GH Transcript Monday 12/22/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/22/03

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Elizabeth: Whoever did this is just cruel. I mean, leaving an unsigned note in your pocket -- how cowardly is that?

Ric: Is it true? Is someone else the father of this child?

Courtney: Jason -- I -- oh, I didn't -- I thought that you were Jason.

Brian: Are you waiting for him?

Courtney: No. I shouldn't even be here.

Brian: Courtney, wait. I think I can help, if you let me.

Tracy: Shouldn't you and your prince be roasting chestnuts or something festive?

Emily: While you steal the treasure right out from under us?

Sam: We are filthy rich. We have a fortune.

Nikolas: You and I have a fortune?

Sam: I found that ship.

Nikolas: I paid for the search.

Sam: No, you paid me to salvage your freighter. I am the one who uncovered a wreck that everyone else has missed for the past 300 years. That treasure is mine to share with whoever I want. Right, Jax?

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Skye: Ahem.

Luke: Hey, little lady. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Pull up a barstool. There's always room off the wagon for everybody.

Skye: All right, you need to go home.

Luke: Oh, can't do that. Nobody can. There's a whole book written about it.

Skye: Come on. Come on, a few aspirin, some water, B vitamin -- you'll be a brand-new guy.

Luke: A what?

Skye: All right, come on. Let's go.

Luke: Whoa, whoa --

Skye: Come on.

Luke: Whoa, what -- wait. You wouldn't be trying to take care of little me, would you?

Skye: You helped me with the Quartermaines, I owe you. Come on.

Luke: Yes, you do. You're an indentured servant, so sit, sit, sit, sit! Come on.

Skye: Luke, come on, you really -- you don't need to be here.

Luke: You think I should be somewhere decorating?

Skye: Don't spend your holiday like this.

Luke: Laura used to decorate from Thanksgiving on, everything. It was like living in a damn department store window. You know, what's been bothering me is this Christmas tree thing. Do you understand the Christmas tree thing? I mean, you take a perfectly healthy little tree, you chop it down, you decorate it, and then you watch it die. What is that about?

Skye: Um --

Luke: You understand that?

Skye: I think it's the last remnant of a pagan ritual. I don't know.

Luke: Really? Well, that's funny. I usually like pagan rituals. Well, Little Red, come on. Lighten up. Sit down. Life's short and bitter. What -- ok, what would you like? Feliz or navidad?

Alexis: See the star up there? Is that pretty? You have to be very tall to put that --

Cameron: Alexis? Didn't you hear the doorbell?

Cody: Oh, it's out of order, Sir.

Alexis: Since when?

Cody: Just recently. You must be freezing. Can I get you some tea?

Cameron: That's all right.

Alexis: Thank you. We're fine.

Cameron: Maybe a teething biscuit for the baby.

Alexis: Thank you. We're fine. Is that a present for Kristina?

Cameron: Yeah. Maybe you'd like to help her open it.

Alexis: That's very nice of you to think of her at Christmas.

Cameron: Actually, I was thinking of you.

Elizabeth: I don't know why someone would do this. I mean, who would deliberately try to ruin our wedding day?

Ric: All you have to do is tell me, Elizabeth. We were broken up for a while; things happen. People act on impulse, especially when they -- they're lonely or they feel hurt, and God knows I hurt you. Why would you want to be faithful to me?

Elizabeth: That's a lie. I'm having your baby.

Ric: I believe you.

Tracy: I have never understood my family's bias against me. I do something bad, they hate me. I do something good, they don't believe me.

Emily: Why are you trying to sell the family on a 50/50 split with the Cassadines?

Tracy: Isn't that what you want?

Emily: Oh, you can't possibly think it's a good idea.

Tracy: I don't see that we have a choice. Your pirate prince has walked us right to the end of the gangplank.

Emily: What do you have to gain?

Tracy: Half a treasure.

Emily: Split with the rest of the family.

Tracy: The Quartermaines had 300 years to find that treasure and they couldn't do it. What's wrong with settling for a percentage?

Emily: Are you sure it's that simple?

Tracy: I have an idea -- why don't you worry about your prince and getting into college and I'll worry about my father. We'll let Alan and Monica worry about each other and how about we don't worry about Ned at all, because whatever I do, it's going to be wrong as far as he's concerned.

Emily: You really want to help me, don't you?

Tracy: Maybe I'm not the avaricious monster my family thinks I am.

Emily: You're a lot more than that.

Tracy: Thank you.

Emily: You're an excellent con artist and a world-class liar.

Nikolas: The Courage doesn't belong to Sam.

Sam: It doesn't belong to you, either.

Jax: Sam agreed to work on spec.

Nikolas: That doesn't give her a legal right to the treasure.

Jax: Well, you at least owe her a finder's fee.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Finder's fee? No, you can forget it. That wreck and everything in it belongs to me.

Nikolas: Jax, you might want to explain the New York state property laws to Ms. McCall here.

Sam: Oh, now you think I have never worked in New York State before. I know nothing about the laws, right? Would you please tell him to take his pompous butt straight to hell? Please? Whose side are you on, Jax?

Elizabeth: I don't know why someone would want to do this to us.

Ric: Maybe somebody's trying to cause trouble or something. I don't know.

Elizabeth: But you believe me, don't you?

Ric: I believe anything you tell me. It's just that -- I don't know -- everything happened so fast, you know -- the pregnancy, the wedding.

Elizabeth: Wait a minute. This wedding was your idea.

Ric: Maybe I rushed into things.

Elizabeth: God, you're already having second thoughts?

Ric: This -- this isn't coming out right. Elizabeth, I love you. I want to have a family with you. That's all I've ever wanted. But there's this voice inside of me that just keeps whispering, "don't get used to this happiness."

Elizabeth: Ok, you know what? We -- we've both made mistakes, but we agreed to put them behind us so we could start over.

Ric: I know. That's all that matters to me.

Elizabeth: Ok, so -- so let's just do that. Let's just -- just forget about this stupid note, let's forget about whoever sent it and all the things that we've done wrong. We have a chance to be happy. We should just take it, together.

Ric: I just guess I'm not used to happiness, that's all. I know one thing, though -- I am going to make up for every disappointment, every heartache, and every lie I ever told you.

Tracy: I was hoping you could think for yourself and see me as I really am.

Emily: Oh, I do. That's the problem.

Tracy: What if I hadn't called the family vote? They'd all still be fighting.

Emily: Like you care.

Tracy: I do care. That's why I keep coming back.

Emily: No, you come back because you run out of money.

Tracy: We're all out of money and I am still here. I love these people. That's why I bring Dillon here. He needs structure -- probably exactly what your mother wanted for you when she convinced Alan and Monica to give you a home.

Emily: No, my mother died of breast cancer. You wanted to travel without your teenage son. Excess baggage. Can't you even see that the --

[Phone rings]

Tracy: It's all interpretation.

Emily: Hello?

Elizabeth: I have to see you right now.

Cameron: Actually, it's a combination Christmas present and social experiment. Does this threaten you?

Alexis: It's a toy.

Cameron: Given to Kristina by somebody other than her mother.

Alexis: Ok. There goes that ax. It's grinding. Do you hear it? You hear that ax grinding? Give him back the toy. I'll get you another one.

Cameron: So Kristina doesn't need presents from someone other than her mother?

Alexis: Ok, thanks for the present, thanks for coming, have a nice holiday.

Cameron: Merry Christmas, Kristina.

Cameron: She's an overprotective mother but an excellent butler. You might pick up some tips.

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: Why are you eavesdropping?

Jax: Look, Nikolas, no one would've known about the treasure if not for Sam.

Nikolas: If I hadn't have found you and carried you to safety, you would have died of hypothermia. Never mind that, I mean, I saved your life. You had no intention of telling me about that treasure.

Sam: You're damn straight.

Nikolas: Oh, so you're admitting that you tried to defraud me?

Sam: The Courage isn't your ship.

Nikolas: No, Sam. It isn't yours, and neither is the treasure. Look, I will pay you for the time you spent trying to salvage my freighter but not for the time spent trying to steal a fortune which does not belong to you.

Sam: You're not going to find anyone to dive this time of year.

Nikolas: Oh, I think that can be arranged.

Sam: When? By spring? In the middle of the summer? By then, my treasure will be gone.

Nikolas: If you're threatening to steal from me, Sam, donít. Real simple -- lay a hand on the treasure, I press charges.

Sam: If you happen to pay off the right people or get the law on your side, it won't do you any good because I will disappear with my treasure, ok?

Nikolas: I hope this ends here.

[Door closes]

Sam: There is no way in hell that guy is confiscating my treasure. I am going to get it away from the Cassadines and the Quartermaines, too.

Courtney: You know what? I was right. This is a really bad idea.

Brian: Why?

Courtney: This place just has a lot of memories.

Brian: Jason used to bring you here?

Courtney: Actually, I -- I came to get him.

Brian: Well, what about a game of pool?

Courtney: You know what? You -- you don't want to play the sticks with me.

Brian: Why?

Courtney: Because I am the master.

Brian: Ooh. That might've been before the real and true master arrived.

Courtney: Uh-huh. Yeah. We'll see about that.

Coleman: Seltzer with lime, just how you like it.

Skye: Oh -- thanks.

Coleman: Merry Christmas.

Skye: Oh, right. You, too.

Luke: I think he likes you.

Skye: Yeah, well, he's not as bad as he seems -- sometimes. So, tell me, where were we? Oh, yes -- disastrous Christmases.

Luke: Oh, baby, you are so out of your league.

Skye: Oh, really? Really? Ok. One time I ordered a turkey with vodka, picked up the waiter, woke up in the middle of January.

Luke: Ok. Did you ever dress up like Santa Claus and give all your stuff away?

Skye: I gave away my roommate's stuff once in boarding school.

Luke: At Christmas?

Skye: Spring break.

Luke: Doesn't count.

Skye: Do you ever sit at home by yourself watching that fake fire in your fireplace, you know, with the Christmas carols playing in the background?

Luke: I burned down the cop shop once.

Skye: At Christmas?

Luke: No.

Skye: Doesn't count.

Luke: Ah -- when I dressed up like Santa Claus, I ended up going on TV and I think that was the night -- was that the night that I sat out on the ledge at General Hospital?

Skye: Did you ever have Christmas dinner at the Quartermaines'?

Luke: You win. Man, that grim image -- that trumps anything I got.

Skye: I guess I really shouldn't complain. I mean, they are the only family I'll ever have.

Luke: Family? Baby, you want family? Look. Now, this is family. You know, this is my kind of family -- no commitment, no hugs.

Skye: Yeah, do you think you could consider telling them good night soon?

Luke: Come on, darling. We both know we both want to stay. Now, all you got to do is let me put a little slug of this in there, and you'll feel at home so fast, it'll make your head spin.

[Courtney chuckles]

Brian: Not bad.

Courtney: Oh, what'd you expect?

Brian: I think we need to raise the stakes a little.

Courtney: Yeah?

Brian: If I win, I get a dance.

Courtney: And what if I win? What do I get?

Brian: Anything you want.

[Music plays]

Cameron: Excuse me. Have you seen Zander Smith?

Coleman: Who wants to know?

Cameron: I'm his father.

Coleman: Haven't seen him.

Luke: Go ahead, come on. Catch the Christmas spirit. That's it. Go ahead.

Skye: Would a diabetic eat a bag of candy? Would a person on dialysis eat 10 bags of chips?

Luke: You lost me.

Skye: I have an illness, Luke. I take one drink, I lose a whole week.

Luke: It's one little drink!

Skye: There's no such thing as "one little drink."

Luke: I'll take that as a no.

Cameron: Why didn't you just put a gun to her head?

Courtney: Corner pocket.

Brian: Whoo!

Courtney: Oh, yeah, so good.

Brian: You're a shark.

Courtney: Excuse me.

Brian: Where did you learn how to shoot like this?

Courtney: Oh, when I was little, my dad used to hold me up to the pool table and that would be in Reno, Nevada, not to be confused with Hicksville, U.S.A.

Brian: See what happens when you insult a man's hometown?

Courtney: Oh, go ahead.

Brian: Uh-oh.

Courtney: Great.

Brian: I win, you lose.

Courtney: I just gave you a break for the holidays.

Brian: A deal's a deal. Let's dance.

Courtney: Come on.

Alexis: Your work isn't bad, your references are -- they're ok. Your salary certainly fits into the budget, but you seem to be a bit of a lurker.

Cody: I didn't want to intrude.

Alexis: You were eavesdropping. If you do that again, you're going to have to go.

Cody: I understand.

Alexis: Ok, just so you know, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt for now.

Cody: Yes, ma'am.

Alexis: It's not going to last forever.

Jax: You took a chance by keeping the treasure to yourself.

Sam: It's mine.

Jax: Odds are stacked against you.

Sam: Like they have been my entire life. This is business as usual, Jax, and you want me to fold, just give up again.

Jax: No, I'm not -- no, I'm not asking you to fold. I'm just saying wait for a better hand.

Sam: Do you know how many times I've come this close and missed out? Not this time. I found that treasure and I don't care what Nikolas Cassadine or New York state law says. It belongs to me.

Jax: Would you listen to yourself? Ok, all or nothing is a loser's bet. You need to cut your losses and move on.

Sam: I really thought you'd back me on this.

Jax: I am trying to back you on this. I'm saying that there could be something better down the road.

Sam: You think it's going to be that easy? All right. I'll try.

Jax: Trust me, you won't be sorry.

Tracy: Why the long face, little pirate? This is your lucky day.

Emily: Elizabeth? Hey, what happened? Are you all right?

Elizabeth: How could you?

Emily: How could I what?

Elizabeth: After all the secrets I have kept for you, how could you tell Ric that the baby isn't his?

Emily: I didnít.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's right, you just put a note in his pocket.

Emily: No, Elizabeth, I didnít.

Elizabeth: Did you know that we got married tonight, Emily? We got married and we were supposed to be going on our honeymoon until Ric went and put his jacket on and found a note in his pocket saying that he wasn't the father of the baby.

Emily: Elizabeth, I would never do anything like that to you.

Elizabeth: Well, then who did you tell? Did you tell Zander?

Emily: No, I didn't tell anyone!

Elizabeth: That's good. That's good, because it's nobody's business that Zander is the father of this baby. This is my secret, nobody elseís.

[Music plays]

Brian: I'm sorry. I should have never dragged you here.

Luke: Well, so much for decking the balls with falls and dollies.

Cameron: Don't change the subject.

Luke: Go away.

Cameron: Why'd you offer Skye a drink?

Luke: This is a bar. That's what people do here -- they drink.

Cameron: I'm guessing Skye was just here to help.

Luke: Well, who asked her to?

Cameron: So your latest tactic for alienating people is goading recovering alcoholics into taking drinks?

Luke: Skye is an adult. If she wants to drink, she drinks. She doesn't, she doesnít.

Cameron: You like Skye, so you're pushing her away.

Luke: Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.

Cameron: And probably Summer, too.

Luke: Would you please find some other cadaver to dissect?

Cameron: What if instead of running for her life, Skye had taken that drink?

Luke: What if instead of bugging me, you shut up and go away?

Edward: Dear Constance -- she died for that treasure.

Alan: "Dear Constance"?

Monica: She died 300 years ago.

Edward: And I refuse to share the treasure with a bunch of inbred Russian lunatics, hmm.

Ned: I don't think Emily sees it that way.

Edward: Ah -- she's a lovesick child, that's why.

Monica: Well, Tracy has to be up to something.

Alan: What was that vote for, anyway?

Monica: I don't know.

Edward: My family turning against me. What else?

Alan: Oh, nobody's turning against you.

Edward: Then why the hell do you insist on giving everything we have away to those damn Cassadines, huh?

Monica: And why do you insist on making everything sound worse than it is?

[Skye whistles]

Skye: Come on, everyone. It's Christmas. Can't we put all our differences aside and act like a family?

Edward: What do you know about family? You certainly aren't a member of this one.

Alan: Don't start!

Monica: You see what I mean?

Edward: What do you mean, don't start?

Alan: It is Christmas! I want you to stop --

Edward: She is not a member of this family.

Alan: You just leave --

Tracy: You need a new base of operations. Nikolas is going to be watching this ship. You can use the Quartermaine boathouse. Hide any treasure you find there.

Sam: Why, so you and your family can steal it?

Tracy: The Quartermaines never think about that boathouse in the wintertime.

Sam: They will when you start going up there.

Tracy: You know what? I have a great deal of experience deceiving my family. You need to make sure that everybody thinks you've given up. By the time the Quartermaines and the Cassadines agree on how to search for the treasure, it'll be gone.

Sam: And I'll be the prime suspect.

Tracy: Not if you replace the real jewelry with fakes. Then I can sell the real stuff in Europe on the black market if I have to, and you and I can split the profits, 70/30.

Sam: No way.

Tracy: You are the 70, missy.

Sam: Why are you being so generous?

Tracy: Well, I can hardly drag myself into a heated Jacuzzi and the thought of diving into a frozen harbor in the dead of night in the middle of winter -- well, it's hideous to me.

Sam: Then why should I give you any profit at all? Why shouldn't I just take it all for myself?

Tracy: Well, maybe because it's my idea and without my cooperation, you get zilch.

Elizabeth: I'm really sorry I yelled at you.

Emily: No, it's ok. Blame the hormones.

Elizabeth: I know you would never tell Ric.

Emily: No, not without your permission, but it would be so much better if you told Ric the truth. Have I mentioned that?

Elizabeth: Yeah, once or twice. Em, what if -- what if Ric starts to figure it out?

Emily: Well, somebody obviously did.

Elizabeth: But who would put a note in his pocket? I mean, that's just so weird.

Emily: How many times did you tell me not to keep secrets from Zander? And you were right, Elizabeth. If I'd just been honest from the start, then I would -- Ric -- Ric just walked in.

Elizabeth: Oh, God -- so, we're going to Charleston for our honeymoon.

Emily: Oh, that sounds great!

Ric: Oh, you told her, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Emily: Congratulations.

Ric: Thank you.

Emily: I'm -- I'm sorry I missed the wedding.

Ric: Oh, that's ok. We'll -- we'll throw a party in a few weeks, right?

Emily: That sounds good.

Ric: Uh -- Emily, would you mind if I have a couple of minutes alone with my wife?

Emily: Sure. Just to be clear, I expect you to treat Elizabeth better this time around.

Ric: I understand.

Elizabeth: I'll call you later, Em, from Charleston. Ok?

Emily: I'm looking forward to it.

Elizabeth: Ok. Bye.

Ric: Bye. Listen -- I want to talk to you about that note.

Elizabeth: Oh God, I -- I still -- I can't figure out who would've put that in your pocket --

Ric: I did.

Elizabeth: You what?

Ric: I wrote the note and I stuck it in my -- my jacket pocket and I pretended to be surprised.

Elizabeth: Wait a minute. We haven't even been married 12 hours and you're already lying to me?

Ric: Elizabeth, you lied to me, too. I knew something was off. I saw what the lie was costing you and I just tried to help.

Elizabeth: So -- so now you know the truth.

Ric: I want you to look in my eyes and I want you to tell me -- is Zander the father of this child?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Brian: Why did you follow me?

Courtney: Look, you -- you tried to be a good friend to me in Hayes Landing and now it's my turn to be a friend to you.

Skye: Well, make up your minds. When Tracy announced I wasn't Alanís daughter, you said it didn't matte but now that you're broke, you want nothing to do with me?

Edward: Well, we need to take care of our own, dear, and that does not include you.

Skye: Yeah, well, I guess so much for "we'll always love you, Skye."

Monica: You've always encouraged A.J. to turn against us. You're probably the reason he stole everything.

Skye: I knew nothing about that!

Alan: Skye, you did encourage A.J.

Skye: And you always told me that I could count on you.

Alan: Listen to me. You know that I love you, but it can't stop me from telling you when you're wrong.

Ned: You're not a reliable person.

Monica: Look at Emily. She lost two years with this family because of you.

Edward: Mm-hmm. Could be the stress of that injury caused the cancer.

Skye: You're saying I gave Emily cancer? Oh, my God!

Reginald: They get a little carried away.

Edward: You stay out of this, Reginald! All you want, hmm, is just a cut of that treasure, young --

Skye: What treasure?

Ned: You sure you don't know? Because I can never tell when you're scamming or when you're sincere.

Edward: This is the last time you will take advantage of this family, lady.

Monica: Especially at Christmas.

[Door opens]

Luke: Leave her alone!

Skye: Luke?

Luke: There's nobody here fit to patch your jeans, Red. A lot of people are liars and thieves, but what makes this crowd so low is that they're hypocrites -- except you, Dr. Quartermaine. Not you, not you. You tear into her with your moral high ground when every one of you have done worse regularly. Please.

Skye: What are you doing?

Edward: Get off my property, both of you!

Luke: Yo, the door and when they come groveling -- and they will -- I want you to slam the door in their face!

Tracy: You need an ally.

Sam: I have Jax.

Tracy: Oh, please. He wants you to fold, cut your losses, walk away, that sort of thing.

Sam: How do you know that?

Tracy: I eavesdropped. How do you think?

Sam: Oh, so you heard everything?

Tracy: Uh-huh. He wants you to be noble and stand back, which is fine, I suppose, if you're an incredibly handsome and successful corporate raider.

Sam: Jax is all right.

Tracy: Jax is splendid and he's never been out of the loop. In fact, he is the loop. He's never been shut out of a deal. His friends love him. His family has always adored him. What about yours?

Sam: What does family have to do with anything?

Tracy: You're right -- nothing. You don't need family. You need that treasure. Do we have a deal?

Sam: Ok. Yeah, we're on.

Alexis: The Quartermaines are going to fight you on a 50/50 split. I don't care what they say.

Nikolas: That's why I was hoping you'd draw up a contract.

Alexis: I will work on it.

Nikolas: Great.

Emily: Hey. You aren't going to believe this.

Nikolas: What?

Emily: Elizabeth married Ric Lansing.

Nikolas: What -- when?

Emily: Tonight. Totally unplanned.

Nikolas: Wow, that's -- that's kind of scary.

Emily: Yeah. I also spoke to Tracy about the treasure.

Nikolas: Whose idea was that?

Emily: Mine. I know Tracyís up to something.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, so is Sam McCall. She threatened to loot the Courage before we get a diving team together.

Emily: Oh. So then it's a race to the bottom of the Port Charles harbor.

Nikolas: Yep, yep, and Samís an experienced diver.

Cody: Excuse me, sir, so am I.

Elizabeth: If you were suspicious, why didn't you just ask me straight out?

Ric: Would you have told me the truth?

Elizabeth: Would you have still married me?

Ric: Yes. In a heartbeat. I wish you felt safe enough to be honest with me, but I understand why you didnít. Elizabeth, I know better than anybody what it's like, how hard it is to tell the truth when telling a lie would help everyone, especially the people that you love.

Elizabeth: So, what now?

Ric: Well -- we took vows, right? Hmm?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Ric: I meant every word. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my le e with you.

Elizabeth: That's what I want, too.

Ric: We'll have other children and I will love this child as if it's my own forever.

Elizabeth: Oh, God. I'm really sorry.

Ric: It's ok.

Elizabeth: I'm really sorry about Charleston.

Ric: No, no, no, it's ok. We're still going to go. Right after we tell Zander.

Elizabeth: I've tried to tell Zander. It's -- it's impossible.

Ric: He's the father, Elizabeth. He has a right to know.

Elizabeth: Ok, the last thing he needs right now is a baby. Do you know that he's working for Faith Rosco? He doesn't want to be tied down right now. He's probably going to be in jail in the next year.

Ric: Maybe he is, maybe he isnít, but this child could change his life. It could turn it around.

Elizabeth: Or he could do some serious emotional damage without even meaning to.

Ric: The truth is going to come out eventually.

Elizabeth: Not if we don't tell anybody.

Ric: Elizabeth, that's like setting a time bomb in the middle of our family. That makes us all vulnerable, especially you.

Elizabeth: Ok, you know what? I don't want to talk about Zander. I don't want to talk about what could happen next. I don't -- I just married the man I love. We've been through hell and I think we deserve a honeymoon.

Ric: Ok, I agree. I agree, all right? Why don't we just -- we'll hop on the plane, all right? We won't take anything with us. We'll buy everything there in Charleston. We'll stroll through the streets and visit all the mansions, you know? Then we'll fall asleep and we'll sleep till noon in our four-poster bed. How's that, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah, that sounds good.

Ric: Ok?

Elizabeth: That sounds good.

Ric: But when we get back, we have to tell Zander.

Jax: Merry Christmas -- a little early.

Sam: I hope you don't expect me to wait until Christmas to open this.

Jax: No, of course not. Go ahead. Open it.

Sam: Jax -- wow. It's -- it's a compass and it's beautiful. Thank you.

Jax: Every time you look at this, you can be proud of yourself for doing the right thing.

Sam: I'll try.

Jax: I know it wasn't easy to let go of the Courage. You found real courage in your heart. You'll find your treasure.

Sam: I think I already have.

Jax: Hmm.

Nikolas: Wow. A butler, cook, a gardener, groom. A groom. You're a diver now, too?

Cody: Yes, sir.

Nikolas: Then why are you working for almost nothing?

Cody: I need to be close to my daughter, Sir. We have fences to mend.

Nikolas: Oh.

Cody: If this is too much, I understand, but I am available to assist if you need me.

Nikolas: I'll consider your offer. That'll be all, thank you.

Emily: I don't trust that guy for a second. Do you?

Nikolas: No. You're about the only person I trust anymore.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: Between your family and mine, I think we're about to get swallowed up in greed here.

Emily: Yeah, well, if we get in too deep, we'll just pull each other back.

Nikolas: Promise?

Emily: Yeah. I don't care about the treasure or anything else, as long as I'm with you.

Skye: I swear, I don't think I've ever seen the Quartermaines left speechless before.

Luke: It was a sight to behold, wasn't it?

Skye: Oh, God. I mean, who would have ever thought that I would be swept off my feet by Luke Spencer?

Luke: Well, see, I'm out of the rescue business.

Skye: It's just a figure of speech.

Luke: No, it's a state of mind. You better be careful or you're going to start depending on me.

Skye: No, I wonít.

Luke: See, people who depend on me -- they always end up disappointed. I don't want that to happen to you so I'm going to save you the trouble. That'll be my Christmas present.

Skye: You got me a Christmas present?

Luke: Well, sort of. I'm asking you to walk away. No, I'm telling you to. That would be my gift.

Skye: Did I miss something?

Luke: Why don't I -- why don't I save you the trouble. I'll do the walking.

Brian: I thought if I didn't go back to Hayes Landing that I wouldn't think about that last Christmas. But I can't think about anything else.

Courtney: Do you want to tell me about it?

Brian: It was snowing. Christmas tree was all lit up. Karen opened up a bottle of wine, lit some candles. She put on these old Christmas songs and we danced. Yeah, but I was fried from working doubles all week and the wine. Karen wanted to stay up until past midnight to bring in Christmas together but I knew that Henry was going to be up at the crack of dawn, so we went to bed. God, if I'd known that that was our last Christmas --

Courtney: But you didnít.

Brian: That's the point. Sometimes you don't get the chance to go back and make things right. Look, maybe you and Jason will work things out; maybe not. But you have the chance and it's Christmas, so don't let it pass you by.

Courtney: Thanks.

Courtney: Merry Christmas, Jason. I love you.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: This ring represents everything you mean to me.

Tracy: Sage is so much better suited for you.

Dillon: Mom, leave it alone.

Sage: Get off of me!

Georgie: Look, you asked for it!

Sage: Oh, bring it on, loser!

Michael: Come home for Christmas.

Sonny: Merry Christmas.

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