GH Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

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Jax: Well, well, that moment with Sonny Corinthos really shows who you are.

Sam: You don't know the first thing about me.

Jax: You know, all you've ever wanted is those cards. Now you're trying to ally yourself with my worst enemy to get at the cards and to get back at me.

Sam: You bet I am.

Sage: We've made everyone happy. Now we can do what we want.

Dillon: Yeah, and I want my paycheck, so from now on, I'm keeping you out of trouble.

Sage: You're no fun.

Dillon: Depends on who you ask.

Sage: I'm saving you from military school.

Dillon: And I'm saving you from boarding school. Isn't that interesting? We need each other even if we don't like it.

Sage: I vote we find ways to like it.

Dillon: Sage, I'm in love with Georgie so unless we're around my mom, you keep your hands to yourself.

Sage: What are we supposed to do for entertainment?

Dillon: Watch a movie. "Dark Waters," 1944. "A classic film about a young girl in a family with --" what are you--

Sage: What's your pleasure, pinot noir or chardonnay?

Maxie: Look, we agreed on this, Georgie. If you want to hold on to Dillon, then you have to compete with Sage and step one is a makeover.

Georgie: Can't we just skip to step number two?

Maxie: It's not enough to buy new lipstick and then borrow my favorite top. What you need is a total change, something that's sexy and is guaranteed to get Dillonís attention.

Salesgirl: Hi. Need some help?

Brian: PCPD offered me a job.

Courtney: I didn't know that you were looking in Port Charles.

Brian: I figured it would be a good opportunity. It's not official yet. I still have to meet with commissioner Scorpio, but --

Michael: Are you moving here?

Brian: I could be.

Michael: Yes!

Brian: Would that be ok with you?

Jason: What are you doing here?

Sam: You threw down with me the second you agreed to work with Tracy Quartermaine.

Jax: You just met the lady. How could you have a grudge against her already?

Sam: Let's see -- she stole the cards, made fun of my letter --

Jax: Well, she saved me the trouble.

Sam: Oh, you would have laughed at what I wrote, too?

Jax: No. No. I would have burnt it unread because I've had enough of your lies to last me a lifetime.

Sam: Ok, I see. So it's acceptable for Tracy to lie. She can steal the cards, but not me. Mm-hmm, I get it.

Jax: Tracy did not delay me on the way to my father's deathbed. She didn't drug me unconscious and she didn't tell some teenaged kid that it was her father that needed the cards so desperately. Tracy's just out to make money and you know what, I can appreciate that. It will be a nice change to actually work with someone who's honest about what they want.

Sam: Ok, who was that?

Jax: Something wicked this way comes. Hopefully, it'll land on you.

Man: Ms. McCall? Your boat's been delivered to the next pier.

Sam: Where about?

Man: Right over there at the end. Can't miss her.

Sam: Oh, um -- no, I don't -- I don't think so. Sir, this boat is mine. This 80-foot, sleek-looking yacht here. That -- that is not mine. There must be a mistake.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Looks like a nightmare to me.

Man: Afraid not. Congratulations.

Sam: No, really. There must be a mistake. There -- that's a wreck.

Jax: Looks like you've been had. There's justice after all.

[Wind blows]

Skye: Wow. Where did that come from?

Luke: Winter is definitely coming and Tracy Quartermaine brings a chill all her own.

Skye: Now's your chance. Tell her off.

Luke: Tell her off? The lady's immune to harsh language, darling.

Skye: Well, she's threatening your livelihood, remember? Tell her that she and Jax have absolutely no business opening up a casino here.

Luke: I need ammunition, Skye, I can't just make empty threats. It cuts your credibility down. I have to go after them with something.

Skye: You always have something up your sleeve.

Luke: Well, maybe sabotage is a way to go. You know, slow them down on a job site, weasel the workers into a strike --

Skye: Oh, no, no, no. We cannot let it get that far. We have to stop this casino long before it gets to the construction phase.

Luke: Yeah. Nip it in the bud is best.

Skye: Yeah, Jax needs to realize that this casino's more trouble than it's worth so he'll cut Tracy loose.

Luke: Excuse me, what are you trying to do here? Are you trying to protect my business or protect your ex from the polished, pearly fangs of Lady Quartermaine?

Skye: Well, can't we do both?

Scott: Well, well, speak of the devil. I was just thinking about you, Spencer, as I like to do so often.

Luke: Really? Wishing you had my charm and hair?

Scott: No, I just want to let you know -- guess what I just towed into pier 19?

Elizabeth: Can I help you with something? What are you doing?

Tracy: I am trying to avoid food stains and germs, obviously. A place like this is a magnet for both and do I pay extra for the wobbly table?

Elizabeth: Ok, ok, ok, ok. Thank you.

A.J.: Opening up a new casino, are we?

Tracy: Hello, A.J. Gee, Iím sorry, I don't believe in nepotism. You're going to have to fill out a busboy application along with everybody else.

A.J.: You know, I had those cards once. I can get them back.

Tracy: Are you overestimating yourself as usual?

A.J.: You better cut me in or I will derail you.

Dillon: No way are you drinking.

Sage: I was thinking more of "we." A glass or two?

Dillon: Put it down, Sage.

Sage: Please don't tell me you have the same hang-up with alcohol as you do with girls -- look but don't touch.

Dillon: You know what? If your uncle comes home and finds you drunk, Iím not getting my paycheck.

Sage: Fine. If you insist --

Dillon: Stop that, ok?

Sage: Any moral issues with dancing?

[Hip-hop plays]

Dillon: No, not at all, as long as you don't do it with me.

Sage: No problem. Go back to your black-and-white pretend life. I prefer mine in living color.

[Dillon sighs]


Singer: It's all around from town to town

Georgie: Think it's too much?

Maxie: How about not enough?

Salesgirl: There's plenty more.

Singer: So get on up and let's do this here we go, here we go here we go now. Here we go, here we go, here we go now. Here we go, here we go, here we go now. So get on up and let's do this thing.  Let's do this thing hey here we go, here we go here we go now. Here we go, here we go, here we go now. Here we go, here we go, here we go now so get on up oh, yeah no, no baby

Maxie: Well, that was fun. Yeah?

Georgie: It's awful. I look like a zombie slut.

Maxie: No, you donít.

Georgie: You're right. Zombie sluts don't dress this badly.

Maxie: Ok, well -- we'll go check out that cute little boutique store in the mall, yeah?

Georgie: It's no use. I give up. There's no way Iíll ever be able to compete with Sage. I might as well just hand Dillon over to her.

Singer: Here we go, here we go now so get on up no, no

Brian: I've applied for a position with the PCPD and they've accepted me.

Jason: Are you sure you want that job?

Michael: If you're a policeman here, will you still have time to play catch with me?

Brian: Sure, but I'm not going to be moving until I get the green light from everyone.

Courtney: Come on, Michael. It's getting late. Let's go home. Look, I -- I hope you find a job that you like, whether it's here or someplace else.

Brian: Thanks.

Courtney: Are you coming?

Jason: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Courtney: Ok. I'll see you later. Bye.

Jason: This time, you're in my town so what is it that you want?

Brian: I don't have any secret agenda. My reasons for staying in my hometown were gone so I decided it was time to start over someplace else. I sent out a couple dozen applications months before I met you and Courtney and I got bites from three city forces. PCPD was the one that offered me the position and the salary I'm looking for.

Jason: That's good. You got some options in case Port Charles doesn't work out for you.

Brian: I'm not looking for trouble with you and we won't have any -- unless you break the law.

Maxie: Look, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Georgie: Tell me about it, but I have to do something and fast.

Maxie: Look, I don't know, Georgie. Do you remember that time that I helped you get ready for Dillon at the hotel and you decided to just be yourself? Yeah? So why don't you just be yourself and believe in the person that Dillon fell in love with?

Georgie: That was before Sage.

Maxie: But you're still the one that Dillon cares about.

Georgie: For now. But Dillon and Sage are spending all this time together and she's totally hot for him. How long can he resist?

Maxie: Ok, well, we'll go to some shops tomorrow after school and --

Georgie: No. I love Dillon and Iím not going to leave him alone with Sage any more than I have to. I have to make my move tonight.

[Hip-hop plays]

Man: Sipping crystal on a seven-day cruise, you ain't heard the latest come on I can't lose

Woman: Here me now the girl has got me down, it's all around from town to town here me now the girl has got me down, it's all around from town to town

Dillon: Ok, all right. You made your point, whatever it is.

Sage: What? I'm dancing.

Dillon: That's not what your uncle's going to call it if he walks in here right now.

Sage: Oh, my God! Can't you talk about anything but my uncle?

Dillon: Well, he is the one paying me to be here.

Sage: Well, he's not going to be back anytime soon, so relax. I'm just getting a little exercise. It's called cardio strip. It's huge in L.A.

[Sage sighs]

Sage: You have to admit, it's not boring.

[Phone rings]

Dillon: Yeah. Georgie. Hey. Um -- no, no, no. Nothing. I'm just watching a video. I'm watching a video. Is it -- loud? I didn't -- I didn't -- I don't -- I didn't notice that it was loud. Let me, uh --

[Dillon turns music off]

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, sure. No, I'd love to. I'll see you in a few. I'm meeting Georgie.

Sage: You're supposed to be working.

Dillon: Yeah, well, I don't care.

Sage: What happened to your obsession with my uncle?

Dillon: Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you keep dancing here in the living room in your underwear and see how fast your uncle sends you to boarding school.

Sage: He warned you about leaving early.

Dillon: I'll take my chances.

Tracy: You know what? I find your threats almost amusing. "Almost" being the operative word.

A.J.: Grandfather's plotting to run you out of town. My parents and Ned are next in line. You need an ally in the family.

Tracy: My mother was generous enough to give me the investment cash because she knows that I want to support Dillon. Jax and my mother are the only two allies I need.

A.J.: Oh, please. Jax will double-cross you; he always does. And then you will come bunny-running back to the family.

Tracy: It's kind of fun seeing you with this newfound confidence. It's going to make the inevitable crash and burn that much more satisfying.

Scott: Hey, what's happening, A.J.? Tracy, sorry Iím late.

Tracy: No sorrier than I. Could you have picked a more pedestrian place for us to meet?

Scott: Well, these pedestrians are the people that put me in office, my constituents. I'm a --

Tracy: Oh, please, Scottie, Scottie -- save it for your re-election campaign. Just let me know, did you bring the gambling permit?

Scott: Well, there's a monkey wrench in the works.

Sam: God!

Luke: Hey, you. Stop vandalizing my boat.

Sam: This boat is mine. Jax won it for me. The slots, grand prize.

Skye: Yeah. You're a junk collector.

Luke: You can't win something that belongs to somebody else.

Sam: This floating wreck happened to be delivered to me, fair and square.

Luke: Both of you, stop insulting my boat.

Sam: This boat isn't yours unless you can produce ownership papers stating that the Lucky Lady belongs to Luke Spencer.

Luke: Well, I can't do that.

Sam: Oh, what a surprise.

Luke: I can't do it because she ain't the Lucky Lady. She's the Haunted Star.

Luke: Oh, the Star used to be something else. She was shiny and gorgeous and people lined up to fill her up and empty their pockets.

Sam: What is he babbling about?

Skye: I'm not sure.

Luke: The Haunted Star was a nightclub owned and operated by Lucas Lorenzo back in the day. She's seen her share of love and adventure. Oh, baby. Daddy's going to fix you up all shiny and new.

Sam: Ahem. No, you wonít.

Luke: Look, this boat is mine and I'm not giving her up.

Sam: I'm the one with the papers. This is my tub. It's my new salvage boat. Case closed. That's it.

Tracy: My goodness gracious, Scott, you were absolutely right. It is the Haunted Star.

Skye: What are you doing out on the water, Tracy? Aren't you afraid you'll fall in and melt?

Tracy: Hello, sunshine. What are you doing here, foisting yourself off on another group of unsuspecting strangers? Maybe you're pretending to be a sister? How about a mother? How about somebody's second cousin three times removed?

Skye: Well at least the Quartermaines want me in the family, Tracy. How many times have you been kicked out of it, now?

Tracy: Mr. Spencer --

Luke: Oh.

Tracy: Nice to see you.

Luke: You, too.

Tracy: What are you planning on doing with this boat?

Sam: Ahem, hello. This boat belongs to me.

Luke: Three guesses, Tracy.

Tracy: Fishing charter.

Luke: Uh-uh.

Tracy: Sightseeing boat.

Luke: Uh-uh.

Tracy: Got it. You are going to set sail for new horizons.

Luke: Think harder.

Tracy: I think you ought to go for the new horizons. The Port Charles rebel act is kind of overdone.

Luke: You think? I'm just getting started. I'm going to return the Haunted Star to her former glory and I'm going to add a new little twist. She's not only going to be a nightclub, she's going to be a casino.

Sam: Oh.

Luke: But then you knew that, didn't you, Baldwin?

Georgie: Dillon, I'm over here. Aren't you going to say hello?

Dillon: I, um -- yeah. No, I'll -- I'll get to that as soon as I say wow.

Courtney: Hey. I was starting to get worried.

Jason: What did Brian say to you?

Courtney: Not much. I mean, Michael saw him first. We were just saying hello when you arrived.

Jason: Was he looking for you?

Courtney: No. He was just walking through the park and he told me that the PCPD offered him a job.

Jason: Actually, three cities offered him a job, and he picked Port Charles.

Courtney: Can we talk about this later? Michael's upstairs watching a video.

Jason: Why is Michael -- why isn't he across the hall with Leticia?

Courtney: Well, I -- I just -- I thought it might be better if Michael and Morgan stayed with us until Carly gets better.

Tracy: Why would I care about your sad little dream to turn this wreck into a casino?

Luke: My sad little dream is going to send your plans with Jax up in smoke. Tell her about the city bylaws, Baldwin.

Skye: What's going on?

Scott: There can only be one gambling establishment in town at one time. This was decided years ago, some special election. Spencer's got first right of refusal.

Luke: Translated, that means that I ran the one and only legal gambling joint in the history of this burg. The permit stands. I can apply it to the Haunted Star.

Sam: Ok. The Haunted Star, Lucky Lady -- whatever you want to call it -- for the last time is mine.

Tracy: Ooh, she is so annoying. However, she does seem very sure of her facts.

Luke: I'm sure that this is my boat.

Tracy: Luke, you and this creature are going to be tied up in court for years clearing the title. How about I give you $5 million right now to release the gambling rights to me?

Luke: No, thanks.

Tracy: Oh. Luke, come to your senses. You can invest the money, live off the interest. You'll be comfortable for the rest of your life.

Luke: I don't do comfortable, Tracy.

Skye: Luke, look around. How much renovation can you really afford?

Luke: Whatever it takes.

Sam: No, no one's renovating my property.

Skye: Take the money.

Tracy: Ah -- I hear the voice of reason whispering in your ear.

Luke: You see, this isn't about reason. This is about passion and memories. This is a dream that Iíve had for a very long time; she's going to come true. I ain't giving her up.

Tracy: How about you call me when they haul her off to the impound yard? I might be generous enough to renew my offer.

Luke: How about I call you opening night and you can drop that five mil at the craps table?

Tracy: How about there isn't going to be an opening night?

Luke: How much did she offer you to doctor the records?

Scott: Not enough for my tastes. I want you to open this place up because it's going to sink into Davy Jones' locker as quick as you can uncork the first bottle of booze, Spencer.

Skye: Luke, you really think you're going to be able to make a go of this?

Luke: I love impossible odds, remember?

Sam: Ahem. This is my boat. Remember?

Sage: Do you have change for the jukebox?

Elizabeth: Uh-huh. Here you go.

Sage: I'm assuming it plays music from this century.

Elizabeth: You're welcome to find a more trendy restaurant.

Sage: This'll do.

[Dance music plays]

Elizabeth: No floor shows allowed, all right?

Sage: Maybe I should have my -- my uncle buy this place and change the rules. I'm sure you've heard of him -- Lorenzo Alcazar.

Elizabeth: You really need to stop that.

Sage: Well, there's only one person that can stop me. Call him.

Georgie: Do you really like the way I look?

Dillon: What's not to like?

Georgie: It's different.

Dillon: Yeah, no, it's -- it's different, but it's different in a good way, not that you didn't look amazing before but -- why the change?

Georgie: I just felt like trying something new, get away from the usual girl-next-door look.

Dillon: Georgie, is this about Sage?

Georgie: It's for me -- well, for you and me. I'm getting a little older and I felt like showing it.

Dillon: Do you -- do you think you might want to come over tonight, spend some time together, maybe spend the night?

Georgie: I have to be home by midnight.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: But if I told Mac Maxie will wait up for me, maybe I could sneak in around 5:00 in the morning?

Dillon: Yeah, as long as you're sure.

Georgie: I love you Dillon and I really want to show it.

Dillon: I love you, too.

Mac: What are you up to?

Georgie: I was headed to the library. I have some research to do on a history paper.

Mac: Dressed like that?

Georgie: Maxie's helping me be more fashionable. What do you think?

Mac: Uh -- I think the old Georgie looked just fine. I suppose you're headed to the library, too?

Dillon: No, no. I've got -- I got some stuff.

Mac: "Some stuff"?

Dillon: Yeah. So Iím going to go. Ok.

Mac: Ok. Ok.

Georgie: Ok, I'll --

Dillon: Ok. All right.

Georgie: Bye.

Dillon: Bye.

Georgie: (whispers) I'll meet you in your room in a half-hour.

Dillon: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow.

Georgie: Great.

Dillon: Bye.

Georgie: Bye.

Brian: Commissioner Scorpio?

Mac: Yeah.

Brian: Brian Beck. Your assistant called and asked me to meet you here.

Mac: Oh, good. Thanks for coming down. I'm sorry to put you through a job interview on the run. It's a busy department, not like the small town you're from.

Brian: Nah, Iíve had other training.

Mac: I've ready your file. Your credentials are impressive.

Brian: Thanks. I hope to keep adding to them.

Mac: A.D.A. Lansing has been pushing me to hire you. He thinks your F.B.I. Training will come in handy. We have a heavily entrenched organized crime element here.

Brian: Yeah, I've already had a minor run-in with one of them -- Jason Morgan.

Mac: I'll approve your hiring. I can tell you'll be an asset to the force, but you know what? Do yourself a favor -- don't get personally involved. I mean, I've seen too many good cops ruin their careers by getting into a grudge match with the pervs they're trying to arrest. It's a job. It's not a holy crusade or a contact sport.

Brian: Don't worry. I'll stay professional.

Courtney: You know, one thing I learned from Morgan is that babies are a lot of work, and Michael -- you know, he's been through so much already. He's going to need more attention and reassurance than Carly and Sonny can give him right now.

Jason: We can help them out, but that doesn't mean that Michael and Morgan have to live with us.

Courtney: Yeah, but they're going to be right across the hall from their mom and dad. I mean --

Jason: Courtney? You have been great with the kids. You're loving and unselfish. You've been looking out for their best interests, but that was out of town. Their home is right across that hall.

Courtney: I'm just trying to do what's best for Carly and the children. And don't you think she needs time to heal?

Jason: Yes.

Courtney: Ok, so why not let the boys stay with us?

Jason: Because the longer they stay, the harder it's going to be on you when they have to go home.

Jason: The hardest thing I ever did was give up Michael and I -- you know, I don't want you to have to go through anything like that.

Courtney: But this is completely different. I mean, we're just looking after the boys temporarily.

Jason: I know -- I know, but it's so easy and you know -- to get attached, even if you tell yourself you won't.

Courtney: But this feels right to me, Jason.

[Jason sighs]

Courtney: I mean, maybe it's because I came from a broken home and grew up missing my dad. I want to -- I want to protect Michael and Morgan, you know, give them all the love and support they could possibly need. Is that so bad?

Jason: I know you're doing this out of love.

Courtney: Ok. Then can we just let it go? I mean, I've just gotten home and I missed you so much.

Jason: And I missed you, too.

Courtney: Yeah.

[Music plays]

Man: Oh, wow.

Elizabeth: Your girlfriend's out of control.

Dillon: She's not my girlfriend.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, she said to call you, so I did. Next call will be to the police. Get her off the table.

Dillon: Sage, come here.

Sage: There's my guy!

Man: Damn!

Sage: Ooh!

Luke: I got records that prove that I own this tub.

Sam: Well, I've got something better -- a title with my name on it.

Luke: I own the gambling rights.

Skye: All right, hold it! Now, you make a very good case.

Luke: "Case"? What are you talking, case? The Haunted Star is mine.

Skye: And hers.

Luke: Whose side are you on?

Skye: No one's! I happen to be the only remotely objective party around here in case you haven't noticed.

Sam: I'm not giving up my title.

Luke: I don't care about a phony piece of paper!

Sam: It's not phony!

Skye: Ok. Ok, I'm probably going to regret making this suggestion one day, but why don't you two just team up?

Luke: With her?

Sam: I'm not going to let him steal my ship.

Skye: Well, you both have something the other needs. Now, I assume that you stayed in town to get revenge on Jax. Is that right?

Sam: What if I did?

Skye: Well, then, steal his idea, work with Luke. Turn the Haunted Star into a gambling casino that's packed every night. It'll drive Jax crazy.

Sam: Wait a second -- every time we've crossed paths, you've gushed about his father, you've ratted on me. You're all together and trying to team up with him. Why the sudden change of heart?

Luke: She hates Tracy. You're spitting nails at the thought of Tracy and Jax working together, aren't you?

Skye: I'm even willing to work with Sam to make sure Jaxís venture with Tracy fails.

Luke: Well, I'm not in a trusting mood.

Sam: Neither am I.

Skye: Well, then you know what? You're both going to lose. Now, look, we all know Jax has got a lot of money and a very keen eye for turning business ventures into raging successes. Now, Tracy is spiteful, manipulative, and driven. Now, put those two together -- what do you think is going to come out of all that, huh? You two need all the help you can get. And the only available help is each other.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: All right. Ahem. I'm game if you are.

Luke: I guess we could work something out.

Jax: What's the emergency?

Tracy: Well, apparently, in this bourgeois town, they only allow one gambling facility at a time and Luke Spencer has the rights.

Jax: Well, we'll just have to find a way around him, won't we?

Tracy: Well, there's another little added piece -- he's apparently going into partnership with your friend -- not mine -- Sam.

Jax: Why?

Tracy: She has the title on his old boat, the Haunted Star.

Jax: That's the boat that I won for her at the casino.

Tracy: Well, apparently Luke has plans to make that boat into a floating casino, which he can do because he has the gaming rights. I tried to get the gaming rights from him for a mere $5 million, but he said no because he thinks he's going to make a fortune.

Jax: We'll find a way to stop Luke.

Tracy: I have a plan. Ms. McCall seems to have a weakness for you.

Jax: That's just an act.

Tracy: Why don't we test it. Why don't you turn on that adorable Aussie charm and see if you can get the inside track on her and Lukeís plans. Then maybe we can accomplish ours, unless of course you feel a little squeamish about using her for revenge.

Jax: Hey, Samís half the reason my father's dead. I have no problem taking her down.

[Morgan cries]

Courtney: Morgan probably wants his bottle.

Jason: Just, you know, just give him a minute. Maybe he'll stop.

Courtney: Yeah, but he's -- he's not used to this house yet. I just want to make sure he feels safe.

Jason: All right, Iíll go up.

Courtney: No, that's ok.

Jason: Well -- he should learn to be comfortable with both of us if, you know, he's going to live here.

Courtney: Ok. Let me know if you need any help.

Jason: Oh, ok.

[Courtney chuckles]

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello? Hey, Carly. No, it's not too late. What's wrong?

[Music plays]

[Door opens]

Singer: I can't get enough

Georgie: I thought you'd never get here.

Tracy: My, my. Look who's sleeping in baby bear's bed.

Dillon: What the hell were you thinking, huh?

Sage: What, a girl can't have a little fun?

Dillon: You know what? You're just upset because I ditched you to go be with Georgie.

Sage: Oh, there's nothing wrong with your ego.

Dillon: I've known girls like you my whole life, ok, and you're just angry because I said no to you.

Sage: It's your job to stay with me.

Dillon: Yeah, well, it's not my job to save you from yourself. You want to go around stripping, dancing on tables, that's fine with me. You can go ahead and get arrested. I'm going to go be with Georgie.

Sage: Dillon --

Dillon: All right? No, don't!

Sage: Dillon --

Dillon: Don't even start in on me and how Georgie and I are both virgins, ok, because I'm going to go home tonight and I'm going to make wild, passionate love with Georgie all night long. What do you think about that, Sage?

Mac: You know what? I think I'll arrest you instead.

Luke: There we go. Ah, there she is.

Skye: Oh. You're not going to drink that, are you?

Luke: Are you kidding? Some things, like myself, get better with age. Will you do the honors?

Skye: I can't drink, remember?

Luke: No, I'm not asking you to drink. I want you to christen our new venture.

Skye: Our new venture?

Luke: Yeah, this was your idea and now it's actually going to happen. You know, the momentum's going. Nothing's going to stop us now.

Skye: You're just loving all this, aren't you?

Luke: I had some of the happiest times of my life on this boat. I thought they were all behind me, but I'm telling you, standing here now on the deck with you, I get the feeling maybe the good times aren't over. So go ahead, swing it away!

Skye: Uh -- sorry to spoil the mood and everything, but Sam has provided the boat and you the gambling rights. Where do I fit in?

Luke: Are you kidding? I can't do this without you.

Skye: Really?

Luke: Absolutely. You're the one who's going to provide the money for fixing her up.

Skye: Why you lowlife, son of a --

Luke: Nice job. The Haunted Star is officially rechristened!

Jax: Hey.

Sam: Let me guess -- you want to buy my boat?

Jax: No, no, I came to apologize.

Sam: Why?

Jax: Because you had no way of knowing that sabotaging my car would result in my father's death. I'm not sure it even did. I just -- the truth is I -- I needed someone to blame so I took it out on you. I'm sorry.

Sam: You really mean that?

Jax: Cross my heart.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: I love Dillon. I would never try to trap him.

Tracy: Ha!

Mac: You're planning to take my daughter to bed tonight?

Jax: New memories, starting now.

Nikolas: Emily and I are under Jason Morganís protection.

Sonny: I can't live without her.

Carly: I just want to be who I used to be.

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