, didn't you?

Sam: Forgive me if I am having a hard time with this sudden change of heart.

Sonny: No, there's nothing sudden about it. Hey, Sam, listen -- I like you, ok? You're beautiful, you're feisty. I -- I feel good when I'm with you.

Sam: What about Carly?

Sonny: Carly -- look, she's moved on, ok, and this is about us. I'm just trying -- Iím trying to figure out a way to fit you into my life, ok? And I'm not talking about from a distance; Iím talking about up close. Truth be told, I -- I'm not good at being alone, all right, and I know this is not going to be easy. You know, I come with a big warning label. But, you know, if you're willing to take the chance, you know, to see where this goes, so am I.

Carly: You try to kill Sonny, and then you turn around and you say that it was all for me?

Lorenzo: No, I never tried to kill Sonny. He wasn't supposed to get hurt, and he didnít. No one did, with the notable exception of myself.

Carly: Well, then maybe it's proof that karma exists!

Lorenzo: That bomb was specifically set to go off outside the courthouse when the limousine was empty, toward the end of the trial.

Carly: Why? Why? What were you thinking? What were you trying to accomplish?

Lorenzo: I was thinking of you, Carly. You wanted sole custody of your sons. You were going to the nth degree for them. You went so far as to hire a woman you personally despised to represent you. You put your personal aversion aside to win custody of your children.

Carly: Ok, you tell me -- how do we get from me wanting to have my children to a car bombing?

Lorenzo: Strategically, I wanted to cast a bad light on Sonny, illustrate in a way that could not be denied that his life presents a clear and present danger to Michael and Morgan. I wanted to remind the court in the most shocking way possible of what happened to his former wife and child, and it worked. You got your sons. All he lost was another damn limo.

Carly: No, he lost his kids.

Lorenzo: No, he didnít. They're here safe, where he can visit them without putting their life at risk. That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Carly: Oh, you think you actually did something noble! Oh, my God. I -- I can't believe how stupid I have been. Not anymore. Get out. I want you out.

Lorenzo: No, not until you understand.

Dillon: Do you see a joke, Sage? Because maybe you can point it out to me. I donít.

Sage: The joke is Georgie actually thinking she can make money with that. I hope she sets it up so people have to pay before they see it.

Monica: Are you responsible for this?

Sage: No. No way, no.

Dillon: Monica, I need to ask you for a favor.

Monica: Why am I not surprised?

Dillon: I know, I know. I -- I need some time to track Georgie down and see what she has to say about all this. And until I do that, can we keep this between us?

Monica: I've known Georgie all her life. I don't want to see her hurt by something that she didn't do. But I can assure you, if I stumbled on this, somebody else is, too.

Dillon: Thank you. All right, take it off the computer.

Sage: Dillon --

Dillon: You put it on. Take it off.

Sage: I had nothing to do with these stupid pictures.

Dillon: You're lying.

Sage: Why would I ever bother?

Dillon: Sage, I -- I ended things between us because I was in love with Georgie, and now you think you can use this to your advantage to make me think less of her? You even got the timing down, for crying out loud. She's not even here to defend herself.

Sage: Well, did it even occur to you that maybe Georgie actually put those up herself?

Dillon: No, it didn't, because she wouldn't.

Sage: Well, people do weird things when they're desperate, Dillon. Believe it or not, people even have secret lives. Obviously, you don't know me if you think I did that. Maybe you donít know Georgie, either.

Sam: I would love nothing more than taking a chance on us, Sonny. I'm just not sure about the timing right now.

Sonny: Well, you know what, Sam? The timing is never right, especially in my business. You know, the dangers and the risks -- they never go away. Even when my -- when my enemies declare a hiatus and, you know, things seems quiet and safe, when Iím with someone, the whole world knows. And sooner or later, that person will be used against me. You know that firsthand.

Sam: Yes, but you kept me safe, so --

Sonny: I kept you safe, yeah -- this time, but I can't promise that I can do that again. And I learned a long time ago, you know, not to make promises you can't keep. I cannot guarantee that being with me is not going to cost you your life.

Sam: Oh, are you trying to convince me to stay or go?

Sonny: I'm -- Iím trying to convince you to stay, but I just -- I just want you to know the chances that you're going to take.

Sam: You've been honest.

Sonny: Right.

Sam: I've got to be honest back. I am not afraid of the danger that you're talking about because I'm in way too deep. I'm falling in love with you. Boy, I can't believe I just said that. Sam McCall, who goes into rooms looking for exits. Before you, if there was a possibility of falling in love, I would have rather died than admit it. Do you understand that? I --

Sonny: It's all right.

Sam: Listen --

Sonny: No --

Sam: No, no, no, no, I don't expect you to love me back. I didn't want to lie to either one of us about the way that I -- the way that I feel. And if my love seems like too much of a burden, or if it's something you don't want, I'll go.

Sonny: Hey -- it's all right. Ok?

Carly: How many other lies have you told me? Hmm? Hell, for all I know, you could be pretending to be blind all along.

Lorenzo: You were there, Carly. You know my vision returned tonight. And I cannot completely see. I am still partially blind.

Carly: Oh, well, that is amazing, really. Because the progress you made came just in time for you to go rifling through a dead man's body, to go through his pockets to rid yourself of any evidence that linked you to bombing Sonny's car. Do you see why Iím having a little bit of trouble with this?

Lorenzo: First of all, Carly, if I was faking, my pride wouldn't have kept pushing you away. And second, if I could see the phone number on that piece of paper, I would've gotten rid of it.

Carly: Yeah, well, that part I do -- I believe that part because then you know what you could've done? You could've continued going on and lying to my face about having nothing to do with the bomb that blew up Sonny's car or the deranged man who came into my house with a gun, who could've killed me and my children!

Lorenzo: That wasn't supposed to happen. His orders were to blow up the car and leave town.

Carly: But, what, Sam saw him? Then Jason? Is that what -- what the hell were you going to do, Lorenzo? Were you going to kill as many people as necessary to cover your dirty little lie?

Lorenzo: If you'd give me a chance to explain, Iíll make you understand.

Carly: No, you know what, I don't want you to. Just shut up! Because I don't know the difference between the truth and lies anymore. There's no difference! I cannot tell it --

Lorenzo: Carly, would you just listen to me for a --

Carly: No! I do not believe a single thing that you have ever said to me, and I will not believe anything you ever have to say to me again. We are over.

Nikolas: You told me that scarf was yours. Now I find out it belongs to the woman who lost her boyfriend in that car wreck? What's going on?

Mary: That woman, Emily -- she -- she was here earlier looking for any sign of her boyfriend and some hope. And she was in a lot of pain, and I -- I felt for her, and I told her about you -- or, rather, the lie that you'd been killed.

Nikolas: Ok, why -- why would you hide that from me?

Mary: I didn't want you to know that anybody had been here because I wanted you to feel safe here like nobody could find you, and I just didn't want you to panic and take off like you did last time. I can handle people coming here, but you -- you're still recovering. You don't even know who you are. I just -- I wanted to give you the time that you need to feel safe with me and the life that we're trying to piece back together.

Nikolas: What about Boston? Did you make that story up, too?

Mary: No. No, we went to Boston, and I have the scarf that you got me in the bottom drawer of our bureau if you don't believe me.

Nikolas: No, no, look, I don't want to accuse you or interrogate you, but now is not the time to lie to me.

Mary: I should have been honest, I know. But I just -- I don't know all the right things to say and do to keep you safe. Is it wrong for me to want things to go back to the way they were?

Nikolas: No, no. Of course not, ok? But I'm back, you know? I'm here where you can touch me, and somehow that's not enough for you. I may have -- I may have no conscious memory, but from everything that you've told me, I have to believe that we were honest with each other.  So tell me -- what's keeping you so sad?

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Wait, wait.

Sonny: What?

Sam: We need to wait.

Carly: Get out.

Lorenzo: You don't mean that. I love you, Carly, and somewhere along the line, you started to care for me, too.

Carly: No way.

Lorenzo: You can deny it all you want, but I know the truth, Carly. We have touched each other in profound ways, and our connection is irrefutable.

Carly: Whatever I felt for you is gone. Now get out!

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere.

Ned: There's still time for you to switch sides.

Skye: I'd rather throw myself in front of a speeding train.

Ned: Skye, you're a very smart businesswoman, and you know the rules -- never let your personal feelings interfere with a very good business deal.

Skye: Well, thank you, Ned. I'll try to remember that.

Ned: I'm trying to stop you from making a very big mistake. You're about to replace A.J. as grandfather's patsy. If you give him your vote and you become C.E.O., his first order of business will be to remove you as sole heir and replace you with one of his own.

Skye: Don't you find your dire warnings are just a teensy weensy bit self-serving? If I turn against Edward, that means Tracy wins.

Ned: Yes, and would that be so bad? Look, if you change your mind and you vote for my mother, I promise you -- I guarantee you -- I will use my influence to make it worth your while.

Skye: Oh, please. You have no influence over Tracy. Unless, of course, you're armed with a cross and a stash of garlic. Ned, please, stop trying so hard. My decision is made.

Edward: Why don't you try one of these, dear?

Tracy: Ooh -- get those out of my face.

Edward: Oh, but I had cook make them special for you -- just for you -- tiny little cakes of crow. You might as well get used to the taste.

Tracy: No, thank you, daddy. I don't want to spoil my appetite for revenge.

Alan: Well, I hate to interrupt this tender father-daughter moment, but supper is ready. Monica is on her way. Now, do you want to wait?

Edward: No, let her join us in progress. May I have the pleasure?

Skye: Oh.

Tracy: What?

Alan: You know, it's so unfortunate that you and father have spent your lives one-upping each other.

Tracy: You're not going to tell me that you've gone all warm and fuzzy over that old coot, are you?

Alan: I love our father. Can you say the same? Or has he just become a lifelong challenge for you?

Tracy: How dare you question my love of our father. My love is just as deep as yours and all the more significant for how hard-earned it is. You never understood that. Now, why don't you just go play in your little doctor kit and leave my relationship with our father alone.

Dillon: Well, I figured you out. You either bribed or blackmailed Sage into posting nude photos of Georgie on the hospital's computer. That's great.

Tracy: Congratulations. You're absolutely right.

Dillon: You're not -- you're not even going to deny it?

Tracy: Why bother? You've seen right through me. You really are an incredibly astute young man. I wish you'd give up this obsession, movies and --

Dillon: Oh, stop it. Stop! You're not going to gloss this one over. Why would you hurt an innocent girl who never did anything wrong but care about me?

Tracy: That's exactly the point.

Dillon: She's going to flip out when she finds out about this.

Tracy: Well, hopefully, she's not going to find out about it.

Dillon: What does that mean?

Tracy: You know. That's what's important.

Nikolas: A complete stranger saw the sadness in your eyes. I'm your husband. Why can't you tell me?

Mary: A marine that I didn't know showed up on my door one night and told me that the man that I had built my life around was dead. From that moment, everything changed. I didn't believe it at first, and then I went through the motions of the proper widow -- a memorial, condolence calls from the officer's wives. I even went back to our hometown for a visit to the tree where we first kissed and the church where we were married. But inside, in my heart, I was waiting for footsteps on the porch and the key in the lock. No, please let me finish. I finally realized the reality that my husband was never coming back, that I would never hear him laugh, touch him and a hole opened up inside of me, a hole that got deeper and colder every day that we were apart.

Nikolas: But I'm here now. I'm here now.

Mary: I know, and I'm terrified. What you see as sadness is really fear. I am so scared that I'm going to lose you again, and I swear, I think it would kill me.

Sam: Listen, I love -- I love being in bed with you --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: And making love to you and touching you --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: But when I am in your arms, I cannot think straight, and I need to, so moving in together is not a casual decision for either one of us. I just want to make sure that we're both good with it.

Sonny: Ok.

Sam: Ok. Look, I'm not a timid woman.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: To be truthful about it, I'm kind of a danger junkie, actually.

Sonny: Kind of? Sort of?

Sam: Sort of. Listen, I just -- I understand what you're telling me about your life --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: And all the dangers involved and the physical risks. But the only thing that scares me more than that is the thought of waking up some morning and finding out you've been killed in the middle of the night somewhere.

Sonny: Well, you know what, being afraid is an appropriate reaction. So is, you know, walking out that door, you know. If you want, Iím not going to stop you.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, no, no, no, you didn't let me finish.

Sonny: Ok, well, go ahead.

Sam: The only thing worse than losing you on some future night would be to lose you right now. So I fully understand the chances I'm taking with my life and with my heart, and I accept that.

Lorenzo: You need to hear me out.

Carly: Oh, I have heard everything I need to hear from you.

Lorenzo: You cannot ask me for the truth and then punish me for giving it to you.

Carly: Do you not understand that what you just did was a cold and calculated act of violence? It is the very thing that I have been swearing to everybody that you are not capable of anymore.

Lorenzo: And what about you, Carly? How calculated was your decision to stay with me because I'm blind? I grew up learning that to get what I wanted out of life, I had to be single-minded -- not to let anything get in my way, just like you. Not sympathy, not other people's moral judgments. So if I fell back on those tactics to make you mine or to get your children back for you, then I am sorry. You have to know that nothing I ever did was meant to hurt you.

Carly: Lorenzo, when I came to you, you offered me some kind of love, some kind of inner peace after all the chaos with Sonny, and you made me believe in you, and now you just threw it all away. You tell me -- you tell me, how am I supposed to forgive you for that?

Dillon: You did this to hurt me.

Tracy: No, darling. I did it to open your eyes.

Dillon: You know, you may have gotten pictures posted on the hospital computer, but you didn't shake my faith in Georgie. You never will.

Tracy: Darling, it doesn't matter what you think. It matters what everybody else thinks -- Georgieís friends, her parents, her teachers, the hospital. She could lose her job at the hospital. She could get suspended from school, and we all know how boys like to talk. On the other hand, she does stand to make a killing, and a little bit of money could go a long way to cheer up a girl whose -- whose reputation is in ruins.

Dillon: This is about the vote, isn't it? The big tiebreaker between you and grandfather?

Tracy: No, darling, that would be blackmail. You're my flesh and blood. You know what's right for your mother. Now, my power of attorney elapses in almost 10 minutes, so I hope you make a quick decision because control of E.L.Q. will revert to my father.

Dillon: What if I do the unthinkable, mom? What if I stand up to you and say no?

Tracy: Well, son, Georgieís reputation will be toast, and you won't be able to help her because you'll be in military school.

Dillon: You are a monster. I cannot believe that you would ruin my life and the life of somebody that I love for a stupid, stupid job!

Tracy: It's not a job. It is our future.

Dillon: Oh, shut up! Everything that happens after tonight has nothing to do with me anymore.

Carly: Sonny? I made a terrible mistake. You were right about Lorenzo. It's over with him, and if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I want to come home.

Lorenzo: I love you, Carly.

Carly: I don't need your kind of love. Ok, I alienated myself from people in my life that I love because I believed in you, Lorenzo, because you made me believe in you! And what have you done? You've turned around, and you have lied to me. And you -- you caused all this chaos. You know, I can't deal with this anymore. It is over. Everyone was right. You are obsessed, and you are probably the worst thing that has ever happened in my life. Just get the hell out of my life!

Lorenzo: Oh, it is way too late for that.

Nikolas: Here you go.

Mary: Thank you.

Nikolas: Listen to me -- you don't have anything to worry about. I'm not leaving. You're my wife; this is our home. I mean, I may not recognize it, but it doesn't make it any less ours. And besides, where am I -- where am I going to go, anyway? It's not like I have another life waiting for me. Sorry, I guess -- I guess humor is not one of my strong points.

Mary: No, donít. Stop that. You're actually very funny. It's just --

Nikolas: No, you know what? I know, it's -- I know, it's me.

Mary: You?

Nikolas: It's me. I've just been so focused on my -- on my anger and my confusion instead of how lucky I am to be home at all. I mean, I'm sure there are men who I fought with who didn't make it home. Tell you what -- we're going to -- we're going to flip roles, ok? You've been caring for me day and night. Now I'm going to take care of you for a little while.

Mary: Oh, I'd -- Iíd like that very much.

Nikolas: Ok.

Edward: This is the dawning of a new era for E.L.Q., probably its greatest. But you don't have to worry, Tracy; you really don't. Your father is a forgiving man. You shall not be jobless. You have a decent managerial head on your shoulders, and I shall put it to good use once I appoint you Maintenance Director.

Ned: I'm disappointed in you, mother. I thought you'd have an 11th-hour plan.

Edward: In two minutes, we have a --

Tracy: Three.

Edward: Why don't you save what little face you have left and concede now.

Tracy: I want a vote.

Skye: Oh, what a waste of time. We all know where we stand.

Tracy: It's my time to waste. I want a vote.

Edward: Very well. All those in favor of Tracy for C.E.O. of E.L.Q., say "aye."

Tracy, Ned, and Monica: Aye.

Edward: All those in favor of me?

Alan and Skye: Aye.

Edward: I cast one vote for myself. That makes it a tie, which makes it the same as a win. You have --

Dillon: Let's put an end to all this, shall we? I'm here to break the tie. I vote for my mother.

Tracy: I knew you'd make the right decision.

Sam: Sonny? Sonny? Hey. Is there something wrong?

Sonny: Hey, no, no, no. Um -- I don't know, I just -- I don't know if I'll ever be able to give you what you need.

Sam: No, no, no, listen to me --

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: I told you that I'm clear of the risks. I know you share a life and a family with Carly. That's not going to disappear. I'm just asking for the moment we're in right now.

Sonny: You sure about that?

Sam: I mean, unless you've had second thoughts. And like I said before, you just -- you say the word and I'll go.

Sonny: I don't want you to go.

Sam: Ok. Then Iíll take whatever you can give.

Lorenzo: Look, I admit I made a terrible mistake, Carly, but it was intended to help you get your children.

Carly: Shut up. You know what, I don't want any more of your lies.

Lorenzo: I lied for you to help you, to save you, to preserve your peace of mind. I never once in my life wanted to hurt you, Carly, and I'm not going to let you deny how we feel for each other because you're feeling angry and betrayed now.

Carly: Oh, you know what? I want you out of my life. I want you out of my children's life.

Lorenzo: I will never be out of your life, don't you understand that? I mean, I could lie and tell you that Iíll leave you alone. But lies and evasions are what got us here, right? And, Carly, I do not wish to make that --

Carly: Don't you -- don't.

Lorenzo: You're tired. It's been a long night. You need time to absorb everything. Ok. I will go for now, but we are far from over.

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