GH Transcript Monday 3/1/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/1/04

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Dillon: My family's going to come up with any lame, stupid excuse to help justify what my grandfather did, and I'm sick of it. I'm not going to let them win. I'm not going to let them win. It's time that I told you the truth about --

Tracy: Excuse me. Excuse me, dear. Do you have a minute?

Dillon: We're in the middle of something --

Tracy: You'll excuse us, won't you? Come over here, darling.

Dillon: Mom --

Tracy: That's all right. You were about to tell her that your grandfather is faking, weren't you?

Dillon: Ok, mom --

Tracy: What are you thinking? Her father was horribly injured in the hotel fire. The potential lawsuit could bury this family. Our only hope is to get people to believe that your grandfather was out of his mind. Otherwise, we lose everything.

Dillon: I don't care. I don't care, mom.

Tracy: What?

Dillon: I'm not going to lie for you. I'm not going to lie for you anymore.

Faith: Good work. Courtney will get the message and be ready to accept my terms.

Justus: You're probably wondering what I'm doing here.

Faith: The only question is, what took you so long?

Jason: If sonny gets pulled into a war with Faith, no judge is ever going to give him custody. He and Carly could both lose the kids.

Carly: This isn't about me choosing between Lorenzo and the kids.

Sonny: Yeah, it is, because I don't want my children anywhere near Alcazar.

Carly: You don't want this, you want that. It's all about you controlling me. You can't control my life anymore. It's done.

Sonny: Right now Michael's in the judge's chamber. He's being asked which parent he wants to live with.

Carly: Yeah, well, he needs to be with his mother.

Sonny: Well, then you shouldn't have left.

Carly: I did not leave my kids.

Sonny: Well, try telling him that. Michael knows you made the choice to be with Alcazar. And when he comes through that door, he's going to come straight to me.

Judge: Do you want to live with your mother or your father, Michael?

Michael: Neither one.

Announcer: The role of Edward Quartermaine is now being played by Jed Allan.

Skye: I must say, Edward, you've been putting on a wonderfully convincing show of losing your marbles.

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: Thank you, my dear. As long as the lawsuits remain at bay.

Skye: Keep it up and you may manage to keep the family from losing everything.

Edward: Check. I'm sure Tracy is certainly appreciative since my ruse gave her the opening she needed to invoke power of attorney and take control of E.L.Q.

Skye: Oh, Tracy's been loving every single minute. Your charming daughter has never missed a chance to rub her triumph in my face.

Edward: Hmm. My daughter's not much for subtlety, is she?

Skye: Oh, clearly she's good at being vindictive, though. She didn't appreciate being cut out of the will, I think, and finding out that I was named sole heir.

Edward: She knows, does she?

Skye: She did a little checking and found out you'd drawn up a new will.

Edward: Hmm. I should've warned you she'd be poisonous.

Skye: Well, I have to admit, her constant attacks almost did wear me down -- enough to almost make me want to give up and find solace in the nearest bar. But I am clean and sober and strong, and I am ready to throw back at Tracy whatever it is she's going to sling at me.

Edward: That's why I chose you, Skye. Checkmate.

Alan: How are you, father?

Edward: You're interrupting my game.

Monica: Well, Edward, this is Dr. Ryan, a clinical psychologist, and she is going to examine you.

Edward: Oh. Well, we're almost finished. King me.

[Edward laughs]

Tracy: Dillon, you're a Quartermaine. Act like one.

Dillon: Mom, Mac almost burned to death in that fire. He has fluid in his lungs. He's on a ventilator right now fighting for his life. What he's going through is real. Grandfather -- grandfather is faking. He's faking being senile right now so he can, what, dodge liability?

Tracy: He feels a responsibility to this family.

Dillon: Oh, come on. What about responsibility to the victims? What about them?

Tracy: He feels terrible about the fire.

Dillon: Come on, mom. The electrician tried to warn him. So did the building super. What did he do? He ignored them. He just ignored them.

Tracy: Destroying our family isn't going to heal Mac.

Dillon: Mom, the Quartermaines are liable. We owe the victims and the families.

Tracy: There is precious little to give, my friend. You know full well that our assets are virtually wiped out.

Dillon: Oh, so, what, that justifies this whole thing? You guys come up with this -- this huge lie that I'm supposed to go along with? Well, no, no, I'm not going to.

Tracy: But you are, however, perfectly willing to pull the rug out from Alan, Monica, Ned -- oh, have you thought about Lila? Not to mention me.

Dillon: Well, mom, you're going to be fine, ok? I'm not exactly worried about your survival skills.

Tracy: You need to start worrying. This family is facing multiple lawsuits that could destroy us. May I remind you that a year ago I brought you here and they took you in. They didn't have to, but they did. So whatever feelings of distance or -- or disgruntledness you feel about the Quartermaine family, they are your family and they need you. They need you to step up to the plate now. Look, I will promise you that if anything happens to Mac Scorpio, I will take care of those girls. Now, you need to promise me something. You will not tell Georgie or anybody else that your grandfather is faking his senility.

Sage: So your real name is Travis and Georgie hired you to play her boyfriend, Tom?

Travis: Yeah, ok? She wanted me to act like I was really hot for her.

Sage: Well, why'd she pick you?

Travis: Because her and her sister, Maxie, made up this computer-generated guy, and I guess I look like him.

Sage: You do. I saw the picture. But why did you play along?

Travis: Because Georgie said she'd help with my homework and exam papers, which was great because Georgie's so smart -- and pretty and nice.

Sage: Oh, whatever.

Travis: But she was so great during the fire, I started to like her for real. I even went to Dillon to ask him for advice on how to get her to like me for real.

Sage: Yeah, well, that might not have been your smartest idea.

Travis: Yeah, well, it doesn't matter anyway because you're going to go tell Dillon the truth and Georgie's going to hate me forever.

Sage: Not necessarily.

Faith: A personal visit. I really am very honored.

Justus: There's something we need to discuss.

Faith: And you could've done it over the phone, but you wanted to see me.

Justus: Look, forget the seduction act, Faith. This isn't going to work.

Faith: Well, it used to -- quite spectacularly, in fact. Do you remember that night at your office? I was wearing a white suit. You ripped it off me.

Justus: Doesn't matter.

Faith: Yeah, it does. That's the problem. It still matters to both of us. We had something. We didn't expect it, we didn't want it, but we had it nonetheless.

Justus: And the man you were in love with died, a man I was supposed to be representing.

Faith: There's no point in looking back, Justus. You and I are alive.

Justus: I'm trying to stop you from making a major mistake.

Faith: Hmm. I'll take my chances.

Justus: I am talking about the territory you purchased from Lorenzo Alcazar. You try to go head-to-head with Sonny -- you think he's vulnerable because of this custody battle?

Faith: Hmm. Thanks for the tip. It hadn't crossed my mind to go after Sonny until just now.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, buddy.

Carly: Hey, Michael. Sweetie?

Jason: What's up?

Georgie: So, what was that all about?

Dillon: Um -- I -- my mom's all messed up over how my grandfather's been acting confused and senile lately. I just wish she'd have a little more compassion for the victims of the fire, but, hey, you know, that's my family.

Georgie: At least you have a family. Dillon, if Mac doesn't make it, I don't know where Maxie and I will go.

Dillon: Listen to me. Um -- you're not going to be alone, ok? My mom promised me if something happens, the Quartermaines are going to take care of you.

Georgie: That's what that was all about?

Maxie: There hasn't been any change. Mac never woke up the entire time I was with him.

Georgie: It's ok, Maxie. It's ok. Mac could still make it out of this. He's really strong.

Dr. Ryan: Garden.

Edward: Flowers. Earth. Dead.

Dr. Ryan: Money.

Edward: Ones. Millions. Satan.

Dr. Ryan: Fire.

Edward: Fly.

Dr. Ryan: Hotel. Hotel.

Edward: Oh -- oh, I have three of them on park place! Pay me, pay me!

Dr. Ryan: Thank you, Mr. Quartermaine.

Alan: Um -- what's your assessment, doctor?

Dr. Ryan: I'll need some time to evaluate the responses, so we'll be in touch when my report is ready.

Alan: That was too close for comfort.

Edward: I thought my responses were quite clever, if I do say so myself.

Skye: "Satan"?

Monica: Yeah, really.

Edward: I'd like to hear the psychoanalysis on that one, yes.

Alan: You know, father, this isn't a joke. You almost blew it when we walked into the room. You have to be on your guard at all times.

Monica: Alan is right. This whole thing is outrageous, but we have to go through with it if we're going to keep the family afloat.

Edward: Will you two stop worrying? I know exactly what I'm doing.

Alan: I certainly hope so. Let's go, Monica.

Tracy: Alan, Monica. Hello, daddy. How are you feeling?

Edward: In tiptop condition, daughter, and I can't wait to get out of this dreadful place.

Tracy: Ah. I was just talking to the psychologist about that very thing.

Edward: Good, because I look forward to sleeping in my own bed by tonight. I miss Lila -- and a decent mattress and croissants and bacon for breakfast. I'm so homesick, I even miss Alice. So get out while I get dressed.

Tracy: Uh -- not quite yet. One more step to make your condition believable.

Skye: What step?

Tracy: I'm having you committed.

Justus: You're not as good an actress as you think.

Faith: Mm-hmm. How would you know? I never faked it with you.

Justus: You've got a personal vendetta against Sonny that goes way beyond business. He's a major player in town, and you're trying to take him out to prove something to yourself.

Faith: You're wrong.

Justus: I know you, Faith. If you ever stopped running-and-gunning, you'd have to think about all your regret, and you don't want that. You're after Sonny.

Faith: Ok. You're right. The angle is his sister. Believe it or not, somebody gave the little bunny controlling interest in the waterfront.

Justus: You're up to something, aren't you?

Faith: And you would object?

Justus: Definitely.

Faith: Oh, never fear. I'm being as sweet as sugar. I just hope Courtney appreciates my efforts.

Justus: Oh, I'm sure she will, so long as you keep things peaceful and legal.

Faith: Enough about me. Now that Sonny is on the straight and narrow with his good-daddy routine, what are you going to do, count his coffee beans?

Justus: If he pays me enough.

Faith: You liked working with me.

Justus: And we both know how that ended up.

Faith: Look, Sonny and Alcazar are both lovesick puppies now. You are going to be bored out of your mind.

Justus: Time will tell.

Faith: My prediction -- you'll be back knocking on my door by the end of the week, because you like to win, and the winner will be me.

Jason: Are you ok?

Michael: I told the judge the truth.

Jason: Good. That's exactly what you're supposed to do.

Carly: What happened, honey? Hmm? What'd you tell the judge?

Sonny: What'd you say, Michael?

Judge: Mr. And Mrs. Corinthos?

Sonny: Yes.

Judge: I'd like to speak to you both in chambers.

Carly: I don't like this.

Sonny: I don't, either.

Edward: It will be a cold day in hell before you ship me to a loony bin.

Skye: You can't expect grandfather to go along with this.

Tracy: If we bring him home now, everyone will suspect that he's faking. The lawyers will be on us like a pack of wolves. Daddy, just consider it a day at the spa.

Edward: "A day at the spa"? Spas don't put their clients in straitjackets.

Tracy: Sweetheart, I'm going to make sure that you're treated very, very well. You don't have to worry about a thing. You're going to get the best room at Shadybrook.

Edward: Shadybrook? Absolutely not! I will not step one foot in that snake pit!

Skye: Tracy, how can you treat your own father this way? Just --

Tracy: As opposed to you who curries favor by fawning all over him?

Edward: I know what you're doing, Tracy. Skye already told me. You're trying to get rid of me so you can get permanent control of E.L.Q.

Tracy: Daddy, I hope that you're not really that paranoid.

Edward: You won't get away with it.

Tracy: Daddy, are you forgetting that you were in on this plan from --

Edward: It's your plan!

Tracy: It was Justus' plan as well. We all agreed that it was the best way to protect the assets you want to leave to your heir. I'm only trying to fulfill your wishes, daddy.

[Door closes]

Edward: If she has me committed, I'll never get out.

Skye: Don't worry. I'm not going to let that happen.

Judge: Your little boy is quite mature for his age. This is a difficult situation, yet he seems to have a good grasp of the issues at stake.

Sonny: Who -- who did Michael say he wanted to be with?

Judge: Michael doesn't want to live with either one of you.

Carly: Well, he -- he said he wanted to live with both of us, right?

Sonny: Yeah, he's wanted that all along.

Carly: Yeah, he wouldn't feel comfortable playing favorites in front of you.

Judge: I think your son was very honest with me.

Sonny: Joint custody is not an option.

Judge: You're not understanding me. Not only did Michael make it clear he doesn't want to be with his parents, he told me whom he does want to be with.

Michael: Where's Aunt Courtney?

Jason: She's at her office.

Michael: Why didn't she come along with us?

Jason: You know, she's been -- she's been busy with her new job. You know she loves you, right, and she wants the best for you, just like I do.

Michael: I know.

Jason: Ok. How about something to eat? What do you want? Cheese sandwich? Peanut butter and jelly? Steak and eggs?

Michael: Peanut butter and jelly with potato chips.

Jason: Coming right up.

Michael: How come you haven't asked me about what I told the judge?

Jason: You'll tell me if you want to.

Michael: I chose you, Jason. I told the judge that I want to live with you and Aunt Courtney.

Justus: What the hell happened here?

Courtney: Faith Rosco killed my father.

Sage: Ok, Georgie's really upset about her dad right now. She's not looking for romance.

Travis: Then what is she looking for?

Sage: Sensitivity. You need to be strong and supportive and let her know you understand.

Travis: Yeah, well, I'm not really sure that I do.

Sage: Georgie's in a lot of pain, ok? Look, there was this one time I thought my uncle was dead. I was pretty flipped out. I -- I thought if something happened to him, I would totally fall apart. And Dillon made me feel better.

Travis: What did he say?

Sage: It was like my whole world was collapsing, and he got that. He let me know that it was ok to be sad or -- or angry, cry or yell from a rooftop -- whatever. He made me feel like I wasn't alone, and it meant a lot to me.

Travis: Wow. He's good.

Sage: He meant it. So just look Georgie in the eye and tell her stuff like that. And say it from the heart, and she'll totally melt.

Monica: Mac really is holding his own. He hasn't made any improvement, but he hasn't gotten any worse, either.

Georgie: That's great news. Can I see him?

Monica: He's sleeping now. Why don't I let you know when he's awake, ok?

Georgie: Ok.

Monica: All right. See you.

Dillon: Monica --

Travis: Are you ok?

Georgie: Yeah. I was just getting some news about my dad.

Travis: It probably feels like your whole world is collapsing, but I'll be there for you. It's ok to cry or be angry or yell from a rooftop. You're not alone. I'm here during your terrible loss.

Georgie: My father is not dead yet! He's going to get better! What's wrong with you?

Justus: Don't look.

Justus: There's nothing there.

Courtney: Oh, god -- oh, thank god. See if he's ok. Dad. No, no, I'm fine. No, I just -- just wanted to check on you. Um -- yeah. Yeah, dinner next week would be great. Ok, look, I'm going to have to call you later, ok? I love you.

Justus: You thought your father was in there?

Courtney: It's a warning from Faith. She wants me to know that she can get to me or my father anytime she wants. I have to call the police.

Justus: No.

Courtney: What? Justus, have you seen this place? I mean, that witch came in here, she tore my office apart, she left a note and blood in the closet to threaten my family! What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just roll over and take it like I'm too terrified to report it?

Justus: You won't report this, Courtney. You're going to play along with faith.

Courtney: You want me to team up with her?

Justus: This is our best option.

Courtney: No, it is my worst. I wouldn't do business with Sonny or Jason. Why on earth would I cave in and work with Faith Rosco?

Justus: This is a trap to get at Sonny. She's trying to pull him into a war.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I can't help that, Justus. This is a chance for me to start a new life on my own terms. I am not about to be dragged back in just because I'm being pressured by some psychopath like Faith Rosco.

Justus: If you won't do this for your brother, then do it for his boys.

Jason: Michael, I love you, and I want to help you any way I can. But you can't -- you can't live with me. I'm not your father.

Michael: You were.

Jason: Yeah. You mean that year I spent taking care of you when you were little? There's no way you could remember that.

Michael: Mommy told me.

Jason: That was different. You know, your mom was in trouble. I tried to help. I -- I didn't even know how to -- how to hold a baby. You taught me how to take care of you, and I learned so much from you. I learned that you're the best kid in the world, and you deserve way more than I can give you. That's why you and Morgan belong with your mom and dad.

Michael: Mommy and daddy are fighting. I hate it. I like it with you. Don't you want me?

Jason: Michael, being with you was one of the happiest times of my life. But I'm your uncle. Sonny and Carly are your parents.

Michael: Mom and dad are mad at each other. They don't live together.

Jason: Your mom and dad are both fighting for you and Morgan to live with them. Now, why do you think that is? You know why.

Michael: Because they love us.

Jason: More than anything in the world.

Sonny: Our children can't live with Jason and Courtney. They got problems of their own. They're not -- they're not even together.

Judge: Then I have to consider all other options, including foster care.

Sonny: No, no.

Carly: No, absolutely not. No.

Sonny: Michael has two parents who love him. Foster care is out of the question.

Carly: Yeah, Michael was just trying to keep the peace. He couldn't choose between me and Sonny, so he compromised and he said he wanted to live with Jason and Courtney, who we both trust. Look, he is just a little boy who is trying to fix things. You cannot base your decision on what he says.

Judge: My job is to determine what's best for the child when the parents are unable or unwilling to provide a workable solution.

Sonny: Isn't that what the custody hearing's for?

Judge: A hearing is the last resort. It would be stressful and difficult for Michael. The two of you need to look at what you're doing to yourselves and, more importantly, to your children. I'll give you some time to discuss your priorities. It's not too late to avoid a hearing.

Carly: He -- he doesn't even know Michael.

Sonny: One short conversation with Michael, that's it?

Carly: I mean -- he acts like we're irresponsible or something.

Sonny: Like we want to be this way.

Carly: Yeah, I mean, there are custody battles all the time. That is what family court is for. Still --

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: The judge is trying to give us another option, Sonny. Because if we can't come up with it, he is going to have to make the best decision that he can.

Sonny: Well, what if he's right? What if the best solution is staring us right in the face?

Georgie: It's like you were hoping my dad was already gone.

Travis: No! I -- I didn't know how he was doing.

Georgie: Better, thanks.

Travis: Great. That's great. I just wanted to say something to make you feel better.

Georgie: By helping me through my "terrible loss"?

Travis: Girls like guys that are sensitive.

Georgie: Oh, my god, you are so clueless. Just -- just go away. You've made everything worse.

Travis: What was -- what was that for?

Georgie: For being a creep! You know how I feel about my dad, and you used it to make a move on me.

Travis: I didn't mean to.

Georgie: You know what? Just go away. You're disgusting!

Dillon: What the hell were you thinking, huh?

Travis: Just exactly what you told me to do before.

Tracy: Hmm. Another plan up in smoke? Next time, come to the master.

Jason: There you go.

Michael: Are mommy and daddy ever going to live together again?

Jason: I don't know. You know, I think it's going to -- I think it's going to take some time for them to realize the mistake that they made. But in the meantime, you and Morgan need them both. You know, when we talked, you said that you wanted to live with both your mom and dad, right?

Michael: But are you mad at me for choosing you?

Jason: No. I'm honored. It's the most that anyone's ever trusted me. And I promise you, no matter what it takes, I'm going to get you and Morgan through this.

Michael: I love you, Uncle Jason.

Jason: I love you, too. Don't worry, I'm not going to make you choose between your parents. Yeah.

Sonny: You know, Michael's suffered so much already.

Carly: That's why he chose Jason and Courtney.

Sonny: But, you know, we're adults. We can take the hurt. Kids can't.

Carly: So how can we deal with this?

Sonny: Well, we have complications.

Carly: Yeah, but we always have, Sonny. And we've always gotten past them. We've got to find a way to resolve this. I mean, after everything we have gone through and overcome. I remember being on a plane with you, and we thought it was going to crash, so we picked up the phone to call Michael to tell him how much we loved him. I remember thinking that if I died, at least I'd be with you and I wouldn't have to live my life without you. I wouldn't have to face it alone, and I was so happy for the love that we shared and the life that we had and the family that we made. We had everything we prayed for. How did it come to this, Sonny?

Sonny: Why did you choose Alcazar?

Carly: I didn't.

Sonny: You know what?

Carly: I --

Sonny: The reasons don't matter. You know, the brain thing and all that --

Carly: Well, it should matter.

Sonny: Come on --

Carly: Sonny, I didn't choose him. I didn't sleep with him until -- until you had slept with Sam.

Sonny: But the thing is, eventually you ended up sleeping with him, so that means you wanted to.

Carly: Sonny, I always chose you -- always -- until you went to Sam, and then everything just fell apart.

Sonny: Oh -- you know what? It doesn't matter. We shouldn't even talk about the past. The only thing that matters right now is what -- what we're feeling in the moment.

Sonny: Do you love Alcazar?

Carly: Do you love Sam? 

Tracy: Ok. This calls for drastic measures.

Sage: Nothing I have tried has worked. Dillon has such a thing for Georgie. I don't get it. I mean -- look at her! She's got the sex appeal of a doorknob!

Tracy: I couldn't agree more, which is why I've come up with a plan that'll kill two birds with one stone -- you'll get Dillon and his family will get his undying loyalty.

Sage: What kind of a plan?

Tracy: You just do what you do best -- seduce my son.

Maxie: God, it's Maxie. Please help my father get better. He is the best person, best father. Please don't let him die on me!

Maxie: Oh, my god -- mom. Oh, my god.

Felicia: Maxie, I missed you so much.

Maxie: Oh, my god.

Skye: Edward does not belong in a mental institution.

Alan: Sweetheart, if there was anything else I could do, I would do it.

Skye: No, no excuses. The man is your father. He deserves better than this. Now, come on, you're a doctor. You can come up with something.

Alan: There's no other way to prove that father's senile.

Skye: So, what, you're just going to let Tracy get away with this?

Alan: If I don't, there isn't going to be anything left for you to inherit. Don't worry. I'll make sure they take good care of him at Shadybrook.

Skye: Uh -- hey, I think you forgot something.

[Skye gasps]

Skye: Oh, my --

[Edward gasps]

Skye: Edward.

Edward: Oh, god. A man could die in here.

Faith: Hi. Thanks for inviting me over, girlfriend.

Courtney: I got your message.

Faith: Good. I'm glad I got your attention. You've been in such demand lately, I was starting to worry that you wouldn't have time for little old me.

Courtney: I'm willing to negotiate.

Faith: Good.

Courtney: One condition, though. I need to know what you're shipping through my docks.

Faith: Well, that's a twist.

Courtney: It's a reasonable request, Faith.

Faith: Let me make sure I got this straight. Now, Sonny and Jason wanted to move their shipment through your property and you turned them down, but you're willing to accommodate me after one little practical joke?

Courtney: I know next time you won't be joking.

Faith: So you also know that you're in a very weak bargaining position.

Courtney: That's the deal, Faith. Take it or leave it. I am willing to look the other way, but I need to know what you're shipping.

Faith: You need to know or someone else does?

Courtney: I don't know what you're talking about.

Faith: Where's the wire?

Jason: This is the first book that we ever read together.

Michael: We did?

Jason: Yeah. See, when you were a baby like Morgan, I didn't know any songs or nursery rhymes, so I would just read to you. And I saved the book in case you wanted to read it when you got older.

Michael: Can you read it to me instead?

Jason: Sure. All right. Let's see. "Siena is best known for the Palio." Ok? "It's a horserace dating back to medieval times. Now, each parish in the city sponsors a horse and a contest which takes place during the summer fest." Now, look at this, Michael. "Every parish has a different color insignia. And everyone comes to the central plaza to cheer for their horse. And if they win, it's supposed to bring good luck."

Sonny: When I saw you kissing Alcazar, it felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It hurt me. It hurt me real bad. And I had to get out of there before, you know, I did something that I -- I couldn't take back. At that moment, Alcazar was my enemy, and so were you, so I had to get out of there before I did something that I -- I was going to regret, something self-destructive.

Carly: And you just bumped into Sam.

Sonny: Sam was a distraction, a place to put my -- my thoughts and my body somewhere.

Carly: And you're ok with that?

Sonny: Look, you know what? It's not a big deal. She doesn't make any demands on me. She -- she's uncomplicated, and she's easy to be with.

Carly: Is that what you want? Do you think you could fall in love with her?

On the next "general hospital" --

Tracy: Where have you stashed my father?

Alan: Excuse me, sister.

Georgie: This is my mom.

Dillon: I kind of figured that when you called her mom.

Alexis: I'm representing Carly in the custody case.

Courtney: What do you want from me, Faith?

Faith: The wire.

Sonny: The day my sons breathe your air, I will see you dead.

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