GH Transcript Friday 3/5/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/5/04

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Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: Been looking for you.

Nikolas: Any special reason?

Emily: Hmm. Just this.

Nikolas: You know, as tempting -- tempting as this is, I have to go meet with my lawyer right now to go over my case.

Emily: Ok. Well, don't be long.

Nikolas: I won't.

Emily: I love you.

Nikolas: I love you, too. I'll be back.

Emily: Ok.

Zander's voice: "Dear Emily -- I need you to know I still love you. And if you're reading this and I'm dead, it's because Nikolas killed me."

Zander's voice: "Dear Elizabeth -- if you're reading this, I'm probably dead. Ric killed me, and you know why."

Ric: Whoa -- what are you doing?

Elizabeth: You're going to burn yourself.

Ric: What are you doing? It's all right. "Ric killed me, and you know why."

Jason: How much worse is this going to get? You call Ric to testify for you, Sonny calls Alcazar? Why are you inviting your enemies to have a say in your family?

Carly: You know how to end this, Jase. You tell the court that Michael and Morgan belong with me. Otherwise, Alexis will force me --

Jason: I'm going to tell you what I told sonny -- the two of you can work it out and you better do it before you put something in motion you can't stop.

Carly: Jase, don't you see it is already too late?

Walker: The hearing's about to resume. Everyone, take your seats.

Judge: Who's your next witness, Ms. Davis?

Alexis: Courtney Morgan, but she doesn't seem to be present.

Judge: Is this Mrs. Morgan?

Alexis: No, your honor. I have no idea what happened to her.

Judge: Ms. Davis, it is your obligation to see that the persons on your witness list are present in the courtroom and prepared to testify when you call for them. If your second witness is a no-show, it doesn't bode well for the rest of these proceedings.

Sonny: Did Alexis call Faith as a witness?

Justus: She's not on the list.

Sonny: Well, what is she doing here? Justus, if you know something, you need to tell me.

Justus: Faith has been leaning on Courtney to work with her.

Sonny: And?

Justus: I advised Courtney to agree in order to keep the peace between you and Faith. Sonny, don't.

Sonny: What did you do to my sister?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Be seated! Order in the court!

[Judge pounds gavel]

[judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order in this court!

Sonny: Where's Courtney?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order in the court!

Sonny: She was supposed to show up.

Justus: Sonny, you have to stop. You're tanking your case.

Judge: Mr. Ward, get your client under control!

Sonny: You better pray --

Justus: Stop it, sonny!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Sonny: You better pray that my sister's all right.

Judge: Order in the court!

Justus: You stop it.

Sonny: You better pray.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Sonny: I'm sorry, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Corinthos, if this is your attempt to show the court you're a model citizen, you're failing spectacularly.

Justus: Sit down, sit down.

Sonny: I'm sitting down. All right.

Judge: Mr. Ward?

Justus: Yes, your honor?

Judge: I'll give you a few minutes to resolve this. Otherwise, I rule on custody right now. Court is in recess.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Alexis: You just caught a break. Sonny's tantrum makes the tantrum that you had about Ric pale in comparison.

Carly: Were you paying attention? Faith could've done something to Courtney.

Alexis: Stay out of it. It has to do with Sonny and his dangerous lifestyle. I do not want this judge thinking that you are involved in any way.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Faith?

Faith: Came by for a little light entertainment.

Sonny: Well, it's closed -- you know, it's a closed hearing.

Faith: Oh, really? Do I need an invitation? I guess mine got lost.

Justus: Leave now, Faith.

Faith: Well, that's an excellent suggestion.

Sonny: Why the hell didn't you tell me Courtney was at risk?

Leticia: Could I have the check, please, Mike?

Mike: Oh, sure, sure.

Leticia: Thank you.

Mike: Here you are.

Michael: Can't I have dessert?

Leticia: No. We're meeting Mark and his mom for a play date and she's taking you guys to the movies, so I know for a fact that you guys are going to be having candy.

Mike: Here you go.

Michael: Thanks, grandpa.

Mike: Oh -- shh, shh. See you. Well, morning, Sam.

Sam: Hey. Good morning, Mike. I didn't know you worked here.

Mike: Yeah, well, it's a new gig. I'm doing a little bit of everything -- cooking, waiting tables, cleaning up.

Sam: Good for you. You know, I can't do any of that, so get used to seeing me. I do takeout a lot.

Mike: Hmm. Sonny hasn't cooked for you?

Sam: Sonny can cook?

Mike: Ooh. Wait and see.

Sam: Yeah. I have a feeling that's going to be a long wait, you know, with the custody hearing and all.

Michael: There's daddy's girlfriend, Sam. I wish she'd go away so mommy could come home.

Sonny: I pay you to protect my interests. That includes telling me when my little sister is being threatened.

Justus: Faith staged that scene to make you look bad, and it worked. You attacked her right in front of the judge. That's exactly what she wanted.

Sonny: It's not Faith. It's -- it's Alcazar, anyway. He's behind all this --

Justus: Forget who put this in motion. What counts is recovering our advantage for the custody hearing.

[Sonny sighs]

Justus: Attacking a woman in front of the judge is a bad way to look like a responsible, loving parent.

Sonny: Courtney is my sister. The judge can't understand that I'm worried about her?

Justus: There are more constructive ways to go about it. Sonny, you have to control yourself in here. If you go after Faith or anybody else, you will lose those boys to Carly.

Jason: Where's my wife?

Faith: Oh, how should I know? Bunny's into big business now. I'm sure she's just all tied up at the office.

Courtney: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Jason: Where -- where were you?

Courtney: My car ran out of gas.

Emily: What do you think?

Lucky: Well, does it look like Zander's signature to you?

Emily: Yeah.

Lucky: You know what? I can have a handwriting expert examine the letter just to make sure.

Emily: Ok.

Lucky: You know, it must've been quite a shock to get this from Zander after his death. How did Nikolas react?

Emily: I -- I haven't shown it to him yet.

Lucky: Why not?

Emily: He -- he was gone when I opened the mail. I -- I don't want to upset him.

Lucky: He has to see this, Emily.

Emily: Nikolas has enough to worry about.

Lucky: This letter was mailed before the fire while Zander was on the run.

Emily: Who -- who knows what Zander was thinking? He hated Nikolas. He would've done anything to hurt him and make trouble between us.

Lucky: You're afraid Nikolas really did kill Zander, aren't you?

Ric: How long have you had this?

Elizabeth: A few days.

Ric: And you believe it, do you? You think that I killed Zander, and you were trying to burn this letter in order to protect me?

Elizabeth: I just want all of this over with. I mean, does it really matter who killed Zander as long as our baby is safe?

Ric: It matters to us, Elizabeth, to our family. You think that I killed him.

Elizabeth: No. God, no. No, I don't.

Ric: No, look, look -- you think that I was trying -- I was trying to convict Nikolas in order to cover my tracks. That's why you thought he was innocent from the very beginning, isn't it?

Elizabeth: No, no, I -- Nikolas is innocent because I know him. He doesn't have it in him --

Ric: I don't have it in me, either, Elizabeth! I swear to you, I had nothing to do with this.

Elizabeth: I believe you.

Ric: Be honest with me, all right? Tell me that you don't have a single doubt in your mind that I had anything to do with Zander's death.

Elizabeth: I know you didn't kill Zander because I did.

Elizabeth: Zander called me from the Port Charles hotel basement, and he said he needed to see me, talk about the baby.

Ric: Why didn't you call me?

Elizabeth: He wanted me to come alone.

Ric: Did he say what he wanted?

Elizabeth: No, not until I got there. God, he was just so sad and so -- so desperate, and all he wanted was Emily.

Elizabeth: How did you get that?

Zander: I stole it, just like you and Ric want to steal my baby.

Elizabeth: This is my child, and Ric is going to be the father.

Zander: All you have to do to make sure that happens is make sure Emily meets me in 15 minutes at Riverview Drive.

Elizabeth: What?

Zander: We're leaving town together.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, you're insane.

Zander: No. I'm your baby's father. And you just lost your last chance to take my kid away.

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Zander?

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry, Ric. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to protect this baby, and -- and I couldn't take Zander's threats anymore. You know, I just didn't know what else to do.

Ric: Shh. It's ok. It's all right. It's ok. I already suspected, even before I got my own letter.

Elizabeth: Wait, wait -- what? You -- what? You got your what?

Ric: Zander sent -- Zander sent me a note in the mail saying that you wanted him dead.

Elizabeth: That doesn't -- doesn't make any sense. Why would he accuse the both of us?

Ric: Because he wanted to hurt us any way he could, Elizabeth. We were going to have a family. I was going to raise his child as my own.

[Ric sighs]

Elizabeth: So all this time, you thought that I -- I killed him?

Ric: No, I could see that -- I could see that you were upset, and I knew that it was more than just worry about Nikolas. I mean, you thought he was innocent from the very beginning, right? But I also figured that you knew who the -- who the real killer was, and I knew that you wouldn't protect anybody at Nikolas' expense -- except for this baby inside of you. You just didn't want this child to know that you killed his father.

Elizabeth: God, I have been so terrified -- absolutely terrified that somebody would find out.

Ric: Elizabeth, did you know that Zander was dead before you left?

Elizabeth: No, no. I just -- I grabbed the documents, and I ran. And then when I heard that he -- that he had died, I -- I just couldn't -- I mean, I can't believe that I -- that I killed him.

Ric: Maybe you didn't.

Elizabeth: Yes, I did, and now Nikolas is paying for it, and I -- I need to confess.

Ric: No, no -- Elizabeth, listen to me.

Elizabeth: He's being charged with my crime.

Ric: Listen to me. What if you didn't kill Zander?

Emily: Zander was out of control at the end. I mean, he pushed me and Nikolas to the limit, and Nikolas was -- was so protective of me. I mean, it made him furious that Zander wouldn't let go.

Lucky: Zander hated Nikolas.

Emily: With good reason, Lucky. He sank Nikolas' freighter. He framed Nikolas for Cody's murder. He would've done anything to punish Nikolas for being with me.

Lucky: Yeah, but jealousy is a good motive for most crimes.

Emily: You know, I only married Zander because I thought that I was dying. And then I got well and I realized that I couldn't live a lie. And Zander was devastated, which -- which, you know, I understand. I mean, we said vows. He thought he was going to be spending the rest of his life with me.

Lucky: He didn't have to react the way he did.

Emily: I keep telling myself that.

Lucky: Emily, Zander wanted revenge. That was his choice, not yours.

Emily: Zander slept with Elizabeth the night he saw me with Nikolas. And then he used Elizabeth's pregnancy to manipulate Ric into framing Nikolas. Every move he made was about getting me back and getting rid of Nikolas.

Lucky: So if Nikolas did kill him, it could've been self-defense.

Emily: I mean, I remember all the fights they had. You know, they'd start arguing, and things would escalate, and, you know, within minutes they'd both be blind with rage. Nikolas never -- Nikolas never would've killed Zander unless he -- unless he thought he was protecting me.

Lucky: Nikolas admitted they fought in the basement. He said he knocked Zander out and then he called 911. If that fire hadn't started, the police would've found Zander dead from a blow to the head with a blunt object.

Emily: No, no, no. Even if Nikolas killed Zander, there is no way that he would've started a fire to cover it up.

Lucky: The fire could've started by accident after Nikolas left Zander's body.

Emily: You are his brother, Lucky. You know him. If Nikolas did this, he would admit it.

Lucky: Not if he thought he was going to lose you.

Nikolas: Lucky. Why didn't you tell me you were coming over? Is there new evidence in Zander's murder?

Courtney: What are you doing here?

Faith: Leaving.

[Courtney sighs]

Jason: What did -- what did Faith do to you?

Courtney: I told you -- I ran out of gas.

Jason: Courtney, you're lying to me.

Courtney: No, but I'm late, and I'm going to get in there before the judge decides he doesn't need my testimony.

Alexis: There she is. Are you certain that Courtney's going to testify in your favor?

Carly: Yes.

Alexis: What if Sonny got to her?

Carly: Courtney won't back down for Sonny.

Alexis: Are you sure? Because it's not too late to remove her from the witness list.

Carly: Yes, just leave her on the list. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation as to why she's late.

Sonny: What happened?

Jason: All right. Courtney claims her car ran out of gas. She's lying to keep the peace with Faith.

Sonny: That's exactly what she's doing, and we got to play along. There can't be any violence until this custody hearing's over.

Justus: You all right?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine.

Justus: Faith scared you once with that thing about your father.

Courtney: You -- you didn't tell Sonny or Jason, did you?

Justus: They don't know the details, but Sonny's aware that Faith is leaning on you. You just missed a pretty bad public scare that could be damaging to our case.

Courtney: Look, I know what's at stake, so I will keep stalling with Faith like we discussed. Hopefully, this hearing will be over with soon.

Justus: Don't take any chances. If you feel you're in physical danger, call the police, ok?

Walker: The court is now in session.

Judge: Ms. Davis, is your witness present?

Alexis: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Then let's get on with it. You may call your witness.

Alexis: I'd like to call Courtney Morgan, please.

Walker: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Courtney: I do.

Lucky: No, no new evidence. I just thought I'd stop by and check in, see how you were doing.

Emily: Yeah, I told him you were meeting your lawyer. And it didn't take long.

Nikolas: No, no. Well, there really wasn't much to discuss. I mean, on the one hand, the evidence against me is completely circumstantial. So if I end up going to trial, a jury could find reasonable doubt. But the problem is I've already admitted that I hit Zander and there's no proof that there was anyone else in the utility room after I left.

Emily: More evidence could still turn up.

Lucky: Yeah, I'll keep looking into it.

Nikolas: All right, thanks.

Lucky: If anybody needs anything, just give a call to the station.

Emily: Ok.

Emily: Don't give up hope.

Nikolas: I'm -- yeah. With you on my side, how could I?

Emily: I love you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

Emily: And nothing you do could ever make me stop. We're going to get through this. Through it.

Elizabeth: I can't keep lying about what I did. It'll be a relief to finally tell the truth --

Ric: Elizabeth, listen to me. Listen to me, all right? You fought with Zander and you hit him with a pipe and you left. Now, you didn't check for a pulse, you didn't see if he was breathing or any other signs that he was alive, right?

Elizabeth: Well, right, but I --

Ric: All right, then it is possible that somebody else came in after you and killed him.

Elizabeth: No, honey, you're grasping at straws.

Ric: Why? Why? Why do you think that you're the only person that Zander could've called?

Elizabeth: Well -- I -- I don't know. I --

Ric: All right, listen. He's been playing games, right? He's been manipulating people. Why else would he have sent those letters? If Zander thought that he was going to be killed, why wouldn't he try to hurt all the people that he felt had hurt him?

Elizabeth: That's a really long list of people, Ric.

Ric: Yes, Nikolas and Emily right at the top. There's Faith, there's Sonny, there's Jason. My point is that there are other potential killers who could've taken advantage -- after you left him unconscious. It's too early for you to confess.

Elizabeth: Not when Nikolas is suffering.

Ric: Look, Nikolas is out on bail, all right? He can deal with the uncertainty and the stress a hell of a lot better than you can.

Elizabeth: But it's not fair. I mean, why should he have to?

Ric: Elizabeth, please. If you go to the police, then you're going to put yourself and this baby under a huge amount of stress, and I don't want you to do that. Just let me continue to investigate.

Elizabeth: Ok, but what if -- what if you find out that I really did kill him?

Ric: I won't. I know you. You're not a killer.

Lorenzo: I knew I'd find you here.

Faith: I'm busy.

Lorenzo: If you're wondering what happened to your captive little bird, I set her free.

Alexis: As Mr. Corinthos' sister, you must have had many opportunities to witness the danger and violence that surround his life.

Justus: Objection, your honor. Question is vague and misleading.

Judge: Sustained. Ms. Davis, please rephrase your question.

Alexis: Isn't it true that when Mrs. Corinthos was recovering in the hospital after Mr. Corinthos shot her in the head --

Justus: Objection, your honor! Police records indicate that Mrs. Corinthos was injured only after Mr. Corinthos attempted to defend her life. Ms. Davis is well aware of these facts and is deliberately using inflammatory language.

Judge: Sustained. Ms. Davis, I'm going to have to ask you to rephrase again.

Alexis: All right. Mrs. Morgan, you were so concerned about Michael and Morgan's welfare while their mother was incapacitated that you actually took them out of town. Isn't that correct?

Courtney: Yes.

Alexis: So you didn't think it was right to leave the children in the hands of their father because they may be exposed to his violent life?

Justus: Oh, objection! Counsel is leading the witness again.

Judge: Sustained. This is becoming a habit, Ms. Davis. Break it.

Alexis: In your opinion, Mrs. Morgan, wouldn't it be best for the boys' happiness and safety if Mrs. Corinthos had full custody?

Courtney: No. I believe that Sonny and Carly should share custody. Michael and Morgan belong with both their parents.

Carly: No.

Leticia: Michael, it's not polite to stare.

Sam: Hey, mike --

Mike: Here you go.

Sam: Can you turn this up?

Mike: Turn it up? Sure.

Tv announcer: Alleged racketeer Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. Is back in court today. This time he's not facing criminal charges. He's involved in a custody dispute with his wife, Caroline Benson Corinthos. While the hearing has been closed to the public, the press reports indicate the estranged couple --

Mike: Whatever happened to privacy?

Sam: I'm glad they're not letting reporters in there because they could turn this thing into a three-ring circus. Here, just keep the change.

Mike: Yeah. It's got to be killing Sonny. I mean, family means everything to him. I mean, I know he's had his troubles with Carly, but I would never have believed that they'd be fighting to take the kids away from each other.

Sam: Right, and there's something to be said for closure. I get the feeling Sonny's been hurting for a while and he's reached the point of no return. He just -- I don't know -- wants this over.

Mike: Well, no matter what the court says, Carly is still going to be the mother of his children.

Sam: And that's important to him. He's a wonderful father. He'd do anything in the world for those kids. He must've had a good role model.

Mike: Just the opposite. The smartest thing Sonny ever did was learn from my mistakes.

Sam: Come on, aren't you being a little tough on yourself?

Mike: Part of the reason that Sonny is fighting so hard to keep those boys is because he doesn't want them growing up without a father around like he did.

Sam: I just -- I feel really helpless. I wish there was something I could do.

Mike: All right, here's a lesson I learned the hard way -- wait. Sonny will tell you when he needs you.

Sam: Why are you being so nice to me?

Mike: Why wouldn't I be? You obviously care about my son.

[Morgan cries]

Michael: Oh -- there's Mark and his mom.

Leticia: Uh -- wait.

Michael: I don't want to be late for the movie.

[Morgan cries]

Faith: What is your problem? You wanted sonny angry and dangerous, and I made it happen.

Lorenzo: Concentrate your efforts on other areas. From now on, Courtney is off-limits.

Faith: Oh, what is it, Lorenzo? Do you have, like, a little secret weakness for the tyrollean shepherdess? Carly might be jealous.

Lorenzo: Pressure Sonny in some other way -- raid a shipment, blow up a warehouse.

Faith: Where the hell do you get off telling me what I can and cannot do, huh? I mean, you offered me a fair price for your holdings.

Lorenzo: The price was well under market value.

Faith: I have my own reasons for going after Courtney. I need that pier for my shipments.

Lorenzo: What you want can wait. The objective is to make Sonny look bad so the children go back to Carly. Now, hit Sonny and hit him hard.

Faith: What, so he can retaliate? Hmm? Kill me? I didn't sign on to be your decoy.

Lorenzo: Play your cards right --

Faith: What? What more do you want, huh? I mean, God, he already lost it right in front of the judge.

Lorenzo: I was there.

Faith: Well, why aren't you thanking me? God, everything is perfect. Courtney lied and said she ran out of gas. Sonny looks like a paranoid wacko. I mean, when are you going to cough up a little gratitude?

Lorenzo: You'll get gratitude when I get results.

Faith: Well, you're in no position to threaten me, are you? You gave me all the power.

Lorenzo: You sure? Want to put that to the test?

Faith: Ok, fine. Message received. I will do what you want -- trouble for Sonny.

Carly: Tell them the truth, Courtney. Tell them that Michael and Morgan need their mother.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Alexis: Ok, that's two outbursts to Sonny's one.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Alexis: Keep that up, you're going to lose your children. Sit down.

Judge: Ms. Davis, Mr. Ward, if you can't keep your clients under control, I'll hold them in contempt.

Alexis: I apologize for my client, your honor. It won't happen again. I'm confused, Ms. Morgan. You just got through testifying that you removed the children from Mr. Corinthos' home because you were worried that they would be harmed by Mr. Corinthos' violent life. How is it that you can now promote joint custody?

Courtney: When I took the boys away, Carly was in the hospital and she was in no condition to take care of her children. Sonny stayed with her day and night, trying to help her get well, and he didn't have time to spend with the kids. So, yes, I -- I took care of them for a while. Look, Sonny is a good father. He's never put his children in danger. He -- I'm confident that he will always protect them with his life. Look, you -- you asked for my opinion, ok, and I truly believe what is best for the children is for them to be with both their parents.

Alexis: I have no more questions for this witness.

Sonny: All right, here's your chance to get Courtney to testify that Alcazar kidnapped her. He's dangerous. He's a monster. You do that, ok?

Justus: No further questions, your honor.

Sam: What the hell are you doing here?

Ric: Well, I'm glad that your checkup shows that your blood pressure isn't any higher.

Elizabeth: Well, it's relief. I'm just glad you know the truth.

Ric: So what do you say we go grab some lunch before I have to go back to the office? Want to hit that new Italian place on main?

Elizabeth: How can you act like everything's normal?

Ric: Because I know it's all going to work out. I just need to put a few pieces together.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Ric: Want me to drive you home?

Elizabeth: No, you go to work. I'll -- I'll be fine.

Ric: Ok.

Elizabeth: I'll see you later.

Ric: Love you.

Elizabeth: I love you, too.

Ric: Take care.

Ric: Excuse me. I'm Ric Lansing. I'm the District Attorney. I saw you talking to one of my officers. Is there a problem?

Nurse: No. The officer was just asking for some copies of some old patient forms.

Ric: Which patient?

Nurse: Zander smith. The officer wanted them for handwriting analysis. Excuse me.

Nikolas: No.

[Emily giggles]

Emily: You are such a bad influence on me.

Nikolas: Oh, I try. Come on.

Emily: You succeed. Now, I -- I lost all track of time and I completely forgot that I have class.

Nikolas: Ok. Thank you so much.

Emily: For what?

Nikolas: For believing in me.

Emily: You know, wanting Zander dead and acting on it are two completely different things. You're not a murderer, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I know. But it's just -- it's your trust. It's your trust in me is -- that's what's seeing me through this. I don't care -- I don't care who thinks I'm guilty. Even if a jury convicts me and I go to jail --

Emily: Don't say that.

Nikolas: It doesn't matter.

Emily: Don't say that. We are going to fight this, and we're going to win.

Nikolas: I'm not -- I'm not giving up. I just -- I want you to know that it just -- it means the world to me that you know I'm innocent.

Emily: I have to run, ok? I'll be back as soon as I can.

Nikolas: Ok. I'll be waiting.

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: Bye.

Emily: Bye.

Sam: Do you know you're trespassing on private property?

Lorenzo: I've come to ask for your cooperation on a matter of mutual importance.

Sam: Well, this must be about the custody hearing.

Lorenzo: You want Sonny. I want Carly. If we work together, we can ensure a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved.

Sam: What did you have in mind?

Lorenzo: Just spend time with Sonny. Be with him. Let him know you're on his side. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Sam: You want to hurt Sonny. I don't. And I don't want to ruin his chances to be with his kids. He's a good father. Family's important to him.

Lorenzo: Well, that's a generous sentiment, but I doubt you want Sonny going back to Carly.

Sam: I'll respect whatever Sonny decides. I'm sure as hell not going to go behind his back. Sonny and Carly, they have to work this out by themselves. I'm staying out of it.

Lorenzo: Sonny's going to need your support.

Sam: You just want me to hang all over Sonny so he looks bad and he loses the custody hearing. And what do you get? You get Carly and the kids. You can forget it. Get the hell off of my boat before I blow you off.

Lorenzo: You just made a very poor decision.

Judge: Court is adjourned for a 30-minute recess.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Sonny: Why didn't you use Courtney's testimony to establish that Alcazar's a threat?

Justus: Because she told the court what we needed.

Sonny: Not even close!

Justus: Courtney told the court you're a good father.

Sonny: Right.

Justus: If I had pushed any further, that would've cast a shadow on your positive image.

Sonny: Courtney hates Alcazar. Why didn't you let her say so?

Justus: Because Courtney would've come across as being biased. Courtney was Carly's witness. She told the court you're a good father. All we need is Jason to do the same and we're in good shape.

Carly: How could you turn on me when I needed you most?

Courtney: I said what I believe.

Carly: No, we had an understanding -- you were going to support me.

Courtney: Ok, Carly, I told you from the beginning that I thought that Michael and Morgan should be with both their parents. Now, if you missed that, you were only hearing what you wanted to hear. Now, I am sorry that you're upset. But if there is any justice at all, that judge will agree with me. You will have to share custody, and you guys will be forced to work things out.

Carly: Oh, right, like you and Jason are working things out?

Courtney: We are different. We don't have kids that need us. Now, you can call as many witnesses as you want, Carly, but nobody who loves those children will say anything different.

Carly: You put her up to this, didn't you?

Emily: Hey. Did you find out anything about Zander's letter?

Lucky: Yeah, I think somebody else might've written it.

Emily: What? Who would want to forge a letter accusing Nikolas of murder?

Lucky: The real killer. I got Zander's hospital forms and had an expert compare the handwriting.

Emily: And?

Lucky: It's definitely close, but he couldn't make a positive match. It's possible that Zander could be under duress when he had written the letter or it could be forgery.

Emily: I'm afraid the letter's real, Lucky.

Lucky: Why?

Emily: It's what Zander would do. He knew Nikolas hated him, he was afraid Nikolas was going to kill him, and he wanted to say goodbye.

Zander's voice: "Nikolas -- I'm sure you know by now that I'll never stop loving Emily. I've made plans to run away with her to Canada tonight. If you're reading this, it means I've succeeded. Emily is mine again and you'll never find us."

Lorenzo: All right, who's there? I know you're following me. I've been hearing you for blocks.

Michael: We have to talk.

Lorenzo: Michael, what are you doing out here alone?

Michael: Don't tell me what to do.

Lorenzo: Ok, I'm listening.

Michael: Why won't you let my mom go back to my dad?

Jason: I did not put Courtney up to anything. She said what she believed.

Carly: You knew she was going to ask for joint custody and you encouraged her because you know you can't get up on the stand and do it yourself.

Jason: Carly, don't do this right now.

Carly: Do what?

Jason: You're working yourself up blaming the wrong people.

Carly: They are my kids, Jason, and they belong with me!

Jason: They belong with you and Sonny.

Carly: Jason, I am desperate. And if you don't get up there and tell the court that Michael and Morgan belong with me, I am going to be forced to testify to Sonny's unstable behavior. Do not make me do that to Sonny. Don't make me do it to my children. Hurting Sonny will only hurt them, and you know that. Just tell the court that the kids belong with me.

Walker: The court is called to order.

Judge: Ms. Davis, call your next witness, please.

Alexis: I'd like to call Jason Morgan.

Courtney: Visiting the scene of the crime?

Faith: I'm just here to extend my thanks that you covered for me with Jason.

Courtney: Well, consider it a show of cooperation.

Faith: Oh, I do. I do. In fact, this is going to be a very lucrative relationship, buttercup. See, I get to run my shipments through your territory whenever and wherever I want, and you don't ask any questions. Oh, and you keep your mouth shut with Sonny, Jason, and the cops, and play along the way you did today and we're all going to be so happy.

Courtney: And if I don't?

Faith: Well, see, that would be a problem because then I would have to hurt you, and then Sonny would retaliate against me, and, oops, that would blow his shot at custody of the brats.

Courtney: You know what?

[Faith screams]

Courtney: Don't call my nephews "brats"! And don't even mention them again, ok?

Faith: Sorry. My mistake.

Courtney: I still own this company, and I'm not going to be bullied by you or --


>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ric: You need to hand it over now.

Felicia: Focus on getting better for the girls and for me.

Sage: You really do want Georgie back.

Dillon: I'm still in love with her.

Lorenzo: Who's the one who yells at your mom and makes her cry?

Justus: Do you think Michael and Morgan should remain in the custody of Sonny Corinthos?

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