GH Transcript Friday 3/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/12/04

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Emily: I've always dreamed of marrying you.

Nikolas: Now you have.

Emily: I meant every promise that I made tonight, Nikolas.

Nikolas: So did I. We're married now in our hearts. Nothing can ever separate us now.


Emily: Somebody there?

Jason: Ok, there's no hurry. Have Vic pick you up here, then go get Sonny, ok?

Alexis: You're stranding my client with her estranged husband while you're shuffling around bodyguards? That could be construed as intimidation. In fact, this whole thing could've been prearranged.

Lorenzo: I agree. Corinthos could be pressuring Carly into giving up those children. Where are they?

Jason: Sonny and Carly are fine. Just leave them alone.

Sonny: Alexis is a good lawyer, but this goes way beyond winning. She's -- she's going after me like I want to take away her kid.

Carly: Yeah, well, now you see why I never liked her. She's a vindictive snob. And you broke her heart, and so she thinks this justifies what she's doing now.

Sonny: Getting her revenge by trashing me on the stand, trying to take away my children?

Carly: Well, if she can't matter to you one way, she'll try to matter to you in another.

Sonny: You figured out how to use that. That was smart.

Carly: Yeah, well, I'm glad you think so. I'm just sorry that I gave her the chance to attack you.

Sonny: So you covered for me?

Carly: I never wanted you hurt.

Sonny: I don't want to hurt you, either. So why are we doing this?

Edward: I don't need therapy. I'm just as sane as you are.

Orderly: I'll be back in an hour to take you to your session. Work on your attitude, or I'll be bringing a straitjacket.

[Door opens]

Luke: Be wasting your time if you think you're going to get out that way.

Edward: Talk about somebody who needs a straitjacket. So, are you here to help me or what?

Luke: I'm here to take you home, Edward.

Alan: I just got off the phone with Shadybrook. The head physician needs your signature so father doesn't have to spend another night there.

Tracy: Daddy's not going anywhere.

Alan: What are you talking about? The fire report proves he wasn't responsible for the accident at the hotel.

Tracy: Did you take care of it?

Ned: Yeah, I took care of it.

Monica: Uh -- would someone tell us what's going on?

Skye: It's all part of Tracy’s plan.

Monica: What does Skye have to do with this? She can't get Edward discharged from the hospital.

Skye: But I do hold Lila’s proxy and I vote on the E.L.Q. board, which makes me think that's why I was summoned here tonight.

Tracy: How very astute. You must be sober tonight.

Alan: Who called this board meeting?

Tracy: I did. You're about to vote me as C.E.O.

[Monica, Alan, and Skye laugh]

Lucky: So your brother, he worked at the Port Charles hotel?

Enid: For the last six months. Wally and I don't talk every day, but he always called to check in with me on Sundays. He's missed the last two.

Lucky: What department does he work in?

Enid: Utilities. I'm afraid he might've died in the fire.

Lucky: That's impossible. All the bodies have been identified.

Nikolas: There's nobody here.

Emily: Yeah, I could've sworn I heard somebody.

Nikolas: Well, maybe you're just being paranoid knowing Helena was on the warpath earlier.

Emily: Yeah, I guess I was so lost in our vows that I completely forgot about your grandmother. But now that you mention it --

Nikolas: We can't go jumping into shadows, you know? I mean, the worst part is over. We need to focus on being happy now.

Emily: Yes.

Nikolas: Come here.

Emily: You know, when I was a kid with a massive crush on you, I used to imagine us being together like this. I just never dreamed that it would actually happen.

Alexis: If your bodyguards -- and I use the term loosely -- don't return Carly in 20 minutes, I'm going to report this as a kidnapping.

Courtney: Carly left with Sonny voluntarily. I mean, we all saw it, Alexis.

Alexis: What I saw was an estranged husband lure away his wife with a promise of a visit with her sons.

Lorenzo: Sonny set this up, didn't he? Wanted time alone with Carly to bully her into giving up custody?

Courtney: If you knew Carly at all or understood her, you would know that she can't be bullied. It only makes her fight harder.

Alexis: I don't know if you're blindly taking orders as usual or you are indulging in some ill-advised attempt to match make. Either way, you have put Carly in a completely untenable position, because if I report this to a judge --

Jason: You're not doing this to help Carly, Alexis. You're covering your own back.

Sonny: I was -- I was angry, especially with this Alcazar thing. I still am. But I hate fighting with you.

Carly: So do I. Look, I thought we were over so many times before, and we always found our way back to each other. But it's different this time.

Sonny: It doesn't mean we have to wreck each other. We have to do what's best for the children.

Carly: I know, Sonny. That's what I'm trying to do. That's why I denied the breakdowns on the stand -- because I knew that it would hurt the boys to hurt you.

Sonny: So you were protecting our children?

Carly: God, Sonny. Sometimes I just wish I could shut off my feelings for you.

Sonny: Well, I think -- you know, I think the same way. I mean, you know, I -- I think it would be a lot easier sometimes to just stop feeling.

Carly: Yeah, well, you've had plenty of practice. God, you make people work so hard to get close.

Sonny: Well, you do the same thing. You know, when you start to think somebody is really, you know, starting to care, you test them over and over again until they walk away. That way you can't be hurt.

Carly: Yeah, well, we both came into this with some issues, feelings of abandonment. And you know what? It was hard to let people in before we found each other. But once we did, we -- we really let each other in. You let me love you, and it was like this -- this precious gift. Because of me, you didn't have -- you didn't have to wear your masks and you didn't have to hide behind some code. In private, Sonny, you really have a beautiful soul.

Sonny: Well, I don't know how you can really believe that, Carly. I haven't really done the right things, you know, lately.

Carly: Yeah, well, neither have I. It's amazing that we even lasted as long as we did. But I am sorry about Alexis, though. I -- I never would've brought her in if I hadn't felt so desperate.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? That doesn't -- I can -- Alexis -- that doesn't matter. Look, I can -- I can -- I think I'll be able to live with how you chose to fight back.

Carly: I didn't mean to tell her about the breakdown, Sonny. But Alexis, she knew that you had been abused, and she basically put the rest together.

Sonny: I let Alexis in too much. I -- I knew there was no future in it. You know, I still loved you. Alexis was how I kept pushing you away.

Carly: Yeah, but I always wanted to come back and when I did, I thought that it would be forever. Now I just wonder if we would've been happier if we'd stayed apart.

Sage: Well, this is a nice change -- you actually calling me for once.

Dillon: Uh -- yeah. Thank you for coming.

Sage: Yeah, I figured you wanted to apologize for the other day. I can't believe you tried to blame me for trying to sabotage your plan to take Georgie to "La Bohème."

Dillon: I -- I called you because I can't see you anymore.

Edward: I can trust you now, right, Spencer?

Luke: You don't have a fistful of options, my friend.

Edward: I'm not wearing that habit again, I’ll tell you that.

Luke: Well, this time we're going to dress you as a cheerleader.

Edward: A cheerleader?

Luke: All right, calm down. You'll give yourself another heart attack.

Edward: Are you beyond any consideration for an older man with a weak heart?

Luke: That "older man with a weak heart" thing -- it may work with Skye and the rest of your clan, but I could care less. Now, get these on and let's get the hell out of here. Rubber rooms give me the creeps.

Edward: You're only doing this to impress Skye, anyway.

Luke: Edward, you got about 30 seconds to drop your pants.

Edward: All right, all right.

Luke: Otherwise, I’m flying out of here alone.

Woman: What's going on in here?

Nikolas: I've seen some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. This -- this is better.

Emily: Yeah. You can almost feel the love that's been shared here. Babies being blessed and people finding comfort in times of crisis, people pledging themselves to each other.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. Now we're one of those couples.

Emily: Yep. "For better or for worse." I'm so glad we officially said those words.

Nikolas: You're my wife, promised before God. I mean, you know, the legal details -- we'll work those out later, but --

Emily: Yeah. Speaking of legal details, are you worried about Helena?

Nikolas: No. I'm not worried, really, but I should probably speak to my bankers and make sure she can't reclaim any of the money from the sale of the treasure.

Emily: Hmm, banking -- that sounds fun.

Nikolas: Hey, I’m not going to suffer on my own. You have to help.

Emily: What?

Nikolas: You have to go to your family and tell them that they will get a share of the treasure after all but that most of the money goes to the families of the fire victims.

Emily: Ok, ok --

Nikolas: You have to do that.

Emily: All right, all right. Let's go, let's go.

[Emily giggles]

Alexis: Personal feelings notwithstanding, I agreed to take Carly on as a client, and now it is my responsibility to act in her best interests.

Jason: No, you're afraid. Carly has something on you, Alexis, and whatever it is, you don't want Sonny to know about it.

Alexis: No, Jason, she saved my life, and I’m repaying a debt.

Jason: You hate Carly. She hates you, too.

Alexis: My license has just been reinstated. I am not prepared to part with it just as yet. Carly is in a very delicate position. I need to uphold my oath and serve her, which means if I don't hear from her in 20 minutes, I am calling the judge.

Lorenzo: Morgan's right. Carly does have something on you.

Alexis: Carly doesn't have anything on me. She saved my life and I pay my debts, even to people I happen to loathe.

Courtney: Should we try and stop her?

Jason: Alexis isn't going anywhere near the judge. He already thinks she's out of control.

Courtney: Yeah, well, she's right about one thing -- you're playing matchmaker. What, do you think if Carly and Sonny are stranded long enough they'll find a compromise?

Jason: I mean, when it comes to Sonny and Carly, who knows what could happen?

Sonny: If we hadn't reconciled, we wouldn't have Morgan.

Carly: Our little miracle baby. Oh, he's -- he reminds me so much of you.

Sonny: Poor kid.

Carly: No. He's sweet, he's serious. Already so intense.

Sonny: Yeah. I thank God every day for my sons. And I'll always be grateful for, you know, the time we had together as a family.

Carly: What we had was special because of what we had to go through to get there, and I'm never going to regret it. I only regret how it ended.

Sonny: I never wanted this.

Carly: Neither did I. Why don't we just stop?

[Knock on window]

Sonny: You find another car?

Max: Yeah, it just arrived. The judge wants to see you and Carly back at the courthouse right away.

Sonny: I guess the judge is ready to make a ruling.

Dillon: I'm sorry. I had a voicemail from my mom. I know the timing's terrible.

Sage: So why did you say you couldn't see me anymore?

Dillon: Ok, I'm going to ask you this one last time. Did you or did you not put Tom up to buying those tickets for "La Bohème"?

Sage: No.

Dillon: You see, I don't believe you.

Sage: So you're saying you don't have a place for me in your life anymore, and I'm just supposed to deal with it?

Dillon: No -- you deal with a family. Sage, you deal with your boss, but you shouldn't have to deal with your friends. I'm sorry, but whatever we had, it's over.

Luke: [Dutch accent] I am with a patient. No interruptions.

Woman: You aren't on staff here.

Luke: I am Dr. Vermeer. Dr. Vermeer. I just came from here from the Netherlands.

Woman: The Dr. Vermeer? Dr. Hans Vermeer?

Luke: Ja, natulich. Ich bin him.

Woman: I've read every one of your papers. Your technique is revolutionary. I'd love to observe you with the patient.

Edward: Oh, no. Oh, no. No -- no audience for my therapy. My family pulled a lot of strings to have a consult with Dr. Vermeer.

Luke: Ja. I'm sorry. I must respect the wishes of my patients.

Woman: Of course. I'll leave you alone.

Luke: Ja.

Woman: I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Will you be using the causal theory to treat Mr. Quartermaine?

Edward: Ah -- is it difficult to breathe in here? Huh?

Luke: The causal theory? Ja, I will causal him --

Woman: The causal theory was developed by Faye Snyder. It completely contradicts the work of Dr. Vermeer. So who exactly are you?

Alan: We all know that Tracy can't be trusted.

Ned: You don't need to trust Tracy to know that E.L.Q. is in dire straits. At least she has a plan for financial recovery.

Skye: So does Edward.

Monica: And I have concerns about Edward’s health.

Alan: Father thrives on being head of this family.

Tracy: But can he run E.L.Q.? We all know that his last official act was to make A.J., C.E.O. How did that turn out?

Ned: Grandfather has made some very questionable decisions lately.

Skye: Oh, that's absurd. Everyone knows Edward’s completely competent.

Ned: He was very well aware of the electrical system problems at the hotel. Now, I’m not saying that he was intentionally negligent, but he certainly took some very unwise risks. His mind isn't what it used to be.

Monica: No, his mind is as sharp as ever.

Alan: He doesn't deserve to be in a mental hospital.

Ned: No one cares about grandfather more than I do, and I know that he would want E.L.Q. to recover. That won't happen with him as C.E.O.

Alan: This is your idea of protecting father?

Ned: E.L.Q. is his legacy, and I know that he would want it to survive at any cost.

Monica: Ooh. Watch it, Ned. You're beginning to sound like your mother.

Skye: Tell me something -- when did you decide to make a pact with the devil so you could stab poor Edward in the back?

Lorenzo: You all right?

Carly: Yeah, we're -- we're fine. We had some car trouble.

Alexis: The judge wants to see you, but I'd like to see you first.

Carly: You don't have to bring me over into this corner. What do you want?

Alexis: What did you say to Sonny when you were alone with him?

Carly: Do you mean did I tell him he's Kristina’s father?

Judge Marland: Mrs. Corinthos -- I've been waiting for you.

Alexis: We apologize for the delay, your honor.

Sonny: You crossed the line, Alexis. You tried to break me on the stand, humiliate me. Maybe I should return the favor. Huh? Maybe I should drag your secrets into the light. What if I took away what you love most? You think maybe you'd stop coming after me for whatever reason?

Carly: Your honor, I realize I have acted emotionally during this trial, but --

Judge Marland: At this point, I don't believe you or your husband should have custody of the children, but you've got one chance to change my mind.

Dillon: I guess I deserved that.

Sage: I'm sorry, Dillon, really.

Dillon: So am I. Despite everything that's happened, I know -- I know that there were times when you were genuinely trying to be my friend. But I'm sorry. I cannot do this anymore.

Sage: Because of Georgie? You're too good for her, Dillon.

Dillon: No, I'm not. I'm not.

Sage: Then explain it to me. What do you see in Georgie?

Dillon: Everything I want. I mean, my mom was responsible for the breakup. It shouldn't have happened. People got hurt by it, including you. Somebody's got to say enough, and -- I don't know -- I guess that has to be me.

Sage: Fine, I'll stop pushing. I won't even flirt anymore. I just -- I don't want to lose you as a friend, Dillon. You mean too much to me. Give me another chance.

[Keys jingle]

Lucky: You and your brother, are you close?

Enid: Yes. But I live all the way in Pine Valley. We talk more than we see each other.

Lucky: Is there any reason to believe that your brother might've been in some kind of trouble?

Enid: Wally doesn't gamble. He doesn't do drugs.

Lucky: You said that he called you every Sunday?

Enid: Right after "Alias" -- our favorite show.

Lucky: There's fresh milk in the fridge, and coffeepot's still warm. Couldn't have shut off too long ago. There's no timer on it.

Enid: What are you saying, officer?

Lucky: Everything indicates that your brother's still living here, but I will file a missing person's report.

Enid: So you believe me?

Lucky: Something about it just doesn't feel right.

Tracy: My, you're feeling dramatic tonight.

Skye: I was speaking to Ned.

Ned: I've been dealing with grandfather a hell of a lot longer than you have. I know what's important to him.

Skye: Well, at least you admit you betrayed Edward; that you helped Tracy to have Edward committed.

Monica: Look, Edward is in Shadybrook because he was trying to protect the family from a lawsuit. Now that we know he's not negligent, he can be released.

Tracy: Uh-uh. It's too soon. Until we're absolutely sure that we're in the clear, he needs to stay put.

Skye: Tracy, why do you even care about E.L.Q., anyway? It's in ruins.

Emily: I don't know what you're fighting about, but you can stop. I have good news.

Monica: Oh? What's that?

Emily: Helena managed to recover Blackthorn's treasure.

Tracy: Oh -- I knew it! She was behind the theft all along!

Emily: The treasure was sold in Europe for $25 million, and Nikolas has agreed to transfer 1/4 of that money into our accounts as soon as possible.

Tracy: That's only 6 million and change.

Alan: We agreed to a 50/50 split.

Emily: Half of the money is going into a trust for the fire victims, and we're going to split the other half with the Cassadines.

Skye: Well, that sounds fair.

Ned: Emily, have you thought this through?

Tracy: Oh -- what does she care if we get cheated? As soon as she marries Nikolas, she gets another 6 mill.

Monica: Emily doesn't care about the money.

Emily: The fact is only a small portion of the treasure ever belonged to Constance, but Nikolas wanted to be fair, so we're getting way more money than we deserve.

Tracy: Well, nice try, but it's too late for Nikolas to change the rules.

Skye: Look, can we please forget about this treasure? We have to concentrate on getting Edward out of Shadybrook.

Emily: What, grandfather's in a mental hospital?

Monica: It's a long story.

Alan: Yes, Tracy thought it was for the best.

Emily: Yeah, well, I don’t. Nikolas won't transfer a dime of that money until grandfather is released.

Edward: Thank you, dear Emily. It's nice to know that someone still cares about me.

Luke: Evening, Quartermaines. Tracy. Well, I promised to bring the old boy out of the bubble house. Here he is, free and angry as hell.

Edward: Now that my name has been cleared, I plan to take my place at the head of the family.

Tracy: It's not that simple, daddy.

Alan: Of course it is.

Monica: All this arguing is not good for Edward’s health. He's just had major surgery.

Luke: All right, Quartermaines, listen up. The argument about who's going to run E.L.Q. Is closed. Skye's taking over.

Alexis: I fulfilled a personal obligation to my client. There was a time when I would've done the same thing for you.

Sonny: You made a personal attack.

Alexis: This is personal.

Sonny: No --

Alexis: Custody cases are personal. Your side makes my client look unfit. My side makes you look unfit.

Sonny: How are you more fit than me? I'm a killer; you're a killer. You say I'm crazy. The whole world knows you’re crazy. How would you like it if somebody tried to take away your kid and said you weren't good enough to raise them? Could happen. On paper, you look worse than me. What?

Justus: Carly's in there with the judge.

Sonny: Yeah. He said he wanted to talk to her alone.

Justus: I don't like this one bit. He could be leaning towards giving her full custody.

Carly: I never believed that I would be fighting Sonny for our boys. I know that he loves them and he would do anything to protect them. I just really -- I don't want Michael and Morgan growing up wondering why they couldn't have a mother and a father.

Judge Marland: You're saying joint custody would be best?

Carly: Yes.

Judge Marland: But you're petitioning for sole custody.

Carly: Yes, because when I suggested joint custody to Sonny, he refused it.

Judge Marland: So you retaliate by trying to take custody away from him? You've heard the expression "two wrongs don't make a right"?

Carly: Please don't punish my boys for Sonny's and my choices. I spent my childhood growing up believing that my biological mother didn't want me, and I felt terribly abandoned. I really don't want Michael and Morgan to feel the same way.

Judge Marland: What about the children's need for their father?

Carly: I know that they need Sonny, too.

Judge Marland: Well, I appreciate your candor. I'm only sorry it didn't come earlier.

Justus: Are we ready to proceed?

Judge Marland: First I need a word with Mr. Corinthos, alone.

Edward: Skye, I appreciate everything you've done since the fire.

Skye: Well, I'm just glad to see you're ok.

Edward: Luke's been helpful too, but he doesn't quite understand the situation at E.L.Q. I appreciate your input, I really do, but I think it's best now that I take over as C.E.O.

Luke: Easy, Edward. I can drop you back in the bin as quickly as I got you out.

Skye: Luke, it's ok. I don't want to run E.L.Q., all right? I just want to make sure it's not pulled out from under him by that tarantula he calls a daughter.

Tracy: I'd be moved by your nobility if I didn't know the true motivation behind your newfound altruism.

Monica: What is she talking about?

Ned: Grandfather has named Skye sole heir in his latest will.

Alan: Since when?

Luke: Don't let them do this, Blaze. Don't quit while you're ahead.

Skye: Why would I want to waste my time running E.L.Q.? Don't I have the casino, the Haunted Star, where I am full partner, where I'm fully appreciated?

Luke: You better believe it.

Ned: The matter of who should be C.E.O. still needs to be voted on. I say we open the issue.

Skye: Ok. Well, I have Lila’s proxy, and I'm backing Edward.

Edward: Now, you see, Tracy? Your little coup has failed.

Ned: Don't be so sure, grandfather.

Edward: Ned, my boy, it was expedient for you to side with your mother when it looked like she was succeeding. It was good business. But the tables have turned. Get back in line behind me and I might consider forgiving you.

Ned: You double-crossed me once too often when you made Skye your sole heir. So I think it's time that you hear what the rest of the Quartermaines have to say about your latest betrayal.

[Emily gasps]

Emily: Oh --

Nikolas: I -- I didn't want to interrupt you while you were praying. Why did you want me to come back here?

Justus: Let me offer you a piece of friendly advice.

Alexis: I'd really rather you didn't.

Justus: You went way past due diligence in this case, Alexis. You made a personal attack on my client, and you were unprofessional. You just made yourself an enemy.

Lorenzo: Here.

Courtney: Why can't Carly see that Alcazar is ruining her life?

Jason: Simple -- she doesn't want to.

Courtney: Yeah, well, Sonny's not being much better. He's only with Sam to hurt Carly. It's just sad and wrong.

Jason: Yeah, people don't want to be alone when they're hurt.

Courtney: Yeah, I know Carly and Sonny need people in their life right now to pretend like everything's going to be ok.

Carly: The judge isn't happy with me or Sonny. What if he decides to rule against both of us?

Lorenzo: I doubt that. It's clear you're a good mother.

Carly: Yeah, well, a good mother wouldn't have let it go so far.

Lorenzo: Sonny didn't give you a choice.

Carly: Sonny lost his temper. I did, too. We were both so focused on trying to win that we lost sight of what was really important, and that is that our children need both of us. I really hope that the judge can see that, and I hope if by some miracle I get another chance -- I tell you, I will do anything I can to work this out with Sonny.

Sonny: Carly's -- she's a good mother. I don't really want her separated from her sons.

Judge Marland: Tell me about Carly’s relationship to Michael and Morgan.

Sonny: She's great. I mean, you know, she reads to them. She doesn't smother them. She -- you know -- she, you know, pretty much convinces Michael to believe in himself.

Judge Marland: And Morgan?

Sonny: Well, he's an infant. She holds him, she sings to him, and she's very nurturing.

Judge Marland: Then you're certain that Carly could give your boys a good home?

Sonny: I don't have a problem with Carly. It's -- it's the psychopath that she's involved with. That's who I don't like.

Judge Marland: Mrs. Corinthos could make the same argument about you and your relationship to Ms. McCall. My sole concern is finding the best solution for the children.

Sonny: You know what? If we get shared custody, we'll make it work. Our children's happiness is the most important thing. Carly and I both know that. But I'm just going to -- I’m going to ask you, please -- please don't send our children to foster care.

Judge Marland: Ms. Davis has made a strong argument that your life is violent and, therefore, unsafe for your kids.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. Ms. Davis has a personal grudge against me. I don't know why, what --

Judge Marland: Obviously, which is why I’m prepared to discount her undocumented allegations regarding your mental state. However, police records indicate that you are a frequent target of violence. How can I be sure you'll always protect your sons from that?

Luke: That's two votes for Edward, one vote for Ned and Lizzie Borden. Who are you backing, Dr. Quartermaine?

Alan: My father's seen us through tough times before.

Tracy: Oh, please, Alan. Can't you put aside your pathetic need to please father for once in your life and think about the future of the family?

Alan: I am. My daughter seems to think he's the right man for the job, and so do I. I vote for my father.

Luke: So that leaves you, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Well, clearly, I don't trust Tracy --

Edward: Good! Then it's all settled.

Monica: But I've seen you ignore your health for years, Edward. I don't think your heart could stand the stress of rebuilding E.L.Q. So, with great reservations --

Alan: Monica, don't do this.

Monica: I'm going to vote for Tracy.

[Alan sighs]

Edward: Alan, do you see the treachery you have brought into this house?

Tracy: You did the right thing, Monica. Good for you!

Monica: Stuff it.

Luke: Well, ladies and germs, we seem to have a tie.

Edward: Well, then. As senior stockholder, it seems I get to make the deciding vote.

Tracy: Is that in the bylaws?

Ned: Unfortunately, it is.

Edward: Skye, we've won.

Tracy: Well, don't get too excited yet, Daddy. You seem to have forgotten that since the fire, I've held your power of attorney.

Edward: That has no bearing here.

Tracy: Wrong again. It does. Actually, you see, when you were in Shadybrook, suddenly it occurred to me that A.J.'s vote hadn't gotten transferred to another share-holding family member, so I took care of that.

Alan: That's the swing vote.

Skye: Well, who is it?

Dillon: Hey, Mom, you wanted to see me?

Emily: Sometimes I just want to scream at my family for being so petty and awful to each other.

Nikolas: They love each other in their own way.

Emily: Yeah, I know, and I love them, too, even though I don't want to end up like them.

Nikolas: That's why we're going to build a family of our own.

Emily: That is the only family I want.

Nikolas: It's already yours.

Emily's voice: We must be insane, Zander. Do you realize how late it is?

Zander: Well, we might as well be a little nuts. We're newlyweds.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Zander: Just came back from a romantic, moonlit walk in the woods behind our very first home.

Emily: Rented home.

Zander: For now. One day when I start making a little more money, we'll buy this place.

Emily: Yeah?

Zander: Build a gazebo out back where we can sit out under the stars. You like gazebos, right?

Emily: What woman doesn't?

Zander: That's what I thought. I can see you out there, writing in your journal. See you in one of those beautiful, long, flowy, summer dresses that you like, looking amazing.

Emily: Yeah, I like it.

Zander: Hmm.

Judge: Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos, I asked to speak to you individually to see if you were capable of being honest about the welfare of your children instead of grandstanding, as you did throughout open testimony. And after much consideration, I'm prepared to render my decision as to the custody of Michael and Morgan Corinthos.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Looks like you get to choose between your grandfather and your ma.

Judge: Is this an agreement that you can both accept?

Elizabeth: You deserve to be happy after everything that happened with Zander.

Emily: That's the hardest part.

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