GH Transcript Monday 2/9/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/9/04

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Proofread by Brian

Skye: Help me with him!

Faith: What do I get out of it?

Skye: You get to live because, I swear, if you leave us, I will survive for the sole purpose of hunting you down and ringing your scrawny little neck!

Faith: Fine. But just so you know, I'm doing this for Spencer. Even I don't want to see the devil get burned.

Skye: Come on.

Faith: Ok, come on.

Skye: Luke, come on. We're getting up now. Come on.

Faith: Here we go. Come on!

Skye: Here we go. All right.

Fireman: Smoke and fumes -- the entire building's about to be evacuated.

Courtney: I have to find him!

Fireman: It's a mess up there. The fourth floor's already gone, and there's sections of the 10th --

Courtney: Look, I don't care! I am not leaving here until I find my husband.

Jason: Get back here.

Brian: What are you doing?

Jason: You open that door, we're all dead.

Alexis: I repeat, banging on that elevator button is not making the elevator work.

Carly: Ok, Alexis, I'm not going to wait around until the fire reaches us.


Alexis: You know, it's very possible that the alarm and all of this is a -- is a prank or simply a technical malfunction in the alarm system.

Carly: Yeah, right. Right, right, right.

Alexis: This is a five-star hotel. If there is indeed a fire, it will be contained quickly, I'm sure.

Carly: Ok, well, I'm not taking those chances.

Alexis: Statistically, it is better to remain calm in a crisis.

Carly: Alexis, the building could be burning down around us, and you're spouting statistics!

Alexis: I'm trying to remind you to act sensibly --

Carly: Ok, well, you know what? I think it is very sensible to get the hell out of here!

Sonny: It's about time you left this --

Dillon: What's wrong?

Georgie: The hotel's on fire!

Dillon: Are you sure?

Georgie: Yes! The hallways are filled with smoke!

Sage: If that's the best excuse you can come up with to interrupt us, you're even lamer than I thought.

[Dillon coughs]

Dillon: Call 911.

Fireman: It won't help your husband to get yourself trapped.

Courtney: Look, I'll be fine!

Fireman: The fire on four is getting worse, ok, and the stairway will be impassable.

Courtney: Ok, look, I cannot leave here without my husband. Somebody saw him in the Versailles room.

Fireman: Well, then he's safer than you. Since the fourth and 10th levels are under construction, there are propane tanks up there, and the fire will spread.

[Two-way radio beeps]

Fireman: Just a second.

Lucky: This is Officer Spencer. I need an update on north stairwell conditions. I'm on 20. Any chance we can send people down? Over.

Fireman: Negative. Keep everyone out of the stairwell.

Jason: Did you see the smoke pull back under the door?

Brian: No.

Jason: I did.

Brian: You think there's a back draft?

Jason: We need to keep heading up. Oh. Let's go, buddy. Ok. Lead on.

Skye: Ok --

Faith: Ooh, this sucker's heavy.

Skye: Oh, God -- watch, watch, watch. He should be awake by now. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, he's barely breathing!

Faith: Oh, wait, you need a professional. My lips have been known to wake the dead.

Skye: You know what, Faith? You helped get him in here. Now you can go.

Faith: And leave you alone with Luke? I don't think so. Once we get him back among the living, he's going to help me through the fire -- I need a shield.

Skye: All right, Luke, come on. You can't quit on me now.


Alexis: Do you really think your stiletto heel is going to wedge open a pair of metal, mechanical, elevator doors?

Carly: Ok, you know what? It is worth a try because --

[Alarm stops]

Alexis: There. You see? Everything's fine. They fixed the problem, and someone will be here any minute.

Carly: You think?

Alexis: I think. I find it a very useful thing to do on a daily basis. Now, if we just relax and wait, someone will come get us.

Carly: Ok. You do that. I'm getting the hell out of here.

Alexis: Carly, even if you get those metal doors open, they're not going to be able to move us.

Carly: Ok, Alexis, I smell smoke. It is not a drill.

Alexis: All right, look, there are professional people that know how to handle this, and I'm sure --

Carly: Alexis, if you are not going to help me, just zip it!


[Lorenzo coughs]

Lorenzo: Ah. Ah.

Sonny: Whew.

Lorenzo: Ah.

Sonny: Looks like only one of us is getting out of here alive.

[Lorenzo coughs]

Lorenzo: You might want to try another stairwell. This one's probably blocked from the explosion.

Sonny: You expect me to free you because of your great advice?

Lorenzo: I don't know what you're going to do next.

Sonny: I'll give you a hint -- those flames -- hot as hell.

Lorenzo: God!


Maxie: Excuse me, excuse me! Will someone please help? Please? Excuse me, please, please -- my dad was hurt, taken away! I really need to get to the hospital! I need to make sure -- wait, wait, wait, wait! Excuse me. My friend Zander Smith was in the utility room in the basement when it blew up! He has dark hair, brown eyes! Have you seen him?

Paramedic: No, I'm sorry, but if he was in that room, I doubt he could've survived.

Maxie: Do you think that's him?

Paramedic: We can't confirm anything until we get the body to the morgue.

Maxie: Please, please, I really need to make sure!

Paramedic: The body's burned beyond recognition. We need to keep working. I'm sorry, miss.

Maxie: No, no, no.

Ric: Maxie -- Maxie, you all right?

Maxie: My dad was burned --

Ric: No, shh, listen to me. They took him -- they took him to the hospital, all right? They admitted him into the burn unit. I'll get a squad car to take you there.

Maxie: I really didn't want to leave until I made sure he was ok!

Ric: What? What? Your dad? Who are you talking about?

Maxie: Zander. They just took a body off and I think it was him!

Ric: Zander's dead?

Nikolas: Zander was unconscious when I left the basement -- that's where the fire started. It's -- it's my fault. I wanted him out of our life --

Emily: You didn't mean for him to die.

Nikolas: I know, but I locked him in that basement. He's trapped in there because of me. He was unconscious when I left, but if he woke up and tried to get out, then Iím responsible.

Emily: No, baby, come here.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Tracy: I take it you don't approve of their engagement.

Helena: My only concern is my grandson's happiness. Naturally, I feel that his liaison with Emily is a terrible mistake.

Monica: Emily and Nikolas love each other, and they managed to survive tragedy and illness -- and both of you. Quite frankly, Iím glad they're together.

Tracy: Well, listen to you -- after all those years of cheating on Alan, you can actually talk about true love with a straight face.

Helena: And I certainly hope that your daughter doesn't try to emulate your proclivity for infidelity.

Monica: Ok. Let me just say that if either one of you try to get in between Nikolas and Emily, you'll have to answer to me.

Tracy: Ooh -- found your maternal instinct? Wow! Where was it a little while ago when you let Alan get on the elevator ahead of Emily? You know, if Dillon were in this hotel, nothing would stop me from getting him out.

Travis: The phones are dead!

Georgie: My cell phone doesn't work in a hotel.

Dillon: Um -- it's ok. It's ok, there's, like, a half a dozen rescue trucks down there. I'm sure they're getting people out.

Sage: No one even knows we're up here.

Dillon: Sage, we're registered guests. Tom, see -- see if you can, like, signal the firemen or something.

Travis: Ok. I can't get the windows open.

Dillon: Well, maybe it doesn't open that high. Maybe there's, like, an emergency latch or something.

Travis: I'll make one.

Dillon: No. No.

Travis: Why not?

Dillon: Because if you create a burst of air, then the fire's going to jump in here, ok? Fire needs air to breathe.

Travis: Dude, how do you know all this stuff?

Dillon: "Backdraft," Ron Howard, 1991. Look, we're registered guests, ok, so they know we're up here. We just sit tight and wait for them to evacuate us.

[Sonny coughs]

Carly: Ok. Are you going to help?

Alexis: I did help you. I helped you shut those doors, and now I want you to get down here and wait till somebody comes and gets us evacuated.

Carly: Fires spread fast, Alexis. You want to be charbroiled, it really makes no difference to me, but I thought you might want to think about your kid.

Alexis: That's exactly who Iím thinking about, which is why Iím not going to climb through a trapdoor and break my neck.

Carly: Oh, God, anything is better than waiting in here to suffocate with you.

Alexis: Can you see anything?

Carly: The elevator cable is starting to break.

Faith: You can stop now. He's been awake for five minutes.

Skye: What are you talking --

Luke: Why'd you want to go and say a thing like that for --?

Skye: Oh --

Luke: And spoil a good thing?

[Luke coughs]

Skye: You know, you are lucky that I am too -- too nervous to -- to be mad at you. Now, can you -- can you sit up?

Luke: Oh -- ew. When did she get here?

Faith: You were already passed out.

Luke: Did you take advantage of me?

Faith: Mm-hmm -- I considered it.

Skye: Can I remind you that while I was giving you the breath of life that we are trapped in a burning building?

Luke: Yeah, you're right.

Skye: Well, come on.

Luke: We got to get to an open stairwell --

faith: Here we go. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Here we go, here we go.

Luke: Ok.

Faith: Ok. Let's go. Ok. Um -- do you know the layout of this hotel?

Luke: I know it well enough to know that --

[Luke coughs]

Luke: The wiring was put in in the 1930S. The fire is probably moving through the walls and along the electrical grid. Could break out in flames in here at any time.

[Luke coughs]

Faith: Ok. Come on.

Luke: Let's go!

Skye: No way. I'm not going anywhere.

[Mickey coughs]

Jason: Doing real good. Just a little further.

Mickey: I'm thirsty.

Jason: Ok, ok.

Brian: Hey, it's cool to the touch.

Jason: We shouldn't stop.

Brian: These kids need water.

Jason: Ok.

Brian: It's locked.

Jason: All right, take them and stand back.

[Jason shoots]

Brian: All right.

Jason: Ok.

[Mickey coughs]

Jason: Hold on right there. Hold on.

Brian: Right here.

Jason: Ok. Ok. All right.

Brian: Let's go, come on.

Woman: Oh, I knew someone would come for us.

Courtney: Ok, ma'am, you need to get out of the hotel. Are you hurt?

Woman: No, I'm fine, but my dog's terrified. I can't hold on to him and come down the stairs. Would you carry him for me?

Courtney: No, look, I'm sorry, but I have to keep moving. I have to find my husband.

Woman: Then Iíll wait for someone else. I can't abandon Skippy.

Courtney: No, ma'am, you have to leave now, ok? I just talked to a fireman. He said the fourth and 10th floors are really bad. There are propane tanks that could explode at any minute.

Woman: Well, then you better keep hurrying up to your husband. I hope he's safe and well. Oh, Skippy and I will make it through this. Oh.

Lorenzo: God!

[Lorenzo sighs]

Sonny: Nobody can hear you, Alcazar.

[Lorenzo coughs]

Sonny: We're all alone.

Lorenzo: Come back to finish the job?

Sonny: I don't mind if you scream.

Lorenzo: Yeah. You're a sadist.

Sonny: When I kill you, it won't be an accident, and you won't see me coming.

Alexis: The cable's breaking.

Carly: Ok. Ok, we still have some time. All right, if we -- if we can get to the next floor, then maybe we can just --

Alexis: What do you want me to do?

Carly: If I can get out of here and -- before the cables snap.

Alexis: What do you want me to do?

Carly: Do you know anything about hot-wiring an elevator?

Alexis: Ok, I'm a -- a logical person, so Iím sure that there's a -- a logical pattern to the way this is -- the way this is wired, so -- let's see. Ok.

Carly: Too bad it's not voice-activated -- you could then lecture us out of here.

Alexis: I'm surprised you don't know how to hot-wire an elevator. God, you --


Alexis: Ok. Ok.

[Alexis and Carly scream]

Alexis: The emergency brake -- it must've stopped it.

Carly: We have to get out of here.

Alexis: Carly, please! Please, please, please. Please don't move.

Carly: The -- um -- the car seems to be off the track, but there's -- whew, there's one cable still holding us.

Alexis: Oh -- no! Please, please, please! Carly, please, please, please. I'm begging you, please just sit down, all right?

Carly: Listen, I don't want to die any more than you do.

Alexis: I can't -- I can't die. It's not an option, all right? If I don't survive, Kristina will be all by herself.

Carly: She's got a father.

[Lorenzo coughs]

Elizabeth: Ric?


Elizabeth: Excuse me, I'm looking for Ric Lansing? Um -- has anybody seen my husband? I -- I think he was in the hotel room. He's the A.D.A. Has anybody seen my husband?

Woman: Flames were so hot. And then there was this huge explosion.

Elizabeth: Where? Where? In the Versailles room? Were you -- were you at the auction? Where?

Woman: I got out, but my son didnít. I don't know if he's alive!

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Please, excuse me --

Fireman: I'm sorry. We need a paramedic over here! Come on, we need some help!

Ric: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Oh, Ric!

Ric: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm ok, I'm ok.

Elizabeth: Thank God.

Ric: It's ok.

Justus: Those explosions are getting bigger.

Edward: Well, we're renovating the fourth and the 10th floors, and I guess the welding tanks are exploding when the fires reach them.

Justus: I can't believe it's spreading so quickly. Who was in charge of keeping the building up to code?

Edward: Justus, I am the owner, that makes it my responsibility, just like it's my responsibility to be sure that every person in this hotel gets evacuated safely.

Justus: I thought you'd be scrambling to shift blame.

Edward: No. You thought wrong.

Lucky: Everybody, listen up. The explosion you just heard -- it came from the 10th floor from some sort of propane tanks, which means the roof is the only way to evacuate.

Monica: Well, then shouldn't we get up there?

Lucky: But right now it's best that we all stay here. They'll be calling in the helicopters. We'll begin moving up as soon as they arrive, so please, just remain calm and try not to panic.

Tracy: Why would we do that?

Dillon: It's getting hotter.

Georgie: Even the floor feels like it's burning!

Dillon: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. That explosion came from below us, right? So Iím sure -- Iíll bet anything the stairwells are blocked.

Travis: So we're trapped? Great, man, that's just great!

Georgie: Tom, it's ok.

Travis: No, I'm out of here. I'm going to use the elevator because it's a lot better than getting deep-fried!

Dillon: Wait a second, wait a second, dude. I'm not letting you leave.

Travis: Get out of my way.

Dillon: We stick together, all right? There's no smoke in here. They can still come and get us.

Travis: Look, Dillon, I get that you're a good guy, but --

Dillon: Tom, dude, the elevators are shut down! Even if you found an open stairwell, it's going to be filled up with smoke and that's going to kill you a lot faster than the fire will.

Georgie: Hey, he's right.

Travis: Oh, so we just wait?

Dillon: No, we be smart. We stay alive as long as we can.

Faith: If the princess doesn't want to leave, we'll go without her. Enjoy the blaze!

Luke: Skye, you can't just sit here and wait for the -- wait for the room to go up in flames.

Skye: Well, it hasn't reached us yet, and look, we have water, you know, and I heard the fire engines downstairs. We -- we should wait here until we get evacuated.

Luke: We've got to go up or down now.

Skye: No, I'm telling you, it is too risky!

Luke: If the explosions have caused the stairwells to be blocked, then they're going to be putting people on -- on choppers from the roof.

Faith: Oh, hello! Less chat, more running for cover!

Skye: Luke, come on, you already passed out once.

Luke: Yeah, and your -- your first-aid techniques have made me a stronger, better man.

Skye: Oh, come on, Luke!

Luke: Skye! The fire is moving through the walls! This room could go up in flames in five minutes!

Skye: Well, you know, it -- it hasn't reached us yet, ok?

Luke: Darling, I am not a white knight.

Skye: Yeah, well, this isn't a test, ok? I'm not waiting for you to rescue me.

Luke: Well, then come with me!

[Luke coughs]

Skye: No way, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Iím staying.

Faith: Uh -- great, super. Let's go. My nail polish is melting.

Skye: Good luck.

Luke: Yeah, good luck.

[Luke coughs]

Luke: I'm not going anywhere without you.

Courtney: That must've been one of the propane tanks that the fireman warned me about.

Woman: If you hadn't saved Skippy and me, we would've been killed.

Courtney: Ok, look, we need to keep moving, ok? There could be other tanks on that floor.

[Skippy whimpers]

Woman: Oh -- you saved my life and I don't even know your name.

Courtney: It's Courtney.

Woman: Oh, I'm Louise.

Courtney: Ok, Louise, we really need to get you downstairs. The next blast could be worse.

Louise: You must be worried sick about your husband.

Courtney: Well, the sooner I get you downstairs, the sooner I can find Jason.

Jason: Hey, come on, let's get you -- get you guys some water. Here you go. Drink some of that. Here you go.

Molly: My throat still hurts.

Jason: They need fresh air.

Brian: It's going to draw the fire.

Jason: Not right away, the corridors are clear.

Brian: We can't risk it.

Jason: Listen to me, these kids are choking, and you and I are both winded -- we still have to carry them another six flights!

Brian: It's jammed.

Jason: Move.

Jason: Window's open.

Georgie: I am so sorry about this.

Travis: No, you didn't start the fire.

Georgie: Yeah, but I'm the reason you're here, and I can't believe you're being so great. I mean, you're still pretending to be my boyfriend.

Travis: You know, it's weird -- I forgot I was pretending. I mean, this thing has me so freaked out I can't even think straight.

Georgie: This was such a stupid plan -- creating some guy to make Dillon jealous and then dragging you here to make him think we were together.

Travis: Well, you get points for creativity.

Georgie: I should've been honest with Dillon. You even told me that.

Travis: Since when have you listened to some jock?

Georgie: Well, lately I haven't been listening to anyone. Dillon told me over and over and over again how sorry he was and how he wanted to try again, but I decided that he had to pay, and now here we are trapped in a burning building.

Travis: Oh, when you're looking at him, I mean, I wouldn't think the guy was worth dying for. I mean, he's kind of a dork.

[Travis chuckles]

Georgie: In case you haven't noticed, so am I.

Travis: Oh, not really. I mean, you're kind of weird and you could dress a lot hotter, but you're all right, Jones. Come here.

Dillon: You still don't feel like talking?

Sage: Thanks. I know I sound like a bitch most of the time, but when things get this real, I don't really have much to say.

Dillon: We'll get out of here. I promise.

Sage: I'm scared, Dillon.


Jason: When the firemen came to your school, did they have a big truck like that one?

Molly: Yeah, and we got to sit in the driver's seat.

Mickey: We should help the firemen out.

Brian: But first, you get to take a helicopter ride.

Mickey: Really?

Jason: Yeah, you know what, you guys? Go in the bathroom, ok, and fill the water bottles up. You're going to get thirsty, all right?

Brian: Back on 10, why did you stop me from opening the door? The kids were far enough away. The fire would've killed me. It would've saved you a lot of trouble.

Jason: You're right, but I told those kids I'd get them out of this alive. I need you to help me carry them.

Sonny: Where are we?

Lorenzo: 12th floor.

Sonny: There was that other explosion.

Lorenzo: Yeah, they're getting worse.

Sonny: You should've left. Why are you here?

Lorenzo: When I kill you, it won't be an accident.

[Cable creaks]

Carly: You know when I was -- I was pregnant with Morgan, Michael used to sneak me junk food. We had a secret stash of potato chips.

Alexis: He's a good boy, Michael. You did a good job with him. I came home the other day and I was in a very bad mood from court.

[Carly laughs]

Alexis: Something new and different. And I'm telling you that Kristina knew. She -- she knew, because when I sat down next to her on the couch, she just pulled herself up next to me and she just looked at me right in the eye and she just put her hand on my cheek. She was trying to make me feel better. You know -- you know -- yeah.

Carly: Yeah, they do. Um -- a favorite -- favorite moment so far?

Alexis: Uh -- when she found her feet.

[Carly laughs]

Alexis: How about you?

Carly: Um -- it's more -- with Michael there are so many. I can't -- but with Morgan, it was --

[cable creaks]

Carly: It was the first time that we really -- um -- connected after I came out of the coma. He just looked up to me, he stared at me. It was -- it was so intense. Hmm. God, he's a little Sonny.

Alexis: You and I haven't been the best of friends, and maybe we don't have a lot in common, but what we do have in common is that we know what it's like to really love our children. I know that you and I would do anything for our children, and we would, everything for them.

Carly: God, I just want the boys to grow up and be happy.

Alexis: I was very little when my mother died and I remember feeling very alone and I -- I don't want that for my daughter.

Carly: She's got her father. Nikolas can help, too.

Alexis: Nikolas is in this hotel right now. If he doesn't get out, she's going to be all alone.

Carly: Ok. I have had my own problems with the Quartermaines, but it is really obvious that they love Kristina. I think Nedís the best of the bunch.

Alexis: Carly -- It's a very complicated situation.

Carly: Yeah, well, what isn't? Look at my situation right now with Sonny. God, Iím furious with him. But he loves the boys. He loves them, and he -- oh, my God, he could be in the hotel right now. But you -- you know what? Sonny would do anything for the boys. He would crawl across glass just to get to Michael and Morgan. God, is he devoted to them.

Alexis: I know that he is.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: You know, no matter what happens, I know that Sonny is devoted to Michael and Morgan. Hey. It's the same with the Quartermaines -- they're devoted to Kristina.

Alexis: Kristina's not a Quartermaine.


Brian: Yeah, we've got two kids with us. Got it. All right, they say we should get the kids to the roof as soon as possible. They got choppers up there to get us out of here.

Jason: Looks like the wind's picking up.

Brian: Let's go.

Jason: Molly, where's your brother?

Molly: I tried to stop him, but Mickey went to help the firemen.

Jason: Stay with her.

Louise: Oh!

Courtney: Wait.

Louise: Oh, my God! Oh!

Luke: This is not like you to freeze up, Red.

Skye: No. Luke, it's called logic and common sense.

Faith: No, no, it's called blind panic! Look, I'm not going to die because this bimbo is too drunk or too dumb to walk out of a burning building!

Luke: Feel free to leave us.

Faith: Uh -- no. I saved your life. I expect you to return the favor.

Skye: You know, I may loathe that woman, but she's got a point. Look, you know, you and Faith, you want to go, go.

Luke: Listen to me. If you don't come with me right now, Iím going to have to coldcock you. I'm going to have to punch your lights out, throw you over my shoulder, and carry you out, and that's going to be hard on my poor little lungs!

Skye: Luke, you aren't responsible for me.

Luke: I am not leaving without you. You stay, I stay. If this room goes up in flames and we both die, it's going to be a terrible shame -- in your case, at least.

Faith: Come on! Are you coming or going, Luke?

Luke: It's totally up to you, Red.

Skye: All right. I'm with you.

Nikolas: The helicopters will be landing soon. Maybe we should go ahead and get out of here.

Helena: Nikolas, may I have a word?

Nikolas: Uh -- this isn't a very good time, grandmother.

Helena: I will speak in front of Emily if I must.

Emily: You know what? My mom looks like she needs me. I'll -- I'll be with her when you're -- when you're done.

Helena: Nikolas -- Nikolas, I want you on the first helicopter out.

Nikolas: I'll leave when it's my turn, grandmother.

Helena: I know you, Nikolas. You're going to volunteer to be last -- after Emily, after Emilyís family, and everyone else in this room.

Nikolas: I'll do what I think is best.

Helena: Why is it so difficult for you to understand that you're the only one in this room who matters?

Nikolas: Even more than you?

Helena: I would willingly trade my life for yours.

Nikolas: I assure you that won't be necessary.

Helena: Why is it so hard for you to believe that I love you? Nikolas, I lost your father, and I can't lose you. You are the only Cassadine left -- and certainly the best of them.

Nikolas: Maybe so, but I will be evacuated just like everybody else, ok?

Helena: Oh, Nikolas, don't be naive. The fire is spreading. There is no rescue in sight, and not everyone in this room is going to survive, and you have to.

[Helicopter approaches]

Emily: Hey, we're down here!

Monica: Hey! Here!

Tracy: Here! Here! Look, they see us! Come get us!

Emily: Hey -- wait, wait, it's moving away!

Monica: No -- no! Here!

Tracy: No! They can't!

Monica: Here!

Nikolas: What's happening?

Lucky: The wind is too strong. They'll try again when it gets -- when it dies down.

Tracy: They can't! The building is burning down below us!

Justus: This wind is making that fire worse inside!

Edward: We have to be patient! The helicopter will evacuate us as soon as it's possible!

Tracy: If any of us are still alive!

Monica: Help!

Tracy and Emily: Help!

Monica: Please!

Emily: We're down here!

Ric: Ok, all right, you shouldn't be here. I want you to go home.

Elizabeth: No, no, I am not leaving until Emily, Nikolas, and Lucky are all down safe.

Ric: Look, don't worry about it. The helicopter's on its way up to the roof right now.

Elizabeth: How many trips is it going to take to get everyone out?

Ric: Not everybody's coming out.

Elizabeth: What? What do you mean?

Ric: They found a body in the basement. They think that's where the fire started.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, whose body?

Ric: Well, it was burned beyond recognition, but they're pretty sure it was Zander.

Fireman: There's a problem with the helicopters.

Ric: What are you talking about? What -- what's wrong?

Fireman: The winds are too high to land on the roof.

Ric: What are you saying, that all those people are -- are trapped in the Versailles room?

Dillon: How you holding up?

Georgie: I feel almost calm, like this isn't happening, but I know it is. So I have to tell you Iíve hated every minute that we've been broken up. I feel like I've wasted so much time that we could've spent together.

Dillon: We're not -- we're not going to die, Georgie. I'm not going to let us.

Georgie: You don't have to lie to me and, trust me, Iím an expert. I mean, I've been lying to myself for months -- and to you.

Dillon: What -- what does that mean?

Georgie: Look, if -- if this is the last time that we talk, I need you to know that you are the only guy that I have ever loved, and you're the only guy I've ever wanted to.

Travis: Damn it! I mean, can't you see we're up here?


Sage: Stop it! Nobody's going to come for us!

Dillon: Sage, it's ok --

Sage: No! Don't tell me to stop it!

Dillon: Sage, stop --

Sage: It's going to be really painful! Uncle Lorenzo!

Lorenzo: Sage, what are you doing here?

Dillon: Oh, my God. We're -- we're waiting to be evacuated. It's taking forever, though.

Lorenzo: It's all right. I'm going to get you out of here. Don't worry.

Carly: What do you mean, "Sheís not a Quartermaine"?

[Cable creaks]

Carly: Oh -- all right, all right, all right. Fine, Kristina is a Davis. But it's not like the Quartermaines are strangers to her. She spent the first half of her life there. I mean, she may not consciously remember it, but the Quartermaines love her, she'll adapt.

Alexis: I should never have let Ned put his name on that birth certificate.

Carly: What do you mean, let him?

[Sonny grunts]

Alexis: I should've put it down in writing; I should've stipulated something in my will.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Alexis: I'm telling you that you were right, everything you just said was right. That despite everything, I know that he is a good father.

Carly: Yeah, Sonny is. Michael and Morganís good father. He has nothing to do with Kristina.

Alexis: Sonny is Kristinaís real father.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam: We're trapped in here, aren't we?

Brian: There you go.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Faith: Following you.

Alexis: You can't tell Sonny.

Carly: Don't worry about that yet.

Courtney: I'm going to get your dog.

[Courtney screams]

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