GH Transcript Monday 11/17/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/17/03

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Sam: Give me the cards back.

Tracy: Aren't you petite? No bigger than a china doll -- and about as intimidating, as well.

Sam: Yeah? Well, my fist isn't made of china. Is your face?

Tracy: And belligerent, too. Do you scratch and spit?

Sam: You stole Jaxís cards.

Tracy: Which makes them no concern of yours.

Sam: Did you read my letter, too?

Tracy: I tried, but, actually, I couldn't decipher your handwriting. It leaves a little something to be desired. However, I did get the feeling that you must be a devotee of romance novels. It's the only explanation I could come up with for the flowery sentiment.

Sam: What kind of freak reads someone else's letters?

Tracy: I saved you from embarrassing yourself.

Sam: Here's how I say thanks.

Jax: Ladies, ladies, ladies. No need for violence.

Sam: Now, get out before I break your jaw.

Tracy: Well, if you do, I'll have you arrested for assault. I'm on very good terms with the district attorney.

Sam: Yeah? Does he know you're a thief?

Jax: Excuse me, excuse me, break it up, break it up. Come on.

Tracy: My darling, how lovely to see you. Why don't you show your guttersnipe to the door, then we can do business.

Dillon: Ok, your uncle took off before we could get things settled. I think we ought --

Sage: What's to settle? He's paying you to spend time with me. There are worse jobs.

Dillon: I'm not cut out to be a babysitter.

Sage: Haven't you noticed? I'm not a baby.

Dillon: No, you're not a baby. You're a disaster waiting to happen.

Sonny: I understand Carlyís different, but she knows me, she knows the kids. Whatever is wrong with her, it's minor and she's going to heal.

Jason: Brain damage isn't like breaking your arm. Some things you lose never come back.

Carly: Wow, you got here fast.

Lorenzo: I assumed it was important.

Carly: I'm just -- I'm trying to sort out what was real and what was part of the dream.

Lorenzo: Well, I can see why you'd be confused. You were dreaming, I was in it and now I'm really here.

Sam: I told you. I left the cards and she stole them.

Tracy: I prefer to think of it as safekeeping.

Sam: And she read my letter.

Tracy: Oh, let me summarize. She's sorry she lied and killed your father. She thinks you're amazing in and out of bed and she's never going to forget you. But I don't believe it, do you? I didn't think so. Bye-bye.

Sam: She broke into your hotel room and stole your cards, Jax.

Tracy: You are repeating yourself.

Sam: Who are you and what rock did you crawl out from under?

Jax: She's Tracy Quartermaine. She's Dillonís mother, Edwardís daughter.

Tracy: And I am the proud possessor of the dead man's hand, which I would love to discuss with you, Jax, at great length, but not in front of --

Jax: You have your bag.

Tracy: Well, your unfortunate little bedmate did get one thing right -- I stole the cards. I have the other four, and we stand to make a great deal of money.

Jax: "We"?

Tracy: I want you as my partner.

Sage: So, how do you know my uncle?

Dillon: I picked his pocket once.

Sage: You're a thief.

Dillon: No, I did it on a dare. Your uncle caught me. He was pretty cool about it and since then, he's helped me out a few times and Iíve tried to return the favor. Ok?

Sage: Uncle Lorenzo would never need help from someone like you.

Dillon: How do you know?

Sage: Daddy always said Uncle Lorenzo was all work, all the time. He never, ever makes mistakes and everyone I know is afraid of him, including me. He's a powerful man. He doesn't need help from a rich boy with a bad haircut.

Dillon: He hired me, didn't he?

Sage: As a charity project.

Dillon: Yeah, well, maybe he doesn't want to deal with you anymore.

Sage: My uncle is employing you as a servant, so serve. Wash the windows --

Georgie: You tell Mr. Alcazar my father is police commissioner Scorpio and if I'm not let in to see Dillon Quartermaine right now, I will have every squad car down here ready to arrest you!

Dillon: Georgie, Georgie -- it's ok, Iím here. This is Georgie Jones. From now on when Iím working, you can let her in, ok?

Man: Yes, sir.

Georgie: Working?

Sage: My uncle hired Dillon to be my constant companion. We'll be spending all of our time together.

Elizabeth: You know Baldwin hates Lucky and the internal affairs review is his big chance to get him off the force.

Mac: Scott's the D.A. I'm the commissioner. He's not going to cost me one of my best officers.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Mac.

Ric: Hi. How have you been?

Elizabeth: Busy.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, me, too. I stopped by Kellyís a couple of times and seen you working.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. How come you don't come in?

Ric: Well, I wasn't sure whether you wanted to see me or not. You know, after Halloween, I thought that we had reconciled, but I -- I guess we didn't, so --

Zander: Mac, you got nothing to hold me on except for the words from my soon-to-be ex-wife. Why don't you take off the cuffs and let me go?

Mac: Relax, Zander. You know the drill.

Elizabeth: Zander, what's going on?

Zander: Emily had me arrested.

Elizabeth: There has to be some mistake.

Zander: Nope. No mistake. She clubbed me over the head and had the cops take me away.

Elizabeth: Just a minute. Hey, Ric, do you think you could do me a favor? Could you sort this out? There's got to be a mix-up.

Ric: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Ric: Officer, take Mr. Smith into Interrogation One. This -- this could take a while so Iíll call you when I know something.

Elizabeth: Ok, thanks.

Emily: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: Hey. Is Zander here yet?

Elizabeth: Yeah, they just brought him in. He said you had him arrested.

Emily: Yeah, I did, I did.

Elizabeth: Emily, why?

Emily: Take your pick. He's working for Faith Rosco, he beat up Nikolas, and if he's not locked up, he's going to get himself killed.

Elizabeth: Ok, I better go talk to Ric.

Emily: Ric?

Elizabeth: I just told him to help Zander.

Emily: And Ric agreed? He doesn't care you slept with Zander?

Elizabeth: Emily, he doesn't know.

Jason: You know why I left the Quartermaines.

Sonny: You didn't remember them. That's not what happened to Carly.

Jason: It's not that I couldn't remember the Quartermaines, Sonny. After a while, I couldn't stand disappointing them. I mean, to this day, every time Alan sees me, I don't know if he notices, but he's got this look, you know, begging and waiting for me to remember how I felt about him. I canít. I can't give Alan what he wants. The feelings aren't there.

Sonny: You think I'm begging Carly?

Jason: No --

Sonny: What is it you're trying to say here?

Jason: Just try not to expect a lot. The point is Carly can't give what she doesn't have.

Sonny: What do you want from me? I shot my wife. Doesn't make me --

Jason: This isn't about blame.

Sonny: What is it about? You want me to give up hope? You want me to break the promise I made to Carly? What do you -- what is it you're trying to tell me?

Jason: If we pressure Carly too much right now, we could scare her away.

Carly: You were at the new house in the rain and you were going to help deliver my baby.

Lorenzo: Yeah, you asked me to take him to the hospital if he had trouble breathing.

Carly: I didn't trust you. Look, I had no choice. I don't get this. I don't -- you are not the --

Lorenzo: I'm not what, Carly? Trying to remember?

Carly: No, I'm trying to forget.

Lorenzo: Trying to forget me? Look, I didn't hurt you. I was trying to deliver your baby when Sonny shot me in the back.

Carly: He thought you were attacking me.

Lorenzo: You're right. It was a terrible accident and you paid the price. Carly, I owe you an apology. I showed up by myself hoping to rescue you instead of calling for help.

Carly: Don't -- don't do this. Don't -- don't be like -- don't pretend you care. Don't act like you do.

Lorenzo: I do care.

Carly: No. No, you know what? It's not real.

Lorenzo: Do you remember what I said to you when you were trying to deliver the baby? I told you I love you, Carly.

Tracy: May I?

Jax: Certainly.

Tracy: I hope you're not offended at the way I got the cards. I just wanted to have them in my possession when I brought you my proposal.

Jax: The cards meant something to my father, Tracy. They're meaningless to me.

Tracy: Well, the general public would disagree with you on that and that's why we're going to be able to capitalize on it.

Jax: Cut to the chase.

Tracy: Wild Bill Hickok's dead man's hand is supposed to bring incredible good luck to anybody who possesses it. So let's say you and I build a casino. We display the hand in the entryway. It will have gamblers coming from far and wide to our establishment.

Jax: You want to build a casino?

Tracy: I do, right here in Port Charles.

Jax: With my money?

Tracy: I get the permits, you put up $20 million for startup and construction, and then we split the profits 50-50.

Jax: I don't think so.

Georgie: What do you mean you're Sage's companion?

Dillon: I wouldn't call it a "companion." It's more like a bodyguard.

Georgie: Alcazar has plenty of bodyguards! There's two in the hall!

Sage: My uncle doesn't want me to be bored or lonely so he's hired me a friend. It's a little embarrassing but not unusual.

Georgie: It is here.

Sage: My uncle is more sophisticated than what you're used to. So am I. So is Dillon.

Georgie: You know nothing about Dillon!

Sage: I'm sorry, are you threatened?

Dillon: Time-out, time-out, all right? There's no need to be having this conversation right now.

Sage: Your girlfriend obviously is too provincial or too innocent to grasp the fact --

Dillon: Sage, shut up.

Sage: You shut up. You're working for me.

Georgie: Not anymore. He quits. You can go find someone else to get shot on your behalf.

Sage: Does Georgie speak for you? Are you quitting your first hour on the job?

Dillon: I'm taking a walk. All right? I may come back. I may not. Come on.

Sage: I hate you both.

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. Ric says they're processing Zanderís paperwork and they just need you to give a statement and sign it.

Emily: All right, ok.

Elizabeth: You're feeling guilty right now, emotional. That is the wrong time to be making decisions about anything.

Emily: Are we talking about me or you here?

Elizabeth: All right, both of us. But, Emily, listen to me, every day I brace myself to see Ric and tell him that I slept with Zander, and every day I don't do it because I don't want to. I'm stuck. I can't go forward. I can't go back. Don't do this to yourself. You can't save Zander by pressing charges.

Emily: Elizabeth, the alternative is Zander dies and even though I'll never ask and he'll never say it, I'll spend the rest of my life thinking Jason killed him.

Sonny: All right, so you're the expert. Tell me how I'm supposed to help my wife without making her afraid of me.

Jason: That's not what I meant.

Sonny: Well, maybe that's the problem; you don't know what you mean. You're too close to this. Now, Iím not a doctor, but I know you were a lot worse off than Carly is. You were a smart kid. You were capable. But there were a lot of things you didn't know. Like when people would tell you a joke, people would tell you a sad story, I would watch you. You were frustrated. You could not understand what was going on. You wanted to put your fist through a wall. That's how mad you were.

Jason: You're right. You're right. Just try not to push her too hard, that's all Iím saying. We have to let Carly get better in her own time.

Sonny: All right. I'm going to go pay her a visit. Maybe you should spend some time with her, you know. Maybe it would help you out a little bit.

Courtney: Jason?

Jason: Yeah.

Courtney: Are you all right?

Jason: I'm fine, Carly's not. I'm afraid Sonny won't see it.

Carly: You don't -- you don't love me. You love your dream of me.

Lorenzo: I'm not dreaming, Carly, and neither are you anymore.

Carly: I shouldn't have called you. It's not helping me.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry I upset you.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait. You sat by me the whole time I was in the coma?

Lorenzo: A lot of the time.

Carly: What did you talk about?

Lorenzo: I talked about my feelings for you, the life I hope to give you someday.

Carly: That explains it.

Lorenzo: Explains what?

Carly: Forget it. It's not important.

Lorenzo: Whatever the dreams were, I hope they were beautiful.

Jax: Your timing is way off, Tracy, but I like your idea. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding other investors.

Tracy: I'm not interested in anybody but you.

Jax: Well, then you're bound to be disappointed. See, you're a bad risk, Tracy. You're deceitful and treacherous on a good day and I have no intention of putting up 100% of the construction cost.

Tracy: That was my opening bid. You make a counteroffer.

Jax: Not interested.

Tracy: You used to be a better liar.

Jax: Ok, you pull the permits; I will put up 15% to start construction. The other 15% will go to startup costs and completion of the building.

Tracy: You have to put up 70%.

Jax: You know where the door is.

Tracy: 50%.

Jax: Only if you come up with the other 50% in cash.

Tracy: Done.

Jax: In the next 48 hours.

Tracy: Done.

Jax: Now, Tracy, you used to be a much better liar.

Tracy: I'll get the money. I'm so excited about our partnership.

Dillon: Can you believe that little brat? She called me a servant.

Georgie: So quit.

Dillon: I could have died of pneumonia jumping into that water to save her. I go out of my way to help somebody and I get repaid by humiliation and on top of that, she's gets me shot.

Georgie: She's a nightmare.

Dillon: Yeah, I know, a nightmare that wanted me to do windows.

Georgie: Look, who cares what Sage Alcazar wants? With any luck, her uncle will send her straight back to boarding school.

Dillon: He can't. That's the thing -- I need this job, and Sage knows that. She's testing me. That's what she's doing. I mean, I'm going to go back there tomorrow and she's going to be, like, sweet as American pie. You know, "oh, oh, Iím sorry, Dillon. It was just, like, a big misunderstanding." And then she's going to start flirting with me because her kind always does that. It's just sickeningly transparent and Iíve been through it a million times and I don't want to hear --

Georgie: Dillon -- I want to make love tonight.

Lorenzo: Excuse me, Dr. Quartermaine?

Monica: What?

Lorenzo: I have a few questions about Carlyís condition.

Monica: I am a cardiologist. I really have no insight into that.

Lorenzo: Your son suffered a similar injury, didn't he?

Monica: No, actually, my son was in a car accident. He wasn't shot in the head.

Lorenzo: I'm trying to find out whether she'll recover. From what I understand, Jason never did.

Monica: Well, he never regained his memory or feelings for his family, no.

Lorenzo: Did you try to reintroduce him to his old life?

Monica: Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we did. We tried a little too hard and it didn't work. We pushed him away. It was a terrible time and it is still extremely painful, but it has nothing to do with Carly. Excuse me.

Carly: You're back.

Sonny: The kids are all settled.

Carly: Is Michael ok? I could tell he wanted to visit longer.

Sonny: You know what? All that matters is he knows his mommy's awake, getting stronger. I brought you a present. You still like presents, right?

Carly: Candy.

Sonny: I'm not going to bug you about lack of nutrition.

Carly: I love these.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. You're not going to teach Morgan to eat that junk, are you?

Carly: I don't know. I didn't think about it.

Sonny: What happened?

Carly: What do you mean?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you just -- you just got sad all of a sudden.

Carly: I guess things are just all still all out of place.

Sonny: Well, yeah. You got every right to be, you know, considering I'm the one who shot you in the head.

Carly: Sonny, don't say it like that.

Sonny: You know what? No matter how I say it, it doesn't change what I did.

Carly: Listen, I don't want you to feel guilty, ok? I don't want -- listen, I want to say the right things. Ok, I want to make this better, but everything is so jumbled up in my head right now, I can't help you. I don't even know how to help myself right now.

Edward: Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?

A.J.: Out.

Edward: Stay away from the office, A.J.; E.L.Q. is in enough trouble.

A.J.: The company is sound.

[Knock on door]

Edward: Oh, come on. You have been in charge of a very respectable third quarter --


Edward: Reginald, get the door! You have driven us right into a debacle. We are bleeding red ink. Reginald!

Tracy: Honestly. Can't you people hire a butler that does something useful, like answer the door?

Edward: Not again, not you. Get out. Reginald, Alice, get down here! We have an intruder.

Tracy: All that yelling can't be good for your heart, daddy. A.J., why don't you help your grandfather to sit down and get him a drink.

A.J.: Your mother told you never to darken her door again.

Tracy: Don't be ridiculous. I called mother, told her I was going to stop by. She couldn't be more thrilled.

Edward: You stay away from your mother, you vulture.

Tracy: Are you taking your heart medication? Your color looks awful. You know, I think I'll mention that to mother. She needs to start taking better care of you.

Edward: A.J. -- A.J., Stop her.

A.J.: What? How?

Edward: I don't care. Tackle her, grab her ankles.

A.J.: Relax. Grandmother threw her out last time. She's not going to let her back in.

Edward: A.J., Your grandmother is a very forgiving woman. How do you think I even lasted this long? What do you think that Tracy is after now?

A.J.: She already has them.

Edward: Has what? What the hell is going on around here?

A.J.: Tracy's right. You're going to need your heart medication. All hell is about to break loose around here.

Georgie: I have enough money for a motel room and we'd have privacy. And if we don't light too many candles, we shouldn't have any problems with the fire department.

Dillon: Why now?

Georgie: I'm ready.

Dillon: I'm not.

Georgie: Because of Sage, right?

Dillon: Right.

Georgie: But you just met her and you said she was a nightmare and she got you shot. And now you want to spend all your time --

Dillon: Georgie, Sage is an obnoxious, spoiled, little, rich brat. I met a million and one of them when I was in Europe with my mom. I mean, I know the type, ok? They sleep around, they spend money for fun, all because their parents don't give them enough attention. It would almost be sad if it weren't so pathetic. Sage is nobody, nobody that I care about, and I don't want her to be the reason that we make love.

Georgie: It has nothing to do with that.

Dillon: Yes, it does. I want it to be special for us. I want it to be when we decide, not in some cheap motel room because we're trying to prove a point to Sage. I mean, really, who cares what she thinks? Who cares?

Georgie: I still hate you spending time with her.

Dillon: The next worse thing to military school. Sage is my job; you are my love.

Georgie: Promise?

Dillon: I promise.

Courtney: You were quiet all the way over here.

Jason: Just thinking.

Courtney: You know, ever since Carly woke up, you have been braced for something terrible, but her memory is fine.

Jason: Yeah, maybe you're right. We just need to take it slow, though, ok? Don't walk in there with a lot of expectations. It's enough that Carlyís alive and awake. Just let her figure out what happens next.

Courtney: Ok. No pressure, I promise. Let's go.

Jason: You know what? I'll be there in a minute, ok?

Sonny: You're not -- you're not supposed to help me out with this, Carly. I'm supposed to help you. I don't want to -- I don't want to give you back the life that we had. I want to give you something better. Any house you want. Any school for the kids. You and the boys are the center of my life, not the business. I am out. I'm out of the business, I told you that.

Carly: Sonny, you don't have to give up anything for me.

Sonny: I'm not giving up. I just -- I want to be able to sleep at night. I don't want there to be a reason to have a gun. I don't want there to be a reason to fire it. I want to know absolutely that you are safe with me. And no more guards, I want to take you dancing anytime you want.

Carly: Dancing?

Sonny: Remember that night? Remember that night you closed the club and I held you in my arms, remember? We were listening to music.

[Music plays]

Sonny: That's all I want. Just us, together. That's all that matters.

Zander: Hey, what's up? You here for old times' sake? Feeling a little nostalgic with the cuffs on?

Emily: Look, I gave my statement and all I have to do is sign it, Zander.

Zander: Well, go ahead, do it.

Emily: I don't want to lock you up.

Zander: Oh, sure you do. Afraid Iím going to hurt your prince? Huh? Is that what it is? Well, you know what, I'd do it again too. Because you know why, it's my job and I love it.

Emily: Oh, great, yeah. You're going to show me. You're going to show me, aren't you, Zander? You're going to die and then Iíll be sorry. And you know what, You're right, I will be. I'll be sorry for the future you threw away!

Zander: That's right.

Emily: I'll be sorry for how you wasted your life!

Zander: That's it. Now you're going to tell me that you had me arrested to save my life. No, Emily, you feel guilty and this is the way you can do it and have me arrested and go away and not feel worse.

Emily: You know what? I made the mistake of thinking that I could save you and you made the mistake of believing it. We were both wrong. It's up to you to save yourself.

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Ric: Aren't you a little cold out here?

Elizabeth: It was stuffy in there.

Ric: You waiting for Emily?

Elizabeth: Well, actually, I'm waiting for you. I've been putting this off and there's something -- you need to know what happened on Halloween.

Tracy: You're feeling better?

Edward: Well, that depends. So, did your mother send you packing?

Tracy: She wrote me a check for $10 million.

Edward: Now, listen to me, if you are blackmailing your mother --

Tracy: Blackmailing my mother? She is beyond reproach. Nobody could blackmail her. The only slightly questionable thing she did in her life was marry you.

Edward: You know something, Tracy? You have worn out your welcome. You wore it out years ago.

Tracy: Funny, mother disagrees. In fact, she told me I could have my old room back so Iím going to get my bags from the hotel and have them sent over. Would you please tell Reginald not to scratch them on the way up the stairs?

Edward: I will stop you somehow.

Tracy: No, you wonít. But you're welcome to try.

Lydia: Julius Caesar.

A.J.: Scheherezade.

Lydia: You're the only one who got my Halloween costume. Everyone else guessed dancing girl.

A.J.: I could tell you were a princess from across the room.

Lydia: Ex-princess. The ex-Mrs. Cassadine.

A.J.: I'm Emilyís brother.

Lydia: I know.

A.J.: That doesn't mean that I don't -- I don't have sympathy for the one who was left out in the cold.

Sam: Excuse me. Hi. Do you know where the harbormaster's office is?

A.J.: Your ship finally came in?

Sam: The Lazarus II is expected anytime now.

Lydia: Your yacht is called "the Lazarus"?

Sam: Yeah, what is it to you?

A.J.: Sam, Lydia. Lydia, Sam. Lydia is a real heiress.

Sam: Oh, wow. That's really cool. As if there's not enough useless rich people in this world. Including your aunt, by the way, who stole the dead man's hand from Jax when I tried to leave it.

A.J.: Whoa. Tracy has the dead man's hand?

Sam: Yes.

Lydia: That sounds fairly revolting.

Sam: They're cards. Lucky ones. Now they belong to Tracy. But what kills me is Iím the dishonest piece of trash for wanting them while she's just amusing herself. You people all deserve each other.

Lydia: You've been dumped, haven't you? I can spot all the signs.

Sam: You can go to hell, too.

A.J.: You know what? You don't have to take this. Neither do I. Let's go. Harbormaster, Pier 17, Sam. Oh, by the way, when your ship does come in there, I suggest you get on it because you're no match for Tracy.

Tracy: You been waiting long?

Jax: Only if you've got an excuse.

Tracy: $10 million. Personal check from my mother. I think you and I both agree she's good for it.

Jax: I'm impressed. But I thought Lila washed her hands of you a long time ago.

Tracy: Jax, my mother wants what's best for me and I'm sure your father wanted the same for you. Isn't it exciting that you and I can fulfill our parents' dreams for us and our own at the same time?

Man: Sam McCall? Jim Donleavy. I'm the harbormaster.

Sam: Hi.

Jim: My assistant said you were looking for me.

Sam: Yeah. I'm actually expecting a yacht. Casino said it would be delivered around the third week of November.

Jim: I haven't been contacted yet. Are you planning to berth the vessel in Port Charles or are you going to take delivery and head out?

Sam: Oh, no, I won't be going anywhere.

Elizabeth: When you asked me to come home with you, I almost said yes. I just wasn't ready.

Ric: Maybe I shouldn't have asked you.

Elizabeth: Well, I should have told you the truth instead of running off, but that's what Iíve been doing ever since.

Ric: No more chasing. No more pushing. We'll just try to stand still and communicate.

Elizabeth: I tried to make it so that I would never go back to you.

Ric: I don't blame you for that but here we are all the same.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Ric: Listen, do you think there's a chance that maybe I can take you to dinner?

Elizabeth: I have to work.

Ric: Right, yeah. What about tomorrow? I'm not pushing or anything.

Elizabeth: Tomorrow would be great.

Emily: Zander, I care about what happens to you and I'll be sorry if you die, but I won't give you my life, Zander. I won't feel guilty for loving Nikolas. You are not punishing me!

Zander: Ok, Emily --

Emily: You're punishing yourself!

Zander: Let me make this very clear to you. Nothing I am doing is because of you. You don't matter to me at all.

Emily: All right, well, then prove it. Get away from Faith Rosco, find something that matters to you and move on, Zander!

Mac: Emily, your statement's ready. As soon as you sign it, Zanderís free to go.

Emily: What are you -- ok, what are you talking about, Mac? I don't understand. What are you saying?

Mac: Faith Rosco posted his bail.

Emily: I only locked him up to keep him safe.

Zander: Sign the statement and get out of here.

Mac: He walks either way.

Emily: All right, you know what? This was my last try at saving you. You're on your own now. I'm withdrawing my statement. Go ahead, let him go.

Sonny: I brought Carly some candy. She liked it.

Jason: That's good.

Sonny: I don't know how she can eat that junk. She smiled for the first time without thinking, you know? You know how her face lights up when she smiles? I did what you told me. I watched her. Hoping that her smile would last, begging it to last. I told her that I'm getting out of the business, told her that Iíd do whatever I have to do to help her to heal; buy her a house, whatever it takes to keep her safe. I told her I was sorry. She liked the candy better.

Jason: Well, you know, the candy's real.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: She doesn't have to think about it or remember anything. It's just right there in front of her and it tastes good to Carly.

Sonny: Yeah. So, what are you doing? What are you doing waiting here? I thought you were going to visit.

Jason: I always felt trapped when people came to see me. You know, people in the room standing around, smiling, trying to say something that mattered and all I wanted was to get out of that room, get out of this hospital, go where no one knew me, no one wanted anything from me. And you're right, Carly, you know, she's different -- different than me, but she's still stuck in that room and I don't want to be the person who makes her feel trapped.

Sonny: I don't want to be that person, either.

Courtney: So Morgan went right to sleep. He is so good, Carly. I mean, he barely ever fusses and Michael -- he's decided to make you a new card, so be prepared when he comes to visit.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sure it's -- it's darling.

Courtney: Look, you look really tired. Jason was going to come visit, but I'm just going to tell him that you need to rest.

Carly: No, stay, stay, please. Please talk to me. I don't want to sleep anymore. I don't want to dream anymore.

Courtney: What kind of dreams?

Carly: When I was in the coma, I dreamt that I was married to Lorenzo Alcazar. He wasn't a criminal. He was -- he was a history professor. He was kind and he was funny and, God, I loved him.

Courtney: Carly, it was just a dream, ok? It will fade.

Carly: Yeah, but it's not. I keep having these flashes and I'm laughing with him and I'm kissing him and -- it's like this wall -- this wall between me and Sonny.

Courtney: But it's not real, Carly.  Lorenzo Alcazar is not a good, funny history professor. He's a drug lord.

Carly: I know. I know this. Ok, in my head, I know it. It's just the same like I know Iím supposed to love Sonny, but what I feel -- it is completely different.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Skye: Tell me everything you know about Tracy Quartermaine.

Tracy: How do you know my son?

Jax: Tracy, I can respect on some level. You, on the other hand, were the biggest mistake I ever made.

Courtney: Do you love Alcazar?

Faith: Nobody leaves this life, Sonny, not even you.

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