GH Transcript Monday 12/8/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/8/03

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread By Brian

Jax: Why didn't you tell me that you wanted a midnight cruise?

Luke: What the hell?

Faith: Now would you like to reconsider our partnership?

Luke: You would drown Little Red for a cut of the casino?

Faith: Well, she'll probably freeze to death before she drowns, but why quibble. It's your choice. Either Zander can help her back on the ship or push her off -- your call.

Luke: Well, why stand here and watch a good woman suffer? Shove her off.

Brian: Who are you?

Scott: Justus Ward, the other black sheep of the Quartermaine family.

Justus: So to speak. Where's my client, Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: I don't know.

Justus: Have you locked him in a little room already, despite the critical injuries inflicted by the police, knowing that Mr. Corinthos suffers from claustrophobia? That's torture, Mr. Baldwin. It's against the law.

Scott: I have no idea where Sonny is.

Justus: Then I suggest you find Mr. Corinthos or I'll charge this police department with criminal negligence, entrapment, and conspiracy to commit murder, along with the standard harassment that's been going on for years.

[Scott chuckles]

Scott: You can't --

Justus: When you locate my client, we'll proceed. Until then, don't waste my time.

Justus: Damn, this is fun.

Jason: Welcome back.

Carly: So, what do you think of my safe house?

Sonny: Didn't Jason and Courtney get married there?

Carly: Yeah. It's going to be the last place anyone will think to look for us, so we -- we can send for the kids and figure out what to do next. Maybe we'll settle down here in the French countryside. What do you think, Sonny? Oh, my God, Sonny. You ok?

Sonny: Yeah.


Dillon: Oh.

Sage: How do you feel?

Dillon: Like I got hit by a truck.

Sage: Poor baby. Thought you'd wake up happy.

Dillon: Why?

Sage: You lost your virginity last night.

Jax: There's Orion.

Sam: Mm-hmm, and there's the navigator's triangle.

Jax: You know, we could go anywhere from here.

Sam: Mm-hmm. Maybe. If I had the original Lazarus.

Jax: You really miss that boat, don't you?

Sam: I miss my whole life.

Jax: Is that why you stole this one?

Sam: Oh, come on. Jax, the guy couldn't even tie a decent knot.

[Jax chuckles]

Sam: He didn't deserve this boat.

Jax: You know, I have -- I have a bunch of boats. They're yours for the asking.

Sam: Ok. Well, what's the fun in asking? What's the fun in being vice president of someone else's company?

Jax: Sam, I hired you because you have great instincts.

Sam: All right. Then Iíll have my own business and make my own profit, not you.

Jax: Where's the profit in this?

Sam: It's all around us. Just take it in. It's -- it's in the moon. It's in the stars. It's in the water. Can you hear that? Listen to this. And the quiet. And it's in the horizon over there. And that's where I want to be -- just one step past where I am now.

Jax: In someone else's boat.

Sam: No. One step ahead of the law.

Jax: I can -- I can understand that.

Sam: No, you donít.

Jax: Sure I do. I'm a pirate, too, Sam.

Sam: No, Jax, you are the perfect man if I believed in fairy tales, which I donít. Hell, I don't even like them. I mean, why wait for some prince to wake you up? I'm just going to set my alarm and stop whining. You know?

[Jax laughs]

Sam: I'm serious about that.

Jax: I know you are.

Sam: And why waste my life with flow charts and computer screens? Blah, blah.

Jax: What about the money?

Sam: Who needs it? Or a corner office. None of it feels like me, Jax.

Skye: [Muffled] Luke, get me out of here! What's wrong with you? Do something, damn it!

Faith: You have an excellent poker face.

Luke: You got a pretty sweet one yourself.

Skye: Hello! Will you do something, please?

Faith: Well, the difference is Iím not bluffing. See, you launder my money and give me a cut of the casino or Little Red here takes a swim.

Skye: Don't call me Little Red!

Luke: My casino profits are not on the table. You throw her overboard, a posse of pretty powerful people are going to be plenty peeved.

Faith: Oh, gosh. Well, you know, I've never been much of a people pleaser. Push her off.

Zander: No.

[Skye whimpers]

Skye: Luke, do something!

Faith: Do it.

[Skye screams]


Luke: Oh, hell. What do you want to go and do a thing like that for?


Justus: You had no idea about this?

Jason: No, I thought Sonny was in his room.

Courtney: Carly must've gotten Sonny away.

Justus: How are you involved in this?

Jason: Justus, this is my wife, Courtney. She's also Sonny's sister.

Justus: Nice to meet you.

Courtney: Nice to meet you. I -- Iíve seen your picture at the Quartermaines'. You and Jason are cousins, right?

Justus: Just barely and by accident. Edward can give you the details, but we need to focus on Sonny now.

Scott: Well, speaking of Sonny --

Justus: Have you located my client?

Scott: Who needs Corinthos? We'll try him anyway.

Justus: My client has a right to present his case before a jury.

Scott: Well, tell him to get back here and stand trial or you're going to be defending an empty chair.

Justus: My client is running for his life. The police tried to kill him.

Scott: Your client is running to stay out of jail. A jury will just take that as an admission of guilt.

Justus: Don't be so sure.

Courtney: Can they really try Sonny when he's not here?

Scott: Sure we can. And another thing -- two days. See you in court.

Carly: Um -- merci. Uh -- for coming so -- uh -- vi-- vi-- vite.

Man: Vite.

Carly: Vite, yeah.

Man: Dite moi, comment vous etes on a tire tu?

Carly: Excuse me?

Man: Tire -- gun. How?

Sonny: It was a -- it was an accident.

Man: Acci-- accident.

Sonny: Yeah.

Man: Oh, yes, I understand. I understand. [Speaking in French] ok, be -- be careful.

Carly: We will. Thank you. I'll make sure that he rests and --

Man: Yes.

Carly: Thank you again for coming so quickly. Merci.

Man: Merci.

Carly: Merci.  Do you think he's going to go to the cops?

Sonny: Not after what we paid him.

Carly: How are you feeling?

Sonny: Anything's better than PCPD lockup.

Carly: Yeah, well, I doubt anyone will look for us here, so you can have plenty of time to just rest and heal.

Sonny: Yeah, you, too. We both need -- I have a lot to recover from.

Jax: You know, Sam, you really don't know me and my business all that well.

Sam: I know the important stuff.

Jax: Like what?

Sam: Well, you always have a safety net.

Jax: How does that work?

Sam: M-o-n-e-y. Nothing keeps you safer.

Jax: Oh, no argument there.

Sam: But me -- I can run on almost nothing, one step ahead of my creditors and barely inside the law.

Jax: Well, that's exactly how I feel. I just work with a few more zeroes.

Sam: Oh, yeah, whatever. You have not been broke in so long, you don't even know what it feels like.

Jax: No. Look, you walk right on the edge, ok? You walk right on the edge and you bluff your way through and you make millions of dollars --

Sam: Oh, yeah.

Jax: Yeah, if you --

Sam: That's how it works?

Jax: If you understand --


Man: You are in a stolen vessel! Please stop immediately!

Jax: Oh.

Man: Do not attempt to evade. Repeat, do not attempt to evade.

Sam: You got us caught.

Jax: Who says we're caught? Move over. Here we go.

[Boat accelerates]

Sam: What?

[Skye and Luke groan]

Luke: Hey, need a hand?

Skye: [Normal voice] oh, let go of me!

[Skye coughs]

Luke: You need mouth-to-mouth? What do you want to do that for? I just saved your life.

Skye: Oh, God. You just got me thrown into the water in the middle of winter!

Luke: Well, who thought she'd do it -- I mean, really?

Skye: God! Faith Rosco's out of her mind. Why, she poisons people, she -- she guns down mobsters. Why wouldn't she throw me into the water?

Luke: Then you weren't surprised?

Skye: I almost drowned!

Luke: Well, I was really surprised. I -- I just didn't think she would go through with it.

Skye: What'd you think, Luke, huh? Did you think she was going to take us out to dinner? Maybe take you dancing?

Luke: Well, I'm a little tired for dancing, but I could eat.

Skye: Oh! God, you are just so --

Luke: What's the matter --?

Skye: Infuriating! I swear to God!

Luke: Hey, hey, hey! I'm just trying to bring the tension level down!

Skye: You know, I should've left you -- I should've left you in jail when I had the chance.

Luke: Now, just calm down, Red. Calm down.

Skye: I swear to God.

Luke: All we got to do is rethink this a little bit.

Skye: I will --

Luke: This Faith Rosco broad turns out to be more of a contender than I imagined.

Skye: Oh, God! What am I doing?

Luke: Things didn't turn out exactly as I --

Skye: Get me out of here.

Luke: Planned.

Skye: I swear to God.

Dillon: Oh, no.

Sage: Let me help you with that.

Dillon: No.

Sage: You need better ice.

Dillon: Would you just -- will you settle down somewhere, please?

Sage: I'll call room service.

Dillon: No, no. Just stop moving.

Sage: How about some coffee?

Dillon: Sit down.

Sage: Next time, you need to go a little easier on the champagne.

Dillon: There won't be a next time.

Sage: There's only one first time and you were amazing. Don't you remember anything?

Dillon: No.

Sage: It was awesome. I mean, really.

Dillon: Ok -- did we use protection?

Sage: Who needs protection? We got carried away.

Dillon: No, we didnít.

Sage: You were fabulous, especially for a virgin.

Dillon: Yeah, I'm still a virgin.

Sage: Not by much. But don't worry -- if I get pregnant, which I probably won't, we'll get married, and we'll spend all my uncle's money, and our whole life will just be one big party.

Dillon: Would you stop talking?

Sage: Don't you want to hear all about your very first time?

Dillon: No, I really don't because it didn't happen.

Sage: You were kind of drunk, but other than that --

Dillon: Look at me. I couldn't get drunk enough to cheat on Georgie. Ok? Especially with you.

Justus: Baldwin must have a judge in his pocket.

Jason: He's got several.

Courtney: Can't you stall or file some papers or something?

Justus: I can try but Jasonís my client too and we need to have a meeting.

Courtney: In other words, leave the room. I know the drill.

Justus: Where the hell is Sonny?

Jason: Justus, I don't know, but I think he's all right. Carly's probably with him.

Justus: Let me get this straight. Sonny's injured, he may or may not be under the care of his brain-damaged wife, we have no idea where they are, and you think he's all right?

Jason: Yeah.

Justus: Why did I break the vow of silence?

Jason: They're going to contact us as soon as it's safer. I know they will.

Justus: Well, they better pick up the phone pretty soon because if Sonny doesn't show up for trial, he's toast.

Georgie: Maxie, what should I do? Sage swore they were sipping champagne in the tropics -- well, in a honeymoon suite.

Lorenzo: Ahem.

Georgie: Hold on. May I help you?

Lorenzo: No, thank you. May I have a moment?

Courtney: Get out of my way.

Lorenzo: If you care about Carly or your brother, you'll tell me where they are.

Sonny: So, you smuggled me out of the hospital in a body bag?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: You're incredibly heavy.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Did you know that? We almost couldn't get you on the gurney.

Sonny: So it was you, Bobbie, and Jason?

Carly: No, just me and mama. We dressed up in scrubs and we took you through the morgue. You got to the jet in a hearse.

Sonny: So, Jason doesn't know where we are?

Carly: Uh-uh, no one does. That's the plan.

Sonny: You and your plans.

Carly: Yeah, well, this one worked. So we'll have a good story for the grandkids, huh? Hmm?

Sonny: Yeah, we will.

Carly: Let's call them.

Sonny: Uh -- no, you can't call because Baldwin might have the phones tapped.

Carly: Yeah, but he can't tap a cell phone.

Sonny: Yeah, but we can't risk it, you know?

Carly: I need to call my sons.

Sonny: Leticia's taking real good care of them.

Carly: Yeah, but Leticiaís not their mother.

Luke: You might want to strip down, get out of those wet clothes.

Skye: Leave me alone.

Luke: Would this be a good time to offer you a good, stiff drink?

Skye: You are the best reason I have ever found to stay sober. Do you have any tea?

Luke: No. What would I be doing with tea?

Skye: Fine. I'll make coffee.

Luke: Yeah, go ahead.

Skye: Better be coffee in here, that's all I got --

Luke: What am I, Brazil?

Skye: Oh, my God! There's no coffee in here!

Luke: I don't have coffee --

Skye: I can't believe this!

Luke: I don't have tea! I don't have a microwave!

Skye: What am I doing here? I --

Luke: Well, ahoy there. Captain Hook and Smee.

Faith: Did you enjoy your little swim?

Luke: You know, I did. It cleared my sinuses, made me see things in a whole different way.

Faith: Really? Are you ready to make me happy?

Luke: What do you have in mind?

Sage: You can't even handle a half a bottle of champagne, you know that?

Dillon: Stop talking. Ok, just stop.

Sage: You know, you wished you'd lost your virginity to me.

Dillon: No, I donít.

Sage: You'd be a lucky man, but you passed out before I could get in your pants.

Dillon: I don't want details, ok? I don't want details. Don't give them to me.

Sage: You know what? You're ridiculous, saving yourself for some boring schoolgirl.

Dillon: Ok. First of all, she's not boring. Secondly, I'm in love with her. How many times have I told you this? Why do you keep throwing yourself at me, huh?

Sage: Hey, I never even wanted to be here.

Dillon: I don't, either.

Sage: You're the worst bodyguard in the whole world.

Dillon: Maybe that's just because I'm in it for the pay, sweetheart.

Sage: You know, most guys would be thrilled to be in a tropical hotel room with me.

Dillon: Most guys aren't in love with Georgie and not you.

Sage: Doesn't that tell you something?

Dillon: Get out.

Sage: I'm not going anywhere.

Dillon: You know what? Get out. You want to see -- you want to see a bad bodyguard? Here's a bad bodyguard for you. Get out. Get out of the room, get out of my life. Get out, now! Go!

Sage: God, you are so lame.

Dillon: What, you talking to me? You talking to me? It looks like there's nobody else here. You must be talking to me! Get out, go, now!

Sage: Ok, ok. ok.

Dillon: Yeah. Maybe you can, you know, take a little walk on the beach or -- or go for a swim in the ocean. You could meet that shark. That would be really nice, wouldn't it?

Sage: Oh, yeah, what shark?

Dillon: The -- the shark from the movie. Ooh, you are so useless. You don't know anything. Just leave.

Sage: You're --

Dillon: Get out! Hi. Operator, I need -- I need a line to the United States. Port Charles, New York. Yes, hurry, please.

Georgie: Do you have any idea where Dillon is? Alice, it's -- it's ok to tell me. Ok, ok. Just answer yes or no. Has he called you? Well, has he been home at all? Yeah. Thanks, anyway.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lorenzo: If Carlyís with Sonny, she's in danger.

Courtney: Why can't you just leave them alone and --

Lorenzo: Look, Carly thinks she may be in love with me. Once Sonny realizes that --

Courtney: Carly probably helped him escape, ok, and wherever they are, they are happy and safe and I won't let you mess that up.

Lorenzo: What about the children? Aren't they wondering where their parents are? Jason must know where Carly is. Why don't you ask him?

Jason: Get away from my wife.

Carly: You went swimming. Yeah. Well, was it fun? How's -- how's Morgan? Yeah. Hold on, hold on. Michael wants to talk to his daddy.

Sonny: All right. Hey, buddy. Your mom's fine. We both are. You going to -- you being good for Leticia? All right. Do me a favor -- you give Morgan a hug and a kiss? I don't know when we're coming, but we're going to be there soon, ok? All right, we love you.

Carly: Oh. Michael? Hey. Ok. All right, bye-bye. Yeah, we'll see you soon.

Sonny: Michael sounds pretty good, huh?

Carly: Yeah. Why didn't you want me to call him, though?

Sonny: I just -- I wanted to see how you'd react.

Carly: Oh, ok, so it was like a test? Is that it? You -- you were testing me?

Sonny: No, I was just -- I wanted to prove to you that you still love your son.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: But it still doesn't mean you love me.

Jason: You don't need to worry about Carly.

Lorenzo: If you care about her at all, you'll get her away from Sonny.

Courtney: Jason, if you know where they are --

Jason: Don't ask me to discuss this right now, please.

Courtney: Carly is in no shape to care for Sonny or anybody else. Shouldn't you at least be looking for them?

Jason: Sonny's going to call if they need help.

Courtney: Are you sure? Where is it written that you can't go after Sonny or is that another one of the rules that I didn't catch on to?

Sonny: Why are you working so hard to try to save me?

Carly: You're in trouble. I got you out. I -- I acted on instinct. I guess that's still part of me. I got us safely to the best place that I can think of. Can that be enough?  I am so tired. Ever since I woke up from the coma, I feel like I have been tested and examined and held up to the light, and -- I am doing the best I can here. I'm doing everything I can, even if it's not what you want.

Sonny: You got to understand. I'm trying so hard to make this work.

Sam: This is great -- hiding in a cove, watching the cops just cruise on by.

[Jax laughs]

Sam: Fabulous.

Jax: I always find a way out. So do you, because you think like a corporate raider.

Sam: Yeah, but I told you I'm not going to do the corporate thing, remember?

Jax: You liberated this boat, right?

Sam: Hello! Hello, hello!

Jax: What if you could --

Sam: Is it echoing?

Jax: What if you --

Sam: Are you hearing me?

Jax: Listen -- what if you could liberate an entire fleet of boats and then sell them off one by one and make a fortune?

Sam: Yeah, that would be great, but as --

Jax: Well, that's exactly what I do, Sam. Except I sail the internet, not the ocean, and I navigate with flow charts, not the stars.

Sam: Well, that's because you're slick as hell and I never will be.

Jax: Why not? You're a pirate, just like me.

[Sam growls]

Jax: Once you start liberating companies instead of boats, you'll be dangerous.

Faith: Ahem. Would you please pick up your cards?

Luke: If I win, you back off.

Faith: You won't win, I will. And you will launder my money and give me a cut of the casino profits.

Luke: If you win.

Faith: What'll it be, Mr. Spencer?

Luke: I fold.

Zander: You what?

Luke: I fold.

Skye: You got beat by a pair of sevens?

Faith: May I --

Luke: No, you may not. I folded. Game's over. You win. You have my complete cooperation from now on.

Faith: See that I do.

Skye: You folded with a royal flush?

Luke: I know. It's sad, ain't it?

Skye: Why did you just throw the game to Faith?

Dillon: Hey -- um -- Georgie, it's me. I miss you so much. I -- I hate it here. But -- um -- I have a credit card, so Iím coming home, and Iíll see you soon. I love you.

Sage: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Dillon: What? What --

Sage: He's out there!

Dillon: What? Who?

Sage: He's after me, Dillon.

Dillon: Wait a minute.

Sage: Please help me!

Dillon: Wait, wait -- stop, stop --

Sage: Go find him!

Dillon: Ok. Tell me what happened.

Sage: He attacked me!

Dillon: Ok. All right, who? Who? What did he --

Sage: I don't know.

Dillon: Just tell me --

Sage: I can't think, I can't think!

Dillon: Tell me what he looked like. What did he look like?

Sage: Dark hair, short, kind of spiky.

Dillon: Ok.

Sage: He had fancy clothes.

Dillon: All right.

Sage: Oh, my God, Dillon, he's out there!

Dillon: No, no, no, ok --

Sage: He's waiting!

Dillon: I'm going to -- I'm going to check -- check the building, ok? Be right back.

Sage: Dillon, wait --

Dillon: No, no, no, you stay here. Stay here. Do not leave this room.

Sage: Be careful.

Justus: Did the police question Mr. Corinthos?

Man: Sure, all the time.

Justus: Was he sedated?

Man: The guy was shot. Why wouldn't we have him on pain meds?

Justus: Did the police threaten or take advantage of Mr. Corinthos' weakened state?

Edward: Justus, I knew you'd be back.

Justus: Edward. That didn't take long.

Edward: Well, why didn't you call me, son? Why did Scott Baldwin have to tell me that my grandson was back in town, huh?

Justus: I'll touch base with you later.

Edward: Yeah, go empty a bedpan or something. Go on.

Justus: I won't be here for very long, and I have a lot of work --

Edward: Now, listen, listen, listen. Don't bother about Sonny Corinthos. We'll find a place for you at E.L.Q. No argument, no discussion. Come on, we'll go down to the office right now.

Monica: Hi. Justus. Good to see you.

Alan: Hey.

Justus: Hello.

Alan: When did you get back?

Edward: Justus is here to work for E.L.Q.

Justus: No, I'm not.

Edward: Now, look, forget all that nonsense about Sonny Corinthos.

Justus: Actually, I'm representing Jason, too.

Monica: And you're trying to keep him from representing Jason?

Edward: No, no, no, no, no, I never said that.

Alan: Yeah, but that's what you meant.

Monica: Yeah.

Edward: Well, what's the hooligan done now, anyway?

Justus: It's a short-term arrangement. Jason tracked me down.

Edward: So, where were you?

Justus: At a monastery.

[Alan and Monica laugh]

Monica: I'm sorry.

[Edward laughs]

Edward: My grandson at a monastery?

Monica: It's very hard to picture.

Alan: What were you doing there, hiding out as a monk?

Edward: Complete with a vow of silence, I'll bet.

Monica: No, no, no. No Quartermaine would take a vow of silence. Please.

Justus: I did, actually.

Edward: Well, I'm just glad that the bright, young hope of the Quartermaines has a sense of humor.

Justus: I'm not the bright, young hope of the Quartermaines.

Edward: Well, if you aren't, son, who is?

Monica: Well, what about Emily?

Alan: What about Dillon?

Justus: Who's Dillon?

Tracy: Never mind Dillon. What about me?

Courtney: I don't know where my brother is.

Brian: I believe you.

Courtney: Ok, so, what do you want?

Brian: If D.A. Baldwin finds out I told you this, I could lose my job.

Courtney: Then maybe you shouldn't tell me.

Brian: Baldwin's meeting with a judge right now. He wants to declare Michael and Morgan wards of the state.

Courtney: He can't do that.

Brian: Sonny and Carly are fugitives. He can present a strong case for abandonment. If Sonny and Carly don't come back soon, they're going to lose their kids.

Sonny: We can't go -- we can't go back home or to the island, which is just as well.

Carly: So then I did the right thing?

Sonny: I wanted out of this life. You helped me disappear. We can send for the kids and start over.

Carly: What if I never heal completely? What if my love for you is never the same?

Sonny: You will. You already feel it. You love me now like you always have. It's just -- just deep down in your heart now. You got to find it.

Jax: You know, being a pirate is -- is scary.

Sam: Come on, Jax, we're hiding in a cove, freezing our butts off. This is the fun part.

Jax: You know, it takes real courage.

Sam: Yeah? You see, Iím not afraid of anything.

Jax: Except getting close to me. Is that why you stole this boat?

Sam: No. Uh-uh. It's not.

Jax: Didn't you know that I would find you?

Sam: Didn't you know I'd let you catch me?

Jax: Is that what happened?

Sam: Sure and I can toss you over anytime Iíd like. Just not right now.

Zander: I never thought anyone could rattle Luke Spencer.

Faith: I didn't.

Zander: The guy just folded with a royal flush.

Faith: Well, he may have come to his senses because of me, but he wasn't rattled. He wasn't shaken. He was stirred.

[Zander laughs]

Luke: You see, the truth is every casino is connected. It just -- it comes with the deal.

Skye: Not the deal I signed on for.

Luke: Well, what exactly did you sign on for?

Skye: Faith Rosco's out of her mind.

Luke: It seems to be working for her. So, under the circumstances, I'll keep the faith.

[Luke laughs]

Skye: Oh -- you can't possibly be attracted to that woman.

Luke: Would you loosen up, darling? You're in my world now. Living on the edge can be fun. The fast lane is a blast. But you got to loosen up, spin the wheel, throw the dice. Come on. Yeah, come on. You want to. Smile. Yeah, now, that's it! Go, baby!

[Luke laughs]

Justus: I see you haven't given up hope on the Quartermaines yet.

Edward: No, but we've certainly given up on her.

Justus: Go ahead. They're all yours.

Edward: No, no, no. Now, you wait just a moment.

Monica: Excuse me. You've already alienated him.

Alan: Nice work, father. Nice work.

Edward: Look, all I've ever wanted was to keep this family together. There will always be a place for you at the Quartermaine table, damn it.

Justus: Don't do me any favors.

Tracy: You wanted to see me. You have 10 seconds.

Georgie: Dillon's working as a companion for Lorenzo Alcazar's niece.

Tracy: Really? My Dillon? I'm impressed. Lorenzo's a very charming man. I met him several times on the continent.

Georgie: Ok. Look, I'm sure you don't know this, but he's an international criminal.

Tracy: Really?

Georgie: He's an arms dealer and he sells drugs. People are always trying to kill him and Dillon could get hurt.

Tracy: Where is Dillon now?

Georgie: Someplace tropical with Sage.

Tracy: Sage is Lorenzoís niece? Ooh, I like her now even more than ever.

Georgie: Don't you even care what happens to your son?

Tracy: You are nothing but a jealous little girl.

Georgie: I love Dillon and I don't want to see him get hurt.

Tracy: Let's see -- would you like me to see that Dillon stays away from Sage?

Georgie: More than anything.

Tracy: Enough to make a deal?

Georgie: Well, if it helps Dillon, then yes.

Tracy: Ok, I will make Dillon quit his job working for Alcazar on one condition.

Georgie: Name it.

Tracy: You break up with him.

Dillon: I couldn't find anybody, but we're on the next flight, so grab your bags -- Sage? Oh, God, he got her. Hey, how you doing? Where is she? What'd you do to her?

Man: Hey! Oh! Oh!

[Dillon coughs]

[knock on door]

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Where you going?

Courtney: To the island before Scott Baldwin takes Sonny's kids.

Sonny: I'd be in a cell right now if it wasn't for you. Who knows what I would've done in there? But here we are.

Carly: It's kind of amazing.

Sonny: We could make new memories, better memories.

Sonny: But only -- only if you're ready, all right?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Dillon: You can't throw me in jail.

Zander: I am finished making my life about you.

Justus: Those kids could be wards of the state within hours. Sonny and Carly may never get them back.

Michael: Are we in trouble?

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Who is it?

Scott: I'm going to put Corinthos on trial tomorrow.

Carly: I'm ready.

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