GH Transcript Monday 3/22/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/22/04

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Emily: I'm so sorry, Zander. I'm here to let you go and to say goodbye. But first, I want you to know that I loved you and I'm so grateful that you loved me. Oh, my God.

Zander: You saw me in the park.

Emily: I thought -- I thought you died in the -- in the fire. I mean, they -- they found your body, Zander. Where have you been? Where have you been?

Zander: It's -- it's a long story. All that matters is I'm alive.

Emily: Oh, my God.

Zander: And with any luck, you're going to be the only person that ever knows I'm still alive.

Sam: I'm leaving town, ok? Please, oh, no -- ow! Ow!

Man: I'll make this fast.

Sam: Please, don't do this. Ow!

Man: Drop he gun or I blow her away.

Sam: Please -- shoot him! What are you waiting for, Jason? Please! You idiot. Now he's going to kill us both! Stop it!

Faith: Nice view. Too bad you can't appreciate it. You know, Jason dangled me off a balcony just like this one. And call me a spoilsport, but I'll pass on a repeat performance.

Lorenzo: Well, that's between you and Jason.

Faith: Oh, think again. You see, Sonny mistakenly believes I blew up his car. I would like to clear that up for him, so I will need some specifics, beginning with the name of the operative you paid to plant the bomb.

Lorenzo: I told you I wasn't involved.

Faith: Oh, you know, slicing your throat will be messy. But at least I'll have Sonny's gratitude.

Sonny: You ever think that you'd be raising children without a father in the house? Trying to convince them everything's ok -- that, you know, daddy's living just across -- across town.

Carly: No, I didn't, but it's how it is.

Sonny: Michael knows something's missing, and he's going to spend the rest of his life trying to replace it. His heart is broken, Carly, in a place where he used to feel safe. You know that old saying -- "broken home," you know? The way you and I grew up. It's too accurate. Everything is -- everything is blown apart, torn to pieces. And everybody's just trying to act like, you know, everything's ok. A bomb hit our family, Carly, and that bomb's name is Alcazar. How do we come back from that?

Ric: Look at the way he's looking at me.

Elizabeth: Hello.

Ric: Hey, buddy.

Elizabeth: Yeah. He's so alert. He follows everything with his eyes.

Ric: Yeah. You know, I read somewhere that that's a sign of intelligence.

Elizabeth: Well, of course it is. Our little boy's brilliant. Aren't you, sweetie?

Ric: I'll be right back.

Elizabeth: Hey, baby.

Elizabeth: Where's the baby? Where's the baby? Somebody took the baby. He's gone. My baby. Somebody stole my baby!

Ric: No, it's ok.

Zander: My baby. He's my son, and he's going home with me.

Elizabeth: No -- no! Oh.

Ric: Whoa. You're all right. Honey, you're safe. Come on. What were you dreaming?

Elizabeth: Oh. I was -- oh, God, I was dreaming about the -- we were in the hospital, and then we -- we had the baby, and he was -- he was a little boy. He was absolutely beautiful, and I was so happy. But then I -- the baby disappeared, and I looked up, and Zander -- Zander had him in his arms, saying that he was --

Ric: Ok.

Elizabeth: Trying to take his child home --

Ric: Ok -- it wasn't -- it wasn't real.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Ric: You and the baby are fine. Zander can't hurt you anymore.

Elizabeth: I guess I'm just afraid the truth will come out.

Ric: Look, nobody's going to know how Zander really died. I'm about to sign a paper authorizing the morgue to release his body for burial.

Elizabeth: Burial? Where?

Ric: A county facility.

Elizabeth: Wait, you mean a patch of dirt with a -- a piece of wood? A number instead of a name?

Ric: Well, what does it matter?

Elizabeth: Well, because one day, we're going to have to tell this kid about his biological father, and one day, he might want to go see Zanderís grave. Is it -- is it fair for him to see this -- a patch of dirt with -- with a wooden marker and a number?

Zander: Elizabeth did hit me with a pipe. She knocked me out cold.

Emily: And when you woke up?

Zander: The room was on fire. I got out just in time. You know, I took it as a sign.

Emily: A body was found in that utility room.

Zander: Yeah. It wasn't me. I mean, I'm not sure about that. I don't -- I didn't stop to look. It might have been there when I left. I just -- I just ran.

Emily: Yeah, why did the coroner think it was you?

Zander: I'm not sure. I don't know. I didn't check on the details. I just -- I saw it as I got a second chance.

Emily: But a dead man was in that utility room. How did he die?

Zander: I don't know. I don't know. It was chaos that night. The amazing thing is, I -- I made it out alive. It's like a miracle or something, you know? I got a second chance.

Emily: Yeah. Well, now you can make a new start.

Zander: That's what I'm thinking.

Emily: Zander, listen, you have to leave town, ok? It's too dangerous here. Someone is bound to see you and call the police.

Zander: No, no -- hey.

Emily: And you need --

Zander: Don't worry. Hey. It's ok. We're leaving town.

Emily: We?

Zander: Yeah, you're coming with me.

Jason: Where are you based, L.A. or Miami?

Man: What do you care? You're about to be dead.

Jason: You planted the bomb in Sonny's limo. Was he supposed to be inside, or was it just a warning from Alcazar?

Man: Alcazar? Who's that?

Jason: Hey, you got to eliminate two witnesses. Sloppy work. How's Alcazar going to react when you turn a simple assignment into a massacre?

Man: I told you, I don't know any Alcazar.

Jason: Move!

[Sam yells]


Sam: Did you get him?

Jason: He's gone. What the hell were you thinking, coming back here where he could find you?

Faith: Now, you haven't lost very much blood -- yet. But that will change unless I hear the details about who you hired to blow up Sonny's car.

Lorenzo: You won't leave the building alive, Faith.

Faith: Hmm. Well, maybe not, but I like my chances a lot better than yours.

Lorenzo: Hmm, I think mine are better. In fact, I'm surprised Sonny didn't kill you when he had the chance.

Faith: Oh, well, he's giving me time to find the real bomber.

Lorenzo: Well, then you'd better get to work.

Faith: You know, I was thinking the very same thing, and since you refuse to confess, maybe he'll take your severed throat as a gesture of my goodwill. You know, face it -- he hates your guts, anyway. He may even thank me for the favor.

Sage: What are you doing?

Faith: Ahem -- your uncle needed a shave. I thought I would do the honors myself.

Sage: Get out now, or I'll scream and the guards will come in here and kill you.

Lorenzo: That won't be necessary. Faith is leaving, right, Faith?

Faith: Looks like I don't have a choice.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Faith: I'll finish the job next time.

Sage: She was threatening you, wasn't she? Look, she cut you.

Lorenzo: I'm fine.

Sage: It's all my fault. If -- if I wouldn't have left you alone, this wouldn't have happened.

Lorenzo: Ah, Sage, you were in the bedroom, the guards are in the hall. I'm perfectly safe. Nothing happened.

Sage: But you can't see to protect yourself.

Lorenzo: Sage, that's enough. I'm not an invalid. I'm not going to depend on anyone.

Sonny: I don't want Alcazar showing up here playing daddy to my kids.

Carly: Can you please just leave Lorenzo out of this for once?

Sonny: Well, you're the one who refuses to give him up.

Carly: Well, you're not giving up Sam.

Sonny: She's got a knife wound in her back. I just -- I feel like I owe her, you understand?

Carly: Yeah, well, I owe Lorenzo. He's blind because of me.

Sonny: He blinded himself.

Carly: Sonny, what -- what are you talking about?

Sonny: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but he ordered the explosion. He had somebody plant the bomb in my car to make me look bad to the judge.

Carly: That's absurd.

Sonny: That's how he thinks, Carly. You should know that by now.

Carly: Sonny, you're just inventing excuses so you can go after him.

Sonny: Like I need one? The man was my enemy long before you were crawling into bed with him.

Carly: Oh, and how long did it take for you to crawl into bed with Sam, huh? A minute? Maybe less?

Sonny: You've been going to Alcazar for months.

Carly: Sonny, you have all your excuses lined up like little ducks in a row, don't you? Anything to keep you from admitting that you were unfaithful and you were wrong.

Sonny: You already destroyed our marriage.

Carly: No, Sonny, that was you. You left me when I was sick, and then when you came back and saw me with Lorenzo, you didn't give me a chance to explain. You went running straight to your bimbo, because all that was --

Sonny: This is pointless, you know what I mean? If you don't get that Alcazar planted that bomb, you're just as blind as he is.

Zander: Remember that footbridge to Canada?

Emily: You were going to cross it.

Zander: And you chased me down and you begged me not to go.

Emily: Zander, that was a lifetime ago.

Zander: You told me you loved me.

Emily: I did feel that way and I'm --

Zander: No, the mistake we made was coming back to Port Charles, you know? We should have just gone to Canada. We would have been happy.

Emily: I was in high school, and my family was here, and I --

Zander: I know, and they hated me. I still think that they were relieved when you hurt your back. You know, it gave them an excuse to send you away.

Emily: You wanted me to go.

Zander: Yeah, so you would go get better and you could come back to me. Why didn't that happen, Em? We loved each other, but people pulled at you till they tore us apart.

Emily: No, Zander, I did that. I'm so sorry, but I don't -- I don't feel what you need --

Zander: You know, Emily, people look at me and they see a waste of air; a screw-up, but not you. You've always seen past my surface. You believe in me. You make me better. You know, I -- I mean, I stood by you when you were sick. I listened to you when you were -- when you were sad or when you were scared. I promised to love you for the rest of my life, and you promised back. I don't know -- it's like -- it's like you make me matter. You make me think that good things are going to happen to me, that I have a reason to hope. I mean, even my own dad couldn't love me. But you -- you found a way.

Emily: It wasn't hard at all.

Zander: You know, Emily, no matter what has happened in the past, I'm still the same man that you fell in love with.

Emily: I believe you, Zander.

Zander: No, don't, it's ok. It's ok, it's ok. Don't cry. Everything's going to be ok. We'll just -- we're going to go to Kirbyville. We'll cross the bridge to Canada. We'll be together -- just -- just the two of us.

Enid: Well, maybe if I showed you a picture -- this is my brother Wally. Did you see him the night of the fire?

Mac: No. No, I didnít.

Lucky: Excuse me, but Commissioner Scorpio needs his rest.

Mac: I hope -- I hope you find your brother.

Lucky: Your case is being handled by the PCPD. If you have any questions, you need to deal with officers at the stationhouse.

Enid: Commissioner Scorpio was very nice. He didn't seem to mind at all.

Lucky: Well, he's recovering from near-fatal burns. Until he is back at his desk, your missing-persons case is not his concern.

Felicia: Excuse me. Excuse me, I'm sorry. What missing-persons case?

Enid: My brother Wally. He worked at the Port Charles hotel. He's been missing since the night of the fire.

Lucky: We've checked all the hospitals and the morgues. He hasn't even shown up, not even as a John Doe.

Felicia: I'm sorry to be intrusive, but was your brother in trouble?

Enid: Not that I know of, why?

Felicia: Someone transferred Mac out of his hospital room and put him in another hospital with no I.D.

Enid: You think it was Wally?

Felicia: I don't know. Wally disappeared the same night Mac was injured. There could be a connection.

Sonny: What happened?

Jason: The hit man found Sam on her boat.

Sam: Ok -- it's ok. I can walk.

Jason: Ok, I went to find her. The guy was armed. He said he was going to kill her. I stopped him, but he got away.

Sonny: Call a doctor.

Sam: I'm fine.

Sonny: What the hell -- what were you thinking?

Jason: Sonny?

Sonny: What?

Jason: The man's not local. He wouldn't say who hired him.

Sonny: All right. Find him and get him to tell you who paid him to blow up my car, and make sure he doesn't come after Sam again.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: Jason -- I never got around to thanking you.

Jason: It's my job.

Sam: The hit man saw his face. He's a target, too.

Sonny: Jason can handle it, you canít. I -- I told you to stay under my protection. Why'd you leave?

Carly: Lorenzo? Did something happen?

Lorenzo: What do you mean?

Carly: I practically had to beg your guards to let me in here to visit you.

Lorenzo: They weren't rude to you?

Carly: No, but they were very nervous. Are you expecting an attack?

Lorenzo: No, nothing that sinister. Faith dressed up as a nurse; alarmed my niece somewhat. Would you like to sit down?

Carly: Did she hurt you?

Lorenzo: Do I look like I'm hurt? Other than the fact that I can't see you?

Carly: No, you look very calm and self-possessed.

Lorenzo: And that bothers you?

Carly: Well, it reminds me of how you were at the start, when everything was a game to you and everything was planned out. Your next move was calculated so you could get what you wanted.

Lorenzo: I don't understand.

Carly: Lorenzo, are you still playing games? Did you put the bomb in Sonny's car?

Lorenzo: Where did you get this? From Sonny?

Carly: Ok, just please answer the question. Did you plant the bomb in Sonny's car?

Lorenzo: Why would I want to have Sonny killed? He has nothing I want. The two of you are separated.

Carly: Yeah, but you knew how much I wanted to get my children back, so maybe you timed the bomb to convince the judge that Sonny's life was too dangerous for the boys to live with him.

Lorenzo: Look, Michael and Morgan are your children. I wanted you to have them in any way you saw fit, regardless of what Sonny wants.

Carly: Yeah, but you hate Sonny.

Lorenzo: I'm trying not to, because he's the father of your children. I know he's a part of your life, and that if I kill him, I'll lose you. So I donít. The judge ruled joint custody. Sonny chose to turn over the boys to you. That was his decision. Maybe he's regretting it. It's his problem, Carly. Don't be bothered by his paranoia.

Sam: Sonny, I saw the look on your face when Michael showed up.

Sonny: Well, he knows better than to take off by himself.

Sam: Yeah, well, he took a cab halfway across town because you didn't show up for breakfast; because you were taking care of me.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I was going to see him later.

Sam: Ok. Michael needs you, and I don't want to be the reason why he's hurting.

Sonny: Michael's hurting because his parents are getting a divorce. You didn't make that happen. There's nothing you can do to fix it.

Sam: Well, it doesn't exactly help for Michael to come to his home and see you with another woman where he lived with his family. He's a kid. He resents me.

Sonny: Well, I appreciate your concern for my son, but it doesn't help him for you to risk your life. You are an eyewitness.  This guy is a professional. His job is to make sure you can't I.D. him. Now, I know that you're independent. You know, you want to take care of yourself, but you're hurt. And until this guy's dealt with, I need you safe. I got security downstairs; I got people at the door. I mean, you know --

Sam: I know.

Sonny: You know?

Sam: But I still think --

Sonny: Listen to me. You trust me, right?

Sam: Of course I do, but I just --

Sonny: Ok. No buts. Listen. You're going to stay here. I want you here.

Sam: Why?

Elizabeth: So, did you make the arrangements?

Ric: Yes, Zanderís body will be transferred to a funeral home where he'll have a proper service and a burial.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Ric: You're welcome.

Elizabeth: I'm sure Emily will go to the funeral, and probably Alexis. Maybe even Carly -- all the people who knew Zander when he first came to town. Before the bitterness killed all the good in him.

Ric: Yeah.

Nurse: D.A. Lansing?

Ric: Hmm?

Nurse: You requested Zander Smith's personal effects?

Ric: Yeah. Thank you. Sweetheart, could you hold that for me?

Elizabeth: Sure, thanks.

Ric: Ahem.

Elizabeth: Zander's life came down to a pocketknife, some coins, and looks like a ring. Hmm.

Enid: That's my brother's ring.

Ric: Wait -- excuse me, ma'am, but you're mistaken.

Enid: Where did you get it?

Ric: No, this was -- this belonged to somebody who died in the Port Charles Hotel fire.

Enid: Look, those are Wallyís initials. It is his ring.

Elizabeth: Well, if the man in the morgue is this woman's brother, then, Ric, where's Zander?

Emily: I will never forget that night on the footbridge, but  I --

Zander: We can feel that way again.

Emily: Zander, that was years ago. We can't pretend that time has just stood still since then and --

Zander: I love you, even more than I did then.

Emily: We haven't even been together, Zander --

Zander: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Because you love me, too. That doesn't change. I mean, you could push it away. You can ignore it, but the love is still there, Emily. I can see it. I can see it in your beautiful eyes.

Emily: You will -- you will always have a piece of my heart.

Zander: I want more than a piece.

Emily: Zander, we shared an amazing connection. We -- we helped each other through so much. We learned about love together.

Zander: We'll have it again. We'll have it again. Trust me, it'll be even better than before.

Emily: No. Ok -- look, things happen. People change. I have changed.

Zander: No, no.

Emily: No, Zander --

Zander: You havenít. Not your heart.

Emily: Listen -- listen to me, ok? I will always care about you. I will even love you, in a way. But I am in love with Nikolas.

Zander: You'll get over him.

Emily: No, no, I wonít. I'm going to marry him.

Zander: No. No, you're not. You belong with me.

Emily: Zander, try to understand. Try to understand.

Zander: Do you know where Nikolas is right now?

Emily: He's on a business trip.

Zander: No, he never made his flight.

Sonny: I feel responsible for you, so you staying here is the only I can keep you safe.

Sam: I have a salvage -- ahem -- business to run, thank you.

Sonny: Not until you're well.

Sam: Look, Sonny, I've been here way too long. I don't want to be a burden.

Sonny: You're not a burden. I like having you around and you -- you should stop arguing with me, because I usually win in the end.

[Sam and Sonny laugh]

Sam: Wow. I mean, you're not -- you're not too sure of yourself or anything, huh?

Sonny: You're going to stay here until I've neutralized the threat.

Sam: Is that an order or an -- an invitation?

Sonny: It is a statement of fact. Come over here. Put your head down over here. You need to rest.

Sonny: How's that? Is that all right?

Sam: Mm-hmm. I just hate feeling helpless.

Sonny: Yeah? It's not helpless, it's -- it's safe. Nobody's going to touch you here because I'm not going to let anybody hurt you.

Carly: Sonny's not being paranoid. He has every reason to suspect you, Lorenzo. Look at everything you've done in the past.

Lorenzo: Sonny has lots of enemies. Faith is only one of them. He wants me to be responsible for the bomb because he's jealous. He turned on you, threw you out, and now it's eating him alive that you're with me.

Carly: But you knew how much I wanted my children, and he was trying to take them. You said you would do anything to get them back. So my question is, how far would you go to do it?

Lorenzo: The better question is, how far would I need to go? You weren't going to lose your children, Carly. I watched you on that stand. The judge was moved by your testimony. He wasn't going to take your children.

Carly: Yeah, well, you know what? You cannot be certain of that.

Lorenzo: Carly, you could have been in that car. Sonny asked you to take a ride. You did. Now, I admit, I'm capable of doing a lot of things to get what I want, but would I ever endanger your life?

Carly: No.

Lorenzo: I don't like the way Sonny's treated you. But I know if I ever kill him, I lose you forever. So he's in no danger from me.

Carly: I'm sorry for interrogating you. I'd say, yeah, it was probably Faith who planted the bomb.

Lorenzo: Whoever did it, it's not our responsibility. Is that why you came here? To ask me about it?

Carly: Yeah, I just wanted some reassurance, and you gave it to me.

Lorenzo: Can you stay a while?

Carly: Just for a little bit.

Lorenzo: Good.

Carly: A beautiful night, isn't it?

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Carly: Hmm.

Lorenzo: Why don't we enjoy it? Hmm?

Felicia: Wally died in that fire, not Zander.

Lucky: The body was identified as Zanderís.

Felicia: Zander switched the charts. He could have broken into the records room and switched his chart with Wallyís.

Lucky: Someone was living in Wallyís apartment.

Felicia: Yes, exactly. He took on his entire identity.

Lucky: Until Enid got worried about her brother's disappearance.

Felicia: And then Zander needed a new place to hide, so he had Mac transferred out of General Hospital, put him into Mercy Hospital as a John Doe, took his place at General Hospital at the burn unit.

Lucky: Hmm.

Felicia: I bet he thought he could hide in plain sight and gather information at the same time.

Lucky: And when Zander was about to be discovered, he disappeared.

Felicia: And now he's out there somewhere, doing God knows what.

Emily: What do you mean Nikolas never made his flight? Well, where is he? What, did you -- did you kidnap him? What, did you lock him up somewhere? Did you --

Zander: Come -- come with me and I'll tell you.

Emily: No, you tell me now, Zander!

Zander: You know, you seem to think that you love Nikolas.

Emily: I do.

Zander: Then you'd do anything to save him, and here's your chance.

Emily: Ok. Uh-uh. You're lying. Nikolas' trip wasn't a secret. You found out about it, and you are using it to scare me.

Zander: Have you heard from Nikolas? Doesn't he usually call, check on you every hour or so, because he's so devoted?

Emily: He -- he might be waiting till the morning to call.

Zander: Are you sure?

Emily: Stop it. You tell me the truth.

Zander: Em, the truth is, I just -- I love you.

Emily: Well, then you will let me go.

Zander: And never see you again?

Emily: It is better that way, Zander.

Zander: No, no. No, I will do anything to win you back, even if it means killing Nikolas.

Emily: You don't -- you don't mean that.

Zander: Look, I don't want to hurt anybody, ok? I just want to be with you! Why -- why can't you believe in me? Why can't you trust in me like you used to?

Emily: The Zander I trusted didn't threaten people! He wasn't cold and hard and ruthless!

Zander: I know.

Emily: He was warm and he was considerate, and he wanted me to be happy, Zander.

Zander: I know. I can -- I can be that again, ok? Just give me a chance.

Emily: No way, there's no chance, Zander! There is no chance! Don't you get that?

Zander: When you're with me, you'll remember again that you needed me.

Emily: No, wait -- listen, Zander -- Zander, you have got to hear me. You have got to understand, ok? I am not in love with you, and I never will be again.

Zander: Oh, no, you're wrong. You're wrong.

Emily: Ok -- I will -- I will go with you for one reason only -- to save the man I love. Everywhere I go, Nikolas will be in my heart. Do you really want me to go with you, knowing that I will love Nikolas for the rest of my life?

Zander: Why are you making this so hard?

Emily: Look, I am telling you the truth.

Zander: I just -- I thought we could get back what we had on the way to Canada. Now, I'm not so sure.

Emily: Ok. Leave me here, Zander. Just go by yourself.

Zander: No, no, no, no --

Emily: I won't tell anyone until you've crossed that border.

Zander: That's not the plan!

Emily: Why take me, if you know that I'm not going to go willingly?

Zander: I don't know. That's what I can't figure out. You could cut out the minute that I'm asleep. You could go to the bathroom, you can climb out the window, you can call the cops. I don't want to handcuff you, ok? This isn't a kidnapping.

Emily: No?

Zander: Emily, look, I know you still love me, ok? The way that I love you. I just need to figure out a way to make you see it.

Sonny: What have you got?

Jason: Nothing yet.

Sonny: Nothing?

Jason: I've had men search airports --

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Train station. Every hotel, every motel within a 30-mile radius, and I have men watching Alcazar's safe house.

Sonny: What about Faith?

Jason: Well, you tell me. She's under Lukeís protection now.

Sonny: Well, keep watch -- keep watching her.

Jason: I questioned her, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Whatever she's done to us, she did not plant that bomb.

Sonny: No? Then it's got to be Alcazar. He's playing games. He planted a bomb in my car to make me look bad to the judge. You know what? But I bet you he didn't plan on blinding himself in the process. I need you to keep --

Jason: Listen, hold on, hold on.

Sonny: What?

Jason: Is Sam here?

Sonny: Yeah, she's upstairs. What's the --

Jason: Well, you know what? Maybe we shouldn't have this conversation while she's still here.

Sonny: What, do you think she's a spy? Jason, come on.

Jason: Sonny, I don't know. I barely know Sam. You barely know her.

Carly: The sky is so clear tonight. I see hundreds and hundreds of stars.

Lorenzo: Describe them.

Carly: Oh, I'm no good at that. Really. I mean, the only one that I can recognize is the Big Dipper.

Lorenzo: That's Ursa Major, the great bear. Can you see Ursa Minor above it?

Carly: The Little Dipper?

Lorenzo: Yeah, that's right.

Carly: Yeah.

Lorenzo: And there should be a string of thin stars in between. Can you see them?

Carly: Uh -- yeah, yeah, I see them.

Lorenzo: That's called Draco, the dragon.

Carly: How do you know so much about constellations?

Lorenzo: Well, I was a history major, remember? You know how many civilizations believed they were ruled by the stars? I can tell you most of the constellations in classical mythology. I used to love looking up at the stars when I was a little boy. I lived out in the country, you know, where there's no light pollution. And the stars just seemed twice as bright. It's the same way at sea. I'd go out after dinner and walk the decks of the yacht. Just pull up a chair and look up at the sky for hours.

Carly: You will see the stars again.

Lorenzo: And I see them now, through your eyes.

Carly: Hey -- um -- I'm going to check on the boys. Ok?

Lorenzo: Ok.

Enid: Wally's gone, isn't he? My brother is dead.

Ric: I've ordered another autopsy on the body. When -- when we identify it, we'll let you know.

Enid: It's Wally. I'm -- I'm sure of it.

Felicia: We're going to get an I.D. as fast as we can.

Ric: Yeah, it's D.A. Lansing. I want an A.P.B. Put out on Zander Smith. Yeah, that's right, he's alive. I want him considered armed and dangerous.

Zander: After we're on the road for a while, you'll -- you'll relax. You know we'll -- you could remember what we had. Remember we -- we laughed, we had fun, you know? I stopped and got you great pixie sticks every time we stopped.

Emily: Zander, it won't be like that now.

Zander: It will. It will, Em. We'll wake up in each other's arms. We'll look at each other every morning. I love you, Emily, and you love me, too.

Emily: Zander, Zander --

Zander: I know it.

Emily: Zander, listen to me. You are living in a dream.

Zander: Emily, look, you -- you don't get this.

Emily: There is nothing to get, Zander. I don't want to go with you!

Zander: No, no, you don't mean that, ok? You're just saying what you're supposed to. What they want. But you need to follow your heart, Em. You need to follow your heart. Just think -- think about how we used to be -- you know -- or don't think at all. Just -- just feel. Please, just feel.

Emily: Zander -- Zander -- Zander, you cannot make me feel --

Zander: Emily, no, listen. I love you, and you love me, too. I'll prove it to you. I want you to make love to me right now.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated and fasten your seat belts. We're beginning our final descent into Port Charles.

[Mike hums]

Courtney: Hey, dad.

[Mike sighs]

Mike: Well, excuse me. I -- do me -- you look familiar, but somehow, something has changed, and I can't put my finger on it.

Courtney: All right, well, please -- please tell me I don't look like a little girl trying to play dress-up in mommy's clothes.

Mike: Maybe like the savvy businesswoman that you are.

Courtney: Well, you know what they say. You have to look the part to be the part.

Mike: Oh, really?

Courtney: Yeah.

Mike: And who is they?

Courtney: Well, these -- these books I've been reading. "How to Own your Power," "How to Dress for Success."

Mike: Well, for whatever it's worth, I am proud of you. My baby girl is president of her own company.

Courtney: Well, it keeps me jumping.

Mike: Yeah. Well, listen, have -- have you whipped the criminal forces into shape yet?

Courtney: I wouldn't say that. But I am holding my own.

Mike: Well, speaking of our near and dear, I was wondering if you can squeeze in a little favor for me. Actually, it's for Carly.

Courtney: Yeah, what's up?

Mike: Alexis dropped off some legal papers for Sonny's signature.

Courtney: Here?

Mike: Yeah. Well, maybe she wasn't up to facing him. I don't know. Look, honey, I'm swamped. Otherwise, I'd take them over myself.

Courtney: I don't even have to look. It's the final custody agreement, isn't it?

Mike: Once Sonny signs, he loses all custodial rights to his children.

Sonny: Sam's life's in danger. What part of that don't you understand?

Jason: I'm saying you can put her in a safe house.

Sonny: I don't -- I want her here.

Jason: Sonny, you -- you do your business --

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Here. People come see you. Michael showed up this morning. You think it's good that he sees that Samís moved in?

Sonny: I want Sam here. I'm not going to discuss it with you.

Jason: I'm just saying you can keep her safe anywhere.

Sonny: No, you're just not listening is what's going on here.

Jason: You don't want Sam. You're trying to fill the hole in your life.

Man: Mr. Alcazar, you haven't returned my calls.

Lorenzo: I've been busy. Why haven't you left town? The job was a one-shot deal -- you plant the bomb in Sonny's limo, timed to go off when Carly and Sonny are in court. Now, you've been well paid. Our business is finished.

Man: Sonny's girlfriend got a look at me. When I tried to eliminate her, Jason Morgan showed up.

Lorenzo: Forget about Morgan and the woman. The job is finished. I want you out of town immediately.

Man: Blind man needs assistance. I want an extra 500,000 for mine.

Lorenzo: I don't need your help. Now, our business arrangement is terminated.

Man: Not until I get the money. And while you're putting the payment together, I'll eliminate Morgan and the woman.

Carly: Lorenzo, are you all right?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: Sam has no illusions about what I feel about her. I've been as honest with her as I can possibly be.

Man: You don't want Mrs. Corinthos to know that you're behind her husband's car explosion.

Carly: Is something wrong?

Emily: If the price of saving Nikolas is sleeping with you, let's get it over with.

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