GH Transcript Friday 12/5/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/5/03

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Jax: There's my newest vice president. How's your day so far?

Sam: You can't hear the hissing in the office snake pit from here? I'm officially the boss's bimbo and it didn't help matters when someone asked me to find the latest P&E and I thought it was the local convenience store down the street.

Jax: And this bothered you?

Sam: Oh, I can learn the lingo.

Jax: No, no, I mean, that they were referring to you as my --

Sam: Your girlfriend.

Jax: Right.

Sam: I think I can handle it.

Jax: Really?

Sam: Yeah. Do you want to remind me why?

Jax: Sure.  Did the door lock behind you?

Tracy: Unfortunately, for the rest of us, that would be a no. I am impressed with your proficiency. Do you watch a lot of porn?

Luke: I'm no tree hugger. I want real mahogany for the bar and get the slots from Monte Carlo. None of this penny ante state line crap.

Man: Oh, you're going to have a great place here.

Luke: You remember me, do well, Iíll remember you on opening night.

Man: Oh, you got it.

Luke: Thanks.

Skye: Mahogany? Monte Carlo? Aren't you being just a little bit extravagant?

Luke: No. I'm going to spend every cent of this $500,000 I found under the floorboards to lure in the high rollers.

Faith: You're being awfully loose with my money.

Monk: He's in the next room.

Jason: I was curious. Why would a monastery needed a high-powered lawyer like Justus Ward?

Monk: Ah. You don't know. You have a visitor, brother.

Sonny: Carly.

Carly: Damn, I didn't mean to wake you. I just wanted to see how you were doing, you know?

Sonny: You don't have to explain. I'm surprised you came back.

Carly: You look good.

Scott: Oh, I second that. Even your doctors are surprised how well you bounced back from that bullet. I guess practice makes perfect, huh?

Carly: Scott, what do you want?

Scott: Well, your husband's going to be sprung in a couple of hours here from the hospital but I got a nice little six-by-nine cell waiting for you. Of course, you might not like it because it's a bit of a tight squeeze. Your brother reminded me about that problem you have with confined spaces.

Jax: You know, it is customary to knock before entering a room.

Tracy: Well, believe me, I do apologize. However, this is your boardroom. It didn't occur to me that you would be making out with -- what is that outfit? Secretary? Call girl? Help me here.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Jax: What can I do for you, Tracy?

Tracy: I'd like to talk with you alone. It's business.

Jax: Well, if I remember, our business had fallen through.

Tracy: Things change.

Jax: Ok, well, if you have a proposal for us, there's no reason why Sam can't hear it.

Sam: Ahem. We're listening.

Tracy: Ok, well, since Little Miss What's-Your-Pleasure lost the cards and the gambling rights to Luke, I went off and in search of a new venture and I happened to find one right under my nose. You see, putting A.J. in charge of E.L.Q. is probably the first sign of my father's encroaching dementia, because A.J. has managed to drive the company right into the ground in a few short months? So it is ripe for a hostile takeover. I, of course, bring a very unique insider track to the table. However, I need some cash to fund the raid.

Jax: So what's in it for me?

Tracy: 50% of the profits and me in charge to make sure that there are plenty. What do you think?

Sam: May I say something, please?

Jax: By all means.

Sam: If Jax were to agree -- and let me stress this is purely hypothetical -- he would be putting up all the cash and taking all the risks. The only split that makes any sense would be 75/25 in Jaxís favor and you do not get anywhere near the C.E.O.'s office.

Tracy: Butt out, hon. Why don't you go off in the corner and file your nails until Jax needs your services.

Jax: Tracy, you're not going to get anywhere with me by insulting Sam and I must say that you made a very astute assessment.

Sam: Why, thank you, Jax.

Faith: Come on, Luke. You're supposed to be a smart man. Did you really think you'd stumbled upon Blackbeard's lost treasure? Please. The money's mine. I hid it for a rainy day.

Luke: Don't believe in banks, huh?

Faith: Well, only when it comes to withdrawals.

Luke: Well, I'm afraid I can't help you. You see, this boat and everything on it belongs to me.

Faith: Really? Really? Would that be including the $500,000 in cash, no bills larger than hundreds that I hid right there? Hmm? See, because that was my insurance.

Luke: Insurance against what? Unexpected explosions like on Pier 52 the other night?

Faith: Well, see there, you are a smart guy. Huh. Now, that blast cost me a lot of money and I need to regroup. Oh, here's another little tidbit you might be interested in -- I've already started some under-the-table games at the cellar.

Skye: But if Luke legalizes gambling here --

Faith: Right. No one is going to want what I have to offer, so we're going to have a problem sooner or later unless we come to some sort of understanding now.

Luke: Not interested.

Faith: Hmm. Well, I suggest you get interested fast, because you already owe me. So you've obviously already spent a large portion of my nest egg. Oh, which come to think of it, means we're already partners of a sort. Huh. Don't worry. I'll be the silent type for the most part. You can launder my money and then you won't need protection from -- oh -- me. See how that works? Everybody gets what they want.

Luke: I don't do partners. Gives me hives.

Faith: What about the redhead?

Luke: She's an exception.

Faith: I'll bet she made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

Luke: I make the offers. Now, get the hell off my boat.

Jason: Justus. What's going on?

Monk: This might prove rather difficult. Brother Justus recently joined the order and took a vow of silence. Perhaps, you could come back at some point in the future.

Jason: No, my problem -- my problem can't wait. Justus might not be able to talk, but he can listen. Could you give us -- could you give us a minute? Justus, I need a favor. I know what happened. I know why you're here. You left Port Charles because you bottomed out. You wanted to start your life over, something new that wouldn't call attention to itself. You got rid of your penthouse, you have an apartment, you have a sedan now instead of a sports car. That's right, Justus, I've been doing my research. That's how important it was to me to find you and I know it took you a while till you took on a murder case. I don't know what happened. Now, maybe it felt too much like what you were trying to forget and it scared you. You know, when you started drinking, the booze probably helped for a little while, but then it made you careless. Uncertain. And you lost that case and your client was sent to prison and that shocked you sober, and you fought for an appeal the way you should have fought at trial. But you got that conviction overturned, Justus. I know it was too late, because that same day, your client was shanked in a prison yard and now you're here.

Justus: It was a kid who literally trusted me with his life and I failed him.

Carly: What kind of a man are you?

Scott: I'm just doing my job. But now I'm really enjoying it.

Carly: So now that you know that Sonny is claustrophobic, don't you think locking him in a cell is cruel and unusual punishment?

Scott: I don't give a damn about him. Never have and never will.

Carly: He's not getting away with this. Uh-uh.

Sonny: Carly, wait a minute, all right? Because I -- you know --

Courtney: Hey.

Carly: Hey -- oh, I'm glad you're here.

Courtney: Why? What's up?

Carly: I told Scott about the claustrophobia and now Scott is going to have Sonny taken to jail immediately.

Carly: There has to be a way to stop Scott.

Courtney: Ok, well, who's Sonny's lawyer?

Carly: It was Dara Jensen, but he fired her. I know, stalling Scott -- it's not going to make any difference, because eventually he's going to have Sonny locked up in some cell and he's not going to be able to cope.

Courtney: Ok, maybe there is something that I can do.

Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, what are you doing, huh?

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Are you ok?

Sonny: Yeah.

Justus: I was an honest man when I came to Port Charles; a moral man. The difference between right and wrong was very clear to me. Yet I wound up taking a man's life.

Jason: Damian Smith deserved to die.

Justus: But that wasn't bad enough. I let an innocent woman take the rap. Somehow, Iíd become so warped I was able to justify my actions by defending Laura in court. When I look back on my arrogance, I'm astounded. But I walked, never paid a legal price for the crime I committed. I'd gone that far, so I went a step further and threw in with you and Sonny. But I punished myself another way -- damnation by eternal compromise. Turns out I couldn't pay that price either. So you're right. I left, thinking I could become a different person and I almost did, Jason. I almost did.

Jason: You didn't abandon your client, Justus. You were trying to save him.

Justus: Too late. First, I sentenced him to hell, then to death, so I turned to the only place where silence matters. If Iím lucky, that silence will stop the screaming in my head.

Jason: You're wasting yourself.

Justus: I could say the same about you. Why'd you come looking for me?

Jason: Because I need your help. Sonny's in a lot of trouble.

Justus: No.

Jason: No, Justus, just one case. That's it. That's all Iím asking. One case.

Justus: I almost lost myself in that life and now that Iím starting to recognize me when I look in the mirror, Iím not about to go back.

Jason: All you found is a place to hide. That's not noble and I never would have pegged you for that. If -- if you learned anything from what you just told me, you have to know that hiding is not an answer.

Sam: Any cash J&J Jacks of Alaska might be willing to put up for a corporate raid on E.L.Q. has to have a big enough return to justify the outlay.

Jax: The right P&E. Yeah, then the price-to-earning ratio of acquiring E.L.Q. --

Sam: It doesn't seem like the right move right now.

Tracy: Oh, Jax, please, you are not really going to entertain the prattling of a common gold digger who would just as soon stab you in the back as look at you.

Jax: Interesting question, coming from you.

Sam: In other words, he means it takes one to know one.

Jax: Yeah, you really should be nice to Sam since she is my newest vice president.

Tracy: You're serious?

Jax: Quite.

Tracy: Wow. That must be some bottom line you carry around. Don't get too comfortable in your new position. You're playing way out of your league. Jax, Iím offering you a brilliant opportunity, the kind you breathe for. My offer still stands -- 50/50 split, me in charge. I want an answer now.

Jax: My answer is that I will think about it.

Faith: Well, then, I guess I'll have to go. It's not like I can go to the police and report a robbery, now, is it?

Zander: That's it?

Faith: Well, you heard the man. The role of partner has already been taken. I will just have to make up my losses another way. You know, I'm sorry we couldn't have done business together. I think it might actually have been fun.

Skye: Zander, Zander, what is going on? What are you doing?

Zander: My job.

Skye: Look, I know you're hurting, ok, but Emily wouldn't want this for you.

Zander: I don't care what Emily thinks or Emily does. She made her choices and I'm making mine.

[Faith whistles]

Faith: Meal ticket leaving now.

Skye: Oh, my God, you're amazing. You actually got Faith Rosco to back down.

Luke: Don't count on it, darling. Don't count on it.

Jax: You know, Tracyís right. E.L.Q.'S begging for a takeover.

Sam: I only said it didn't look good to annoy her.

Jax: Yeah, I know you did. From what I'm able to put together here, the subsidiaries in London and Jakarta are in the worst shape.

Sam: What's wrong with this window?

Jax: What's wrong with it?

Sam: Why won't it open?

Jax: I don't know. I've never tried.

Sam: Why doesn't that surprise me, Jax? There's a big, beautiful sky out there and fresh air. Doesn't this just get old in here, huh? Always just worrying about the latest P&E's and Tracyís attempt to prove herself all the time?

Jax: Hey, listen, if you're warm, I can turn off the thermostat.

Sam: No. No, no, no. This isn't about the temperature, Jax. This is about my freedom, the way I used to feel on my boat.

Jax: Sam, I know that you miss scavenging on the Lazarus, but you have so much more to offer. Believe me, what we do here is very exciting and quite profitable. Besides, you will have all the play time in the world on the yacht of your choice. Just give it some time, ok? You'll see that this is the best of both worlds.

Skye: What are you doing?

Luke: That Rosco dame is not going to let us get away with turning her down. A woman in her business can't afford to look weak. She only left so she could plan her next move.

Skye: All right, look, you cannot get into some kind of power play with Faith Rosco. Ok, that woman is dangerous, not to mention seriously deranged and do you watch the news? She single-handedly turned the five families into one long obituary column. She owns this waterfront.

Luke: She don't own my boat.

Skye: All right, you know what? That's it. We're going to give back that money.

Luke: Oh, right.

Skye: We will find a way to make up what we spent.

Luke: What, and give up the casino?

Skye: Well -- it might take a little longer, but at least we'll be alive to do it.

Luke: Forget it. How do you even know the money's hers? Because she says so?

Skye: Well, what difference does it make whether it's hers or not? You said it yourself -- Faith Rosco will not walk away quietly.

Luke: Well, neither will I.

Skye: Oh, good. Your solution is to blow her head off.

Luke: Trespassers take their chances.

Skye: Luke, come on, there's got to be a better way.

Luke: Here. Yeah, there might be, and if you can think of it, call me. For now, I want you out of here. I need your face in one piece when we open this.

Skye: Yeah? Well, you don't have to ask me twice, ok?

Luke: Ok.

Skye: Just will you be careful?

Luke: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Luke: (on phone) Yeah. Hey, it's me. Right. Look, I need some backup. I need protection.

Brian: This is useless. Doesn't tie Faith Rosco or Jason Morgan into the explosion on the pier. Now, go back to forensics. Tell them I want another pass on the site and a successful one would be nice. What is it, Courtney?

Courtney: This isn't easy for me.

Brian: Make it easy. Just talk to me.

Courtney: Ok, you said that if I ever needed your help, I could come to you. Well, I need your help now.

Sonny: Ah --

Carly: Oh, hey, hey, what were you thinking, huh? You could have opened your wound.

Sonny: That's the point, Carly. If I stay in the hospital, I don't go to jail. I just got to -- I got to make it look real.

Carly: Come on, this is crazy.

Sonny: Do me a favor -- stand over there, ok? I'm going to get enough steam to do some damage, and you help me back into the bed. That way --

Carly: Sonny, don't, please. Please don't hurt yourself. I will take care of this.

Sonny: How you going to do that, Carly?

Carly: I know it's asking a lot, but just -- just trust me.


Luke: Who's there?

Lucky: It's me.

Luke: Keep coming. I'm down here.

Lucky: What's wrong?

Luke: Nothing yet. That's why you're here.

Lucky: Ok, you neglected to mention why.

Luke: No, I told you. I need protection.

Lucky: From what?

Luke: I have to go out for a while. I provided you and your colleagues with some refreshments. There's glazed and jelly-filled.

Lucky: Ok, I need to give dispatch a reason we're here.

Luke: How about because I asked? You know Iíve never asked a cop for anything in my life and it burns me to have to do it now. But a bull's-eye was just painted on this ship by organized crime. Now, I got to go out for a little while. I just want to see it sitting in the water when I come back. Did you park the cop cars in plain sight like I asked?

Lucky: Yeah, but you know what --

Luke: Ok, I'll see you later, then.

Officer: Who's the nut case?

Second officer: Is he serious?

Lucky: That nut case happens to be my father, who never asks for help. So, yeah, he's serious.

Jax: What do you think?

Sam: No, I was just looking over here and --

Skye: May I come in?

Jax: Skye, what a surprise.

Sam: You know, you should really call for an appointment first.

Skye: Tell me, is that couture? Oh, wait. Let me guess. Did a job offer come with that?

Jax: Sam is my new V.P. She's doing a really good job.

Skye: Well, nice for both of you. Well, I wouldn't dream of interrupting, so I will get right to the point. Luke found enough money to fund the boat renovation. Faith Rosco shows up and claims it's hers and demands it back. Of course, Luke refuses.

Jax: What can I do to help?

Skye: Well, obviously, Faith means business. I mean, just ask what's left of the five families. I'd rather that Luke and my name not be added to that list because he's too pigheaded to know when to back down. So, I was wondering if possibly I could borrow the money from you to pay Faith back and I am willing to sign an agreement that says I will pay you back at the going rate of interest from the profits of the finished casino.

Sam: Ahem.

Jax: I'm sorry. Is there something on your mind?

Sam: I may be new at this, but I think I know what makes good business and off the top of my head, looking at your request, I would say never in a million years.

Courtney: It isn't common knowledge. Well, at least, it wasnít. But evidently, Ric has opened his big mouth and now D.A. Baldwin knows Sonny's claustrophobic.

Brian: And it didn't take Jason long to drag you right back into this, did it?

Courtney: I haven't even spoken to Jason. I don't even know where he is. This is about my brother, ok? I love Sonny. I am trying to protect my family. I thought you would at least be able to understand that. Ok, look, I get that you see Sonny as being on the wrong side but come on, you work for Ric and Scott. They are far from being innocent. They use the law for their personal gain and justice is secondary, if it even matters at all.

Brian: So what do you want me to do?

Courtney: I'm not asking for Sonny's release, but if you could just keep him in custody at the hospital at least until he gets stronger.

Brian: I'll try.

Carly: I don't know what to think, mama. My emotions -- I can't keep them straight. They are all over the place.

Bobbie: Maybe you shouldn't fight so hard to try and recapture what you had with a man as dangerous as Sonny.

Carly: As opposed to what? Lorenzo? He's no better.

Bobbie: You're not putting yourself on the line for Lorenzo. You're trying to help Sonny, a man who lost it and wound up shooting you.

Carly: Yeah, but that was an accident.

Bobbie: But it's always an accident and then another and then another. Maybe it's time for you to let Sonny be responsible for himself.

Carly: No, I -- no, I can't abandon him. No matter how confused I am, I have to figure out some way to keep Sonny out of jail.

Luke: Well, I see the food here still sucks. Hey, take it easy, man. The only casualty is this meatloaf. It ought to be arrested for impersonating food. How you feeling?

Sonny: Oh, you know. You're the last person I expected to see.

Luke: Well, I'm here to pay my respects.

Sonny: You know what, can you do me a favor? Can you throw me as hard as you can against that door so I can open this bullet wound?

Luke: Well, I can do that if you answer my question.

Sonny: What's the question?

Luke: This sort of acquaintance of yours is trying to muscle in on my business. I need a read on Faith Rosco.

Brian: Sonny's wounded, under constant guard. What's the big rush about transporting him?

Scott: Why are you all of a sudden protecting Corinthos?

Brian: Well, if Iím protecting anyone by pursuing the humane treatment of a prisoner, it's us. Look, Corinthos has got a well-documented case for harassment. Why add to it? It could wind up hurting the case.

Scott: Hey, Corinthos is healthy enough to travel, all right? This is not harassment. This is procedure.

Brian: That's pretty cold.

Scott: I don't give a damn about mobsters and you're paid not to care about them, either. Now, I want him moved, and you do it!

Brian: Here. Thanks. I did what I could.

Courtney: I heard.

Brian: I'm sorry.

Courtney: Thank you.

Sonny: Faith Rosco is a piece of work.

Luke: That much I got.

Sonny: She's wacked in the head.

Luke: Not necessarily a bad quality.

Sonny: A whore.

Luke: I like whores.

Sonny: Not this one. You throw in with her, Luke, you're a fool.

Luke: I've been called worse.

Sonny: Are you trying to talk yourself into this or out of it? Why do you need me?

Luke: Well, I guess a part of me is hoping that you hate her enough that you will team up with me against her.

Sonny: You know what? I wish you would have asked me three months ago.

Luke: What changed?

Sonny: I quit the business.

Luke: Well, I see. Well, there's only one thing that makes a man turn his back on everything he is and everything he knows. If she's the right one, she only comes once in a lifetime. If it's Carly, hang on to her.

Sonny: I'm trying, you know, but it's complicated.

Luke: Women always are.

Sonny: Yeah. As far as Faith goes, my advice is don't give her what she wants. She'll always want more. Don't turn your back, don't underestimate her, and most important, don't let her fix you a drink.

Luke: Ah. Yeah, she looks like poison. Ok brother, thanks. I hope you're out of here real soon. Hey, listen, I'm sort of back in circulation so if you've got anything that comes up that's dirty and you need it handled, call me, will you?

Sonny: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for coming by.

Luke: Hey, take care of yourself.

Sonny: All right.

Bobbie: I'm here to prep you for transport. I've brought a mild sedative to help you get through it. Come on.

Sonny: Well, I was just going to take -- all right.

Skye: I have no idea why I ever asked Jax to give you a second chance. You know what? Just forget that I was even here.

Jax: Skye --

Sam: Why don't you admit why you're really so mad?

Jax: Ok, ladies, just --

Skye: You know what? I'm disappointed and frustrated, not that it's any of your business.

Sam: I don't understand why. You got my boat, you got my partnership with Luke, you got my casino. The only thing you did not get that I have is Jax.

Skye: Any man who would be with you is not someone I would even be remotely interested in.

Luke: Ok, boys, coffee break's over. Thanks very much for your assistance. A letter of appreciation will be sent to all the appropriate suits for your files.

Lucky: I'll be right out. You know, I got a hunch whatever's going on with you is serious. Can I do anything?

Luke: You probably could if you weren't wearing that silly badge.

Lucky: You just can't let it go, can you? You'll set me up and knock me down. You know what? But you'll still use me whenever it's convenient. Is that how it's always going to be?

Luke: This is the life you chose, cowboy.

Lucky: Damn it, dad, if I can help you, why won't you let me?

Luke: You just did. Thanks again. I can take it from here.

Lucky: Fine. This is the way you want it. Be careful. I'd hate to have to arrest you again.

Officer: So we're just going to leave your father here alone?

Lucky: Well, it's how he likes it.

Jax: You know, since you feel that pull of the open water, I though we'd have --

Sam: Wow. She's a -- she's a beauty.

Man: I just got her.

Sam: Here, why don't you let me? A bowline?

Man: Mooring hitch.

Sam: Excellent. The best thing about a mooring hitch is how she holds under tension. There you go.

Man: Thanks.

Sam: My pleasure. And the second best thing --

Faith: Is that any way to greet a lady?

Luke: I've been expecting you. Where's your baby goon?

Faith: Well, in the spirit of negotiation, I came alone.

Luke: Well, you point that cork somewhere else. From what I hear, your private label is lethal.

Faith: Hmm. Been checking up on me?

Luke: Everybody needs an edge.

Faith: You're kind of a pirate, aren't you?

Luke: I've seen my share of rum and dead men.

Faith: Good. Then you should know what this means.

Luke: I take it you're trying to tell me something.

Faith: Better get topside. Quick.

Luke: What the hell?

Faith: Now would you like to reconsider our partnership?

Courtney: You're just in time. Scott's headed for Sonny's room. They're transporting him to jail.

Jason: No, I'm not going to let you take him.

Scott: Get out of the way, Morgan. Get him out of the way.

Courtney: Hey --

Jason: All right, all right, all right, all right. What the hell happened here?

Brian: Where did you take Sonny?

Courtney: Jason had nothing to do with it. We both thought that Sonny was here.

Scott: Oh, you want to play that game, Morgan? Arrest him -- aiding and abetting a fugitive. Get him out of here!

Justus: I see law enforcement in Port Charles hasn't changed. Always angling to get slapped with a costly harassment suit.

Brian: Who are you?

Scott: Justus Ward. The other black sheep of the Quartermaine family.

Justus: So to speak.

Sonny: What the hell?

Carly: Ooh. It's ok. I'm afraid that Bobbie might have given you a little too much.

Sonny: Bobbie drugged me?

Carly: Yeah, I asked her to. They were going to take you away, so Bobbie and I snuck you out. I guess we're on the run now.

[Carly chuckles]

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Sage: You lost your virginity last night.

Luke: Shove her off.

Lorenzo: If you care about Carly or your brother, you'll tell me where they are.

Justus: Where's my client, Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: I don't know.

Sonny: Jason doesn't know where we are?

Carly: Uh-uh. No one does.

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