GH Transcript Friday 1/16/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/16/04

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Jax: It appears to be stuck.

Sonny: I guess it just needed a little finesse.

Jax: Well, see if your finesse can find Sam.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: Baby.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: What's -- what's wrong? What happened?

Emily: You were right. Zander's out of control.

Courtney: You were reading this file, searching for evidence to use against Sonny and Jason, huh? I mean, you just pretended to be worried about Michael.

Brian: I was worried about --

Courtney: No, no, I mean, you used it -- you used me to get into this penthouse. You used me to get to my family.

Jason: You can't give her that.

[Jason groans]

Nurse: Help! I need help! I need help. I need help in room 105.

Carly: Jason? Ah -- Jason! Jason, don't die! Jason, don't die on me now!

Jax: We need to find Sam.

Sonny: What makes you think she wants to be found, Jax?

Jax: Somebody took Sam and the treasure. Now, they'll have trouble getting off the island because of the hurricane, so we got a good chance of catching up with them.

Sonny: There's no evidence that anybody was here besides Sam. She wanted the treasure, she took it, and she left you with a beautiful souvenir here.

Jax: Look, Sam is in danger. I know that much, all right?

Sonny: Right.

Jax: Now, if you want to believe that she's fine, that's your prerogative. But I'm going to go after her.

Sonny: You're going to be needing this to fight off Samís kidnapper.

Emily: Zander came to Wyndemere.

Nikolas: Tonight?

Emily: Yeah, he tried to kiss me. You know, I saw the gun in his waistband. I had this urge to just -- just kill him, you know? I mean, I could just picture Zander falling, the gun going off. I mean, that is how far --

Nikolas: Did he hurt you?

Emily: This whole thing --

Nikolas: Did he hurt you?

Emily: No, but he was keyed up, you know, the way he gets, and he kept insisting that I had feelings for him, you know? And I just finally slapped him and I just yelled at him to leave!

Nikolas: Did he? Did he leave?

Emily: Yeah and he wasn't very happy about it. You know, it was just so surreal, Nikolas. I mean, I used to love Zander, you know? He was tough and he was defiant and he'd put up a front to the rest of the world, but I knew he was a good -- he was a good person, he had a good heart, you know? And it's just like tonight when I looked at him, all I saw was a cold, ruthless man who's capable of framing you for murder and I just -- I don't know, it's like --

[Emily sighs]

Emily: It's like I destroyed -- I destroyed the man I knew, and -- and I just don't recognize him --

Nikolas: Don't keep doing this. Emily, stop blaming yourself for Zanderís actions.

Emily: I know, but he is -- is not going to stop until he's destroyed your life.

Nikolas: But that's -- that's his choice. Ok, he could move on if he wanted to, he could find a way to forgive you, but he chooses -- he chooses to act out in rage, to get revenge any way that he can!

Emily: I know but he's not going to stop until he's put you in prison!

Nikolas: I'm not worried about me.

[Emily sighs]

Nikolas: I'm worried about you. I don't want you -- I don't want you by yourself in Wyndemere anymore.

Emily: I won't have to be because we are going to get you out of here. We'll post bail somehow and we'll skip on it, we'll go -- we'll go get the treasure and we'll disappear and we'll never look back baby.

Nikolas: Emily, Emily, Emily, Iím not getting out of here. Ok?

Emily: What?

Nikolas: But you are.

Brian: I didn't come here looking for dirt on Sonny and Jason. I wouldn't use you like that.

Courtney: Then why was this file sitting open in front of you?

Brian: I don't know. I didn't open it. Look, Courtney, if I wanted to stick it to Sonny, I would've done so earlier, ok? I wouldn't have gotten in Lansingís way. I would've let him take Michael away to social services for the heinous crime of hanging out with kids who were throwing snowballs at cars.

Courtney: Yeah, but you offered to escort us back to the penthouse.

Brian: To make sure you got home safely.

Courtney: Ok look, I left you alone while I went upstairs to take care of Michael. I come downstairs, you are on the phone with Ric talking about some update.

Brian: Look, you heard the rest of the conversation. Look, I warned Lansing if he doesn't lay off of Sonny's wife and kid, I'm going to report him for misusing his position as A.D.A. Now, I care about Michael, I thought you knew that. Look, you're married to a man who's secretive, who's business is secrets, and I respect you for keeping that. But I've got to tell you, I did not see that file on the desk.

Courtney: You know what? You're a cop. You take your job seriously.

Brian: I'm also your friend and I care about you, Courtney, I want to see you happy but this whole business of Sonny and Jason, they just keep pulling you back in.

Courtney: Ok, what I do is my business not yours Brian.

Brian: I know and I probably shouldn't have said that, but you've been confiding in me.

Courtney: Yeah well, I shouldn't have.

Brian: Well, stop looking at the badge and look at me.

Courtney: Ok, you know what, Brian? You are in my brother's home and you shouldn't be. I want you to leave now. Now.

Lorenzo: Guard? Guard, open up! I want to see Jason.

Max: You're a prisoner. You don't get to make demands.

Lorenzo: Jason promised he was going to check on my niece, make sure she's all right. Where is he?

Carly: Jason --

Nurse: Be careful, she's violent.

[Carly screams]

Carly: Don't -- ow! Let go of me! Jason --

Cameron: What happened here?

Carly: Ow! Let go of me!

Nurse: Mrs. Corinthos attacked this man without warning.

Carly: Stop!

Nurse: She stabbed him in the chest with a syringe.

Carly: Jason --

Lorenzoís voice: Don't let them take you, Carly. Wait for me.

Cameron: What was in the syringe?

Nurse: A sedative. 10 milligrams of midazolam.

Cameron: Get this man to another room. Give him 0.2 milligrams of romazicon to reverse the effects. 10 milligrams of midazolam is enough to knock out a horse. Who authorized it?

Patricia: I did.

Cameron: Why?

Patricia: Mrs. Corinthos has been in a highly agitated state. I thought the medication was appropriate and considering that she took the needle out of the nurse's hand and stabbed it into that man's chest, I would say that my assessment is correct. You should've warned us that she is violent. Clearly, Mrs. Corinthos needs --

Lorenzoís voice: Don't trust them, Carly.

Patricia: To be in a more secure environment.

Lorenzo's voice: No one cares about you like I do.

Patricia: That she be transferred to Ferncliff.

Carly: No. No. No, I am never going back to Ferncliff! Never! Let me go! No!

Zander: When did Emily get here?

Ric: A few minutes ago.

Zander: So, what, did you show her in to chat with Nikolas? This is supposed to be keeping them apart?

Ric: Oh, what, by trying to deny Emily her rights?

Zander: You and I had an agreement.

Ric: Look, the case against Nikolas is going to stick, but I have to do it by the book.

Zander: I didn't help pin this murder on Nikolas so that he and Emily could get closer.

Ric: Will you be patient?

Zander: While you screw this up?

Ric: Look, Emily and Nikolas already suspect your holding your parental rights over my head. Now, if you want me to start playing matchmaker, I might as well hold up a big neon sign so back off!

Zander: That's fine. I'll just go to Elizabeth and see how my baby's doing.

Ric: Zander -- you're going to get everything you want, but you better let me do my job.

Nikolas: Zander left when Emily asked him to but he's not going to give up. Next time it could be worse.

Lucky: You want to press charges?

Emily: No. It wasn't anything illegal.

Nikolas: Emily needs to get out of town -- now.

Emily: I'm not leaving you. I'm staying near you --

Nikolas: You're not safe here. Zander can come after you anytime he wants to.

Emily: I can handle him!

Nikolas: Oh, you used to be able to handle him. He's a different a person now, Em.

Emily: Zander won't hurt me, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You willing to bet my freedom on that? Because if he even looks at you again, I'll kill him!

Lucky: I agree with Nikolas. Every move he makes is being scrutinized and Lansingís looking for more charges to file on him. It might be a good idea if you get a break from all this.

Emily: I'm not leaving you alone Nikolas.

Nikolas: The only way that I can make it through this is if I know you're safe.

Lucky: Emily, while you're gone, I swear I will concentrate on finding this fence and getting Nikolas cleared.

Emily: I hate this.

Nikolas: I know. We'll make it through this, ok? I promise it'll be over soon.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I love you. I love you.

Nikolas: Go on, go on. Go on.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Bye.

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: Hey, you're back. Is your head ok?

Dillon: Yeah, it's -- seems fine. Um -- I wanted to see you.

Georgie: I'm working.

Dillon: You don't think you could take a break for one second?

Georgie: Why?

Dillon: Because you were trying to tell me something and Sage interrupted.

Georgie: It wasn't important.

Dillon: Look, anytime you try and tell me something, I should pay attention. I should treat it like it's important because it is.

Georgie: Do you know how easy it would be to believe you?

Dillon: I'm telling the truth.

Georgie: What, the last five minutes or is this some existential concept that I can't grasp because I haven't seen enough French films?

Dillon: What? What are you talking about?

Georgie: I saw you kissing Sage and before you try to explain, look, I -- I realize that we're broken up and you can kiss whoever you want, and you don't owe me an explanation.

Dillon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Why do you think I keep showing up to see you?

Georgie: Look, but it's not fair for you to keep showing up here and telling me how much I mean to you and then lip-locking Sage. If there weren't still some part of me that believed in you, I would think you were just jerking me around for fun.

Dillon: I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that.

Georgie: You are doing it on a daily basis now.

Dillon: Ok, sit. Do you want to know why I crashed Nedís Beemer? Because I was thinking of you and all the ways that I hurt you, and how -- and how badly I blew it and how I would give anything to be able to go back. I was thinking about how easy it was and how right it felt that I could just -- I could just trust you with all of my feelings and you know what? You trusted me back and I'm driving and I'm wondering, am I ever going to have that again? Then I think probably not and then I hit a patch of ice and the next thing I know, I wake up in a ditch -- which is a perfect metaphor for my life. I'm stuck in a ditch, Georgie, and I don't -- I don't think I'm ever going to get out of it.

Cameron: Mrs. Corinthos voluntarily committed herself. She's my patient, I would never have agreed to that much medication. You acted without my authority.

Patricia: It's my responsibility to protect my staff and other patients. She attacked that man!

Cameron: Pumping her full of sedatives might be your solution, it's not mine. Do it again, Iíll have you up in front of the review board. Are we clear?

Patricia: I will not apologize for making a medical decision that I thought necessary, but we are clear, yes.

Cameron: Fair enough. Now I'd like some time alone with my patient.

Patricia: Good luck, doctor.

Cameron: Carly?

Lorenzo's voice: Don't trust Cameron, don't trust any of them.

Cameron: Carly?

Carly: Get away from me. Get away! You did this to me. You -- you did this. I never should've trusted you.

Nurse: Watch his respirations while I get the drug to reverse the sedative.

Faith: That won't be necessary.

Nurse: Who are you?

Faith: Dr. Holloway. I'm a consulting physician on this case. I've discussed my concerns about the reversal drug with Dr. Grimes. Due to Mr. Morgan's pre-existing condition, Iíve suggested it would be best to let him sleep it off. Dr. Grimes agrees.

Nurse: But the high dose of sedative --

Faith: Won't hurt him at all. I have followed case studies on these drugs extensively and that is the mutual decision Dr. Grimes and I have come to.

Nurse: All right, Iíll stay to monitor his respiratory status.

Faith: That won't be necessary, Iíll do that myself.

Nurse: But --

Faith: Thank you, nurse. I'll take it from here.

Jax: Sam? Sam, are you here? Sam, is that you? Hey! Hey!

Sam: Hi.

Sonny: I thought I'd never see you again.

Cameron: Carly, you have every right to be angry. You did an incredibly brave thing in choosing to come here and somebody made a mistake with your medication. I'm partly to blame for that. I should've been monitoring you more carefully, making sure you got the right treatment. That's what I'm going to do now. I'm here to help you, Carly.

Lorenzoís voice: Don't let them take you to Ferncliff. I can't get to you there.

Carly: I won't -- won't let you send me to Ferncliff.

Cameron: That's not going to happen. You'll stay right here.

Lorenzoís voice: Don't trust him. He's trying to keep us apart.

Carly: You want me to go to Ferncliff. You want me to go because of what I did to Jason.

Cameron: You didn't know what you were doing, Carly. The drugs they gave you were too strong.

Carly: Is he going to be ok?

Cameron: Yeah. The sedative just made him tired, that's all. He'll probably sleep better than he has in months and then wake up and be fine. Carly? Are you thinking about Alcazar?

Lorenzoís voice: He's trying to trick you, make you forget me.

Carly: No.

Cameron: He's the reason you had yourself committed, remember? Are you thinking about him now?

Carly: No.

Lorenzoís voice: Show him you're calm and in control. Sleep.

Carly: I'm -- Iím tired.

Cameron: Good. That's good. Sleep is what you need, Carly.

Faith: Hello, lover. I've always wondered what you would be like in bed.

Courtney: How's Carly?

Cameron: Much worse than I had imagined. I could barely have a conversation with her. The doctor at the clinic gave her drugs that only exacerbated her condition.

Courtney: Why are they giving her drugs?

Cameron: Well, the doctor felt she needed a sedative. I blocked any more medication, but I'm beginning to understand why Carly felt like she had to have herself committed.

Courtney: Well, she wanted to get over her obsession with Alcazar, and she said that you were going to give her intensive therapy.

Cameron: The fixation on Alcazar is much worse than I had imagined. Carly may be hallucinating.

Courtney: So what -- what are you going to do to help her?

Cameron: Wait till the drugs are out of her system and then resume therapy.

Courtney: Something else happened at Shadybrook, didn't it?

Cameron: Yeah, Jason went in to see her. She lost control and injected him with a syringe full of sedative.

Courtney: What? Is he all right?

Cameron: Oh, yeah, he will be. They're giving him a drug to counteract it.

Courtney: Oh my God. So why -- why would Carly do that? What, did Jason upset her?

Cameron: I don't know. I'm hoping she'll open up to me tomorrow. In the meantime, Jason should've regained consciousness by now. Do you think you could pick him up at Shadybrook and bring him home?

Courtney: Yeah.

Faith: I will tell you a little secret. You're the only man who truly scares me, but it's kind of a turn-on and we are entering a new phase of our relationship. I am going to have power over you, Jason. I can claim that you raped me. Hell, maybe I'll even get pregnant with your child. Wouldn't that be something? You are the key to Sonny's whole operation and just like that, I could manipulate you for the rest of your life. Ooh, makes me absolutely hot with possibilities. Whoa! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stay in bed. Stay -- you are not well. You're not well. You're not -- I'm just trying to help you. No, Jason -- somebody get him! Come bring him back here! He's dangerous! Get him in here!

Georgie: Look, I can do this on my own.

Dillon: I know you can.

Georgie: Shouldn't you be home resting? I mean, doesn't your head hurt?

Dillon: Not as bad as it does when Iím spending an evening with my family. Which I seem to be doing a lot lately since every time I go to Kellyís, you and Maxie are there talking about Tom.

Georgie: He's a great guy.

Dillon: Oh yeah, I'll bet.

Georgie: What's that supposed to mean?

Dillon: It means that I -- I just spent, like, an hour pouring my heart out to you over there, and -- and now the best response you can come up with is to arrange file folders?

Georgie: Look, I'm sorry your life is stuck in a ditch. I wish there was something I could do, I really do.

Dillon: Do you really?

Georgie: Look, but like you said, we don't trust each other and I guess that would be my fault because Iím the first person to lie -- by making the deal with your mom to break up with you. But you lied, too. You had feelings for Sage from the start.

Dillon: No, no.

Georgie: You smuggled her into your bedroom and then while you were making out with me, you knew she was hiding under the bed!

Dillon: Look, look, I -- I felt sorry for her, ok? I still do. Do you know -- do you know what Sage has been doing the last few days? She's been running around town with a gun because her uncle disappeared and she thinks somebody murdered him, and it's up to her to avenge his death.

Georgie: Sounds dramatic.

Dillon: Don't be like that.

Georgie: Look, I am sorry if Iím not as sympathetic towards Sage Alcazar as you would like!

Dillon: What's the worst thing in your life right now, Georgie? What's the worst thing? Your mom took a permanent vacation in Texas. What's the worst thing in my life? My mom is back and she's annoying the heck out of me. You know what that is? That's a typical, grade-A, garden-variety, adolescent problem. You can look it up in a movie if you want, but Iíll tell you something -- John Hughes never made a film about a girl whose father was pushed over a balcony with a knife lodged in his chest.

Georgie: I cannot believe you're defending her.

Dillon: Alcazar is the only person that Sage has got right now in the world and he didn't even have the common decency to tell her goodbye when he went to the other side of the planet. I'm the only friend she's got and that's -- and that's when Iím not walking around blaming her for my own stupid decisions.

Georgie: So you do care about her?

Dillon: Yeah, I do, I do. Sage got hurt by this whole thing, ok? So did you, so did I and believe me, I know -- I really do know what it's like to see the one person you love hooking up with somebody else. But I'll bet you something -- it can't be that much fun to be the horrible mistake herself, either.

Georgie: Do you want me to forgive her?

Dillon: I just want you to show a little understanding, that's all.

Georgie: Do you realize what just happened here? You came in trying to apologize to me and then it all turned around because Iím not feeling sorry for poor little Sage whose life is so terrible that she just had to crawl into bed with you.

Dillon: Did I do this to you?

Georgie: What?

Dillon: Did I make it so that it's impossible for you to see anybody else's point of view but your own?

Georgie: You know what? This conversation is over. I'm with Tom now. Be with Sage or don't. I don't care.

Ric: You know, juries eat this kind of stuff up all the time. A young, titled heir to a wealthy family -- that is until the wealthy family loses everything -- desperately confronts a thief who he thinks has stolen a sunken treasure that he himself has been going after in order to save his family bank accounts. Till you lose control, right, and we know the rest. It's kind of like how you lost control with Zander at the pier last night, right?

Nikolas: Now, Iím -- I'm no lawyer, but isn't what you just said called speculation?

Ric: You see, I have a murder weapon with your fingerprints on it -- the candlestick that was used to bludgeon Cody McCall to death.

Nikolas: That evidence was fabricated.

Ric: Are you going to get a jury to agree to that? Now look, as I see it, your only hope is to plead self-defense. Look, just say that Cody attacked you and you were defending yourself, and then you panicked and you tried to make his death look like a suicide.

Nikolas: Yeah, and if I plead self-defense, then what happens?

Ric: I'll get the charge reduced to manslaughter.

Nikolas: You don't want to prosecute this case because you know Iím innocent. The real killer is Ben and he's probably out there killing -- the guy exists!

Ric: You want to know something?

Nikolas: Mike Corbin knows him!

Ric: You want to know the truth to this? I am going to prosecute this case. I am going to win and you're going to be convicted of murder. Now, don't kid yourself. I'm very good, I got an airtight case. Now, you plead guilty to manslaughter and you're going to go up to five to six years. You will get out; you will have your whole life in front of you. I'm offering you a chance to save yourself, Nikolas. Be smart. Take it.

Sam: So I grabbed as much treasure as I could carry, and then someone hit me from behind.

Sonny: Who?

Sam: I don't know. I didn't see him. Next thing I knew, I woke up and I was soaking wet and whoever hit me was gone, and so was the treasure. I couldn't find you or Jax, so I just -- I came here. Where -- where is Jax?

Sonny: He went looking for you. He thought you were abducted.

Sam: And you thought I took off with the treasure and ran?

Sonny: The thought never crossed your mind?

Sam: Sure, it did.

Sonny: Where are you going?

Sam: I'm going to find Jax.

Sonny: No, you're not. No, you're not.

Jax: Oh! That costume's not fooling anyone. You're not a ghost. You're a real-life, breathing thief. What the hell have you done with Sam McCall?

Carly: Hmm. Sonny -- Sonny, what --

[Carly moans]

Carly: Sonny -- ow. Ow. What -- what are you -- no!

Faith: I hate to disappoint you, Carly. Sonny isn't coming.

Cameron: Yeah, ok, let me know if you hear anything else.

Courtney: Is Jason all right?

Cameron: He overpowered two orderlies and bolted from Shadybrook.

Courtney: Oh, my God.

Cameron: He hasn't been given a counteragent for the drug he was injected with. He's got enough meds in him for three people. Now he's wandering around God knows where. He could fall asleep outside and freeze, he could wander into traffic. I've got to call the police.

Courtney: Ok, no, whoa, whoa, what's going to happen to Carly if you call?

Cameron: It'll go on her record.

Courtney: No -- then you can't -- you can't call.

Cameron: Courtney, Jason could die out there.

Courtney: He would rather die than make things worse for Carly, but that's not going to happen because I'm going to find him.

Cameron: Courtney? He'll be acting on instinct. He'll go someplace safe, someplace with good associations.

Courtney: I know where to find him.

Jason: Courtney!

Sage: Are you waiting to see a doctor? Should I call your mom?

Dillon: Georgie and I had a fight.

Sage: Sorry.

Dillon: Do you really mean that?

Sage: You know I have no use for Georgie. I think she's a complete waste of your time, but you're hurting, and that bothers me.

Dillon: Georgie and I used to be able to, like, talk about anything, and now there's -- there's so much junk in the way. It's like no matter how we start out, we always end up fighting.

Sage: Think of it this way -- you'll always have Paris.

Dillon: What did you say?

Sage: You know how in "Casablanca" he's all bitter and hurt and she feels guilty and they just can't make it work? They have this beautiful memory of how it used to be. Maybe that's you and Georgie. You two had a great summer together and no matter what happens, you'll always have that connection.

Dillon: I didn't think you knew that.

Sage: What?

Dillon: The movie point of the romance -- I didn't think you noticed things like that.

Sage: I notice a lot, Dillon. I just keep hoping that someday you'll notice how much I care about you.

Dillon: Where are you going?

Sage: I thought I left my palm pilot here, but I just realized it's on the table at Kellyís.

Dillon: I'll walk you.

Sage: You sure?

Dillon: Yeah, no point in hanging around here. Ok, so did you get that, like, "Casablanca" was totally a metaphor for the political situation that was going on at the beginning of World War II?

Nikolas: I'm not pleading guilty to manslaughter or anything else, for that matter.

Ric: You know, I'm trying to help you here, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I didn't kill Cody McCall and you know it. But you, you -- you're prepared to see an innocent man get convicted without even the slightest -- the slightest twinge of conscience. Tell me how you -- do you sleep at night?

Ric: Like a baby.

Nikolas: Well, whose baby would that be? The one your wife's carrying? The one Zanderís using as leverage over you? That one?

Ric: This is your last chance to accept my offer.

Nikolas: You have my answer.

Ric: You just sentenced yourself to life in prison.

Nikolas: Fine, we're done here. Call the guard.

[Nikolas sighs]

[Wind blows]

Sam: I'm not allowed to go out there and look for Jax?

Sonny: It's not a smart move.

Sam: Because you hate him. You know, I'm actually starting to think he's right -- that you are nothing but a cold, calculating mobster who would love to see Jax dead.

Sonny: Well, there's some truth in that, but that's beside the point. Those are gale winds out there. They can blow your little body into the sea or you could be kidnapped by that -- by whoever you said knocked you over the head. Right?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Ok?

Sam: Yeah, but in case you haven't noticed by now, I can take care of myself just fine.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Sam: And Jax may be in trouble.

Sonny: He doesn't need your help.

Sam: How do you know? E.S.P.? Crystal ball?

Sonny: You are running all over this island risking your life for nothing.

Sam: Why does it matter so much to you what I do?

Helena: Oh.

Nikolas: If you're -- if you're here to see Ric Lansing, he already left.

Zander: I'm not. I'm more interested in Emily. Where'd she go with Lucky?

Nikolas: Oh -- uh -- I sent my fiancťe away so she would be safe from you.

Zander: Is that what you told her, that I'm some kind of threat?

Nikolas: Oh, she already knows that you're a threat and you proved that by going to work for Faith and setting me up for murder.

Zander: You're guilty.

Nikolas: That's what Ric Lansing keeps saying. Is -- is he speaking for you?

Zander: Ric's just doing his job; Iím just enjoying watching you squirm.

Nikolas: So you think -- you think if I get convicted, Emily will turn to you?

Zander: Stranger things have happened.

Nikolas: Zander, you -- you're pushing to get something back that's long gone. Emily's love for you is dead and you destroyed anything she ever felt for you. She -- she really hates you because you showed her what you really are, and that's nothing. Oh! Oh!

Courtney: Jason? Jason? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Thank God, Jason, I was so worried about you!

Jason: Oh --

Man: So we're supposed to keep Alcazar here until Sonny can whack him?

Max: That's what I'm told.

Man: When's Sonny due back?

Max: It should be soon. He's got to be worried about his wife. Mrs. Corinthos lost it. She got committed to Shadybrook.

Carly: Sonny's -- Sonny's coming to get me.

Faith: Sonny's gone. He's not coming back.

Carly: Sonny loves me.

Faith: Sonny doesn't love you, Carly. It's over. He left. But it's all right. Lorenzo is coming for you.

Carly: No. Sonny --

Faith: Are you listening? You need to understand. The man who loves you is Lorenzo Alcazar.

Carly: No.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Man: Corinthos and the girl are gone.

Helena: They'll be back.

Jax: Ah!

Courtney: Jason --

Jason: I love you. You're my whole life.

Zander: This guy's more out of control every day. I want him arrested.

Ric: I'm placing you under arrest.

Faith: Help! I need some help in here!

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