GH Transcript Thursday 3/25/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/25/04

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Sonny: Ok.

Sam: You know, it's really, really cruel to leave me in suspense like this.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: So where -- where exactly are you taking me, exactly?

Sonny: Um -- I own several casinos --

Sam: Several casinos in the Caribbean. I got that. Sonny, we're en route. Can you give me some details, please? Just a little bit?

Sonny: You're not very big on patience, are you?

Sam: I just can't stand not knowing.

Sonny: Oh, well.

Sam: Listen, when I was 6 --

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Sam: It was Christmastime. I went downstairs, opened all my presents. My dad wasn't even awake yet. I just --

Sonny: Did you feel like cheating made you want them even more?

Sam: No, I was 6. I don't even remember what I got. The point is I really hate to wait.

Sonny: It's worth the wait.

[Sam giggles]

Jason: All right, we'll be right there.

Carly: Did the doctor want me to bring him in to the hospital?

Jason: He wants to run some tests. Morgan's fever is way too high.

Lucky: I know it's been a night of hell for you, but it might not be over. You need to prepare yourself for the worst.

Emily: Ok, just tell me.

Lucky: The river is about 100 yards away and it's in flood. If Nikolas fell in, he could've drowned.

Emily: All right, that's impossible, all right? You know Nikolas.  He's strong.

Lucky: Emily --

Emily: He's out there somewhere. He's probably hurt, just like in the fire. He's not thinking clearly, or he wouldn't have wandered away. We have to find him.

Nikolas: Who are you?

Woman: I'm your wife.

Nikolas: My wife?

Woman: You don't remember?

Nikolas: Not even my name.

Woman: I'm Mary, and you're my husband, Connor Bishop.

Sam: Um -- how much longer?

Sonny: You're -- you know, you're like a little kid, you know that? You just got to -- you know, you can't wait. You take off, get yourself in a little trouble.

Sam: But you like me anyway.

Sonny: Yeah, a little bit, I guess. Tiny bit. I don't know.

Sam: You didn't from the start. I can remember the look on your face when I walked in here. You were -- over there --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: And I asked you to fly me out of town.

Sonny: More like you barged in here and demanded.

Sam: I just -- what did you think of me back then? Did I seem a little desperate? I probably did, right?

[Sonny laughs]

Sam: Or were you bored? I don't know. Maybe that's why you --

Sonny: Yeah, I kind of owed you, you know, so I always return the favor.

Sam: Oh. Oh, you felt obligated.

Sonny: No, no. You know, I -- I liked that you went for what you wanted without backing down.

Sam: Really?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Well, I can be completely unstoppable when there's something I want. So you need to tell me --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Exactly where we're going.

Sonny: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. You know what? It's a good thing that we're going to be there soon because I don't know how much I can resist.

Carly: Ok, I've got all his stuff. Morgan loves this. I'll bring that, too. Now, I already woke Leticia and I told her. I don't know, though, Jason. I think maybe I should wake Michael, tell him. Because if he wakes up on his own and he finds out we're gone and we had to take Morgan to the hospital, he's going to be scared.

Jason: Stop -- Michaelís going to be fine, ok? In the morning, Leticia can just tell Michael the truth -- that Morgan got a fever; we had to take him to a doctor. It's not unusual for a baby to spike a high fever.

Carly: Jason, what if something's really wrong?

Jason: Let's -- let's not get ahead of ourselves, ok? We'll find out at the hospital.

Carly: Ok. Let's go. Come on.

Ric: Look, why don't you let me take you home?

Elizabeth: First, I need an honest answer. Did you intend for the police to kill Zander tonight?

Ric: Elizabeth, the police shot Zander because they thought he was reaching for a weapon.

Elizabeth: I know. I understand that, but you gave the order. Emily said he was unarmed.

Ric: It's -- look, I can't -- I can't play around with people's lives here. There were officers here. They have families.  They have children.

Elizabeth: Are you glad that he's dead?

Ric: I'm relieved that he can't hurt you and the baby anymore, and I think you are, too.

Elizabeth: Well, I didn't want this.

Ric: Nobody did, sweetheart, all right? But look, Zander made some bad choices. Until, at the end, he thought that the only way out was death. He deliberately drew police fire, Elizabeth. It's sad, but it's certainly not your fault, and it's definitely not mine, either.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I doubted you. Do you forgive me?

Ric: There's nothing to be sorry about, ok? Your baby's father is dead. In many ways, I think that you and this child are much better off without him, but it's still traumatic. You got to give yourself time to process, ok?

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Is this nightmare ever going to be over?

[Phone rings]

Ric: Oh, great. Just a second. Lansing. Where? Yeah, I'm -- I'm on my way.

Lucky: I've got two teams fanning out from where Nikolas Cassadineís car was found. I need one of your helicopters down here at the river doing a sweep of the bank, the river -- everything, now.

Emily: Ok, the car's almost completely destroyed. Nikolas couldn't have gone far.

Lucky: Ok, we got a river about 100 yards away from here.

Emily: Ok, let's get some tracking dogs.

Lucky: They're already on the way. I got every man available coming.

Emily: Ok, well, every second matters. I'm not waiting here.

Lucky: Emily --

Emily: Ok, great, we've got a flashlight, first-aid kit --

Lucky: Emily --

Emily: I've got my phone. I'll call you if I find him.

Lucky: Emily, no. There's no way I'm letting you go.

Mary: You saved the lives of three men before you were injured. I could show you the medal and citation you received. You're a hero.

Nikolas: Do we have children?

Mary: Not yet, but we decided on four. You thought that was a nice, round number.

Nikolas: I don't remember. I don't -- I don't remember.

Mary: Don't push it. Don't push it. It'll come back.

Nikolas: Please -- please, help me. Please.

Mary: Ok -- um -- ok, well -- we fell in love when I was 15 -- when I beaned you with a baseball at a picnic. You always say you started seeing stars when you met me, and you never stopped. You joined the marines right out of high school. You always said it was your dream to serve your country. We got married when I graduated, and I -- I moved with you wherever you were posted. You loved the corps, and I was so proud of you, and I tried not to be afraid. And I pretty much convinced myself that you could survive anything. Until a -- a man showed up on my doorstep and said that you had been hurt. It was like I stopped breathing.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Mary: Doesn't matter now. You've come back to me.

Mary: It doesn't seem to be getting any worse.

Nikolas: My head is killing me. How long have I been hurt?

Mary: Not long.

Nikolas: If I -- if I've just been released from the hospital, how come I don't remember being there?

Mary: Oh, but -- the doctor warned me that might happen. You've been heavily medicated, and it might affect your short-term memory.

Nikolas: Where are we? Is this our home?

Mary: We've been stationed all over, but this is our real home. In fact, we're about a mile away from where your father taught you how to fish.

Nikolas: My father? Is he nearby?

Mary: He died a few years ago. Your mom died when you were a boy. My parents are gone, too.

Nikolas: It's just us?

Mary: That's always been more than enough.

Nikolas: Something about that doesn't feel right to me.

Mary: Well, I'm not saying you didn't love your parents. Oh -- you adored them. That's why this place is so important to us. It's -- it's a connection to them.

Nikolas: I have to get to a doctor -- find out how long this will last.

Mary: No, the doctor sent you home to rest. They say you just need to give yourself time to heal.

Nikolas: If we're married, where's my wedding ring?

Emily: Look, the more people out there searching for Nikolas, the better.

Lucky: How are you going to help Nikolas if you fall in the river or trip over something and break your leg?

Emily: I'll be careful.

Lucky: No, you're not thinking clearly. I love Nikolas, too. But if we're going to find him, we're going to do it by an organized search. You running off in the darkness getting into some kind of trouble is going to divert rescuers from locating Nikolas. Listen to me. I swear to you, we're doing everything we can possible.

Emily: Ok, Lucky. Look, I just -- I can't stand the thought that he's out there again somewhere needing me and I can't get to him.

Alexis: Emily?

Emily: They think he was dazed or in shock. He's probably collapsed somewhere.

Lucky: We have men searching. We have more coming. Listen, I'm going to go join the rescue party, ok? Can you stay here with Emily?

Alexis: Of course.

Lucky: I swear, the second we find anything, I'll let you know.

Alexis: What happened?

Emily: It could've been an accident, or it could've been Zander.

Sonny: You ready? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Sam: Are you kidding? You're serious? You own all this?

Sonny: The hotel, the casino, the island.

Sam: You see, I've only seen places like this on postcards before.

Sonny: I thought you said you've been all over the world.

Sam: Mm-hmm -- on my rickety old boat.

Sonny: Ah.

Sam: No, I've never actually stayed in places like -- oh, Sonny, this -- this is breathtaking.

Sonny: When I was a kid living in New York, I was freezing all the time. I said, "You know, when I get older, I'm going to live someplace where it's warm, where people are waiting on me hand and foot."

Sam: Well, you made your dreams come true. You own paradise. The only question is, why don't you live here full-time?

Sonny: I tried once. Didn't work out.

Sam: Why?

Sonny: Well, it turned out that I needed what I left behind even more than I realized.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I got to get that.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Sonny: All right.

Sonny: Hey.

Man: So good to have you and Mrs. Corinthos back, sir. We've prepared everything per your instructions.

Jason: Thanks a lot.

Carly: Oh -- Morganís fever is down. They want to keep him overnight just to make sure, but the doctor thinks he's going to be fine.

Jason: That is great.

[Carly sighs]

Jason: Morgan is a strong little boy.

Carly: Yeah. Do you know that I was already making bargains with God? I was promising him I would do anything as long as he made sure Morgan was better.

Jason: And I'm sure all God wants is -- is for you and Sonny to love your kids and just remember how lucky you are to have them.

Carly: Thank you, Jase. Thank you for loving my kids the way that you do.

Jason: You're welcome.

Carly: Um -- we should probably call Sonny and let him know Morganís doing better. Is he already on his way?

Jason: Um -- I haven't talked to Sonny yet.

Carly: Why not?

Jason: He's out of town.

Carly: What, on business?

Jason: Not exactly.

Carly: Ok. Well, then where is he?

Jason: He went to the island.

Carly: Oh, and he didn't go there by himself. That's what you didn't want to tell me, right? He took Sam. How could he take that little tramp to our island?

Sonny: Ms. McCallís my guest.

Man: Of course. Welcome.

Sonny: She -- I'd like her to have a car at her disposal, ok? Open account at the spa, boutique -- whatever she needs, you'll get that for her, ok?

Man: Certainly, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Ok, that'll be all. Here you go. Close the door on the way out, will you?

Sam: Ok, this is all really great and everything, but I can hide anywhere, really.

Sonny: This is my present to you, remember?

Sam: But why, Sonny? Why, when this is obviously really special to you and Carly?

Sonny: This is my dream; my place. I get to do -- I get to do and bring whoever I want. I just wanted to forget about everything else just for one second and just focus on other things, you know, and that includes you. Will you let me do that?

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Huh? Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: All right.

Emily: Zander wanted the police to shoot him. I tried so hard, Alexis. I tried to help Zander remember the good in him, but in the end, I don't think he could do it. He couldn't see any other -- any other way out.

Alexis: It's ok. He came very close to making a good life for himself.

Emily: Until I stopped loving him.

Alexis: You are not responsible for Zanderís choices.

Emily: He was so angry, Alexis. He kept saying that he'd done something to Nikolas, and then he claimed it was a lie, and I don't know what to believe. You know, it's possible Nikolas' accident was Zanderís doing.

Alexis: We're not going to know anything until we see an accident report. Either way, this is not your fault. None of this is your fault.

Emily: I know.

Alexis: And Nikolas will tell you that when we find him.

Emily: I just want him here with me. I want to hold him in my arms and know that he's safe.

Alexis: You have made a tremendous difference in that kid, I'm telling you. He was a serious boy. Now he laughs, he's happy. He will come back to you. I don't have faith in a lot of things, but I have faith in that.

Mary: They took your wedding ring off when you were in the hospital.

Nikolas: Oh -- it's too much.

Mary: I'll get it for you, but first, you have to rest. That's what you need more than anything.

[Knock on door]

Mary: Who is it?

Lucky: It's the police. I need to ask you a few questions.

Mary: What's the problem, officer?

Lucky: We're looking for a missing man.

Mary: You're the first person I've seen all night, officer.

Lucky: If you don't mind taking the chain off, I -- I could show you a picture.

Mary: Sure.

Lucky: Thank you. This -- this is a picture of the man.

Mary: Is he dangerous?

Lucky: No, no -- he was in a car accident and he wandered off. His name is Nikolas Cassadine. He's believed to have suffered a head injury, and we're afraid he might fall in the river. If you happen to see anything, please call 911.

Mary: Sure. Of course.

Lucky: Thank you.

Mary: Wait. You forgot this.

Lucky: Thank you. Sorry to disturb you this evening.

Ric: I came as soon as I heard. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help.

Alexis: I highly doubt that was your intention.

Ric: I beg your pardon? You can't possibly be blaming me for this.

Alexis: I think it's reasonable to blame you for everything, Ric. You did nothing but pit Nikolas and Zander against each other for your own selfish purposes. Now Zanderís dead, Nikolas is missing. Don't tell me you came here to help.

Emily: I blamed Ric, too, at first, but he couldn't have known what Zander would do.

Alexis: I find it really interesting that you happened to be at the scene when Zander died.

Ric: Look, I don't think that the only -- there's no coincidence here. I'm the district attorney. Zander was a known fugitive who probably set fire to the Port Charles hotel in order to cover up a murder. Now, one minute he says he's going to give himself up. The next, he makes an openly hostile gesture, forcing the police to open fire.

Alexis: And naturally, you gave him what he wanted.

Ric: Yeah, as I said, I was doing my job. Now, the district attorney's office is trying to pick up the slack while the police commissioner is badly injured. You may dislike me, Ms. Davis, but it is still also my job to supervise the search for your nephew.

Emily: They said they were bringing in tracking dogs.

Ric: Yeah, they're on their way. They're going to do everything that's possible, but I think you need to be realistic about this. Judging the condition of the car, Nikolas is probably pretty badly injured. And if he did make it to the river, it's possible he fell in. I just want you to be prepared that Nikolas may be dead.

Emily: Ric, don't you dare say that!

Sam: Thank you.

Sonny: You're welcome. It was my pleasure.

Sam: Hello, Mr. Egomaniac. I was talking about for bringing me here.

Sonny: Oh. So the thing you enjoyed the most was the location here?

Sam: Well, the location is spectacular, but so is the sex.

Sonny: Good. I was just checking.

Sam: Excuse me?

Sonny: What?

Sam: Hello?

Sonny: What?

Sam: Who are you?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Sam: Where are you right now? What have you done with Sonny Corinthos?

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Sam: What do you mean? I've -- I've never seen you like this.

Sonny: Like what?

Sam: That's what I'm talking about.

Sonny: Yeah, you have. No --

Sam: Like this. No, I havenít.

Sonny: What?

Sam: You're -- you're just all teasing, flirting.

Sonny: Really?

Sam: And you -- you have dimples.

Sonny: You're just noticing I had dimples?

Sam: No, I knew you had dimples.

Sonny: Oh.

Sam: I just -- I've never seen you use them before.

Sonny: Oh. What do you mean, use them?

Sam: Ok -- you know exactly --

Sonny: No.

Sam: You know what you're doing right now? You're totally trying to charm me.

Sonny: Really?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Is it working?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Oh.

Sam: So well, it's almost scary. I just -- I never realized how sexy you can be when you smile.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: In fact, I think I can count on one hand, since the time we've been seeing each other, on one hand how many times you've smiled.

Sonny: Well, you know, there wasn't a lot to smile about. You know, not really.

Sam: Well, I wish I could take credit for this amazing transformation, but it's got to be this place.

Sonny: You know why I wanted to take you to this place? Because it's away from everything. You know, we can just spend some time together -- go to the ocean. Michael loves the ocean. I used to -- I'd take him on a boat, right? Let him steer, and he'd be, like, "wow, this is like I'm flying."

[Sam chuckles]

Sonny: And we'd talk about everything and nothing.

Sam: You're amazing with Michael; I admire that. To me, the idea of being a parent -- it just -- oh -- it scares me to death.

Sonny: It is the hardest thing I've ever done and the best thing I've ever done. I mean, it shocks you how much you're willing to give to your children. I would -- I would be happy to give my life for my sons.

Sam: This is a mistake. Sonny, you shouldn't be here with me.

Carly: Listen, I know that Sonny is selfish, but how could he take Sam to our island? She must be something in bed, because he didn't even stop to say goodbye to his own kids.

Jason: Sonny took her there to protect her. There is a hit man looking to take her out.

Carly: I don't care. There are a million other places he could have taken her, but he chose to take her there to hurt me. Well, at least you're not defending him, Jason, because you know what that island means to me and what I thought it meant to Sonny and me.

Jason: You and Sonny are getting a divorce. You can't be angry with him while you're with Alcazar. That's not fair, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I can. I am not gallivanting all around the world while my kid is sick.

Jason: Sonny had no way of knowing Morgan would be sick. You call him. You let him know what's going on with Morgan, he will fly straight home.

Carly: No, Morganís fine. I don't want to interrupt Sonny's vacation.

Jason: Carly, he's Morganís father. You got to let him know what's happening.

Carly: You call him.

Jason: No, it's not my job. You and Sonny are still parents together. You need to figure out how to handle this.

Carly: Excuse me?

Nurse: Yeah?

Carly: When can I see my son Morgan Corinthos?

Nurse: I'll check with the doctor.

Carly: Thanks.

Lorenzo: Carly --

Carly: Lorenzo. Oh, gosh, I'm so glad to see you.

Lorenzo: I'm just here having some tests. Did you say Morgan is sick?

Carly: Yeah, he was running a high fever, but the doctor said he's ok. But they want to keep him here overnight.

Lorenzo: Well, is there anything I can do?

Carly: Oh -- I'm just glad you're here. Morgan is so little and he's so fragile, and the whole time that I was on the way to the hospital, I just kept thinking, "what if he doesn't get better?"

Lorenzo: Look, why don't you go check on Morgan? I'll wait here for you. Is Sonny with Morgan now?

Carly: I haven't called Sonny. There's -- there's really no point.

Sam: You miss your kids. You should be where you can see them instead of here with me.

Sonny: What are you talking about? Hey, Michael and Morgan know that I love them more than anything in the world. I'll be there for them if they ever need me. Besides, you agreed to let me take you on this trip as my present to you, so I'm in charge, remember?

Sam: You pay my way.

Sonny: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Well --

Sam: That's not the same as being in charge.

Sonny: Money talks, right? And it's about time I spent a little on you.

Sam: Oh.

Sonny: What? You don't think so?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Wow. Who could that be?

Sam: No, no, no, you're the boss; make him go away -- please?

Sonny: No, no, you stay right here.

Sam: Please?

Sonny: I'm the boss, remember?

Sam: I know, you're the boss.

Sonny: Right.

Sam: Look, I'm warning you, I have an extremely low tolerance for letting other people run my life. Even well-meaning rich guys with really great dimples who treat me to a fabulous vacation on their own private island.

Sonny: Are you finished?

Sam: Oh.

Sonny: Here you go.

Sam: What's this?

Sonny: I got you an expensive present, and I don't want to hear that you don't need it and that I shouldn't have done it. I want you to put it on, because I'm taking you gambling.

Sam: We're going to the casino?

Sonny: Yeah, as soon as you get changed. When you walk in there on my arm, all the women are going to be jealous, and all the men are going to eat their hearts out. So, are you ready to have a good time?

Nikolas: Is that my ring?

Mary: It is, but --

Nikolas: Let me see it.

Nikolas: It's a little loose.

Mary: You've lost some weight since you were injured. Does seeing it jog any memories?

Nikolas: I wish it did.

Mary: I remember putting it on your finger. I was so nervous. I was shaking, but you were perfectly steady. You said it felt like it had always been there.

Nikolas: I -- I don't -- I wish that I could feel what you're describing to me. I wish I -- I could feel something. I wish I could feel anything, but I canít. I canít. I canít.

Mary: No it -- don't be -- don't be sorry. It must be frustrating not having any sense of who you are, where you came from.

Nikolas: It can't be easy for you, either.

Mary: I'm only doing what you'd do for me. We meant what we said in our wedding vows. "In sickness and in health." Now, will you please get back into bed?

Nikolas: No, I'm ok, I'm ok. I heard the door close. Where'd you go?

Mary: Out for a walk.

Nikolas: What? That doesn't make any sense. I'm hurt. I can't even remember who I am. Why -- why would you leave me? Is there something else going on?

Lucky: Nikolas? Nikolas? Nikolas? Nikolas? Nikolas? Nikolas?

Emily: Did you find something?

Lucky: Emily, what are -- what are you doing here?

Emily: It's Nikolas'. Where'd you find it?

Lucky: I found it by the river.

Emily: Oh, wait -- it's wet. He's in the river!

Lucky: Emily -- Emily!

Emily: No, wait. He's in the water!

Lucky: You can't go.

Emily: I have to get to him! Let me go!

Lucky: No, you can't go in there.

Emily: Wait, I have to go -- Nikolas! Nikolas!

Mary: I was worried about you. We don't have phone service yet, and -- I went to the call box to call your doctor, but it was broken.

Nikolas: I thought you said I didn't need to see a doctor.

Mary: I thought I should check in with him.

Nikolas: In the middle of the night? That doesn't make any sense.

Mary: You're confused because of the injury.

Nikolas: I'm hurt. Why would you bring me into a place with no phone?

Mary: I just haven't had it turned on yet.

Nikolas: Yeah -- how long have we been here?

Mary: Not long.

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't know you, ok? I don't know you. I don't -- I don't remember knowing you. But I can tell something's wrong. And whatever it is, you have to tell me right now.

Mary: I'm sorry. I've been lying to you about everything.

Sonny: Hey. Damn. You look even better than I thought you would.

Sam: Well, you're not so bad yourself.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: You're almost perfect. Ok. You ready?

Sam: I'm ready.

Sonny: All right. Here you go.

Sam: Wow. Sonny, these are stunning.

Sonny: Yeah? Put them on.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Let me see, let me see, let me see.

Sonny: It doesn't compare to you.

Sam: You know, you're spoiling me.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Well, I'm just getting started. Close your eyes. Open your hands.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Here. Tonight you play with my money.

Sam: Now, you don't really believe in moderation, do you?

Sonny: Well, I promised to show you a good time. That's what I'm going to do. You feel lucky tonight?

Sam: I don't even need to gamble, because I am on the biggest winning streak of my life.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, Sonny is out of the country. He took Sam to one of his casinos.

Lorenzo: And you just found out?

Carly: Oh, how could you tell?

Lorenzo: Well, you're still upset, for one thing.

Carly: Oh, no, I'm really grateful, because this has forced me to stop sentimentalizing Sonny. He is a selfish man, and he does what he wants, and you are different. And it's never, ever been more clear to me than right now.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm not going to defend Sonny. You know how I feel about him. But I'm also not going to use this situation to my benefit.

Carly: Because you're a decent man, and you are patient and understanding with me, even when you have every right to lose your patience.

Lorenzo: Look, you've had a terrible evening. Let's not worry about assessing our relationship tonight. Let's just concentrate on Morgan.

Carly: Will you stay with me?

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere. Go check on Morgan, and when you come back, I'll take you to the cafeteria and buy you a doughnut.

Carly: Ooh, the doctor's here. Hey. Can I go check on my son?

Doctor: Things aren't going as well as we hoped. Morgan's just had a seizure. We're moving him to the I.C.U.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: How long do you think that Nikolas can survive in the water? We have to send rescue boats now.

Nikolas: Why are the police searching for me?

Carly: What's wrong with my baby?

Doctor: Morgan has scarlet fever.

Sonny: Hello?

Jason: Morgan's in the hospital with scarlet fever.

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