GH Transcript Monday 4/5/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/5/04

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[Leaves rustle]

Lucky: Who's there?

[Knock on door]


Mary: Yes?

Emily: I need your help. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for this man.

Sam: I'm not out to ruin Sonny's life. I'm glad he loves his children and he wants to spend time with them, and to be honest with you, if he wanted to go back to Carly, I wouldn't fight it. I mean, it would hurt like hell, but I care about Sonny and I want what's best for him. So this is it, Jason. This is your chance to do something positive. Am I good for Sonny in any way at all, or should I just do him a favor and disappear?

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Well, you know what I want. I already tried to pay you to leave the country. But it's not my decision, it's yours.

Ric: All that matters to you, Sonny, is what you want at any given moment. That's why you left your wife and your child for some whore like Sam.

Sonny: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Ric: Oh, don't I, really?

Sonny: No, you don't!

Ric: Well, you want to look at it this way, huh -- your father left our mother, right?

Sonny: Ok.

Ric: Just like you left Carly.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: See, he ran out, you ran out.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: You want to tell me, Sonny, where's the pride in that, hmm? You're the worst of both of your fathers. You're violent like Deke Woods and you're selfish like Mike. You talk about me, huh? I'm better than my father, or at least I'm trying to be. Because I'm with Elizabeth, and she's carrying a baby that's not even mine. So that every day I look at you, every day for the rest of your life and every day for the rest of my life, I'm going to know that I am a better man than you are!

Elizabeth: Is that why you're with me?

Sonny: Ok. Well, you know what? I guess you guys got a lot to discuss here, so I'll leave you two alone. You want to ask me anything about the shooting, Ric, call my lawyer, will you? Excuse me.

[Ric sighs]

Elizabeth: Please tell me that what Sonny said wasn't true, that I misunderstood, that you don't mean what you just said. Please tell me you didn't marry me to spite Sonny.

Lorenzo: Carly?

Carly: Hmm?

Lorenzo: What are you doing?

Carly: I just -- I found these papers. They fell out of your jacket pocket. Do you need them?

Emily: Are you sure you haven't seen this man? Maybe along the road? He might be injured.

Mary: I already told the police everything I know. They've been here twice.

Emily: We found his jacket by the river. It was soaked, almost frozen.

Mary: I'll call the police if I see him.

Emily: His name is Nikolas Cassadine.

Mary: I'll remember.

Emily: Uh -- the man in that photo -- who's he?

Mary: My husband.

Emily: Is he around? May I speak to him?

Mary: He's dead.

Ric: I married you, Elizabeth, because I love you.

Elizabeth: So the part about you staying with me to prove that you're better than Sonny was, what, a lie you told out of anger, or a truth you could only tell a brother you hate?

Ric: No, I hate Sonny, all right? Fine, I admit to that. But that doesn't have anything to do with whether I love you or not.

Elizabeth: So it's an added bonus? What, for those days when things go wrong and you're feeling angry and impatient -- and believe me, all marriages have those days -- and you tell yourself "just hang in there," but apparently not for love or for the sake of your vows. No, you do it to prove a point to Sonny that you're the better brother. It's worth any sacrifice, right, I mean, even staying with me?

Ric: Wait a minute, I don't -- it's not a sacrifice to stay with you, Elizabeth. I'm with you -- I'm with you because I want to be. But you got to want it, too.

Elizabeth: Oh, no. No, no, this is not about me.

Ric: Oh, yes, it most definitely is. Look.  Marriage is about two people here, and both people have to be in it. Both of them have to be willing to accept and trust one another, and you don't trust me.

Elizabeth: Well, can you blame me?

Ric: No, not at all. No, I know how Iíve lied to you repeatedly. I've broken your trust many, many times. I've kidnapped Carly. I understand that I have given you every reason to despise me, but you said that you didn't. You said that you forgave me, Elizabeth. But saying it and living it are two different things.

Elizabeth: You're right. You're right. I have forgiven you. I'm not angry about what happened, ok? I just need to know that this could never happen again.

Ric: I can't convince you of that, can I? No matter how much you want to believe it, you -- you don't trust me.

Elizabeth: Not as long as you're still competing with Sonny.

Ric: Elizabeth, do you see the paradox in that, huh? I mean, if I -- if I lie to you about my hatred of my brother, then that allows you to pretend to feel safe. I mean, it's not real safety. You're going to constantly question my motives, you're going to second-guess every decision that I make concerning him. I mean, it's a comfortable illusion, one we both seem very happy to be living in. On the other hand, if I am honest with you about wanting to destroy my brother, that's unacceptable. It's not a part of me that you can deal with on any level. So what do we do? I mean, lies don't work, and honesty doesn't work, either. How do we trust one another?

Elizabeth: Maybe we just canít.

Sam: Look, Jason, I can make up my own mind. I don't need you or any other man to run my life. It would just really help to know what Sonny really wants.

Jason: Sonny wants you to wait here until he gets back.

Sam: He's going to ask me to move in.

Jason: All right, then that's what he wants.

Sam: But what if that's what he thinks he wants?

Jason: You know what -- you're giving me a headache, Sam.

Sam: Sonny wants me to move in with him because we have fun together. I mean, when he's with me, he laughs and he smiles, and besides this thing he has with you babysitting me, we really never, ever fight at all. He seems to fight with Carly all the time, but maybe that's what he wants. Maybe deep down somewhere, he still loves her and he's using me as a distraction so he doesn't have to miss her.

Jason: So?

Sam: "So?" Then by me staying here, I'd be giving Sonny what he thinks he wants rather than what he really wants, which is to be with Carly, which means if I really did care about him, I should probably just leave.

Jason: Ok, you want to know what I think? Sonny should figure out what's best for Sonny. You should figure out what's best for you.

Carly: Do you need these papers?

Lorenzo: They're receipts, probably. Leave them. My assistant will go through them.

Carly: I can help you with them if you want.

Lorenzo: If you'd rather itemize receipts than make love, we're in serious trouble.

Carly: I didn't say that.

Lorenzo: Certainly hope not.

Emily: Thank you. This really helps.

Mary: You must be freezing.

Emily: I'm dry, you know, I have a coat. Nikolas doesn't have either. They keep telling me he's probably got hypothermia.

Mary: I'm sorry.

Emily: No, I'm the one who should be apologizing, Mary, showing up here and dumping all of my problems on you.

Mary: I know what it's like to be worried about the man you love. My husband was a soldier. He died in Iraq a couple of months ago. They say he was a hero. I don't know how Iím going to get over it, but I have to somehow.

Emily: Mm-hmm. I have to believe that Nikolas is still alive. He's -- he was very strong. He walked away from the crash. Thank you for the tea, Mary, but I have to get out there and keep looking.

Mary: Well, I'll walk you to the road.

Emily: Oh, it's all right.

Mary: No, I know I need fresh air, anyway.

Emily: You know, my car's right over there. I'll be fine.

Mary: Are you sure?

Emily: Yes. And thank you so much for your help. Bye.

[Car starts]

Nikolas: Mary?

[Car departs]

[Knock on door]

Sam: Oh, would you go away?

Faith: You must be Sam.

Sam: Max!

Faith: Max is on a break. Mind if I come in?

Sam: Yes, I mind a lot!

Faith: Well, aren't you the spunky little -- what -- bimbo.

Sam: Sonny isn't here.

Faith: Hmm. If you had a brain in your head, you'd know better than to tell me that. See, when the man of the house is away, there's no telling what might happen.

Sam: Then why don't you just leave?

Faith: Why isn't anybody ever happy to see me?

Sam: What do you want, Faith?

Faith: Well, see, Luke mentioned that you told Sonny the killer was a man, and that lets me off the hook with our Mr. Corinthos, so I owe you a favor.

Sam: I don't want any favors from you.

Faith: Hmm. Leaving town? Is that because the killer's been taken care of or because Carlyís a little much for you?

Sam: Carly doesn't live here, thank you.

Faith: Oh, yes, of course she does. You wake up with her in the morning and she lies down beside you at night. She lives in Sonny's heart, and she always will. Yeah, when you look into his big, brown bedroom eyes, he doesn't even see you. In his mind and in his heart, he wants his wife. Now, did you really sign on for a threesome?

Sam: I don't need this, thanks.

Faith: What if I told you you didn't have to leave? What if I told you how to hang on to Sonny?

Courtney: Hey, dad, Table Four needs coffee. Look, I'll help you set up.

Mike: Honey, I can do this.

Courtney: Ok, Penny's late again, right?

Mike: Yeah, I know, but look, I can manage. Go, go be a businesswoman.

Courtney: Hey, it's all right.

Mike: Look, we just had a little rush, but people are starting to clear out, ok?

Courtney: Yeah, well, you still need help.

Mike: You -- you just don't want to go home, do you?

Courtney: Yeah, it's kind of funny -- I love my loft, but I just can't stand being there.

Mike: What about Rosie?

Courtney: She misses Jason, too. She's staying with the neighbors tonight. She won't be lonely. I grew up living by myself in an apartment. I should be used to it by now.

Jason: Emily. Jason. You don't have to call me back. I know that you're trying to find Nikolas, and I just wanted to tell you that if you need anything, if you need my help, call me. Hey. So what do you got?

Stan: The guy's name is Jack Valcone.

Jason: Ok, are you sure that he's the one who blew up Sonny's limo?

Stan: That's the word. Explosives are his specialty.

Jason: Any ties to Alcazar, Faith Rosco?

Stan: He's in from Texas. That's all we all know.

Jason: Somebody had to be paying him, and I have to know who it is.

Ric: So is there anything about me that you do believe?

Elizabeth: I believe you love me. I believe that you're trying to be a good husband and that you'll devote your life to this child, and I know you'll try to be a good father.

Ric: Try?

Elizabeth: Our lives will always come second to Sonny.

Ric: No, they won't.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Sonny will always be in the back of your mind, Ric. Even marrying me was a way to prove to Sonny that you won and he lost. Our lives will be wasted trying to tear him down.

Ric: Well, why not make our lives about triumph, about beating the odds?

Elizabeth: Because we haven't! You want to let go of your vendetta, but you can't. You're trying to stop hating Sonny, but you hate him more now than ever. And I will not build a marriage on hate.

Ric: Well, then why not build it on love, Elizabeth? I love you more than I thought I could love anybody.

Elizabeth: But I will never be enough. I wonít. Because no matter how much you love me, you are always going to hate Sonny more.

Ric: No, I refuse to believe that.

Elizabeth: Ok, 20 years from now, are you still going to hate him?

Ric: Oh, come on, Elizabeth, you think Sonny's going to be around in 20 years?

Elizabeth: His memory -- are you going to hate his memory? What about his kids? Is this baby going to have to grow up competing with Baby Morgan? What about our family life? Is it going to have to be absolutely perfect to prove that Sonny's isn't?

Ric: That's ridiculous! Of course not!

Elizabeth: You know what; I don't believe you, Ric! And I don't trust you. I donít. Not when it comes to this.

Ric: So where does that leave us?

Elizabeth: I honestly thought that love would change you.

Ric: It has.

Elizabeth: No. No. You see, hating Sonny is who you are. And if you stop doing that, then tell me, what do you think you're going to have left?

Ric: Look, Sonny -- Sonny's family, ok, like it or not. You -- you have family that you can't deal with, right -- your parents, your sister.

Elizabeth: Oh, please! I did not marry you to get back at them!

Ric: Are you sure about that?

Elizabeth: What? Oh, you see, this is what I mean -- what you just did right now!

Ric: What? What? What did I do?

Elizabeth: Projecting your feelings on me! I don't make you better than Sonny, Ric. In fact, I have nothing to do with Sonny at all, but for you, that line is permanently blurred because everything is about Sonny -- everything. And I refuse to let my children be raised around that.

Ric: Are you breaking up with me?

Elizabeth: We're not going to make it, Ric, and I think we both know it.

Mary: I didn't add the milk and sugar this time. Just plain old orange spice.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Mary: Mm-hmm. Connor?

Nikolas: Who was here?

TV reporter: With an update on the search for Nikolas Cassadine. Authorities have downgraded --

Mike: Excuse me.

TV reporter: The search from a rescue to a recovery, indicating they no longer expect to find Mr. Cassadine alive. Sources inside the PCPD indicate that the massive search yielded nothing more than a jacket found on the riverbank the night of the crash. Mr. Cassadine was engaged to marry Emily Quartermaine.

Courtney: Oh, gosh, why can't they just leave Emily out of it?

Mike: Well, the Quartermaines are a big deal in this town and she makes it a better story.

Courtney: Well, I think that's one of the reasons Jason changed his name. He didn't want people noticing him because he was a Quartermaine.

Mike: Yeah, well, speaking of that, what about your last name? You thinking about going back to Matthews?

Courtney: You know, Jasonís name is the one thing that I would like to keep. God, I mean, Jason is being so difficult about this divorce, dad. I mean, he won't agree to anything.

Mike: Well, what are you asking for?

Courtney: Nothing. That's just it. I just -- I don't know. I don't need Jasonís money, you know, and he doesn't have any property except that pool table, and, God, he'll probably try to dump that thing on me, too.

Mike: Wait a minute. You lost me, princess.

Courtney: Jason won't sign the divorce papers until he gives me something. And all I really want is what we had.

Mike: So why don't you tell him?

Jason: You ok?

Elizabeth: I'm looking for my spare set of car keys.

Jason: Did you lock your keys in the car?

Elizabeth: Yes, isn't that stupid? But then again, everything I do is so incredibly stupid. But do I listen? No, no, no, no, no. I just have to follow my heart instead of doing what the rest of the world says. Oh, God, I guess I just deserve this.

Jason: Are you ok? You seem kind of upset.

Elizabeth: Um -- Ric and I are -- we're getting divorced. Please don't ask me why, because you already know. I mean, Ric -- he hates Sonny more than he loves me. And he loves me a lot. You know, I honestly thought that I could just love him through it, that I believed if I loved him enough, he would stop hating Sonny, and he just -- he just can't. He never will.

Jason: I'm -- I'm sorry that you're hurting.

Elizabeth: You think Iím better off?

Jason: I know it. So do you.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Yeah. Just a minute. Ahem. Hi.

Sage: Hey, I was on my way to the hospital to volunteer and I heard my uncle's driver on his cell, and it sounded really bad.

Carly: No, everything's fine. Lorenzo's fine.

Sage: Did somebody try and kill him?

Carly: It's all over.

Sage: Who would attack a blind man? Don't you think that's terrible?

Carly: Ok, you don't have to worry about anything. Lorenzo is ok.

Sage: Well, is he here?

Carly: Yeah.

Sage: I get nervous when he doesn't answer his cell.

Carly: Ok, everything's fine.

Sage: Ok, good. So you got a second?

Sam: Why do you care if I hold on to Sonny? What's in it for you?

Faith: Hmm. Now, there's a question I understand.

Sam: So then answer it.

Faith: If you and Sonny stay together, Carly will stay with Alcazar just to spite him. Alcazar and Sonny will continue fighting, which makes my life a lot easier. If Sonny and Carly get back together, it's business as usual and I'm a target, and you're left with, what, a leaky boat?

Sam: Ahem. What's your advice? Not that Iím going to take it.

Faith: Never eavesdrop -- not on those sirs, not in the kitchen, not on the telephone. Sonny is deeply paranoid. Don't push him. He's also a control freak, so if he tells you to go upstairs, go, no questions asked. And if he asks you back down, look gorgeous, every single time.

Sonny: What the hell's going on? You know better than to show up here, Faith.

Faith: I'll make it fast.

Sonny: Can you go upstairs for a second?

Sam: Yeah. No problem.

Sonny: What?

Faith: This is strictly business.

Sonny: Well, you got no business with Sam.

Faith: No, no, that was just a little girl talk.

Sonny: Oh. Say what you got to say and get out of here.

Faith: Ok. Luke swears that you're letting me off the hook now that you know I didn't hire --

Sonny: Ok, Luke is wrong.

Carly: Sage, what can I do for you, hmm?

Sage: You want me to leave, don't you? It's ok. I understand. Everybody in my life wants me to leave, so sooner or later, I just do whatever I want.

Carly: Do you want me to go wake up your Uncle Lorenzo so you guys can have a talk or something?

Sage: No, no, not really. I used to hate you, but I admire you, too. You have a good heart -- at least that's what Uncle Lorenzo said. But I didn't believe him at first because I thought you were doing all this just to make Sonny jealous, except then I realized that you werenít.

Carly: Ok. So what made you change your mind, huh?

Sage: Uncle Lorenzoís happy. Ok, maybe it is your fault that he can't see, but, I mean, he would've never been in that courtroom if it weren't for you. But even blind, he's doing well. I mean, he's doing better than Iíve ever known him before.

Carly: Well, that's good to hear, right?

Sage: I thought you'd bail on him the first chance you got, but I was wrong. There's, like, zero chance you'd break his heart, right?

Carly: Lorenzo and I, we're very close.

Sage: I know how much he loves you, and I've seen you stand by him, which is good because I know what it's like for people to bail, which they usually do -- at least to me.

Carly: Yeah, I know what that's like, too.

Sage: Really? You do? Were you, like, dumped into boarding school the second you could walk? It's awful, isn't it?

Carly: Sage, what can I do for you? What do you need?

Sage: I guess I just need to say thank you for making my uncle happy. I'm bad with gratitude. I just haven't really had a lot of practice at it. But I really mean it, from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth: I don't blame Ric for my mistakes. I mean, I'm the one who was willing to give the relationship a second try. Unfortunately, that was the worst mistake of all.

Jason: Why'd you -- why'd you do it?

Elizabeth: Because I loved him. I wanted to save him. I wanted to prove that I could create a perfect life for myself and my child, do at least one thing right.

Jason: Prove to who?

Elizabeth: Myself. My parents, my sister, my grandma, you.

Mike: Honey, you know, if you hold this up to the glass, you can hear almost every word.

Courtney: Ok, ok.

Mike: Look, I know that you and Jason have your problems, there's no question.  But Elizabeth isn't one of them.

Emily: Did you find anything?

Lucky: No, not yet.

Emily: Oh, God, it's getting really cold. Where's my scarf? I thought it was right here.

Lucky: Well, are you sure you brought it?

Emily: Yeah, positive. Wait. Oh, I left it at that woman's house.

Lucky: Wait, you were at someone's house?

Emily: Yeah. She's a widow. She's about my age. She lives right over there. She was nice.

Lucky: Yeah, I spoke to her.

Emily: Yeah, she said two cops had been by. God, it was so sad. Lucky, when I came to the door, she was holding a picture of her husband, and I know she'd been crying. It was so strange, you know, that picture that she had -- something about it just reminded me of Nikolas.

[Pager beeps]

Lucky: Listen, I got to take this, so you know what, I'll get back to you in just a second. Will you stick around?

Emily: Yeah.

Lucky: Ok.

Mary: It's an old scarf of mine. I got it in Boston ages ago.

Nikolas: Why was it on the couch?

Mary: I pulled it out. I thought it might help you remember. We had so much fun on that trip.

Nikolas: Was stored?

Mary: For ages.

Nikolas: Doesn't seem stale. What's the perfume?

Mary: Something I used to wear.

Nikolas: What's it called?

Mary: I don't remember. It cost a fortune, though. That's why I stopped buying it.

Nikolas: That's too bad. It's very nice.

Elizabeth: Thanks for your help.

Jason: Yeah, no problem.

Courtney: Hey.

Elizabeth: I locked my keys in the car.

Courtney: Oh, that's always a hassle.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I apologize for being rude earlier.

Courtney: You know, I could've been nicer, too.

Elizabeth: Well, you were right, Ric is never going to let go of his grudge against Sonny, and just took me a while to admit it. See you.

Courtney: What was all that about?

Jason: She's breaking up with Ric. She really wanted the marriage to work, but it didn't.

Courtney: And she's heartbroken. Um -- I have to get to the office.

Jason: Wait a minute, isn't it -- isn't it kind of late?

Courtney: Well, it's the best time to do paperwork.

Jason: So how's business?

Courtney: It's ok. It's not what I expected, but nothing really is.

Mike: Why are you just standing there? Why don't you go after her?

Sonny: I let you live as a favor to Luke. You're not off the hook. As far as I'm concerned, you never will be.

Faith: Sam hasn't improved your disposition much, has she?

Sonny: You stay away from Sam.

Faith: You make a cute couple, though. You like them spunky, don't you, just as long as they know their place.

Sonny: You know what? Luke can't save you forever. You're sloppy, you assume way too much, and you're a little bit crazy. So you'd better get out of here now. It's about time you leave. Don't forget to watch your back. Are you listening, Sam? You can come down now.

Sam: One second!

Carly: Hey, I appreciate how much you love your uncle, and you don't have to worry, I am not going to leave him when he needs me.

Sage: Thanks, and I wanted you to know that Iím sorry. I've been a jerk to you. I mean, sometimes I can't tell when Iím being bad. Sometimes I can, and I was to you.

Carly: Hey, it's no problem.

Sage: All right, well, I'd better get going. I'm going to be late.

Carly: Ok. You going to be at the hospital?

Sage: Yeah. I've been doing a lot of computer work.

Carly: Hmm. Well, good, I'll tell Lorenzo that you stopped by and I'll tell him to give you a call.

Sage: All right, thanks.

Carly: Sure.

Sage: Wouldn't it be cool if we could be, like, friends?

Carly: It would be very cool.

Sage: All right, well, I'll see you later then.

Carly: All right.

[Phone rings nearby]

Lucky: I remember this woman. Her name's Mary. She lives alone, but there was nothing she could tell me.

Elizabeth: Ric?

Ric: Elizabeth, Iím glad you came back. Look, look, I understand why you were upset, all right, but I think if we can just get away, we can work all of this out.

Elizabeth: Ok, I canít.

Ric: No, I love you, and I know you love me, right? Look, you said our marriage was flawed. I understand that. There's --

Elizabeth: Can you just let me get this out before I change my mind?

Ric: No, no, Elizabeth, please, don't do this.

Elizabeth: I'm filing for a divorce.

Sonny: What's that?

Sam: My stuff.

Sonny: Your stuff?

Sam: Yeah, I left everything that you bought me upstairs, and the earrings and the bracelet are on the dresser -- except this. I kept this.

Sonny: You don't like my presents?

Sam: I do.

Sonny: Oh.

Sam: I like them very much, but you don't have to protect me anymore, Sonny, so it's time to move on.

Sonny: Jason didn't give you my message?

Sam: Yes, he did, and that is why I'm here. I waited so I could do this in person.

Sonny: To tell me you're leaving?

Sam: It's for the best. I mean, it's complicated, and we don't want to complicate things. No strings, remember?

Sonny: It's kind of just not fair, you know, but --

Sam: Me leaving?

Sonny: Just running, you know, without giving me a chance to ask you to stay.

Mike: Do you and Courtney have any idea how lucky you are? I mean, most people go through their entire life not having what you've got, and you're just throwing it away.

Jason: Courtney made her choice.

Mike: I mean, why are you trying to give her alimony she doesn't want, and why is she on the verge of tears all the time? She is my little girl. She's your wife. I know that she loves you, and I know that you love her. So find a way to make her happy.

Stan: Tracked Valcone's money trail to South America.

Jason: Has he done more for Alcazar?

Stan: Couldn't get confirmation.

Jason: Ok, I'm going to do the follow-up. I have to have proof that that guy worked for Alcazar.

[Phone rings nearby]

Lorenzo: Let me guess. This is you.

[Ringing stops]

Carly: What the hell is going on here, Lorenzo? I found a piece of paper which is bloodstained in your pocket -- paper that you must have gotten off of the hit man while he was lying here dead. You were trying to eliminate any ties that you had between him because the person who hired someone to blow up Sonny's limo was you, wasn't it?

Lorenzo: Yes.

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Monica: I have something that you need to see.

Nikolas: You lied to me.

Sam: Sonny, Iím in way too deep. I'm falling in love with you.

Carly: Whatever I felt for you is gone. Now, get out!

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