GH Transcript Friday 2/6/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/6/04

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Nikolas: This is Nikolas Cassadine. Zander Smith is unconscious and locked in the electrical utility room in the basement of Port Charles hotel. Send some officers to pick him up, please.

Carly: Well, I wasn't sure that I would find you in your girlfriend's room, but I thought it was worth a try.

Sonny: What do you want?

Carly: The judge rescinded the restraining order, granted me temporary custody of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny: These papers mean nothing to me.

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah. Ahem.

Carly: Well, they mean something to a court, Sonny. They are legal; they are binding, whether you like it or not. So as of now, Michael and Morgan will be living with me.

Sonny: You want trouble with me, Carly? Because that's what you're going to get. I will do whatever it takes to keep my sons.

Lucky: The property stolen from the auction included rare coins, jewelry --

Edward: You're a duly appointed officer of the court, Justus. I want you to take Helena in that room and interrogate her until she admits that she stole the damn treasure!

Justus: You must be mistaking me for somebody who cares about it.

Helena: And you'd be wasting your time because it's quite obvious that the Quartermaines are responsible. Unless you were working on your own.

Tracy: Oh, wipe that look off your face, daddy. Any fool can see I had nothing to do with it. This robbery has Cassadine stamped all over it.

Emily: On behalf of both families, I apologize for the confusion.

Lorenzo: There's no confusion about it. Treasure's been stolen.

Emily: I just -- I don't understand how this happened. I mean, look at all the people. Who here is bold enough to steal the treasure right out from under half the town?

[Sam laughs]

[Luke coughs]

Georgie: So glad to see you dressed up.

Travis: Yeah? They're comfortable, too.

Georgie: Here.

Travis: What?

Georgie: My bag.

Travis: What about it?

Georgie: Carry it for me?

Travis: I don't see any broken arms. Carry it yourself.

Georgie: Ok, I'm going to explain this one more time, and this time try to retain something. You are supposed to be crazy in love with me, and we're spending a romantic night here at the Port Charles hotel. So you will carry my bag. Put your arm around me.

Travis: Well, I hope you know a lot about the civil war -- I need a five-page essay.

Georgie: Well, looks better if you pay for the room.

Travis: It's your money. That makes you the boss.

Georgie: Good.

Travis: Hey. How's it going?

Man: Very well, thank you, sir. May I help you?

Travis: We're here to check in.

Man: Ok. Reservation?

Georgie: Yeah, under Jones.

Dillon: The spoiled brat in you will be happy to know I booked a suite.

Alexis: Are you ok?

Nikolas: No, I'm not. That treasure was supposed to be my ticket out of debt. You have any idea who stole it?

Alexis: There's certainly a lot of people here with good motive.

Nikolas: The police are on it, supposedly.

Edward: Justus, how -- how knowledgeable are you on negligence matters?

Justus: Worried about the hotel being liable for the loss of the treasure?

Edward: Oh, absolutely not. Every conceivable precaution was taken.

Justus: Even so --

Edward: Well, thank you for your encouragement.

Emily: So where were you when the treasure disappeared?

Nikolas: Uh -- I was in -- in the lobby. Ahem.

Emily: Why?

Nikolas: I had to make a call.

Ric: Lucky. What's going on? I was on my way back to the office, and I got a call.  They said that the treasure had been stolen?

Lucky: I know, I know. Detective Beck, he's investigating.


Lucky: I was kind of hoping that maybe you could get things rolling, you know, ask some preliminary questions. You know, weed out those who need to go home and those who need to go downtown?

Ric: I'm way ahead of you. I think it'll save us some time on the back end. Good job. Excuse me? Everyone, can I have your attention, please? Sorry for the inconvenience. The district attorney's office, in conjunction with the PCPD, is going to begin a preliminary investigation in a moment. Now, some of you may be asked to go downtown for some further questioning, and we'll try to make this move as quickly as possible so as not to detain you. Officer Spencer, I want you to take that side of the room. I will begin with everyone responsible for the auction. Thank you. All right, Nikolas, where were you when the theft occurred?

Nikolas: In the lobby.

Ric: I see. Is there any particular reason you weren't present at the time of a sale that you arranged?

[Luke coughs]

[Luke gasps]

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: You may have been able to convince a judge to grant you temporary custody of the kids, but don't get used to it because that's all it's going to be -- temporary.

Carly: The courts favor the mother, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, well, not when the mother was unfaithful.

Carly: You slept with Sam before I turned to Lorenzo. You know what? You better rethink your attitude and find some way to work this out with me. Otherwise, you're going to be the one who does not get to see your children anymore.

Sonny: What's there to work out? I caught you with another man. You sent him to my house to kidnap my children, a man who repeatedly tried to kill me, who kidnapped Courtney, who kidnapped you. But I guess that doesn't matter to you, but you know how I am, Carly. I am not going to let you win.

Carly: Is that what this is? A way to punish me? Well, you can hate me all you want, Sonny -- I don't give a damn anymore -- but you are not walking away with my children.

Sonny: This is not about punishing you, Carly.

Carly: Of course it is. If you were rational or capable enough to set aside your anger and put the boys' interests first, you would've allowed me to visit them already.

Sonny: Well, last time I looked, you were spending all your time with Alcazar. You guys are, like, together. You proved you're an unfit mother by allowing our children to have any kind of contact with the man. But, you know, I know that you conveniently wiped it out of your mind -- he's a drug lord.

Carly: You kill people!

Sonny: Don't you dare defend Alcazar to me. The day I allow this bastard to have any kind of role in my children's lives, I will take them and disappear.

Carly: You don't mean that.

Sonny: No? Well, put it to the test. You'll never see Michael and Morgan again.

Dillon: Ha. I don't understand. I had a reservation for a suite, a confirmed reservation.

Sage: We've been looking forward to this for a really long time. Isn't there something you can do?

Georgie: Look, not to be rude or anything, but we were here first.

Man: I'm sorry, Miss Jones. I realize you're anxious to get the room you reserved. However, we --

Dillon: Wait, wait, wait, wait. The room you reserved? I thought this was Tom's idea.

Georgie: It was, right?

Travis: Right. Well, you know, the thing is, I mean, I've been kind of busy, and I had Georgie handle all the details. But I'm definitely paying, though. Is this enough?

Man: Miss Jones, Mr. Quartermaine, what Iím trying to tell you is no one is getting the room they originally booked. We're short two floors due to renovations, and because of the auction, we're at full capacity. We've had to do some reshuffling.

Sage: Well, as long as the room has a bed, Iím sure we'll be fine. Won't we?

Ric: So did you see anything suspicious before or during the auction?

Lorenzo: I had a representative attend the bidding for me.

Ric: Hmm.

Lorenzo: I only arrived at the conclusion to make the payment and claim the treasure, which, of course, has vanished.

Ric: Why in the world did you want the treasure?

Lorenzo: As an investment. Many of the pieces have significant historical value, and I have the luxury of waiting for a buyer who's willing to pay full price. Anything else you need from me?

Ric: No. You're free to go. Thank you.

Lucky: So you and my dad have gotten pretty close lately. Fair statement?

Skye: That depends on where you're going.

Lucky: Well, has he said anything about wanting the treasure?

Skye: Since your father's been back in town, his main focus has been the Haunted Star. Now, is he under suspicion?

Lucky: With me? Always.

Skye: Well, am I?

Lucky: Not so far.

Skye: Well, good, because the only reason that I came here was to support Nikolas and Emily during this auction. So I would like to leave now, if that's ok.

Lucky: Sure. Thanks for your time.

Alexis: Look, while we weren't able to ensure the safety of the treasure --

Cameron: Alexis, I need to talk to you.

Alexis: Ok, give me two more --

Cameron: It can wait.

Alexis: Excuse me.

Nikolas: Ok.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Cameron: If you're done mourning the loss of your nephew's treasure, maybe you could refocus on saving my son's life.

Dillon: Oh, no, I don't believe this.

Georgie: The rooms adjoin?

Bellhop: You can leave it open and go back and forth as you wish.

Dillon: I don't think we'll be doing that.

[Georgie sighs]

Bellhop: Nice, isn't it?

Travis: Awesome.

Georgie: It's fine.

Bellhop: Plenty of amenities -- D.V.D. Player, internet access, minibar.

Travis: How many sports channels?

Sage: Bathroom is outrageous. The tub is huge. There's Jacuzzi jets and big fluffy robes. It's going to be awesome.

Bellhop: Will there be anything else I can do for you?

Georgie: Just tell me that the couple next door can't come in here if we lock the door.

Dillon: Hey, there's no access to the other room, right, as long as we keep the door locked?

Bellhop: You'll have complete privacy.

Sage: That's what we wanted to hear.

Carly: You would actually take my sons and disappear?

Sonny: Only as a last resort. I'd prefer to fight you in court. You've lied a lot, infidelity -- it's going to -- you know, it's going to get ugly.

Carly: Sonny, will you listen to us? How did we get to this horrible place so fast?

Sonny: I don't know, you know, things happen.

Carly: Do you think that -- that you and me at war with each other does any good for our children at all?

Sonny: I'm not going to let you have them.

Carly: So what is my alternative, Sonny? You want me to just step aside and let you shut me out of my children's life? I mean, how do you expect me to do that?

Sonny: Well, I don't see the compromise. What am I supposed to do? Kiss Michael and Morgan goodbye and send them across town to you and Alcazar?

Carly: You would be sending them to me, Sonny. I am their mother! It has nothing to do with Alcazar!

Lorenzo: I was afraid I would find you here.

[Luke coughs]

Skye: Luke? Luke? Oh, my God!

[Luke coughs]

Skye: Luke? My God.

[Brian coughs]

Girl: Can you help me? I tried to call 911, but the phone doesn't work.

Mac: Are you the manager?

Man: Yes. How may I help you, Commissioner Scorpio?

Mac: We got a report that a fugitive is locked in the electrical utility room in the hotel basement.

Hotel manager: Oh, my God. What should I do?

Mac: Look, we'll handle it from here, you stay put. What's the easiest way down?

Hotel manager: That door -- leads to the stairwell that takes you to the basement.

Mac: All right, thanks. Let's go.

Ric: All right, thanks.

Emily: You fought with Zander?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Why didn't you tell me?

Nikolas: Because I didn't want you to look at me the way you are now, and I wanted him in jail before you could hear about it.

Emily: Well, your timing isn't that far off. The police are probably arresting Zander as we speak.

Alexis: Ric Lansing has agreed to recuse himself from his case. Now, as soon as the paperwork is filed, Iíll speak to a judge, and we can talk about the terms of Zanderís surrender.

Cameron: Well, that all sounds very leisurely, but given Zanderís volatility, you think you might do something to move things along?

Alexis: What do you suggest I do, Cameron?

Cameron: Because by the time everybody's mulled things over to everyone else's satisfaction, my son could be dead.

Mac: All right, the caller said Smith was incapacitated, but he's been known to be violent, so we're going in armed. Smith! It's the police, we're coming in!

Ric: So you didn't see anyone near the treasure?

Alexis: No. I'm assuming it happened when the lights went out.

Ric: Right, the blackout. How long was that?

Alexis: Not that long ago. I'm assuming this is a hotel problem.

Ric: Yeah, we'll check it out. Thank you.

Cameron: Was that about Zander?

Alexis: Oh, for God's sake, Cameron, when it's time for Zander to turn himself in, you will be the first to know. I promise, ok?

Edward: Alan, I knew this auction was a mistake.

Alan: Oh, give me a break, father. The only thing you were interested in was turning the treasure into cold, hard cash.

Edward: Oh, come on. What?

Man: Mr. Quartermaine, you have a call from the hotel manager. He says it's very, very important.

Alan: Maybe it's news about the thief.

Edward: We all know who that is. What? What do you need? Oh, God, do they have a location? Well, how -- how soon before they arrive? Oh -- all right. Um -- ladies and gentlemen -- um -- could I -- here, take this -- could I have your attention, please? I've just had word that there is a fire in the hotel --

[crowd murmurs]

Edward: And -- uh -- we will have to evacuate immediately.

Sage: I thought you wanted to be here.

Dillon: I do.

Sage: Well, if the goal was to prove a point to Georgie, it's done, and I'd rather not waste the night watching you obsess over her.

Dillon: I wonít. Look, tonight is about -- it's about you and me, I promise.

Sage: Well, then I have an idea. How about we take a bath together? It'll help you relax.

Dillon: Um -- you go. You go. I'm just going to, you know, hang out here and raid the minibar.

Sage: Or you could be gone by the time I get back.

Dillon: I'm not going to bail, ok? I don't want you to, either.

Sage: All right. Well, if you change your mind about the bath, you know where to find me.

Travis: Yes! That's it, baby! Oh, so sweet! Do it again! Oh, you're the best! It doesn't get any better, baby!

Sonny: I'm sorry, Carly, can you just tell me again how this has nothing to do with Alcazar?

Carly: I don't have to tell you anything.

Sonny: Hmm.

Carly: Sonny, the court has granted me temporary custody. You have been duly notified, and I'm going to the penthouse and I'm going to pick up my children.

Sonny: No, you're not. Don't even try it.

Lorenzo: You have no choice but to surrender those children. Carly has a court order.

Sonny: Since when do you give a damn about the law, Alcazar? It's none of your business, anyway. Take your cheap girlfriend and get out of here.

Lorenzo: You're going to regret insulting her.

Sonny: Yeah?

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Sonny: Go.

Carly: I hate him. I hate him, and I do not want Michael and Morgan in there --

Lorenzo: I know you are upset, you have every right to be, but you cannot go to Sonny's penthouse.

Carly: I have to. I want Michael and Morgan in my custody as soon as possible before Sonny can take them out of the country. He threatened to do that already.

Lorenzo: Listen, he can't. He's being watched, he's being followed all the time. We will know if Sonny tries to pull anything. In the meantime, you need to follow that court order to the letter till they return the children to you, ok? Now, I know you are very upset. Carly, look, why don't you just go downstairs and get some rest for right now.

Carly: He cannot be trusted with them.

Lorenzo: Then trust me.

Carly: I do.

Lorenzo: Thanks.

[Music plays]

Courtney: Hey, sweetie. Oh, you miss your mommy and your daddy, don't you? Yes. Or maybe you're just picking up all the tension in the house. Everybody's so careful not to say what's wrong.

Radio announcer: And now for the news on the half-hour.

Courtney: Nobody's fooling you, are they?

Radio announcer: A fire has been reported in the basement of the Port Charles hotel. Firefighters and emergency personnel have been called to the scene and will begin evacuation procedures.

[Courtney turns radio up]

Radio announcer: There have been no reports of death or injury, and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Again, a fire has been reported in the basement of the Port Charles hotel. Police are asking all non-emergency personnel to stay clear of the downtown area.

Sam: Yeah, it --

[elevator starts]

Sam: No, no, no, no, no! Not up. Not up. Come on! Not up!


Sam: Oh, my God. Please, please. Please. Down, please.

Skye: Come here.

[Luke chokes]

Skye: Sit over here. You know what? I'm going to go find a phone and I'm going to call 911 right now.

Luke: No -- no, no! There isn't time. The fire's in the walls. It's -- it's going to move fast.

[Luke coughs]

Luke: Go to the stairwell.

Skye: What?

Luke: If it's smoky, go to another one -- there's four on this floor. Just go to the bottom as quickly as you can.

Skye: Luke, what about you?

Luke: I'll be ok.

[Luke coughs]

Luke: Go on, get out!

Skye: No!

Luke: Get out of here!

Skye: No way!

[Luke coughs]

Skye: There's no way that I am leaving you.

Brian: No, no, I'm the fifth floor. Look, there's lots of smoke in the hallway, and I can hear muffled explosions from below. I've got two kids with me, and they need immediate -- agh! I just lost the signal.

[Brian sighs]

Girl: Are we going to die?

Brian: Absolutely not. Ok, I'm a policeman. My name's Brian and this is Jason. We're going to help you guys out, ok? Now, what are your names.

Girl: I'm Molly. This is my brother Mickey.

Mickey: Are you a policeman, too?

Jason: No, I just -- I just happened to be in the hallway when your sister came out. Where are your parents?

Molly: They're upstairs buying treasure. They said for me to call them if anything happened, but I tried the phone and it didn't work.

Brian: Well, don't worry. Fire trucks are on the way, and we'll get you guys out of here safely, ok? I'm going to go make sure the other guests on the floor know about the fire.

Jason: Hey -- wait a minute. We cannot wait for the fire department. Ok, you check the stairwell. If we're going to save these kids, we have to get them out of here by ourselves.


Hotel manager: The fourth and 10th floors are in the process of being renovated.

Fireman: All right, I need to speak to the contractor. Can you get him for me?

Hotel manager: Well, the phones are hit-and-miss, but I'll send someone to his residence if necessary.

Fireman: All right, tell him I need a complete list of the construction materials. I also need to know if there were compressed gasses.

Hotel manager: Yes, sir.

Fireman: All right, now, I need from you a complete list of --

Maxie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, that's my dad! That's my dad!

Paramedic: Hold on, hold on -- Iím sorry, I'm sorry.

Maxie: What happened?

Paramedic: The fire started in the basement. He went down there and got caught in the back draft.

Maxie: The basement? There's somebody else in the basement!

Paramedic: I'm sorry, ma'am, we have got to get him to the hospital right away!

Maxie: If he wakes up, ok, tell him that I'm fine! My name's Maxie, ok? Excuse me! I need your help! I need your help! There's somebody in the basement right now.

Fireman: You sure?

Maxie: I'm positive! Can you please get him out?

Fireman: Well, we'll do the best we can, but that room was reported to have been fully engulfed. No one in there could've possibly survived.

Edward: Listen, everyone, the fire is on the other side of the hotel, and I've just been assured by the manager that the express elevator shaft is clear and safe. So we're going to start loading us up in there in groups of five. You five people that are closest to the elevator -- right now, move in, please.

Alan: I want you to go.

Emily: No, it's ok, dad. I'll see you downstairs.

Alan: Listen to me, you are too precious to me. I don't want you to be in danger.

Edward: Alan, this is no time to dig in your heels. Now, look, people in this room are one step away from a panic. Now, you go downstairs, set an example, and be the doctor that you are.

Monica: Edward is right, Alan. They might need you downstairs if someone gets hurt. Now, you go, please. Emily is fine. She's got Nikolas and she's got me. Please.

Nikolas: Dr. Quartermaine, I won't let anything happen to her, ok?

Alan: Ok.

Travis: Yes! That's it!

Georgie: Can you please keep it down?

Travis: I'm sorry. When it's this good, I get a little carried away.

Sage: I'm all nice and relaxed. And I smell good, too. What do you think we should do now?

[Luke coughs]

Skye: You know what? I managed to find a house phone. I talked to the fireman, and they said that we should go down the stairwell, so come on.

Luke: I told you that 10 minutes ago.

Skye: Yeah, well, now we --

Luke: You could've been out of here.

Skye: Only that was going to happen if you came with me, so come on.

Luke: No, Red, really. I can't make it. You got to go. Go ahead.

Skye: Yeah?

Luke: Go ahead.

Skye: Well, then Iím just going to wait it out with you.

Luke: No! God, you are a stubborn woman!

Skye: Well, come on, you can thank me later. Come on, Luke.

[Luke coughs]

Skye: Come on, get up. I mean it, come on! Get up. Come on, here we go.

Radio announcer: Emergency personnel --

Courtney: Leticia?

Radio announcer: Have begun evacuating the Port Charles hotel --

Courtney: Jason, look, I don't know where you are right now, but there's a fire in the Port Charles hotel. Sonny's there. Carly probably is, too. The fire's in the east wing -- that's where Carlyís room is. Look, just call me back as soon as you get this message. I'm afraid you might be there, too.

Radio announcer: The downtown area has been closed to all --

Courtney: Is Michael still in his room?

Leticia: Yeah. He's playing a video game.

Courtney: Ok. All right. Don't tell him about the fire. It'll only scare him.

Leticia: Courtney, where are you going?

Courtney: I need to go to the hotel. Sonny and Carly are probably there.

Radio announcer: We'll have a complete list --

Leticia: But the radio said not to go downtown.

Courtney: I don't care what the radio said. Ok, Sonny and Carly are in the building. Jason might be there. Just stay with Morgan until I get back, ok?

Jason: We can't make it down this way.

Brian: What? The stairway was open when I checked before. Something must've exploded on the --

Jason: Forget what happened! We need to go up!

Brian: You're going to get these kids farther and farther away from the firefighters!

Jason: All the way up. If we get to the roof, they could be evacuated by helicopters. Look, we can't talk about it all night. We need to move!

Brian: Let's go.

Sam: No! Come on!

[Sam coughs]

[Sam coughs]

Sonny: You stalking me now?

Lorenzo: Carly's been through enough. Bullet to the brain, messy divorce. A nasty custody fight is more than she should have to take. It would be much easier as a widow.

Sonny: I'll die before I let that happen.

Lorenzo: Well, that's the plan.

Ric: Excuse me? Excuse me, chief, I'm Ric Lansing. I'm the assistant district attorney. I was part of the first group of people that was evacuated from the Versailles room. We were supposed to send the elevator back up, but the firemen, they're blocking it off.

Fireman: Well, the elevators aren't safe.


Ric: There's a whole group of people still left up there. Now, I rode down it. It seemed completely fine. There were no problems. There was no evidence of heat or smoke anywhere.

Fireman: Look, we have construction going on in the 10th floor. Now, we just got confirmation of the presence of flammable materials, including propane tanks. Now, if they ignite and explode, they could take out every elevator shaft and stairwell in this building.

Carly: Oh, perfect. It's just what I need.

Alexis: What the hell was that?

Helena: What on earth is taking it so long?

[Two-way radio beeps]

Lucky: Spencer.

Fireman: A.D.A. Lansing told me you were in the Versailles room. I want you to relay the following information.

Lucky: Ladies, gentlemen? The elevator's been locked off and the stairway's impassable.

[Crowd gasps]

Lucky: Please remain calm until the fire department can evacuate us from the roof.

Nikolas: Hey, Lucky, Lucky? Did -- did they say where the fire started?

Lucky: Yeah, the basement.

Emily: Oh, God. That -- that's where you left Zander, isn't it?

Nikolas: I locked the door.

[Bed creaks]

Travis: It sounds like old Dillonís enjoying himself.

Georgie: You were absolutely right -- coming here was a mistake! Oh, my --

Travis: What's wrong?

Georgie: The hotel's on fire! Dillon! Dillon, the hotel's on fire!

Skye: No, don't fail me now. Luke! No, Luke! Don't! No, come on! Wake up, damn it! Move -- please, somebody, help! A man has collapsed!

Faith: Why the hell should I help you?

[Jax coughs]

Jax: Sam?


Courtney: Excuse me? Have Sonny and Carly Corinthos been evacuated yet? Come on.

Hotel manager: Not yet.

Courtney: Hey, have you seen Sonny and Carly?

Alan: No, but I saw Jason.

Courtney: Where?

Alan: At the auction. He left right after the detective we treated in the E.R.

Courtney: Brian Beck? So, what, Brian and Jason are stuck up there?

Fireman: Whoa, whoa, hold on. Where are you going?

Courtney: Well, my husband is up there!

Brian: We're just taking these kids further and further away from possible rescue.

Jason: I thought we agreed the safest thing to do is get them to the roof.

Brian: Look, I'm going to try to contact the firefighters, see if we can get these kids evacuated another way.

Jason: Look, this stairwell is free of smoke. Don't risk opening the door.

Brian: Here. You get down there with Jason and Mickey, ok?

Jason: Ok. No! Get back.

Alexis: What good is an emergency phone if the emergency phone doesn't work in an emergency?

Carly: Come on. Come on!

[Carly bangs on elevator button]

Alexis: Will you please stop that? Beating the button into submission is not going to make the elevator work.

Carly: Ok, well, nothing that you tried has done any good, either, has it? Maybe I'll try and climb through the roof.


Carly: Those are smoke alarms.

Alexis: Great. The building is on fire.

Sonny: It's about time you left this --

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: The hotel's on fire!

Carly: I smell smoke. It is not a drill!

Jason: You open that door, we're all dead.

Woman: My God!

Courtney: We can't go any further.

Tracy: Here! Here!

Emily: Down here!

Elizabeth: How many trips is it going to take to get everyone out?

Ric: Not everybody's coming out.

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