GH Transcript Thursday 1/22/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/22/04

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Sam: Here.

Jax: Thanks. Oh -- oh, this smells like battery acid.

Sam: I know, just drink it, ok? You need your strength.

Sonny: My pilot's prepping for takeoff. Since your plane was trashed, you both are welcome to come.

Jax: Well, thank you. I've -- I've had enough of Azure Key to last me a lifetime. We'll be ready in five minutes.

Sam: I'm not -- Iím not going anywhere.

Nikolas: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the country house.

Emily: Hey. I hated being away from you.

Nikolas: Well, I -- I missed you, too.

Emily: Oh.

Nikolas: I missed you, too, but it's not safe here with --

Emily: Well, Constance and Blackthorn fought for each other, right? Why shouldn't we? I'm never leaving you again.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Waitress: Sure.

Elizabeth: There has got to be a better way to get Zander to sign those custody papers than charging Nikolas with murder.

Ric: I swear to you, he's not going to be convicted.

Elizabeth: Can't we just figure out another way to protect this baby?

Ric: Well, I have one idea, but I don't think you're going to like it.

Courtney: Sweetie, I want a cupcake with sprinkles. Will you go get me one?

Michael: Ok. I'll right back.

Courtney: All right.

Brian: So is Michael right? Are you and Jason getting back together?

Courtney: We're working on it.

Brian: You left him because he was a hired killer. You want to tell me what's changed?

Carly: Lorenzo was not holding me prisoner, he was trying to help me. They drugged me at Shadybrook, he brought me back here to help me and help me get better.

Jason: Why didn't you call home?

Carly: Jase --

Jason: You know what, Carly? I can't do this anymore. You're on your own now.

Sage: Buy me something decadent. Caramel lattes? Dillon, we've been here, like, two seconds and you're already staring.

Dillon: Hey, have you ever noticed that Georgieís virtually never in public with Tom guy?

Sage: Let it go, Dillon.

Dillon: I canít. I mean, something -- something is not right with Tom and I'm going to find out what.

Ric: I knew you'd hate the alternative.

Elizabeth: I just want to protect this child.

Ric: Zander's not making it very easy.

Elizabeth: He is so hurt over Emily that he's using you to lash out at -- at Nikolas and Em.

Ric: Well, don't you think I need to use whatever means possible in order to stop him?

Elizabeth: Well, something has to be done. I mean, Zander isn't thinking about this child's best interests and I am not about to let anyone hurt my baby.

Nikolas: Oh my God, I missed you.

Emily: I tried reading to pass the time and the journal only made it worse. Constance and Blackthorn -- they were true romantics.

Nikolas: Oh yeah, they loved each other and the whole world was keeping them apart.

Emily: Yeah. Constance -- she knew that there would be times when she and Blackthorn had to be separated. So she came up with a way that they could always carry each other in their hearts. Something private that no one else would be aware of.

Nikolas: Tell me.

Emily: I'd rather show you.

Sam: I'm not leaving without the treasure, not after my father died for it.

Sonny: Whoever shot Jax loaded it on a boat and took off.

Sam: Ok, maybe, but I didn't see them leave, so they could still be on the island.

Jax: You're grasping at straws, Sam.

Sam: No, I'm not. I'm going to wait and maybe find a clue and then when I have a lead Iíll head out.

Sonny: Ok. Whatever. You know, it's probably stupid of me to ask you, but do you want to come?

Jax: No, I'm ready when you are.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: Hey, Jax? Take care of yourself, ok? Make sure you get that wound checked out.

Jax: Yeah, you bet.

Sonny: You are slipping. I would've bet my life that you'd be chasing the woman.

Jax: Well, as Iíve told you before, the woman doesn't want to be chased, so, let's get out of here.

Carly: Thanks.

Lorenzo: I'd feel more comfortable driving you myself.

Carly: Yeah, well, it's better that I take a cab because Jasonís going to go home and tell Sonny that he found me here with you.

Lorenzo: So you'll tell Sonny the truth. You're his wife, he should believe you.

Carly: Sonny doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter that I didn't sleep with you and that it only happened in my head. Sonny is going to see it as a betrayal anyway.

Lorenzo: Sonny should be on his knees thanking God you chose him.

Carly: It wasn't a choice.

Lorenzo: I'm not going to argue. I told you I loved you enough to let go and I meant it.

Carly: I believe that you regret the things that you did to me and Sonny and I understand now that you love me, but I have to fight that. It's not because I think you're evil; I know you're not. It's just that when it comes to my family, I will not give up on them.

Lorenzo: I want you to have something to fight for when you get home. So go, before Jason tells Sonny about us.

Courtney: What is it? What? What's wrong?

Jason: Carly's with Alcazar.

Courtney: Well, did he hurt her?

Jason: She says he was helping her. She protected him again.

Courtney: No, no. Jason, Carly hates the way that she's been feeling. I mean, she's fighting this thing with Alcazar. It's just in her head.

Jason: Look, when Alcazar took her out of Shadybrook she was drugged, ok? The drugs wore off, she still didn't leave.

Courtney: Are you sure? Maybe he gave her something else.

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure! She's fine! She's with Alcazar because she wants to be.

Courtney: Oh, God. I can't believe this. Carly's just throwing her life away.

Jason: No, she's blowing her life apart -- again. She does it all the time and Iím stupid enough to believe that she's going to change.

Courtney: Jason, this is because of the bullet wound. I mean, the Carly I know would never hurt her family on purpose.

Jason: Courtney, she's still in control of her life; she's making these choices!

Courtney: What are you going to do?

Jason: I can't -- I can't protect her anymore. I mean, I've tried. Right now, she's choosing Alcazar over Sonny and she's going to have to live with the consequences.

Courtney: But, I mean, you can't be sure that she slept with him --

Jason: It doesn't matter at this point. She cannot stay away from Alcazar. Sonny is going to see that as betrayal. He's not going to forgive her.

Courtney: So you're going to -- you going to tell him what happened?

Jason: Yeah.

Helena: I know the boat is en route to Port Charles. Is the cargo secure?

Man: There was no damage from the hurricane. Blackthorn's treasure should be at your home shortly.

Helena: And now you have something that belongs to my grandson.

Man: I don't know what you mean.

Helena: Crossing me is a mistake.

[Man groans]

Sam: Don't be afraid. I'm here to help, ok?

Man: Just go before she comes back.

Sam: Who is she?

Man: Cassadine.

Nikolas: I'll never look at a rose the same way.

Emily: Hmm. Well, that's the idea. Constance -- you know, she and Blackthorn could be anywhere, and the scent of roses would bring them back to making love in front of the fire. That's how close they were and their passion.

[Emily giggles]

Nikolas: You know you'll always be with me wherever I go, even if we can't be together.

Emily: Don't, Nikolas. You didn't kill Cody McCall and you aren't going to prison for it.

Nikolas: Even if we have to run for the rest of our lives?

Emily: Even if. Even if.

Emily: Has -- has there been any progress with Zander?

Nikolas: Well, Ric has agreed to build a flawed case that gives Alexis plenty of room to get me acquitted.

Emily: A jury could still find you guilty of murder.

Nikolas: I don't think that's going to happen. The point is to string Zander along until he agrees to sign away his rights and Elizabethís baby's safe.

Emily: Oh yeah, so much of this is my fault. You know, if -- if I hadn't --

Nikolas: No --

Emily: Hadn't have hurt Zander or pressured Elizabeth to tell me who the father of the baby --

Nikolas: It's not -- it's not your fault, ok? Zander couldn't handle the truth.

Emily: I still want to help.

Nikolas: The best thing you can do is keep quiet about what you know. I mean, Elizabeth, she's already asking me if Zanderís putting pressure on Ric to prosecute me.

Emily: What did you say?

Nikolas: I didn't confirm and I didn't deny it. The last thing Elizabeth needs is more tension from Zander.

Zander: Elizabeth, hey. How are you -- how are you feeling? How's the baby?

Elizabeth: Well, I'm a little stressed out, considering you've been pressuring my husband to prosecute Nikolas for murder.

Zander: Nikolas did this to himself.

Elizabeth: Oh, no. No, no, no, Zander, I know the truth. I figured it out and Ric, he couldn't deny it.

Zander: Who says that Nikolas is innocent?

Elizabeth: I know Nikolas didn't kill anybody, but you know what? I'm going to stop saying so, because I decided to go along with whatever keeps this baby safe -- no matter who pays the price.

Maxie: Georgie, why don't you just tell Dillon the truth?

Georgie: I canít. I need to find a real boy to play Tom and I need to find him fast.

Dillon: Hey. I'm here on official winter formal business. You and Tom are starting up the first dance, right, so we need your song.

Georgie: Song?

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, your -- you know, your song, like the one you would play on a boom box standing outside of his window because you miss him so much?

Georgie: Well, you know, there's so many, I should just probably ask him.

Dillon: Oh. Ok, well, you should probably make that decision fast and tell somebody because, otherwise, Sage is going to force you to use that one from "Titanic," so --

Georgie: Um -- that's great. We're late for a manicure, so --

Maxie: Right.

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: Mm-hmm. That sounds life-altering. Don't let me get in your way.

Sonny: You need a painkiller, but not for the bullet wound.

Jax: Ah, leave it alone, Corinthos.

Sonny: You're waiting for Sam, aren't you? You're hoping she'd choose you over the treasure?

Man: I just got word that the local authorities have taken charge of Ben Rogers' body. All lines of communication are open. We're taking off momentarily.

Sonny: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Hello?

Sonny: Hey buddy, how you been?

Michael: Daddy! I'm ok. I just miss you and mommy.

Sonny: Mommy? What do you mean? Is she out?

Michael: Mommy got sick. She had to go away again.

Sonny: Well, who's -- who's there with you?

Michael: Aunt Courtney.

Sonny: Ok -- um -- listen to me, ok? I'm going to be home real soon, but I need to speak to mommy right away.

[Door opens]

Michael: Hurry. Mommy! It's daddy on the phone.

Carly: Oh, honey, honey. Hello, Sonny? Hey. Oh my God, it's so good to hear your voice.

Sonny: Michael says you -- you were away. Where were you?

Carly: Honey, I need you to go upstairs and check on your little brother.

Michael: You won't go away, will you?

Carly: No, I promise. Sorry.

Sonny: What's going on?

Carly: Are you on your way home?

Sonny: Yeah, we're taking off any minute here.

Carly: Sonny, please -- please come straight home because I want to be the first person who sees you. Do you promise?

Sonny: Carly? I can hear in your voice. Tell me what's wrong.


Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, I'm -- Iím losing you. If you can still hear me, I need you to come home right away. Sonny, I love you.

[Line disconnects]

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Carly, are you all right?

Carly: I need to see you.

Lorenzo: Of course. When?

Carly: Um -- at -- at your lake house. I'll meet you at your home there.

Courtney: I'm not going to let you do this.

Sage: So what if Georgie couldn't think of a song for her and Tom at the dance? It's not like they've been together that long.

Dillon: Yeah, but Georgie loves music. I mean, you know, if she really cared about Tom, she'd be burning C.D.ís all the time for him to listen to when they're not together -- which is always.

Sage: Well, maybe Tom's not really into music and so she doesn't bother.

Dillon: I don't know. They have absolutely nothing in common and already they've had sex.

Sage: I thought you didn't want to talk about that.

Dillon: Maybe it didn't happen.

Sage: You saw it. You came in here afterwards and you were wrecked.

Dillon: I know, but maybe -- maybe it's all like a setup. Think about it -- I was -- I was there when Tom first called her to ask her out. Then she got sent flowers right in front of me and then, what, I happen to overhear a conversation between her and Maxie where she's talking about how her and Tom are going to hook up?

Sage: So you think she's trying to make you jealous?

Dillon: I think Tom doesn't exist at all.

Mac: You're telling me you made up a boy to make Dillon jealous and now you want me to help you find someone who looks like him to take you to this dance?

Maxie: Well, we thought that since you're the police commissioner, you could do a D.M.V. search?

Georgie: Yeah, cross-reference for boys with dark hair, brown eyes, and kind of my age?

Mac: You realize that's a felony?

Georgie: Mac, if you do this, I will call you super dad for the rest of my life.

Mac: I hate that you're in this situation, Georgie, but there's a better solution than breaking the law.

Georgie: Tell me. I will do anything.

Zander: It was a mistake telling Elizabeth about our arrangement.

Ric: I have to be honest with my wife.

Zander: Even if it's worth risking her happiness? You back out, I don't --

Ric: Nobody's backing out, Zander. This is the file on the Cody McCall murder case. There's fingerprints on file in the evidence log.

Zander: Good, you're doing your job. I'm leaving because we're not supposed to be seen together.

Ric: No, no, no, no, wait a minute. I want you to take a look at this. I want you to realize how open-and-shut this case really is.

Zander: What the hell is this?

Ric: Seems that Nikolas Cassadine isn't the prime suspect after all.

Zander: You're making it look like I killed Cody.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hey. No, you know what? No more delays, we're taking off. Still waiting, Jax?

Jax: Hey, it's my time to waste.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: Or not.

Sam: Sorry I'm late.

Sonny: Yeah, you need to buckle up, Sam, because we're leaving.

Jax: So what happened?

Sam: I got as far as the beach and decided I really didn't care about the treasure anymore.

Jax: So what'd you choose instead?

Sam: The pilot must be pretty anxious to leave.

Jax: Well -- here's an interesting piece. If you didn't go looking for the treasure, where did you get this?

Courtney: I am not letting you go back to Alcazar.

Carly: That is not what is happening.

Courtney: Don't lie to me, too. Just make me understand.

Carly: Uh-uh --

Courtney: Carly, come on, you're my best friend. I want to support you, but Jason thinks that you're -- you're going to pick Alcazar over Sonny.

Carly: I am not, I swear.

Courtney: Why are you going to meet with him?

Carly: Because I owe Lorenzo. I owe him. It turns out, Courtney, he's not the man that I thought he was. He really was trying to do what was best for me.

Courtney: Ok. Ok, look. I'm not going to say that I understand, but Alcazar did everything he could to undermine your marriage with Sonny and maybe -- I don't know -- maybe he did try to help in the end, but Sonny is never going to understand.

Carly: Yeah, and that is why I need to go. Sonny is going to be home soon and -- and if I want to stay with him, I am never going to be able to see Lorenzo again, so this is my last chance.

Courtney: For what?

Carly: To tell him that I don't hate him and that -- that he needs to have a nice life but it's not going to include me.

Courtney: Ok Carly, you are blowing your last chance with Sonny.

Carly: Ok, listen to me, I will explain this to Sonny and I will be completely honest with him. But first, I need to end this with Lorenzo because it is the only way that this is going to be over.

Sam: We got close to the treasure how many times? This is the only piece I managed to keep.

Jax: Yeah, well, I just haven't seen it before.

Sam: I found it on the stuff that was in the Courage.

Jax: Perhaps Sonny recognizes it.

Sonny: Oh, you know what? Leave me out of this. You know, I didn't ask to be involved in any of this. Because of you and that treasure, I've been away from my family way too long. But you know what? It's time to go home.

[Sonny sighs]

Sam: Do you think something happened at home? I mean, is everything ok with Carly?

Jax: You're dodging the question.

Sam: Jax, I already told you -- I found this ring in the treasure from the Courage. Look at this. Do you see the symbol on this?

Jax: That's familiar.

Sam: Yeah. Well, it was on Blackthorn's journal. That's where I got the map to Azure Key. This ring belonged to a pirate.

Jax: So?

Sam: Well, maybe it's good luck.

Jax: You're never going to give up on this, are you?

Sam: I still owe myself a big win and who knows, maybe -- just maybe -- this ring will bring it to me.

Emily: "It has become too dangerous to use my ring to seal my correspondence with Constance. Our affair must remain a secret, so Iíve ceased sending her letters. Instead, I leave her a single rose each night to remind her of our bond." That's beautiful.

Nikolas: Have I mentioned that you're a hopeless romantic?

[Emily giggles]

Emily: Yeah. Sometimes I -- I think Constance and Blackthorn's love was too passionate to be real and then I realize we have that, too.

Alexis: Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to let you know they set a court date.

Nikolas: Oh.

Emily: Yeah, this is all going so fast.

Alexis: If it's all right, I need to do some prep work with Nikolas?

Emily: Oh yeah, it's ok. I should call Dillon. He's having girl trouble and Iíd like to provide a sympathetic ear.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Ok, bye.

Nikolas: Ok. You want to start prepping for the trial tonight?

Alexis: I'm not sure that I did the right thing by hinging your freedom on Ricís cooperation. Getting in league with a morally corrupt A.D.A. is generally not the best way of proving somebody's innocence.

Nikolas: As long as it works.

Alexis: I want to protect you, Nikolas, you're my family. You and Kristina are the only family that I have left, and from this moment on, anyone else who tries to hurt my family is going to have to go through me first.

Zander: You're framing me.

Ric: Seems only fair since you tried to frame Nikolas first.

Zander: I don't even know Cody McCall. I got no motive to kill him.

Ric: You made it a very public crusade about hating Nikolas. See, I won't have any problem at all convincing a jury that you tried to eliminate your competition by framing him for murder.

Zander: You're bluffing.

Ric: Zander, you work for a known criminal, you have a history of violence. I won't have any problem making this stick or I can make it all go away.

Mac: The only way out of this situation is to be honest.

Georgie: I canít.

Mac: Tell him the truth, Georgie. If he's worth all the time and emotion you put into this, he'll understand.

Maxie: That's exactly what I told her.

Georgie: I'm dead. No one survives something like this in high school.

Mac: Hey, you know, you were always telling me before how much you loved Dillon. Well, if he's half the paragon you thought he was, he'll stand up and take you to this dance.

Officer: Commissioner? There's been a break in the Cody McCall case.

Mac: All right. Look, we'll finish this later. Will you help talk some sense into her?

Zander: You want me to sign over my rights so that I don't go to jail for something I didn't even do?

Ric: Look, why don't you just start thinking about what's best for this child?

Zander: You've done some pretty twisted stuff, Ric. You tell me, why is it best for me to sign over my baby to you?

Ric: You're leaving the choice to Elizabeth, not to me and you should well know that she's not going to let anybody hurt this baby. As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to love this child and I'm going to protect it -- regardless of the paternity -- because I love Elizabeth. Now, you -- you have a chance to make sure that this child grows up in a safe and a secure family. What's up?

Mac: They found the body of a fence named Ben Rogers. Two witnesses can testify that before he died, he confessed to killing Cody McCall.

Ric: Is this information reliable?

Mac: The case against Nikolas is closed.

Alexis: Now what? Are you all right?

Jax: What's one more bullet wound, you know?

Alexis: It's one step closer to being dead. Would you do me a favor and duck next time?

Jax: Hey.

Alexis: What is -- what do you know about Nikolas' case?

Jax: Ben Rogers is dead.

Emily: The fence?

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, he confessed to killing Cody McCall.

Alexis: Do you have proof?

Jax: Sam and Sonny heard the confession. Nikolas is being cleared of the charges as we speak.

Emily: Oh, my God! This is amazing!

Nikolas: You kept saying it would work out and it did.

Alexis: Well, I'm -- I am going to have a conversation with the police. I'm going to check with the authorities in --

Jax: Azure key. Yeah, Benís body is still down there.

Nikolas: It's bad news for Zander. His little frame didn't work out.

Ric: Look, you got to make a decision. Either you give this child the best chance it has to be loved and cared for without any negative interference or you're going to jail.

Zander: I need more time.

Ric: You don't have more time. Mac just called me out of the room to tell me the McCall case is priority one. He wants to go over the evidence again.

Zander: But he hasn't seen the case that I look like the killer?

Ric: No and he never will. I'll make it all disappear -- if you do what's right by Elizabeth.

Zander: Everyone just assumes this is easy. You have no idea what I'm going --

Ric: Zander, Elizabeth is a good person. She never meant to hurt you. I'm telling you, if you walk out this door without signing those papers, you're going to be a wanted man and I guarantee you I will make sure the cops bust you before you leave the squad room.

Jason: Carly ever come back?

Courtney: Yeah, for a few minutes. She spoke to Sonny.

Jason: Yeah, I know -- the jet landed. He's on his way back here.

Courtney: Look, Jason -- um -- I tried to stop her, but Carly -- she went to see Alcazar. I came in and she was on the phone with him and I told her that she was being crazy, but she wouldn't listen.

Jason: Did-- did she even see the kids?

Courtney: Yeah, Michael for a minute, but she was all over the place. It was like she couldn't even hear me.

Jason: She made her choice.

Courtney: Maybe not. I mean, you could still go get her.

Sonny: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: Where's Carly? She told me to come straight home from the airport. Michael said she was away or --

Courtney: Yeah, it's ok, Sonny. You should go see the boys. Carly -- she'll be back any minute.

Sonny: Jason? Where's my wife?

Jason: She's -- she's with Alcazar.

Sonny: What do you mean? He took her?

Jason: No, she went to him. He's -- he's got a place near the lake -- 243 Skycliff Road.

[Door slams]

Courtney: Do you know what you just did?

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Lorenzo: You ok?

Carly: I came to say goodbye.

Sage: You ready to go yet?

Dillon: How could I not have seen it, you know? She's hurt. Obviously, she's going to try to get back at me, but she's not going to go running to some other guy, right?

Georgie: Dillon, I really need to talk to you.

Dillon: Sure.

Georgie: This is really hard to explain.

Dillon: Ok, so go slow.

Georgie: I should've been honest with you from the start. Look, there's a problem with Tom -- it's really funny, actually. It's probably so funny you're not even going to believe me.

Dillon: No, no, it's ok. You can tell me anything, Georgie.

Sage: So what's the big secret?

Dillon: No --

Sage: Can anyone hear?

Dillon: Would you just stay out of it, please.

Sage: Calm down!

Dillon: Well -- you're always interrupting everything.

Sage: Just get over it.

Dillon: Fine, whatever.

Zander: I want out of here. What's taking so long?

Elizabeth: The custody papers are in a safe-deposit box and Ricís name is officially on all of the medical records.

Zander: What, you just came to rub that in?

Elizabeth: I came to thank you -- for myself and for the baby. I hope one day you'll realize that this was all for the best.

Zander: I'm trusting, Elizabeth, that you're the one person who will do right by this baby.

Elizabeth: You know I will.

Ric: You're free to go. Cody McCallís case has been solved. His fence killed him just like Nikolas said.

Zander: Is that what Mac came to tell you while you pushed me so hard?

Elizabeth: Zander, just calm down.

Ric: It's done, Zander. Don't make it worse on yourself.

Zander: This isn't over, Ric and you -- I hope you know what you just got yourself into.

Elizabeth: That was -- that was awful.

Ric: It's all right. At least you and the baby are protected now.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Ric: And Nikolas is cleared and Zanderís free.

Elizabeth: Oh, I don't know. This is the worst I've ever seen Zander. I just hope he doesn't go hurt himself -- or somebody else.

Emily: Thank you for delivering the good news, Jax.

Nikolas: You sure you're ok?

Jax: Yeah. I've survived worse.

Nikolas: Did you speak to Mac?

Alexis: I'm on my way to the station. A report just came in from Azure Key and I want to make sure that none of this goes on your permanent record.

Nikolas: You need me to come with you?

Alexis: Nope. I want you to stay here and share the good news with Emily. Jax, remember -- duck.

Jax: Sure.

Nikolas: Listen, did you -- did you see any sign of the treasure -- what --

Jax: I'm afraid the news is not so good on that front.

Emily: What do you mean?

Jax: The treasure was stolen from Azure Key. Now, we don't know by whom, but they're obviously willing to kill for it.

Nikolas: Well, Sam had the treasure from the Courage when she left town.

Jax: Yeah, that's all lost, too. Sam's given up the search, as well. She got off the plane and went straight to the funeral parlor to make arrangements for her father's burial.

Emily: There is nothing left?

Jax: Well, just some ring that Sam brought up from the Courage. Apparently, it belonged to Blackthorn. She won't part with it easily.

Nikolas: What did it look like?

Jax: Well, it's a signet ring. Apparently, the crest on it matches the one that's on the pirate's journal.

Nikolas: Did it look like that?

Jax: Yes, it did.

Emily: Well, according to the journal, Blackthorn left that ring in Azure Key.

Jax: Well, I -- I guess Sam lied. She must've gone back to find whatever was left of the treasure before we left the island.

Nikolas: Yeah. Then I doubt she's at the funeral home.

Jax: She just will not give up that damn search for that treasure.

Helena: You don't belong here.

Sam: I'm -- Iím just looking for Nikolas.

Helena: Well, Nikolas is not home and I don't like uninvited guests.

Jason: Do you think I should've covered for Carly?

Courtney: No, I understand why you couldn't. Sonny deserves to know the truth. For what it's worth, Jason, I know that wasn't easy for you.

Jason: You know, I tried to help her. Carly wouldn't let me.

Courtney: God. So if -- um -- if she's still with Alcazar when Sonny gets to that house, Sonny will never forgive her, will he?

Jason: I don't see how he could.

Courtney: I mean, Carly loves Sonny, I know she does. I mean, he loves her, too.

Jason: Sometimes love isn't enough.

Carly: Sonny is on his way home.

Lorenzo: And why are you here?

Carly: I just wanted to thank you for letting go; for allowing me and my family to finally be free.

Lorenzo: Can you ever truly be free with Sonny?

Carly: I love him, Lorenzo and I know what my life is like with him and Iím not going to give that up, not ever. Which means that Iím never going to be able to see you again. And the truth is I just -- I wanted to tell you that I don't hate you, and I hope that you find someone that you can share your life with, and who's going to be able to return the love that you have to give. Bye, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Hey -- you are not the only one who needs to know that it is over.

Carly: I-- Son--

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Dillon: This whole boyfriend thing -- why do I get the feeling it's just not right?

Sam: Put down the knife.

Faith: I want Morgan dead.

Sonny: You're not coming back to me. I'm through with you.

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: I can't live with Carly anymore.

Lorenzo: Your marriage ended tonight.

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