GH Transcript Thursday 11/13/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/13/03

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Jax: You know, my father doesn't need the cards anymore. So they're all yours. You can bury them. You can burn them. You can believe in them if you want, because I don't give a damn. Well, that's just great, Sam. My father just died and you can't wait to get your hands on the cards.

Sam: They're for you.

Nikolas: The letter's not a forgery, Luke. He wanted to commit suicide.

Luke: The hell he did. He fought for his life up on that cliff.

Nikolas: He lured you out there because he wanted you to be blamed for his death.

Luke: Then he got his last wish.

Nikolas: It's all right there!

Luke: I murdered Stefan because he tortured Laura and he killed Summer! Nobody's going to take that away from me!

Dillon: Stop it! Are you crazy? Why did you do that?

Woman: Justice.

Alan: I'm afraid Carlyís brain activity's declining.

Jason: She's getting worse?

Alan: She's in a vegetative state. She could remain that way indefinitely. I'm trying like hell to get Sonny to put her in a long-term care facility. Jason, as hard as it may be, you've got to convince him that she may not recover.

Woman: Get up!

Dillon: How many times did you shoot her?

Woman: They're blanks. She's fine. She's just too terrified to move.

Dillon: What is your problem, huh?

Woman: I'm not stupid enough to kill her in a public place.

Dillon: Yeah, but why are you opening fire on Alexis at all?

Woman: I want her scared, waiting for the day when the bullets are real.

Alexis: You are clearly deranged.

Woman: I'm not the one who committed murder!

Lucky: Freeze!

Sam: These cards meant everything to your father.

Jax: They couldn't save him, could they?

Sam: But he believed in them. You could bury them with him or just keep them as a memento.

Jax: I never want to see those cards again.

Sam: You can't just throw them away, Jax, not after everything you've been through.

Jax: See, that's just it. I had the cards and I couldn't get them to my father in time and now they're worthless.

Sam: Your car broke down and it wasn't your fault.

Jane: I should take care of the paperwork now.

Jax: It's ok, Mom, I'll do it. Come on.

Luke: Burn the letter.

Skye: No, you canít. You have to give that letter to the police. It is proof that Luke didn't kill Stefan.

Luke: It proves nothing.

Skye: Well, Forensics can verify that it's authentic.

Luke: If Stefan committed suicide and wanted to frame me for murder, why would he put it down in a letter?

Nikolas: Because he wanted me to know that he died protecting me.

Luke: Well, see, that answers everything. He lied. The letter's a lie so he can be a big hero for you. It's not the first time this has happened.

Nikolas: This is your chance to be free here. Come on.

Skye: Nikolas is right. Stefan's dead. It doesn't matter how it happened.

Luke: It matters to me! I killed him! He did not commit suicide. I won!

Skye: Listen to him. My God, it's all about keeping score.

Luke: It's payback for all the years that bloodsucker drained the life out of my family.

Skye: There he goes, right to Scott. I knew he wouldn't let you pay for a crime you didn't commit. He didn't do it.

Luke: Good. He did the right thing.

Skye: Yeah and you're going to prison for the rest of your life. Some victory.

Brian: My wife and son were killed by a drunk driver two years ago.

Courtney: Brian, Iím -- I'm so sorry.

[Brian sighs]

Courtney: One of the clippings said that you had disappeared.

Brian: Yeah, I couldn't come back to live in this house. There were too many memories. The curtains Karen made, kitchen tiles she picked out, the closet door where we marked Henryís height every birthday. He was about Michaelís age.

Courtney: You must miss them so much.

Brian: Yeah, I remember standing in the hall after the funeral, how this house was so silent. There was no laughter, no footsteps running down the hall, no little voice calling out, "dad, come check out this baseball card."

Courtney: But you didn't sell the house.

Brian: No, I couldn't. So finally, I had to rent it out to keep up the mortgage payments.

Courtney: Are we the first people to live here since the accident?

Brian: Yes.

Courtney: Hey, Michael. I thought you were asleep.

Michael: I had a bad dream.

Courtney: Oh, really? What was your dream about?

Michael: I had a bad dream that mommy was in bed in the hospital and she never woke up.

Sonny: I've been talking to Carly. She can hear me, I know. I can feel it. She's going to wake up soon, Jason.

Lorenzo: Don't go through with the divorce.

Carly: You haven't left me much of a choice.

Lorenzo: It's not too late for us.

Carly: You killed a man.

Lorenzo: I wanted to protect you.

Carly: Lorenzo, I don't want to fight, ok? Just let it be.

Lorenzo: I canít. You're the only person Iíve ever truly loved. You changed my life. You made me a better person. Please, just give me one more chance.

Carly: What good is that going to do?

Lorenzo: I pulled the trigger because I was afraid of losing you. I didn't see the consequences, but now I do. You're everything to me, Carly. You're my present, my future. You and our daughter are my entire life. If you come back to me now, I swear I will never pick up another gun.

Carly: I want to believe you.

Lorenzo: Well, then, let me prove it to you. I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. Please don't leave me, Carly. I will be so lost without you.

Lorenzo: Oh.

Carly: I love you, Lorenzo. I don't want to leave you.

Jason: Sonny, Alan says Carlyís getting worse.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? Hold -- come here. Don't talk that way in front of Carly. She can hear you. She's going to be waking up soon. She needs all the support she can get.

Jason: Sonny, the coma's getting deeper.

Sonny: It's not! No, it's not.

Jason: They don't think Carlyís going to wake up.

Sonny: Yeah, she is.

Woman: That's my gun!

Lucky: He was about to shoot.

Woman: It didn't have any bullets in it. That's what Dillon was trying to tell you.

Andy: Capelli to dispatch -- we've got an accidental shooting at the courthouse --

Lucky: Dillon --

Woman: No, leave him alone. How bad is it?

Dillon: Oh, getting shot really hurts like hell.

Alexis: She pointed the gun at me. She fired at me. I ducked out of the way and it was nothing. She's shooting blanks.

Lucky: How did Dillon get that gun?

Alexis: He grabbed the gun from her when you walked in.

Andy: All right, hang in there. We got an ambulance on the way. I'll take the young lady into custody.

Woman: I didn't hurt anyone. He did.

Andy: You brought a gun into a courthouse. Ms. Davis, Iíll need you to come with me and make out a statement.

Alexis: I'd be glad to.

Woman: Wait, you're leaving Dillon with the guy who shot him? What's wrong with you people?

Dillon: It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Lucky was trying to help in a kind of weird way.

Andy: Let's go.

Woman: Wait, I didn't hurt anyone! This is harassment!

Lucky: Why were you holding that gun?

Sam: They took your father's body.

Jax: Yeah. I signed the release.

Sam: Where's your mom?

Jax: I took her back to the hotel. Just came to pick up dad's stuff.

Sam: The nurse put everything in the bag --

[Jax sighs]

Jax: You don't have anywhere to stay, do you?

Sam: I'll be fine.

Jax: You don't have any money.

Sam: Jax, Iíll be ok. I manage to always land on my feet.

Jax: Sam, stop fighting me for once, ok? Come on.

Sonny: Carly doesn't give up, ever. That bullet I fired has not taken her away. She's beaten the odds before. She's going to do it again, Jason.

Jason: Sonny, I want to believe that the doctors are wrong, ok? I'm praying every day that she wakes up. You know, but if she doesn't, she wouldn't want you to put your life on hold.

Paramedic: B.P. 120/70, heart rate 118 and regular, x-rays are negative.

Georgie: Oh, my God! Dillon!

Dillon: It's not as bad as it looks.

Georgie: What happened?

Dillon: I got shot. By Lucky, if you can believe that.

Georgie: Were you on another job for Alcazar?

Dillon: No, no, he had nothing to do with it, actually. I was -- ow!

Georgie: Why is this taking so long? Where's the doctor?

Nurse: There are patients with higher priorities.

Georgie: He's been shot! If anything happens to him, I swear --

Dillon: Hey, hey, you're not getting rid of me that easily.

Skye: This is a murder charge, Luke. This isn't some macho one-upmanship contest.

Luke: This is the final hour of a battle that's lasted over 20 years and ripped my life to shreds.

Skye: So, what, if Stefan killed himself, he wins? Or, what, you win if you go to prison for murder?

Luke: I killed the father and both sons. There's no more curse of the Cassadines. It's finally over, and I won.

Skye: No, you win by surviving, living to fight another day.

Luke: Fight who? The Quartermaines?

Skye: Hey, I was very straightforward about needing your help.

Luke: Yeah, helping you take a big bite out of a bunch of button-down snobs. That'll give my life meaning.

Skye: No, I got to tell you, you know, your priorities are seriously skewed.

Luke: What's Alexis doing here?

Skye: With any luck, she's arrested.

Alexis: Dillon grabbed the gun from this girl just as the officers burst in. Lucky came in, saw Dillon holding the gun, and shot him by accident.

Scott: Spencer's quick on the draw. However, this might just cost you your shiny new badge, Lucky, and you I might charge with attempted murder.

Woman: That would be a mistake. Do you have any idea who my uncle is?

Scott: Don't care.

Lorenzo: If you have a problem with my niece, why don't you talk to me?

Courtney: Well, it was just a bad dream, Michael, ok? Your mom is going to get better and she will come home.

Michael: When?

Courtney: Well, the doctors don't know. But it'll happen. We just have to be patient. How about I go get us some hot chocolate?

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: Ok.

Brian: Have I told you the story about Henry and the magic baseball glove?

Michael: Nope.

Brian: Well, there was this boy named Henry. He was just about your age and he found this baseball glove that had magic powers. No matter where the batter hit the ball, Henry could catch it every time and he became the best shortstop player ever. In fact, he even played in the World Series when he was only 8 years old.

Michael: I'm a shortstop, too.

Brian: Really?

Michael: Yeah. Hey, look, this glove that I found has the name Henry on it, see? Maybe it has magic powers.

Brian: I wouldn't be surprised, buddy.

Jason: All I'm saying is that your kids need to be with you, not in another state.

Sonny: I want Michael and Morgan to be safe.

Jason: We can keep them safe, Sonny. You're their father. They need to be with you right now.

Sonny: I can't abandon Carly. Michael understands that.

Jason: Putting Carly in long-term care is not abandoning her, ok? You can visit her any day you want --

Sonny: I'm not doing that! I'm not doing it.

Jason: Your kids need you.

Sonny: This isn't about the kids or what Carly wants. This is about you and Courtney. She packed her bags and left you and now you want her back.

Jason: I'm telling you this --

Sonny: Why are you telling me this?

Jason: I'm telling you this for Carly.

Sonny: No, you're telling me this because you want to get me back into the old life. You want me to break the promise I made to Carly about staying away from the business. I'm not doing it. I'm going to wait right here until she wakes up.

Jason: That -- will --

Sonny: What?

Jason: Will you just think what Carly would want, ok?

Sonny: What Carly --

Jason: She's --

Sonny: What Carly would want? She wouldn't want to be afraid. She wouldn't want to be alone. I'm not going to give up. If you want to give up, get the hell out of here. But I'm not!

Lorenzo: My niece is understandably upset that you failed to bring her father's killer to justice.

Scott: So she went after Alexis with a gun?

Lorenzo: Loaded with blanks, nothing more. A childish prank.

Scott: Well, Dillon Quartermaine took a bullet from one of my rookie cops because of your little prank.

Lorenzo: I'll pay for medical care and any damages.

Scott: Well, you'll need to take that up with him. Fortunately, he's going to be ok.

Lorenzo: Then the matter is closed.

Scott: Well, that is, unless I decide to press charges.

Lorenzo: If you do, Iíll take it as a personal attack upon my family and act accordingly.

Scott: I've got better things to do than to mess around with you, Alcazar, so you can take all this up with Alexis. Cut her loose.

Alexis: Your niece terrorized me and threatened me with a gun.

Lorenzo: You were only recently reunited with your daughter, right? I'm sure you remember the pain of your long separation. Now imagine a permanent separation, a child's grief over the loss of their parent, and Iím sure you can understand what drove my niece to do what she did and find it in your heart to forgive her.

Courtney: Well, Michaelís asleep again. Listen, thank you for telling him that story.

Brian: Oh, he misses his family. I was just trying to cheer him up a little.

Courtney: Yeah, I just -- I hope his mother gets better soon.

Brian: Meanwhile, he's got you, a nice house to live in, a big backyard.

Courtney: Listen, Brian, if you're reconsidering about renting the house, I understand.

Brian: The truth is I always planned on leaving Hayes Landing. Then Karen got pregnant and we stayed. I didn't feel trapped, though. God, I loved her so much and the day Henry was born -- it made my life pretty much complete.

Courtney: You know, it's not just your terrible loss. It's what you said, you know, about being lucky for what you had. It just -- it reminds me of Michael and his father.

Brian: Well, his father must be proud.

Courtney: Yeah, he is. But he -- he can't do things that most fathers can.

Brian: Oh, that must be tough.

Courtney: It can be.

Brian: Thanks for the coffee and for listening. It feels good to tell someone about Karen and Henry.

Courtney: Well, I'm glad that you could tell me.

Brian: Thanks. Good night.

Sonny: Doctors have all kinds of theories. They don't know how strong you are. They don't know that you're not going to give up until you come back to us. We need you, Carly. I mean, you know, I can be with our children, but it's not enough. They need us both.

Carly: Oh, honey! You did it! Early acceptance!

Woman: I thought for sure I wouldn't make the cut.

Carly: Oh!

Lorenzo: How could they turn you down?

Woman: I don't know. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, mom and dad.

Carly: Oh.

Woman: You guys have been so great.

Carly: No, we are the lucky ones.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Woman: Hey, what do you say we celebrate with hot fudge sundaes?

Boy: Yeah!

Girl: I want to go to college, too!

Woman: Hey, it a ton of homework.

Girl: Ugh. I'll stay home.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Oh. We did good, Dad.

Lorenzo: Yeah, you could have walked away all those years ago, but you had faith in me and I am thankful every day of my life.

Carly: You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Lorenzo.

Sonny: Jason's probably right. You wouldn't want me sitting here. You'd want me to be with our children. But leaving you -- it just makes me feel like Iím -- like Iím giving up. And I canít.

Jax: You know, somehow it feels -- it seems right that my father died out here in the desert. It reminds me of the outback, where I grew up when I was a kid. You know, dad loved it there. He used to take me on these big hikes. He taught me how to live off the land, how to build campfires and track. I built the -- I built the sorriest-looking shelter one time and it was all leaning to one side and dad slept in it anyway. He said it was good. He never criticized me. You know, all my life, I've been called lucky and successful, but it came naturally to me because I had a good role model, because my father was a good teacher. He always let me figure things out on my own, you know? He always let me learn from my mistakes. I really respected my father. I admired him. I just -- I really didn't think he was going to die, Sam. You know, it just wasn't his time. It just wasn't his time.

[Door opens]

Mac: Was the shooter a friend of yours?

Dillon: No.

Mac: Did you know she was planning to shoot blanks at Alexis?

Dillon: No, sir, I didnít.

Georgie: The girl was a total stranger to Dillon. He thought the gun was loaded. He actually did a heroic thing.

Dillon: I would call it more of an instant reflex type of thing than heroic.

Georgie: You could have been killed, Dillon.

Mac: Have you ever seen her before?

Dillon: Yes.

Mac: Where?

Dillon: She was at the docks and then I saw her again in the courtroom for Lukeís hearing. I thought maybe she was following me or something like that.

Mac: Well, why would you think that?

Dillon: It was too much of a coincidence and she was acting weird. And so I confronted her, and she said that she wanted to make trouble for somebody, and that's when I saw the gun. And so I --

Mac: Back up a minute. Why didn't you call the police about the gun, Dillon?

Dillon: Next time Iíll remember that.

Mac: You followed her to the courtroom. Then what happened next?

Dillon: Then she was standing there with the gun pointed at Alexis, but you know the rest.

Mac: You know what? You could have died today. You could have died. You've been shot, so you know firsthand it's not cool or glamorous or heroic like in the movies. Now you're telling me you could have prevented what happened by making a simple phone call. You need to make better choices or you need to stay away from my daughter.

Scott: You could be facing criminal charges for shooting an unarmed citizen.

Alexis: Dillon was holding a gun.

Scott: Loaded with blanks.

Alexis: How the hell is he supposed to know that?

Scott: Well, he should have assessed the situation here before firing.

Alexis: I was there. Sage Alcazar fired shots at me repeatedly. The cops obviously heard that, came in. Dillon was pointing a gun in their direction. Lucky didn't have time to say, "excuse me, I heard shots. Were they real?"

Lucky: Thanks for trying to defend me, Alexis. Scott's right.

Bobbie: I heard Alan tell you Carlyís in a permanent coma.

Jason: Did you already know?

Bobbie: Tony never actually said those words. I mean, he made it clear that her chances of waking up are diminishing. I know Alan wants Carly put in a permanent care facility.

Jason: What do you think?

Bobbie: My opinion doesn't seem to hold very much weight with Sonny.

Jason: I'd still like to know for myself.

Bobbie: As a nurse, I know it's time. I know that being in this hospital isn't helping Carly, but as her mother, I don't want to admit she's never coming back.

Jason: No one does.

Bobbie: You never knew B.J., Did you? My daughter. She was 6 when she died and there was a moment when I saw her hooked up to the monitors and the life-support system and I felt her spirit leave. I knew she wasn't coming back. I haven't felt that with Carly.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Well, as long as Carly stays here, Sonny's going to stay here with her and Michael and Morgan need him, and I know that Carly would want her kids with Sonny.

Bobbie: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Jason: So, could you do me a favor and just, you know, find out what the best place is?

Bobbie: You think Sonny will listen to you?

Jason: I think Sonny will do what Carly would want.

Nikolas: Luke asked me to burn my uncle's letter.

Emily: He asked?

Nikolas: All right, more like demanded, after he insisted that it was a forgery.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: You know, I just keep going back to the same thing. If Luke wants to go to prison, why in my right mind should I try and stop him after everything that he's done to me and my family?

Emily: Zander's determined to throw his life away and I could stand by and do nothing and tell myself it's out of my hands, this is what he wants. But I can't sit by and watch someone wreck their life.

Sonny: I apologize.

Jason: It's ok.

Sonny: I got so much going on, you know, this Alcazar thing. My hands are tied.

Jason: Hey, Carlyís your wife, Sonny, and this is totally your decision.

Sonny: You're right, and I have not been able to face the truth, so I think it's -- I think I'm going to have to go ahead and send Carly to a facility, get my kids, and get on with my life. It's what Carly would want.

Alan: Hey, Sonny. These are the papers that will allow us to put Carly into a long-term care facility. All we need is your signature.

Skye: I'm going to go tell Lucky that you want to go see him right now.

Luke: Donít. I don't want to see him.

Skye: Luke, he's in trouble. You just can't ignore that.

Luke: Watch me.

Skye: He's your son.

Luke: I have no son. I have a daughter somewhere but I'm not sentimental about it. I was never cut out for fatherhood. Lucky's a cop. He's got everything he wanted.

Alexis: If he chooses to follow through with this, I will defend you. You know that.

Lucky: I could have killed an innocent kid.

Alexis: You had every reason to believe that gun was loaded.

Lucky: Dillon was shot. It was my mistake. How do I know I won't make that same mistake again someday?

Alexis: Don't do this to yourself. You were doing your job.

Mac: You're suspended pending an internal affairs investigation.  Look, this is -- it's part of the job, Lucky. If I was in your place, I'd have done the same thing and I'll speak to I.A. on your behalf. But you need to think about whether you can handle these kinds of situations, because they're part of the job. If your only reason for becoming a cop was to throw it in your father's face, then turn your badge in permanently.

Scott: Two Spencers on their way to jail, huh? Makes you want to do the jig.

Nikolas: Scott. I have some material evidence regarding my uncle's death.

Scott: What is it?

Nikolas: It's a letter he wrote just before he died.

Scott: Oh. He was murdered.

Luke: What are you doing back here?

Nikolas: You want to trash your life, Luke, go ahead. But I'm not going to help you.

Scott: Well, this chicken scratch is like a suicide note!

Luke: Baldwin, you want me convicted for murder?

Scott: Yeah, followed by a steak dinner and a lethal injection, Spencer.

Luke: Well, then, rip that forgery up and toss a steak on the grill. Let's get on with it.

[Knock on door]

Sage: Hi, there.

Dillon: I thought you got arrested.

Sage: Well, not for long. I have friends in high places. I wanted to thank you. If the gun had been in my hand, I might have been killed, so I owe you one.

Dillon: Yeah, well, if you want to thank me, go ahead and lead a nice, safe existence away from firearms and me.

Sage: Well, first, I want to show you my gratitude.

Jax: I can't believe my father's gone. If Iíd only gotten the cards to him sooner.

Sam: You did the best you could.

Jax: If the car hadn't broken down and he'd actually seen the cards, if he actually realized that he was holding them, then maybe my father would still be alive.

Sam: Your father wouldn't want you to blame yourself, Jax.

Jax: He was counting on me, Sam.

Sam: But he loved you and believed in you and you will always remember what a wonderful father he is. That's all that matters.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Hello.

Man: Mr. Jax, this is Ernie, the auto mechanic from Dry Butte. I found out what caused the breakdown and it wasn't a pothole.

Jax: Oh, what was it?

Ernie: Someone yanked wires from the engine. The car was sabotaged. Someone didn't want you going anywhere.

Sonny: I can't -- I can't sign this.

Alan: Sonny, there's nothing else that we can do for --

Sonny: I want to keep Carly here. She's -- Iíll pay whatever it costs.

Alan: It has nothing to do with the money.

Sonny: Alan, Carly stays here.

Alan: I'll arrange it.

Sonny: I can't sign -- I can't sign those papers. That's admitting that Carlyís not coming back. I can't do that. There has to be a way to reach her.

[Monitor beeps]

[Beeping accelerates]

Carly: You promised to spend the rest of your life making me happy and you have. You have been a wonderful husband.

Lorenzo: Who never deserved the angel he was lucky enough to marry.

Carly: You deserved it all. Three beautiful children and a lifetime of memories. I can't imagine my life without you.

Lorenzo: We'll always be together, always in our hearts, right?

Carly: Oh, I love you, Lorenzo, forever.

[Monitor flat lines]

Lorenzo: Hey.

Carly: You're alive.

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Luke: Are you working with somebody, somebody who's got plans for me?

Georgie: Why are you kissing her?

Carly: You're here.

Lorenzo: I'm here.

Sam: Stop blaming yourself.

Jax: I don't blame myself, Sam. I blame you.

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