GH Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

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Helena: Give me the treasure, or I will tell everyone that you are responsible for this.

Tracy: What kind of smoke have you been inhaling? The treasure is gone. It's gone, and we are all going to die anyway!

Helena: If we survive this, you're going to pay dearly for putting my grandson's life in jeopardy.

[Wind blows]

Nikolas: How you feeling? You all right? Doing ok?

Emily: Yeah. All things considering, pretty good. Stop worrying.

Nikolas: I'll stop worrying when you're on the first helicopter out of here.



Maxie: Georgie! Georgie!

[Maxie cries]

Officer: Secure the area!

Second officer: We need every available unit ASAP. You get them down here right away.

Alexis: Why did this have to happen to him? He went in there to save his son!

Ned: It's all right, it's all right. It's all right, it's all right. It's ok.

Luke: Red? Red? Wake up! Come on, Skye. Wake up. Come on, baby.

[Skye groans]

Luke: Come on.

Skye: Oh God, what happened? Hey -- where's the treasure?

Luke: Somebody hit you?

Skye: Yeah. Yeah, from behind. Oh, God -- hey, wait. How's Cameron?

Luke: He didn't make it.

Skye: He's dead?

Luke: Yeah, and we're going to be, too, if we don't get out of here. Come on. These stairs lead to the roof. Let's go. We're going to get out!

Skye: No. No, no, no. Whoever took that treasure couldn't go far. I'm going to go find them right now.

Luke: What are you talking about, treasure? I'm the greedy one, remember?

Skye: Hey -- if I can save that treasure, I can save the Quartermaines.

Luke: Quartermaines? Listen, if you find that treasure, it belongs to me.

Skye: What? We're going to split that thing 50/50!

Luke: You're going to fight about a treasure we don't have at a time like this?

Skye: Listen, that treasure happens to be worth millions. The Quartermaines will owe me forever. I mean, can you imagine?

Luke: Can you imagine us as a couple of fried eggs with a little crispy sausage on the side? Come on, let's get out of here! Come on!

Skye: Yeah. All right. We got to try that hallway. I'm going to look for the treasure there.

Luke: What, are you nuts?

[Brian coughs]

Brian: What the hell -- who --



Jason: Oh.

Carly: Oh, God.

Carly: Jason, do you think there's a heaven?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Do you think, then, we'll see each other there?

Jason: Yeah, I think -- yeah, you can see the one that you love, and you're going to finally understand what your life was really about. Now everyone's happy, even you.

Carly: Are you saying I can't be happy?

Jason: I'm just saying that you make it really hard on yourself sometimes.

Carly: Well, I can't be happy in heaven. I can't be happy in heaven if my boys are missing me, and I am not -- I'm not ready to die.

Jason: Neither am I. So let's find a way to live through this, ok?

Sonny: Courtney, you can't find your way out of here alone.

Courtney: Stop it!

Sonny: Where are you going?

Courtney: Just stop it, Sonny! I am so sick of you bossing me around and everything being on your terms and living by your code! I am out of it, ok? I am done. I am not the sister that you want me to be --


Sonny: Move! Move!


[Courtney and Sonny cough]

Courtney: Sonny?

Sonny: You ok?

Courtney: Yeah, I think so. Oh, my God.

Sonny: Huh?

Courtney: Thank you.

Sonny: You're welcome. Come on. We got to get up.

Courtney: Here.

Sonny: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Damn it.

Courtney: What's wrong?

Sonny: You're going to have to help me up. My knee -- I think it's --

Courtney: All right. Wait, wait. Wait, wait.

Sonny: Might've ripped a tendon. Ah!

Courtney: Oh!

Sonny: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Courtney: What?

Sonny: Hold on. Ok, this is not going to work. It's not going to work.


Carly: Maybe we should just -- maybe we should break the window, Jason.

Jason: No! No! The fire's right outside this corridor. The fresh air will pull it right in.

Carly: So what do we do? We sit here and we just wait?

Jason: We're just going to give it the -- we're going to give the fire a chance to burn through. That's what we're going to do.

Carly: What? What do you mean, we wait for the fire to just, what, pass through the corridor and just hope that it doesn't hit this room? What are the chances of that, Jason?

Jason: Not great, but it's better than us trying to run through the flames!

Carly: Well, you could do it!

Jason: What?

Carly: You could do it. Come on, Jason, you have your jacket. You've got your leather boots. You are stronger and you are faster. Then you should go!

Jason: What are you talking about? I'm not leaving here without you!

Carly: Jason, you said you weren't ready to die.

Jason: You said it first.

Carly: Yeah -- you would be safe if you had not come and get me!

Jason: No, I -- no, I would be looking for Courtney.

Carly: Yeah, but you would not be trapped in this stupid room waiting for a fire to pass through!

Jason: Carly -- shut up!


Carly: I hate you, Jason. I hate you! I hate the way you never listen to me!

Jason: Carly -- Carly --

Carly: I hate this of you --

Jason: Carly, shut up!

Carly: You could get out of here!

Jason: We're getting out of here -- together!

[Ceiling creaks]

Carly: Oh, God -- felt like the ceiling was just going to fall down right on top of us.

Jason: Ok, ok. Come here. Come here, come here, come here. Just stand right there, ok? Ok, you can hold my hand.

[Ceiling creaks]

[creaking stops]

Jason: It's cooler. Stay there.

[Jason coughs]

Jason: Ok, look, the explosion cleared the hallway. We're getting out of here.

Carly: Ok.

Jason: Just be careful.

Nikolas: The fire captain has assured me that we will all be evacuated by helicopter as soon as the wind dies down. So, please, in the meantime, just -- just try and stay calm.


Nikolas: And if you're inclined, pray that the wind stops.

Helena: Isn't he magnificent?

[Tracy scoffs]

Tracy: Are you sure he's related to you?

Helena: If my grandson dies because of your negligence, you're toast.

Nikolas: During the evacuation, I don't want you anywhere near Emily.

Helena: Well, she does seem very frail.

Nikolas: How did that tourniquet come loose?

Helena: Well, darling, now, please don't make an issue of that. Monica is distressed enough. She must feel terrible, having improperly tied her daughter's --

Nikolas: If I find out that you had anything to do with it, you will wish that you had died in this fire.

Tracy: Kid's crazy about you, isn't he? Daddy? Daddy? What -- what are you up to?

Edward: I need to take some responsibility.

Tracy: For what?

Edward: You know damn well -- for what took place here tonight. The fires, the explosions, the injuries, the deaths that have occurred -- it's --

Tracy: Shh, shh.

Edward: They're all a direct result of my negligence, and I will take the responsibility.

Tracy: Stifle the noble impulses, daddy. If you make a public confession, you will bankrupt E.L.Q. and drive our family straight to the poorhouse.

Luke: I don't see any treasure, do you?

Skye: God --

Luke: We got to get out of here.

Skye: Yeah. I think you're right.

Luke: This is ok. After you, Blaze.

Skye: What the -- don't call me that! What, there's no way that I'm going in there first. No way.

Luke: You try to be a gentlemen and see what happens? Come on, hurry!

Skye: All right. So, what now?

Luke: This could work.

Skye: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, we're going to die in here, aren't we?

Luke: It's possible.

Skye: Oh, God, I can't -- why did you let me search this floor? What didn't you drag me upstairs? I don't even want that stupid treasure.

Luke: You know, you're -- you're cute when you panic.

Skye: Oh, I'm not panicking. I'm having a perfectly normal reaction being stuck in a burning building with a treasure-hunting lunatic!

Luke: No, see, this is panic. It's very cute.

Skye: Oh, you --

[Luke laughs]

Skye: You better get us out of here, ok, because I have no intention of dying in a broom closet, especially with you!

Luke: Wait a minute. This is better!

Skye: What?

Luke: Look!

Skye: Did you find the treasure?

Luke: There's a whole bunch of them.

Skye: Oh, my God! I don't believe it! Well, grab as many as you can! Let's get out of here.

Luke: I like your style, Blaze.

Alexis: He sacrificed everything for me Ė everything, and I don't even -- I don't even know if I thanked him.

Paramedic: Excuse -- uh -- we have to move the victim.

Alexis: Cameron, Iím sorry.


Maxie: Where is Georgie? When are they going to get her out?

Lucky: Listen, just try and calm down.

[Maxie sobs]

Lucky: I brought some water. Let's get you some water.

Elizabeth: Honey, the reporters --

Ric: Yeah, yeah, I know. Wish me luck.

Elizabeth: You'll be fine.

Reporter: Mr. Lansing, how did the fire start?

Ric: The investigation is still pending.

Reporter: Is D.A. Baldwin really dead?

Ric: Early autopsy reports on the body found in the basement of the hotel indicate yes, indeed, it was Scott Baldwin.

Elizabeth: Hey. I'm glad you made it out safe.

Lucky: The fire's gotten worse since then.

Elizabeth: Do you really think Zanderís dead?

Lucky: Probably.

Elizabeth: Unless he's wandering around loose up there.

Jason: It's ok.

[Carly coughs]

Jason: Only a couple more floors. Hey, can you take her upstairs?

Carly: Well, you're -- you're coming with us.

Jason: No, no. Here, put this on.

Carly: What, are you crazy?

Jason: Just put the jacket on. It's the closest thing to fireproof --

Carly: Ok, what about you?

Jason: I'm going to find Courtney.

Carly: Well, then, I'm coming with you.

Jason: No, Carly. Michael and Morgan need you. You're going to follow him up to the Versailles room, you're getting on that helicopter, and you're getting the hell out of here.

Carly: Jason, I don't want to leave you. I don't --

Jason: Please don't argue. Just do what I ask for once.

Carly: I love you.

Jason: Ok, ok, it's ok. I got to go. Ok, take good care of her.

Carly: Be careful.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: You know, I've always liked this view --


Sam: Even now. The wind blowing the smoke away and -- God, the fire trucks are so far beneath us, they look like toys. When I was a kid, Cody gave me this truck. It was the kind that you can sit in, and it had this little bell that -- that clanged, and it made so much noise. But he never told me to stop. I loved that truck, and I love the fact that he'd given it to me. God, would you just listen to me. I'm going on and on. You just -- you think of the dumbest things when you're waiting to die.

[Sam sighs]

Jax: Obvious solution.

Sam: What's that?

Jax: You don't think.

Ric: The death of Scott Baldwin is a terrible tragedy.


Reporter: Weren't you after his job?

Ric: Next question.

Reporter: Was the hotel wiring below code?

Ric: I can't comment on that.

Reporter: Do you suspect it was arson?

Ric: Well, anything could've happened. As I said, the investigation is pending.

Reporter: Is Zander Smith a suspect?

Ric: Well, he hasn't been ruled out, and just to be clear, early confirmations of his death have not been confirmed, so he is still armed and dangerous.

Reporter: Is he in the building?

Ric: I don't know. It's possible, yes. It's the last place he was seen.

Reporter: Did Zander Smith kill the D.A.?

Ric: I can't comment on that. As I said, the investigation is still pending. When we get more information, we will let you know. Thank you very much.

Lucky: Base to evac. Do you copy? Base to evac.

Officer: That's a copy.

Lucky: Hey, get me Nikolas Cassadine.

Nikolas: I'm right here.

Lucky: Hey, big brother. How are the winds up there?

Nikolas: It's still pretty bad.

Lucky: All right, listen to me.  Just try to keep everybody calm up there. We're going to land those choppers the minute we know it's safe.

Nikolas: Sooner would be better.

Lucky: Is Georgie Jones up there?

Nikolas: Yeah, she's right here.

Lucky: All right, Iíll let Maxie know. How's Emily doing?

Nikolas: Monica -- Monica sutured her cut, but she lost a lot of blood, Lucky.

Lucky: There any other injuries?

Nikolas: Just -- just smoke inhalation. Oh, there's this one woman -- the hotel electrician. I think -- she's -- she's dead.

Lucky: We're coming to get you out of there. You don't worry, all right?

Nikolas: You know where to find us.

Justus: What are the odds of us getting on that chopper?

Faith: Well, let's see. After poor little Emily, Prince Nikolas, and the ridiculous teenagers, I'd say we might as well take a swan dive down an elevator shaft.

Justus: You call it like it is. That's what I like about you.

Faith: Ahem. And you never pay a compliment without wanting something. So, what is it?

Justus: The truth.

Faith: Huh. What the hell -- probably be dead within the hour.

Justus: Did you ever really give a damn about me?

[Lorenzo coughs]

Sage: Uncle Lorenzo, wait -- stay there.

Lorenzo: I have to find Carly.

Dillon: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

[Lorenzo coughs]

Dillon: You barely made it up the stairwell --

Lorenzo: I do not have time --

[Lorenzo groans]

[Sage gasps]

Dillon: Is he ok?

Sage: You knocked him out!

Dillon: I was -- I was trying to help.

Georgie: Maybe you should go take a walk.

Dillon: Um -- I'm going to be on the terrace.

Nikolas: Let us know when the wind dies down.

Monica: Thanks, Dillon.

[Wind blows]

Tracy: Isn't he magnificent?

Courtney: You need a splint. Here.

Sonny: You got to hurry, ok?

Courtney: All right, well, I'm trying. Ok, this needs to hold or it's no good.

Sonny: Ow -- don't -- no, keep going, keep going. Just go --

Courtney: All right, all right.

Sonny: All right. Tie it -- tie it hard.

Courtney: All right.

Sonny: As hard as you can. Ow -- I'm all right, Iím all right. Get me up --

Courtney: Can you walk?

Sonny: Wait a minute.

[Sonny groans]

[Courtney grunts]

[Sonny groans]

[Carly coughs]

Carly: Why are you stopping?

[Carly coughs]

Luke: You ready, Blaze?

Skye: Why do you keep calling me that?

Luke: I always wanted to know a woman named Blaze.

Skye: Really? Well, now you do.

Luke: All right, baby, get to the door. You ready?

Skye: Yeah.

Luke: Now!

[Skye and Luke scream]

Carly: Hey -- what are you doing? Thank you.

Ric: All right, Iíll check in as soon as I touch down on the roof.

Lucky: You got it.


Elizabeth: There's no way you're going up there.

Tracy: You'd think they'd already have helicopters in the air circling, waiting for a chance to land!

Monica: I'm sure they're doing whatever is safest.

Tracy: Really? For them or us?

Edward: Why don't you go out on the terrace with your son?

Tracy: Because it's freezing!

Edward: Oh, God, it's official. You are absolutely devoid of parental instincts.

Tracy: Thank you! I learned from the best!

Emily: Can we fight about this when we get home?

Monica: Absolutely.

Nikolas: Yes, thank you.

Faith: You know I gave a damn. That was the whole problem. I was in love with someone else. You were supposed to keep him out of prison. You didn't. He died because of you.

Justus: I didn't kill him, Faith.

Faith: You tanked the case.

Justus: I'm not sure I did.

Faith: You wanted me.

Justus: I'm sure of that; just like I'm sure you wanted me.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: It was a long time ago. I have gone on, and you have, too, right? Whatever.

Lorenzo: Oh, Carly --

Sage: It's all right.

Lorenzo: I have to find her.

Sage: No -- you're not strong enough.

Lorenzo: I guess I took in a lot of smoke before I found you. Oh, thank God. I was praying for you.

Carly: You didn't have to. A firefighter got me. He -- he's gone.

Dillon: Oh -- oh, God, Mr. Alcazar, I --

Travis: It's me.

Dillon: Yeah. How's he -- how's he doing?

[Wind blows]

Travis: His girlfriend just got here. He's kind of focused on her at the moment.

Dillon: Good. Good, good, good.

Travis: Look, about Georgie --

Dillon: She loves you. I know.


Dillon: Look, that -- that makes you incredibly lucky, ok, so just be smart. Don't be stupid like me and mess it up.

Travis: The thing is Georgieís unlike any girl I've ever met --

Dillon: Tom, Iím telling you, ok, if you miss out on Georgie, it's like -- it's like missing out on the Super Bowl and Christmas and the Fourth of July all rolled into one, ok?

Travis: Did you ever tell her that?

Dillon: No.

Travis: And people think Iím stupid.

[Door opens]

Georgie: Dillon.

Dillon: Hey. What's going on? Everything ok?

Georgie: Everything's fine. I just -- I wanted to make sure you were ok.

Dillon: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

[Wind diminishes]

Dillon: Do you -- do you feel that? It feels -- it feels like the wind is -- the wind is dying down. Maybe we can get -- maybe we can get a helicopter and get ourselves out of here.

Jason: Courtney! Courtney!

Sonny: I'm slowing you down.

Courtney: We're almost there.

[Sonny groans]

Courtney: Not much further to the roof.

Sonny: Damn it. Go upstairs --

Courtney: It's ok, Iíll fix it.

Sonny: Go upstairs and get help.

Courtney: Stop telling me what to do.

Sonny: No, the stairs could go any minute. You know what I'm saying? You're going to get trapped.

Courtney: Yeah, and so would you.

Sonny: No point in both of us dying.

Courtney: Forget it, Sonny. I'm not leaving you.

[Glass shatters]


Sam: My God, it's starting.

Jax: Someone's out there.

Sam: Be careful.

[Jax and Sam cough]

Jax: Quick, shut the door!

[Jax coughs]

Sam: Is he alive?

Jax: No.

Sam: Jax, we're running out of time.

Jax: Maybe not. I think this fireman may have given us a way out.

Emily: I think -- I think Carlyís wearing Jasonís jacket. Maybe -- maybe she knows where he is.

Monica: Well, if that's true, she doesn't seem too worried about him.

Edward: Oh, Jasonís a survivor. He'll be all right. He's probably already out of the hotel.

Lorenzo: Thank God you're safe.

Carly: You're not ok. What happened?

Lorenzo: I'm fine. You tell me what happened.

Carly: I was caught in the elevator with Alexis. We -- we finally got out and made it to the stairwell. There was an explosion, and I got trapped. And then Jason came and he got me; he always does. And he got me somewhere safe, and then he went straight back into the fire to get Courtney. Does anyone know when they're going to start taking us down?

Lorenzo: Sage might. I've been in and out of consciousness.

Carly: Lorenzo, why didn't you say anything?

Lorenzo: "Oh, poor me, I was in a fire."

Carly: This is not funny. Don't make jokes. Are you all right?

Lorenzo: As soon as you walked in the door, everything was just fine.

Dillon: Guys, the wind is dying down. Tell them to send the chopper.

Monica: Oh --

[Wind blows]

Nikolas: Lucky, pick up. Send the chopper.

Carly: Has anyone seen Sonny?

Lorenzo: He's in the building somewhere.

Carly: He has to make it out safe.

Elizabeth: We're about to start a family. You can't risk your life on the roof of that building.

Ric: Look, I have no choice.

Elizabeth: No, you -- honey, listen, listen, you're compensating because you were on the only elevator that got through.

Ric: No, that's not fair.

Elizabeth: You didn't push anybody out of the way. You got on the elevator because they told you to. Now, please, you can't go.

Ric: Sweetheart, I have to supervise the evacuation, all right? It's only way to avoid a panic.

Elizabeth: There are plenty of firefighters.

Ric: Yes, and they're needed elsewhere. Like it or not, I am the ranking official here. If I can help those people get down here safely, then I have to try.

Nikolas: Lucky, can you hear me?

Lucky: Go ahead!

Nikolas: Did you hear me? Send the chopper.

Lucky: It's on its way. Ric, it's time to go.

Elizabeth: Wait. Just come back, ok? That's all I ask -- just come back.

Lucky: Ric!

Courtney: I know this hurts.

Sonny: Not that bad. It's all right.

Courtney: You're such a tough guy.

Sonny: What do you want me to do, yell and scream? I learned a long time ago it doesn't work.

Courtney: Yeah. You know, it is not easy being your sister.

Sonny: Yeah, you mentioned that about 800 times already.

[Courtney coughs]

Courtney: You were right about Jason and me.

Sonny: Not necessarily. You know -- ow.

Courtney: Sorry.

Sonny: You guys -- you know, you love him, he loves you. That's a lot.

Courtney: Everything changed the second I shot Brian. Did you ever have a second like that? You crossed a line and you knew that your life was going to be different?

Sonny: Yeah, I beat up on my stepfather for years and years of him beating on my mother and me. I finally got the courage to fight back. I took that bastard down, I threw him out. And guess what my mother said -- I thought she was going to thank me. She says, "Hey, Michael, leave. I don't want you and Deke to fight anymore."

Courtney: How old were you?

Sonny: 16. So next day, I stole a car from a guy named Scully. I thought he was going to kill me because he caught me, but he gave me a job instead.

Courtney: In the mob.

Sonny: You mean the organization? I took any job they gave me. You know, I --

Courtney: Sorry.

Sonny: I moved up the ranks, gained respect, money. And after Scully took care of Deke for me, there was no way out.

Courtney: What about now?

Sonny: I like this life, but my kids are going to have a better choice. They're not going to be raised by some drug dealer and his mistress.

Courtney: You love Carly, Sonny.

Sonny: Come on, let's get out of here. Ok, wait, it's not working. Ouch.

Courtney: Don't you ever listen to anybody?

Sonny: Yeah, I listen. I just don't do what people want me to do sometimes, you know, because --

[Courtney coughs]

Sonny: Because I canít.

[Courtney coughs]

Sonny: I'm sorry I caused you more pain than happiness.

Courtney: So that's how I get an apology out of you -- trap you in a burning building and wreck your knee?

Sonny: Well, you know I love you.

Courtney: I love you, too.

Luke: We're all out?

Skye: I told you that was the last one.

Luke: Well, what now?

Skye: Well, maybe if you would've -- I don't know -- saved one or something --

Luke: Yeah, if Iíd have done that, we'd both be in the crispy bucket by now and you know it.

[Skye laughs]

Skye: This is not funny!

[Luke coughs]

Skye: Oh, my God.

Luke: Damn.

Skye: Oh, my God, wait. Look -- I think he's been shot.

Luke: Astute observation, Blaze.

Skye: I mean he hasn't been suffocated, all right?

Luke: Here, help me get him up.

Skye: Do you think he's still alive?

Luke: Help me get him up.

Skye: Hey, he's a cop. You hate cops.

Luke: Yeah, well, my kid's a cop. In a similar situation, some spud comes along and finds him, I hope to hell he helps.

Skye: I guess that makes sense. That makes sense.

Luke: Come on.

Skye: Oh, God, you're heavy.

Luke: I don't mind telling you, Iíd a hell of a lot rather be hauling out the treasure.

Skye: Oh, my --

[Luke coughs]


Sam: Do you realize this is completely insane?

Jax: Not as insane as sitting around waiting to die. At least this way we have a fighting chance.

Sam: Yeah, Jax, about one in 10 million.

Jax: Aren't you the one who said you hated being afraid and not being able to do anything about it?

Sam: Can you just not quote me back to myself right now, please, and tell me what the plan is?

Jax: Ok. This floor is almost fully engulfed with flames. I'm going to rappel down the outside of the building, reenter a couple floors down. Hopefully we'll find our way to the stairwell all the way down to the street. The only question is, do you want to jump on my back or do you want to do this on your own?

Sam: No, no, no. You go and Iíll just follow, ok?

Jax: Have you got any climbing experience?

Sam: No, don't worry about me. Please, I'm not afraid of heights. Just --

Jax: Ok.

Jax: Listen -- whatever you do, do not look down. Ok?

[Wind blows]

Edward: What is keeping that fool helicopter?

Nikolas: We'll hear it in a minute, Edward.

Edward: The wind could pick back up at any minute.

Monica: Just stay calm, will you?

Edward: Fine.

Andy: Hey, how soon till we evacuate?

Officer: Should be any time now.

Andy: All right, good.

Carly: Where were you when you realized there was the fire?

Lorenzo: In a stairwell fighting with Sonny.

Carly: No, that is the last thing --

Lorenzo: Don't worry. When I left Sonny, he was fine. I saved his life.

Carly: You did?

Lorenzo: Yeah, after he saved mine. Now we're even, free to despise each other forever and ever.

Carly: You two are both insane.

Lorenzo: Quite possible. We're also equally good at taking care of ourselves. I made it this far. I'm sure Sonny will, too.

Georgie: What's taking them so long?

Travis: The helicopter will get here.

Georgie: You don't know that.

Travis: Yes, I do. It's like when something special comes along in your life and you just need to grab a hold and hang on because if you don't, it's like missing the Super Bowl, Christmas, and Fourth of July just wrapped up into one.

Faith: Well, at least there's a free bar.

Justus: Maybe we're already in heaven.

Faith: Hmm. heard that from you before.

[Justus sighs]

Justus: It seemed that way.

Faith: That first night -- saying you'd forgotten to get a signature?

Justus: I had to get you up to my office somehow.

Faith: Well, you lacked creativity.

Justus: I'm -- Iím creative in other ways.

Faith: Yes, you were -- especially on that desk.

Justus: It was a good night.

Faith: Yeah. It was a good night.

[Helicopter approaches]

[Crowd reacts]

Courtney: Ok, come on. Let's try this again.

[Sonny groans]

Courtney: All right?

Sonny: Yeah.

[Sonny coughs]


Courtney: Jason.

Jason: Hey -- hey --

Courtney: Oh, God --

Jason: I found Carly. I sent her upstairs. She's ok.

Sonny: Ok. I hear the chopper. We got to get up there.

Courtney: All right.

Sonny: Get --


Elizabeth: Oh, my God, Ric! Ric!

Lucky: Elizabeth! It probably just got the rest of the propane tanks.

Elizabeth: Wait -- how are they going to land with no lights?

Lucky: The helicopter has plenty of lights. It'll be ok.

Elizabeth: How are they going to get everyone down in time?

Ned: My family -- my family's in this building.

Alexis: They'll get out.

Ned: My mother, my brother, Emily, Monica, grandfather.


Dillon: Georgie? You ok?

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: When are they going to get us out of here?

Sage: Uncle Lorenzo?

Tracy: Dillon?

Man: Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

Nikolas: Everybody, just calm down! We panic now, we all die!

Jason: Courtney, you go -- go ahead.

[Courtney coughs]

Courtney: No, I'm ok.

Sonny: Jason can grab me, ok? You go -- go ahead!

Courtney: Let's go! Come on!

[Helicopter approaches]


Lorenzo: Let's try to move up to the front.

Carly: What -- what about Sonny and Jason and Courtney?

Faith: Now, when this crowd thins out, we'll have the bar all to ourselves.

Justus: Something to look forward to.

Nikolas: Everybody, please. If we mob the helicopter, it won't be able to lift off. Think.

Ric: All right, that's the emergency generator.

Sage: How soon can they get us out of here?

Ric: Just a few minutes, all right? Everybody, please try to remain calm. We'll get you out as quickly as we possibly can. How the hell did you get here?

Andy: I came through the building. I went stairwell to stairwell.

Ric: Yeah, but why? There's plenty of rescue workers here.

Andy: Because I want to help, the same as you.

Ric: Here, here. I'll get him. I got him, I got him. Is he dead?

Luke: I don't think so. Did Lucky make it out?

Ric: Yeah, yeah, he got down.

Skye: This man's been shot. He needs to get to a hospital.

Nikolas: How many seats do you have?

Ric: Seven. The teenagers and the two kids go first. That leaves one seat.


Alexis: The helicopter landed safely on the roof.

Ned: I was hoping to see some of my family members coming down the stairs.

Alexis: It's the safest way to evacuate.

Ned: Do you know how long that'll take? And besides, you made it down the stairs.

Alexis: Barely, and there were explosions since then. If the stairways aren't already blocked, they've got to be filled with smoke, and the helicopter is the safest way for people like your grandfather to get off the building.

Ned: I was supposed to be at that auction.

Alexis: I was there, and I left before the fire was reported. Look, if you're going to make yourself feel guilty about it, then I suppose I should join you.

Ned: It's not guilt. It's frustration. I should've been paying closer attention to my family. The Quartermaines own this hotel. This whole disaster is our responsibility.

Elizabeth: Excuse me. Excuse me. Wait a minute, please. Excuse me. Did you just come out of the building? Have you seen Ric Lansing?

Fireman: Hey, where are you going? Get back here! That's an order!

Ric: Brian -- Brian, did you see who shot you?

Carly: They're ok.

Brian: That's who shot me.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Andy: You're under arrest.

Sonny: Ric, this is murder!

Andy: That's far enough.

Sonny: It's my fault. If I hadn't lost my temper, a lot of things would be different.

[Carly screams]

Justus: There's no way they could've survived that fall. Sonny and Carly are dead.

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