GH Transcript Thursday 1/15/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/15/04

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Emily: Yes, I accused Zander of framing you.

Nikolas: Directly to his face, you did?

Emily: He knows too much about this murder, Nikolas. At the very least, the police should be questioning him.

Nikolas: Did you tell him that?

Emily: Maybe not directly, but I -- I told Ric that I suspect Zander.

Nikolas: Then let Ric deal with it. You need to stay away from Zander.


Sam: Are you ok?

[Sam coughs]

Jax: Are you?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Am I interrupting?

Jason: What the hell was Carly thinking?

Courtney: Well, that she has to get over her obsession with Alcazar before you tell Sonny about it.

Jason: No, I told Carly that I wouldn't lie for her. I didn't mean she should have herself committed.

Courtney: She's desperate, Jason. She doesn't want to lose Sonny or their family.

Jason: Carly needs to be surrounded by people she loves. She needs to feel safe right now.

Courtney: Are you sure that we can give her that?

Jason: You mean "we" as in "us"?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah. How bad?

Carly: Um -- I -- I don't want drugs.

Patricia: The medication will help you relax.

Carly: I am supposed to be getting therapy.

Patricia: Well, this will help.

Carly: No, it won't. Where is Dr. Lewis?

Patricia: Dr. Lewis approved the medication.

Carly: No, he didnít. Dr. Lewis doesn't even want me in here. Are you --?

Patricia: Carly -- Carly --

Carly: You can get away from me. Excuse me, let -- let go of me!

Patricia: Try and calm down!

Carly: Are you out of your -- let go of me! Dr. Lewis! Get somebody. Help me!

Patricia: You will feel --

Carly: This is not -- ow -- supposed to be happening!

Patricia: Better very --

Carly: This is a mistake!

Patricia: Very soon.

Carly: Don't -- don't touch me.

Patricia: Breathe.

Carly: Ow.

Alexis: This is the last place that I expected to see you.

Zander: Is Emily here?

Alexis: She's at the police station with Nikolas.

Zander: Would you mind telling her I stopped by please?

Alexis: Think about what you're doing, Zander. You said Nikolas put you in the hospital?

Zander: He did. He admitted it.

Alexis: And because of those assault charges, you know his bail was revoked?

Zander: It's not my problem.

Alexis: And now you're standing here in his house looking for your ex-wife? Do you have any idea how that makes you look?

Zander: Why do I care how it makes me look?

Alexis: You need to care, Zander. You need to step away from this and think about what you're doing. We all know that Emily broke your heart; we all know that it's unfair, but you need to get over it and let it go.

Zander: You going to bill me for this legal advice?

Alexis: Have I ever billed you for a penny of my legal advice?

Zander: It's pro bono -- isn't that what they call that?

Alexis: Zander, I'm talking to you as your friend. This is going to hurt you more than it is ever going to hurt Nikolas and Emily. Look what it did to Stefan when he tried to get in the way between the two of them. You still have a chance to get out of this.

Zander: Why would I want to do that?

Alexis: Because Emily thinks that you killed Cody McCall.

Zander: She's just upset. I don't even know who the guy is.

Alexis: And I believe you, but a jury may not.

Zander: What are you talking about, a jury?

Alexis: It's against the law to frame a man for murder, Zander.

Zander: Alexis, how in the world am I going to frame Nikolas Cassadine? The cops in this town hate me.

Alexis: Stop it!

Zander: I got no power here.

Alexis: Stop it. We all know you're in a perfect position to get anything that you want.

Nikolas: Zander wants revenge against me, ok? That makes him dangerous.

Emily: I'm not afraid of Zander, Nikolas. I broke his heart. He's reacting badly, but that doesn't mean he's going to hurt me.

Nikolas: Emily, trashing his own life by working for Faith is one thing, but blowing up my freighter, framing me for murder? Come on. You just said he may have even killed Cody himself.

Emily: You're innocent, Nikolas, and once we prove it, Zanderís going to back off.

Nikolas: Oh. Look, I know that some part of you still believes in him, but I know better, ok? Stay away from him. Don't talk to him. Cross the street to avoid him. Please?

Ric: So what do you mean that Courtneyís been putting on the brakes?

Brian: I'm a detective, Jasonís a criminal. Courtney's smart, ok? She won't risk incriminating him.

Ric: I brought you into this department, detective, to nail Sonny and Jason. Courtney is the best way to do that.

Brian: Courtney likes me, but she's just being cautious.

Ric: Then you find a way to reassure her.

Andy: We just hauled some kids in. We caught them throwing snowballs at cars over on Westfield.

Ric: So?

Andy: Isn't that Sonny Corinthos' boy?

Jax: What are you trying to do, save us or blow us up?

Sonny: I don't even get a "thanks"?

Jax: Sam, let's go.

Sam: Yeah, one second.

Jax: Leave it alone, Sam.

[Sam screams]

Courtney: Is Sonny all right?

Jason: Yeah, he's stuck on an island called Azure Key. The pilot -- he can't reach him. He's probably ok because I talked to him. He said he was just going to wait out the hurricane. It's just taking a lot longer than anyone thought. Look, I got to get to Shadybrook and get to Carly.

Courtney: Look, I couldn't stop her, Jason. I tried, I swear.

Jason: I know you did.

Courtney: Ok -- um -- I deal with the kids. You just take care of Carly.

Jason: Ok. Thank you for -- for helping. I know you wanted out of all of this.

Courtney: Michael and Morgan needed me. Of course I'm going to help, but I want to.

Jason: Can you separate family and business?

Courtney: Look, sometimes I hate what you and Sonny do, Jason, but that doesn't mean that I hate who you are. My family's all I really have and I -- I can't break that connection.

Faith: Is everything ready?

Man: Almost.

Faith: Great. This is just what I need to get Jasonís focus off killing me. With any luck, by the time he gets back Sonny's wife will be hopelessly attached to Alcazar. Sonny will kill Alcazar or Alcazar will kill Sonny -- I don't care which. They cancel each other out and I will be the last one standing. Let me know when you're done.

Faith: Is she ready?

Patricia: Mrs. Corinthos is in a highly receptive state.

Faith: Perfect.  Poor baby, are you feeling better? Good. You know what you need, don't you? The man who makes you feel whole. You can't wait to see him, can you? He's on your mind first thing in the morning, and he's the last thing you think of at night. He gives you the courage to get through the whole day. He makes everything worthwhile. He's the air you breathe. He moves through all of your dreams. He's your future, your soul mate, your reason for living. He is your very heart and you are his. You are Lorenzoís heart.

Alexis: I know what you're doing, Zander, which means that other people will know too, eventually.

Zander: I'm not doing anything.

Alexis: You told me that Elizabeth is pregnant with your child and then you asked me what your legal options were and then you told me that Ric is pressuring you to sign over your legal rights. Those are tactical errors, by the way, if you plan on winning this particular game.

Zander: I'm sorry, Alexis, you just lost me.

Alexis: You haven't signed over your parental rights yet, have you?

Zander: Obviously, you've just taken yourself out of that loop.

Alexis: Holding out for Ric to do whatever you want? Must be a very powerful feeling to have the A.D.A. by the throat and you know what? It's working because he's fabricated a really good story against Nikolas based on nothing.

Zander: Again, that's not my problem.

Alexis: And don't get me wrong. You know, I think that you should take your time about whether you're going to sign over your parental rights because it's a very difficult decision, Zander.

Zander: Yes, it is.

Alexis: What are you holding out for, 30 years or life in prison?

Zander: That's it, Alexis. You played the system and you got away with murder. You've proven that you will do anything to save yourself or to save your daughter. Now you've created this wild story to save your nephew.

Alexis: Don't ever underestimate the truth, Zander, and don't underestimate Ric Lansing because he's meaner than you are. Actually, I'm told that he doesn't have a conscience at all.

Zander: You think I have a deal with Ric Lansing? Let's get him on the phone. Run that theory past him, see what he thinks.

Dillon: Hey, Maxie?

Maxie: Georgie told me you left.

Dillon: Yeah, I'm back. Um -- is she around?

Maxie: She's working.

Dillon: Ok, what floor?

Maxie: Why do you care?

Dillon: Uh -- because I'd like to see her, if that's ok with you?

Maxie: Actually, it's not.

Dillon: Why are you being so hostile?

Maxie: You have to ask?

Dillon: Look, I -- I know that I -- that I hurt her, but if I keep --

Maxie: Can you do us both a favor here and skip the part about how it really wasn't your fault that you had sex with Sage and broke my sister's heart?

Dillon: Whoa -- wait a minute, wait a minute, stop. Since when are you Georgieís big protector? You just spent the entire summer ridiculing her, making her feel miserable, or just plain ignoring her existence while you were chasing after Kyle Ratcliffe.

Maxie: You're right Dillon, I was awful to Georgie and I'm making up for it now.

Dillon: Well, maybe I'm trying to do the same thing.

Maxie: You want to know the difference -- is Iím her sister and Iím guaranteed a second chance. You're just some slime that lied and slept around on her.

Dillon: That's not what happened. That's not what happened.

Maxie: Oh, I'm sorry. I must've imagined the time that my sister came bawling her eyes out to me after she walked in on you and Sage having sex in your bedroom. That couldn't have been a whole two hours after you came here and swore up and down your love for Georgie, and that you'd never, ever accept a breakup. I'm just curious, was that original dialogue or did it come from a movie, because to me, it sounded really sincere.

Dillon: You know what your problem is, Maxie?

Maxie: Yes -- my sister got her heart stomped on by a spoiled, rich boy.

Dillon: No -- you got your heart stomped on by a self-centered loser, and his name's Kyle. Now, he used you, he hurt you, and now you think that all guys are the same way.

Maxie: No, Dillon. Just go.

Dillon: Look, I made a mistake and I know that, all right? It was wrong and I'm sorry, but -- but if I really didn't care about Georgie, why would I keep coming here trying to apologize to her? If all I cared about was sex, why wouldn't I just be with Sage?

Maxie: Aren't you?

Dillon: No.

Maxie: Well, you might as well tell Sage that.

Dillon: You hate me, don't you?

Maxie: Dillon, my sister believed in love. Real, true, romantic, forever love, and she believed that she found it with you. And I watched her. I watched her beg you to stop working for Alcazar. I watched her get more and more insecure about Sage. I watched her sit, staring at her phone for hours, while you were away on some island with Sage. Dillon, you broke my sister's heart long before you cheated on her.

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, I get that now.

Maxie: So, if my sister just can't forgive you and take you back, I say good for her.

Dillon: What about Tom?

Maxie: What about him?

Dillon: Does he love her? Are you sure he's -- he's better for her than I am?

Maxie: Georgie really seems to think so.

Courtney: Ric?

Ric: Yeah? Hey.

Courtney: I just spoke with Miles Brawer's mother. This whole thing is a huge mistake. Michael didn't throw any snowballs. He and Miles were in the backyard the entire time. So if you have any questions, you can call Mrs. Brawer.

Ric: Good.

Courtney: And I'm taking my nephew home.

Ric: No, no, no, no. I can't let you do that.

Courtney: Why not?

Ric: Well, legally, I can't release Michael in anybody's custody except his parents.

Courtney: Sonny's out of town and Carlyís unavailable. She asked me to take care of her children, ok?

Ric: Did she sign a paper to that effect?

Courtney: I'm his aunt and I'm taking him home.

Ric: Well, I'm his uncle. Why shouldn't I take him home?

Courtney: Do you want me to call a lawyer?

Ric: You can call whoever you want to, Courtney, but legally I have to turn him over to social services if his parents can't be bothered to come down and pick him up.

Courtney: Ok, you listen to me, you evil freak. I'm going to walk in that room and I'm going to speak to my nephew and if you try and stop me, Iím going to throw you across the room.

Ric: I have no doubt about that.

Courtney: Hey, kiddo. It's all right.

Michael: I didn't do anything.

Courtney: I know, sweetie, I know.

Michael: Miles and I were in the backyard. His older brother and a bunch of other kids started throwing snowballs.

Courtney: I know, I know. Mrs. Brawer explained everything.

Michael: Will I have to go to jail?

Courtney: Oh, sweetie, did somebody say that you had to go to jail?

Michael: No. Was it -- I had to ride in a police car, and I didn't talk -- but I didn't talk to anybody, just like daddy said.

Courtney: That's -- that's good, Michael. You did just what your daddy would've wanted.

Michael: Can I go home now?

Courtney: Well, I'm working on it. I just need to make a few phone calls, ok?

Michael: Don't leave me in here.

[Knock on door]

Ric: Excuse me, Courtney, but I have to take Michael to social services now.

Courtney: Hey, if you go anywhere near this child, Ric, I swear --

Brian: It's a bad idea. With all due respect, he's not going anywhere.

Carly: Courtney. Is that you?

Faith: Shh. Close your eyes. No need to focus. Lorenzo will be here soon. You'll feel Lorenzoís breath on your skin, his touch, the fire he lights inside you. A fire no one else can imagine. Don't fight your love for Lorenzo. You know your own mind. You know what you need. You belong to Lorenzo, body and soul, and he belongs to you. If anything should stand between you and Lorenzo, you have to fight it and if anyone tries to keep you away from Lorenzo, they are not really your friend.

Jason: Excuse me. Where's Carly Corinthos?

Nurse: She has requested no visitors.

Jason: I need to hear that from her.

Patricia: Mrs. Corinthos has been sedated. She can't be disturbed.

Nikolai's voice: "We both were aware of the danger. We didn't care. We knew Constance didn't belong in my world. We didn't care. We knew that our love was dangerous. We didn't care. We were together. Nothing else mattered at all."

[Music plays]

Nikolai's voice: "Nothing could keep us apart. Not money, social position, certainly not her parents. She was betrothed to a Spanish nobleman. She would have married him -- until the faithful night we met. After that, the world shifted. Nothing would ever be as it was before. And we didn't care."

Constance: Oh. I never experienced love like this before. I never knew there was such a feeling.

Nikolai: Nor I.

Constance: To think I might have spent my entire life with another, never knowing --

Nikolai: You mustn't, mustn't think about that right now, my love.

Constance: My heart is bursting with love. Oh Blackthorn, I'd rather go to a convent than marry that man.

Nikolai: Ok, let's see. I don't see a convent in your future.

Constance: Thank God!

Nikolai: You will be abducted by pirates, however.

Constance: Ah, splendid.

Nikolai: You will be swept away. You'll vanish, never to be seen again, long before you take vows from your Spanish nobleman.

[Constance giggles]

[Music stops]

Constance: It's him! We're found out!

Nikolai: Don't be afraid.

Constance: No!

[Music plays]

Nobleman: In the name of his highness, the king, I place thee, Blackthorn, under arrest.

[Jax coughs]

Sonny: What the hell was that?

[Jax coughs]

Jax: Where's Sam?

Sonny: She's behind all this?

Jax: Oh -- yeah, if she's still alive.

[Sam coughs]

Ric: Look, if a -- if a child's parents won't release him from police custody, I have no choice.

Brian: Have you even tried to contact Mr. Corinthos?

Courtney: No, he's unreachable, and Carlyís back in the hospital.

Ric: Look, my hands are tied. I have to turn this case over to social services. It's the law.

Courtney: Ok, fine. Then Iím going to call Justus Ward and we're going to sue you.

Brian: There's no need to drag this into court. Look, he's got family here. Why don't we just let him go?

Ric: The law is the law.

Brian: Michael's a kid, not a criminal, ok? He's done nothing wrong. He shouldn't have been brought here in the first place.

Ric: And you can take that up with Police Commissioner Scorpio.

Brian: I can't believe you're taking out your frustrations about Sonny onto a little child. It's a gross misuse of department resources and your own power.

Ric: Well, I'm sorry I'm not more flexible, detective, and I really, really, for the inconvenience that this must've cost you -- I'm so sorry for that.

Courtney: You call this an inconvenience, Ric?

Brian: Let me try to present this to you in another way. Picture these two on the news tomorrow morning, right after Courtney and I file charges for child abuse.

Courtney: Yeah and I'd file a lawsuit like this department has never seen.

Brian: How will you explain that to Scott Baldwin and how will he justify your appointment to the voters? How will -- how will you explain that you ripped a little child away from his family because he was playing in a friend's backyard?

Courtney: Maybe we could get the press down here right now and they could tape what happens when you try and take Michael away from me.

Ric: Ok, fine. Fine. You can take him home.

Brian: That's good work.

Courtney: I'm just glad that you showed up when you did.

Brian: It's no problem at all.

Jason: Why did you sedate Carly?

Patricia: Are you a family member?

Orderly: That's Jason Morgan.

Jason: I'm Carlyís brother-in-law.

Patricia: Well, then you aren't immediate family.

Jason: You know, she shouldn't even be here and she never agreed to be drugged.

Patricia: Mrs. Corinthos' condition is confidential.

Jason: Mrs. Corinthos is checking out of this place.

Patricia: Call security.

Jason: Carly, Iím getting you out of here.

Carly: I knew you'd come. In my heart, I knew you'd never let me down.

Jason: Carly -- Carly, what are you doing?

Carly: Lorenzo, thank God you found me.

Jason: Carly? Carly? It's me, Jason. Do you recognize me?

Carly: Jason?

Jason: Yeah, that's right.

Carly: Oh. Where -- where am I?

Jason: We're at Shadybrook.

Carly: Wait? Why? What -- what happened --?

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. It's ok -- it's ok. I'm going to get you -- I'm going to get you out of here.

Carly: You will?

Jason: Yes. Do you understand what Iím saying to you? Ok. Ok. Just hold on to me, ok? Hold on. Hold on. It's ok.

Patricia: Don't let him take her out of here!

Jason: I'm taking Carly home. Don't try to stop me.

Patricia: What's wrong with you? Go after him!

Cameron: Jason! For God sakes, don't do this.

Courtney: You know, if it weren't for you, Michael and I would still be at the police station.

Brian: Ah, you could've managed Ric Lansing.

Courtney: Well, not as well as you did. Michael, I think that you should thank him.

Michael: Thank you for saving me from the bad guy who kidnapped mommy.

Brian: Uh -- you're welcome.

Courtney: Sweetie, why don't you run upstairs? Leticia will run you a bath.

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, I'll be up in a second.

Brian: Good night, buddy.

Michael: Good night!

Brian: "The bad man who kidnapped mommy"?

Courtney: From my wedding, no less. There are a lot of things about Ric Lansing that you don't know yet. I'll have to fill you in sometime.

Brian: Sounds like an excellent idea.

Courtney: Well, the short version is that Ric will do anything to destroy Sonny and Jason, no matter who he hurts along the way -- even an innocent child.

Brian: Oh, fortunately, Michael and Morgan have their aunt looking out for them. You're wonderful with those boys. Of course, Iíve known that since Hayes' Landing.

Courtney: Thanks. Listen, I have to put Michael to bed, but after that, I could sure use a cup of coffee. How about you?

Brian: Sounds good.

Courtney: Ok. I won't be long.

[Key turns in lock]

Max: All right. These are instructions from me. Corinthos regarding the next shipment.

Man: Got it.

Max: Mr. Corinthos has made a big investment in this shipment. Nothing can go wrong.

Jax: Sam, answer me!

Sam: I knew it.

Jax: Sam, are you hurt?

Sonny: This place is about to fall in, Jax.

Jax: Why don't you shut up and help.

Sam: I knew it.

Sam: Ok.

Sam: Oh --

Sonny: Didn't you used to be better at this, Jax?

Jax: Shut up and help.

Sonny: Rescuing women? I mean, you know, I thought you could do it in your sleep. Why don't you just grab Sam, get her out of here?

Jax: Because she was reluctant to leave.

Sonny: Well, don't give her a choice! Pull her by the hair, get her out!

Jax: No, that's not -- that's right, that's your answer to everything, isn't it -- violence?

Sonny: Not -- not really. But when it comes to Sam and this stupid treasure, you can't argue with her.

Jax: Oh, so you're an expert on Sam all of a sudden, is that right?

Sonny: No, I barely know her. But she's fixated on this --

[Cave rumbles]

Nikolaiís voice: "The man was consumed with jealousy and rightly so. He was driven by hatred of me and was not without power, for he had influence in the king's court. I was thrown into prison and feared Iíd never see my Constance again."

Constance: Please, I know Iíve wronged you. I'm begging for forgiveness.

Nobleman: We are long past forgiveness, dear lady.

Constance: No, I never intended to fall in love with Blackthorn.

Nobleman: As I never intended to fall in love with you.

Constance: You were my first suitor and a true one. When we were betrothed, I was happy. We could've had a fine life.

Nobleman: We will have a fine life.

Constance: No. My heart has broken free. I can't call it back. It loves who it will. I can only follow.

Nobleman: You will not follow the pirate.

Constance: Please, I know Iíve hurt you and I'm sorry, but please don't unleash your anger on Blackthorn.

Nobleman: As the cock crows tomorrow, Blackthorn will meet the hangman's noose.

Constance: No. No, dear God! Don't kill him!

Nobleman: I will not -- if you marry me tonight.

[Music plays]

Constance: I don't -- I don't love you.

Nobleman: You did once.

Constance: The man I -- the man I loved would've never done this.

Nobleman: Then you will learn to love the man who has, forever. Ugh! Oh!

Maxie: Georgie, did you not hear that page?

Georgie: Nope.

Maxie: I've been looking everywhere for you.

Georgie: Why?

Maxie: Dillon came here to see you.

Georgie: It's a good thing he didn't find me. I probably would've burst into tears.

Maxie: Why?

Georgie: I saw him kissing Sage in the elevator.

Maxie: That slimy -- that disgusting pig -- Georgie, why do you even bother to make him jealous? He deserves Sage.

Georgie: What is wrong with you?

Maxie: Dillon came here and gave me this whole heartfelt "Iím so sorry, I care about Georgie, Iím trying to make amends" speech, and I actually started to buy it.

Georgie: Wait a minute, what did you do? Did you admit to him about Tom -- that -- that it's just a made-up thing to make him jealous?

Maxie: No, no, of course not. I was a total witch to him and, of course, he turned all psychological on me, telling me that I was taking out what happened between me and Kyle on him.

Georgie: Aren't you, kind of?

Maxie: Are you insane? You just told me that you saw him kissing Sage.

Georgie: Yeah, it's not completely his fault.

Maxie: Wait, now you're defending him?

Georgie: Yeah. Sage is all over Dillon every chance she gets, and Dillonís mom is constantly pushing them together, and Dillon thinks that Iím with Tom, sleeping with him -- Tom doesn't even exist. So, yeah, I can see Dillon kissing Sage. Maybe he's trying to make me jealous.

Maxie: No matter what Dillon does, how bad he hurts you, you're always going to want to believe in him.

Georgie: I love Dillon and I want him back. But I have to trust him, and he needs to prove that he loves me, and he needs to compete with Tom. That's what I need to do.

Maxie: What?

Georgie: Make Tom even more wonderful, make him do something that will make Dillon so jealous, he'll want to fight for me.

Max: If you have any questions, you call Jason, ok? He took out Faith's latest shipment and she's going to try to retaliate. Jason wants to be ready.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

[Phone rings]

Ric: Lansing.

Brian: Ric, I have an update.

Courtney: What is the update about?

Jason: She should've never been admitted to this place.

Cameron: She insisted.

Jason: No, she's scared, and she hates it and Iím getting her out of here.

Cameron: Then you'll be violating her wishes. Jason, she believes she needs to be here.

Jason: Did you prescribe drugs?

Cameron: No.

Jason: Then why'd they give them to her?

Cameron: I'm not sure, but I'll find out.

Jason: Do you even know what they gave her?

Cameron: Look Jason, she's been experiencing extreme flashbacks, agitation, confusion. She probably just woke from a nightmare.

Jason: "Probably"? You don't even know? Carly's your patient, she's your responsibility? How could you let this happen?

Carly: What took you so long?

Lorenzo: I'm so glad I found you. I've been searching for you everywhere.

Carly: I was scared.

Lorenzo: You don't belong here.

Carly: I want to leave.

Lorenzo: Of course you do. We're in love. They don't understand that. That's why they want to keep you here -- to tear us apart. We can't let anyone stand between us, Carly. Come away with me.

Cameron: They probably sedated her for her own protection.

Jason: That doesn't mean she belongs here.

Cameron: Don't be so sure.

[Mouths words]

Carly: Just stay close.

[Mouths words]

Carly: I have been waiting for you just so, so long.

[Emily gasps]

Emily: What are you doing here?

Zander: I think you know.

Emily: Uh-uh, you should leave --

Zander: I want you, Emily. I always have and I always will.

Emily: Please go, Zander.

Zander: Nikolas took full advantage of your illness and he moved in on you.

Emily: No, that isn't what happened.

Zander: If you had never gotten sick, he never would've had a chance.

Emily: Don't think that way, Zander.

Zander: Look, I know and I believe in the love that we shared. It was real from the start and it's real now.

Emily: Zander, get away -- no!

Zander: Oh! Oh!

Emily: No -- let go of me!

Zander: You know what I think? I think you still love me and you're afraid to admit that.

Emily: Get the hell out of here or I swear to God Iíll call the police!

Jax: Sam, it's ok, we're right here!

Ric: So, did you get into the apartment? I take it that Courtney fell for the whole good-cop/bad-cop thing?

Brian: One second.

Courtney: Why are you talking to Ric Lansing on my brother's phone?

Brian: You want the update? You go after little Michael Corinthos again and Iím calling internal affairs.

Ric: Courtney's there, isn't she?

Brian: You're damn right, Iím serious! Look, we all know you're obsessed with Corinthos, but dragging his kid into it? That's crossing the line.

Ric: All right, make it good. Courtney's no fool.

Brian: Damn straight it's insubordination! Oh, go ahead, fire me. See what happens. Oh, by the way -- I know what you did to Sonny's wife.

Courtney: Did you call Ric or did Ric call you?

Brian: I called him.

Courtney: Why?

Brian: It was a mistake and I know I probably shouldn't have called from here, but it hit me. Look, he -- he kidnaps Carly -- God knows what he did to her -- he goes after little Michael -- I mean, come on, Lansingís out of control.

Courtney: He's been that way for a long time.

Brian: I probably shouldn't even be here. I'm putting you in an impossible situation.

Courtney: No, I -- I asked you over to stay for a cup of coffee, to say thanks, that's all.

Brian: Understood.

Courtney: And you've been a huge help tonight. Really, I mean, it's amazing. Actually, "amazing" isn't really the word Iím looking for. It's -- it's more like "incredible." As in too good to be true.

Carly: How much I love you. I always will.

Cameron: Jason? I checked with Dr. Grimes. Carly was given a standard sedative. She just had an extreme reaction.

Jason: Either you're lying or Dr. Grimes is. I'm taking Carly home.

Cameron: Look, why don't we let her sleep it off tonight? If you feel the same way in the morning, we'll take it from there.

Jason: Look, if she wants to go home tonight, I'm going to take her home. If she wants to stay overnight, I'll stay.

Cameron: I'm not sure that's possible.

Jason: It's how we're doing this.

Carly: I'm so glad to see you.

Jason: Carly, you don't need to -- you don't need to be here. You need to be home.

Carly: Home?

Jason: Yeah, Courtneyís there now, and she'll stay with you. We'll take care of the boys, you can rest, clear your mind. That's all you need -- just more time.

Lorenzo's voice: Carly, don't listen to Jason, he's lying.

Jason: Everything will make sense again. Look, the doctors --

Lorenzoís voice: He wants to trick you.

Jason: You know, they want you to stay the night --

Lorenzoís voice: He'll say anything to keep you away from me.

Jason: I'll stay with you.

Lorenzo's voice: Jason doesn't understand we need each other --

Jason: No more drugs.

Lorenzo's voice: And we love each other beyond all reason.

[Knock on door]

Lorenzoís voice: Don't let Jason take you away from me. He'll drag you home to Sonny. Don't allow it. Come with me, Carly. Come away with me.

Jason: What are you doing? You can't give that to her. Agh!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ric: You're going to get everything you want, but you better let me do my job.

Jax: We need to find Sam.

Sonny: What makes you think she wants to be found?

Courtney: Why was this file sitting open in front of you?

Cameron: Carly --

Carly: Get away! You did this!

Lorenzo: I want to see Jason. Where is he?

Faith: I've always wondered what you would be like in bed.

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