GH Transcript Tuesday 10/28/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/28/03

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Jax: So you're planning to steal the dead man's hand and sell it to the highest bidder?

Luke: Get your checkbook ready.

Jax: Well, planning to steal the cards is a long way from actually doing it, so Iíll be ready for you.

Luke: I look forward to it.

Jax: You know, the police are looking for you everywhere, Luke. One phone call from somebody and you're in prison for life.

Luke: So everybody keeps telling me.

Jax: You're assuming Skye will help you, of course.

Luke: No. Not at all. Your sob story about dear old dad has her right where you want her.

Jax: Skye loves my father.

Luke: Maybe she loves you, too. You can always bank on that, can't you?

Jax: I've been honest with Skye from the start.

Luke: Yeah, I'm sure you were and you told her how much you admired her and you got her hopes for a romantic reconciliation up, didn't you?

Jax: You made her an accessory to your escape. Now you're trying to drag her in even deeper.

Luke: I like Skye. She's safe with me. If that bothers you, if that gets in your face in any way, so much the better.

Jax: Have a nice day.

Sam: Yeah, go right ahead. Call the cops. Tell them you caught me red-handed going through a stack of DVDs.

Skye: The crime would be breaking and entering.

Sam: I came with Jax.

Skye: Would he back you up on that?

Sam: Of course he would. Yeah, I was actually on my way to the bathroom and I guess I might have taken a wrong turn and I ended up in the kid's room and decided to look through his movie collection.

Skye: Wow. You really know how to spin, don't you?

Sam: Why are you so bent about this?

Skye: Because you're lying through your teeth. Now, tell me what it is you're really doing and what you want with Jax.

Courtney: Hey, Morgan Corinthos. I'm your Aunt Courtney. God, it's amazing, isn't it? I mean, after everything that happened, all that Carly went through, we didn't think he was going to make it.

Jason: And here he is.

Courtney: Yeah. God, he's so pink and healthy.

Jason: Yeah. Hey, watch this.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Come here, buddy. Come here. Oh, do you see that?

Courtney: Oh, my gosh. Look how strong he already is.

Jason: I know. It's an automatic -- look at that. Michael used to grab my finger just like that.

Courtney: Oh.

Nurse: We need to get started with Morganís feeding schedule.

Courtney: Can I give him his bottle?

Nurse: All right. Why don't you sit here and just get comfortable.

Courtney: Ok.

Nurse: Here's his formula. Now, you need to hold him really, really close to your chest, ok?

Courtney: Like this?

Nurse: Uh-huh. You're doing really good. Now, just take the bottle and gently touch his lips with it, and he'll find it. Ok -- and don't be discouraged if he doesn't take it right away. It's not always that easy with newborns.

Courtney: Here you go, little Morgan. It's your first meal. It's going to make you big and strong.

Jason: There he goes.

Courtney: Yeah. It's good, huh?

Nurse: You have a really nice rapport with him.

Courtney: That's because he knows Iím his biggest fan. Don't you, Morgan? You know how much your Aunt Courtney loves you.

Leticia: So the baby is healthy, that's wonderful news. And how's Carly doing? What happened? I see. Thank you.

Michael: Our baby's here?

Leticia: Yes, the baby is here. His name is Morgan Corinthos, and he is great.

Michael: Can I please go see him, please?

Leticia: The hospital's really busy right now.

Michael: Please? I really want to go visit.

Leticia: You'll see your brother really soon, I promise.

Michael: It's no fair.

Leticia: I'll tell you what. I'll let you watch one more show before you go to bed. Now, you go upstairs and Iíll be right there, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Leticia: Ok.

Doctor: The tests indicate the bullet passed through you without hitting any vital organs. You're a lucky man.

Lorenzo: That's a matter of opinion.

Bobbie: How bad is it?

Tony: The bleeding in Carlyís brain could do permanent damage if we wait for her to stabilize. If we go in right now, the surgery could kill her.

Bobbie: What do you recommend?

Tony: Both options are risky. It's really up to Sonny.

Sonny: Operate now.

Tony: Prep OR Three, stat.

Bobbie: Honey, you hang on, ok? You stay strong, Carly.

Sonny: Carly, they're going to operate and you're going to wake up and you're going to be with your family. You're going to get through this.

Skye: Jax deserves fair warning if he's being conned.

Sam: So run off and tell him. Any excuse to fawn over your ex, right?

Skye: Jax and I still happen to care very much about each other, but you feel threatened, don't you?

Sam: By what?

Skye: Well, he respects me and you just hate it that he doesn't feel like that about you.

Sam: Oh, honey, he is so over you.

Skye: You know what? I don't care what you are, all right? Heiress, chambermaid, call girl --

Sam: Where the hell do you get off calling me --?

Skye: Try to grasp reality. Now, Jax may want to have a roll in the hay with your type, but, really --

Sam: I don't fall into any type.

Skye: Are you kidding me? A petite spitfire with a mane of raven hair and surgically enhanced pair --

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, all real, thank you, as Jax well knows.

Skye: Really? Well, you know what? It's going to end. It always does. And before you know it, you'll be out in the cold, just like Brenda.

Sam: Who's Brenda?

Skye: A self-centered little brat who jerked Jaxís chain so often he got whiplash. Let's see -- she lied, played games, worked agendas -- sound familiar?

Sam: Yeah, let me guess. Jax dumped you for this Brenda and that's why you hate her so much.

Skye: Oh, that is it. You are so out of here.

Sam: Oh, yeah. What are you going to do?

Skye: Alice?

Sam: A maid? Yeah, that's great. Give me a break.

Skye: That's a distinct possibility.

Tony: Need suction here, please.

Monica: Yeah. Here you go.

Tony: Can you get me her vitals?

Monica: Yes, BP is 100/64. Saturation remaining at 98%.

Tony: Ok.

Jason: So how long will the surgery take?

Sonny: Ahem -- Tony said that the operation's going to last at least a few hours.

Jason: You know, Courtneyís in the nursery with the baby, so --

Sonny: Good, because I don't, you know, want him alone.

Jason: Why don't you come down and see him?

Sonny: I canít.

Jason: Just -- you know, just for a couple minutes.

Sonny: I canít.

Jason: Sonny, there's nothing you can do here.

Sonny: Yeah, I can wait. I can pray. Carly would want me to be here.

Jason: Carly would -- would want you to be with your son.

Lorenzo: Is Carly in surgery?

Marcella: They took her a while ago.

Lorenzo: I have to see how she's doing.

Marcella: You're not going anywhere. The doctor said you're lucky to be alive.

Lorenzo: Carly could die because the bullet went through me and into her head. I couldn't protect her from Sonny.

Marcella: Lorenzo, it was a freak accident. I'll see what I can find out.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Marcella: You're welcome.

Scott: Well Alcazar, how you doing? You don't look so well. We got a couple of questions about the shooting tonight.

Lorenzo: What are you doing here?

Ric: Oh, I'm the new assistant D.A.

Lorenzo: Interesting choice.

Scott: Well, he's a bull shark of an attorney.

Lorenzo: Who happens to hate his brother, the local crime lord?

Scott: Speaking of which -- a little police business.

Lorenzo: I didn't call the police.

Scott: Well, somebody used you for target practice. Got a name?

Lorenzo: Let me guess. You're hoping it's Sonny Corinthos?

Sonny: I know she -- Carly saw the baby before she passed out, but I -- I should have -- I should have thought before I went through that door --

Jason: No, Sonny, it was -- it was an accident.

Sonny: She was screaming. I went through. He was -- he was standing right over her. What was I supposed to do? I shot him at close range, you know --

Jason: You didn't mean to hit her. You were trying to save her, right?

Sonny: My bullet's in her head.

Courtney: Don't you want to see your baby?

Sonny: Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah.

Jason: Make sure his head --

Sonny: I got it, I got it.

Jason: Got it? Grab his hat.

Sonny: Hey. Hey. Hey. That's good.

Lucky: This is the end of the line, dad.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Skye: You want to know what your new girlfriend is up to now?

Jax: Now what?

Skye: Well, you said Jax let you into the Quartermaines'. Lie number one.

Sam: Nice detective work, Nancy Drew.

Jax: What were you doing at the Quartermaines'?

Sam: I was --

Skye: She was snooping around in Dillonís room. I assume it had something to do with the dead man's hand.

Jax: I'm sure it did.

Skye: Well, I was going to call the police, but I thought maybe you'd want to deal with this personally.

Jax: Thanks for handling it.

Skye: You know that I'm on your side in this.

Jax: I know, I know, and that you care for my dad. I really appreciate that.

Skye: I want John to get well and he needs those cards. That's why when I found your little friend snooping around, I thought you ought to know.

Jax: I appreciate that. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Skye: Ok. Well, you let me know if there's anything I can do, ok?

Jax: I will. Thanks again.

Sam: Now, how on earth did you marry a woman like that?

Jax: Because I was in love with her. What were you doing in Dillon Quartermaine's room?

Sonny: We've waited a long time for you, little Morgan. Here you are, the answer to our prayers. Shh. It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Shh -- hey. Hey. Yeah, your mommy can't be with you right now because she's in a little bit of trouble, ok? But she's going to fight for you, ok? She's going to be with you because she loves you. All right?

Jason: Bobbie, how's Carly?

Bobbie: It's too soon to tell if there's going to be any permanent damage and we don't even know if she's going to wake up. See, we just -- right now there's just so much we don't know.

Courtney: Well, we're just -- we're going to have to wait and hope.

Bobbie: Yeah. Yeah, because even if everything goes very well, recovery's going to be a very long and very slow process. So, what are we going to do about baby Morgan?

[Morgan cries]

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Lorenzo: Carly was missing. I didn't trust her husband to find her so I went looking for her myself.

Scott: Why are you so concerned with another man's pregnant wife?

Lorenzo: I was worried. And the police and DA's office were useless.

Ric: Well, we were a little busy, Mr. Alcazar. Half the state had been declared --

Scott: Never mind! Go on.

Lorenzo: I found Courtney near the old town bridge. She'd been in a car accident on her way to get a doctor for Carly. She told me where Carly was but by the time I got there, Carly was in labor. There was no time to move her.

Carly: The baby's coming, ok? We're going to deliver him right here and right now!

Scott: Then what happened?

Lorenzo: I helped deliver the baby. Carly asked me if anything went wrong and it came down to a choice between her and her child --

Carly: Lorenzo, please, if you love me, you are going to do this and save my baby.

Lorenzo: I promised her that I would keep her child safe and the baby was coming and I leaned over her.

Scott: Looks like we got an attempted murder charge.

Lorenzo: I'm not planning on pressing charges.

Scott: What are you talking about? He shot you in the back. Are you going to let him walk?

Ric: He did --

Scott: What, are you afraid of him?

Ric: He did it for Carly.

Scott: I don't care! You hate the guy!

Lorenzo: I can't blame Sonny for what happened.

Scott: Sure, you can. Give it a try.

Lorenzo: He walked in, saw me standing over his wife who was screaming in pain.

Scott: Because she was in labor.

Lorenzo: Sonny didn't know that. I'd given him plenty of reason not to trust me. He was protecting his own wife.

Scott: I don't know what you're pulling here, Alcazar, but Iím not going to drop this. I'm going to charge Corinthos with shooting his wife.

Sam: How do you know I wasn't looking for the bathroom, took a wrong turn, and wound up in the kid's room?

Jax: You were passing by the Quartermaines' house, decided to stop in uninvited to use the bathroom?

Sam: Ok. All right. So maybe I did go to the Quartermaines' to look for the dead man's hand and maybe I did search every single room in the house and maybe that Amazon housekeeper was after me.

Jax: Or you knew Dillon had the cards. There's an idea.

Sam: Huh.

Jax: Ha-ha.

Sam: Whoa, I can't get away with anything around you, can I?

Jax: Tell me about Dillon.

Sam: Ok. I heard him on the phone. Whoever he was talking to, he said that he had gotten the cards as instructed.

Jax: He didn't mention a name, who he was talking to at all?

Sam: No. Any ideas?

Jax: Possibly.

Sam: Who?

Jax: We'll save that for later. Did you search Dillonís room?

Sam: Top to bottom. Didn't find anything, not that I even expected to.

Jax: Well, then, this is useless information, isn't it?

Sam: Oh, come on. Jax, I am on to something big here. Dillon is obviously working with someone who does not live in that house. He has the cards. He's too smart to store them in his room. Now we just have to figure out where the hell he's hid them.

Jax: "We"?

Luke: You found me.

Lucky: I know what you look for in a hideout. It felt right so I searched the area and found your car hidden about a quarter mile in the woods.

Luke: Not bad.

Lucky: You taught me well.

Luke: Now you're using it against me.

Lucky: Dad, the law's the law.

Luke: Huh. I didn't teach you that.

Lucky: I'm going to have to bring you in.

Luke: Thanks for the warning.

Lucky: No, it's not a warning.

Luke: Well, then, how about we make it one? You give me 30 minutes. You stay right here, tell Baldwin I never showed. He'll believe you, and then we can -- we can go for round two.

Lucky: Sorry, dad. I'm taking you down now. You're under arrest for the murder of Stefan Cassadine.

Luke: You're a terrible disappointment to me. I guess we're lucky your mother isn't -- isn't here to see this.

Lucky: You know what? You can't run forever, dad. They're eventually going to get to you. What, do you want to be apprehended by a trigger-happy cop?

Luke: Oh, I think that's better than a back-stabbing son, yes.

Lucky: You committed murder.

Luke: Ok. Take me downtown, officer.

Lucky: I'm just doing my duty.

Luke: Good work. Very good work.

Marcella: Carly's in surgery.

Lorenzo: The D.A. came by. I didn't press charges against Sonny.

Marcella: Why not?

Lorenzo: I don't blame him. I mean, I hated Sonny when I first thought that he hurt Carly but now I see that he didn't do anything that I wouldn't have done. He searched for his wife, he walked in on her screaming, and he shot the man he thought was hurting her. Do you know how easily those positions could have been reversed? If Sonny had gotten there before me and Iíd walked in on her screaming, I would have shot him without hesitation. I would never have thought any more than he did that the bullet would go through him and into her head. I keep telling myself that Carlyís going to live; she has to. But anyone can die when you least expect it. Doesn't matter how hard you fight, doesn't matter what your hopes and dreams are. They're gone and the love you have has nowhere to go.

Bobbie: I'm Morganís grandmother. He and Michael could stay with me until Carlyís recovered.

Jason: Well, you know what? I think -- I think little Morgan and Michael will be fine at home with Leticia, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Oh, I think that's asking way too much of her.

Courtney: Well, you're a nurse. You have to work and I'm sure that you're going to want to be here with Carly as much as possible.

Bobbie: I want my grandchildren to be with family.

Courtney: They will be. Jason and I will take the baby.

Sonny: Michael. What are you doing here? Where's Leticia? The baby's -- the baby's beautiful. He's great. Mommy is -- she's been hurt, ok and the doctors are taking good care of her. She was in an accident.

Michael: Why did you shoot mommy?

Jax: There's a quality that I look for in a partner. It's -- honesty. Maybe you've heard of it?

Sam: You don't think you can trust me.

Jax: First day I met you, you stole the only card I had.

Sam: I didn't know you then. I do now.

Jax: Oh. Yeah, well, nothing's changed because you searched Dillonís room without me.

Sam: Maybe I just wanted to surprise you with the other three cards.

Jax: Try again.

Sam: All right, the truth? I like a challenge.

Jax: So Iíve noticed.

Sam: I've never walked away from a card game or a fight. My dad used to tease me. He used to call me his little spitfire.

Jax: So which am I, a challenge or a fight?

Sam: The more you wanted the cards, the more I wanted them, too and I said to myself, "I am not going to let Jax get the better of me."

Jax: So Dillonís three cards would give you the edge -- is that right?

Sam: Well, that's just it. Me thinking about my father made me think about yours and you need those cards to restore your father's will to live and me dragging it out is only going to make it worse for him.

Jax: And that mattered to you?

Sam: Jax, come on. I am not completely heartless. I want to help you help your father.

Jax: You know, I don't believe one single word coming out of your lying, pretty mouth.

[Jax chuckles]

Bobbie: Are you sure you want to bring Morgan home with you?

Courtney: Yes.

Bobbie: Caring for a newborn's a lot of work. I mean, you know better than anyone. You looked after Michael for a long time. A baby's such a big responsibility.

Jason: Absolutely. Bobbie's right, Courtney.

Courtney: Are you saying that you don't want to do this?

Jason: No, I just -- look, I'll do whatever -- whatever is best for Morgan. I just want you to understand what you're getting into.

Bobbie: Listen, I'm going to give you two some time to talk about this privately.

Courtney: Morgan -- Morgan needs us. He does. I mean, Sonny is on overload right now. He is in no condition to care for a baby and he's going to want to know that Morgan is with people who love him. That's us. Besides, we're right across the hall from Sonny. Morgan and Michael can bond and we'll all be together. I really want to do this. Bobbie, I think it's the best solution.

Bobbie: Are you both sure?

Jason: Yes.

Bobbie: Ok. Thank you.

Courtney: Oh.

Bobbie: Big load off my mind. Listen, if you have any questions about baby care, you can call me or -- or you can talk to the resident expert.

Courtney: I will.

Bobbie: My grandson couldn't be in better hands.

Lorenzo: You never said how you knew where to find me.

Marcella: I overheard -- here --

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Marcella: Sonny's guards talking about Carly, where she'd been found. I figured you'd go there, too, so I drove out to check on you.

Lorenzo: You saved my life. Thank you.

Marcella: You're welcome.

Lorenzo: You're free to leave now. You can go anywhere in the world with the money I paid you.

Marcella: I want to stay a while.

Lorenzo: Marcella, you're a ghost here, a constant reminder of a woman who died.

Marcella: Right. I just can't leave till I know Carlyís all right.

Lorenzo: Well, none of this was your fault. I paid you for the job, changed your face, told you what to do and what to say.

Marcella: You didn't see the way Sonny looked at me, how deeply he believed I was Lily.

Lorenzo: That's what I wanted.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: This was my doing. My plan worked so well it got Carly shot and now the child she fought so hard for is going to grow up without his mother.

Marcella: And I helped make that happen. I'm not going anywhere till I can do everything in my power to make things right.

Lorenzo: What if you can't? What if there's nothing you can do to fix any of this? I was going to be a history professor. You'd think I'd know better than to play God.

Sonny: I love mommy. I would never -- I would never hurt her. I was trying to protect her from a bad person. I would -- I would -- I would do anything to change what happened, to -- to make it all right.

Michael: I know, daddy. Will mommy be ok?

Sonny: I hope so. Come here. Sit down here. The doctors are going to know more when she's out of surgery.

Michael: We should say a prayer.

Sonny: You want to do that?

Michael: Right now.

Sonny: All right. Close your eyes. Please God, put your healing hand on mommy. Make her better. Let her know that we're waiting for her and that we love her.

Michael: Dear God, please tell -- please tell mommy that my baby brother needs her, too.

Sonny: Amen.

Michael: Amen.

Jason: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: I came to see the baby.

Courtney: Well, is Leticia with you?

Michael: I snuck out.

Jason: Buddy, you know you're not supposed to take off by yourself for any reason.

Bobbie: Michael, let's go see your brother, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Bobbie: And then we'll call Leticia and we'll tell her where you are.

Michael: Ok.

Jason: So Morganís ready to -- ready to go home.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: And I don't -- Courtney and I basically told Bobbie that we'd be happy to take him home with us.

Sonny: I can't ask you to do that.

Courtney: Oh, we want to, Sonny. We love Morgan already and Michael needs us, too.

Sonny: Well, I don't know how long Carlyís going to be in surgery, you know, how long --

Jason: Sonny, that doesn't matter. We're going to take care of Morgan as long as you need us to.

Sonny: Well, I mean -- I don't know. Thank you, guys.

Courtney: Hey, just take care of yourself, ok?

Sonny: Yeah, it's going to be fine.

Courtney: We'll check in with you later.

Sonny: All right. Thank you.

Tony: Sonny --

Sonny: Hey. How -- how is she?

Tony: Carly's stabilized. We got the bullet out. We don't know the extent of the damage.

Skye: Lucky? Lucky, what happened? I came in, and I found you on the floor out cold.

Lucky: Somebody hit me.

Skye: Who?

Lucky: Where's my dad?

Skye: Luke Spencer was in this house?

Lucky: Yeah, I tried to arrest him.

Skye: Well -- well, maybe it was him who hit you. I'm -- Iím sorry. I shouldn't say that. I know he's your father, and I --

Lucky: No. My dad wouldn't have thought about it if it served his purpose. We were in the middle of a conversation and somebody came up behind me and hit me.

Skye: Well, what do you think he was doing here?

Lucky: He was probably trying to score some supplies and money.

Skye: Do you think that I'm in danger?

Lucky: Wait -- have you seen him?

Skye: Are you kidding me? If I had seen him, I would have called the police immediately. I saw that so-called trial that he put Stefan through. I'm sorry to say it, but your father's frightening.

Lucky: He needs to be brought in, along with his accomplice.

Skye: Accomplice?

Lucky: Yeah, he must have picked up someone along the way.

Skye: Do you think that he'll be back?

Lucky: No. My dad won't be back, but just to be safe, you need to keep your doors locked.

Skye: Well, you will be looking for him, won't you?

Lucky: Look, I'm going to call it into the station, get some patrol cars out here. You see anything suspicious, you just call in, ok?

Skye: I will, I will. Thank you.

Luke: You know, for someone who claims not to like me very much, you sure come through when the chips are down.

Sam: I have a confession to make.

Jax: That could take a while.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: I actually like being partners with you. I find it exciting.

Jax: I haven't agreed to any partnership, have I?

Sam: Well, what will it take for me to convince you?

Jax: A little more truth.

Sam: I already told you, I want to help you help your father.

Jax: Yeah. You expect me to believe that you've given up on the idea that destroying the cards will end your family's bad luck?

[Sam laughs]

Sam: I believe I have to start making luck of my own. Hear, hear.

[Sam giggles]

Sam: I think I've -- I've already started.

Jax: You drugged me.

[Sam gasps]

Sam: Would I do that? In a heartbeat. Two down, three to go.

Courtney: That was the longest car ride of my life.

Jason: Well, you were staring at him the whole time.

Courtney: Well, why aren't you nervous? I mean, God, every turn we took, every pothole we hit, I had to look back and make sure he was still breathing.

Jason: Babies are fragile, but they're not that fragile. You don't have to be afraid of them. Look, he's fine and he's breathing just fine.

Courtney: You know what? As long as you don't mind, I think it might be easier if we just stay here. You know, I mean, Carly already has the nursery all set up.

Jason: Absolutely.

Courtney: Ok.

Jason: This is Morganís home, and I think Michael would like it a lot better if we were all here.

Courtney: Do you think we have everything we need? I mean, maybe you should go get some more formula.

Jason: I don't know. Do you think we don't have enough? Why are you so nervous about this?

[Morgan gurgles]

Courtney: Oh, what are you thinking, Morgan? Oh, what do you think? Do you think Iím worrying too much about you? You're just so beautiful and perfect. Oh, we are going to take such good care of you, sweetheart. Oh, yes, we are. You're going to be so happy and loved, safe.

Tony: Come down here with me, please.

Sonny: You know how long Carly is going to be unconscious?

Tony: We don't know and we won't know her condition until she wakes up.

Sonny: Is there any brain damage?

Tony: It's hard to tell at this point. The maximum swelling occurs in the first 72 hours after surgery, and we'll just have to keep running tests to determine brain function.

Sonny: What are the chances Carlyís going to recover?

Tony: We don't know if she's going to wake up and, if she does, the extent of the damage. I'm sorry, that's all I tell you right now.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Ric?

Ric: You're under arrest. Officer?

Sonny: No, I'm not --

Ric: Hold on a sec.

Sonny: Hold on -- no, no --

Ric: Don't make this --

Sonny: I'm staying with my wife.

Ric: No, that's not an option.

Sonny: What do you mean, it's not an --

Ric: It's not --

Officer: There she is.

Ric: Get a hold of him.

Sonny: Get off --

Ric: Sonny, look --

Sonny: Let go of me!

Ric: Unfortunately, she's in here because of you.

Sonny: It was an accident, Ric.

Ric: I understand that, but D.A. Baldwin disagrees. He's charging you with attempted murder.

Sonny: My wife's in a coma, Ric. I got a newborn baby.

Ric: I'm sorry --

Sonny: You're not going to do this to me right now. Don't -- you son of a bitch!

Ric: It's out of my hands.

Sonny: Don't do this to me!

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