GH Transcript Thursday 10/30/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/30/03

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Skye: Hi.

Jax: Hi.

Skye: I know it's late notice, but would you go to the Halloween charity ball with me? Not as a date, obviously, but there might be other business people there to ante up if -- are you going somewhere?

Jax: I am going to Texas. I have to face my father and tell him I can't return the dead man's hand.

Skye: Well, why not?

Jax: Because the cards are gone. Sam burned them.

Skye: Are you sure?

Jax: Yep. I saw the ashes.

Skye: Well, that doesn't make any sense. If I were Sam, I wouldn't destroy those cards. At least not until I tried them out.

Man: Two.

Second man: And I'll raise you three.

First man: Fold.

Sam: I got five.

Man: I'm out.

Second man: [Southern accent] I'm afraid that wager is a tad rich for my blood.

Third man: Come on, come on, let's see what you've got.

Fourth man: I better get a good hand soon. Come on, man.

Sam: Ahem. Full boat, gentlemen, aces over kings.

Man: She's been winning all night.

Second man: I don't get this.

Sam: Skill, boys. Nothing but skill.

Man: Yeah, it's what you keep saying.

Second man: [Southern accent] I would never begrudge victory to a lady.

Third man: Well, I would.

Sam: Well, thank you.

Man: [Southern accent] May I say your winning streak is almost as dazzling as your smile.

Sam: Well, you are very kind.

Man: [Southern accent] May I be so bold as to inquire, what is your secret?

Sam: It's all in the cards.

Courtney: So did you like helping feed your baby brother?

Michael: It was ok. When is mommy coming home?

Jason: Well, Michael, she -- you know, she needs to sleep right now to help her get well.

Michael: How long will that take?

Jason: Nobody knows for sure.

Courtney: Hey, sweetie, everything's going to be all right, ok? All the bad stuff is going to be over with soon, I promise.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah.

Sammy: Sammy Tagliati. Five families called a meeting today at the West End warehouse. All the leadership will be present. We sincerely hope Mr. Corinthos can set aside his personal concerns and attend.

Marcella: I just spoke with Carlyís nurse. There's been no change.

Lorenzo: Is Sonny still with her?

Marcella: He's been there all night. He won't leave her side.

Lorenzo: Well, he'll have to, eventually, if only to visit his children.

Marcella: You need to be in bed.

Lorenzo: No, not until I've seen Carly.

Sonny: What else can I say? I mean -- how many more stories about Brooklyn can you stand to hear? The doctors say you're still dreaming, trying to find your way back. Let me help you, ok? I'm here. I'm right here. And when you do, you'll be home.

Carly: Oh, can you believe how cold it is getting out there?

Lily: I love it. I'm looking forward to the snow.

Carly: Oh, not me. I grew up on a beach in Florida. Hey, how about you?

Lily: Puerto Rico.

Carly: Ok, so, why are we here, right?

Lily: Exactly. This is for you.

Carly: Oh, thank -- ok, that is a serious ring there.

Lily: Thank you.

Carly: Ok, someone must love you a lot. Whoa.

Lily: He's right here. This is my husband, Sonny Corinthos.

Carly: Hey. Carly Roberts. Nice to meet you.

Sonny: My pleasure. Thank you.

Carly: Excuse me. I don't mean to rush.

Sonny: Oh, that's all right.

Lily: Ok, no problem.

Carly: Hey.

Lorenzo: I was afraid Iíd miss you. The meeting ran long.

Carly: Yeah, well, what'd they say?

Lorenzo: Well --

Carly: Oh, come on. Are those "can you believe how great this is" flowers or "God, how awful" flowers?

Lorenzo: I got tenure.

Carly: Agh! Whoo! Congratulations! Oh.

Lorenzo: Oh, these flowers are for you.

Carly: Oh.

Lorenzo: Sorry.

Carly: Thanks, that is great. Ok, so come on, come on. The Medici stuff, right? That sold them on how the paintings reflected the values of the time?

Lorenzo: Yeah, you were listening.

Carly: Yeah -- well, of course I was listening. So what'd the committee say?

Lorenzo: I just call it academic gobbledygook.

Carly: Professor of the year three years straight, more publications than anyone in the history department. It is not gobbledygook. They had no choice, and they are so jealous, aren't they? They grilled you.

Lorenzo: You are incredibly insightful.

Carly: Hmm, yeah, well, not everyone would agree, but why argue? So you know what this calls for?

Lorenzo: Hmm?

Carly: A celebration.  What are you doing?

Lorenzo: Would you join me for dinner tomorrow at my new apartment?

Carly: Do you want it up there?

Lorenzo: Yeah. Perfect.

Carly: Professor Alcazar, yes, I would be honored.

Luke: [Southern accent] I'm afraid I must raise the flag of surrender to our charming champion.

Sam: Thanks.

Man: Yeah, yeah. Deal.

Second man: You in or what?

Sam: Yeah, of course I'm in.

Man: Let's do it.

Luke: It has been a great pleasure to have spent the evening with you fair-minded gentlemen and such a lucky little lady.

Sam: Me, too, and I wish you the best of luck.

Luke: I shall do my best to make all your wishes come true.

Man: Where's your ante?

Sam: All right.

Luke: Good evening.

Man: Let's go, round one.

Sam: What have you got? One?

Man: Yeah.

Sam: There you go.

Man: I want to raise you 100.

Second man: Oh, yeah?

Sam: Hold on, hold on.

Man: I need my money back.

Second man: How about 200?

First man: 200?

Sam: I'll raise you 300.

Man: Whew.

Sam: 300? And she folds.  Hey! What are you doing?

Jax: Game's over.

Sam: Like hell it is.

Jax: No, they have to set up for the charity ball.

Sam: Yeah? Well, they can set up around me.

Jax: Mm-hmm. And it's time to call it a night, huh?

Sam: Jax! Come on! Stop it! Come on! Let me go!

Dillon: When my mom found out that I lost those cards, she --

Georgie: She totally freaked.

Dillon: Yeah, she's probably on the phone with General Perry right now.

Georgie: Would she really send you to military school?

Dillon: Mm-hmm, unless I get those cards back, yeah.

Georgie: I should have spotted that math tutor as a fake.

Dillon: Why?

Georgie: Well, I knew people were after the cards, and if Iíd just paid attention --

Dillon: Yeah, well, they have them now. I mean, they have them, so there's not a whole lot we can do about it. Are you going to that Halloween charity ball thing?

Georgie: Do you have an invitation?

Dillon: Yeah, my grandmother's the honorary chairwoman. She wants me to go.

Georgie: Sure.

Dillon: Yeah? Cool, because it may be our last chance to party in a really long time.

Zander: Hi.

Emily: Oh, hi. I -- Iím doing a food run for the volunteers. We're decorating the Versailles room for the Halloween charity ball.

Zander: Right. I -- I know it's kind of last minute and I'm not big on costume Halloween type things, but would you want to go with me?

Emily: Oh, I'd love to, but I'm going with Lucky.

Zander: Ok.

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: I guess that's what I get for waiting till the last minute.

Emily: Hey, you know, it's a worthy cause, and if you show up, will you promise to save me a dance?

Zander: Yeah. Hopefully, Iíll see you there.

Emily: Ok. Yeah. See you there. Bye.

Jason: When are you going to learn?

Faith: What are you doing?

Jason: You should have left town when you had the chance, Faith. How many times --

Faith: Look, I have some business with Sonny and I didn't want to help Alcazar.

Sonny: What's she doing here?

Faith: Did you call a meeting of the five families?

Sonny: I don't want you near my wife.

Faith: Shut up. I need to know. It's today at the West End warehouse. Do you know what it's about?

Sonny: You shut up. She shows up here again, you know what to do.

Faith: Message received.

Sonny: Do you hear what I said?

Faith: I will stay away.

Jason: What do you want to do about this meeting?

Sonny: I can't -- I can't think about any --

Jason: Tagliati called. It sounded important. What do you want to do?

Sonny: Look, I can't think about business right now. All I can think about is --

Sam: Get off of me!

Jax: Get inside!

Sam: God!

Jax: Why didn't you leave town?

Sam: None of your business!

Jax: What were you doing in that card game?

Sam: I needed gas money. We all can't be zillionaires, can we?

Jax: You didn't burn the cards.

Sam: You saw the ashes, didn't you?

Jax: Mm-hmm, you were trying the cards out for luck. That's why you were winning tonight, huh?

Sam: Why is it so impossible for you to accept the fact that I know how to play poker? Those guys were in way over their head. You have no --

Jax: What's in the pouch, huh?

Sam: Give it -- give it back to me. Jax, come on. Give it. Now, wait a second. Somebody stole my cards.

Skye: Who invented this stuff?

Emily: Hey, pass me those leaves, Skye.

Skye: Oh, all right. Well, hold on. It's a little unwieldy. Oh.

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: The place is shaping up.

Emily: Hi.

Skye: It's all for charity.

Monica: Oh, Nikolas, you got ladder duty.

Nikolas: I'll do my best.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: I didn't picture you as the volunteer to decorate type.

Nikolas: Well, see, that's the problem with being a prince. No one ever bothers to ask if you'll pitch in because they'll just assume you'll say no anyway.

Emily: Well, so, decorating isn't princely, but almost drowning while saving a lady and her kid from a flooded car is in the job description. You jumped right into that. How are you feeling today?

Nikolas: Uh -- oh, I'm ok. It was nothing, no big deal.

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Nikolas: Definitely well enough to dance, so -- I -- I realize it's late, and I apologize, but you coming to the ball with me?

Emily: I'd love to, but I already told Lucky Iíd go with him.

Faith: There is a meeting of the five families later today. You need to send a representative.

Lorenzo: Meaning yourself?

Faith: I have worked with them for a very long time. If you wish to acquire leverage in this territory --

Lorenzo: My business concerns extend far beyond Port Charles, Faith.

Faith: Right. So why don't you let me cover your local interests?

Lorenzo: Faith, I have more important things to think about right now.

Faith: All the more reason for me to handle this.

Lorenzo: Look, I don't need the five families and I certainly don't need you here right now.

Faith: Excuse me. I did everything --

Lorenzo: Look, you tried to cover your back by giving information to Corinthos. You're only alive because I haven't had time to deal with you. So don't represent me at the meeting. Don't even show up here at the hospital. I have more important things to deal with right now.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Sonny: Carly hasn't moved at all. She's not responding to anything. You know, I don't even know if she's dreaming. I don't know.

Jason: Maybe we just -- you know, we can't tell right now.

Sonny: Yeah, well -- did I tell you she smiled before she passed out? She told me she loved me. I'm thinking -- I don't -- I mean, maybe -- maybe she didn't realize that I shot her. Maybe she just felt the pain in her head. She was so caught up in the baby to even notice, you know? Like maybe it felt like --

Jason: So what do you want to do about this meeting?

Sonny: I trust you to handle it. I don't even want to hear the details. All that matters right now is -- is Carly.

Jason: She'll find her way back.

Nikolas: I should have asked you sooner.

Emily: Well, then, save me a dance. If that's all right.

Nikolas: Oh, you know it is.

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: See you.

Emily: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.

Nikolas: Bye.

Emily: Goodbye.

Skye: Wow. Looks like you got your wish with no help from me.

Emily: What wish?

Skye: Are you kidding me? Nikolas was looking at you like you're the only woman on the planet.

Emily: Yeah. He was, wasn't he?

Skye: So what? You and Zander broke up?

Emily: Yeah, for the moment. It's complicated.

Skye: You know, Emily, I'm probably the last person in the world who should be giving you this advice, but just be honest, ok, with yourself first and then with Nikolas and Zander. You know, "used to be in love with" or "cares for deeply" -- it isn't exactly quite the same thing as soul mate. So just do it. Just tell the truth. As much as it's going to hurt, it's really the only solution.

Sam: So, I gave the cards a test run. What's the problem? Why are you the only person who gets to cash in on the dead man's hand?

Jax: Because the cards belong to my father, ok?

Sam: Not anymore. I got my hands on them first.

Jax: You stole them from a lovesick teenager.

Sam: Which is a hell of a lot more than you managed to do. Listen, anyway, I was planning on giving them back to you.

Jax: You expect me to believe that after all the things we have been through?

Sam: I don't care whether you do or not. I know what my intentions were. I was going to lend them to you so you can lend them to your father and do whatever you had to do and maybe work out a deal. But you know what? It does not matter because the cards are gone.

Jax: Luke Spencer has the cards. He's going to auction them to the highest bidder tonight.

Courtney: He's ok. Oh. You slept for such a long time. Come here. You must be starving. Yeah. Hey, precious. Hey.

[Morgan stirs]

Courtney: Shh. Hey. Shh.

Jason: Hey.

Courtney: Shh. How's Sonny?

Jason: Well, you know he's tired and worried about Carly, and there hasn't been much change.

Courtney: You want to help me feed Morgan?

Jason: You know what, I got to go to a meeting. You know, I just came by -- I just came by to tell you.

Courtney: What kind of a meeting?

Jason: Business.

Courtney: Something Sonny should be doing?

Jason: Yeah, Sonny's with Carly. I can handle it.

Courtney: Is it dangerous?

Jason: I'm going to be back as soon as I can, ok? Hey, Morgan, you be good for Courtney, ok? All right, Iíll see you tonight.

Lily: Your hair looks pretty.

Carly: Yeah, you think?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Carly: God, it's driving me nuts. My boyfriend just got tenure at PCU. That means he can never get fired. Did you know that? I mean, who ever heard of a job like that? It's not like he doesn't deserve it, though. He is the most popular professor on campus.

Lily: He sounds wonderful.

Carly: Oh, yeah. We're celebrating tonight, so I just -- I want everything to be perfect.

Lily: Well, have fun.

Carly: Yeah. Thanks.

Lorenzo: Just in time.

Carly: Hey. Wow. Well, honey, you really went all out.

Lorenzo: I hope you like champagne.

Carly: Well, if it's fizzy, I like it. Oh, you didn't get that at the supermarket, did you?

Lorenzo: You know, they were just out.

Carly: Oh, my mom -- she buys champagne at the supermarket. I don't think it's got the year on the label. It's probably just got the month.

Lorenzo: Is your mother in Florida?

Carly: Yeah.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Carly: Yeah, my adopted mom. I can't really get used to thinking of Bobbie as my mother yet and if it hadn't been for you, I never would have told her that I was the kid she gave up.

Lorenzo: I will always be honored that you confided in me.

Carly: And I will always be grateful that you cared enough to talk me into telling the truth. So --

Lorenzo: So --

Carly: To my favorite professor with tenure, who can never, ever, ever get fired no matter how bad he messes up, but, of course, he won't.

Lorenzo: And to Carly, who keeps it all in perspective.

Carly: That's good stuff.

Lorenzo: I'm glad you like it. I wanted this evening to be perfect.

Carly: I was just telling a customer the exact same thing. You know, I was actually telling her all about you and she was very, very impressed. So, have you been getting calls from tons of people to congratulate you, or is your family just going nuts?

Lorenzo: Actually, I haven't told them.

Carly: Why not?

Lorenzo: Well, I made myself the black sheep of the family when I chose teaching over the family business.

Carly: Oh, tell them to get over it. Seriously. If your family can't appreciate you, it's their loss.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Sonny: So, you said that the tests have shown brain activity. That's a good sign, right?

Tony: It can be.

Sonny: That means, I mean, she's still dreaming? That's what you told me before.

Tony: I'm still concerned about the amount of brain injury she sustained. I don't mean to be negative but you need to understand that the longer Carly is unconscious, the less chance that she'll wake up.

Sam: It must have been that southern guy who kissed my hand. He's a great pickpocket. It is not going to happen again, and we need to come up with a strategy for tonight.

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's this "we"? There's no "we," ok?

Sam: We are a team, remember?

Jax: No. No, no. Teammates don't drug one another and they don't steal from one another.  They don't lie to each other and they don't mislead one another.

Sam: You sank my boat. You owe me $50,000.

Jax: You know what? Let's just agree that we don't get along, that we don't agree, so let's just call it a draw. It's a draw.

Sam: No, we made a bet.

Jax: And you lost several times. You're not a lady, McCall. You can't even begin to impersonate one. You've got no manners, no polish, no dimension. You are completely lacking character and integrity so you're the last person on earth I would ever agree to work with.

Sam: Fine. It's your loss. I intend to find those cards, and when I do, you will come running back to me.

Man: Skye Quartermaine?

Skye: Yes.  Where did you --

Edward: Why aren't you mingling? The C.E.O. Of E.L.Q. should be seen at functions like these.

A.J.: I will be right there.

Edward: What were you looking at?

A.J.: Let's call it an investment opportunity, shall we?

Dillon: Georgie?

Georgie: Hey! How are you? How do I look?

Dillon: Hot.

Georgie: Really?

Dillon: I don't even care about the whole playing-card thing. I just want to spend the night with you.

Georgie: I do. I'm not going to lose you to military school.

Dillon: Don't worry about it, ok? We'll think of something here. We have to.

Monica: Oh, we haven't seen Emily, either.

Zander: She'll be here. She said she was coming with lucky.

Nikolas: Dr. Quartermaine, Dr. Quartermaine. You look wonderful.

Monica: Thank you.

Nikolas: Your family have any trouble with the storm?

Alan: Well, some minor flooding, and, unfortunately, Jasonís wife was in a car accident.

Nikolas: Oh, that's right. Emily told me.

Monica: And Emily told me that you saved a woman and a child from drowning.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah. Yeah, her car was trapped in the floodwaters. Any one here would have done the same thing.

Monica: Yeah.

Alan: Well, your search is over. Emily just walked in.

Sonny: Here we go again, huh? Doctors say Carlyís getting worse, she's slipping away. I can't help her now. But you can. My sons need their mother and Carly needs to be with her sons. She wouldn't want to leave them. No. She must be tired of fighting to have to pay for this life that I lead. Do what you can to bring her back to me, whatever you got to do. I mean, send her angels to lead her home -- to me, her children. I will do whatever. I'll do, you know, whatever it costs. I will do anything, pay any price.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lorenzo: How is she?

Nurse: There's no change.

Lorenzo: Carly, I know you're finding your way back. Don't let go. Please don't leave us. Your children are waiting. They need you. Carly, I need you.

Jason: Gentlemen, obviously Iím here on behalf of Mr. Corinthos.

Sammy: We all share his concern for his wife and wish her a speedy and safe recovery.

Man: Yes, we do.

Second man: It's terrible, tragic.

Jason: Thank you. Thank you all. I'll give Sonny the message.

Sammy: We regret what has happened to Mr. Corinthos but his problems with this Lorenzo Alcazar have attracted attention.

Man: And the police.

Sammy: Now, we need to find a solution that works for all of us.

Man: Right.

Faith: Gentlemen.

Sammy: Mrs. Roscoe.

Faith: So where's my seat at the table?

Sammy: You have no place at this meeting.

Faith: Oh, I certainly do. I do business in this territory.

Sammy: Not anymore.

Jason: Faith, get out.

Man: Who told her about this meeting?

Second man: She's wasting our time.

Sammy: Get her out of here. Show Mrs. Roscoe to the door.

Faith: Donít. Gentlemen, you've had your chance.

Sammy: Now, let's get back to work here. We're suggesting a temporary adjustment to our --

Jason: Sonny -- Sonny will continue to do business the way he always has.

Emily: Hi, mom. Hi, dad.

Alan: You look beautiful.

Emily: Oh, you can be just a little bit biased.

Monica: No, not a chance. You are gorgeous, both inside and out.

Emily: Aw.

Monica: Good to see you.

Emily: Good to see you.

Zander: So, did you ask Em to this, or did she ask you?

Lucky: You know, she's trying to keep the peace. I'm a neutral party and one of her closest friends, which means I'm asking the both of you to back off. Em needs some room. So why don't you try and give it to her?

Skye: Hey. I thought you were supposed to be in Alaska.

Jax: Hey. No, I took your advice about the cards. Sam didn't burn them. She let Luke get a hold of them.

Skye: Well, it's amazing what the right dress can do for someone.

Sam: See something you like?

Jax: Try not to trip over anything.

Sam: Oh, I don't need coaching. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Jax: Ok.

Sam: The guy is good.

Skye: Right out on the edge.

A.J.: I don't believe this.

Jax: The dead man's hand.

Lorenzo: I know Iím selfish, Carly. I know I should have left you alone, gone back to the life I had before, but I can't let go and neither can you. We could have a life together, Carly, if you come back, if you give us a chance.

Lorenzo: I hope Iím not rushing you.

Carly: I don't feel rushed. I feel happy. Oh, and so lucky to be with you.

Faith: The five families are history. Their leaders are dead. So is Jason. I am in charge now. And this is your one chance to deal.

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