GH Transcript Friday 11/14/03

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/14/03

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Sonny: Today's the first time Carlyís going to hold our son.

Jason: Yeah, you know, maybe we should wait to take the kids. Carly just woke up. We should give her some time --

Sonny: Jason, Carly loves her kids. She needs to see them. They need to see her.

Carly: Lorenzo? What -- what -- what do we --

Lorenzo: I'm here.

Carly: I'm in the hospital.

Lorenzo: Yes, but you're safe. I'm with you. I'm not going anywhere.

Georgie: What can I do to help?

Sage: Dillon needs a girl with experience, so take a walk, virgin-Georgie. We've got business to take care of.

Dillon: Ga-- mom.

Jax: I'm sorry, dad. All my life you believed in me and in the end I feel like Iíve let you down.

Sam: Hi. I know I never got to meet him --

Jax: You're not welcome here, Sam. You're part of the reason my father's dead.

Sam: I know there's nothing that I can say or do.

Jax: Well, then, you can leave. I'm sure there's a casino open around here somewhere where you can try out your luck.

Sam: Ok, you're hurting. I get that.

Jax: You know, Sam, you once told me that the only opinion that you respect is your own, which tells me that you've never truly loved someone, because when you do, you respect them completely, like I respected my father.

Sam: And the way you described him, it sounded like that he lived and loved every moment of his life, and I hope he rests in peace.

Jax: Ok, you've said your piece. You have your cards. Now get out of here.

Sam: No, I gave those cards back.

Jax: Are you ever going to stop lying?

Tracy: Hi, baby.

Dillon: What are you doing here?

Tracy: You got shot.

Dillon: So what? You came all the way to Port Charles to make sure that Iím ok?

Tracy: Among other things. I'm glad to see you're not suffering too much.

Dillon: Oh, your maternal instinct just makes me all gooey inside.

Tracy: You botched your mission. We had an agreement.

Dillon: I know, ok? I know that. You get your cards and I stay out of military school, I know.

Tracy : At the very least, you have to admit that Stonewall Academy would have gotten rid of that unique hairstyle.

Dillon: No, mom. I'll get you the cards, ok? I'll get them for you. I just -- you know, this whole shot in the arm thing is a temporary setback. It'll just take me a few hours. Besides, I can use this to my advantage, right? Because -- because who's going to suspect a kid with a hole in his arm to --

Tracy : Wow, the rambling bit is really charming. However, it does bring an enormous amount of attention to your bluff. We'll have to work on that.

Dillon: Oh, joy.

Tracy: Look at me. I'm disappointed.

Dillon: I'm sorry. What do you want from me?

Tracy: Sorry is for other people. When mama wants something done right, mama does it herself.

Zander: I got your call.

Faith: And you came running. I like that.

Zander: You got a job for me?

Faith: The first of many. I just finalized a deal with a major supplier. Lorenzo Alcazar is busy mourning over Carly Corinthos, so the market is hungry for product.

Zander: You want me to start distribution?

Faith: Well, first, we have to get candy into Port Charles.

Zander: When does it get into port?

Faith: Six days from never. Our shipper isn't cooperating. You need to motivate him and I think you will enjoy doing it.

Zander: You're talking about Nikolas Cassadine.

Faith: I own him now and your job is to make sure Nikolas understands.

Nikolas: Obviously, we need to get you a better cell service.

Emily: It's been turned off. I've been in that seminar -- prerequisites for a pre-medical degree.

Nikolas: For three hours?

Emily: Yeah. There's a lot of school involved in being a doctor.

Nikolas: Well, if you're free now, I have something special planned for us.

Emily: Aren't you supposed to be saving the family fortune?

Nikolas: I've spent the entire morning returning phone calls and signing documents. I'm ready to focus on more important things.

Emily: Yeah? Like?

Nikolas: Like the only woman Iíve ever loved.

Emily: You know, I think exams are going to be hell if Iím in a romantic haze for the rest of my education.

Nikolas: I don't think anyone could call a romantic haze hell if they're in it with you.

Jason: Sonny, Carlyís been in a coma for weeks. It can be very confusing to wake up.

Sonny: Jason, I understand you've been through this before and you're trying to protect Carly, but Michael needs to see that his mother's ok.

Jason: That's what I'm talking about. I remember seeing Monica right after I came out of the coma. She looked sad, she looked desperate because she needed something from me and I couldn't give it to her. I don't want that to happen --

Sonny: What happened with you is different. Carly remembers her life before the accident.

Jason: Ok, I'm just saying we need to focus on what Carly needs right now.

Sonny: Ah.

Jason: She lost a couple of weeks of her life.

Sonny: And she lost two weeks of Morganís life. He needs to see his mother. He needs to hear his mother. Do you --

Jason: Let's just give another day --

Michael: No!

Courtney: Michael, it's ok.

Michael: I want to go see mommy because mommy's awake.

Sonny: You're going -- listen to me. Mommy cannot wait to see you and Morgan. All she needs is her family.

Lorenzo: Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything?

Carly: You said that you brought me back from the coma.

Lorenzo: Well, let's take it slow. We'll fill in the blanks together.

Carly: No. No, no, no, no. You -- you should go.

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: No, you need to leave now.  Please -- please, leave.

Lorenzo: I am trying to help. All I've done for weeks is pray for you to wake up. The doctors thought you might have brain damage, that you'd never regain consciousness.

Carly: I need to see my husband.

Lorenzo: Sonny.

Carly: I am in this -- this bed because you are his enemy and you were trying to hurt him.

Lorenzo: Look, I have made some mistakes that I own up to, but I believe it was my voice that brought you back.

Carly: No, I came out of the coma because my brain healed.

Lorenzo: I wouldn't leave you, Carly. I talked to you for hours.

Carly: I am married. I have two children.

Lorenzo: Of course. I know you love your two sons, but I'm telling you that something is different and I can feel it. Both Sonny and I sat here, but you responded to me.

Carly: Please, if you care about me, you'll leave.

Lorenzo: I'll come back when you call.

Carly: I wonít. There's nothing between us. There never -- there never was.

Lorenzo: We both know that's not true.

Sonny: How's he doing?

Courtney: Oh, he'll be even better once he's with his mommy.

Sonny: Yep. Yeah.

Courtney: They haven't had a chance to bond yet.

Sonny: You've been great with him.

Courtney: Oh, I love this little guy. Just being around him makes me happy. It'll be that way for Carly, too. I think he'll help her heal.

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: You were asleep like mommy?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah. And sometimes when your head gets hurt, it takes a while to feel good again.

Michael: Mommy sounded kind of funny on the phone last night.

Jason: Well, you know how on a long drive you'll fall asleep in the car?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: And then you wake up and you don't know where you are or how long you've been asleep?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: Ok, well, that's how your mommy might feel today, like she fell asleep without meaning to and she woke up confused.

Michael: I know how to help mommy. She says that whenever she feels bad, my hugs make her better. That's going to work this time, too.

Sam: I gave those cards back. I thought maybe you'd want to bury your dad with them.

Jax: You don't give a damn about my father's wishes.

Sam: I didn't know that it was going --

Jax: My father thought that he needed the dead man's hand and what did you want them for? To get rich off them?

Sam: We, if you'd just listen to me, you'd know.

Jax: You know, so why are you here, Sam? Ok, you have the cards. Ok, you've got your shiny new boat. I don't understand. What could you possibly want from me?

Sam: Well, if you'd read my letter, you'd know. I am sorry I messed up and there's nothing I can say or do to take any of that back.

Jax: There's nothing that you could say that I want to hear.

Sam: Jax --

Jax: Sam, I want you to leave.

Tracy : You were supposed to take care of something and you couldn't handle it.

Dillon: There was a lot going on, ok?

Tracy : I'm sure there was, sweetheart, but you have to focus. You have to prioritize. You let yourself get distracted. One minute you had the cards, the next minute they were gone.

Dillon: Mom, you have any idea how many people wanted those cards?

Tracy : Do I care? You are a winner. You're not just anybody. At least you're supposed to be a winner.

Dillon: You dropped me on a doorstep full of lunatics who hate you. They kind of pass that feeling along to me.

Tracy: Oh, please. I don't believe that for a minute. Who wouldn't be hopelessly smitten with you? You're adorable.

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, I'm so adorable, you dropped me to go tour Europe .

Tracy: I hated leaving you behind. But now that Iím back, I have the cards, and I am free to focus on you and your future.

Dillon: Europe isn't sounding so bad after all right about now.

Tracy: Don't be snide. Now, I really like the idea of you being at E.L.Q. A.J.'s tenure won't last forever and then you can take the reins.

Dillon: I don't want to work for E.L.Q.

Tracy: Not work for. Run.

Dillon: I don't want to run E.L.Q. I want to be a director. I want to make films.

Georgie: So sorry it took me so long. I got kind of --

Tracy : You should be. The corn flakes have wilted. The milk has gone sour. The tray is disgusting.

Dillon: Mom -- mom --

Tracy : Do you know that my family practically owns this hospital? My son should be getting much --

Dillon: Mom! This is my girlfriend, Georgie. Georgie, this is my mother.

Tracy: Is she pregnant?

Dillon: Mom, you have no right to talk to Georgie that way.

Tracy : Oh, please, Dillon, it's the oldest trick in the book.

Dillon: She's not pregnant.

Tracy: Thank heaven for small favors. I guess I got here just in time. And what were my father and Ned thinking, letting her anywhere near you?

Dillon: If you don't apologize to Georgie right now --

Tracy : Apologize? I'm sure Georgie understands a mother's concerns. Don't you, dear? Your own mother probably warned you about teenage boys. They're all instant gratification and no commitment.

Dillon: You don't know a thing about me, do you? Georgie and I are together because we want to be. I didn't let Edward come between us and I'm sure as hell not going to let you come between us.

Georgie: Look, I should go.

Dillon: No, no, stay. My mom is the one who's leaving.

Tracy: No, you're wrong about that, sweetheart. I'm not leaving. You and I have a lot to discuss. Georgie, you can run along now.

Georgie: Sure, because it's been a while since you left Dillon with a family he didn't know so Iím sure you two have a lot to catch up on.

Tracy: Whoo.

Dillon: Georgie is amazing, ok? I don't care what you say. She's the only one who's actually made an attempt to get to know who I am.

Tracy: Your adoring mother knows what's best for you.

Dillon: Yeah. Well, adoring mother, you got what you wanted. When are you leaving?

Tracy : Well, actually, I have some long-term goals here in Port Charles and the first one on my list is providing for you.

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, what could you possibly give me that you haven't already?

Tracy: A father.

Lorenzo: I spoke to your headmistress. She'll be waiting at the airport when you arrive.

Sage: I hate that school.

Lorenzo: Where are your things?

Sage: In the guest room.

Lorenzo: If you don't want to pack, Iíll have them sent to you next week.

Sage: If you make me go back, I'll run away, live on the street.

Lorenzo: Anywhere you run, I will find you and you'll end up in an even more strict school that you enjoy even less, or you can cooperate. Those are your only options.

Sage: I don't understand why you want me to go. I'm all you have left of your brother. Or does it make you feel guilty to see me?

Lorenzo: I loved your father. You know that.

Sage: Well, then why haven't you avenged his murder? If Alexis Davis pushed you off a balcony, they wouldn't even be able to find the pieces of her when dad was through.

Lorenzo: Look, everyone pays for what they do eventually. Now, in the meantime, the best way I can honor Luis is by making sure that his daughter is safe.

Sage: Then let me stay with you.

Lorenzo: I don't have the time or the ability to supervise a teenage girl, so you're going back to boarding school.

Sage: Fine. Reject me. Push me out the door like I'm nothing to you.

Faith: Another hooker? Oh, my, your tastes have changed. She's a little young, isn't she?

Michael: You like my card, mommy? The balloons are from Morgan.

Courtney: I know how much you like tropical flowers. Sonny had them sent in overnight.

Michael: Did you miss us, mommy? We missed you. I know it felt like you were asleep for a long time, but if I hug you, you'll feel better.

Sonny: Ok, Michael. That's enough, Mike.

Michael: You want to hold our baby, mommy?

Sonny: He's perfect. Hey. Here's your son.

[Morgan fusses]

Carly: So this is Morgan.

Sonny: Yeah. He made it. You brought him into the world just like you said you would.

Carly: He's beautiful. He's a lot heavier than I thought and than he looks, though.

Courtney: He's on a regular feeding schedule. You know, he's already sleeping four hours at a time.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry. My arms -- they're kind of weak.

Courtney: Oh, right, yeah. Here. Give it time. Sweetie. Yeah. This must be the most activity --

[Morgan fusses]

Courtney: Oh -- shh, shh. That's ok.

Carly: Yeah, I'm really tired all of sudden. I don't know.

Jason: You know what? You should -- you should get some rest. Hey, Michael, come on. We're going to go home so your mom can get some --

Michael: I want to stay.

Carly: Listen, honey, I want you to stay, too. Ok, but mommy needs to get strong and work at getting strong again, ok? But I love -- I love your card. Thank you.

Sonny: Mike, come on. Mommy's got to sleep. She's got to see the doctor soon, anyway, ok?

Carly: Can I get that hug, though?

Michael: Do you feel better, mommy?

Carly: Yeah, I feel much better.

Jason: Come on, buddy.

Sonny: He's -- he's just, you know -- he's just excited.

Carly: I know. I'm sorry Sonny, Iím sorry. I just -- I just feel like Iím --

Sonny: You know what? You don't have to explain. I know. I know what's happening, and I know why.

Lorenzo: Sage, go to your room and pack.

Sage: But Uncle Lorenzo, I ---

Lorenzo: I won't tell you again.

[Sage sighs]

Faith: So, what kind of uncle are you, exactly? The kind who is related or the kind who pays the bills?

Lorenzo: She's my brother's daughter.

Faith: Oh.

Lorenzo: Not that you'll ever be seeing her again. Why are you here, Faith?

Faith: You have been preoccupied of late and the street is hungry for product. Now, I have set up a new transport network and I am here to offer you a deal that will be mutually beneficial.

Lorenzo: I don't have time to talk about this right now.

Faith: Oh, I see. You have -- ahem -- prying ears that might overhear the lurid details? Fine. Be in touch when you are free of your familial obligations. Don't wait too long, Lorenzo. See, because it's just you and me and Sonny now and I have an empire to build, so --

Lorenzo: Sage?

Sage: Your girlfriend leave?

Lorenzo: Faith is not my girlfriend.

Sage: That's a relief. What's with the big hair?

Lorenzo: The point is, the two of you should never have met. That's why you're going back to boarding school -- because you need supervision.

Sage: Please, Uncle Lorenzo, I promise you, Iíll be good. I'll go to any school here you want. I'll get straight Aís. I'll follow any rules that you set for me. I'll even cook and clean the house for you -- or at least supervise someone who can.

Lorenzo: That won't be necessary.

Sage: I'll be quiet. I'll -- I won't make a mess.

Lorenzo: Alexis Davis is off-limits to you.

Sage: Does that mean I can stay?

Lorenzo: Means that you get one chance.

Sage: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, Uncle Lorenzo. You're an angel; one of those big, scary ones with fiery swords. I'm so grateful. You're not going to be sorry.

Lorenzo: Ok.

Sage: Yeah.

Lorenzo: All right.

Georgie: Breaking out?

Dillon: Yeah, I -- I wanted to -- thanks. I wanted to come see you before I left. Listen, I am so sorry about my mom. She had no right to treat you the way that she did.

Georgie: Forget about it.

Dillon: No, I canít. I don't think I'm ever going to forgive her.

Georgie: Well, she'll be leaving soon, right?

Dillon: She's staying. She wants to groom me for E.L.Q. and then she wants to find me a father.

Georgie: Ok, so your mom's over the top, but how is leaving the hospital going to help?

Dillon: I need money, Georgie. I got to get a job. I can't keep living with my mom having power over me like this.

Georgie: So you want to make enough money to live alone?

Dillon: Listen to me; I'm doing this for us. Ok? I'm not leaving. I don't care what anybody says. They can do what they want, but they're not going to stop me from loving you. Ok?

Georgie: Ok

Alexis: Jane, I am so sorry.

Ned: Your husband was one of a kind.

Jane: And so young at heart. That's why he always enjoyed Jaxís friends. He was so proud of his sons. I convinced Jerry not to come. John wouldn't want him to risk his freedom to be at the funeral.

Alexis: If there's anything at all that I can do for you, you let me know.

Jane: I spent my whole life with the man of my dreams and now I have his memory to cherish. For that, my life will always be full.

Alexis: You know Iím always here for you, right?

Jax: Thanks.

Ned: We'll go have a drink, toast John.

Jax: Just give me a minute.

Alexis: You'll be all right.

Jax: They say that you're nothing without family. In my case, it's absolutely true. Because everything Iíve ever achieved, everything Iíve yet to accomplish, I owe to you, dad. They say that the greatest gift a parent can give to their child is to believe in them completely, like you did and in return, I learned to believe in myself. You made me believe that I could do anything. And I -- I wasted my chance to pay you back because I -- because I got sidetracked, I got caught up in the game when you needed me most. I'm -- I'm sorry, dad. You deserve better. I'm sorry.

Michael: Do you think mommy will feel better tomorrow?

Courtney: I think she'll get a little stronger every day.

Michael: Maybe I should make her another card.

Courtney: I'm sure she'd love that.

Jason: Hey, Michael, come here. I just -- you know, I just want to tell you that your mom -- she loves you as much as she ever did. But she was asleep for a long time, so, you know, if she seems quiet or tired, it's just part of getting better, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Jason: Ok, why don't you go work on that other card?

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: I know he was disappointed.

Jason: Yeah. This whole thing has been hard on all of us.

Courtney: But it's going to get better, though, right? I mean, she just needs to get stronger.

Jason: I don't know.

Courtney: I thought that she would have a stronger reaction to Morgan. Carly had really bad postpartum before. Maybe she's just having it again.

Jason: It's different. You know, she -- she wasn't afraid to touch Morgan; just seemed like she didn't connect.

Courtney: Well, so we'll just take it slow. She just needs to adjust.

Jason: Till Carly tells us, we can't know what she needs.

Sonny: Bringing our baby into this world was supposed to be -- was supposed to be a miracle and I pretty much destroyed that.

Carly: It was an accident.

Sonny: I was supposed to keep you safe and I didn't do that. The night Morgan was born, I was -- I was out of control, on the edge. And I -- I made a mistake. I fired at Alcazar, and it almost cost our family everything. I keep -- I keep picturing it over and over. I held up our son. You passed out. There was -

Carly: Please, Sonny --

Sonny: I'm not -- I'm not going to fire another gun. I'm going to get out of the business for good. I'm not going to expose you or the children to any more of the violence. I want to give you -- I'm going to give you your dream. You and I are going to love each other for the rest of our lives. We're going to see our grandkids have kids. I can do that as long as I have you.

Carly: I don't know -- I don't know what to --

Sonny: No, hey --

Carly: I don't know what to say.

Sonny: Hey, hey, you don't have to say anything. You just -- I just want you to rest. I'll sit here with you.

Carly: But our boys -- they need their father.

Sonny: They need us both.

Carly: Yeah. But I can't be there for them now. Will you please, please just go and take care of them?

Sonny: Hey -- I love you.

Lorenzo: This isn't a good time.

Dillon: You know I wouldn't come to you if it wasn't extremely important.

Lorenzo: Make it quick.

Dillon: You know how you've joked before about employing me?

Lorenzo: Yes and I've also warned you about getting involved in my life.

Dillon: Yeah, well, it's worth the risk because I'm at a point now where I need a job and I'm talking, like, yesterday.

Lorenzo: I don't have anything. You'll have to call me in a week.

Dillon: In a week, my life could be over.

Lorenzo: I doubt that.

Dillon: My mom's threatening to send me to military school. You know that I'm not the military school type. I need a job. I need one fast, because some minimum-wage gig isn't going to do it for me.

Lorenzo: What are you willing to do?

Dillon: Anything you want.

Sam: I -- I tried to take care of all this while you were gone, but the manager wouldn't let me in. I just need to get my things.

Jax: Ok. I'm going to call my brother, so just hurry up and get your stuff and go.

Sam: You stole Jaxís cards, and you better give them back.

Nikolas: You stalking me now?

Zander: You and Faith have a deal -- she uses your freighter, you look the other way. Otherwise, we get angry.

Nikolas: You tell your boss my position stands. I won't let her use Cassadine Industries to run drugs.

Zander: We thought you'd say that.

Nikolas: Then why the hell you wasting my time, Zander?

Zander: Because I'm here to explain the advantages of working with Faith.

Nikolas: There are no advantages. I'll make the interest payments on the loan until I pay it off in full.

Zander: No. Faith makes the rules, not you.

Nikolas: The answer is no. Now, excuse me. I have someplace to be.

Sam: Give me the cards back.

Tracy : Aren't you petite? No bigger than a china doll and about as intimidating as well.

Sam: Yeah? Well, my fist isn't made of china. Is your face?

Tracy : And belligerent, too. Do you scratch and spit?

Sam: You stole Jaxís cards.

Tracy : Which makes them no concern of yours.

Sam: Did you read my letter, too?

Tracy : I tried, but, actually, I couldn't decipher your handwriting. It leaves a little something to be desired. However, I did get the feeling that you must be a devotee of romance novels. It's the only explanation I could come up with for the flowery sentiment.

Sam: What kind of freak reads someone else's letters?

Tracy : Hon, why don't you just trust me -- I saved you from embarrassing yourself.

Sam: Here's how I say thanks.

Jax: Ladies, ladies, ladies, no need for violence.

Dillon: My mom just came to town and she's strong-willed.

Lorenzo: So how is my giving you a job going to stop her from sending you to military school?

Dillon: It's money in the bank, you know? I mean, maybe I can stall her long enough to not send me to this Stonewall Academy thing, and maybe I can become an emancipated minor, get a room above Kellyís, something like that.

Lorenzo: So a job gives you financial security.

Dillon: Well, right, yes. I mean, no, I'm not that experienced, but Iím a quick study and Iíve seen everything that I need to see in the movies.

Lorenzo: Your qualifications are perfect for the job I have in mind.

Dillon: Really?

Lorenzo: Yeah. The girl you helped in the courtroom the other day -- it's my niece.

Dillon: I'm sorry, your what?

Lorenzo: You saved her life.

Dillon: No, I didn't. I wouldn't say that I saved her --

Lorenzo: Sage, would you come out here, please?

Dillon: Life.

Sage: Hey, Dawson .

Lorenzo: It's Dillon.

Dillon: She knows.

Sage: Why is he here?

Lorenzo: If you're going to stay in this house, you're going to need to learn some manners.

Sage: You promised I could.

Lorenzo: I said Iíd give you one chance but there's a condition and it's non-negotiable.

Dillon: I'm sorry to interrupt, but do I fit into this conversation in any way? Because we were about to discuss a job opportunity for me.

Lorenzo: You're looking at her. Dillon is going to be your full-time companion. He's going to keep you out of trouble. That is if he accepts the job.

Dillon: You're saying you want me to be her babysitter?

Zander: Emily.

Emily: How's your head?

Zander: You hit me.

Emily: Yeah, you didn't give me any choice, Zander.

Zander: I was delivering a message. Your boyfriend needs to cooperate.

Nikolas: My God, would you listen to yourself?

Zander: If you do not cooperate with Faith, she will take it out in trade.

Officer: Somebody here reported an assault?

Emily: Yeah, that was me. I walked in on Zander attacking Nikolas. He had this. I knocked Zander out to stop him.

Officer: This registered?

Zander: We can do this downtown. Get me the hell out of here.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Sonny: How are the kids?

Jason: They upstairs, Courtney?

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah, Michaelís making Carly another card.

Sonny: I thought she'd be happy to see them.

Jason: It's a lot to take in, you know?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, you know, she's tired, she's overwhelmed. Her body's been through so much.

Jason: I know.

Sonny: I told her I was getting out of the business. I guess I was just reassuring her.

Jason: Maybe it will.

Sonny: She didn't really say much. I guess she -- she just doesn't believe that Iím going to do it.

Jason: Look, Sonny, I'm not sure Carly knows what to feel. I mean, you know, she wasn't just tired. It seemed like she was just going through the motions, saying what she thinks we need to hear.

Sonny: Jason, yours was different. Carly remembers.

Jason: There's more to remembering than knowing who somebody is. Part of memories is how you feel, and I'm not sure Carly does right now.

Carly: It's me. I made a mistake. Will you please come back?

Lorenzo: I'll be right there.

>> On the next " General Hospital " --

Tracy : Show your guttersnipe to the door and then we can do business.

Sage: My uncle hired Dillon to be my constant companion. We'll be spending all of our time together.

Jason: If we pressure Carly too much right now, we could scare her away.

Lorenzo: I told you I love you, Carly.

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