GH Transcript Wednesday 12/31/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/31/03

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Edward: We own the Port Charles grill, and we have had a professional cook on this staff for years, and I want to know why we had to have leftovers for New Year's Eve dinner.

Monica: Because it was your idea to call the grill and order takeout.

Alan: And have Dillon pick it up.

Edward: That kid has no sense of responsibility.

Alan: Why don't we just call the grill and have them deliver it?

Edward: Oh, God, I think I have indigestion.

Skye: I could have had the chef from the Haunted Star throw something together.

Edward: No, thank you. We will not be accepting charity from you or anyone else.

Monica: Speaking of you, why are you still here?

Edward: If cook had one shred of loyalty in her, she --

Ned: We're a week behind on her paycheck. Why would she work on a holiday?

Edward: Hey, hey, hey, hey --

Dillon: Hey, guys.

Tracy: Hi, darling.

Edward: What happened to dinner?

Skye: And what is he doing here?

Dillon: He dropped Sage off and gave me a ride home from the grill.

Tracy: Do we want him to know where we live?

Coleman: You know, the party's just getting started down at Jake’s, I mean, if you guys are interested, but -- you know what? You'll have to pay a cover charge, so --

Ned: Hey, Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah.

Ned: Next time you need a ride, just call me.

Coleman: Hey man, it is great -- it's great seeing you, all of you. Happy New Year, huh, and you are looking good. Take it easy, Neddy.

Tracy: Skye?

Coleman: Adios.

Tracy: You and that?

Skye: Well, I have no idea what you mean.

Edward: Where is our dinner?

Dillon: They said you couldn't charge it.

Tracy: Fire them all.

Dillon: Yeah, I did have enough cash for me and Sage, though. But it was great. Have you ever had the prime rib and those little peaches that they set on fire?

Alan: You ate all that and we had bread sticks?

Dillon: I did my best and right now I am going to watch a flick so --

Monica: Are you going to let him get away with that?

Tracy: Oh, excuse me. Whose son robbed us blind? Capital A, capital J, with a period in between.

Monica: Oh.

Announcer: Ready for some classic silent film? Welcome to the Silence is Golden film festival.

Dillon: Coolness.

Announcer: We'll feature the work of Chaplin, Chaney, Sennett, D.W. Griffith --

Second announcer: We interrupt this broadcast for a special bulletin.

Dillon: Great.

Announcer: Gunfire has been reported at the Port Charles regional airport --

[Edward turns TV off]

Dillon: Hey.

Edward: If you can't deliver dinner, then you can't watch TV.

Tracy: Don't blame him because we're broke.

Edward: Well, if you want to have some dessert with the family you may or you may go to your room.

Dillon: But -- well, somebody's shooting up the airport. Don't you want to see what's going on with that?

Edward: Go to your room.

Tracy: You just offered him dessert.

Edward: If Lila can persuade cook to serve it, which is highly unlikely.

Dillon: Well, why don't we just grab some ice cream from the fridge?

Edward: Go to your room.

Dillon: Fine by me.

Edward: And listen, mutt, if you don't want to be around this family, I will be happy to pack up all your things and toss them right out in the snow!

Announcer: Our first silent classic is "Just Plain Folks," from director Harry King.

[Music plays]

[Phone vibrates]

[Voicemail beeps]

Georgie: Hey, it's me. After speed dating, I -- I really need to talk to you. So when you get this, come to Kelly’s. I'll be waiting.

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

[Cow moos]

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

Dillon: I can't do this.

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

Georgie's voice: Hey, it's me. After speed dating, I -- I really need to talk to you. So, when you get this, come to Kelly’s.

Dillon: Georgie?

Sage: Dillon?

Dillon: Oh.

Sage: Aren't you happy to see me?

Dillon: Uh -- yeah, sure.

[Bell tolls]

Sage: How's that for timing? Just like in the movies.

Dillon: Yeah, it must be -- it must be midnight.

Sage: Happy New Year, Dillon.

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