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Faith: There's a new ship due in the harbor this afternoon.

Man: One of yours?

Faith: It will be. I'm going to get someone onboard to check things out, and then I will decide how much product to move.


Faith: I wish you hadn't heard that.

Zander: What?

Faith: Wow, that must have been quite a night. A shame. I always thought you were kind of cute. Nothing personal. Kill him.

Zander: Go ahead. You're doing me a favor.

Monica: Emily! I have been worried sick about you.

Emily: Why? Mom, I called --

Monica: You didn't come home last night.

Nikolas: And I apologize for any inconvenience, but there's really nothing to worry about.

Emily: Yeah.

Monica: I think there's something to worry about. Emily almost died. Now, whether or not she's in remission, you cannot push yourself!

Emily: No, it's okay, it's okay, Mom. I feel better than I have in my whole life, okay? Nikolas and I figured out what we want, and we're together.

Marcella: Who are you watching so closely?

Lorenzo: Nikolas Cassadine. We do business from time to time. He owes me a great deal of money.

Marcella: Maybe that's what you need to be thinking about -- getting your money back.

Lorenzo: Is Sonny still with her?

Marcella: He's been with her all night.

Lorenzo: Then he'll be leaving soon and I can visit Carly.

Doctor: Mr. Alcazar, I just signed your paperwork. You can go home today.

Lorenzo: I'm not going anywhere.

Courtney: Did you get it? Okay. Oh, come on, Rosie. Didn't I tell you this is a great house? Did you see the size of the backyard, Michael? You and Rosie can run around all day long, any time you want. I don't have pack everything up and haul it off to the park.

Michael: Does Mommy know I'm here?

Courtney: She would want you to be here. No, your mommy wants you and Morgan to be safe.

Michael: Uncle Jason can keep us safe. Why didn't he come?

Courtney: Well, this town is so safe that we don't need Uncle Jason to protect us.

Michael: What about Daddy?

Courtney: Your daddy is taking care of your mommy right now.

Michael: How come we just go to the island?

Courtney: Okay. Listen, sweetie, I know that this is hard for you, but can you just try and give this place a chance? Please? Why don't you take Rosie and go check out the backyard, okay? Here, I'll take this.

Michael: I'll be good because I promised Daddy that I'd be good.

Courtney: Okay.

Michael: Come, Rosie. But me and Rosie don't want to be here.

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: Great.

Sonny: Courtney's probably going to rent a house. Michael and Morgan are going to be happy and they're going to be safe there. And you don't have to worry because Courtney’s -- she's taking good care of them. But they really -- they really need to be with their mommy. I went back to the penthouse for a little while, and it's like it was when I lived there alone, you know? Michael's trucks aren't scattered all over the place, and you know that little computer game he had that went beep-beep-beep? It got on my nerves? It's not there, you know? You're not on the phone, driving me crazy. Courtney packed up all the baby stuff. I guess you had already put it together, so everything's in order. There's no junk food in the refrigerator. Your clothes aren't scattered all over the bedroom. But it's dark there, and it's like nobody lives there. You need to come back. You need to fill up my life again.

Carly: Does this dress make me look fat?

Lorenzo: You've been asking me that same question for months.

Carly: Oh, so in other words, I look like a barn?

Lorenzo: You're the most beautiful barn I've ever seen.

Carly: Stop!

Lorenzo: You know what? I have never been happier.

Carly: Really?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Promise?

Lorenzo: Promise.

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: What'd you find out?

Max: They go to Jake’s every Tuesday.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Max: The woman likes to shoot pool, and they dance.

Sonny: All right, well, next Tuesday, her hubby will be delayed.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And she'll just happen to run into me.

Max: Hmm.

Sonny: Tell you what. If you wake up, I'll take you dancing. We'll shoot some pool at Jake’s, huh?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Say what you got to say and get out of here.

Ric: What do you know about the massacre on the five families? How was Jason able to walk away without a scratch?

Sonny: I have no idea.

Ric: Faith Rosco made any threats?

Sonny: I have nothing to do with Faith Rosco or the five families. I've retired.

Ric: That's impossible.

Zander: Do it. Go ahead.

Faith: Wait.

Zander: Come on. I'll make it easier for you. Right there, in the temple. Make it look like a suicide.

Faith: Go. I'll be in touch.

Zander: Well, you missed your chance.

Faith: Hold on a second. I kind of like you like this, all wild and reckless. What do you say you come and work for me?

Zander: Forget it.

Faith: Well, you obviously want to die. Why not die rich and have a little fun along the way?

Zander: Because I'm not interested.

Faith: Okay. What if you could get back at Sonny Corinthos?

Zander: If I wanted payback, Sonny wouldn't be the target.

Emily: Nikolas and I are together now, mom. I don't want to waste another second of my life.

Monica: I am in remission, too.

Emily: I know.

Monica: I know what it's like to want to grab life. But, Em, you're trying to do too many things way too fast.

Emily: I was, but I've made my choice.

Monica: Okay. Okay, well, does that mean that you are going to settle down and give yourself a chance to get well?

Emily: Yes, I will. I promise.

Monica: All right, thank you.

Emily: I love you, Mom.

Monica: I love you, too. See you later.

Emily: Okay. Bye.

Nikolas: Bye. She loves you so much.

Emily: Yeah. She's just a tad bit overprotective.

Nikolas: Yeah, you know, it wouldn't hurt to slow down a little bit, Em.

Emily: Yeah, I know. You know, I have to clean up with the mess with Zander.

Nikolas: I'm not sure that's possible.

Emily: I know, but I have to at least try.

Skye: Such a precious girl. Oh, I missed you so much. You know that?

Cameron: Good God. What's he gotten himself into this time?

Skye: What?

Cameron: Did you see this?

Skye: No. I haven't read today's paper.

Cameron: "Luke Spencer indicted for murder"? Are you all right?

Skye: Are you sure? Let me see that.

Cameron: Do you know Luke?

Skye: No. Not really. Lila's very fond of him.

Cameron: Lila?

Alexis: I'm going to court at the last minute. It was actually a good idea because I found a prec-- what is she doing here?

Skye: I have Cameron’s permission to be here, okay?

Alexis: We've got to be in court in one hour, and you pull a stunt like this? Out! Out! Out!

Skye: Fine. Kristina --

Alexis: Let's go! Let's go!

Skye: I will see you soon, darling.

Alexis: Let's go, let's go! Hello. What were you doing?

Cameron: As Kristina’s court-appointed guardian, I have the right.

Alexis: Answer the question.

Cameron: I think Kristina needs to spend more time with Skye.

Alexis: Really? And why is that?

Cameron: Because she's probably going to go back to the Quartermaines as soon as you're carted off to jail!

Ned: You didn't realize that Dr. Lewis had moved in with Alexis?

Nancy: The case manager assured me everything was fine. If I'd known, I'd have put Kristina in foster care. That may still be the most realistic option.

Ned: Why? The rape charges against me have been dropped. Kristina was thriving in our family home. Why not just give custody back to me?

Nancy: You can if Alexis signs away all rights to the child.

Ned: Well, that's never going to happen.

Nancy: There's only one other option. If Alexis is convicted of fraud and sent to prison, you can take your daughter home to stay.

Lorenzo: I hope you'll accept this donation to the neonatal unit.

Doctor: A cash donation?

Lorenzo: To be utilized at your discretion.

Doctor: In return for what?

Lorenzo: I stay in the hospital until further notice.

Doctor: I'll take care of it.

Marcella: You can't stay in the hospital forever.

Lorenzo: I can stay as long as I want.

Marcella: Carly could be in this hospital for weeks, months. What about the rest of your life?

Lorenzo: My life is here.

Ric: Look, I can understand you wanting to change your life, considering everything that's happened. But you can't just walk away from your business, Sonny. Come on, you don't know how to do anything else. It's part of you. It's your life's blood, no matter how it affects your family.

Sonny: You don't understand anything about me, A.D.A. Lansing. You don't understand what I want and what I'll do to get it, and that's fine. What you need to understand is I haven't forgotten what you did to Carly and I haven't forgotten you put this train in motion, and you're going to pay for it.

Ric: So much for retirement.

Sonny: Oh, I'm not going to lift a finger. I'm owed, and someone will collect on my behalf.

Ric: I'm not afraid of you, Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, you are.

Ric: You know, eventually, Faith is going to wind up dead. And when she does, I'm going to come for you. I'm going to personally put you in a jail cell, and you'll never see Carly again.

Courtney: Hey, kiddo. Did you like the backyard? Where's Rosie?

Michael: On the back porch.

Courtney: Did she like it?

Michael: She's a dog. She likes everything.

Courtney: You know, I bet they have a real nice school here.

Michael: I like my old school.

Courtney: Can you just try and think of this as a big adventure?

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Michael, wait.

Michael: Daddy?

Sonny: How are you doing?

Michael: Did Mommy wake up?

Sonny: No, not yet.

Michael: When can I come home?

Sonny: Listen, you need to stay there with your little brother, okay? Take care of him.

Michael: But I want to be with you and Mommy. Please come and get us.

Sonny: Hey, listen, buddy, I got to stay with your mama.

Courtney: Sonny --

Sonny: Where'd he go?

Courtney: In the other room. This is really difficult for him.

Sonny: How's Morgan?

Courtney: Fine, so far. He's taking a nap. What about Jason?

Sonny: He's working.

Courtney: Look, I know he's angry. He listens to you, Sonny. Would you just please get him to understand that I am doing this because I --

[Knock on door]

Courtney: You know what? Someone's at the front door.

Sonny: Who is it?

Courtney: There's -- one of the railings broke, and the realtor sent someone over to fix it. Listen, please, can you call back later tonight? I think it's good for Michael to hear your voice.

Sonny: All right.

Man: Hi. You need something fixed?

Alexis: I had no idea Luke had been arrested. I'd be defending him if I weren't so busy defending myself.

Cameron: Actually, Dara's defending you. Let her, and you might get off with the minimum sentence.

Alexis: You're acting like I've lost this case already.

Cameron: You will if you attack the reputation of a teenage girl.

Alexis: That teenage girl is a con artist.

Cameron: And you knew months ahead of time that Stefan had hired her to ruin Ned.

Alexis: But the trail that led to me was fabricated.

Cameron: You could have intervened at any time to save Ned’s reputation.

Alexis: I had no idea how far Stefan would go. I was blackmailed before I could speak up, and you know it.

Cameron: That's all the more reason to let Dara handle your case today.

Alexis: It's my life at stake. I'm perfectly capable with my own ability to handle it.

Cameron: The lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client. Who said that?

Alexis: Perry Mason. What do you suggest?

Cameron: Throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

Alexis: That is never going to happen.

Skye: Alexis won't know what hit her after you testify.

Ned: If Alexis goes to jail, I'll probably get custody.

Skye: Isn't that what you want?

Ned: Look, I never wanted to cut Alexis out of Kristina’s life.

Skye: Would you rather Kristina end up in foster care?

Ned: No.

Skye: That baby deserves the best life that you can give her.

Ned: I know, I know.

Skye: Alexis has done nothing but hurt Kristina, not to mention you. None of this would be happening if Alexis hadn't tried to frame you for rape to force you out of Kristina’s life. Now, that is not the act of a good and responsible parent. For Kristina’s sake, you have to testify about everything that Alexis has done to you.

Sonny: I just -- I just spoke with Michael, and he's homesick. I mean, you can't blame the kid. He'll like the house once he gets used to it. Courtney says there's a big backyard there. Maybe little Morgan can learn how to walk with grass under his feet. If not there, then, you know, wherever we move to when you wake up. Maybe we can go to a little town, you know. We can change our names, change, you know, everything -- whatever we've got to. We can be like everybody else and start over.

Sonny: So the tires are slashed? Thank you, Max.

Sonny: Can I get you anything?

Carly: Yeah. I'd like about 17 milk shakes and 93 bags of cheese puffs.

Sonny: I could do that.

Carly: No, that's okay. My husband will be here any minute now.

Sonny: Yeah, I understand. Well, you look great. The baby's fine?

Carly: Yeah. Thanks.

Sonny: I hate to see a woman alone in a bar.

Carly: Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about it myself. God, where the hell is he? I --

Sonny: Here, you know what? I got a phone --

Carly: No, no, no, no, no, that's fine. You know what? He's probably just held up at a business meeting.

Sonny: You want some orange juice? Because I don't think they make milk shakes here.

Carly: Hmm -- no, I'm cool. Hey, how's this -- if I beat you at a game of eight ball, then you can buy me some orange juice. And when I do that, when my husband shows up, you can buy him a drink, too.

Sonny: You've never seen me play pool.

Carly: Well, that's the bet. Take it or leave it.

Sonny: I think I'll take it.

Carly: Oh. All right, let's go.

Sonny: When you wake up, we'll have a brand-new life, a safe life, like you wanted from the start.


Dara: Alexis?

Alexis: Oh. Hi, Dara.

Dara: Are you all right?

Alexis: Yeah. I thought I heard something.

Dara: You know what? We're running a little late.

Alexis: Oh, God, you're right.

Dara: I'm glad I ran into you, though, because we need to review a couple things?

Alexis: Whatever you need.

Dara: Okay.

Alexis: Let's go.

Emily: Zander? Zander? Do you have a minute?

Emily: I don't want to leave things like this.

Zander: Okay. Say what you want to say.

Emily: You deserve so much better than I gave you. I never meant to hurt you, but I did.

Zander: I'll file for divorce as soon as the caffeine kicks in.

Emily: Zander, I'm so sorry.

Zander: It's funny, you know? All the lying and cheating, letting me catch you. You know, that's the kind of thing that I do -- taking something I love and killing it. Because for a while you were this -- I don't know -- hope, a beacon in the night, just one chance in a million, and I turned my life around to be worthy. And that was my mistake, because I don't know you. I don't know you at all.

Courtney: Thanks for getting over here so quick.

Man: It's no problem at all.

Courtney: Hey.

Michael: Hey. Who's he?

Man: I'm Brian.

Michael: I'm Michael.

Brian: It's nice to meet you, Michael. Would you like to help me out? Here, I'll hold, you hammer.

Brian: Thanks.

Courtney: Sweetie, why don't you go check on Rosie, okay?

Michael: Okay.

Courtney: All right.

Brian: Well, I think that'll about do it.

Courtney: Good.

Brian: So you just move in today?

Courtney: Yeah. The boys and I are starting over.

Brian: Well, I wish you all the best.

Courtney: Thank you.

Brian: Yeah, we got a nice little town here. Hope you like it.

Courtney: I'm sure we will. Thanks again.

Brian: You're welcome.

Sonny: Bobbie, I got your page. Are the test results in?

Bobbie: Why did you move my grandchildren out of state without my consent? And why did I have to find out about it from a bodyguard?

Sonny: Courtney -- Courtney took the children to a small town to keep them safe.

Bobbie: I want to visit my grandchildren.

Sonny: Sure, I know that. I'm arranging that right now. I just wanted them to settle down, you know. Plus, I didn't want you to be followed.

Bobbie: I am their grandmother. Did it ever even occur to you to ask if I'm okay with this?

Sonny: Okay, look, I'm going through a lot of stuff right now, okay? Carly would want me to keep the kids safe. I am keeping them safe.

Scott: Tell us, in your own words, what you were hired to do.

Cindy: To make Ned Ashton look bad.

Scott: How were you supposed to do this?

Cindy: Like a groupie in love. Get caught in bed with him. I left a diary on his doorstep. I filed charges of rape.

Scott: Did Ned rape you?

Cindy: No. He did not.

Scott: Why did you say he did?

Cindy: Because I was paid a lot of money.

Scott: Really? Who paid you to do this?

Cindy: Alexis Davis.

Scott: In your own words, why would Alexis hire you to ruin Ned?

Cindy: So she could have custody of their child.

Scott: No further questions. Your witness.

Dara: How much did Ms. Davis pay you?

Cindy: I'm not sure.

Dara: You ruined a man's life, and you have no idea how much you were paid?

Cindy: It was a thousand here and a thousand there.

Dara: What did you do with the money?

Cindy: I spent it.

Dara: Did you go shopping? Have a wild weekend in the city?

Scott: Your Honor, objection.

Judge: Tone it down, please.

Dara: Did you pay college tuition?

Cindy: No.

Dara: So you have no idea how you spent the money Stefan Cassadine gave you?

Cindy: Stefan Cassadine didn't pay me anything.

Alexis: You're lying, Ms. Harrison, but you have a long of lying, don't you?

Judge: Ms. Jensen, who's conducting this cross, you or your client?

Dara: Alexis?

Alexis: I'm a lawyer in good standing, Your Honor. I'd like to conduct a cross of this witness.

Judge: District Attorney Baldwin?

Scott: No objection.

Judge: Proceed, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Have you worked as a prostitute, Ms. Harrison?

Cindy: No.

Alexis: Haven't you picked up men on the docks?

Cindy: No.

Alexis: Don't you have a history of petty theft, loitering, and shoplifting?

Cindy: No!

Alexis: And isn't your juvenile record about a mile long?

Judge: Those records are sealed.

Alexis: Didn't you furnish an underage false birth certificate to Mr. Cassadine when he hired you?

Cindy: You hired me!

Alexis: You're lying, Ms. Harrison. You have built your life on lies. I am giving you an opportunity, for once, for your sake, and for the sake of my daughter to tell the truth.

Cindy: I'm telling the truth. I'm sorry that you're so upset, but you paid me more money that I had ever seen. All you said I had to do was ruin Ned Ashton!

Alexis: You're committing perjury.

Cindy: You swore you'd do anything to get your daughter back. It was you, Ms. Davis. It was you.

Courtney: Thanks for helping Brian.

Michael: You're welcome.

Courtney: You know, if you want, Michael, we can go into town later and pick out some new sheets for your bedroom. Any kind you want.

Michael: Mommy likes some pizza.

Courtney: Yeah, I know, sweetie.

Michael: Maybe we can bring her some and she'd wake up.

Courtney: I think that's a good idea.


Courtney: Get all the way down. Wait, lie still. Okay, don't move. Don't move.

Courtney: Okay, somebody is shooting at my house. Please hurry.

Bobbie: Can you imagine what this is like for Michael? How confused he must be?

Sonny: Bobbie, you agreed that Courtney should take care of the children.

Bobbie: But not all by herself in a brand-new town. Courtney doesn't have any experience with children. And what if the baby gets sick? Did you make any kind of arrangements for a pediatrician? And what about Michael? How much more do you expect the kid to take? Sonny, how could you possibly send him away from his home and away from me? What if he runs away?

Sonny: Okay, I'm doing what's best -- I'm doing what's best for my children. I am not going to put them at risk.

Bobbie: Well, you sure put a bullet through my daughter's head, didn't you? And you don't seem to mind sending her children away. And if Carly doesn't wake up, I'm going after those children myself because I don't trust you to raise them.

Lorenzo: I'd like to take you to visit Italy someday. We could go to Rome first. I'll show you the ruins and the museums. Then we can take the train to Tuscany, stop in all the little towns and save Florence for the grand finale. We could stay at the Villa san Michael, sit out on the terrace, look out over the countryside.

Alan: Sonny? I'm glad I caught you.

Sonny: What's wrong?

Alan: I don't want you to think that I'm pushing Carly out of the hospital, because I'm not. But you really need to start making arrangements for a long-term care facility for her.

Sonny: I'll take her home, Alan.

Alan: That's not my recommendation.

Sonny: I'll set up everything that needs to be set up.

Alan: Listen, it's your decision. I'm simply advising you it's not doing Carly any good to sit here in the hospital. We've done everything we can for her. I'm sorry.

Lorenzo: Sonny, you can't move Carly.

Alexis: Apparently, I called this wrong.

Cameron: You think?

Dara: Do you want me to plead you out?

Alexis: You know that I didn't hire her.

Cameron: Would you rather wait until Ned testifies?

Dara: He can send you to prison.

Cameron: Is that what you want for Kristina?

Alexis: Make a deal.

Dara: Scott, I'd like to meet with the judge in chambers.

Scott: No deals. Alexis has already gotten away with murder.

Dara: That has no bearing on this case.

Scott: Well, save it for the appeal. She's going to pay for this. Once I get Ashton up on the stand, put a fork in her. She's done.

Judge: This court is now in session. Everybody, take your seats. Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Yes, Your Honor. Ned Ashton to the stand. So, what is your relationship with the defendant?

Ned: We share a child.

Scott: Can you be a little more specific?

Ned: Your Honor, I'd like to make a statement.

Judge: That's highly irregular. Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Mr. Ashton hasn't cleared the statement. However, he's entitled to tell his own side of the story.

Judge: You realize anything you say is open to cross-examination.

Ned: Yes, I do.

Judge: Proceed.

Ned: Cindy Harrison accused me of rape. My reputation in this community has been severely tarnished, and I'm not sure I'll ever get my name back. I'm dreading the day when my daughter finds out about all this. I really don't know what I could possibly tell her because anything I do say will hurt her. And all of us agree that that's the last thing we want to do, because Kristina is the most important person in all of this. I've always felt that, and I know that Alexis feels the same way. I believe that Alexis should be accountable for what she did to me, but I also believe that if she goes to prison the one who will suffer the most will be her daughter, Kristina. Kristina needs her mother. And not unsupervised visits, according to a prison schedule. She needs her mother to be free, to be loved, to be cared for, and to build a family with. So I am dropping all charges against Alexis Davis --

[Gallery gasps]

Skye: What?

Ned: And I'm hoping that the district attorney and this court will do the same.

[Gallery murmurs]

Zander: I appreciate the offer, Faith. I really do.

Faith: Do you read the papers? Because I just took out the five families. I am in a position to offer you a job with great perks and lots of upward mobility.

Zander: I understand that. I'm just saying I work better alone.

Faith: Well, what if this work involves Cassadines?

Zander: I'm listening.

Faith: A Cassadine ship just entered the harbor. I need it to transport product.

Zander: Okay.

Faith: Okay, so I need to get someone aboard, find out what I'm dealing with before I take control. It will cause the Cassadines major problems.

Zander: When do I start?

Emily: Zander's like when I first met him, only worse.

Nikolas: You're not responsible for how Zander lives or what he does anymore, Em.

Emily: I know. Yeah, I was supposed to be Zander's big savior, but I ended up ruining his life.

Nikolas: Well, we could have all handled things differently, I think.

Emily: I've made terrible choices, and I'm responsible for them, you know? My intentions were good, but I've done real damage.

Nikolas: No, no. I wish I could make this better for you.

Emily: Well, you are. You do.

Nikolas: Well, what Zander does next -- it's up to him. What you and I do next is up to us. I don't feel guilty for being in love with you. Please don't feel that way about me.

Emily: I feel bad for him, but I'm not sorry I love you. I'm ready to, I don't know, explode with joy.

Nikolas: Yeah, that makes two of us. Come here. I love you. Come here, I want to show you something.

Emily: Okay.

Nikolas: See that ship out there?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: That's a Cassadine vessel right there.

Emily: Oh, it looks brand new.

Nikolas: It is. I ordered it before the bottom fell out. Bought and paid for. That ship could save the Cassadines. It's my best chance to pay off the debt and start over. You're looking at the future right there.

Emily: Oh. And I love it with all my heart.

Courtney: Okay, sweetie, go upstairs with your brother. Don't move. Stay down.

Brian: Hold it right there!

Courtney: Brian.

Sonny: Whoa -- what did you do to my wife? How long have you been here?

Lorenzo: Carly responds to my voice. Her heart rate increases.

Sonny: Because she's afraid of you. You're a sick man.

Lorenzo: I'm helping her.

Sonny: You helped? You put her in here as much as I did with your obsession, your mind games.

Lorenzo: Has she responded to you?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Yes! Pay up.

Sonny: Did I just get hustled?

Carly: You just lost. I just won. You owe me orange juice and French fries.

Sonny: Oh, I never agreed to fries.

Carly: Sure, you did.

Sonny: They're not good for you.

Carly: Trying to weasel your way out of the bet?

Sonny: No, I'm a man of my word.

Carly: All right, then, I want French fries.

Lorenzo: What's going on here?

Carly: Sonny's buying. He just lost a bet.

Lorenzo: Carly, may I have a word with you?

Carly: I was shooting pool to pass the time. I waiting for you. I was worried.

Lorenzo: I was late because my tires were slashed.

Carly: Well, why didn't you call me?

Lorenzo: My cell phone vanished. Corinthos probably had it stolen.

Carly: All right, do you know how crazy all of this sounds?

Lorenzo: I know how he thinks. My brother thinks the same way. You know what? I'm not afraid of you.

Sonny: Why would you be?

Lorenzo: Stay away from my wife.

Sonny: I would advise you to stay away from me.

Carly: Okay, both --

Lorenzo: I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family.

Carly: Stop it, both of you. Back off. It was a game of pool. Sonny knows that I'm happily married.

Lorenzo: You want Carly all to yourself in a permanent coma or vital and awake with my help?

Sonny: Can you get this through your head? She doesn't need your help.

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