GH Transcript Tuesday 1/6/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/6/04

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Nikolas: It's Cody. He's dead.

Emily: Oh, my God. Why would he do this to himself?

Nikolas: Maybe he didnít.

Emily: We need to get him down, Nikolas.

Nikolas: We need to wait for the police.

Emily: Cody stole from you and now he's dead. What if the police think you killed him?

Ric: I want you to get Courtney to talk about Jasonís business. I need something damaging.

Brian: Courtney's loyal. She won't knowingly incriminate her husband.

Ric: Well, I can see that you admire Courtney. Is this going to affect the way you do your job, detective?

Brian: My dad's dead because of the mob. I'm not going to forget that.

Ric: Good, because this is the best chance that we've had to get close to Sonny and Jason in a long time.

Elizabeth: Ric? Are you still going after Jason and Sonny?

Carly: Hey Sonny, it's me. I guess you're out of range still. I was just calling to say I love you and I miss you and I want you to come home. All right. Love you. Bye.

Lorenzo: What do you want?

Jason: Get inside. I'm not asking.

Lorenzo: Now what?

Jason: Now you're going to sit here till Sonny comes back. Then all this will finally be over with.

Sage: I'm bored.

Dillon: Try the internet.

Sage: I'm sure Uncle Lorenzo will let us watch movies on his big screen.

Dillon: I'll pass. I've got this assignment due after the break and I'm nowhere near finished, so --

Sage: Well, I've got a better idea. My uncle's going to that new casino boat tonight. He said I could meet him there and you can come, too. Nobody's going to card Lorenzo Alcazar's guests. We can gamble and do shots --

Dillon: Sage, I'll pass, ok?

Sage: Are you really going to sit here in a diner pretending to work on a paper while you wait to see if Georgie shows up?

Dillon: I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm done with this job. I'm not your babysitter anymore, ok?

Sage: Don't you mean bodyguard?

Dillon: I'm quitting. You -- you've been in Port Charles for a while now. I just -- I think it's time that you try to make some real friends, you know?

Sage: My uncle is not going to be happy about this.

Dillon: Well fine, whatever. I'll explain. I just -- I think it's better for all of us.

Sage: Well, are you feeling guilty because you kissed me the other night?

Dillon: You kissed me and I probably should've stopped it.

Courtney: Oh Georgie, these flowers came for you.

Georgie: No way.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Someone must think you're really special.

Brian: All right, I got to go. A case just opened up.

Ric: Go. Keep me informed.

Brian: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok, we need to discuss this.

Ric: We don't to discuss anything. Look, I have to prosecute Sonny and Jason sometime, all right? You know that. That is my job.

Elizabeth: I understand that.

Ric: Yeah, but you're also worried that Iím going to lose perspective; Iím going to cross over the line into another vendetta.

Elizabeth: I want to believe that you're past that.

Ric: So do I. Look, Brian is getting personally involved in this and I'm going to show him by experience that revenge is not the way. Now, Sonny and Jason are criminals, ok? I'm not -- Iím not a saint by any means, but I am on this side of the law, Elizabeth, ok? I know the way to make and win a case is to do it clean.

Elizabeth: Ok. Ok, ok, I understand that it's your job to prosecute Jason and Sonny. I'm just glad you're not making this a personal crusade.

Ric: I am going to do my job, but I am not going to let it consume me. I lost you once. I'm not going to let that happen again, ok? Especially after everything we have to look forward to.

Lorenzo: You're not going to keep me away from Carly.

Jason: I just did.

Lorenzo: Every time you or Corinthos tries to hurt me, it pushes Carly closer to me.

Jason: Not if you're dead.

Lorenzo: She won't forgive you.

Jason: She'll be relieved. You've been stalking her for months.

Lorenzo: Carly's tied to me. I can see it when I look in her eyes. You can't order her to stop feeling --

Jason: I don't know if you're delusional or just stupid. You know what? It doesn't matter because I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you never see Carly again.

Faith: I have to be honest. I just don't get it.

Carly: Go away.

Faith: No, not until you explain the attraction. Now, Sonny and Alcazar are two of the most powerful men in the northeast, and they're chasing around after a glorified piece of trailer trash. What is your secret?

Carly: I won't tell you again.

Faith: Oh, come on, Carly, it's just us girls. Tell me, who do you dream about at the end of the day? Sonny or Alcazar? Now, I know it's a tough decision. Yeah, they're both powerful, passionate men. Unfortunately for you, neither one learned to share, otherwise maybe you could have both of them -- you know, say, like, alternating nights or three on a mattress. What is your private fantasy, Carly?

Nikolas: If the police even remotely suspect that I killed Cody, the evidence will prove that Iím innocent.

Emily: Cody was after the treasure, ok? Maybe whoever killed him was looking for this. I'll put it in a safe in my room before the -

Lucky: Nikolas? Nikolas.

Nikolas: Yeah, thanks for coming.

Lucky: You said you found a body hanging in the tunnels?

Nikolas: Yeah, come here, I'll show you.

Lucky: Looks like suicide to me.

Nikolas: I barely knew Cody, but he didn't seem like the type to take his own life.

Emily: We need to tell Lucky about the treasure.

Lucky: I'm sorry, what?

Nikolas: When -- when my freighter was sabotaged, it sank onto another ship, a ship that belonged to the Quartermaines in the 1700s.

Emily: Cody has a daughter Sam and Sam was supposed to salvage Nikolas' freighter. When she discovered the treasure, she tried to take it for herself.

Nikolas: At the time, I didn't know that Sam and Cody were related. Anyway, Cody claimed that he was an experienced diver, so I hired him to recover the treasure first before anyone else had a chance to.

Lucky: Well, what about the Quartermaines? Don't they have a claim?

Nikolas: The Quartermaines and myself agreed to a 50/50 split of whatever we could recover. So Cody dove the night of the Haunted Star -- the night it opened -- but he claimed that by the time he had gotten there, the treasure was already gone. We think -- we think Sam took it. I mean, no one's seen her, Lucky.

Emily: Yeah, and then Cody showed up dead.

Lucky: So you think Sam McCall killed her own father?

Nikolas: No, it just doesn't fit. She was too small to have lifted him up there. But see, there was another person involved, a -- a fence named Ben that Cody had warned was dangerous, so I --

Lucky: Well, then, we got a lot of people chasing this treasure. We just got to figure out who wanted it bad enough to kill.

Georgie: No one has ever sent me flowers before. I love them.

Courtney: Well, who are they from?

Georgie: I think I know. I've been seeing someone new and we're really into each other, but I didn't expect this.

Courtney: Well, open the card.

Georgie: They're from my boyfriend. That's so sweet.

Sage: She is so easily impressed. Those flowers look like they came from a grocery store.

Dillon: Hey, didn't you -- didn't you have to go meet your uncle?

Sage: He's waiting for me at the Haunted Star, where we're going to gamble and have lots of fun. Last chance to join.

Dillon: No, no, I have to -- I have to do this.

Sage: Your loss.

Georgie: I'm supposed to be meeting him at the pier before we go skating, but I decided Iíd stop off here and grab a couple of lattes. He must've read my mind. Isn't that amazing?

Courtney: Well, he sounds really great. Here are your coffees.

Georgie: I cannot wait to give him the biggest thank-you ever. Thank you.

Dillon: Um -- I just -- I just spilled something. Can I get, like, a rag or --

Courtney: Yeah -- no, I got it. It's fine. I'll take care of it.

Dillon: Ok.

Faith: The truth hurts, doesn't it? You want Sonny for the main course and Alcazar on the side.

Carly: I'm married to Sonny. Lorenzo means nothing to me.

Faith: Well, isn't there something in the scripture about lusting in the heart being just as bad as doing the deed?

Carly: Don't quote the bible, Faith. You may burst into flames.

Faith: You're the one that's on fire, buttercup. Lorenzo Alcazar is under your skin and he knows it. He's not going anywhere and you don't want him to. Oh, and remember -- if I can see it, Sonny will too.

Jason: If he gets out, you're going to answer for it. You understand me?

Lorenzo: Corinthos is out of town. He have any idea what you've planned?

Jason: I know Sonny wants you dead.

Lorenzo: So you're not following orders. You're just blowing off steam because your woman moved on with another man.

Jason: Shut up. You're the reason Courtney lost our baby.

Lorenzo: But I'm not the reason she left, am I? You are. She's a very sweet girl. She just can't handle who you are or what you do --

[Lorenzo grunts]

Lorenzo: Is that an attack of your conscience?

Jason: You tried to take Sonny's wife. He's the one who gets to end this.

Lucky: I got Detective Beck up to speed.

Brian: So tell me more about this guy Ben. Lucky says that the victim contacted him about buying the treasure?

Nikolas: Cody owed him money, seemed to think that he would kill for the treasure.

Lucky: Ok, you know what, we need to get as much information on Ben as we got.

Brian: First, I have a few questions for Mr. Cassadine, starting with your whereabouts earlier this evening.

Emily: He was with me. Nikolas found me unconscious in the grotto and he took me to the hospital.

Nikolas: The doctors released her and we've been home ever since.

Brian: Ok, but I still need to know where you were before you found Ms. Quartermaine.

Nikolas: I went to the Haunted Star to see Jax. Came here, found Cody. We discussed the treasure. I warned him that he better find it. He left and then I went to look for Emily.

Brian: Ok, so as far as we know, you're the last person to see Cody McCall alive.

Nikolas: Except for the killer.

Brian: Mr. Cassadine, you had both motive and opportunity to kill Cody. I guess my only question is, did you?

Emily: Nikolas has been with me since right after Cody left.

Lucky: Unfortunately, you weren't conscious the whole time so that doesn't help.

Nikolas: No, no, it's ok. I'll answer the detective's questions --

Emily: Let me call Alexis first.

Nikolas: There's no need to because I didn't kill Cody. We found the body hanging in the passageway, so we called the police like responsible citizens are supposed to do. So, unless Cody really did commit suicide, the obvious suspect here is Ben, ok?

Lucky: Ok, can you describe him?

Nikolas: I -- I never saw him.

Lucky: Ok, what about you, Emily? I mean, do you -- did you see who knocked you out in the grotto?

Emily: I was hit from behind.

Brian: Then it could've been Cody.

Emily: He was here, talking to Nikolas. It was probably Ben.

Brian: A man that no one's ever seen. Do you know his last name?

Nikolas: No. Cody never mentioned it to me.

Brian: Then as of now, there's no proof that Ben even exists. You could've made him up to cover your own guilt.

Justus: Counselor.

Ric: Mr. Ward. Celebrating your victory, I see.

Justus: How you doing? You know, I haven't had a chance to do a postmortem on how Sonny got himself acquitted.

Elizabeth: I can tell this conversation's about to get extremely technical so if you don't mind, I'll be right back.

Ric: Ok.

Zander: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hi. Are you working?

Zander: Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on the place.

Elizabeth: Well, it's good to see you.

Zander: I'll make this easy for you. You're just coming to make sure that Iím going to let you and Ric raise our baby.

Georgie: That was great! He totally saw us!

Maxie: Gross! Georgie, we're never, ever doing that again. Gross! That was so gross.

Courtney: Hey, you're back.

Brian: Yeah, I'm waiting on a forensics report. Someone found a dead body in their house. It's going to be a long night.

Courtney: Oh, yeah. Want some coffee?

Brian: Sounds good.

Courtney: Aren't you supposed to stay at the crime scene until the forensics people are finished?

Brian: It depends on the case. The forensic guys do all they can to get us out of there. Makes them crazy to have us around the site, potentially contaminating it.

Courtney: Oh, ok. So you're here to hide out.

Brian: I'm here to see you. I've been thinking about our dance. I really liked holding you in my arms, moving to music.

Courtney: Please don't -- don't read too much into it.

Brian: I wonít.

Courtney: Listen Brian, you've been really great, but I don't want to hurt you. You know, I still love Jason. There's a part of me that knows I need to stop looking back and maybe I should just make a clean break and --

Brian: No, you can't leave Port Charles.

Sage: Carly Corinthos. I'm Sage Alcazar, Lorenzoís niece. Is he here?

Carly: I -- I haven't seen him.

Sage: Well, I'm supposed to meet him here and he's never late.

Carly: Ok, well, maybe he's inside --

sage: I already checked inside and no one's seen him.

Carly: Ok, well, maybe he's been delayed --

Sage: What if your husband did something to him?

Carly: Sonny didn't do anything to your uncle. He's not even in town.

Sage: Oh, of course he's not. That way he can't be blamed. You know what, maybe you're in on it, too.

Carly: Oh, my God. This is so ridiculous. What are --

Sage: You probably lured Uncle Lorenzo somewhere so that one of Sonny's thugs could kill him, like that one you sent to our apartment the other day and if I hadn't have walked in --

Carly: Ok, I'm not going to stand here, Sage, and listen to you go on and on --

Sage: Does it make you feel important, knowing that my uncle would die because he loves you so much? He would do anything for you and you don't even care!

Carly: Because I don't love your uncle.

Sage: Well, then, there's something wrong with you because my uncle is the best man that I have ever known. He's smart and he's brave and he's caring and he would do anything for you. I swear, if he's really hurt and if it's your fault --

Carly: You know what? I do not care if he is hurt or not. Lorenzo needs to stay out of my life for good.

Lucky: Ahem. Forensics will call as soon as they determine the cause of death.

Emily: Lucky, you know Nikolas didn't do this.

Lucky: Of course not, but it would help if you guys could come up with something on Ben.

Nikolas: I've already told you everything I know about him.

Lucky: Ok, sometimes in a case like this, a detail that doesn't seem important is. I mean, you both got to think every time you've been with Cody. I mean, maybe one of you walked in on him when he was finishing a phone conversation?

Nikolas: Lucky --

Lucky: Did you see him in public?

Nikolas: Lucky, Alexis hired him as a butler, ok? His references checked out. But according to Jax, he was an experienced con man, so I doubt he left any incriminating information behind.

Lucky: Ok, I'm going to start digging up Codyís past. Maybe we can connect it to Ben, you know, get a last known address.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: All right, that would be great. Thank you.

Nikolas: All right, I appreciate you coming by.

Lucky: You're my brother. We're in this together.

Nikolas: This is getting way too dangerous for you. I want you out of this.

Emily: No, listen, we've already decided we're doing this together. I told you that I would stand beside you through this whole thing and I meant it, Nikolas.

Nikolas: All right. All right. I guess the first step is -- is trying to find Ben. I mean if Cody was in fact murdered, then this Ben guy is obviously the killer.

Emily: All right, well, he's probably gone after Sam and she's probably gone after more treasure. I think this journal can help. Ok, what we know so far is that Blackthorn the Pirate was also a Cassadine prince.

Nikolas: Emily, you seriously want -- you seriously want to keep pursuing this like nothing's happened?

Emily: I don't know what else to do, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Fine. Fine, fine, fine, ok. Well, I doubt that the Courage is the first ship that Blackthorn has raided, so --

Emily: Ok, well, then where did he stash the rest of his loot?

Nikolas: That's probably what's in those missing pages.

Emily: Maybe there are other clues in the text.

Nikolas: Possible.

Emily: Ok, well, then let's get to work. We'll just -- we'll go over this page by page until we figure out where the rest of Blackthorn's treasure is.

Elizabeth: Are you having second thoughts about letting us raise the baby?

Zander: I'm not ready to be a father and you are going to be a great mom and Ric seems to want to be a dad, so that's it. We don't have to have this conversation again.

Cameron: Alexander. You're working here now?

Zander: Faith's a partner in the casino, so, yeah. Elizabeth is pregnant. I'm the father.

Alexis: Oh, well, that's unexpected.

Cameron: You and Emily just got divorced. I didn't even know you and Elizabeth were dating.

Zander: We're not. It was a one-night thing. Elizabeth remarried Ric Lansing.

Cameron: So Iím going to be a grandfather?

Zander: Congratulations, dad. I need some advice, Alexis.

Alexis: I imagine you do.

Zander: Elizabeth and Ric want me to let them raise our baby. I need to know what my legal rights are in case I want to keep custody for myself.

Skye: Enjoying the atmosphere?

Justus: Gets better and better.

Skye: Well, I'm flattered not to mention intrigued. You just won a high-profile case for a very guilty man and yet here you are in Port Charles. I should think the best law firms in Manhattan would be banging down the door for guys like you.

Justus: Maybe I'm just trying to rediscover my roots.

Skye: You couldn't care less about the Quartermaines. It's one of the things I like about you.

Justus: Which begs the question -- why are you still here? You're smart, rich, and fortunate enough not to be related to Edward and the rest of them. So why are you still around?

Skye: Just a glutton for punishment, I guess.

Justus: Oh, there's got to be more to it than that.

Skye: Very good, counselor. I start asking too many questions and you turn the tables around, implying that I have something to hide?

Justus: Doesn't everybody?

Skye: Very true. But just know this -- the more mysterious you are, the more interested I'm going to get.

Justus: Oh, then Iím playing it just right.

Elizabeth: So, when am I going to be able to dance with my handsome husband?

Ric: Oh, you're in a good mood.

Elizabeth: Well, why shouldn't I be? We're finally back together, there's a baby on the way. Zander's agreed not to interfere.

Ric: Couldn't be more perfect, could it?

Elizabeth: I talked to him about, you know, making sure he was ok with the agreement and he is.

Ric: Well, don't be too sure. After Zander left, he went to talk to his attorney. If I don't miss my guess, right about now he's discussing his paternal options as we speak.

Courtney: Would it really matter that much to you if I left?

Brian: Well, you're a beautiful, smart woman and my life has definitely changed for the better since I met you. So, yeah, I'd miss you and I hope you stay.

Courtney: Well, I -- I was never planning on leaving in the first place.

Brian: But you just said that you --

Courtney: That I was thinking of making a clean break, not that I was going to leave town.

Brian: So you just let me go on and on?

Courtney: Well, you didn't give me a chance to explain.

Brian: Now I'm listening.

Courtney: Ok. What I meant was that I'm ready to take a step. You know, I've been keeping you on the edge of my life, mainly as an acquaintance, and now I think that we could be more. You'll feel so confident underneath it all.

Nikolas: I bet Sam took those pages.

Emily: Mm-hmm. Makes sense.

Nikolas: Wherever she went, I'm sure Ben is following her. He wants that treasure.

Emily: So if we can find the location of the remaining treasure, then we'll find Sam and probably Ben, as well. There are clues in this text. I can just feel it.

Nikolas: I know, but so much of this is about Constanceís romance with Blackthorn. I'm not sure it can help.

Emily: Ah, but you're being too literal.

Nikolas: Too what? I am?

Emily: Yes, you are. Look, someone could tell a lot about me by looking at my relationship with you. I'm in love and it affects me every day and it was the same with Blackthorn.

Nikolas: Give me. Let's -- let's go to the entry after Blackthorn saved Constance in the park, all right?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Here it is. "It didn't surprise me when Constance came looking for me later that night.

[British accent] When she entered, Constance stood out like the aristocrat she was, not the kind of lady you spill your ale on."

Lady Beresford: Ahem. Excuse me. I have a query for you.

Man: I don't answer queries for free.

Lady Beresford: Oh, yes, naturally. I'm looking for a man who carries these coins. Tell me where to find him and you'll be well paid.

Man: Today's my day for fortune. I'd lost this piece and now you've returned it to me.

Lady Beresford: No, the coin belongs to another. Return it immediately.

Man: I will -- for a kiss.

Lady Beresford: A -- a kiss? Keep the coin.

Second man: Ms. Quartermaine doesn't appreciate your filthy hands all over her, Pegleg.

Man: Oh, bloody -- come on. Come on.

Lady Beresford: Pegleg?

Pegleg? What a ridiculous name! You have two feet that I can plainly see.

Pegleg: They don't calls me Pegleg because I have one. They's call me that because I give them to those who cross me!

[Men laugh]

Man: Well done.

Lady Beresford: Yes. Well, you rescued me in the park and Iím pleased to return the favor.

Man: I suddenly feel compelled to demonstrate my gratitude.

Lady Beresford: Prince Nikolai.

Man: Prince Nikolai, the Russian prince when I need to be and Blackthorn the Pirate when it suits me better.

Lady Beresford: You have two identities?

Prince Nikolai: Aye, 'tis true, miílady. But both prince and pirate are in love with you.

Nikolas: I can't believe he let his guard down and allowed Constance to reveal his identity so quickly.

Emily: Blackthorn obviously trusted Constance. She was his one true love. You know what that's like.

Nikolas: I'll always come to your rescue.

Emily: Yeah and I'll always rescue you right back.

Cameron: Before we get any deeper into his legal rights, I'd sort of like to know how you feel about getting a girl pregnant.

Zander: It's a little late for that conversation, isn't it dad?

Cameron: Well, do you care about this baby or the girl?

Zander: Ok, Alexis, what do I need to know?

Alexis: Will you be on the birth certificate?

Zander: They don't want me to be.

Alexis: Well, if you want any legal rights to this child, it will save you some money down the line if you're on the birth certificate.

Cameron: Don't pressure him.

Alexis: I'm not pressuring him. He asked me a legal question. I'm answering it. You don't have to make any decisions about this, you know, until after the baby is born.

Zander: Right, but won't that make me look like I'm neglecting the child?

Alexis: It sounds like you're being pressured to stay away from the baby, so if that's the case, the judge isn't going to take kindly to that.

Zander: I don't have a great record.

Alexis: I'm not saying you'll get custody. I'm just saying that you don't forfeit your rights as a biological father just because you don't act on it immediately. You can wait until the baby's born.

Cameron: That's terrible advice.

Alexis: Coming from a man who didn't look for his son until, what, how many years?

Zander: She's right.

Alexis: I'm right.

Cameron: That's why I know it's wrong to drift in and out of a child's life. If you don't want this baby, why not let somebody who can care for it raise it? I mean --

Alexis: This is a very difficult decision but like I said, you've got time to think about this, and you know that you can call me any time.

Zander: Thank you, Alexis.

Alexis: You're welcome.

Cameron: You are such a hypocrite. I don't hear you tripping over yourself to give legal advice to Kristinaís biological father, whoever the hell he may be.

Alexis: I'm an attorney. He asked me a legal question, I answered it. And my personal life has no bearing on Zanderís whatsoever.

Ric: I couldn't help but notice you talking to Alexis Davis. She's still your lawyer, right?

Zander: No, she's also a friend and she happens to be dating my father --

Ric: Because if you're thinking about changing your mind --

Zander: I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, this baby is yours and Elizabethís.

Dillon: Looking for this?

Georgie: I was. Thank you.

Dillon: So, who's Tom?

Jason: Where were you?

Carly: Ah -- Jason, you just took five years off my life.

Jason: Where were you?

Carly: I was at the Haunted Star. You know Alcazar's niece, Sage? She was there. She was waiting for him, said he never showed up. She thought Sonny must have done something to him, and I thought she was being a hysterical kid. Makes sense, Jason. You saw me and Lorenzo on the bridge tonight. What did you do to him?

Jason: What were you doing on the Haunted Star?

Carly: You answer me first.

Jason: You went there looking for Alcazar, didn't you? You promised me that you would stay away and the second I turn my back, you broke your word, Carly. Why?

Carly: Listen to me, Jason. Alcazar kissed me on the deck of the Haunted Star the night that the casino was robbed, and I thought if I stood there where it happened that I could just let it go. I could realize that I didn't even ask for it in the first place.

Jason: It doesn't make any sense.

Carly: Jason, I don't want Alcazar in my head. I don't want him in my life. But I need to resolve this for myself. If he's dead, then it's never going to really happen. So what'd you do to him, Jase? Did you kill him?

Emily: Did you find any clues where Blackthorn hid the rest of the treasure?

Nikolas: Yeah, maybe. Listen to this. Uh, yeah -- "Iíve left the only place that comes before the name of my one true love."

Emily: That's cryptic. What do you think it means?

Nikolas: I don't know, but I think we just found our first clue.

Lucky: The report came back on Cody McCall. He was murdered. Ric Lansing wants to question you.

Emily: All right, Iíll call Alexis, tell her to meet us at the station in the morning.

Lucky: Ric needs to question Nikolas tonight.

Georgie: Thanks for holding the card. Can I have it back?

Dillon: You didn't answer my question.

Georgie: Why does it matter who tom is? You're with Sage.

Dillon: You know, I still care about you. That's why Iím asking all these questions about the guy. You deserve somebody who -- who's going to treat you great -- you know, somebody who won't hurt you.

Georgie: Thanks. But you don't have to worry. I mean, Tom's awesome. He -- he sends me flowers, he's -- he never looks at other girls, and he's honest.

Dillon: Good. You deserve to be happy.

Georgie: I am. So, I'll see you at school?

Maxie: So?

Georgie: So, Dillon wanted to know all about the new boyfriend.

Maxie: Yeah? And?

Georgie: And he told me I deserved someone great, but he still seemed a little sad.

Maxie: Look, then why don't you just be honest with him, Georgie, and tell him that he's the only guy you're ever going to want?

Georgie: I canít. Look, I don't trust -- I need to trust Dillon, and I don't. And no matter how bad he feels, he's still hanging out with Sage. I'm not going to compete with her; he needs to compete for me.

Maxie: Well, then you're going to have to find someone to make him jealous because I am definitely not kissing you again, not even on the cheek.

Georgie: You're right. Look, if Iím going to convince Dillon that I'm moving on with someone else, then I need to recruit a real boyfriend.

Courtney: Is everything ok?

Brian: I'm working up the courage to ask you to dinner tomorrow night.

Courtney: Um -- look, Brian, Iím trying to take the next step but I -- I can't promise anything.

Brian: Everyone has to eat, right? If you decide it's too much, you can just get up and leave. You know what, we'll even have them serve us in takeout containers if that makes you more comfortable.

Courtney: Ok. Dinner, just the two of us.

Lorenzo: How much is Corinthos paying you?

Man: Save it. If I let you out of here, I'd be dead.

Lorenzo: I'm not asking for my freedom. I'll pay you to deliver a message. You tell Carly Corinthos where I am.

Jason: What difference does it make?

Carly: I just told you --

Jason: Alcazar hurt you, he hurt Courtney. He's trying to ruin your family and you keep going back and defending him! Are you going to walk away from your marriage for this guy?

Carly: I am not walking away from anything.

Jason: Alcazar is Sonny's enemy! Carly, if you keep going near him, it's like you're spitting in Sonny's face.

Carly: Jason, I am not being unfaithful to Sonny. Why do you keep coming down on me like like this?

Jason: Because you're about to blow your life apart again!

Carly: Ok, Jason, you know what? I tried to explain this to you. I tried and you either can't or you won't understand, so just tell me where he is!

Jason: No! You need to forget about him. Alcazar is out of your life.

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Zander: I want you to prosecute Nikolas Cassadine.

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