GH Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

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Nikolas: You know what today is?

Emily: What is a chemical reaction --?

Nikolas: It's St. Viviana's Day, as in the feast of St. Viviana.

Emily: Ok -- ok, give me a sec.

Nikolas: You know how it's celebrated? Hello?

[Nikolas whistles]

Nikolas: You ignoring me?

Emily: Yeah, I'm trying to. Take a hint and let me study.

Jason: You live here?

Brian: Since I relocated to Port Charles. Why do you care and what are you and Courtney doing here?

Jax: Sonny hurt you? How did you get away?

Scott: Yeah, I'd like to hear the answer to that and I'd also like to get a statement from you how Sonny Corinthos abducted you at gunpoint.

Jax: Sam just escaped her kidnapper. Let's make sure she's not hurt before she presses charges.

Sam: I won't be pressing any charges.

Sonny: What a surprise. Don't let me interrupt.

Carly: Leave.

Lorenzo: I'm not leaving you alone with him.

Carly: Go now.

Sonny: Max, make sure he gets downstairs, will you?

Sonny: I'm sorry I walked in on you guys. Did he drive you home after you set me up for the cops?

Carly: That isn't what happened.

Sonny: No? What happened? I tried to kill the man tonight. I come home and find you with him in my house! What am I supposed to do with that?

Emily: I'm sorry, that was completely rude.

Nikolas: Maybe you're studying a little too hard, Em. I mean, even premed students are entitled to celebrate the major holidays. Just ask your parents.

Emily: Ok, ok, ok! I'll take a two-minute break because you're obviously fixated. Ok, so tell me, how does the feast of St. Viviana celebrated?

Nikolas: Oh -- right, right, right right. Ok, so the first ritual involves setting aside all lab reports.

Emily: And the next?

Nikolas: Next, taking a long walk in the snow with someone that you're ridiculously in love with -- which, of course, is me.

Emily: Hmm. So this is all about distracting me.

Nikolas: I am adhering to centuries of tradition here, ok?

Emily: And I'm trying to complete 12 credits this quarter.

Nikolas: Em --

Emily: Nikolas, this is hard stuff! Oh --

Nikolas: Em, listen -- sorry. You are a very smart, very capable woman, ok, but you have to pace yourself. This doesn't have to be all done in one day here.

Emily: I know, I need A's to make it into medical school. It's not like being Prince Cassadine and inheriting your career whether you want it or not.

Nikolas: Oh, oh, oh. Wow, that's the first time you've ever held being a prince against me.

Emily: I didn't mean it like that. I'm just -- I'm too preoccupied to think straight and I just -- I really, really need to get this done, ok?

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Hmm?

Nikolas: All right, Iíll let you study.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: We'll celebrate St. Viviana's day next year.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: I'll give you more time next year, ok? We'll get you some new snowshoes. You know, maybe fly to Lapland or --

Emily: To "Lapland"?

Nikolas: Yeah, for the traditional stroll through the snowy woods. With any luck, we'd be able to see Aurora Borealis, commonly known as Northern Lights. But, whatever, that's next year. I'll be outside celebrating St. Viviana's day alone.

Courtney: I didn't realize Brian lived here. It never occurred to me to ask.

Brian: Why would you? Unless you're moving in.

Courtney: Bobbie's renting me a room.

Brian: If it's Courtneyís safety you're worried about, donít. Another cop lives right next door, Lucky Spencer.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen, Jason.

Jason: No -- come on, you get to live where you want to live.

Courtney: I want to live with you but I just -- I can't, not right now.

Brian: I got to go. Look, I'm sorry if I caused any problems.

Jason: Just remember this guy's a cop. He's going to try to work you for information.

Courtney: I won't tell him anything.

Scott: Corinthos took you hostage at gunpoint and forced you to flee the scene of the crime with him.

Sam: No, you got it all wrong.

Scott: I got a bunch of cops that witnessed the whole abduction.

Jax: What's going on, Sam?

Scott: And I got Alcazar and his goons -- if you call them citizens -- but they'll also back up the story.

Sam: Look, there must be a really big misunderstanding.

Jax: Ok, wait a second. Sonny took you hostage, right?

Sam: He stepped out into the middle of the street. I was driving by. I slam on my brakes. The cops are yelling that someone's going to get hurt. He gets into the car. We -- we drive off and as soon as we're out of the line of fire, he said he'd get out, but I could tell that he just -- he needed someone to talk to.

Scott: Yeah, well, that's because he just shot somebody in the chest four times -- bang, bang, bang!

Sam: Hey, he didn't say anything about that. He was just telling me he was having relationship trouble and I told him that sometimes it can look like someone has betrayed you and you shouldn't judge them until you know the full story.

Scott: You know what? You've just been through a very stressful situation, you know, so your senses are a little askew right now. So why don't you get some sleep and then you'll see this for what it really is -- just felony kidnapping.

Sam: No, it wasnít.

Jax: Scott, Sam will be in touch.

Scott: Ok. But very soon. Hey -- don't leave town.

Sam: How did that guy become a D.A. anyway? It takes him, like, 20 minutes to say anything.

Jax: Did Sonny threaten you? Is he forcing you to lie for him?

Sam: No. Jax, I wasn't -- I wasn't lying. There was, like, 20 trigger-happy cops there. He got into the car. Who could blame him?

Jax: You're not seriously feeling sorry for this guy, are you? He took you hostage, and he shot someone.

Sam: Yeah? Well, he did it for love.

Carly: You can't stay here.

Sonny: Why? Is he coming back?

Carly: No, he probably went to the police and they know where you are now.

Sonny: Why did you set me up?

Carly: I didn't set you up. I had no idea the police were going to be there.

Sonny: You warned Alcazar.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Because I didn't want you to be committing murder.

Sonny: You didn't want him to die!

Carly: No, I didn't want any of this to happen, Sonny! You're a fugitive and now your children are out of the country! What are they supposed to do?

Sonny: I have every right --

Carly: What am I supposed to do?

Sonny: I have every right to stop the man who tried to kill my family! When are you going to get it through your head that this man is a threat? He actually kidnapped you! He's tearing our lives apart! And I come in -- I come into my living room, and you're talking to him!

Carly: Sonny, I told you the truth. I told you that I dreamed about him! I feel something for him! I don't know -- I was not unfaithful to you!

Sonny: I wanted Alcazar dead and I still do, but I went about it the wrong way! Now there's a mess to clean up. I got to handle it or not, I don't know. I don't even know if I give a damn right now. But you're my wife. You're the mother -- you're the mother of my children. No matter what happens, I will always love you. I should be running, I should disappear, I should not look back. But where the hell would I be running to?

Sam: I'm not saying what Sonny did was right.

Jax: But you can relate to him?

Sam: It was an accident. He shot his wife by accident.

Jax: You know, Carly isn't the first woman who suffered by being close to Sonny. Believe me, the guy gets everything he deserves.

Sam: Sometimes things aren't what they seem, Jax.

Jax: Like you and me? You spent months working me for the dead man's hand, and when I finally give it to you, you give it to some homeless guy.

Sam: How do you know about that?

Jax: And it wasn't a homeless guy, it was Luke Spencer dressed as a homeless guy.

Sam: What?

Jax: You said you were through with the cards.

Sam: Luke told you that?

Jax: It doesn't matter where I heard it; I just want to know if it's true.

Sam: Well, what difference does it make?

Jax: You said that the cards didn't work for you. An hour before that, you were on top of the world. I just want to know what you meant by that.

Sam: Why would you listen to anything that Luke Spencer told you?

Jax: Skye told me.

Sam: She always has an agenda.

Jax: Why would Skye want me to think well of you?

Sam: I don't know. Figuring out your ex is not my business.

Jax: Ok, then just tell me -- tell me what you said and why.

Sam: All right. You want to know why I gave the cards to Luke? It's the same plan I had from the very beginning, Jax. He was standing by a fire, I wanted to watch them burn. I figured he could throw them in for me and save me the trouble.

Jax: Why are you really here, Sam? I want the truth.

Courtney: Brian is not a threat on any level. I would never tell him anything about you.

Jason: I know. It might not seem like you are, but he's not going to be obvious about it.

Courtney: I need time to sort through things. I'll avoid Brian but Jason, I can't come home with you.

Jason: That's your choice.

Courtney: Jason -- don't you ever feel alone? I mean, you and Sonny, you have this code and you live by it, but it doesn't leave much room for friends or family. I just -- I don't understand. I mean, how -- how you can love Michael and -- and Morgan and Carly as much as you do and still let Sonny just throw his life away. I guess I just wasn't prepared for that part of the code and I can't get past it. If Sonny was crazy or selfish -- I don't know, it doesn't matter. But the point is he should never have gone to kill a man and you should never have let him.

[Phone rings]

Jason: It's Meyer. He might have some information about --

Courtney: Sonny. I know. I'm worried about him, too.

Jason: Ok, I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Courtney: Thanks.

Brian: Where's Corinthos?

Scott: He's up there in his bulletproof penthouse. Snipers won't be any good.

Brian: He'll have to surrender eventually. Have you sent for a negotiator?

Scott: Nah, it's pointless. You see, Corinthos would rather go out in a hail of bullets than be locked up.

Brian: Is that the outcome you're looking for?

Scott: If he wants to fight the cops, it's their job to take him out.

Brian: He released his hostage unharmed. It's possible he'll -- he'll surrender with no shots fired. I'm going to go up.

Andy: You talk to the kidnapping victim, Sam McCall?

Scott: Yeah, yeah, she's no good. Those charges won't stick. You know, any lawyer could make a case of entrapment on attempted murder charges.

Andy: Think Corinthos is going to walk?

Scott: It's your job to see that he doesnít. He's armed and he's dangerous and he's a threat. Am I getting through to you?

Andy: Corinthos is erratic and hostile. More likely to be taken dead than alive.

Scott: Use the stairs.

Lorenzo: You know, Sonny isn't up there alone. Carly's with him. So order your officers to hold their fire before you get her killed.

Carly: So what are you going to do now?

Sonny: I don't know, Carly. That depends on you.

Carly: What, you want to talk about this now when the police are coming after you?

Sonny: Alcazar's hoping the cops shoot me. He wants me dead.

Carly: Yeah, he probably does.

Sonny: Would it be easier for you? Would it be easier for you if I died?

Carly: No.

Sonny: Would you be with him?

Carly: No!

Sonny: You have feelings for him. That's what you told me.

Carly: No, I -- I don't know what I feel!

Sonny: Oh, all right.

Carly: I'm sorry. I am recovering from a brain injury and everything is all still -- just jumbled up, and you running around with a gun is not making it any clearer. I thought you were never going to fire another shot.

Sonny: I changed my mind. Do you hate me for trying to kill Alcazar?

Carly: No.

Sonny: But you're mad at me?

Carly: No, I am mad at you because you're throwing your life away!

Sonny: So you'd be sorry if I died?

Carly: Yes.

Sonny: You'd miss me?

Carly: Yes!

Sonny: But you don't have feelings for me.

Carly: That's not what I said --

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: Sonny. I don't know what I feel anymore!

Sonny: What do you see when you look at me?

Carly: My husband, the father of my children, the center of my life! I know who you are, Sonny. I want you to live, I want to live with you, but I cannot do that if you are dead or in prison.

Lucky: There's usually a guard in the hallway.

Brian: Well, he's either inside or Corinthos sent him away. How well do you know Sonny?

Lucky: He and my dad were friends when I was growing up.

Brian: Do you think he'd rather die than surrender?

Lucky: I don't know.

Brian: You'd better go downstairs.

Lucky: No.

Brian: You're facing your dad's friend, ok? You could hesitate. That's human nature. In this case, it could get you killed.

Lucky: Look, I can handle this. Besides, I don't think Sonny's going to try to shoot his way out.

Brian: Look, Sonny's desperate, which means he's dangerous.

Andy: Detective Beck is right. You get a clean shot, you take it.

Sonny: When you called Alcazar, what did -- what did you think he'd do?

Carly: Leave town.

Sonny: It never occurred to you that he'd call the police or have his own men ambush me?

Carly: No, Sonny, it didn't. When I called Alcazar, I wanted him to leave. There cannot be a murder victim if there isn't anyone there to get shot.

Sonny: That's funny. That's exactly what she said.

Carly: Who?

Sonny: The girl I took hostage. She said that you're doing everything to protect me so I thought that it was worth coming back here to ask.

Carly: Well, believe her, ok, because Iím trying to save you, Sonny. I'm still trying to save you. That's why I want you to go.

Emily: Nikolas? I want to take that walk, after all. You said the feast of St. Viviana, right? How can I pass that up? All right, fine. If you really want me to, I'll come out there and find you, but you know I'm a klutz. Probably going to end up face first in the snow.

Nikolas: That sounds like a great idea.

Emily: Oh! I can't believe you just did that!

Nikolas: I'll have you know that Iíve spent years being tutored in culture, world finance; I speak no less than six languages fluently and was handed -- handed -- a graduate degree with my scepter. So I dare you. Call me prince again.

Emily: Prince. Prince. Prince, prince, prince, prince.

Nikolas: Go on!

Emily: No!

Sam: What if I were here to apologize? To ask for a second chance?

Jax: Don't you mean a third? Or a fourth?

Sam: You know what? Forget I even asked.

Jax: Sam -- you know what? Just be straight with me for once.

Sam: You lived all of your dreams, Jax. I havenít. What's wrong with wanting to take some risks?

Jax: There's nothing wrong with that. I live by that.

Sam: Ok, then what's winning to you? Is it money? Objects? Planes, cars, boats, houses, penthouses?

Jax: All of the above.

Sam: And what about love?

Jax: Love's a way to gamble.

Sam: Not if it's real. I guess it's been a while since either of us have had that. The dead man's hand is gone. Now, unless there's anything else that I have that you want --

Jax: I just wanted the truth. I'm assuming that I heard it.

Sam: Have a nice life.

Radio announcer: This just in -- fugitive Michael Sonny Corinthos Jr. has barricaded himself inside his penthouse at the Harbor View Towers. Details are limited, but the 100 block of Harbor View Drive has been --

[Turns radio off]

Lorenzo: Call off your men before someone makes a mistake and opens fire.

Scott: This is a police matter, Alcazar. Get lost.

Lorenzo: The last time Sonny was this desperate, Carly took a bullet to the head.

Scott: Because he was aiming at you and had you pressed charges like I asked you to, he'd be behind bars now.

Lorenzo: Well, she's barely out of the hospital. She can't handle this kind of stress.

Mike: I just heard what was happening on the radio.

Scott: Oh, brother. Now listen, come on, what are you guys doing here? You're not supposed to be here. Get over here.

Mike: What the hell are you doing here? Trying to get the cops to kill Sonny for you?

Lorenzo: I take it you work for Corinthos.

Mike: No, I'm his father, pal, and Iíll be damned if Iím going to stand here and let you use the police to put a hit on my son.

Lorenzo: I'm trying to keep the situation from escalating. Carly's up there and Sonny's so desperate, he'll hold her as a hostage.

Mike: Yeah, like you did?

Scott: All right, get these two bums out of here.

Mike: You forget it, Baldwin.

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere until Carlyís safe.

Carly: All right, Jasonís out looking for you. Just give him a call and he'll get you out of the country.

Sonny: You're in charge of my escape now?

Carly: I will go get the children. We can't decide --

Sonny: I want to decide right now. I want to decide right now.

Carly: I don't understand this. Why are you doing this? Why can't you see how much trouble you're in?

Sonny: Trouble's relative, Carly. I almost thought you died when I -- when I was holding our son. I thought that was a trade -- his life for yours -- because I couldn't have both. Maybe I canít. But now, you're -- you're telling me you don't love me. Maybe that's the price I got to pay for Morgan to be alive and healthy.

Carly: Sonny, you don't have to pay any price. Morgan is a baby. All you got to do is -- is love him. Love Michael and Morgan enough to save yourself.

Sonny: You can go to the island. Jason will tell you what to do.

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: I thought you wanted me to go.

Carly: Just be careful.

Andy: This place is a fortress. All the windows are bulletproof. Got no chance to take him by surprise.

Lucky: Someone's coming.

Brian: Police!

(Brian fires at Sonny)

Carly: Sonny! Oh, my God! Are you ok?

Sonny: Yeah.

[Emily giggles]

Nikolas: Come on.

Emily: Oh! No! Oh! God! Yes!

Nikolas: Oh --

Emily: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, now Iíve got you.

Nikolas: You had me all along, baby.

Emily: You better believe it and before you surrender, there's something I need to know.

Nikolas: Why? Why should I tell you anything? Oh!

Emily: Because I'm armed.

Nikolas: Ooh, and dangerous.

Emily: Yes. Ok, so spill it. How did -- how did the ancient Greeks, or -- or druids or whatever --

Nikolas: Russians, come on. Don't forget about the Russians.

Emily: Yeah, ok, how did -- how did any of the dozens of cultures you studied celebrate St. Viviana's Day?

Nikolas: What? Who's St. Viviana?

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. I'm so sorry. I should have been done 15 minutes ago, but then we got this rush of takeout, and nobody's --

Ric: Yeah, listen -- would it be ok if we didn't leave for our ski trip until tomorrow morning? I'd like to stick around and see what happens with Sonny.

Elizabeth: Have the police found him yet?

Ric: I guess you haven't been listening to the news.

Elizabeth: No.

Ric: Sonny's holed up in the Harbor View Towers and Scott Baldwin has issued orders to shoot first and ask questions later.

Elizabeth: Oh. You seem upset, but I'm not quite sure why. Are -- are you afraid for your brother?

Courtney: Dad --

Mike: Oh, Courtney, thank God.

Courtney: So what happened? Is Sonny ok?

Mike: I don't know. They won't tell me anything. I'm just -- I'm glad you're not trapped up there with Sonny and Carly.

Courtney: Somebody said that there were shots fired?

Mike: They won't confirm anything. Now, listen, can you tell me, are the kids upstairs?

Courtney: No, no, they're on the island with Leticia. Sonny and Carly took them there. They were -- they were trying to connect as a family and then Sonny came back.

Mike: Well, look, the press keeps saying that Sonny shot Alcazar tonight, but I saw him. He's fine.

Courtney: He was wearing a vest, dad. He set him up.

Mike: Well, why didn't Jason get your brother into a safe house?

Courtney: I don't know anything, except for that Sonny is out of control.

Mike: Yeah, well, honey, what happened? I mean, why does Sonny suddenly decide he's going to kill Alcazar?

Courtney: Alcazar has been stalking Carly. Maybe Sonny just couldn't take it any more.

Carly: Ok. Should -- you need a doctor.

Sonny: You need to get out of here, Carly. Go through the service entrance.

Carly: You listen to me. I am not leaving you.

Sonny: In three minutes, 10 cops are going to come in here, break that door down and shoot at anything that moves. I'm not going to let you get shot again because of me!

Brian: Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you?

Jason: You shot an unarmed man.

Andy: You don't owe this punk an explanation. You assaulted a police officer.

Jason: Yeah, you were trying to kill Sonny.

Andy: Just doing my job, Morgan.

Jason: You saw Sonny, Lucky. You know there was no gun.

Andy: You keep your mouth shut, rookie.

Jason: What, did Baldwin order you to kill Sonny?

Brian: Sonny Corinthos is a fugitive. He was considered armed and dangerous. I fired in accordance to procedure.

Jason: Yeah, well, Capelli was shooting to kill and you know it. Why don't you stay up here and let Capelli take me downstairs?

Andy: I'm in charge on this. Get Morgan in a squad car.

Jason: Yeah, you see? He wants you out of here so he can try again.

Andy: Beck, get him out of here now!

Jason: Huh? You going to help him? You going to help him kill Sonny?

Brian: Don't fire again. I'm going to call the station, have them send a negotiator.

Andy: Yeah.

Lucky: I guess we'll just have to wait.

Andy: Corinthos doesn't negotiate, Lucky. Next time that door opens, you shoot to kill.

Carly: Ok -- you have to give yourself up.

Sonny: No, not till you're out of here.

Andy: Michael Corinthos Jr., you're under arrest. The building is surrounded.

Carly: Ok, if the police come in here, they're going to find you and they're going to kill you because it's what Scott Baldwin wants. They're going to lie, Sonny. They're going to say that you resisted arrest.

Sonny: It's not a lie.

Carly: You listen to me because I don't care what the hell is going on in my head and what I am feeling -- I am still your wife. We have two children together. You're not allowed to leave us, ok? So you'd better figure out a way to stay alive.

Emily: Hmm. I'm so happy right now.

Nikolas: Hmm. Then my work is done.

Emily: You know, last year at this time, I was in Mexico at the experimental clinic, wondering if Iíd even live to see the snow again.

Nikolas: You saw a lot of snow today.

Emily: Yeah. I'm lucky.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Emily: I'm in remission. I have all of these plans for the future. I have a family that loves me.

Nikolas: Ah!

Emily: What?

Nikolas: Is that what you call the Quartermaines? Is that what they do?

Emily: You know what I mean.

Nikolas: Yes, I do.

Emily: Hmm. I'm so glad you made me stop studying. I was so focused on work, I -- I couldn't see the bigger picture.

Nikolas: No. I -- I know that being a doctor is important to you, but you have to make time to live, too, you know? I mean -- I mean, the best way to celebrate beating cancer is to live every second of every day to the fullest.

Emily: You know what?

Nikolas: What?

Emily: You could have just said that, instead of making up some obscure pseudo-Russian saints day.

Nikolas: Hey, hey, hey --

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: Take it easy on St. Viviana, ok? She served her purpose.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: In fact, if I have any money at all left this time next year --

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Nikolas: I am definitely taking you to Lapland to celebrate.

Emily: To Lapland? Oh, no. Ok, it's a date.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: You know, whenever I -- I count my blessings, you're first on my list. You're the one person I truly love with all of my heart and we've got years and years and years of snowball fights ahead of us and through it all, I promise I'll never take you for granted again.

Nikolas: Better not.

Sam: Excuse me.

Man: Hey.

Sam: Sorry.

Ticket agent: You'll have to wait your turn.

Sam: Sir, this is an emergency. I need a -- a seat, please, now.

Ticket agent: And where will we be traveling today?

Sam: It doesn't matter. Just give me the next flight out.

Ticket agent: There's a plane to Miami that's almost through boarding. If you hurry, you can make it. Ma'am, there are other customers waiting.

Sam: Oh -- um -- I'm -- Iím sorry, I'll wait for the next plane.

Ric: Sonny's never going to be an easy subject for me.

Elizabeth: I know.

Ric: I'd like to -- Iíd like to think that I'm not obsessed with him anymore. You know, for one thing, I don't wake up in the morning, open my eyes, and say, "hey, how can I destroy my brother today?"

Elizabeth: Oh, well, that's an improvement.

Ric: Mostly, he scares me. For two reasons. The obvious, of course, being that he's violent and he's a criminal, and he wants me dead. The other reason, I don't really want to examine too closely. You know, Sonny's my brother, but in a lot of ways, we're very much alike. I mean, he's incredibly arrogant, but then again, so am I. He thinks that he's smarter than everybody else, just like me. And he has an ungovernable temper, which causes him to act beyond the bonds of reason. Who does that sound like? So, I'm sitting there in my office, surrounded by paperwork, and I get the call saying that my big brother is holed up in his penthouse with his wife and a gun and I can only think -- that that could have been me. Came really close. Sorry. It's probably the last thing that I should be telling you.

Elizabeth: And why is that?

Ric: Well, I'm not exactly encouraging you to trust me again.

Elizabeth: You know, I think Iíd trust you even less if what's happening to Sonny didn't make you rethink of all the things you've done, but the point is you're not somewhere with a hostage, you're here worrying about your brother in spite of yourself. So now, you've managed to step back from the brink, Ric and Iím really glad you did.

Reporter: Mr. Morgan, we want a shot right here.

Second reporter: Do you have any comment to make?

Courtney: Jason -- Jason -- let go of me! He's my husband!

Brian: Let her go.

Courtney: Are you ok? They said there were shots fired.

Jason: I wasn't hit, Sonny was.

Courtney: Oh, my God.

Jason: He wasn't armed. He was going to give himself up, but they fired anyway.

Mike: All right, Jason, is Sonny alive?

Jason: Sonny -- yeah, he's in the penthouse with Carly. She wasn't hit. That's all I know.

Courtney: So who shot Sonny?

Jason: You should ask him.

Carly: Oh, sorry. This bandage is not going to hold more than 10 minutes.

Sonny: Give me the gun and leave.

Carly: Uh -- no.

Sonny: Give me the --

Carly: No!

Sonny: The -- ok. The cops turned the power off, and now they're going to -- they're going to break in here any second. You need to get out of here now.

Carly: Sonny, Iím not leaving without you.

Sonny: Give me that -- hey, don't do anything crazy! My wife's in here!

Andy: Send her out first, then surrender your weapon and slowly come out with your hands on your head.

Sonny: Do it. Do it. Go, do it.

Carly: You know, I don't trust you. Sonny wasn't armed! You shot him anyway!

Lucky: Carly, it's Lucky. If you come out and Sonny surrenders, this could all be over.

Carly: Just -- give me a minute. He's bleeding.

Lucky: They're coming out.

Andy: Yeah, that's what Corinthos wants us to think.

Lucky: What are you doing?

Andy: Sonny's going to come out shooting and it's our job to stop him.

Sonny: Go to the island. Tell the boys I love them.

Carly: And if I do leave, what are you going to do? You planning to die?

[Music plays]

Singer: Dear, baby baby, won't you I go crazy, crazy for you

Sam: On three.

Jax: Ok.

Sam: One --

Jax: Three.

Sam: Two -- ah!

Singer: I go crazy crazy for you 'cause the way you look at me I can say you set me free and no matter what you say I won't go away I won't go away I see your world the world is you I see baby, baby blue every day's a day to get through till I see baby, baby blue

Ticket agent: Ma'am? The flight to Chicago is boarding.

Singer: I am crazy crazy for you

Jax: There's something I forgot to tell you that might change your mind about leaving.

Sam: Fill me in.

Jax: Port Charles is most beautiful at Christmas.

Sam: Yeah? What does that have to do with me?

Jax: Well, you know, you've been here so long, you may as well stay for the holidays.

P.A. Announcer: Final boarding call for flight 4151 to Chicago.

Sam: Are you -- are you saying you want to spend Christmas with me?

Jax: I don't plan that far ahead. I just thought that you should know.

Man: Samantha McCall?

Sam: Yeah?

Officer: You're under arrestfor aiding and abetting the unlawful flight of a known criminal.

Sam: Jax!

Officer: You have the right to remain silent --

Sam: No -- Jax!

Officer: Anything you say --

Carly: Whoa, whoa -- wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You want to go out there? You want to let them shoot you to death?

Sonny: I'm going to let you go first. They're not going to shoot you.

Carly: Ok. You don't want to die, ok? You have two beautiful boys. You have two beautiful boys who love you and who are waiting for you.

Sonny: I can't take the risk of them shooting you to get to me. Ok? I need to know you're clear, so that way, I can -- I'll go out and surrender.

Carly: I am not leaving you, ok? So we either go out there -- we surrender together, or we let them kick the door in and those are your choices.

Andy: This is taking too damn long. Kick the door down.

Lucky: You heard Carly, Sonny's bleeding.

Andy: Are you refusing a direct order?

Lucky: Why are you in such a hurry to start shooting?

Sonny: Lucky, we're coming out. Stand clear of the door.

Lucky: Throw the gun out first.

Andy: For all the good that'll do.

Lucky: You fire at Sonny, I'll take it to internal affairs.

Carly: All right, we're unarmed.

Sonny: Ok. My wife's coming out with me. Nobody fire.

Lucky: You're clear. Come on out.

Carly: Lucky, help us, please. Watch him. Watch him.

Sonny: Yeah.

Courtney: You shot my brother?

Brian: He's listed as armed and dangerous.

Courtney: He didn't have a gun!

Scott: He's always got a gun. The cops had every right to shoot him.

Mike: Baldwin, why don't you shut the hell up?

Scott: Hey, look --

Courtney: Baldwin wants to see Sonny dead. Is that what you want, too? If you really believe in the law, you will let my brother live to stand trial, not let him bleed to death up there. He has got a family!

Man: They're coming out!

Lucky: Here you go.

Reporter: It's Sonny, it's Sonny. Sonny --

Second reporter: Sonny --

First reporter: Sonny, do you know who shot you? Please -- please, Sonny --

Sonny: No, no, no, I'm good, I'm good.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy: Get away from my son.

Nikolas: I've reconsidered my position.

Faith: Smart boy.

Sam: You're completely wrong about everything.

Lorenzo: Yes?

Carly: I need to see you right away.

Courtney: Do not put yourself in the middle of my marriage. You don't belong.

Sonny: Scott and Alcazar set me up.

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