GH Transcript Friday 3/26/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/26/04

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Carly: Will you stay with me?

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere. Why don't you go see Morgan, and then when you come back, I'll take you to the cafeteria and buy you a doughnut.

Carly: The doctor's here. Can I see my son?

Doctor: Things aren't going as well as we hoped. Morgan just had a seizure. I'm moving him to the I.C.U.

Carly: Oh, you -- you said his fever was down.

Doctor: It was, but we just got Morganís throat cultures back from the lab. He has a serious infection.

Carly: How serious? What's wrong with my baby?

Doctor: Morgan has scarlet fever.

Emily: It's wet. Nikolas is in the water. He's in the water. I have to get to him! Let me go!

Lucky: Em, hey, you can't go in there --

Emily: Let me go! Nikolas! Nikolas!

Lucky: Wait --

Emily: Wait -- let me go! Let me go! I have to help him!

Lucky: You can't save him if you drown!

Nikolas: I don't know you. I don't remember knowing you, but I can tell that something is wrong, and whatever it is, you have to tell me.

Mary: I'm sorry. I've been lying to you about everything.

Nikolas: What do you mean?

Mary: There's -- there's a search going on right now just outside the house.

Nikolas: What kind of search?

Mary: A manhunt. The police are looking for you, Connor.

[Music plays]

Sam: I can't believe it. Look at all of these beautiful chips with all of these high numbers on them.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Yes. No $20 for me. Uh-uh.

Sonny: No.

Sam: And no $1 bills, no.

Sonny: No, right.

Sam: Only 100s, and lots -- I like how you do that.

Sonny: You like --

Sam: Lots and lots of thousands.

Sonny: All right! You're cute when you're greedy.

Sam: No, I am lucky, and I am never wearing any other dress in my entire life to any casino with -- you fixed the game.

Sonny: Me? Why would I do that?

Sam: Because this is your place and these are your chips.

Sonny: That's right.

Sam: If you did do that --

Sonny: Uh-huh?

Sam: If you gave orders --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: To let me win --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: There is only one thing I can do.

Sonny: And what would that be?

Sam: Reciprocate.

Sonny: You could've won it all on your own.

Sam: Oh, I seriously doubt it.

Sonny: No -- yeah. How come you don't have faith in yourself?

Sam: Oh sure, faith -- that I always lose. But maybe my luck has changed.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: The instant I met you, yeah.

Sonny: You want to push your luck?

Sam: What did you have in mind?

Sonny: Well, it's your night. You get to choose.

Sam: Oh, really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Sam: I thought you were the boss.

Sonny: You want me to decide what happens next?

Sam: Well -- ahem -- maybe I'll push my luck after all.

Sam: Dance with me.

Carly: Scarlet fever? That -- that's like polio or diphtheria -- babies don't get scarlet fever anymore.

Doctor: Actually, it's fairly common in older children, but it does happen.

Carly: Well, is he going to be ok?

Doctor: We started I.V. antibiotics. We'll keep an eye on Morganís white count and take it from there.

Carly: Ok, I want to be with him.

Doctor: I need to reassess him first, and after that, only one visitor at a time.

Carly: Scarlet fever? How do you think he got scarlet fever? Do you -- at the park? He was in the stroller the whole time.

Jason: Carly, he's going to be ok.

Carly: What -- what if he's not, Jason? Babies, they go -- they go blind, right? They go deaf from -- from scarlet fever? What --

Lorenzo: In the 19th century before antibiotics. Morgan's going to be fine.

Carly: Well, what if he's allergic to the antibiotics? What if he has another seizure?

Lorenzo: Carly, you are scaring yourself.

Carly: Well, he's a baby. He's fragile. They're sticking him with needles. He's got to be frightened.

Jason: Carly, you need to listen, ok? You're not going to help Morgan by panicking. You need to fight for him. You need to sit with him and tell him that he's going to be ok. No crying. No yelling at doctors. You have to hold it together. I don't care how scared you are. Morgan needs you.

Carly: Ok, he's going to be fine.

Jason: Yes, it's going to be fine. Now go take care of him.

Carly: Call Sonny.

Jason: Ok.

Lorenzo: I'll go with you to Morganís room.

Carly: Tell Sonny that Morganís going to be fine.

Jason: Ok.

Emily: Send a rescue boat and divers into the river right now!

Ric: Emily -- Emily, relax, ok? We don't know that Nikolas is in the river.

Emily: All right, show him, Lucky.

Lucky: I found this by the river.

Ric: Are we sure that this is Nikolas'?

Lucky: His wallet's inside.

Emily: Look, Nikolas is out in the dark somewhere. He's probably in the water.

Ric: Emily, listen to me.

Emily: You need to go out there right now.

Ric: I have a helicopter in the area. I have search teams all over this place.

Alexis: If he's in the water, why don't you send a rescue boat?

Ric: I will at first light.

Emily: Morning will be too late!

Nikolas: Why are the police searching for me?

Mary: You need to rest.

Nikolas: No, no. I need to know what's going on. How was I hurt?

Mary: Can we talk about this --

Nikolas: How was I hurt?

Mary: Tomorrow?

Nikolas: No.

Mary: The police won't be back. I told them that I live alone, that I've been here for months.

Nikolas: Why can't you just tell me? Why can't you just tell me? What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of?

Mary: I'm afraid of losing you.

Nikolas: Why? Why?

Mary: The marines are looking for you. You're a deserter.

Nikolas: That's impossible. That's impossible. I would -- I would never refuse to do my duty.

Carly: Hey, sweetie. It's just you and me again. Just like it was from the beginning. Oh. You held on then, even when all the terrible things happened. You know that? Because you're strong. You're so strong. You're such a fighter, and if you just keep on fighting, I promise everything's going to be ok. Mm-hmm. Oh, because you're so loved, do you know? Mommy and daddy and Michael -- we love you so much. And if you just hang on, I promise you, sweetheart; I promise you I'm going to make everything better. I promise --

[Morgan burps]

Carly: Aw. That better?

[Music plays]

Sam: You're scaring me.

Sonny: Really? I get that a lot.

Sam: You make me feel like Cinderella.

Sonny: You don't like it?

Sam: No. Cinderella was a whining little simp.

Sonny: What are you talking about? You think so?

Sam: Oh, come on.

Sonny: What?

Sam: Face it. She was definitely passive-aggressive.

Sonny: Right.

Sam: If you want to go to the ball, just go already. Don't waste your life cleaning up after people who don't even like you, and don't hold your breath until a fairy godmother shows up. I mean, come on.

Sonny: What?

Sam: What was she thinking? She was doing all that to please a prince?

Sonny: What's wrong with a prince?

Sam: Oh, you don't know. Ok -- ahem. A guy holds a party --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: To select a wife.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: That doesn't seem arrogant at all to you?

Sonny: No.

Sam: And Cinderella goes out with him, devotes the rest of her life after one date that doesn't last past midnight. Like I said, what was she thinking?

Sonny: So you hate Cinderella? What?

Sam: See, that's the problem -- I'm beginning to think that maybe she was on to something.

Sonny: Except you were not a "whining simp" --

Sam: Oh.

Sonny: And I'm definitely not a prince.

Sam: Oh -- that's -- ok.

Sonny: You know what I mean?

Sam: Yeah.

[Sam giggles]

[Phone rings]

Sam: Oh --

Sonny: I got -- I got to get that. You know, I mean -- let's see who it is. I got to -- sorry, I got to take it.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Hello.

Jason: Morgan's in the hospital with scarlet fever.

Nikolas: I may not know my name, or anything else for that matter, but I know that I would never break an oath, or -- or let my fellow soldiers fight for their lives while I -- while I ran free. I know this like -- like I know I'm breathing air!

Mary: You're right. You would never run from battle. You're too brave and loyal.

Nikolas: Well, obviously not, if you say I deserted.

Mary: You were wounded outside of Baghdad in a firefight with insurgents. You saved three soldiers. I have the medals and the citations. You were missing and presumed dead until I got a visit from a man who said that there had been a mistake in the identification; that you were in the V.A. Hospital. I visited you there. I was so happy to see you, and we had planned on coming back here to live, but you didn't get a discharge. You got orders to report back to Iraq. You snuck away from the hospital in the middle of the night and you called me and told me where to meet you. I don't know what happened next. I think the police caught you, but you got away. I found you along the interstate, badly injured and dazed. You got into my car, and before I could ask you what happened, you passed out and then you woke up here.

Nikolas: With no memory.

Mary: It'll come back. It has to.

Nikolas: I do remember some things.

Mary: I knew you would.

Nikolas: Not my name or joining the marines or being married, but I know honor, and I know commitment, and I know duty. And these words -- they -- they mean something to me, and I don't see -- I don't see how I can make an oath to my country and break it. I don't see how I could do that!

Mary: You did it for me.

Emily: How long do you think that Nikolas can survive in the water? We have to send rescue boats now.

Lucky: At this point, Em, a helicopter is his best chance. And if he's spotted, we can bring in the boats.

Ric: Look, the river is in flood. I can't let the rescue workers take unnecessary risks.

Emily: How can you call saving Nikolas unnecessary, Ric?

Alexis: Emily, come here a second. Look, you know that Nikolas wouldn't want anybody risking their lives right now. It's too dangerous for the searchers to do this. This is a very difficult situation, but you are just going to have to wait.

Ric: What have you got?

Ross: Nothing. We're not going to find anything, either.

Lucky: You know what? Let me tell you something. You don't know my brother. Nikolas is a survivor!

Ric: Take -- take it easy.

Ross: I'm sorry. I know you want to believe that, but you know the facts as well as I do. It's a miracle he walked away from this. You know, he must've been badly injured, in shock. How far could he swim if the river weren't in flood?

Ric: Ok, detective, please. I appreciate your input in this matter, but I think it's a little early to give up the search.

Ross: Listen, I'm suggesting that you be realistic with his fiancťe.

Emily: Realistic about what?

Ric: Look, Emily, please. Given -- given the fact that the river is in flood and the extensive injuries that Nikolas could have, the probability that he is alive --

Emily: No, don't say it, don't even think it. Nikolas is alive.

Nikolas: I deserted the marines in the middle of combat because of you?

Mary: I begged you not to go back; not to risk your life again. You know, I didn't care about honor or duty or medals or doing the right thing. I just wanted my husband back, and when you were lost, I was so scared. I can't imagine my life without you. And I thought you would get a discharge and -- and we'd be all right, but when you were sent back to Iraq, I couldn't stand it. I begged you not to leave me again, and I told you that I -- I couldn't handle another tour of duty.

Nikolas: I ran away because of you?

Mary: I'm the reason you're a fugitive, but we're together now. Nothing -- nothing else matters.

Nikolas: If what you say is true, I can't live as a coward. I can't be here, here safe with you, while the men I fought with are still in danger. I have to -- I have to turn myself in. I have to turn myself in.

Mary: No. Please -- please, you canít.

Sonny: This has got to be some kind of sign.

Sam: What has?

Sonny: Morgan's, you know, sick because of me.

Sam: No, Sonny. You know that isn't true.

Sonny: Well --

Sam: That is the fear talking.

Sonny: Michael is the only son I'm supposed to have because he -- he doesn't come from me. Morgan does. That's why he's sick.

Jason: Carly doesn't need you.

Lorenzo: I disagree. Sonny chose to leave town with his girlfriend, now their baby's desperately ill. I'm trying to help Carly any way I can.

Jason: Well, then back off. The last thing she needs is more pressure from you.

Lorenzo: Well, I could argue that you're the one applying the pressure -- taking advantage of Morganís illness, trying to pull Carly back into her old life. But you know what? If it'll avoid another argument, I'll gladly wait in the visitors' lounge.

Carly: I just -- I just got him back to sleep.

Nurse: I need to take some blood.

Carly: Can you just wait for a little bit?

Well, we need to keep track of his kidney function. Would you mind stepping out for just a few minutes?

Carly: I'll be back soon. They're drawing more blood.  Did you reach Sonny?

Jason: Sonny's on his way.

Carly: Where did Lorenzo go?

Jason: He's waiting in the waiting lounge.

Carly: His idea or your idea?

Jason: Sonny's coming back. It's not going to be good if Alcazar is here with you --

Carly: Right, because we wouldn't want to upset the mighty Sonny Corinthos, right? Right, especially now that he decided to cut short his vacation with his new girlfriend just to check on his son.

Jason: Don't pick a fight with him.

Carly: Do you ever once stop to think about what Sonny's doing to me? That island, Jason, was the one place that I thought was ours. I felt safe there. And after we lost the baby, Sonny and I were able to find our way back together and heal together.

Jason: Well, Sonny's as worried about Morgan as you are.

Carly: Listen, I know he's a good father, Jason, I do. He just didn't turn out to be the best husband.

Jason: Carly, it's no one's fault that Morgan's sick, ok? But you and Sonny have to stop fighting long enough to get your baby through this together.

Man: How's it going, Mr. Alcazar? You recognize my voice? Let me give you a hint -- tick, tick, tick, boom.

Lorenzo: Now is not the time or the place.

Man: I apologize for the inconvenience, but you won't return my calls. Where is my money?

Lorenzo: It's being arranged.

Man: You're stalling.

Lorenzo: I don't respond well to your pressure.

Man: Why don't I tell Mrs. Corinthos that you paid me to blow up her hubby's limo? That would feel like pressure, wouldn't it?

Lorenzo: You meet my representative on the Elm Street Pier in one hour.

Man: I don't need a meeting, I need the money.

Carly: Lorenzo?

Sonny: There are things I'm never supposed to have; people I'm not allowed to have in my life.

Sam: Listen, I don't -- I don't quite understand.

Sonny: I just found out my first wife was pregnant with my child when they died. I never even felt the baby kick, and I knew after that that I was not supposed to have any more children. But Carly got pregnant. I made her live with me.  She didn't want to, but I treated her well, and, you know, the baby was doing well. I used to -- I used to feel the baby, you know, and she'd call it -- it was like a flutter, you know? And then it started kicking. Then she fell down some stairs and lost the baby.

Sam: How is that your fault, though?

Sonny: Well, because that's what it cost. I can have anything I want -- money, power, women -- but not children.

Sam: Yeah, but, Sonny, Michael loves you, and you love him back. He considers you his father.

Sonny: I love Michael more than anything in this world. He's my son. I would do anything for him, but I did not bring him into this world. That's why he's -- that's why he's doing fine; that's why he's here. When Carly was pregnant with Morgan, I was scared all the time. But Carly, you know, she kept on in spite of the danger. You know, she kept our baby safe inside of her. Morgan held on. But during that time there was, like, terrible things going on, you know. What I'm trying to tell you is the only reason that Morgan survived was because Carly never gave up. She brought that baby into this world. But she can love him, pray for him, and fight for him as much as she wants. But there's no way she'll be able to fight for him like she did when he was living inside of her. The only reason Morgan was born was because of his mother. Somebody's trying to tell me something. I don't think Morgan can live with me as his father.

Lorenzo: Would you direct this man to the billing department?

Carly: Sure. It's on the second floor. Take the elevator, and make a right, and then an immediate left.

Lorenzo: Just follow the directions, and you'll be fine.

Man: Thank you for your help.

Carly: Yeah.

Lorenzo: How's Morgan?

Carly: Well, you know, I just got him to sleep, and then they wanted to draw blood. They asked me to leave, so I wanted to check on you.

Lorenzo: Hmm. I'm the last person you should be thinking about.

Carly: Yeah, well, I'm being selfish. Honestly, everyone would be a lot happier if I'd just asked you to leave, and, do you know, I might once Sonny gets here because I cannot handle another fight.

Lorenzo: Well, you shouldn't have to.

Carly: You want to walk with me back to Morganís room?

Lorenzo: I'll help you any way I can.

Carly: Ok. It's this way.

Jason: Hey, Morgan. I know you don't understand any of this -- and why you hurt and why you're in this place where the lights are so bright and so many strangers keep coming in and out. I know you're scared, but you got to hang on, ok? You can do it. You're going to be ok. You will.

Doctor: Will you leave the room, please?

Carly: Jason, what happened?

Jason: He asked me to leave the room.

Carly: Is Morgan worse?

Jason: Actually, it seems like he's more alert.

Carly: I wonder how long it takes till they know if the antibiotics are working or not.

Lorenzo: Look, if you have any concerns about the treatment Morganís getting here, I can arrange to have a specialist flown in.

Carly: Thank you. No, it's a good hospital. It's not Morganís fault he caught some crazy disease no one gets anymore.

Doctor: Excuse me. Mrs. Corinthos?

Carly: Yes?

Doctor: The antibiotics are working. Morgan's fever and lymph swelling are going down.

Carly: Oh, thank God.

Doctor: He should make a full recovery.

Carly: Can I go and see him now?

Doctor: Go, be with your baby. You don't need gloves.

Carly: Thanks. Thanks.

Doctor: Ok.

Carly: Hi. Hi, my sweetheart. You did good. Yeah. You did just what mommy asked you -- you got better because you're mama's angel boy. Aren't you? Yes, you are.

Lucky: Hey, it's possible Nikolas could've gotten out of that water.

Emily: Yeah, he could've crawled up on the bank down -- down the river. Maybe he's passed out or he's hurt and he's waiting for someone to find him.

Ross: So how long you going to let her go on like this?

Alexis: You seem awfully eager to give up my nephew for dead. Are you nursing some sort of personal grudge?

Ross: Sorry, ma'am. I didn't realize that the victim was your relative.

Alexis: I would appreciate it if you wouldn't speak about my nephew in the past tense.

Ross: I'm not trying to be insensitive. I just don't want to encourage false hope.

Alexis: Really? It seems to me as if you're trying to save time and effort.

Ric: You know what? I think it's a little soon to force Emily to have to deal with the facts, but, obviously, you don't want to be placated that way.

Alexis: Obviously.

Ric: Yeah. All right, you have to realize that Detective Duncan is right in this matter -- it is too soon to presume Nikolas dead. We can and will continue the search, but it is also reasonable to advise his family -- that being you -- to prepare for the worst.

Emily: Look at this. Look at this. Anyone else would've been hurt too badly to move. It just proves how strong Nikolas is that he could walk away. Wait.

Lucky: Emily --

Emily: Wedding rings.

Lucky: Emily?

Emily: Nikolas left me a message that he went shopping in Manhattan.

Alexis: Oh, Emily, those are beautiful.

Emily: He can't be lost. He can't be in that river, and there is no way that a car wreck or a river or anything else is going to keep us apart.

Nikolas: The only honorable thing to do is surrender myself. If the marines want to send me to prison for desertion, they have every right to.

Mary: They'll lock you up because of me, because I love you too much to let you throw your life away.

Nikolas: It's my duty.

Mary: You are already hurt! Isn't that enough? They should have given you an honorable discharge and sent you home to me.

Nikolas: Yeah, but they didnít.

Mary: You're one person. You can't affect what happens in Iraq, but you affect my life. You are my life. Please, Connor, don't turn yourself in. At least give me a chance to show you the kind of life we can have together.

Nikolas: Oh, my -- what kind of life can we have together that's built on cowardice, Mary? What kind of life can we have together?

Mary: You're not the coward, I am. Please don't punish me for it. Please, just give me a little more time with you. We -- we don't have to decide anything right now. You need a good night's rest. I have a pot roast in the fridge, and I can make potatoes.

Nikolas: A what?

Mary: Pot roast. It's your favorite.

Nikolas: Pot roast? I don't think I've ever even heard of a pot roast.

[Mary laughs]

Mary: Well, you'll remember, I promise. You just need time to rest. And wait until you're stronger, and then we'll figure out what to do. Ok?

Nikolas: Ok. Ok. Ok.

Mary: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok. Ok. Ok, ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.

Sonny: How's Morgan?

Jason: Fever is down, antibiotics are working.

Sam: I'm glad Morganís ok.

Jason: You were safe on the island. Why'd you come back?

Sam: Because Sonny might need me. Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. If Sonny hadn't been with me, maybe Morgan would be ok right now.

Jason: No, Sam, please, no one's blaming you for Sonny being out of town, ok? But it would be a lot easier on Carly if you weren't hanging around Morganís room.

Sonny: I'm sorry I wasn't here for you, champ, but you made it through. I knew you would. You're a tough, little kid. No matter how many times life knocks you down, you always get up because you are a fighter, right? You're not a quitter. You get that from your mama.

Carly: Thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for taking care of my baby. I just want him to be healthy and happy. God, I want that for both of my boys so much. I just want them to have the best life that they can possibly have, so much better than mine was. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking care of him.

Lorenzo: Carly?

Carly: Yeah, Lorenzo? I'm right here.

Lorenzo: Am I disturbing you?

Carly: No, no, no, no. Here, let me help you. Hey, I actually wanted to talk to you.

Sonny: Morgan fell asleep.

Jason: That's good. That's what he needs the most.

Sonny: Thanks for taking care of him.

Jason: Yeah, I'm just glad I was here.

Sonny: Where's Sam?

Jason: She left.

Sonny: How did this happen?

Jason: Well, Morgan was running a high fever.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Carly and I brought him in, the fever went down, doctor thought he was going to be ok. Then he had a seizure. Oh, man. Throat cultures came back with scarlet fever.

Sonny: Why didn't you let me know when you brought him into the hospital?

Jason: Sonny, everything happened at once. I didn't even know that you went to the island.

Sonny: Where's Carly?

Jason: In the chapel. Hey. You're doing great. You're strong, you don't give up, and that's important. A lot of people love you. That's important, too, but sometimes they just don't know how to show it. But, Morgan, remember they still love you. Ok? You need to trust that. Just trust how much you matter.

Carly: Oh, Lorenzo, thank you so much for being with me tonight. I don't know what I would've done without you.

Lorenzo: I'm glad I was here.

Carly: You've been so kind to me and patient -- as always.

Lorenzo: Oh. Why do I think I'm not going to like where this is going?

Carly: Lorenzo, you're wrong. Everything's fine. I just wanted to thank you for caring about -- Sonny --

Sonny: I sign my children over to you, this is what I get?

Carly: Excuse me?

Sonny: You're so busy groping Alcazar that you can't take care of Morgan? My son's in the hospital --

Carly: You know what?

Sonny: He had a seizure --

Carly: I was too busy taking care of our son. Where the hell were you? On some island -- our island -- on vacation with that new girlfriend of yours? Don't you dare come down on me.

Man: My employer expects you to leave and not come back.

Second man: I got a message for the boss man -- I'm not going anywhere until all the witnesses are dead.

First man: He won't like it.

Second man: Too bad.


Man: Who's there?

Mary: Ok, trust me, you're going to remember pot roast for the rest of your --

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: No sign.

Ross: Both of you, hands up! All right, turn around, nice and slow. Faith Rosco, you're under arrest for money laundering.

Sonny: You heard I was away with Sam, so you decided to punish me?

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