GH Transcript Monday 10/27/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/27/03

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Carly: Aah! It hurts!

Lorenzo: You're almost there. I think I see the head.

Carly: Oh, am I bleeding a lot?

Lorenzo: You're bleeding. I don't know if it's too much.

Carly: Ok, ok! If I pass out or something, you just make sure you get that baby out, whatever you have to do!

Lorenzo: The only way for me to keep the baby safe is for you to stay alive and fight for him, Carly!

[Carly screams]

Carly: Oh, God help me!

[Carly screams]

Sonny: Oh, God. Carly?

Carly: Hi.

Sonny: He's almost here. His head's -- his head's out, Carly. Come on! Don't stop, don't stop!

Carly: Oh!

Sonny: Push one more time. Push! He's here. Oh -- he's beautiful. Hey. He's born. He's born.

[Baby cries]

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: You see that? He's beautiful. I love you.

Carly: I love you, too.

Sonny: Hey. Carly. Carly? Ok, I'm going to get -- I'm going to get you to the hospital. I'm going to take care of the baby, ok? It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. It's all right now. Yeah. Yeah. He's good. He's good. I got him right here, right here beside you. Here. Here's your mama. Here you go, big guy. Yeah. Hey. Shh, shh, shh. Hey, you got to fight that, Carly, ok?

Sonny: Got to fight. You can do that, can't you? Huh? Can you fight? Shh, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Jax: Ah-ah-ah-ah -- you are becoming very predictable.

Sam: Let go.

Jax: Ok, ok. Hey, you know, you're the one that kissed me. Just like the time when the manager was looking for you and you jumped over the couch?

Sam: No, I was using you for cover, thank you.

Jax: Yes, and then you slugged me for supposedly enjoying the kiss too much.

Sam: You did.

Jax: Speak for yourself.

Sam: I kissed you to prove a point. You were going on about my lack of passion, so --

Jax: No, no, I admit, you've got some passion. It's just that, you know, the kiss could've been improved upon.

Sam: Oh, come on, don't even start.

Jax: No, no, I'm just saying that, you know, you don't need to -- you don't need to tackle somebody when you kiss them. You know, just -- you just -- you just kiss them like this.

Sam: Ok, if you're --

Jax: See? No need to -- no need for violence is there?

Sam: Ok. If you're done manhandling me, we have some business to discuss.

[Knock on door]

Skye: I'm coming!

Luke: I can't believe it. You called the cops. I'm so disappointed.

Skye: Well, that makes two of us. You see, I realized from the beginning that you were bossy, crude, irritating, full of yourself --


Skye: But at least I thought you were honest. Turns out I was wrong. So that's it. That's the end of the partnership and there are police right outside that door ready to cart you away.

Luke: Ok, fine. Let's get on with it.

Skye: What are you doing?

Luke: My fate is in your hands. I'm awaiting whatever's going to happen.

Skye: You're bluffing.

Luke: So call.

Skye: You will be tried, convicted, and spend the rest of your life in prison. Not exactly your style.

Luke: No, you're wrong. Prison for me is like a picnic with an option of solitary confinement.

Skye: Ok. You asked for it.

Officer: Skye Quartermaine?

Skye: Yes?

Officer: You reported seeing the fugitive Luke Spencer?

Skye: I most certainly did, and I want to thank you for getting here so quickly.

Nikolas: Em.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: I -- I thought you went home.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, well, you know, I had a -- I had a late meeting, drove by the hospital, saw your car in the lot and thought I'd try and bump into you.

Emily: You haven't had enough rejection for one night?

Nikolas: Yeah, apparently not because I'm making a -- a revised attempt to ask you out. Have dinner with me.

Emily: Did I not just say I wouldn't be with you or Zander?

Nikolas: And did I not just say that I wasn't giving up?

Emily: Look, everything in my life has been on hold for so long and I just need to settle down and get my bearings and decide what I want and right now what I want is not to make any decisions for a while.

Nikolas: Ok. But, look, patience isn't one of my -- my better virtues, but I'll try.

Emily: Ok, thanks.

Nikolas: I have to warn you, though -- I plan on running into you a lot.

Emily: Yeah? Guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Nikolas: Well, I'll go ahead and collect what's left of my pride here and head home.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Bye.

Emily: Bye.

Ric: All right, I appreciate it. Whenever you can. Thanks. Hi.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Ric: I'm just trying to call in some favors. Carly's in labor. She's stranded in a house in West Haven.

Elizabeth: I know. Courtney just told me.

Ric: Well, I'm trying to get her moved to the top of the list for a MedEvac helicopter.

Elizabeth: Well, does the A.D.A. really have a say if it's emergency care?

Ric: Well, not yet, but I'm still going to try. I want to make sure that Carly and her baby are all right.

Elizabeth: God, I want to believe you. I just hope I'm right for once.

Courtney: Hey.

Emily: Hi, Courtney. Jason said you were in an accident.

Courtney: Yeah, I -- I slid off the road in the storm, but I'll be fine. I'm just really worried about Carly.

Emily: Carly? Where is she?

Courtney: She's in a house in West Haven. She fell down the stairs and she went into labor.

Emily: Oh, my God. Carly had serious complications when she had Michael, right?

Courtney: Yeah. Yeah, she's a high risk, and so is the baby. The baby has a hole in its heart, and so the doctors need to monitor it as soon as it's born. I was trying to get her help when I got in the accident, but now I don't -- the roads are so flooded, I don't know if anybody has been able to reach her.

Emily: Does anyone else know where she is?

Courtney: Yeah -- Sonny, Jason, Lorenzo Alcazar, but they're not doctors. You know, I'm not even sure if -- if they were even able to get to her. She needs a MedEvac helicopter, but the hospital -- I don't know, they just keep saying she's not a priority one.

Emily: What? Of course she is.

Courtney: You're the chief of staff's daughter. I mean, can't you get them to bend the rules or something?

Emily: Just watch me.

Carly: Oh, Lorenzo. Oh.

Lorenzo: How did you get here?

Carly: Doesn't matter. You're hurt. Let me help you.

Lorenzo: I always knew you cared about me.

Carly: Lorenzo?

Marcella: Lorenzo! Look at me! You can't pass out!

Sonny: You're doing great, Carly. Just hang on a little longer. Come on, put your hand over here. I'm going to take the baby to the car. Ok? Yeah.


Jason: Is the baby all right?

Sonny: Yeah, my boy's fine. He's breathing.

Jason: How's Carly doing?

Sonny: She's bleeding. We got to get her to the hospital.

Jason: Yeah, she hemorrhaged when she had Michael, too.

Sonny: It's not from giving birth.

Jason: Sonny, what happened to her head?

Sonny: I shot her.

Ric: Well, apparently --

Emily: Hi. You need to send a MedEvac helicopter to 92 Adams Road.

Man: Is this about that woman who might be in labor?

Emily: Her name is Carly Corinthos.  Her baby has a heart defect. He has to be in the hospital when he's born.

Man: I'm sorry. I have no other available helicopters.

Emily: Make it available.

Man: I have seven other people that I have to --

Emily: My name is Emily Quartermaine. General Hospital's biggest benefactor is my grandfather, Edward Quartermaine. My father, Alan Quartermaine, is chief of staff.

Ric: Look, Emily, Emily --

Emily: This is not a frivolous request. Two lives --

Ric: Listen, I've called in some favors and apparently there are some stranded children that they need to get the MedEvac --

Man: Well, that job is finished, but we have other emergencies --

Ric: Well, wait a minute. If it's finished then this needs to be a priority.

Emily: Look, Carly and her baby need to be brought in right now or this hospital won't have funding for band-aids!

Man: All right. All right, all right. Squad 16, I need you to divert --

Emily: All right, tell them to hurry.

Man: For a priority one emergency. 92 Adams Road --

Emily: Carly hemorrhaged the last time she gave birth.

Man: A woman in labor.

Emily: If it happens again, she could bleed to death.

Man: Priority one. Go! Ok, it's done.

Jax: The etiquette lessons are over. You lost the bet.

Sam: The hell I did.

Jax: No, no, you paraded your saloon girl ways all over town, drinking whiskey. No one is ever going to mistake you for an heiress.

Sam: Wait a minute -- is there a law that says rich girls can't party or shoot pool?

Jax: You know, you already lost the jack of diamonds.

Sam: You grabbed it out of my hand!

Jax: Yes, because you were too drunk to follow me.

Sam: You took advantage!

Jax: Those cards were mine to begin with, ok?

Sam: No, a deal's a deal. You bet me 50 grand that you could teach me to pass for a lady with the Quartermaines and I intend to collect.

Jax: Well, I don't see how.

Sam: Ok, fine. You give up, that means you lose. I'll take my payment in cash.

Jax: You know what? You're just looking for an excuse to stay close to me so you can steal the cards again. Well, guess what -- I'm going to put them in a safe place.

Sam: Congratulations. You got two whole cards.

Jax: Yeah, well, two cards is better than none.

Sam: Three short of a hand.


Sam: [British accent] Now, those cards are still at the Quartermaines.

[Normal voice] Do you have any idea which one of them has them?

Skye: Well, I heard something outside the window so I looked out and -- and there was someone in the bushes. Something -- somebody was moving.

Officer: Luke Spencer?

Skye: Well, I think so.

Officer: Did you see his face?

Skye: Well, not clearly, no.

Officer: But you know it was a man?

Skye: I think so. Look, I -- it was dark and stormy out there and all I keep hearing about is how dangerous this suspect Luke Spencer is, and D.A. Baldwin's been all over the TV talking about what a public menace he is, so I --

Officer: Ma'am, we are in the middle of a citywide emergency. Power is out, roads are flooded. We can't waste time on unsubstantiated sightings.

Skye: I understand. It's just I -- I was so frightened, I --

Officer: Don't call the police unless you have something real to report.

Skye: Yes.

Luke: Man. You're an excellent liar.

Skye: Years of experience.

Luke: Thanks for not ratting me out.

Skye: I will change my mind in a nanosecond if I catch you going anywhere near those cards.

Luke: They're on reserve for Jax?

Skye: He needs them more than you do.

Luke: He's using you and you can't see it. It's so sad. He's pumping your pedals like a player piano.

Lorenzo: Have you seen Carly?

Marcella: We have to get you out of here! Come on.

Lorenzo: Did she have the baby?

Marcella: I don't know! You've been shot, you need a doctor! Come on, get on your feet!

Lorenzo: It took all my strength to drag myself out here.

Marcella: Do you want to give up and die? Do you want to bleed in the rain? Come on!

Lorenzo: Why do you care?

Marcella: You gave me a new life; now you need to save your own, but I can't carry you.

Lorenzo: Oh, Carly.

Marcella: Get up! You're not going to see her anymore if you don't start walking!

Lorenzo: I have to see Carly. Get me to the house.

Marcella: Come on.

Jason: Come on!

Sonny: My wife needs medical attention! She's been shot!

Nurse: Dr. Jones, we need you. Lay her down.

Tony: What have we got?

Nurse: Gunshot wound to the head.

Jason: She just had a baby.

Tony: Oh.

Sonny: It's ok.

Tony: All right.

Jason: It was just a couple of hours ago. The baby has a heart defect.

Nurse: I'll get someone down here from neonatal.

Tony: All right, get her into trauma room three. Get her hooked up to the E.K.G.  Start her on two large bore IV’S and pulse oxygen, please. I'm sorry, you can't go in there.

Sonny: Tony, I have to be with my wife.

Tony: Well, I've got a few questions first.

Sonny: What do you need?

Tony: How long has Carly been unconscious?

Sonny: 45 minutes, maybe an hour. I got to go.

Tony: No, no, no, wait.

Sonny: I got to go, Tony -- Tony, I got to go!

Tony: You need to let the staff do their work, ok?

Jason: Sonny, listen to me.

Sonny: Jason --

Jason: Look, we got to get the baby checked out.

Sonny: I got to be with her. You know that. I got to be with her!

Jason: Ok. Ok, let me take him. Just let me take him.

Sonny: All right. All right. You take him. Hold on, because I got to -- hold up a sec. Hey, big boy. Here's your uncle. You got him? You got him? You take care of my son. Take care of my son.

Jason: I will.

Doctor: We were paged to provide support for a newborn.

Jason: Yeah, this is him.

Doctor: What's the baby's name?

Jason: Morgan Corinthos.

Doctor: How old is he?

Jason: Uh -- I don't know. He's just a couple hours old. He seems to be breathing ok, but he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart.

Doctor: We'll take him up to neonatal and give him a complete exam.

Jason: Ok.

Doctor: You'll need to come with us.

Jason: Ok.

Andy: Hey, hold it.

Jason: Hey -- I got to stay with that kid, ok?

Andy: I don't think so. You're under arrest, Morgan.

Tony: Did Carly lose consciousness as soon as she was shot?

Sonny: The baby was coming. I told her to push. I know she heard because the baby was -- it was born. I held -- held the baby and I know she saw it because she smiled.

Tony: Did she speak after she was shot?

Sonny: She told me she loved me.

Jax: Ok, let's take a look at who we have. We have Ned. Now, Ned would be the most likely to have the cards because he's a savvy businessman and he can turn any situation to his advantage. Then again, Ned doesn't believe in luck, and he's preoccupied with the custody situation.

Sam: All right, who's next?

Jax: Edward.

Sam: The old guy who thought that you met me on a farm and I was from a trailer park. Is that the one?

Jax: That's right, that's Edward. He can be quite ruthless. He could want the cards for whatever reason. But then again, Edward wouldn't be careless enough to leave them lying around so they can be found at random. Then there's Alan and Monica. You met her the other day -- the blond that was trying to be pleasant.

Sam: Yes, I liked her. She's the one who told Edward to stick a sock in it.

Jax: Well, Alan and Monica are certainly capable of this kind of scheming. But then again, they have no motive, either. That leaves A.J.

Sam: He looked guilty to me.

Jax: That's right. A.J. Is the Quartermaine whipping boy -- so desperate to move up in the Quartermaine pecking order, he may actually put his faith in luck? And careless enough to leave the cards lying around where someone else could find them.

Sam: He has been sniffing around us for days.

Jax: I'm certain that A.J. had the cards at some point. I'm not sure if he does now.

Sam: Ok. You're leaving someone out?

Jax: Yeah, two people, actually. The young kid, Dillon. But -- well, what would he do with the cards? So, Skye? She already gave me the card that she has.

Sam: Who's to say she doesn't have the rest of them?

Jax: Why would she only give me one card?

Sam: Hello. She's your ex. She's obviously still hung up on you. If she's got the card, she could make a big deal about searching for them, hand them over one by one, and use your gratitude to try and win you back. Or, wait a minute -- is she just too gracious of a lady to pull a stunt like that?

Skye: Jax's father is ill. He needs those cards to restore his will to live.

Luke: My heart bleeds.

Skye: I happen to love Jax’s father.

Luke: And Jax knows it.

Skye: Well, that's why he asked me to help.

Luke: No, he asked you to help because he knew you wouldn't say no. You're divorced. Cut these people loose.

Skye: There's no law that forbids me about caring for my former in-laws or my ex-husband for that matter.

Luke: If you care that much, why did you divorce? Could it be that Jax dropped you when Brenda hit town?

Skye: Yes, it's true. Jax hurt me badly, but that's no reason to punish his father for it.

Luke: He hurt you, Skye. It's payback time. Here's payback standing right in front of you.

Skye: Oh, you are so transparent.

Luke: I am?

Skye: You're trying to exploit my pain for your benefit. You want me so angry at Jax that I'll help you get those cards and then you sell them off to the highest bidder for a nice, big, fat profit.

Luke: And there's something wrong with that?

Skye: It's greed, plain and simple. There are a thousand other ways to get that money.

Luke: But I don't want my money a thousand other ways. I'm trying to have a little fun.

Skye: You want fun? You want fun, then rip off the Quartermaines. That was the original plan and I agreed to help.

Luke: So help me with this.

Skye: Absolutely not.

Luke: Are you a woman who likes a challenge or not?

Skye: You go after those cards; it will prove to me that you've been exploiting me all along. If I turn my back on you, you haven't got a friend in the world.

Marcella: You need a bandage.

Lorenzo: Sonny must have delivered the baby.

Marcella: Well, they're gone now.

Lorenzo: He got her out. He must have taken her to the hospital.

Marcella: Here.

Lorenzo: Oh -- Carly was worried about the heart defect. Thought the baby might not be able to breathe.

Marcella: Ok, sit still, ok? Don't fall asleep on me. I need to take you to the car.

Lorenzo: Was there a lot of blood?

Marcella: Hell, yeah, there's a lot of blood. I'm trying to stop it.

Lorenzo: No, no, not me -- Carly. Did anything go wrong?

Marcella: Oh, my God. I don't know who called you, but thank God. This man's been shot. He needs help.

Paramedic: Well, dispatch sent us out to pick up a pregnant woman.

Marcella: She already gave birth.

Lorenzo: He must have taken her to the hospital. I need to get there.

Paramedic: Yeah, but we have a helicopter outside.

Lorenzo: No, no, hurry. I need to make sure she's all right!

Jason: Carly's baby is in neonatal. I promised I'd stay with them.

Andy: This isn't an optional arrest warrant.

Jason: Well, I'll just -- I'll turn myself in later.

Andy: No chance! State patrol has an APB. out on you and I'm taking you in.

Elizabeth: You've got to do something. This isn't right.

Andy: Let's go.

Ric: Whoa, whoa -- hold on a second. What's going on?

Andy: Tough guy here knocked out a state trooper at one of the roadblocks.

Ric: You trying to get to that house Carly was stranded in? I'll take that as a yes. So I'm going to guess the state trooper attempted to stop you but you knew Carly needed help, so you broke through the roadblock so you could get to Carly safely, right?

Andy: Look, the reason doesn't matter. Morgan committed a felony.

Ric: No. There's no way the D.A.'S office is going to prosecute this case, detective. Turn him loose.

Andy: He assaulted a state trooper.

Ric: I understand that, detective, but there is no case here, all right? The man was obviously acting under duress, so don't pursue it any further. Turn him loose.

Ric: Not that I was expecting a thank-you.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Sonny: Tony. How badly is Carly hurt?

Tony: CAT scan will tell us exactly where the bullet's lodged and the extent of intracranial bleeding.

Sonny: You'll be able to get it out, right?

Tony: I have to wait on the C.T. results before making a decision on how to proceed. Do you know what kind of gun she was shot with?

Sonny: 9 mm automatic.

Tony: Then it wasn't point-blank or she'd be dead.

Sonny: Yeah, it was -- it was an accident.

Ric: How did it happen? Who fired the gun?

Sonny: It was an accident. I called.

[Object turns in lock]

[Door opens]

Jax: You looking -- you looking for these?

Luke: So Skye called you, huh? Told you I was on my way?

Emily: Hi, Courtney.

Courtney: Hey. Did they get a helicopter to Carly?

Emily: She didn't need it. Sonny and Jason found Carly and brought her and the baby in.

Courtney: So she had the baby? Is it ok?

Emily: I think he's fine. They took him to neonatal for an exam and Jason went with him.

Courtney: Oh God, Carly must be exhausted.

Emily: Um -- Carly’s in critical condition.

Courtney: What, she started hemorrhaging when she had the baby?

Emily: No, a gun went off and Carly was hit in the head.

Courtney: Was it Alcazar?

Emily: I don't know the details, but --

Courtney: He knew where to find her because of me!

Emily: No, Sonny -- Sonny didn't mention Alcazar. He kept saying that it was an accident.

Courtney: So who fired the gun?

Jason: Is -- I'm sorry. Is Morgan all right?

Doctor: The preliminary exam indicates he's healthy and we're prepping for an echocardiogram to determine the severity of the defect. Would you like a moment with your son?

Jason: You know what? Actually, I'm the godfather.

Doctor: Are his parents here?

Jason: Yeah, they're in E.R. His -- his mother's in critical condition and I promised to stay with Morgan till his parents can be with him, so -- yeah, you know, I'd like a moment with him. Thanks.

Elizabeth: You know, this is the last place you should be.

Ric: Well, I couldn't stay away. I had to see the baby.

Elizabeth: Why?

Ric: I tried to steal that child from its real parents. As a result, I lost everything that mattered to me in my life; our marriage and you.

Jason: Sonny and Carly will be here as soon as they can. Your mom and dad love you more than anything.

Sonny: Tony, Can I sit with her?

Tony: Carly's in critical condition. No one's allowed in right now.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. I'm not going to disturb her. I just want to sit with her, keep her company.

Tony: We're about to take her in for a CAT scan to determine the extent of the damage.

Sonny: Then you'll be able to -- to operate?

Tony: You need to prepare yourself. We're doing everything we can but Carly may not survive.

Paramedic: Here's the gunshot wound we called in.

Lorenzo: Hey, has Carly Corinthos been admitted to the hospital?

Marcella: Lorenzo, stop.

Doctor: Get him hooked up and see if the OR is available.

Lorenzo: She's probably -- she's probably just given birth.

Marcella: I'll check into it, ok?

Lorenzo: How hard can it be to find out if a pregnant woman was brought in by her husband?

Sonny: Carly's here.

Lorenzo: How is she?

Sonny: There's a bullet in her head. The same bullet that went through you.

Skye: Well, well, look who we have here. The chambermaid/heiress.

Sam: I just -- I wanted to borrow one of the kid's movies.

Skye: Oh, really? Which one? "To Catch a Thief"?

Sam: You know, you can forget it. I'm out of here.

Skye: Yeah, you are but you'll be leaving with an escort from the police.

Jax: I never had much use for Stefan Cassadine. He devoted his life to tormenting the Spencers and the rest of his family. There's no real loss to the world and I don't see any reason why you should go to prison for killing him.

Luke: Then I assume you won't be calling the cops.

Jax: No, don't jump to conclusions. Murdering Stefan is one thing; breaking and entering -- well, that's another.

Luke: I assume Skye told you what I'm looking for.

Jax: Those cards are invaluable to me and not for financial reasons.

Luke: Yeah, I know. You got your ex-wife's panties in a twist over your ailing father.

Jax: My father will die without those cards.

Luke: So she said. She's very concerned about it. You're using her. I admire that.

Jax: Yes, and you're using her to hide from the police until you can get enough money to leave the country. Am I right?

Luke: Close enough. So why don't you call the cops and tell them that? I'm going to get those cards and the longer it takes me to get a hold of them, the more you're going to have to pay to get them back.

Nikolas: It's not that serious. I'm sure there are plenty of urgent cases waiting.

Nurse: Mr. Cassadine, you need stitches.

Nikolas: All right, then fine. Stitch me up. I'll go home. I don't have to stay overnight.

Nurse: I'll have to ask the doctor.

Emily: What happened?

Nikolas: Oh -- I have a slight injury. It's no big deal.

Nurse: That's not what the rescue worker said. He found a woman and her little girl trapped in their car in a flooding creek. He risked his life to get them out. Stay put until the doctor comes back.

Emily: You risked your life, huh?

Nikolas: I didn't mean to. I'm just not as strong a swimmer as I thought I was.

Emily: Yeah. Nice try, but I know a hero when I see one.

Elizabeth: What were you thinking when you looked at that baby?

Ric: I don't know. What does anybody think when they look at a newborn? Amazement at the miracle of life.

Elizabeth: And?

Ric: Disbelief at the person that I had become; the obsession that I felt; the terrible things that I was capable of.

Elizabeth: And yet you still did them.

Ric: Yeah. It seems so incredible to me now -- you know, that I could actually believe that I could ease our -- our grief at losing our child by stealing Sonny and Carly’s baby.

Elizabeth: Were you really trying to ease our grief, or was it about revenge against Sonny?

Ric: Maybe a little of both, I suppose. I couldn't separate them. You know, the ironic thing is that I -- I blamed Sonny for the loss of our child and that made me hate him more than ever. Now the hate is gone and the only thing that I'm left with is regret. Regret for the -- the opportunities that you and I missed. You know, I was thinking about that -- that little toy that I bought for our baby. You know, that little bear. The trip to Europe that we never took. The life that we could've had. That little person that we -- who we made together. I got to tell you, Elizabeth, I ache for what could have been.

Elizabeth: Yeah, sometimes I do, too.

Jason: The doctor says you're strong. I knew you would be. Your mom and dad are strong, too. I know that you had a -- had a tough couple hours, but it's going to get better. You're going to go home and you're going to meet your brother and your mom -- she might actually have to stay in the hospital for a little while, but she's going to make it through. She always does. And then everybody's going to be at home. Your whole family together to love you.

[Morgan coos]

Jason: Oh, yeah.

Courtney: Jason. Hey.

Jason: And this is your aunt, Courtney Morgan and she wants to meet you.

Courtney: Oh -- oh, he's beautiful.

Jason: Yeah. Huh, buddy? The hole in his heart completely healed. He's -- he's perfectly healthy.

Courtney: God, it's a miracle.

Jason: You want to hold him?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jason: Ok. Ok.

Courtney: Ok.

Jason: Ok, buddy. Ok, buddy. It's ok. I want you to go to your aunt Courtney.

Courtney: Hey, buddy.

Jason: Make sure his head's supported. There you go.

Courtney: Oh. Hey, Morgan.

[Morgan coos]

Courtney: Welcome to this world. Yeah. Oh, you are so loved.

Marcella: They're going to prep you for surgery soon.

Lorenzo: You shot me, even though your own wife was right behind me.

Sonny: Carly was screaming.

Lorenzo: In labor pains, but you didn't hesitate to pull the trigger, did you?

Sonny: I would never let you hurt my wife.

Tony: Carly's condition is deteriorating. The longer we wait to remove the bullet, the greater the chance of brain damage or permanent coma.

Sonny: Then take it -- take out the bullet, then.

Tony: But unless we wait for Carly to stabilize, she may not survive the surgery.

Sonny: So if you operate now, she could die. If you wait, she could live but she could be brain damaged. Is that what you're telling me, Tony?

Tony: That's about it.

Sonny: Uh -- all right, ok.

Sonny: I'm -- I am so --

Sonny: I am so sorry. I'm so sorry.

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Jax: Skye loves my father.

Luke: Maybe she loves you, too.

Skye: Tell me what it is you're really doing and what you want with Jax.

Courtney: Jason and I will take the baby.

Michael: Why did you shoot mommy?

Lorenzo: My plan worked so well, I got Carly shot. You'd think I'd know better than to play God.

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