GH Transcript Monday 1/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/12/04

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Zander: You got a pretty bad temper underneath all those manners, even violent. Was it the last thing Cody McCall realized before you hung him from a rafter?

Emily: Zander, stop it!

Nikolas: Was it you, Zander? Huh? Did you frame me for murder so you could get a clear shot at Emily? Well, let me tell you something, it's not going to happen, not in my lifetime.

Ric: Ok, come on, come on. Let go. Let go of him, Nikolas. Let go. You know, you're not doing yourself any favors here. Going after Zander only makes you look guiltier.

Sonny: He's dead.

Sam: Are you sure?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm sure.

Sam: Did -- did you hear him say that he killed my dad? I mean, he was lying.

Sonny: Right. Hey, hey --

Sam: Jax, what are you doing? You came after me?

Jax: I thought a dangerous man was after the treasure and might hurt you to get it.

Sonny: He tried, but I stopped him.

Jax: Well, I guess I had nothing to worry about.

Sam: I know what you're thinking. Nothing happened between me and Sonny.

Michael: Oh --

Courtney: That's a good one.

Jason: I didn't realize you'd be here.

Courtney: Well, Leticia had to leave.

Jason: Where's Carly?

Michael: Mommy went out.

Jason: She say where she was going?

Courtney: No. According to Leticia, she just ran out.

Zander: Thank you. Your timing is great. You can be a witness when they charge Nikolas with assault.

Ric: I didn't see anything illegal occur.

Zander: Did you miss the part where he tried to kill me?

Emily: Oh, that's ridiculous Zander.

Zander: Ridiculous? You saw what happened.

Ric: Look, ok, you're not the worse for wear. I think you should take this as a clue to keep that temper of yours in check. You're only going to make my job a hell of a lot easier.

Nikolas: I'm not going to prison -- not for assaulting Zander and not for killing Cody McCall. I'm innocent and I will be proven innocent before we even get to trial. I assume Iím free to go?

Zander: What the hell just happened? I gave you the perfect opportunity to add and you just pat him on the head and send him home?

Ric: Did you not hear anything that I said to you earlier? Huh? Rein it in, Zander. You stay away from Nikolas and this case or you're going to make it look exactly like what it is -- the two of us conspiring against Nikolas to frame him for Cody McCallís murder.

Zander: All right, fine. You make the charges stick. I don't sign any papers until he's convicted.

Elizabeth: I hope you guys aren't arguing about the baby.

Justus: Is this what it's come to? You putting a bullet in me?

Faith: Looks that way. First I want to hear you beg for your life. You're such an eloquent speaker.

Justus: You have every right to be angry.

Faith: I don't need you to tell me that.

Justus: Killing me won't fix anything. A life for a life -- it doesn't work that way. You can't bring back the dead or right wrongs.

Faith: I want to know one thing, one thing before I blow you off this pier. Did you take that case on purpose? Huh? Made sure he went to prison so you could have me for yourself?

Skye: Put the gun down Faith. I have this phone preprogrammed to dial 911. Now, you're going to let Justus walk away right now because if you try to stop him, I'll report an attempted murder in progress.

Faith: It'll be too late.

Skye: What matters is you won't get away with it.

Faith: You better say your prayers tonight because you just got real lucky.

Skye: Justus, come on up here. Watch your back. Make sure she doesn't shoot you when you're walking away.

Justus: I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again real soon.

Faith: You got that right. Hey, Buttinsky. You and I need to have a meeting real soon about that contract you want for the casino. Seems I have a major problem with your counsel.

Skye: Well, I'm available all day tomorrow. Just don't show your face tonight in the casino because if you do, Iíll have you arrested.

Sam: Where did you take Benís body?

Sonny: There's a shack out in back.

Jax: Yeah, we'll tell the police where to find the body when we get back to the mainland. A hurricane's about to touch down. We'd better go before it gets too dangerous.

Sonny: Yeah, you two go ahead and go. I'm going to wait it out.

Sam: Excuse me? Aren't you the one who told me that it was risky and dumb to stay on this island?

Sonny: Yeah, my pilot's on the way.

Jax: Look, Sonny's a big boy. He can take care of himself, ok? Let's go.

Sam: No.

Jax: No?

Sam: I'm not leaving without my treasure.

Jax: Are you out of your mind? Now you want to wait out a storm?

Sam: Too many people know about it and if I don't grab it now, some other Ben will come along and take it, ok? I'm not leaving.

Jax: Look, I was going to wait to tell you this, but maybe you should hear it now. Maybe it'll give you some perspective.

Sam: He was lying.

Jax: Who?

Sam: Ben. He said he killed my dad, but he was lying, right?

Jax: Sam -- Sam --

Sam: I mean, Cody isn't dead. He was just -- he was lying so --

Jax: Sam --

Sam: It would distract me --

Jax: Sam --

Sam: So I wouldn't fight him, right? Jax, please --

Jax: Sam -- Sam, Sam. I'm sorry. Your father's gone.

Jason: Hey Michael, where's that -- where's that game you promised you were going to show me?

Michael: It's upstairs. You want me to go get it for you?

Jason: Yes, I would love to see it. Ok, did Leticia say anything about how Carly was acting?

Courtney: No. She was upstairs. I spoke with Carly earlier and she was about as fragile as it gets. Why wouldn't she be, Jason? I mean, she's going to blame herself for Alcazar's death and she's going to carry it around with her for the rest of her life. Is that what you want for your best friend?

Michael: I got a new cartridge for Christmas. Do you want to play it with me?

Jason: You know what buddy, I got to leave.

Michael: But you just got here.

Jason: I -- I know, I'm sorry. I won't be long, ok?

Michael: Ok. Are you mad at Courtney?

Jason: Why would you ask?

Michael: Because you didn't kiss her goodbye. Are you guys fighting? Is that the reason why you guys aren't living together anymore?

Carly: What -- what are you doing?

Lorenzo: I --

Carly: Huh?

Lorenzo: I can't go on. I can't do it like this.

Elizabeth: So you're sure the two of you weren't arguing?

Ric: Not at all.

Zander: We weren't talking about the baby. That is settled.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right. Well, you guys just looked awfully intense.

Zander: I was talking to Ric about the case against Nikolas. It sounds like he's guilty. Killed Cody McCall -- that's pretty hard to believe.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I guess it makes sense that part of you wants to believe that Nikolas is guilty.

Zander: I wouldn't shed any tears if he went to prison. Never liked the guy, don't pretend to. I'd still be with Emily if it wasn't for him.

Elizabeth: You know, she never meant to hurt you.

Zander: Things happen. They can happen back the other way. Oh -- by the way, Elizabeth, do me a favor. Next time you see Emily, would you mind reminding her of the favor that I offered? Just tell her the offer still stands. It's like quid pro quo, right? Ric knows a little bit about that. I'm doing a pretty big favor for you guys, so just think about it.

Elizabeth: Why do I feel like we've just been blackmailed?

Ric: Well, he's definitely not the most subtle individual Iíve ever met.

Elizabeth: It's like if I don't push him and Emily back together, then he's going to challenge us for the baby. Honey, I don't like this. He's making me nervous.

Ric: No, no, no, I think you're overreacting.

Elizabeth: Well, I wish I was.

Ric: Zander's obviously nursing a broken heart, all right? He wants Emily back. You're best friends with her. It's the obvious -- look, I don't want you to read anything sinister into his motives. They're pretty clear to me.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe I should just say something to Em just in case.

Ric: No, no. Don't you stress over Zander. I promise you if I have anything to say about this -- and I do -- he's not going to come anywhere near this baby.

Sam: How did he die?

Jax: There's an ongoing investigation. Right now Nikolas Cassadine is the prime suspect.

Sonny: Cops are wrong as usual.

Jax: Yeah, well, we can exonerate Nikolas when we get back to the mainland. Now listen, this storm is getting really bad. I'm going to go turn the plane around and get it ready for takeoff, ok?

Sam: Whoa -- Jax, listen, I -- I lied to you and I took off with the treasure. I went behind your back. Thank you.

Jax: Hey -- we'll keep at it, all right? Maybe one of these days we'll learn to trust each other.

[Door closes]

Sam: After Jax and I take off, you're going to go after the treasure.

Sonny: No.

Sam: Right.

Sonny: I got more money than Iíll ever be able to spend. I -- I give you my word. I will go nowhere near that treasure.

Sam: Well, that's halfway consoling, but if you don't go after it, someone else will. My father died for that treasure. I can't -- I can't let it go.

Jason: No, I'm not mad at Courtney. We're just -- um -- disappointed.

Michael: Why?

Jason: Well, we thought that -- uh -- you know, we were going to be together always and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Michael: What changed?

Jason: Oh, Michael. It's -- it's just so hard to explain. You know, sometimes things don't work out no matter -- no matter how much you want them to.

Michael: But you and Aunt Courtney love each other.

Jason: Yeah, you know, it's just -- it's just better this way. You got to trust us, ok? I'll see you.

Michael: I know Iím supposed to understand, but I don't get it at all.

Courtney: I know sweetie. Sometimes I don't either. Come here.

Lorenzo: Get dressed.

Carly: Isn't this what you wanted? Lorenzo, isn't this the whole reason you set out to destroy my marriage? Why you pursued me? Why you drove my husband so crazy that he ended up shooting you without even thinking that he might hit me?

Lorenzo: Carly --

Carly: Huh? Because this is it! Lorenzo, this is the big payoff for all your lies, for all the times you sat down at my bedside waiting for me to come out of the coma. I am here. I am finally willing and ready. I am ready to betray my husband and he is never going to forgive me -- never -- and my life is going to be shattered. What the hell do you care though, right? This is exactly what you wanted! This is exactly what you wanted, so why are you backing away from me now that I am willing and ready? Now that I have destroyed everything and lied to everybody I am supposed to honor! What do you want from me?

Lorenzo: What I have always wanted from you Carly. Your love.

[Ethereal music]

Emily: Well, at least you're out on bail. That's a step in the right direction, right?

Nikolas: Yeah, if it didn't cost me two steps back. I never should've lost it like that. Lansing's right. Attacking Zander only makes me look worse.

Emily: You know, usually I hate it when you and Zander fight, but this time -- God, he really deserved it.

Nikolas: I can't give him that much control! Damn it. I hate being stuck in here like this while my fate's in somebody else's hands. I should be on that island --

Tracy: Well, I guess I couldn't come at a better time.

Emily: Oh God. What are you doing here Tracy?

Tracy: I've seen the light. I have come to declare a truce between the Quartermaines and the Cassadines.

Brian: You wanted to see me?

Ric: I need a progress report. Have you gotten any information from Courtney that we can use against Sonny and Jason?

Brian: Nothing yet.

Ric: Oh, good.

Brian: Look, I told you it was going to take a little bit of time.

Ric: Ok, you know what, I'm going to make this real clear to you detective. The only way that we can move forward, the only reason that you were brought into this town is so that you could successfully help my office prosecute Corinthos and Morgan on Rico violations, ok? You assured me that this wasn't going to be a problem, you can get the information from Courtney. Now, if something has changed -- I think maybe, oh, your feelings for Courtney -- then I will have you transferred out of this town so fast it'll make your head spin.

Brian: Look, you're forgetting something. I'm at least as motivated as you are to put Sonny and Jason behind bars.

Ric: Then make it happen.

Brian: Don't worry. Courtney's trusting me more each day. I'll have something for you soon.

Ric: You'd better.

Courtney: I'm sorry, sweetie. You are going to have to wait for your Uncle Jason to get back. I am beyond hopeless at video games.

Michael: He -- Jason can do a lot of things.

Courtney: I know.

Michael: He can make baby Morgan stop crying. He's been all the way around the world. He reads stuff.

Courtney: Michael, you don't have to talk me into loving Jason because I already do and for all the reasons you just said and a whole lot of others as well.

Michael: Like what?

Courtney: Well, Jason is honest almost to a fault. He is incredibly gentle and passionate, and he doesn't envy other people or care what they think. And, well, he believes in himself and all the people he loves, too, and he would do anything in the world to support them.

Michael: See, I'm right. Jason's perfect. But why don't you want to be with him?

Courtney: Well, Jasonís work is complicated --

Michael: No, it's not. His job is to protect my dad. What's bad about that? Why do you want him to stop?

Courtney: Well, that's just it sweetie. I don't want him to stop. Hey, there is nothing more important than keeping you and your family safe.

Carly: I don't understand you.

Lorenzo: If I try to explain, will you listen? Will you try to hear me? Carly, I am a prisoner here. This time tomorrow I could be dead and I am not going to die knowing that I am the reason that you hate yourself.

Carly: You know what? It didn't seem to matter to you before.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm not going to take advantage of a brain injury. If I live and what we have is as real as I think it is, then you will come to me willingly, with your heart open.

Carly: I can't be here anymore.

Lorenzo: Did you bring dinner or did you have a sudden urge to beat me up again?

Carly: Oh, my God.

Jason: You seem to be holding it together pretty well for a guy who's shackled to a wall waiting for your death sentence from Sonny.

Lorenzo: Yeah well, everyone dies eventually.

Jason: You know it's coming soon. Or do you think you'll find a way out?

Lorenzo: If you or Sonny want to kill me like this, there is no way out but I can tell you one thing -- it's not going to accomplish what you want. It won't make Sonny and Carly happy and I can promise you it won't make Carly forget about me.

Skye: Well, I'm fairly certain that I saved your life tonight, although I'm not quite sure why. What exactly does Faith Rosco have against you?

Justus: My prior association with Faith isn't something Iím proud of.

Skye: Well, tell me about it -- "inquiring minds" and all of that.

Justus: One of the realities of being a lawyer is losing. Sometimes when your clients are guilty, you lose. That's one of the ironies.

Skye: So where does Faith come in?

Justus: I defended one of her boyfriends before she married Rosco. I lost. He was convicted and died in prison. As you can imagine, Faith wasn't happy.

Skye: Was he guilty?

Justus: Aren't we all?

Skye: I'm asking if there's any way you could've saved him.

Justus: No, not at all.

Zander: You shouldn't be out here without a guard.

Faith: I thought you quit.

Zander: Well, the perks are too good. Are you -- are you all right?

Faith: Not really. Ahem. Would it surprise you to know that I used to be a completely different kind of person?

Zander: I don't know if I really want to touch that question.

Faith: Well, I was. Till the man that I loved got arrested.

Zander: You talking about Rosco?

Faith: No, I never loved Rosco. He was a means to an end. I didn't have much back then, but what I did have I sold or pawned. Got loans -- legitimate or otherwise -- all to get the best attorney money could buy. Never believe what people say, Zander.

Zander: What happened?

Faith: My attorney decided he wanted me for himself. Lo and behold, he mysteriously lost a case he should've won in his sleep.

Zander: And your lover went to prison?

Faith: He died there and my heart died with him. Now, far be it from me to question fate. I mean, I became a more efficient businesswoman. And look where I am, look at all I have. That lawyer walked away without paying. It's not going to be like that anymore.

Tracy: I am prepared to fly to Azure Key myself with my own work crew as soon as the weather clears up. We will retrieve the treasure and split the profits 50/50.

Nikolas: And what am I supposed to bring to this partnership?

Tracy: The exact location. I'm sure it's written somewhere in that pirate's journal I keep hearing so much about.

Nikolas: Well, that treasure has been around for hundreds of years. It can wait till Iím free to claim it.

Tracy: What about Sam? She's relentless. If she gets that treasure off the island, you and I can kiss it goodbye.

Nikolas: Well, that's a risk Iím willing to take. What Iím not interested in is any kind of partnership with you.

Tracy: You're an arrogant fool. You're looking at a murder rap. How dare you look down your nose at me.

Emily: Ok, that's it. Get out Tracy.

Tracy: Gladly. Let me clue you in, pal -- you're not going to make it in prison.

Jason: Carly? Carly!

Carly: Why are you yelling? Did something happen?

Jason: Did Michael or Courtney tell you I was looking for you?

Carly: I -- Michael mentioned that you're going to come here; you're going to help with some game.

Jason: Where you been?

Carly: Is this an official interrogation?

Jason: Well, last time you took off I found you in the panic room with a gun in your hand. I just want to know where you went.

Carly: Um -- I had a session with Dr. Lewis, if that's all right with you.

Jason: And you were with him the whole time?

Carly: You want to ask me something, Jason? Ask me.

Jason: Fine. Did you go to Alcazar?

Carly: I went to the spa and I had a massage because I wanted to relieve some of this terrible tension that I have and I have not seen Alcazar since you pulled me out of the panic room.

Jax: Where's Sam?

Sonny: She left.

Jax: What do you mean she left?

Sonny: What I mean is she picked up her stuff; she kind of walked through that door.

Jax: She went after the treasure?

Sonny: That's what she said, Jax.

Jax: The woman is out of her mind with grief. We're in the middle of a hurricane! Did it maybe occur to you to stop her?

Sonny: It's not my week to babysit a grown woman, Jax. Besides, she looked rational to me. If she wants to go after the damn treasure, then you know what? Who am I to stop her?

Jax: In other words, you have no further use for her, so you don't care if she goes and kills herself.

Sonny: You know -- you know what your problem is, candy boy? You've been rich your whole life, so you don't know what it's like to want something so bad that you're willing to risk everything to get it.

Jax: Do you have any idea how bad a hurricane is? Sam won't last five minutes out there. Now, I don't suppose you know anything useful, like which direction she went in, or perhaps exactly where she went?

Sonny: Matter of fact, I do.

Emily: Are we reading for romance or clues?

Nikolas: How about both?

Emily: Ok, you know even if we find something that points to the exact location of the treasure, we -- we can't go to Azure Key, right? I mean leaving the country would violate your bail.

Nikolas: Let's -- let's find a clue first and then we'll decide what to do about it, ok?

Emily: Ok. So, where did we leave off?

Nikolas: Here.

Emily: So Constance had found a place to meet with Blackthorn -- the pirate tavern.

[Music plays]

[Constance gasps]

Constance: If that's the pirate Blackthorn, I love you madly. If it's another, there's a dagger in my hand poised to strike where it will do the most damage.

Nikolai: Oh, no knife wound could hurt more than you not recognizing my touch.

Constance: I have awful news.

Nikolai: What?

Constance: It seems my parents have promised my hand in marriage to a Spaniard -- a nobleman.

Nikolai: That's -- that's impossible. You're already spoken for. You're to marry me.

Constance: My parents would never consent. They think Prince Nikolai Cassadine is a half-mad, Russian fop.

Nikolai: Aye. Well, Blackthorn the terrible pirate will just have to kidnap you.

Constance: No! When do we leave?

Nikolas: I don't blame Blackthorn. He loved Constance. He was willing to -- he was willing to do anything for her -- rob, kidnap, even -- even kill. I'd kill for you.

Sam: Ok. All right, follow the tunnel to the left at the cave wall end. Ow. Ew. Ugh. Oh. All right. Oh, come on, it has to be here somewhere. The skulls -- ow! My God. Ow. What is this? Oh, my God. Blackthorn's sword.

Courtney: I'm so sorry. I -- I left Carlyís late, and I had to go home and change.

Brian: It's no problem.

Courtney: Did we miss the movie?

Brian: We missed the 7:00 but we can catch the 8:00 or we can go to dinner. It's completely up to you.

Courtney: Uh -- movie. I'm in the mood to do something mindless and fun.

Brian: As opposed to real life?

Courtney: Hmm. I mean, you -- you never realize what a complicated mess that you've made of things until you try to explain it to a kid.

Brian: Boys Michaelís age can ask the really tough questions.

Courtney: Uh-huh. Well, Michael adores Jason and the only thing he really knows about Jasonís work is that he keeps Sonny safe and, you know, I can't be the one to tell him that means doing unspeakable things, so I talk around it. I reassure him that Jasonís a good man and if Michael ever knew what Jason really -- oh. Sometimes I forget that you're a cop, and I shouldn't. You know, I've -- I've told you way too much.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: I can't believe I fell asleep.

Ric: You're allowed. You're pregnant.

Elizabeth: Is everything ok?

Ric: Yeah, just some stuff's going on at work, that's all.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, anything you can tell me about?

Ric: I'm overseeing this -- this undercover operation and the agent that Iím working with is getting too close to the person that he's working for information. I mean, it happens, I know that. But I just -- I just can't afford to be a romantic. I need for him to do his job.

Elizabeth: Well, do you think this agent is unreliable?

Ric: No.

Elizabeth: Well, then trust your judgment.

Ric: Just like that, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah honey, just like that.

Ric: You know, it means everything to me that you have faith in me again.

Elizabeth: Well, you believed in me when I didn't deserve it.

Ric: Yeah well, that's all past us now, right? The important thing is that we found our way back to each other. We love each other and there's a baby on the way, right?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Ric: What can be better than that?

Elizabeth: Zander signing the custody agreement? I'm sorry to obsess about it, but I'm not going to feel secure until those papers are in our hands.

Ric: No, don't worry about it, ok? I'm moving heaven and earth to make sure that that happens.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Emily: Why don't we take a break?

Nikolas: Yeah, might as well. It doesn't look like there's anything else in this journal that we can use to help find the treasure.

Emily: You know, in a way Iím relieved. At least you won't be tempted to jump bail.

Nikolas: I still can't believe I'm being charged with murder, that I am going to go to trial for something that I didn't do.

Emily: Uh-uh. That won't happen. You're innocent.

Nikolas: Yeah, I don't think it's going to be that easy Emily. I mean Alexis doesn't seem all that confident that she can even get me acquitted.

Emily: No, she's pessimistic. Attorneys are that way by nature. Don't worry, ok? Everything's going to work out.

Nikolas: Ok. I'll put my faith in the system. I'll stand trial and I will trust that the truth will see me through to the other side.

Emily: Yes.

Nikolas: But you need to know that if it even looks like Iím going to be convicted, that's where it stops for me.

Emily: What do you mean?

Nikolas: I won't go to prison, Emily. I will run. I will disappear. I will start a new life on the other side of the world. I need to know -- will you come with me?

Emily: Yeah, in a heartbeat.

Nikolas: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Hey, what's going on?

Sonny: Some bad news. I'm stuck on an island called Azure Key. I'm waiting for my pilot to pick me up. Do me a favor -- can you tell Carly and the kids that I love them, and unfortunately I'm not going to be able -- a hurricane hit. I'm not going to be able to get out of here so it's going to be a few days or whatever. But -- what's going on there?

Jason: Um, you know, there's a little problem with Carly.


Sonny: I can't hear you. Can you say --?

[Phone disconnects]

Carly: What were you trying to tell Sonny about me?

Jax: Sam? Sam!

Sam: Jax! I'm down here! I found the treasure!

Jax: Sam, the storm is hitting. We got to go.

Sam: This is the safest place on the island. Look -- oh! There's more!

Jax: Come on, Sam, we -- Sam, we got to go.


Jax: What was that?

Sam: It's a trap.

Jax: Get out of the way!

[Sam screams]

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Jax: Sam! I'm coming, ok?

Courtney: You and I are on opposite sides.

Brian: I'm not going to give up on you.

Courtney: Maybe you should.

Jason: You're not just betraying Sonny! You're betraying me, your kids, and yourself!

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