GH Transcript Thursday 1/29/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/29/04

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[Music plays]

Georgie: Tom?

Dillon: Hey -- this is for cheating on Georgie.

Tom: Oh --

Tom: Georgie, right?

Mac: Maxie, open this door right now.

Maxie: Um -- the window. Go through the window.

Zander: It's stuck. It's stuck!

Maxie: Oh --

Mac: I know you're in there, Maxie. Come on, please open the door. I want to talk to you. Maxie? Maxie?

Maxie: Sorry, sorry. I was just getting dressed.

Mac: I need to talk to you.

Maxie: Um -- can you just give me a minute?

Mac: Sure, I'll be right back.

Maxie: Ok. What are you doing? You were not going to shoot Mac, were you?

Jason: You're looking at this like it's the beginning of something. It's not.

Sam: Oh, is that a threat?

Jason: It's a statement of fact. Sonny's life is complicated. As long as you're with him, your life will be too.

Sam: Oh, it'll take a hell of a lot more than complications to scare me off.

Jason: Sonny's only sleeping with you to punish Carly.

Carly: I'm here for my kids. Sonny -- Sonny, don't -- Sonny? Sonny, don't you dare do this! You have no right to keep me from my kids!

Sonny: She's not setting foot in my home again.


Courtney: Your home?

Carly: Sonny?


Carly: This isn't fair!

Michael: What's wrong? Is that Mommy?

Carly: Sonny, open this door right now!

Georgie: Oh, my God, are you ok? Come here.

Dillon: Oh, no, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine, actually. In fact, I think you should go check on Tom because he might be in a lot of pain right now.

Georgie: Why did you do that?

Dillon: You said he triple-timed you. Georgie, he doesn't deserve you. He's a grade-A jerk.

Sage: Dillon, what happened?

Dillon: Nothing, nothing. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Sage: Can I get you something? A glass of water or --

Tom: You said take her to one dance. You didn't say I have to fight some loser.

Guy: Ex-boyfriend. I'm sure Georgie can explain.

Georgie: Look, I know this is really bizarre, but you really need to pretend to be my boyfriend, ok?

Tom: He said all you needed was a date for one dance.

Georgie: No -- look --

Dillon: Forget him, Georgie. He doesn't deserve you.

Tom: Dude, don't you have a date of your own?

Georgie: Ok, look, it's complicated.

Sage: Can we put a hold on the drama? The coronation's about to begin.

Georgie: We can't. Tom broke his nose.

Sage: What about being crowned?

Dillon: You know, first he cheats on her, then he hits me. He's obviously got the I.Q. of oatmeal and she's taking him back! Why is she doing that?

Man: [Distorted voice] Ring. Bon jour. Buenos Dias. Bon dia. Good morning. Rise and shine, Mrs. Cassadine. Praise the day.

Helena: Whoever you are, you have made a fatal mistake.

Man: Madam Cassadine, is that a threat?

Helena: Oh, what is this place? Where am I?

Man: Think of it as home.

Helena: Where is this? We still in Port Charles? Oh, Nikolas? Nikolas, is it you? Oh, my darling, if it is you, I'm so proud to see you taking initiative.

Man: If you want to know who's to blame for this -- and so many other atrocities -- look in the mirror.

Helena: What is -- is this some sort of riddle?

Luke: You have something I want, Madam Cassadine. Tell me where it is, or watch yourself turn into a skeleton.

Lucky: I ran a check on flights, trains, border crossings. There's no sign that Helena left the country.

Nikolas: She can be invisible when she wants to be.

Emily: Maybe she's realized we were trying to steal the treasure and she's gone someplace to hide it.

Nikolas: Yeah -- or she's liquidating it and we'll hear from her again when she gets the cash.

Lucky: Listen, I got to get back to work. Every cop is hunting for Zander.

Emily: Lucky, will you look out for him, please?

Lucky: If I find him, I'm bringing him in.

Emily: Just please make sure that he doesn't get hurt, ok? If Zander did shoot that cop, he deserves a chance to defend himself in court.

Lucky: Emily, Iíll do what I can.

Emily: I hope Lucky --

Nikolas: Why do you continue to protect Zander? Are you completely blind?

Sam: You don't have a clue what's going on between me and Sonny. We've talked; he's been honest. Carly betrayed him.

Jason: You don't know anything about Carly, ok? So do yourself a favor -- take the money and leave.

Sam: I already told you Ė no, and I don't appreciate being ordered around. Nobody is going to tell me what I should or shouldn't want.

Jason: I don't care what you want or what you think you're going to get from this. The best thing for everyone is for you to go away.

Sonny: I thought you were in bed.

Carly: I am not leaving without my kids!

Courtney: Carly, keep your voice down! Michael's inside.

Carly: Did he hear me?

Courtney: Yeah, he heard something. Sonny's trying to explain.

Carly: Sonny has no right to take my kids. This is his fault.

Courtney: Carly, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, but you need to leave now.

Carly: How can you say that to me?

Courtney: This is the worst possible time to do this. Carly, he is furious. Do you really want Michael to see you and Sonny fighting?

Carly: No, I don't!

Courtney: Ok, then wait. Just give him a little time. He's not going to give you your kids right now. You need to let him cool down, ok?

Carly: No, it's not good enough, no.

Courtney: Carly, I will help you see Michael and Morgan as soon as possible, maybe in a day or so.

Carly: All right. I will leave, but only because it is best for my kids. This isn't right, and you know it. You know it.

Michael: Was that mommy? Is she going away? Please don't let mommy go away again.

Nikolas: You keep holding on to the Zander that you once knew, Emily --

Emily: Yeah, I did know him better than anyone else in his life. Maybe I still do, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You've cut him a lot of slack over the years.

Emily: I know he's made some terrible mistakes, but --

Nikolas: He's made his way thanks to people like you and Alexis and Gia pulling him out of the holes he digs for himself, but in the end, it doesn't do any good, does it? He's an accident waiting to happen. I mean --

Emily: You're entitled to your opinion.

Nikolas: Look at him now, Emily. He's self-destructive, vengeful, works for --

Emily: There's good in him, too, but I hurt him so badly and it's just buried inside, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Why do you insist on blaming yourself?

Emily: We were married, Nikolas! You know, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!

Nikolas: Ok, the marriage didn't work. It didn't work.

Emily: It's not that simple.

Nikolas: As long as you keep making this your fault, Zander will keep manipulating you, and that scares the hell out of me. You know why? Because at this point, he's capable of anything.

Emily: Zander would never hurt me.

Nikolas: How can -- he already has. He blew up my freighter with you on it, Emily. It is only a matter of time before Zander hurts someone again. I don't want that to be you.

[Zander sighs]

Zander: I wasn't going to shoot Mac, Maxie, ok?

Maxie: You had the gun aimed right at him.

Zander: That was just in case I needed to back him off so I could run.

Maxie: Look, I really need to go talk to him. Mac --

Mac: Hey.

Maxie: Hey.

Mac: There you are. Maxie, I can tell something's wrong, and I know what it is.

Maxie: You do?

Mac: Yeah. You don't want to be seen at the winter formal because of the way Kyle and his friends embarrassed you on the internet.

Maxie: Actually, you know, I've had to deal with everyone at school for the last couple of months, so it's ok, really.

Mac: Really? Then why are you hiding in your room instead of putting on that new dress of yours and, you know, going to the dance?

Maxie: It's Georgieís big night. You know, she really deserves the spotlight.

Mac: Well, that's very thoughtful, but maybe Georgie would like her sister's support.

Maxie: We already talked about it, it's ok. Besides, I really have to go to work.

Mac: All right, me too. I'll see you.

Maxie: Hey -- um -- any news on Zander, by the way?

Mac: No, not yet. I just hope I can bring him in before he gets himself killed.

Zander: I shouldn't have put you in this position, Maxie. You've been dodging your sister, you've been dodging Mac. I'm sorry that Iíve been so much trouble to you. Listen, I'm going to head out, ok?

Maxie: Look, everyone's out to kill you right now, Zander.

Zander: I'm going to handle that.

Maxie: I'm the only one that knows where you are. Look, I really have to go to work right now, but Iíll meet you on the docks later with all the money that I can get.

Zander: Maxie, that's too dangerous. I can't let you do that.

Maxie: Just take me up on it, ok?

Zander: Ok. Ok. Um -- but listen, just in case I don't get to see you again and, you know, something goes wrong, I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Maxie: You're welcome.

Zander: And I'm sorry if I scared you earlier.

Maxie: It's ok. You better go now.

Zander: Yeah.

Skye: What are you doing here? Oh, wait, let me guess -- you and Jax had another fight.

Sam: No.

Skye: Oh. Well, let me try this -- how about you're in one of your blissfully romantic stages and you're trying to decide what to get him for Valentineís Day?

Sam: Jax and I broke up. Over for good, thank you.

Skye: Sorry to hear that. Uh -- could you take a little break?

Sam: Yeah, it's actually a -- a relief. His pedestal was a little too high and lofty for me.

Skye: Really? So what happened? Did you leave or he kick you out?

Sam: It was mutual. I'm with Sonny Corinthos now.

Skye: You know, I never liked you, but I thought that maybe -- just maybe -- you'd be good for Jax, and now? You have gone and done the worst possible thing that you could do to him.

Sam: Yes, but this is not about Jax.

Skye: Ok, like hell it isn't!

Sam: You don't know the first thing about me.

Skye: I know that Sonny's going to grind you into dust, and you know what? You're going to deserve it. And even though it looks like right now that Jax is the one that's hurting in the end, he's going to be the lucky one.

Luke: What happened?

Skye: It's not important.

Luke: Sure, it's important -- you're foaming at the mouth. It's got something to do with that tall Australian, doesn't it?

Skye: Well, yes. I mean, if you must know, as much as I hate to admit it, it has to do with Jax and, quite frankly, Iím annoyed.

Luke: I can't believe it. You still got your panties in a twist over that one-eyed wombat.

Carly's voice: I have to leave.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: Carly --

Carly: Sonny took my kids!

Lorenzo: Oh. Hey.

Sonny: Uh -- mommy had to leave.

Michael: Why?

Sonny: Because of reasons that have nothing to do with you, ok? I'm your daddy. I'm going to be here for you, right? You, me, and Morgan, we're going to do all right, we're going to do fine. Ok, I'm going to go upstairs, tuck you in. Ok, big guy?

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: All right.

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: Oh, Jason, I'm so glad you're here. Sonny wouldn't let Carly see the boys.

Jason: Did Michael see anything?

Courtney: No. He heard Carly out in the hallway, and Sonny said that she had to leave but that he and Michael and Morgan were going to stay together.

Jason: Oh, damn it. I was afraid that he'd fight Carly over the kids.

Courtney: He listens to you, Jason. Make him understand how unreasonable he's being, not to mention cruel to those boys.

Jason: Carly shouldn't have come here tonight.

Courtney: So, what, you think it's ok that Sonny is keeping Carly from her children?

Sonny: No, he doesn't. Go ahead, Jason. Tell her what you really think.

Jason: This isn't right, Sonny.

[Music plays]

Sage: Why are you down here?

Dillon: I guess I'm not in the mood for a dance.

Sage: Could you try? Since Georgie and Tom left, the committee has appointed us king and queen.

Dillon: You volunteered us, didn't you?

Sage: I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Dillon: Ok, all right, whatever. Look, I'm declining the honor. I'm -- Iím sure you can find another king for you.

[Dillon sighs]

Sage: You had yourself convinced that Georgie invented her boyfriend to make you jealous. You can't handle that not only is he real, she left with him.

Dillon: Oh, whatever, ok?

Sage: Georgie's moved on and so should you. Come on. Let's go get crowned.

Dillon: I told you, I'm not going to be the king of the winter formal, all right? In fact, I don't even want to be here. I'm leaving.

Sage: Dillon, look at me. What do you see?

Dillon: You.

Sage: No, you donít. You see someone who's not Georgie. You know, I went through a lot of trouble for tonight. I got this dress and made myself up -- all to look good for you. I like you more than any boy ever. Sometimes I think you like me, too. Would you please just let Georgie go?

Dillon: I'm sorry. Things would be easier if I could, but I canít.

Georgie: Look, it's only for a couple of hours -- well, tonight, that is -- and then Iíll need you to just show up every now and then --

Tom: Sorry. Not interested.

Georgie: Look, the dance will be painless. You could split right after it's over. You don't even have to take me home.

Tom: Look, you seem like you're ok, but this whole thing about inventing a boyfriend and then Iím supposed to pretend to be him? It's twisted and a little sad.

Georgie: Don't you think I know that? Look, I have told one lie on top of the other. Now, everyone at that dance is expecting me to show up with Tom, and I'm going to be completely humiliated unless you help me.

Tom: I don't even know you.

Georgie: I'll pay you back. What do you need?

Tom: A 2.5 average so I don't get benched. I want a scholarship.

Georgie: Perfect, perfect. I'm a straight-A student. I will tutor you; help you with your homework. I will do your homework, whatever you want.

Tom: What would I have to do tonight?

Georgie: Take me back to the dance; let them crown you, pretend to be my boyfriend.

Tom: You mean, mack all over you and tell all the guys that you're hot in bed?

Georgie: No, no. Um -- put your arm around me and kiss me gently once or twice.

Tom: If that's all you want from a boyfriend, it's no surprise you had to make one up. I mean, what's the point of dating if you're not going to have sex?

Carly: I -- um -- I showed up at the penthouse to see the boys and Sonny slammed the -- the door in my face.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry.

Carly: I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this. I mean, I understand him punishing me, but Michael and Morgan?

Lorenzo: Your children know you love them, Carly.

Carly: How? How can they if I'm not there? I mean, Michaelís just a little boy and -- and Morganís a baby, he needs me.

Lorenzo: Sonny has no right to keep you away from your children.

Carly: You should've seen the look on his face. He looked at me like I was nothing.

Lorenzo: I never thought my being with you would mean you would lose your children. I never did.

Carly: Oh God -- well, you know, I'm -- Iím going to get them back. I'll get them back somehow.

Lorenzo: Carly -- Carly?

Carly: What?

Lorenzo: Sonny wants you to feel alone and powerless, but you are not and I am not going to let him do this.

Carly: I can't involve you in this.

Lorenzo: I'm already involved. I'm the one who set this whole thing in motion. I'm not going to stand by while you and your children suffer for my choices.

Carly: Yeah, I made choices, too!

Lorenzo: You didn't choose to desert them. Now, I won't let Sonny do this to you. I will not let him take your children. That is a promise.

Sonny: You got something to say, Jason, say it.

Jason: I -- I know you love Carly.

Sonny: It's over. She's right where you said she'd be, Jason, in Alcazar's bedroom.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: All right, Sonny, you know what? Forget about you and Carly, ok? You're both adults, do what you want to do, but it's not right for you to use those kids to punish Carly. Michael and Morgan love their mother and they need her.

Sonny: My kids are better off without her.

Jason: Sonny, Carlyís their mother.

Sonny: She's done nothing but use Michael ever since he was born. She's not going to do the same with -- I don't want to talk about this right now anymore.

Jason: You know what you're doing, right?

Sonny: Yeah, I know what I'm doing. I'm protecting my kids, especially from Alcazar.

Jason: No, you're destroying everything you said was important to you.

Sonny: What's important are my kids! I don't give a damn about Carly!

Jason: You know what, Sonny? You're angry right now. I don't blame you. But just try to remember how we -- how we felt when -- when we didn't know if Carly was going to live or die.

Sonny: That was before I knew Carly was already with Alcazar in her heart. I'm done! It's over! What I want you to do is remove every trace of Carly out of my home.

[Picture frame smashes]

Sonny: Burn it.

Jason: Do it yourself.

Luke: I'm disappointed in you, Red, really disappointed. I mean, the Australianís rich, sure, but that's it. That's all he's got to offer. You could do so much better.

Skye: Well, I'm sure Jax has kind words for you, too.

Luke: Well, he should. I've never done anything to him. However, he has treated you like dirt; he's drop-kicked you. He's shallow as a mud puddle. What do you see in him, anyway? Why are you so hung up on him?

Skye: Oh, there's so much more than that. Let's see -- while you were gone, Jax and I remarried. Oh -- and even better -- we're expecting a little bundle of joy. Let's see -- what else happened while you were away? Oh, yes -- we were robbed opening night at the casino here but -- well, I managed to keep the place open while you were gone and just took off and left me a note!

Luke: You really missed me, didn't you?

Courtney: Where's Sonny?

Jason: I don't know.

Courtney: Well, maybe I should call Carly; let her come pick up the kids.

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. No, Courtney -- I couldn't let Carly take the kids.

Courtney: Why?

Jason: Because this is Michael and Morganís home, they feel safe here.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I don't think Michael and Morganís feelings are at the top of Sonny's list right now. If they were, he wouldn't be keeping them from their mother.

Jason: Sonny is too angry to think straight right now.

Courtney: So, what, is Carly just supposed to beg for the privilege to see her own children?

Jason: Well, all she had to do was stay away from Alcazar and she couldn't! She had everything, and she threw it away. She always does this.

Courtney: So, what, that makes it ok that he's keeping her away from her own kids?

Jason: No, it doesn't make it ok. He's wrong to keep Carly away from the kids, but he's not wrong to be angry.

Courtney: I am so tired of trying to choose between right and wrong, Jason. It is impossible because the lines are always changing. God, it's -- it's wrong to remove all trace of Carly from this house, but here I am doing it. It was wrong for me to shoot Brian, but if I hadn't, you would be dead. All these things are wrong, but they are somehow necessary. Why is that?

Jason: We're doing the best we can.

Courtney: Are we?

Jason: Look, I know this is hard for you.

Courtney: God, Jason, I just -- I need to get back to a place where you and I were happy -- before I left you, and I knew that we had a future together. Back when you and I could just love each other. Can you give me that?

Sonny: Here we go again.

Sam: I don't know about this. I thought we could be together without any complications.

Sonny: Well, my life usually doesn't work that way.

Sam: Yeah. No kidding. People, they keep coming up to me and they keep telling me that I should stay away from you and this is the end of my life as I know it. I don't know, I just -- I keep having these, like, gut instincts to just go and -- and run and never look back.

Sonny: Then you probably should.

Sam: But I'm still here. Don't ask me why.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, maybe we make each other feel good, or maybe you're just stubborn and you're not going to base your decision on what other people are telling you.

Sam: Yeah. That part is true.

Sonny: I'm not going to deny what people are telling you. But, you know, I mean -- I don't know, you're going to do what you're going to do, you know.

Sam: It's not like I have any expectations or anything.

Sonny: Yeah, but nobody wants to be hurt, and everybody's going to tell you I'm a one-man wrecking crew. I hurt people. Some deserve it, some donít. But it goes to show you there are no guarantees in life. So, I mean, you know, if you -- you want to run, go ahead.

Skye: Oh, I missed you, all right, considering you're the only warm body between this casino and that bleached-blond psychopath freak, Faith Rosco.

Luke: She been threatening you again?

Skye: Oh, only every time she turns around. I had to get Justus Ward to file an injunction to protect your interest in the club, which actually hasn't been that reassuring, considering the fact that I barely know the man and don't even know if I can trust him, but that shouldn't matter to you because, hey, you're just off having the time of your life fishing or whatever the hell it is you were doing.

Luke: I'm sensing annoyance.

Skye: Oh -- it's a lot more than annoyance. And then you have the nerve to saunter back in here and give me grief about some supposed thing I have for another guy when -- when you just took off without even leaving a note?

Luke: Look, look, none of this is going to matter, none of it, because you are about to be very rich.

Skye: I'm already rich.

Luke: No, no, you're going to be richer.

Skye: Hmm. What's the catch?

Luke: There's no catch. I'm about to hit the mother of all jackpots. Just about to have all that cash in my hot little hands.

Georgie: It's too late for the dance, but -- but that's ok. What I really need you to do is show up every now and again and pretend like we're dating.

Tom: You know, you don't need a boyfriend. It sounds to me like you're hiring me to be your brother.

Georgie: I need you to notice me, say nice things.

Tom: Like, "Nice cleavage"?

Georgie: No! Can you say the words "you look pretty, Georgie"?

Tom: "You look pretty, Georgie." Y

Georgie: Thank you.

Tom: Hey -- you actually kind of do.

Georgie: So do we have a deal?

Tom: Ok.

Georgie: This is great! This is amazing! We're dating! So -- um -- by the way, what's your real name?

Tom: Oh, Travis.

Georgie: Oh, get used to being called Tom. I should probably get your number.

Travis: Sure.

Georgie: You know, just in case. This will be painless, I promise.

Travis: I hope you're good at book reports.

Georgie: Oh, I am.

[Travis chuckles]

Georgie: Good at tests, too. I've probably taken all the ones you have. So -- a deal, right?

Travis: Yeah.

Georgie: I love you.

Travis: Yeah. Me, too.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: So I guess you and Tom made up.

Georgie: Yeah, and it turns out he lied about all those other girls. He was really nervous about going to a dance where he didn't know anyone and being crowned king, you know.

Dillon: Well, I guess -- I guess I owe you an apology. I didn't think Tom was real, but, you know, maybe -- maybe that was just because I can't stand the thought of you with another guy.

[Dillon sighs]

Georgie: Apology accepted.

Dillon: Yeah. Well, I'm glad you're happy. Good night.


Emily: Zander, what are you doing?

Zander: I'm in trouble, Emily. Maybe you can help me.

Carly: Hey.

Courtney: Hey. I brought all your stuff from the penthouse.

Carly: Yeah. I'm sure Sonny couldn't wait to get rid of it fast enough.

Courtney: Yeah, I know Sonny can be tough, and we both know he can be vicious. But underneath it all, he is -- he's more fragile than you, Carly. If you could just find a way to hold on for both of you, maybe you could find your way back.

Carly: I don't want to.

Courtney: Just wait --

Carly: No!

Courtney: Why don't you just wait until you know --?

Carly: No, no, no, no. You know what? I am not going to let Sonny retaliate by taking away my kids, and I am not afraid to fight for my sons. Thank you for bringing my stuff.

Courtney: Do you need anything else?

Carly: Yeah. I need you to take care of Michael and Morgan until all of this is settled.

Courtney: Of course.

Carly: They need to know that I love them, and Sonny needs to know that this is just temporary. There is no way I am going to just hand over my kids to him and leave them in that fortress that he calls a home.

Courtney: It is your home, too, Carly.

Carly: No, it is not. Not anymore.

Courtney: I just -- I hate that any of this is happening.

Carly: It's ok.

Courtney: No, it's not. It's not ok.

Courtney: What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: Hey -- Lorenzo is helping me.

Courtney: Carly, he ruined your life.

Carly: No, that would be Sonny. He is cold and he is unforgiving, and there is no way in hell I am going to act like I am in the wrong. Sonny gave up, not me, and I am not apologizing for going to Lorenzo.

Courtney: It really is over, isn't it?

Carly: Tell Michael and Morgan I love them.

Lorenzo: No, no, leave them. I'll have the bellman bring them up to your room.

Carly: Thanks.

Lorenzo: Why don't you go upstairs and relax.

Carly: I don't know if I can. Sonny is being so awful and he is not going to let up.

Lorenzo: Well, he'll have to.

Carly: Come on, but what if he doesn't let me get my kids?

Lorenzo: Carly, you're going to get your children back. Trust me.

Carly: Thanks.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. Excuse me? I need these bags brought up to Mrs. Corinthos' room immediately. You know, it's not going to be as easy to lash out at Carly as you seem to think.

Sonny: Go ahead up. I'll be up there in a second. You're wasting your breath trying to tell me how you plan to defend Carly. There's no need. She's yours, take her.

Lorenzo: You're nothing but a coward.

Luke: [Distorted voice] Hungry yet?

Helena: Not particularly.

Luke: Too bad. Caviar for starters. Hot veal piccata with lemon and capers, risotto on the side. Dessert -- chocolate champagne truffles. Speaking of champagne, would you care for a tall, cold glass?

Helena: No, thank you.

Luke: All you have to do, Madam Cassadine, is tell me where the treasure is and it's bon appetit.

Helena: I'm watching my figure.

Luke: Well, you're looking a tad thin from here.

Helena: Come, take a closer look.

Luke: Maybe later.

Helena: Oh, I -- I would love to know who to thank for these delightful quarters. And if it isn't Nikolas who's threatening to starve me to death, could it be Alexis? Are you working for my husband's unfortunate little bastard?

Luke: These questions are a waste of time. I can hear your tummy growling from here.

Helena: You're the desperate one, not I.

Luke: Me? Think again. I'm sitting here comfortably with a crossword puzzle and a bottle of port. You could join me if you tell me where my heart's desire is.

Helena: I'd rather die.

Luke: Suit yourself. Talk about your win-win situations.

Zander: Emily, look, I didn't -- I didn't shoot that cop, ok? The whole thing was a setup.

Emily: Like the one you tried to pull on Nikolas?

Zander: No -- look, Emily, if the cops find me, they are going to shoot me.

Emily: Zander, look, I'm sorry that you're in trouble --

Zander: Are you, or do you even care?

Emily: You should just leave!

Zander: I just -- I -- I had to -- I had to see you first.

Emily: I can't help you.

Zander: Emily, Iím innocent, ok? I swear.

Emily: Look, I'm not even sure that I believe you, but even if it's true, there's no way to prove it. The best thing you can do, Zander, is just leave.

Zander: You'd like that, wouldn't you, if I just got out of town, just disappeared? Just -- that would make your life so much simpler, wouldn't it?

Emily: Zander, please, let's not do this again.

Zander: What, don't make things messy? You're not the only one who wants me gone, Emily. I got Sonny, Carly, Alexis, Faith, even my own father -- everyone Iíve ever put myself on the line for has turned on me!

Emily: Yeah, well, then maybe you should just cut your losses --

Zander: You're the only one that matters to me, Emily, ok? We were married. I thought our love was forever. You made promises to me. I just -- I still can't believe that that was all -- I just -- I can't believe that.

Emily: Please, Zander --

Nikolas: Get your hands off her.

Zander: Did you ever love me?

Nikolas: I said take your hands off her!

Zander: Are you watching this, Emily?

Emily: Zander, put the gun down!

Zander: First, you're going to watch me kill your boyfriend.

Courtney: I still can't get over the things that Carly said.

Jason: I know she's furious at Sonny.

Courtney: She's cut herself off, put up a wall just like Sonny has.

Jason: They're alike in that way.

Courtney: Hmm. I guess so. I just never realized how much.

Jason: You know, it's -- it's usually one of the things that keeps Sonny and Carly together. Now it's keeping them apart.

Courtney: I thought Carly would at least work out a compromise for the children's sake, but she's -- she's with Alcazar, which is like declaring war.

Jason: It's going to be an ugly fight.

Courtney: God. It breaks my heart when I look at little Michael and Morgan. You know, I mean, their parents are ripping each other apart. Who knows what kind of -- what kind of damage it could do to them.

Carly: Um -- just out of curiosity, how long have you been sleeping with my husband?

Sonny: You kidnap pregnant women, stalk them. You calling me a coward?

Lorenzo: You know, I figured you for a lot of things -- an abusive husband, a control freak -- but striking back at Carly by stealing her children? That is beneath contempt.

Sonny: My children are not your concern.

Lorenzo: Yeah, well, they are now.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: You can't be sure that Zander pulled that trigger.

Justus: Sonny's petitioning for a court order against Carly.

Sonny: You will never get anywhere near my sons.

Carly: You are a substitute, and you always will be.

Nikolas: If you're coward enough to shoot an unarmed man, I want Emily to see it.

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