GH Transcript Tuesday 11/18/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/18/03

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Jax: That's absolutely true. Tracy and I plan to move forward as soon as possible.

Sam: Heads up! Hi, yeah, Mr. Jax can't make any further comment at this time. He's reconsidering the casino project. Thank you, bye-bye. If you don't, you're asking for trouble.

Lorenzo: Sage, I'd like to go over a few things before I leave.

Sage: You don't have to worry. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Lorenzo: Good.

Sage: Hmm.

Lorenzo: Who gave you permission to go into my room and take something that doesn't belong to you?

Sage: I'm sorry, Uncle Lorenzo. I didn't see any harm in wearing it for a day, before you gave it to your girlfriend.

Lorenzo: Please just give me another chance.

[Door opens]

Courtney: Hey. You ok?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I was just dreaming Ė again, like the one I had in the coma.

Courtney: Well, do you remember it?

Carly: Vividly. I was kissing Lorenzo.

Cameron: Mr. Corinthos? I have an update on your wife's condition.

Sonny: Dr. Lewis, right? Psychiatrist?

Cameron: Yeah. I examined her and ran some preliminary tests and I'm concerned with the results. There are some discrepancies.

Sonny: Did my wife ask to see you, because I didn't authorize any exam.

Cameron: It's standard procedure.

Sonny: I don't want to hear about your standard procedure. My wife doesn't need a shrink or any treatment you're providing. She's making a full recovery and that's the end. I don't want to talk about it.

Cameron: No, she isnít.

Jax: I don't know why you're still here, Sam. I have nothing further to say to you.

Sam: Great. Then you can listen to me while I say something for the last time. I was wrong to deliberately delay you from getting the cards to your father. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Iím sorry, I'm sorry. That's probably what it's going to read on my gravestone -- "here lies Sam, still sorry." But my remorse doesn't mean I'm going to stand by and let some snake profit from the dead man's hand.

Jax: Well, you don't get a vote because Tracy owns the cards now.

Sam: And that's fine with you?

Jax: I don't care who owns them, Sam.

Sam: You can't actually like or trust this woman, Jax.

Jax: I understand Tracy. She is greedy and treacherous and a vindictive snob, but at least she doesn't pretend to be otherwise.

Sam: Uh-huh, oh. I get it -- unlike me, right?

Jax: That's right. Yeah, see, Tracy I can respect on some level, while you, on the other hand, were the biggest mistake I ever made.

Sam: The mistake was mine. I let sympathy for you distract me from my goal. I want the cards, I intend to get them. If that means wrecking you and Tracy in the meantime, so be it.

Luke: If you're here looking for work while your noble crime-fighting efforts are suspended, I don't hire cops, ex or otherwise.

Lucky: I went before the review board this morning. Mac defended my actions as being responsible and proper. The review board agreed. I've been reinstated.

Luke: Then you're here on police business. What is this, a raid? Do you have a warrant? You're looking for controlled substances -- what?

Lucky: You know what? I'm well aware that you hate my career choices. So is everybody else. Do you think my becoming a cop was some kind of a rebellion against you?

Luke: I don't care why you do what you do. You're a grown man. Make your choices and live with the consequences. Now, what do you want? I'm busy here.

Lucky: I came to remind you of something you seem to have forgotten -- Lulu. She's a little girl who still needs her dad.

Luke: Ok. I hear you. Now you hear me -- I don't need your advice or your parenting tips. Do you understand?

Sage: I'm sorry about the pendant. I didn't mean to make you mad.

Lorenzo: I'm allowing you to stay here because you lost your father and because you're lonely at school. That doesn't mean you can run wild and do whatever you want, Sage. My bedroom and everything in it are off-limits to you. Do you understand?

Sage: Got it. Can I ask something about the pendant? Is it for your girlfriend?

Lorenzo: That's none of your business.

Sage: Well, I'm curious -- if some woman's walking around there with my uncle's heart, am I ever going to meet her?

Lorenzo: I'll decide when and if you meet the lady in question. In the meantime --

[Knock on door]

Lorenzo: The subject is off-limits. Excuse me. Ah, just in time. I'm explaining the concept of rules to Sage. Obviously, you could use a refresher course.

Dillon: Why -- what, did I do something wrong?

Lorenzo: Yeah. I'm paying you to be Sage's companion. That means you stay with her. It doesn't mean you wait till I clear the building and take off like you did yesterday.

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, I know about that. I'm sorry about that.

Lorenzo: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not interested in excuses. If you don't want to take the job, just let me know. Otherwise, I expect you to perform the services we agreed upon.

Cameron: A psychiatric review is standard procedure in head injury cases that could result in brain damage.

Sonny: Carly's not brain-damaged. She's -- she's alert. She remembers her life.

Cameron: I agree that her initial test results are encouraging, but that doesn't mean that she's unimpaired. A bullet was lodged in Carlyís brain causing sufficient damage to put her in a coma for weeks. Now, her memory is intact, but that doesn't mean that there may be other brain functions impaired. Carly could experience a personality change or shift. She could become angry or volatile. Alternatively, she could lose emotional connections.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? Can you say this in English, Dr. Lewis?

Cameron: Carly could remember the people she loves but not be able to actually experience the feeling.

Carly: It is like I am -- I am outside of myself and Iím just observing. I know. I know how things are supposed to be. But -- ok, it's like you, for example, and please, please don't take this the wrong way --

Courtney: No way, it's ok.

Carly: Or take this personally, I --

Courtney: It's ok. Tell me. I want to understand.

Carly: I know that you are my best friend. I know that I could trust you with anything. Something's missing. It's like -- it's like that bond and it's a sense of warmth. It's the same way with the children. The baby -- he's beautiful and Michael -- he is so sweet and he is so brave, and my heart -- it should just fill up every time he comes into the room, every time I see them, every time I touch them, but to me, it's like Iím looking at someone else's family, just like this picture. And it's the same way that I feel about Sonny.

Courtney: Carly, you had a brain injury, ok? This is the result. Yes, it's scary but it will pass.

Carly: I'm not so sure.

Courtney: Think about Jason. Now, I didn't know him when he had the accident, but I heard enough to know that he seemed totally unfeeling. Ok? What he needed was time to learn to love again. That's what you need, too.

Carly: No. Jason couldn't feel, I can. I just feel for the wrong person. I don't know, maybe -- maybe it's the dreams from the coma. Maybe my dream life is stronger than my own because the only one I have feelings for is Lorenzo.

Sage: You came back.

Dillon: You stayed.

Sage: Did Georgie give her permission?

Dillon: We made the decision together.

Sage: Well, I'm glad she's ok with it. Let's go.

Dillon: Let's go where?

Sage: To my room, to have sex.

Dillon: Ha-ha! That's funny.

Sage: I'm serious. I've never been with a virgin before. It might be amusing.

Dillon: Ok, can we please stop with the virgin commentary? It's getting really old, really fast.

Sage: I can see how that would be a sensitive subject for you. Must be embarrassing having absolutely no sexual experience at all. Well, hey! Look on the bright side -- you lucked out. Your little girlfriend is just as clueless as you are.

[Knock on door]

Sage: To be continued.

Dillon: Let's not and say we did.

Sage: Look, Dillon! It's Georgie! We were just talking about you.

Lucky: Lulu is pretty happy for the most part.

Luke: Good. Let's keep her that way.

Lucky: What, by ignoring her? Pretending she doesn't exist? She needs you, dad.

Luke: Why the hell do you want me near your baby sister when you disapprove of everything I do?

Lucky: Because she has her family in her life. Leslie, Bobbie, Nikolas, and I make a point of spending quality time with her, but none of us are her parents.

Luke: I'm a lousy father. I accept that.

Lucky: So you don't even want to see her? Are you curious about her or is it that you don't even think about her anymore?

Luke: Yes, no, and yes. I love my daughter enough to stay away from her. Look, having kids was part of the package that came with Laura. It had nothing to do with me. Without her, I have nothing to offer, and you know that better than anybody.

Lucky: My life experience is not going to help her.

Luke: Just try to explain it to her.

Lucky: She is in grade school.

Luke: She's old enough to know the truth! Don't let her grow up with some grand illusion of a father I will never be. Look, if I drop into her life, it's just dropping in. I'm going to take off and then Iím going to come back and I take off -- that's the way I live my life. Out of sight, out of mind is best for everybody.

Lucky: Oh -- especially you.

Luke: Ok.

Lucky: You're so wrong, dad. You know what? I just know this has become your own way of trashing your life.

Sonny: Let me tell you something -- my wife has managed to get this far without the help of doctors. As a matter of fact, it was doctors who gave up on her in the first place and wanted to send her to a care facility, write her off as a vegetable. So the fact that another doctor is standing here telling me that my wife is damaged has no relevance to me beyond the fact that I don't want you going anywhere near my wife with your tests or negativity.

Cameron: I hate to sound like a shrink, but you're exhibiting classic signs of deep denial brought on by overwhelming guilt.

Sonny: Here we go.

Cameron: You shot your wife, Sonny, and I know it's unbearable for you to think that you might have done her lasting harm, so you're going to ignore the truth, try to control the situation, and by sheer force of will push Carly into a full recovery. No other outcome is acceptable to you. Well, that might work in your professional life, Sonny, but it's not going to do your wife any good. In fact, it might even do her more harm.

Carly: I remember loving Sonny. I remember all of it -- the good, the bad, the joy, the tears. But the remembering is all in my head. It isn't in my heart anymore. I can't feel any of it.

Courtney: That must be terrifying.

Carly: You know what makes it worse is that every time I see Alcazar, every time I see Lorenzo, I do. I am reassured by his voice and I know that this is wrong. I know that he is my husband's enemy. I know that he tried to destroy my marriage, and if I should feel anything for him, it should be hatred.

Courtney: You need to tell Sonny --

Carly: No.

Courtney: Not necessarily about Alcazar, but you need to let him know that you are having trouble connecting.

Carly: I tried that and he cannot hear it.

Courtney: Ok, so then you keep telling him until he does hear it. Look, I think Sonny feels so guilty about shooting you, he -- his mind, it just -- it's not ready to go to the consequences yet.

Carly: Yet or ever? Courtney, what -- what if he loses it again? I can't help him. I can't help myself.

Courtney: What are you thinking, Carly?

Carly: I just -- I have to just go through the motions. I'm going to go through the motions. I'm going to act like I love him until the feelings really come back.

Courtney: I don't see how that could work.

Carly: Look, the way I feel about Lorenzo, it shows that Iím capable of love, so all I need to do is I just need to -- I need to retrain myself and then I can love the right people.

Courtney: What are you saying, Carly? Do you love Alcazar?

[Door opens]

Sonny: Is everything all right?

Carly: Everything's perfect now that my husband is back. Come here, you.

Tracy: What do you think?

Jax: Well, I'm impressed. We only just came to an agreement last night.

Tracy: Ah, yes, well, I had my press agent draft the piece a couple of days ago.

Jax: Pretty sure of yourself.

Tracy: No, I'm pretty sure of you. You're too smart to pass up a golden opportunity. Aren't you excited?

Jax: This is a business transaction, Tracy. I've long since stopped feeling about them either way. I hope Iím not -- I'm not giving you the wrong impression that just because we're partners now that I trust you.

Tracy: Perish the thought.

Jax: Because as long as this works to my benefit, Iím ok with it. But if it starts going downhill, then Iím history.

Tracy: I am perfectly aware of the rules and I wouldn't dream of breaking them. I have a lot riding on this venture. It is my opportunity to prove to my family and every other fool in this godforsaken town that I am back and I am always a force to be reckoned with.

Skye: Well, well. If it isn't Jaxís latest charity project.

Tracy: Are you still here?

Skye: Ooh, you bet I am. Jax, if you're so determined to help the outcast and the unwanted, there are far worthier recipients than Tracy.

Georgie: Alcazar still wants you to be Sage's companion?

Sage: It won't be so bad. I already apologized to Dillon for how I acted yesterday. I apologize to you, too. It took me a little while to adjust.

Georgie: Well, if you and Dillon both hate the idea, why not give it up?

Dillon: Just think big picture.

Sage: What bigger picture?

Dillon: Hey -- was I talking to you? No, I wasn't. You're welcome to come by here any time you want if you want to stay.

Georgie: I'm late for candy striping.

Sage: Wait, I'm sorry -- did you say candy striping?

Georgie: It's a way of helping people who need it. I wouldn't think that you would be familiar.

Sage: A little snippy, Georgie? Well, I guess I can't blame you. Some strange girl pops into town and monopolizes all of your boyfriend's time.

Dillon: Ignore her, please. I do.  I'll see you later.

Georgie: Bye.

Dillon: Bye.

Sage: I thought she'd never leave. Now we can get to work.

Dillon: On what?

Sage: Sex education. I promise I'll be an excellent teacher.

Coleman: I always enjoy hearing from a pretty girl -- especially one who's in need.

Sam: Look, I'm not asking for any favors here. I'll pay for your services and on a personal connection, I'm just -- I'm not interested.

Coleman: Oh, wait till you get to know me. So what can I do for you?

Sam: I need some information on Jasper Jacks.

Coleman: Yeah, well, in all fairness, Jax is -- Jax is outside my field of expertise and I'm pretty sure at this point you know more about the guy than I do.

Sam: My acquaintance with Jax has been brief and unsatisfying.

Coleman: Ouch.

Sam: What I know about him is he's rich, smart, connected, and he owes me something I intend to collect.

Coleman: Care to share?

Sam: No. But what I need from you is to find out who his enemies are so I can team up with whoever hates him the most.

Coleman: Even I know the answer to that one -- Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: I didn't know they let Dr. Lewis in to see you. I never consented to a psychiatric exam.

Carly: It wasn't a big deal.

Sonny: Did he upset you?

Carly: No, not at all.

Sonny: What'd he do?

Carly: He just -- he asked me a few questions, did some word association, I don't know. I mean, it didn't seem all that -- I don't know if it had much of a point, but it wasn't stressful.

Sonny: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Why, did -- did Dr. Lewis say something?

Sonny: Um -- well, nothing that, you know, made sense to me. You know, only thing that matters is that you're awake and you're getting stronger every day and you're going to -- you're going to be home soon.

Carly: Yeah, I want that. I want it so much. I want to -- I want to be home, I want to be with my family. I want to be surrounded by familiar things.

Sonny: Listen. I want to help you, all right, but I can't understand what you're going through or what you're feeling unless you tell me. Like, you know, what's going through your mind right now.

Tracy: Jax, I feel sorry for you. I can only imagine how incredibly uncomfortable it must be to have your ex-wife following you around long after you paid her off and sent her packing.

Skye: It seems you are the one who can't grasp the fact that you're not wanted -- by anyone -- Jax, your family, including both your sons.

Jax: I value Skyeís friendship and her input.

Skye: There. Now, if you find me annoying, please, feel free to move along.

Tracy: I do and I will, and you, I will be in touch with after the architect finalizes the floor plans.

Jax: Very good.

Skye: Jax, please tell me that this is some kind of a setup that you're planning to use or distract Tracy.

Jax: I can't do that.

Skye: You're not seriously thinking about going into business with that woman?

Jax: Tracy came to me with a potential moneymaker and I chose to invest.

Skye: She's a barracuda, Jax.

Jax: Well, that might be true, but she's also a savvy businesswoman when she has something to prove.

Skye: So what are you doing? Are you punishing yourself? Is that it?

Jax: I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Skye: Well, I'm beginning to recognize the signs. What, Jax, is it -- are you feeling guilt over your father's death, that you didn't get those cards to him in time?

Jax: You know what? Skye -- Skye, don't -- don't analyze me, ok? I do appreciate your concern. The fact is that we are divorced so you don't get a say in what I do.

Georgie: I am so sorry that Iím late.

Maxie: Oh, it's fine. You've covered for me plenty of times. Where were you?

Georgie: Visiting Dillon on his new job.

Maxie: What's he doing?

Georgie: Babysitting.

Maxie: You're kidding, right? Who's the kid?

Georgie: Not a kid exactly.

Maxie: Don't tell me --

Georgie: Sage.

Maxie: How can you let Dillon hang out with that tramp?

Georgie: I don't have a choice. Dillon's mom is threatening him with military school again and Dillon has to find a way to support himself, so working for Alcazar is it. And, you know, it's not that bad. It's -- Sage couldn't be less interested in Dillon.

Maxie: Who told you that, Dillon or Sage?

Georgie: Both.

Maxie: Then you're in serious trouble, Georgie. I mean, if Sage and Dillon are both denying it, then there's something up.

Sage: Aren't you bored yet? I am. We need exercise -- something intense.

Dillon: Can we just stop this, please? You don't want to sleep with me. You just want to annoy me because of the fact that you resent being stuck here with me. Well, guess what -- I resent you, too. I could be out doing a real job, like parking Alcazar's car or delivering a letter, but, no, I get stuck babysitting his nympho niece.

Sage: How dare you call me that?

Dillon: I'm just going by what I see.

Sage: You know, I can't believe my uncle would be so cruel to saddle me with some lovesick, sexually repressed nerd!

Dillon: You know what? I don't like you, either Sage and I'm not attracted to you, so you can get that out of your head right now. I wouldn't sleep with you if this apartment building were an island and we were in "Swept Away." I don't want to sleep with you any more than you want to sleep with me. You just -- you just want to cover up the fact that all you want is for Alcazar to come in here and find us in some sort of compromising position, thus giving him a grand opportunity to fire me. Well, I'm going to cut to the chase and skip the parts where you're following me. You can march your little butt back to boarding school or you can find a new sitter, but I don't care because I quit.

Sonny: We've proven over and over again that we can get through anything. You just got to tell me what's going on, and we'll figure it out. Hey.

Michael: Hi.

Carly: Ok --

Michael: We wanted to surprise you.

Carly: Oh -- hey. Hi. Thanks for the hug. Um -- how -- how are you doing?

Michael: Good. When can you come home?

Sonny: Well, soon, buddy. But you guys -- hey, you know, you and Morgan can come visit anytime you want.

Carly: Hey, you know what? Can you do something for me?

Michael: Sure.

Carly: I want you to go to the park and I want you to get on the swings and I want you to swing just as high as you can.

Michael: Right now?

Carly: Yes, right now.

Michael: Why?

Carly: Because it's -- it's a beautiful day out; because the sun's been shining and you shouldn't be in this old hospital -- dreary hospital room. You should be outside having a good time.

Michael: What about Morgan?

Carly: Well, he can go.

Michael: No, I mean, don't you want to hold him?

Courtney: Yeah -- um -- you know what, Michael? Morgan is so comfy in my arms. All he needs from Carly is a big kiss.

Carly: Hey -- yeah. Now, you be good. You be good, Morgan. Hmm.

Sonny: Thanks.

Courtney: Yeah, no problem. Say "bye." Got it?

Sonny: Got it?

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: Wow. They're something, huh?

Sonny: Yeah. So are you. So -- it's amazing seeing you with the children.

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: Knowing, you know -- we came close --

Sonny: I love you. I just need you to know how much.

Carly: Hmm. Hey.

Sonny: Tired?

Carly: Yeah, I'm exhausted.

Sonny: All right, Iím going to -- I'm going to let you rest, ok?

Carly: Yeah, that sounds good.

Sonny: All right.

Sage: Please, Dillon, reconsider!

Dillon: What?

Sage: I'll leave you alone. No more virgin jokes. No more come-ons. I won't even say the sex word.

Dillon: Why do you care? You hate this as much as I do.

Sage: Because if you walk out on this job, my uncle will send me back to that horrible boarding --

Dillon: Well, maybe you should have thought about that a little bit sooner.

Sage: Dillon, please --

Dillon: Hey, too late, sweetheart! My mind's made up.

Tracy: Oh!

Dillon: Would you please watch where you --

Tracy: Darling --

Dillon: Mom.

Tracy: How lovely to bump into you.

Dillon: Since when?

Tracy: Well, you rushed off this morning without saying anything. Where were you in such a hurry to? I hope it had something to do with this lovely young lady. Your new girlfriend, perhaps?

Dillon: Mom --

Tracy: She's a definite improvement over that drab, little Jones girl. Tracy, Dillonís mother.

Sage: Sage. Nice to meet you.

Tracy: It's nice to meet you. How do you know my son?

Sage: We met last year in Europe where I attend the Lycee, Geneva. I'm staying here for a while with my uncle and bumped into Dillon. It's a small world, don't you agree?

Tracy: I do.

Skye: How drunk are you?

Luke: Not even close, yet.

Skye: Yeah, well, self-destruct on your own time, ok? I need you to focus. Tell me everything you know about Tracy Quartermaine, emphasizing her weaknesses.

Luke: Tracy? Is she back?

Skye: With a vengeance. She's suckered Jax into partnering up with her and opening a new casino.

Luke: A casino? Where?

Skye: Right here in Port Charles.

Luke: Oh, the hell.

Carly: I've never been very religious and it's even harder for me now to have faith because I don't feel connected to anyone, not even you. I'm not asking you -- I'm not asking you to make all those feelings come back. I -- I realize that I may have to do that on my own, somehow, but I was just wondering -- I was wondering if maybe you could help me until that happens -- help me fake it. Don't let me hurt my kids, ok, or Sonny. Please, just protect them from how empty I am inside, from how alone and how scared I am. Just remind me -- just remind me how to love them, ok?

Faith: Bang, bang, you're dead.

Sonny: That's pretty funny. You know, the quickest way to end your rise to power is to hurt me or somebody I care about. You know that, right?

Faith: Well, I'm more interested in a truce, anyway.

Sonny: Well, don't talk to me about that, talk to Jason, because I'm out of it.

Faith: Oh, right. You know what? Nobody leaves this life, Sonny, not even you.

Sonny: Watch me.

Sam: Mr. Corinthos? I'm Sam McCall.

Sonny: Ok. That supposed to mean something to me?

Sam: Not yet. But I think we can do business.

Courtney: Your mommy was hurt very badly, sweetheart, and she just needs some time to get well. What you have to remember is that she loves you and Morgan very much and she is trying as hard as she can to come back to you.

Michael: She probably needs me to be brave, right?

Courtney: That would help her so much, sweetheart.

Michael: I'll start by doing what mommy asked. I'm going to swing as high as I can go.

Courtney: Ok.

Brian: Need some help?

Michael: Brian!

Brian: What's up, buddy?

Courtney: What are you doing here?

Brian: Oh, I just had an interview with the PCPD. They offered me a job.

Luke: I run a standing high-stakes poker game in the backroom. If they open this casino, I might have to close the joint.

Skye: Well, then you need to protect your livelihood. You need to stop Jax and Tracy before they steal all your business.

Luke: Since when do you work to undercut the man of your sober dreams?

Skye: Oh, please -- I am so over Jax, ok, but that doesn't mean I want him to end up as viper food, now, does it? Tracy is a cold-hearted misery. You know, it took her about two seconds to take advantage and move in on Jax after he lost his father? You know, when he was so grief-stricken. But I know him, he's all about business. If this casino stops being profitable, he will cut all his ties and he will drop out.  That is my motivation. I want to put an end to this unholy alliance.

Luke: What about your plans for the Quartermaines? I thought you wanted to see that old clan bankrupt.

Skye: Well, Tracyís part of that clan, now, isn't she? The very worst part. Wrecking her is one step closer to wrecking them all.

Luke: Good point.

Skye: So, it seems that we both have something to gain if this little casino venture fails so maybe we should shift our focus and work together on this for now, hmm?

Luke: I can use your assistance.

Skye: Then consider me at your service.

Tracy: Sage, Dillonís never mentioned you before. Where exactly did you meet?

Dillon: Amsterdam. Do you remember the one time that I went to the Van Gogh museum by myself? Well, Sage was there.

Sage: And now we're both in Port Charles. Maybe it's fate.

Tracy: How long are you visiting?

Sage: Indefinitely.

Tracy: Well, I hope you stay around a long time, because you are a definite improvement over the last girl.

Dillon: Mom, could we not put down Georgie?

Tracy: In fact, I was so concerned that I called the military academy this morning. I was afraid that Dillon was going to let his hormones get the better of his good judgment, but I'm really glad to see that that's not going to be necessary.

Sage: Well, I'm glad you reconsidered, because if Dillon left, I wouldn't know anyone here.

Tracy: Good. Well, I'm late for a meeting. Darling, Iíll see you later. Nice to meet you.

Dillon: Bye.

Sage: Hmm. I guess you won't be quitting, after all.

Dillon: All right. Here's the deal. When we're around my mom, you can act like my friend. All other times, keep your hands to yourself.

Maxie: Oh, my God! Red alert. Trouble ahead.

Dillon: All right, then it's settled. I hang out with you, you let me. It's business.

Georgie: You're right. It's a total emergency. I need a makeover -- short skirts, heels, the works.

Sam: So Iíve had plenty of experience with navigation and transport.

Sonny: Right, right.

Sam: What's more is Iíve recently come into possession of a really beautiful yacht and with minimal modifications, it could be used for anything you don't want coming through regular channels. What do you think?

Sonny: You know what I think? I'll tell you what I think. I think someone -- Alcazar or Faith, D.A. Baldwin, maybe even the feds -- are so incredibly transparent and stupid, or maybe they think Iím so wrecked over what happened to my wife that I can't see a setup that's right in front of me.

Sam: Hey, Iím not trying to set you up.

Sonny: Yeah, I know you're not, because Iím not buying what you're selling. You want more from me than just a job. Right? No? Yes?

Sam: Ok, yeah, yeah, that much is true, but I can --

Sonny: Ok, let me explain. Let me -- let me explain something to you. Someone who doesn't like me very well hires a pretty, petite brunette to approach me. The closest thing to my old girlfriend without sending a plane to London. Why? Same tired story. To get incriminating evidence on me.

Sam: Well, I --

Sonny: Where is it?

Sam: I have no idea what --

Sonny: No, no, no, no --

Sam: You're talking about.

Sonny: Yes -- where is it?

Sam: Where is what?

Sonny: Where is it?

Sam: What?

Sonny: In your pocket, right here? Back here?

Sam: Nothing, no. I have nothing on me! Nothing.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I just got a lot going on.

Jax: Well, well. That didn't go too well, did it?

Carly: Please, please -- just go. You need to leave me.

Lorenzo: No, no, no, no. You were crying. You're in obvious pain. I'm not leaving you.

Carly: Don't you realize you're making this much harder for me? You are my enemy and I know that. You tried to break up my marriage; you tried to destroy my happiness. I should hate you, but I --

Lorenzo: But what?

Carly: I canít. I can't feel anything that I am supposed to.

Lorenzo: Forget about the way you're supposed to feel and follow what's true to your heart. You were dreaming. You responded to my voice. That's leading you one place. Now, I am not your enemy, Carly. I love you. Some part of you loves me back.

Carly: You're wrong.

Lorenzo: Am I?

Carly: No, no. No.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: If you want to hold on to Dillon, then you have to compete with Sage.

Sage: What's your pleasure, pinot noir or chardonnay?

A.J.: Cut me in or I will derail you.

Sam: This boat is mine.

Luke: You can't win something that belongs to somebody else.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Brian: I'm not looking for trouble with you.

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