GH Transcript Thursday 11/20/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/20/03

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Jax: My father died and I blamed you. I said some things that -- that were unforgivable so if there's no chance between us, I understand.

Sam: No, no -- whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. What do you mean by "us"?

Jax: We had something real, Sam, and I blew it so Iíd like to start over if it's possible.

Faith: I have a problem.

Zander: What's up?

Faith: No, no, no, no, a real problem. The product I was about to start moving just disappeared.

Zander: How's that?

Faith: I don't know but I want you to find whoever is responsible and make them bleed.

Nikolas: Faith needs a legitimate front to move drugs into the city and wants to use my freighter to do so.

Jason: You turned her down?

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I thought of it more as, you know, calling her bluff. I mean, the woman wants me to cooperate. She doesn't want me dead but Emily claims that Faith is crazy enough to kill me just to prove a point.

Jason: She's right.

Nikolas: I thought -- I thought Sonny could intervene.

Sonny: Jason's handling the business. I'm -- I got more important things to take care of.

Courtney: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Courtney: You ok? You sounded upset on the phone.

Carly: Yeah. I need you to help me learn to love Sonny again.

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Sonny: I'll let you two discuss this.

Nikolas: How's Carly?

Jason: She's getting stronger every day.

Nikolas: Hey, Iím sorry. I should've called before I came over.

Jason: No, no, it's not a problem. As far as -- as far as Faith, she's being handled. She lost a major shipment last night. The whole thing was torched.

Nikolas: By you?

Jason: You know what? If Faith can't do business, eventually she'll be removed and Faith is going to do no business at all.

Nikolas: She must've lost millions.

Jason: Yeah. You know what? If -- if Faith threatens you or someone she works with threatens you again, just let me know, ok?

Nikolas: Ok.

Jason: And that -- that includes Zander.

Nikolas: Look, Zander has a personal grudge against me. I don't expect you --

Jason: As long as Zander is threatening you on Faith Roscoeís orders, it's business.

Sam: This sudden understanding wouldn't happen to be about the gambling license, would it?

Jax: No.

Sam: Because there is only one available and I happen to be partners with the guy who has it.

Jax: Sam, I don't care about the casino. I never have.

Sam: Why go into business with Tracy Quartermaine, then?

Jax: Because I wanted to hurt you. Because I was grieving and I wanted to blame someone.

Sam: Ok, I sabotaged your car. I can totally understand that --

Jax: Don't -- don't make excuses for me, ok? I wanted to be with you that night, Sam. It meant something. I don't want to take it back.

Sam: Do you really mean all this?

Jax: Look, we haven't known each other very long and most of the time that we have spent together we've -- we've been haggling over the stupid cards.

Sam: Well, not all of it.

Jax: Let me take you out to dinner tonight.

Sam: I don't know, Jax. I've been scorched by you every time, you know? I -- I don't know.

Jax: Sam McCall scorched? I don't think so.

Sam: I've tried to reach out to you and you've shot me down really hard.

Jax: I know. I know, I know. That's why Iím asking for a chance to make it up.

Sam: Would you be offended if I ordered a big, fat, juicy steak?

Jax: No, no. You can order double fries to go with that if you want and -- and eat your whole dessert. I don't care. You're unique, Sam. I don't want to change a thing about you.

Tracy: So, did Skye put you up to this? You know, her mother got pregnant and tried to pass the kid off as Alanís. Perhaps she gave you some pointers on how to trap Dillon.

Georgie: I love Dillon. I would never try to trap him.

Tracy: Ooh. My son may fall for that sentimental drivel, but I certainly donít.

Georgie: Dillon is only your son when it's convenient. You had no problem dropping him off here and heading off for Europe. The truth is I know how to love him and you're the one who canít.

Tracy: Are you aware of how a pregnancy scandal would bite a hole in your Ivy League dream?

Georgie: Dillon told you about that?

Tracy: I do my research. I also know that your stepfather is the police commissioner and a person with influence could change that.

Georgie: If you try, Dillon will hate you.

Tracy: Ha! No. Dillon has never hated me. He can't. He knows Iíve given him the best of everything. Granted, he is a little upset with me because of the separation and he's acting out by slumming with you, but luckily he has found someone who can give him everything I want him to have.

Georgie: The only person Dillon loves is me.

Tracy: Oh, well, I guess he hasn't mentioned Sage. That's very discreet of him. You see, he's found someone who possesses all the qualities that you donít. She has style and breeding. In fact, she's somebody his mother approves of and that's not you. So why don't you get the hell out of my son's bedroom.

Dillon: Mr. Scorpio, I can explain this, ok?

Mac: Oh, you're going to repeat everything you said about Georgie to my face, starting with how you're planning to take my daughter to bed tonight?

Sage: No, it's -- it's not Dillonís fault. I --

Mac: Stay out of this, Miss Alcazar.

Sage: No, I set him up. I was mad and wanted his help with something and he said no. I saw you walking in and I knew that Dillon and Georgie were both virgins, so I threw it in his face to make him mad. I wanted you to walk up and hear.

Mac: And now you're confessing out of the goodness of your heart?

Sage: Well, I'm kind of ashamed of myself.

Mac: You know, if you really cared about Georgie --

Dillon: Look, I'm really sorry, ok? I shouldn't be discussing our private stuff with anybody but her and it's not going to happen again.

Mac: You keep saying that, Dillon, but you never seem to follow through.

Sage: You can thank me anytime.

Dillon: Thank you? I ought to throw you into the harbor.

Lorenzo: How goes the babysitting?

Dillon: I'm done for the day.

Lorenzo: Trouble?

Sage: We're still getting used to each other and Dillonís girlfriend doesn't like me.

Lorenzo: Well, I can't imagine why.

Sage: It's nothing to worry about. Dillon's a great companion, super-responsible. No way will he ever, ever let me get into any kind of trouble. So you can feel free to concentrate on your mysterious girlfriend.

Courtney: You and Sonny are so connected that -- I mean, even watching it from the outside, it's pretty incredible.

Carly: Yeah, well, that's how I feel right now, like I am watching my life from the outside. I can see all of it. I can see it. I just can't feel it and I need you to help me get that feeling back.

Courtney: How?

Carly: I don't know. Describe to me how I was when I was happy with Sonny, when I was angry, when I was hurt, because then maybe I will feel it all again.

Courtney: Ok. Do you remember my wedding rehearsal?

Carly: The one at Queen of Angels.

Courtney: Yeah. Right. Sonny was missing and I wanted to cancel, but you just kept telling me that he was going to be ok. Carly, I remember the moment when you saw Sonny in that church. You ran right into his arms and you held on so tight to him, I didn't think that you were ever going to let go.

Carly: He told me not to run and I couldn't help myself.

Courtney: Yeah. There was France when Jason and I got married. Sonny -- he made a toast. He talked about love and commitment.

Sonny: The hardest part about marriage is its greatest reward and that's becoming one with another person. And that bond never goes away, whether you're together or not.

Courtney: But what Sonny was really talking about was his love with you.

Carly: Yeah, and I went after him and we flew home together.

Courtney: Hey, you have never let Sonny push you away. You fight for your marriage.

Carly: Our baby's in here. It's in here, and you need to be here for it and for me. You stay with us.

Sonny: I'm so tired.

Carly: I know, sweetheart. You come here. Come here. Come lay down on my lap.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? Maybe you and Michael could go --

Carly: Shh.

Sonny: To the island --

Carly: No, no, no. You just stop. No talking, no talking.

Sonny: I love you more than my life, you know that?

Carly: I love you, too. Just rest, sweetie. Just rest.

Carly: Oh, God, Iím sorry. I'm sorry.

Courtney: No, no, no, Carly, it's ok. It's ok to cry. It just means the feelings are coming back.

Carly: No, I'm crying because I -- I can't feel love for Sonny anymore.

Sage: I know you're determined to keep her a secret, but I bet you I could tell you a few things about your girlfriend.

Lorenzo: She's not my girlfriend --

Sage: She's got to be beautiful and she's either famous or --

Lorenzo: She is beautiful, but looks can only take you so far. The sooner you learn that, the better, because you are a beauty, too.

Sage: I'm loving the compliment. That is one, right?

Lorenzo: Hmm. A truly amazing woman is more than looks. She's smart and strong and graceful and brave. It's funny because you're all those things, too, but you're too good to be anyone's trophy. You need to make your own choices, Sage. You need to be brilliant, not spoiled. Not too spoiled, anyway.

Sage: You're in love with this woman, whoever she is.

Lorenzo: You're right. I am.

Carly: Um -- I don't want Sonny to know that we spoke this time.

Cameron: Session's confidential.

Carly: Um -- I'm having trouble. I'm having trouble feeling the things that I'm supposed to. I can remember my life before the accident. I just -- I -- I can't reach those feelings for those events or those people. Oh, God, this is really -- it's really difficult to explain.

Cameron: Of course it is. Carly, you had a bullet lodged in your brain. You're still healing. You have to give yourself time to recover.

Carly: So, is the damage permanent?

Cameron: We'll have to wait and see. If you continue to heal, you may be able to regain access to those emotions, but if the area in your brain where they were stored is irreparably damaged, it's possible you may never recover those emotions.

Carly: Ok -- no, no, no, I have to. I have to love my husband. I have to love my children.

Cameron: What are you feeling now?

Carly: I -- I'm frustrated. I am -- I'm confused and I'm scared.

Cameron: Can you connect to anything you felt before you woke up?

Carly: When I was in the coma, I had these dreams that were so vivid. They were -- they were so intense, those feelings.

Cameron: Can you access those feelings now?

Carly: It's the only ones that I have left. Oh, it is like my -- my conscious life is this fantasy and my dream -- my dreams -- those are what's real.

Cameron: What were the dreams about?

Carly: I dreamt that I loved another man and I was married to someone other than Sonny. I loved him so completely and now I don't know how to stop.

Courtney: Carly's definitely struggling, but she wants things to go back to normal.

Jason: You know, it's going to take a while.

Courtney: Yeah, I know. She's dealing with so much right now. Just thinking and feeling is work for her.

Jason: The harder she pushes herself, the tougher this is going to be. So, you know, just do what you can to take the pressure off.

Courtney: I told her it was going to take some time, but I haven't lived through this, Jason. You have. Carly needs to see you, and I think -- I think it would help a lot.

Jason: Ok. Sonny's upstairs with the kids. I'll call you.

Sonny: How's Carly doing?

Faith: The drugs were torched?

Zander: There's nothing left.

Faith: I lost a lot of money. Who's responsible?

Nikolas: I have an idea.

Faith: You did this.

Nikolas: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm here to make you understand that Emily and I are under Jason Morganís protection.

Faith: Zander?

Nikolas: I'm a legitimate businessman, Faith. I, me, will pay off my uncle's debt and that will be the end of my obligation. Don't threaten me again. Let's go.

Tracy: Bad day? It's late. Where you been?

Dillon: Out.

Tracy: Not with Georgie.

Dillon: Mom, what did you do?

Tracy: What I do best -- eliminated a small problem.

Dillon: Where is Georgie now?

Tracy: Well, I don't know, but she's probably at the hospital emptying bedpans, perhaps?

Dillon: Ok, all right. It's obvious that you came in here and saw her in my bed. I get that. But if you did anything -- anything at all to upset Georgie --

Tracy: What?

Dillon: I swear --

Tracy: What? Come on, give it to me, sweetheart. Say anything you want. I can take it.

Dillon: Why are you doing this? Huh? I love Georgie.

Tracy: Of course you do. You're a sweet boy. You love all God's creatures, no matter what rung on the social ladder they're on. But you don't hop into bed with them.

Dillon: Oh, I cannot have this conversation with you if you are not going to listen to me.

Tracy: Look, let me just say that I don't think you're really aware of how getting a girl like Georgie pregnant can ruin your life. I don't like her. I don't think you're going to like her when you realize how limited she is. You deserve a girl like the one I met at the park.

Dillon: Yeah, because Sage is exactly what every mother wants for her child.

Tracy: You're clearly attracted to her.

Dillon: Mom, you have no idea who's attractive to me, but I'll give you a hint -- it's not somebody like you. It's somebody decent and it's somebody with a heart.

Tracy: I understand that you are upset. Our long and unavoidable separation has given you issues.

Dillon: Oh, this -- you know what? This may come as a shock to you, but not everything in my life revolves around you. This is about me being in love with Georgie.

Tracy: You better believe that I don't believe that, because the minute I do, you're off to military school faster than you can say "crew cut."

Sonny: The doctors say she's getting stronger. She say anything to you?

Courtney: Well, it's -- it's still difficult for her to deal with what happened and the time she lost, but she really wants to get better. I just -- I don't think that she should push it.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I'm clear on that.

Courtney: All we can do for Carly is show her how much we love her and want her to come home. She'll handle the rest.

Sonny: Yeah. She's got this unbelievable strength, you know. She doesn't break, and I just -- I got to believe she's going to come back from that.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Um -- who is it?

Jason: Jason.

Carly: Come in. Do you know that you're the only one who actually knocks? I mean, other people -- they knock, but they're already in the door by the time I get to answer.

Jason: You know, I always -- I always thought the second-worst part about being in a hospital was, you know, the people who just show up to see you.

Carly: The second-worst?

Jason: Yeah. The worst for me, anyway, was that the windows don't open.

Carly: Aren't you going to ask me how I feel?

Jason: If you want to tell me, you will. If you don't, I -- you know, I don't want to put you in a position where you got to make something up.

Carly: How'd you know that's what Iíve been doing?

Jason: It's what I did. I know that our injuries aren't the same. I mean, you're healing. There's -- there's so much that you can get back.

Carly: But it's so confusing, Jase. It's like I don't even know my own friends and my own family. I mean, it -- it's not like you're strangers, you know, but somehow, Iím just -- Iím not connected.

Jason: I understand that.

Carly: When you woke up from your accident, you tried to get the feelings back, didn't you?

Jason: Yeah. I mean, Alan and Monica would just -- you know, they'd talk to me. They'd tell me about places that we'd been, some Christmas morning when I was a kid. Didn't mean anything. You know, felt like it was someone else's life.

Carly: You see, but that's the difference here. Ok, because I do -- I do remember Christmas with Michael and with Sonny. I just -- I just can't feel it.

Jason: Carly, you can't -- you can't force yourself to feel again.

Carly: Yeah, but I want to hurry it along. I do, I do, and it's -- it's -- you know what? This isn't -- this isn't like you. It's completely different. I am not having to get my whole life over again. I just -- it'll come back to me. It'll come back to me the way I was because you know what? It just -- it just has to. It does.

Sonny: Carly was the last person I expected to love.

Courtney: I know you guys didn't like each other very much at first.

Sonny: No, we hated each other for a lot of good reasons.

Courtney: So, what changed?

Sonny: What changed? I don't even know. But she's my life.

Carly: Sonny's the key. If I keep thinking about him, then it'll all come back.

Sonny: I was getting to the point in my life where, you know, I was starting to feel comfortable being alone and being with somebody else was a risk I didn't want to take and then Carly blew into my world. And now I -- I can't live without her.

Carly: I need you -- God, I just need you to remind me how I felt with Sonny, how -- how I was, how I reacted to him --

Jason: Carly, Sonny's going to know that you're faking a connection. He and Michael can already tell something's wrong.

Carly: I don't want to hurt them.

Jason: Well, then you can't lie.

Sonny: I love Carly, but sometimes I'm selfish. I don't give a lot in return.

Courtney: You love her.

Sonny: Yeah, I -- in my way. But sometimes I'm angry, I'm not fair. And sometimes living in my life can wear you down. A woman swears she loves me, and then she can't take it anymore, and then they -- they go running to the exit. But not Carly.

Jason: Carly, there aren't any easy answers. All you can do is be honest.

Carly: And break my family's hearts.

Jason: Just -- just be who you are right now. Let things happen naturally.

Carly: But what I feel is who I am and I don't want to feel isolated and confused. Oh, I just -- I just want the love to fill me up again and I just want to be who I used to be.

Lorenzo: Word is you lost a substantial shipment last night, burned to ashes.

Faith: I did the dirty work and eliminated the five families. You need me for distribution.

Lorenzo: Uh-uh. You've already made too many mistakes. When you staged that massacre, you should have eliminated Jason Morgan.

Faith: I will handle Jason. Besides, Sonny is the brains of that operation, and he wants out.

Lorenzo: Wishful thinking which is proof that you're in over your head, Faith. If you're not more clever, you're going to be the one who drowns.

Zander: That didn't look good.

Faith: My credibility is being questioned.

Zander: What are we going to do about that?

Faith: Well, it is a mistake to cross me, and Port Charles is about to get that message loud and clear. Nikolas Cassadine is going to be my example.

Sam: You're staring.

Jax: I'm just looking at you with new eyes.

Sam: Well, I like the idea of starting over, if you're sincere.

Jax: The past is behind us. I propose that we make new memories, starting now.

Tracy: Why, Jax, don't you think you ought to be a little more careful about who you pick up in a bar?  Well, aren't you sick of groveling yet?

Sam: Jax and I are on a date. It's what two people do when they have free time.

Tracy: Oh, well, yours just ran out. My partner and I have business.

Sam: Ooh.

Jax: Tracy, deals like this take time.

Tracy: Not when both partners are focused. We have the dead man's hand. Why don't we put it to good use?

Jax: You have it with you?

Tracy: Of course I have it with me. Why do you ask?

Jax: Hand it over.

Tracy: Are you kidding? With her in the vicinity?

Jax: We're partners, Tracy. If you don't hand it over, the deal's over.

Tracy: Fine, fine, fine. Amuse yourself. But do yourself a favor -- don't overpay for the pleasure of her company.

Sam: I should have hit her when I had the chance, you know.

Jax: You're wondering why I asked her for the cards.

Sam: Yeah, that question crossed my mind.

Jax: Because I wanted to prove that the cards have no power over us whatsoever. That's something to celebrate.

Georgie: I need to see Dillon.

Sage: He's your boyfriend. Try calling him.

Georgie: He's working today, right, as your personal escort. Now, tell me where he is.

Sage: You and Dillon obviously have problems. Work them out on your own time.

Georgie: Dillon and I are fine. I'd like to know why you're trying to steal him.

Sage: I'm not.

Georgie: What do you think this is, a competition or something?

Sage: Well, you must think so. That's what this whole mini-makeover thing's about, right? You're trying to look like me.

Georgie: Why would I want to do that?

Sage: I'm cultured and interesting and hot and I've done basically everything you're afraid to do and Dillon knows it.

Georgie: Dillon loves me.

Sage: Right. But when he goes to sleep at night, I'm the kind of girl he dreams about.

[Door opens]

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: You up for another visit?

Carly: Sure.

Sonny: I got some good news. I'm not -- Iím not -- I mean, it's up to you to decide, but the doctor said that you can come home tomorrow.

Carly: Really?

Sonny: I know you -- you know, it's been hard since you woke up and that, you know, you haven't really healed completely.

Carly: No, but I will.

Sonny: Right, but, you know -- I don't know. I just think it's good for you to come home, you know, to the family who loves you and where it's familiar and your own space.

Carly: Yeah. I just -- I know that I still need a lot of rest. Is Michael going to be ok?

Sonny: Yeah, Michael -- Michael -- all he cares about is his mother, you know? He just wants to see his mommy. He doesn't care if you can't play with him yet.

Carly: I just don't want to disappoint him or you.

Sonny: I -- I just want to take you home, you know, take care of you, hold you in my arms, put you to bed, show you all the ways I love you again.

Carly: Then take me home, Sonny. Oh, I can't wait.

Emily: Thanks, Penny.

Penny: It's a little cold for a romantic walk.

Emily: Yeah -- I'm not sure it qualifies as romantic. Nikolas is actually taking me on a tour of his new freighter.

Nikolas: What?

Emily: He really knows how to impress a girl, let me tell you, Penny.

Nikolas: Listen -- hey, hey, hey -- you can joke about it all you want, but that ship is our future. I'm going to use it to get my family out of debt.

Emily: Oh, boy. No doubt generations of Cassadines will bless your name. Personally, all I care about is us being free to start our life together.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Georgie: Stay away from my boyfriend.

Sage: Why? Afraid that he's going to figure out the truth? You're a small-town loser, Georgie. You're not pretty. You're not sophisticated. You're actually kind of lame in every other way, too. I mean, you haven't even had sex yet. Why is that?

Georgie: I'm not talking --

Sage: Maybe it's because you're afraid, but I bet Dillon isn't. He's a teenage boy who's not getting any from his girlfriend. No wonder he can't take his eyes off me. I'm going to rock Dillonís world. Your boyfriend will be in my bed by the end of the week.

Dillon: Georgie, what are you doing? What are you thinking? Huh?

Jax: Why don't you order some more champagne? I'll be right back.

Tracy: Well, that wasn't part of the plan.

Jax: It's part of mine.

Tracy: And why leave the cards out in the open?

Jax: If Sam doesn't steal the cards, that means she's falling for me.

Tracy: And once she does steal the cards and she rushes off to Luke Spencer, we will have a heck of a time getting them back.

Jax: I wouldn't worry about that just yet.

Jax: See? What'd I tell you? I've got Sam McCall exactly where I want her.

Faith: Was anyone onboard?

Zander: Crew is on shore leave.

Faith: Good for them. In one hour, that boat will be at the bottom of the harbor.

Zander: And Nikolas won't know what hit him.

Emily: It's kind of exciting. The big ship, traveling to faraway places. Wow. You know, I could be the stowaway you discover hiding in the hold. You want to get rid of me but you can't turn back.

Nikolas: Now wait a minute. Just a little while ago, you refused to believe that a freighter could be romantic.

Emily: I'm entitled to change my mind, right?

Nikolas: Yes, you are. Ok, so if you're the stowaway --

Emily: Mm-hmm --

Nikolas: And I'm the captain, then I want this to be a long voyage.

Sonny: Michael? Is Michael upstairs?

Jason: What's going on?

Sonny: Michael, come down here. I got some news about mommy!

Courtney: Is Carly ok?

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Something happen to mommy?

Sonny: Guess what?

Michael: What?

Sonny: Mommy's coming home tomorrow. Ah!

Lorenzo: Excuse me. Has Mrs. Corinthos been taken for tests?

Nurse: Nothing was scheduled. She's being released tomorrow.

Lorenzo: Does Carly know?

Nurse: Mr. Corinthos told her earlier.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: You're blaming this on me?

Sam: Jax, I --

Lorenzo: I don't want her to see you.

Marcella: You don't want her to know what you did.

Sonny: Nothing's going to be all right till she comes back here.

Elizabeth: He's giving Emily a grand tour as we speak. Can you believe that?

Emily: Tell me that isn't a bomb.

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