GH Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

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Jax: What are you doing? The treasure's that way.

Sam: I've decided to live after all. So you can help me dig.

Zander: You let Nikolas go on bail. That was not part of our deal.

Ric: It isn't that simple.

Zander: Sure it is. All you have to do is convict Nikolas and then I will sign away my rights.

Ric: Yeah and with Nikolas in prison, I assume that you think that you'll have a clear shot at Emily?

Lucky: You wanted to see Nikolas? Here he is.

Emily: You're going after the wrong person, Ric.

Ric: Let's get a positive I.D. first and we'll go from there. Zander?

Zander: He did this. Nikolas Cassadine attacked me.

Jason: Alcazar's going to stay there till Sonny gets back. If Carly shows up, you call me.

Sage: Um -- about the other night when I was so upset -- my uncle called. He's out of the country. Some super-secret business trip. Anyway, I shouldn't have assumed that you and Sonny had done something to him. I was wrong to think that.

Cameron: Have you seen my schedule of today's appointments? I thought I had it right here.

Nurse: One of your patients just showed up.

Cameron: Who?

Nurse: Carly Corinthos. She seems very upset.

Carly: I -- I need your help.

Cameron: Well, you're a little early, but we have an appointment at 9:00.

Carly: Ok, just forget the appointment. I need you to commit me.

Maxie: Hey, have you talked to Dillon?

Georgie: Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea. I mean, I -- oh my God. Hey, what happened?

Dillon: It's no big deal.

Georgie: Let me help you please.

Tracy: Haven't we been over this a thousand times before? Stay away from my son. Darling, are you all right?

Sam: 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, you take one down and pass it around

Jax: What are you trying to do, huh? Make the whole place cave in?

Sam: You don't know the song? I'll teach it to you. 96 bottles of beer on the wall, 96 bottles of beer, you take one ow! Damn!

Jax: What happened? Let me see.

Sam: No, no, no, I'm ok. Ow.

Jax: Hold still, ok? Put some water --

Sam: What are you doing? You're going to waste the water.

Jax: Just hold still. You want to get your hand infected?

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Ouch!

Jax: I'll clean it. Hold on. There.

Sam: I bet you wish you probably just sent an email by now, about my dad, huh?

Jax: You needed to hear it in person. Just -- hold that.

Sam: Ow. Um -- I'm surprised Cody lived as long as he did, anyway.

Jax: Sam, your father loved you.

Sam: When he needed something or saw a chance to cash in. I really didn't have the relationship with my father that you had with your father.

Jax: Yeah, I had a lot of good times with my father. I wish I could have done more in the end, but I know that he wouldn't want me to dwell on it. So what's your best memory of your father?

Sam: He could have sent me to foster care and he didnít. His life would have been a whole lot easier.

Jax: Hmm. I'm sure it would have.

Sam: There was this one time we -- we ripped this -- this boat off from this really rich guy in Rhode Island and it was -- this storm that came out of nowhere. And it was -- it was freezing, and we had to put the sails down, and the rain was coming down really hard, and it was really windy, and my hair was -- was all over the place and I couldn't see, and -- my dad, he cut this fishnet, and he -- he put my hair back in a ponytail right there on the deck in the middle of the storm. And I could see, but it was like -- that's a really stupid thing to remember.

Jax: No, no, not at all.

Sam: I'm wasting oxygen.

Jax: We'll come back for the treasure, Sam, I promise. You know, in honor of your father.

Sam: At least he can't steal it out from under us.

Skye: Hey!

Faith: That contract you've been whining about? Forget it!

Skye: Now you made me lose my place.

Faith: Our association is over.

Skye: Oh, so that means you're stepping down? Good idea.

Faith: Not a chance, sweetie, and this time when I throw you overboard, no one's going to pull you out.Justus: Isn't it early in the day to be threatening bodily harm?

Skye: I'm not that worried.

Faith: You should be.

Justus: There are better ways to negotiate a contract, you know.

Faith: You know what? I don't need a contract. The casino is mine.

Justus: You've thought this through, as usual.

Skye: You know, I'm not really wild about this partnership either, but the fact is you need me. And why? Because this club has been doing turn-away business since the day it opened. And why is that? Oh, because I know how to run a club without killing someone.

Faith: Hmm.

Skye: You really ought to think about trying it next time. So you see, if you can't come to some kind of formal agreement with me about your role in this casino, I'm going to get my lawyer to get an injunction barring you from the premises.

Justus: That shouldn't be too hard given your criminal past. By the way, did you file a tax return on that money you claim to have invested in the Haunted Star?

Faith: You're good, Justus, but so am I.

Skye: Well, that's a matter of opinion.

Faith: Has anyone seen Sonny?

Justus: If I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Faith: You know what? He's been away too long. Alcazar's disappeared, Jason is trying to hold it together, but --

Man: Mrs. Rosco --

Faith: Not now. He doesn't have the brains to keep his operation running. Now I do. If they would just come to their senses and --

Man: Excuse me.

Faith: What? This better be good.

Man: It's important. The last shipment -- it was intercepted and destroyed.

Justus: Imagine that.

Faith: You did this.

Jason: Your uncle cares about you.

Sage: That's why he called -- so I wouldn't worry.

Jason: That's right.

Sage: I know about Carly and I don't blame Sonny for being angry. I mean, Uncle Lorenzo went after his wife. Who wouldn't be mad?

Jason: You know what? All I can tell you is that you should stay as far away from the situation as you can.

Sage: Uncle Lorenzo just fell in love with the wrong woman, that's all. It happens.

Carly: I don't have any other choices.

Cameron: Carly, I know you're upset right now but locking yourself away isn't the answer.

Carly: I almost slept with Lorenzo Alcazar last night and if he had not stopped me, I would have been unfaithful to my husband.

Cameron: Well, that's a good starting place for our work together.

Carly: What? That I almost cheated on Sonny? If I am unfaithful to him, I will lose my marriage. There's not going to be a second chance, there's going to be no forgiveness. It is not the way that my husband thinks.

Cameron: I don't think Sonny would want you to have yourself committed.

Carly: Yeah, I think he would. Yeah. If I was going to sleep with his enemy, yeah. Listen, I cannot lose my husband. I've been through hell to stay with him.

Cameron: That's all the more reason for you to stay at home.

Carly: Why can't you understand this? Why? I am out of control. I tell myself over and over and I promise that I won't go to Alcazar, but I can't stop myself. There's no -- there's no rehab for sexual attraction, so Shadybrook -- it's my option.

Cameron: Carly, having yourself committed is a huge step.

Carly: I have been locked up before. First, Shadybrook, then -- then Ferncliff.

Cameron: Yeah, I know, I saw it in your file. Ferncliff is for the criminally insane.

Carly: I was faking it, ok? I wanted to get out of -- of going to prison for shooting somebody. This is different. I need your help.

Cameron: You don't seem to be a danger to yourself or others. I think you need your family around you now more than ever. Why not spend the time with your kids?

Carly: And which -- which part of this would be good for my kids? Hmm? Would it be when Iím hallucinating and I think that Alcazar's in the room with me and he's not, or when I actually go to him? What if I lose it in front of my boys?

Cameron: Carly, you have support -- a live-in nanny, your mom, Courtney. They can help with the day-to-day. You need balance in your life right now, not isolation.

Carly: Ok. If I -- if I were a drunk, if I were a junkie, you'd put me in rehab.

Cameron: Trust me, this isn't the same thing. You have a brain injury. It's part of the healing process.

Carly: And I don't care anymore why it is happening. It just has to stop. God, I mean, for the longest time I just -- I felt that -- that everything in my life, everything I touched I destroyed, ok? It was just who I was. It happened, and I couldn't help it-- and then I met Sonny and I never felt that anyone could love me the way he does, and I don't want to destroy this. Please, Dr. Lewis, you have to lock me up. Because otherwise, Iím going to lose everything.

Dillon: I don't need a cat scan.

Tracy: Of course you do dear. Does that hurt?

Dillon: Only when you touch it!

Tracy: I hate seeing you like this. It hurts me, it really does. I think I'm in worse shape than you are.

Georgie: Dillon --

Tracy: Are you still here?

Georgie: What happened?

Dillon: I got into a car wreck.

Tracy: He crashed Nedís car, drove it straight into a ditch. Nobody knows why. It was clear weather and he wasn't drinking, ok?

Georgie: This is all my fault.

Tracy: Are you flattering yourself?

Georgie: Look, I know why you did this.

Tracy: Go away! Shoo!

Dillon: Just go, all right?

Tracy: Tell me she had nothing to do with this.

Dillon: Oh, of course not.

Tracy: Ok, so you're lying to protect her. It's understandable. You're still a teenager. You still believe in true love, but trust me it passes, like acne. You'll be fine.

Maxie: He's looking over here.

Georgie: He drove his car into a ditch because I made him think I was hooking up with someone else.

Maxie: Well, don't you think that's kind of romantic? I mean, at least you know he still cares for you.

Georgie: Maxie, this whole thing -- it -- it isn't turning out like I thought.

Faith: You told Jason to destroy that shipment, didn't you?

Justus: Jason doesn't take orders from me.

Faith: Ok, so you called Sonny and called in a favor?

Justus: I don't run the lives of my clients. You should know that by now. Since you won't negotiate a contract, I got a court order.

Faith: Give me that.

Justus: It bars you from making any decisions until Luke returns. If you cause any more problems, Skye gets your share.

Skye: Nice work.

Justus: Thank you.

Faith: You think I won't contest this?

Justus: Oh sweetheart, do you really want to meet me in court?

Faith: I have no use for the courts, not anymore. And in case you haven't noticed, I'm all grown up now. You won't stand in my way again.

Skye: Care to elaborate on your mysterious past with Faith?

Nikolas: It was a fair fight.

Zander: The guy tried to kill me.

Emily: You provoked him Zander.

Zander: Oh, so it's my fault? Is that what you're saying?

Ric: I did see you in a prior altercation with Zander.

Emily: Oh, come on Ric. Can't you see what Zanderís doing?

Ric: You either assault somebody or you donít. That was your choice, you made it. You are responsible.

Nikolas: I agree.

Ric: I'm afraid you've broken the terms of your bail. You're going to have to be incarcerated until the trial.

Alexis: Excuse me, I'm sorry. I thought I -- I heard you just said that you were going to threaten to take my client back to jail.

Ric: Well --

Alexis: Or am I mistaken?

Ric: Well, he -- he attacked Zander and put him in the hospital, and he positively I.D.'d him, so yes, I am.

Alexis: He did positively I.D. him? Did he do it in a police lineup? Did you inform my client that it was a police matter and did you give my client the option of waiting for his attorney to arrive? See, I didn't think so, so good luck getting your I.D. into court, counselor.

Lucky: Damn, you're good.

Alexis: Are you feeling ok to have a chat with an old friend?

Ric: You're under no obligation to speak to opposing counsel.

Zander: It's ok.

Alexis: Would you mind giving us a minute?

Emily: Do you think Alexis can reason with him?

Nikolas: Look, I allowed Zander to provoke me. I'll live with the consequences, all right?

Lucky: Why haven't you put an A.P.B. out on Ben?

Ric: When you put out an A.P.B, it's usually best to get a picture or some reliable information, both of which we do not have.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I've seen bulletins issued with a lot less.

Ric: Well, as far as the state is concerned Lucky, Nikolas Cassadine is the only suspect in Cody McCallís murder.

Lucky: Don't you railroad my brother.

Ric: You know, you're not being very objective about this case.

Lucky: What, because I'm trying to follow up on all the leads?

Ric: No, because you're becoming a professional liability to me and to the department. So as of right now, you are off the case.

Zander: So, does Kristina still like those canned peaches?

Alexis: She won't even consider the fresh ones.

Zander: She's a sweetheart. I'm glad everything worked out for you, Alexis.

Alexis: Me, too and as much as I love talking about my daughter, I came here to talk to you about you.

Zander: I know.

Alexis: You're better than this Zander. I knew that the first time I got you out of trouble and I know it now.

Zander: Maybe you're wrong.

Alexis: I'm not wrong. I saw the kind of man that you became when you were with Emily. I'm sorry she hurt you.

Zander: Things happen.

Alexis: I know that you're still in love with her and I know that you must be hurting, but this isn't going to help anything.

Zander: What exactly am I doing, Alexis?

Alexis: There's something not right about this case and I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I will.

Zander: Nikolas attacked me. That's it.

Alexis: All right, Iím sure that he did and I think that he should be held accountable for it, but he didn't kill Cody McCall and I know that you know that, too. So I am asking you as your friend to drop the assault charges. Let him free to go find out who really killed McCall. Zander, please, do the right thing.

Zander: I understand that Nikolas is family and you have to defend him and, I mean, that's -- that's great. I mean, he's -- he's lucky, you know?

Alexis: Has Cameron visited you?

Zander: No, I'm not even sure he knows Iím here.

Alexis: Why don't you let me call him, Zander?

Zander: No, please.

Alexis: Why can't we just come up with a compromise? And then the two of you can just walk away from this.

Zander: What do you want me to tell you, Alexis? That he didn't beat me up?

Alexis: I mean, did you have good reason for wanting him in jail? Because Nikolas thinks that he was framed, and this makes it look like you were involved.

Zander: I had nothing to do with that.

Alexis: Then make that clear to everybody, Zander. Drop the assault charges.

Zander: Look, when I lose my temper, I have to pay. Why shouldn't Nikolas?

Alexis: I know that he ran off with the love of your life. I know how upset you are. You have a right to be, but think about what you're doing. Zander -- Zander, do you understand that I need to do whatever is absolutely possible to help Nikolas?

Zander: Yeah.

Alexis: Do you know what that means?

Zander: Family's family. No hard feelings.

Ric: I have a uniform on the clock out here. What's the decision? Are we dropping the assault charge?

Zander: No.

Ric: Fine.

Alexis: Zander, I'm sorry.

Zander: So am I.

Ric: Nikolas Cassadine, you are under arrest for assault, a violation of bail.

Emily: Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds, Ric?

Ric: Read him his rights in the car.

Lucky: I'm going with you.

Ric: Be careful, Spencer.

Lucky: Don't worry about it. Remember? I'm off the case.

Alexis: You took Lucky off the case?

Ric: Yes. Do I need to clear that with you, Ms. Davis?

Emily: Hey, I need to take care of a few things. Don't worry, ok? I'll be right behind you. Ok, I love you.

Ric: Let's go.

Emily: You're framing Nikolas for this murder, aren't you? That's why you wanted him back in jail.

Zander: Not at all.

Emily: Then why did you show up at Wyndermere two seconds after Nikolas was arrested? Why did you offer to make the murder charge disappear, Zander?

Zander: I thought it would make you happy.

Emily: How do you know so much about this murder, unless you killed the guy yourself?

Courtney: Hey. You sounded awful on the phone. Is it about Alcazar?

Carly: How did you know?

Courtney: Is he -- did Jason kill him?

Carly: No. No, but -- um -- I need to go away for a while and you need to stay with the boys.

Courtney: Carly, what's going on, ok?

Carly: I'm checking myself into the Shadybrook Mental Institution.

Courtney: What? Why?

Carly: Because I can't stay away from Alcazar. Almost had sex with him last night, Courtney. I can't trust myself, and I just -- I need to go away.

Courtney: Ok, what does Dr. Lewis think?

Carly: Dr. Lewis thinks it's a terrible idea, but he doesn't even know Sonny. He doesn't know how he thinks and if I don't get over this -- this -- I don't know what it is -- this obsession that I have with Alcazar, Iím going to ruin everything.

Courtney: Ok, Carly, you have to give yourself a chance to think about this, ok, and if you're still upset tomorrow, I will go with you to Shadybrook.

Carly: No, I need to go right now.

Courtney: Why? Why?

Carly: Because. Because Sonny's going to come home soon and Jason is going to tell him that I was with Alcazar.

Courtney: Jason knows -- he knows it's not your fault.

Carly: No, Jason is furious with me! He thinks that I am throwing my life away and I am. It has to stop Courtney, it just has to stop, and I just -- I want to lock myself up until I get well again.

Courtney: You have already spent too much time in the hospital, Carly. Come on.

Carly: I have to do this, ok? I have to because otherwise, I'm going to lose Sonny. I'm going to lose my family. I am going to lose my life. Ok? Just please -- just please help me with this.

Courtney: God, you know I will. Come here.

Carly: Oh, my God. I'm so scared.

Jason: Hey, are you ok?

Emily: Yeah. Oh, thanks for getting here so quickly.

Jason: I heard Nikolas got out on bail.

Emily: Yeah, he just got arrested again. He beat up Zander on the docks and Zanderís pressing charges.

Jason: Oh ok, what do you need me to do?

Emily: I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think Zander may have killed Cody McCall, and he's framing Nikolas. Could you ask around, find out if anyone saw Zander heading to Wyndermere the night of the murder? Also, any solid information on this guy -- his name is Ben Rogers -- could really help.

Jason: All right, Iíll see what I can do.

Emily: Ok. Thanks. Thank you so much.

Faith: Aren't they sweet?

Jason: You have no business here, Faith.

Emily: It's ok, Iím leaving. Bye, Jase.

Faith: Give my best to Nikolas.

Jason: What do you want?

Faith: You just can't understand the meaning of "truce," can you? My last shipment didn't even make the harbor. Heard you grabbed Alcazar. Killed him, didn't you? So that means I'm next. Just so you know, I won't go easily.

Justus: You'll let me know if Faith shows up again?

Skye: You're excellent at dodging questions, aren't you?

Justus: And I'm not even billing you for your time.

Skye: Let's see -- I do know that you got Faith's boyfriend put in jail and he died there, but I'm guessing there's more to the story, right?

Justus: Not if you want me to be your attorney.

Jax: We're running out of air.

Sam: Put the torches out.

Jax: Grab the flashlight.

Sam: Maybe we should wait for Sonny to rescue us.

Jax: That's a sure way to die.

Faith: We have a problem. Sonny is away somewhere, Alcazar has vanished, and Jason is off his leash.

Zander: How you doing, Zander? Great, thanks for asking.

Faith: You know what? I don't appreciate it when my people end up in the hospital. It wastes time, it attracts attention, and it stops them from doing their jobs, which would explain why Jason so easily took out that last shipment. Oh, by the way, he and his sweet, dear little sister are out in the hall.

Zander: Ok, talk to me.

Faith: Emily's life would be much easier if you just disappeared.

Zander: Is that what they're talking about?

Faith: Who knows? But with Sonny out of the way, Jason has no brakes, and you are directly in his path -- probably even more than me.

Zander: Ok, then we need to get Sonny back in town.

Faith: Yeah and distract Jason while we're at it.

Zander: Do you have any ideas?

Faith: I'm sure something will occur to me.

Sage: Dillon Quartermaine -- E.R. said he's up here. I have to find him.

Tracy: Sage?

Sage: I heard about the accident.

Tracy: It's very nice of you to check up on him.

Sage: Is Dillon ok?

Tracy: Well, he hit his head. I insisted on a cat scan.

Sage: Did he really run his car into a ditch?

Tracy: Ned's car, unfortunately, but he wasn't badly hurt. I -- at least, not physically.

Sage: Tell me what happened.

Tracy: Well, it somehow has something to do with Georgie Jones. That girl is relentless.

Sage: If Dillon really loves her --

Tracy: What could possibly be the end of that sentence?

Sage: Maybe we should stay out of it.

Tracy: Oh, don't be ridiculous. If you care about him at all, you will make sure that he stays away from Georgie girl.

Cameron: All right, let's get through these so that I can go check on my son.

Nurse: We're almost finished.

Cameron: Carly Corinthos. I'm really concerned about her. I want you to get her chart over to Shadybrook as soon as possible. She's having herself committed today.

Carly: Ok, Morgan, watch your big brother. Here we go.

Michael: Ready? Ready? Go.

Carly: Go! Whoo! Look at that!

Courtney: Here you go.

Michael: Want to do it again?

Carly: Ready?

Michael: Ready?

Carly: Ready? Watch. Here we go. Whoo!

Michael: Whoo!

Carly: Got it? Got the ball? Huh? Hey, do you know that you are the best big brother?

Michael: Well, someone has to teach you, little boy.

Carly: Well, I'm glad he has you. Come here. Oh.

Michael: You're squeezing me, mommy.

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Michael: Are you ok?

Carly: Yeah, I will be. I will be but I need to go away for a little bit.

Michael: No.

Carly: Yeah honey, I need to go to a special hospital.

Michael: Mom, you can't go. What if I dream about the spiders?

Carly: Well, your Aunt Courtney will be able to help you get back to sleep. She's going to stay here for a while.

Michael: You're going to be living with us?

Courtney: Yeah, until your mommy gets better.

Michael: Where is the hospital?

Carly: It's not far from here.

Michael: Can I come and see you?

Carly: I'm not sure.

Michael: What about daddy?

Carly: Well, your daddy -- he wants me to get well, too.

Michael: Why can't you get better here?

Carly: Oh sweetie, I -- I just -- I can't, ok?

Michael: Do you want us to be quiet? We can be more quiet, right Morgan?

Carly: Ok, I want you to know something. This has absolutely nothing to do with you and Morgan. I love you both so, so much. I know it's not fair. I know, but once I get completely well, everything will be better, and it is just the best thing that I can do for the two of you and for daddy. Come here. Just come here. Oh, I love you guys.

Sam: Would Sonny really leave us here to die?

Jax: He already has.

Sam: You really hate him, don't you?

Jax: I've just seen the destruction that he's caused up close.

[Jax sighs]

Sam: I still think he's going to come save us Jax.

Jax: Well, odds are against you. You want some?

Sam: No. See, my theory is that I don't think he's really going to give up the chance for you to owe him.

Jax: Uh-huh. Well, you're pretty smart about people, aren't you?

Sam: Cody taught me well. I used to pick all the marks and I was right almost all the time.

Jax: Huh. That's a pretty useful skill.

Sam: But if Iím wrong this time -- if Sonny doesn't come and we do die in here --

Jax: Hmm. We're not going to die, Sam.

Sam: But if we did --

Jax: Sam --

Sam: What would you change Jax?

Jax: We're not going to die, ok?

Sam: Would you please just answer the question?

Jax: I would have taken the cards directly to my father.

Sam: I would have helped you.

Jax: I would have been a lot kinder to you.

Sam: I was the jerk, not you.

Jax: No. I underestimated you, Sam. I set standards that no one could meet.

Sam: No, I was selfish and -- and stubborn. I -- I was wrong.

Jax: No, you did that so you could push me away, right?

Sam: It worked.

Jax: Yeah. I guess we're both pretty good at that.

Sam: You have more finesse, though.

Jax: Can't argue with you there.

Sam: Maybe we had a chance; maybe we didnít. I guess we'll never know, huh?

Jax: We're not dead yet.

Dillon: Mom? Good.

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: I'm fine.

Georgie: I need to tell you something.

Dillon: No, you donít.

Georgie: You know what you said about that toxic wasteland?

Dillon: Yeah, it was a stupid thing to say.

Georgie: No, it -- it was brilliant, and you're right. Look, I've made a lot of mistakes.

Dillon: Georgie, you found a new guy. Is there a problem?

Georgie: You know when you think you see something, but you really don't and it's kind of like a movie where --

Dillon: Yeah, not one that I want to see.

Georgie: Ok, fine, forget movies. Look, I'm trying to tell you something really important here.

Sage: Dillon? How long have you been here? I'm so sorry you had to wait. Your mom asked me to come pick you up and drive you home. Are you ready?

Courtney: Oh, no!

Michael: I win, you lose! I win!

Courtney: Shh. If you wake up Morgan, you are going to have to get him back to sleep, mister.

[Michael giggles]

Michael: I win.

[Door closes]

Courtney: Hi.

Jason: Hey.

Michael: Aunt Courtneyís moving in with us.

Jason: She is?

Michael: Mommy's in a special hospital.

Courtney: I think it's time for you to get ready for your play date.

Michael: You want me to go upstairs, don't you?

Jason: Yeah, just for a little while, buddy, ok?

Courtney: And then Iíll take you over to the Brawers', ok?

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: Ok.

Jason: What's he talking about? Where's Carly?

Courtney: Carly had herself committed to Shadybrook.

Jason: She's there right now?

Courtney: Yeah, she's there with Dr. Lewis.

Jason: Why'd you let her go?

Carly: At least it's clean.

Cameron: You can leave anytime. The sooner, the better, as far as Iím concerned.

Carly: I need to get well.

Cameron: Yeah, I know that Carly, but do you have to go to this extreme?

Carly: If you could just see the big picture --

Cameron: Carly, are you afraid of your husband?

Carly: I am afraid of myself. I -- I have this tendency to blow my life apart and wreck what I love most and you know what? I'm not going to do it again.

Cameron: Well, I'm not well acquainted with the staff here, but they have an excellent reputation.

Carly: Yeah, when I was here before, they treated me ok. I learned how to make some great key chains.

Cameron: We'll have a session every day.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Sounds good.

Woman: Carly Corinthos?

Carly: Yeah.

Woman: Patricia Grimes.

Cameron: I'm Cameron Lewis. I'm Carlyís psychiatrist.

Patricia: Well, I've read your file on your patient. We'll do everything we can to help her.

Cameron: We'll both appreciate that.

Patricia: I'll stop by after rounds.

Carly: Ok. I'm not going anywhere.

Patricia: Fine.

Faith: Dr. Grimes?

Patricia: Yes.

Faith: I understand you have a new patient -- Carly Corinthos.

Georgie: Well, it looks like Tracy signed everything so you get the copy, I think.

Sage: Can you believe they don't have professionals working at this desk?

Georgie: Here you go.

Dillon: Thanks.

Sage: I'm sure you can't wait to get home. Your head must be killing you.

Dillon: Can you just hold on one second? Did you have something you wanted to say to me earlier?

Sage: We got to go.

Georgie: It's nothing. Um -- I hope you feel better.

Dillon: Ok. So I guess things are pretty serious with the new -- new boyfriend?

Georgie: It looks that way.

Dillon: Well, good. I wish you luck and all that.

Georgie: Yeah, you too. Um -- I have to get these upstairs.

Sage: Dillon, if you want to go after Georgie, go.

Dillon: It's too late.

Sage: Up until now, I've behaved really badly. I guess it's typical, but I really care about you Dillon. I'm glad you're going to be all right.

Courtney: Checking into Shadybrook was Carlyís choice. Just like it was your choice to call Sonny and try and tell him that she had been with Alcazar.

Jason: He has a right to know.

Courtney: Even if it ends their marriage? Jason, Carly would never do that to you. She is trying to get well. I mean, you of all people should -- should understand that and cut her some slack. You've been where she is.

Jason: I never hurt anyone.

Courtney: What about your mom and your dad and Edward and Lila and Ned; Everyone who ever loved you? Who was kind to you, Jason? Who was your friend, no questions asked? Carly. She never once passed judgment on you and now, when she needs you more than ever, you scared her into a mental institution.

Jason: All right, I know that I was hard on her.

Courtney: You think? No wonder Carly locked herself up. Hey, she doesn't even trust herself and now, she thinks that she can't trust you, either.

Jason: I got to get her out of there.

[Door opens and closes]

[Knock on door]

Carly: Um -- it -- it -- it just happened again. I had -- I had another flashback.

Dr. Grimes: That must be very distressing.

Carly: The images -- they're just -- they're crowding out the people that I love most in my life. I --

Dr. Grimes: I'm sure that we can help.

Sam: Thanks for coming after me.

Jax: I'm sorry we wasted so much time.

Sam: So am I.

Jax: Let's try to do a little better when we get out of here, ok?

Sam: Yeah, if we get out of here.

Jax: We'll get out of here, trust me.

Sam: I trust you.


Sam: Hello?

Jax: Hello? Hello?

Sam: Hello? Hello?

Jax: Get out of the way! Get down!

Sam: Oh!


>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: You need to stay away from Zander.

Alexis: I know what you're doing Zander, which means that other people will know too.

Carly: Dr. Lewis!

Dr. Grimes: Calm down.

Carly: Get somebody! Help me!

Dr. Grimes: Mrs. Corinthos has been sedated. She can't be disturbed.

Sonny: Am I interrupting?

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