GH Transcript Friday 10/17/03

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/17/03

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A.J.: So, Jax, what do I owe this pleasant surprise? And who might you be? Obviously, you're with him.

Sam: I'm -- yeah, right.

Jax: Right.

Sam: We're together.

A.J.: Hmm. But I'm not quite sure why.

Jax: Well --

Sam: Well, you see, it's simple. Um -- I am -- I'm new to town, and it's the first time I've been here, and Jax was just sort of showing me around. So he said --

Jax: I wanted to introduce her to the family.

A.J.: Any particular reason why?

Sam: Yeah.

Jax: Well, of course. I mean --

Sam: I -- I -- I was just saying that I was new to town, and he was saying that your family home was so beautiful --

Jax: This is Samantha McCall. She's my new girlfriend.

Dillon: Hey.

Skye: Why are you bringing those in here?

Dillon: I don't know. I thought Luke might need them again or something.

Skye: I certainly hope not. It's bad enough he got you to dress up in drag. If Luke tries it himself, he's just begging to get caught. Oh, my God. What am I saying? That man is either going to prison or is going to end up in a mental hospital. And if I'm not careful, that's where I'm going to end up, right in the cell next to him.

Dillon: I thought you were on Luke's side.

Skye: Absolutely not.

Dillon: Okay, why are you helping him, then?

Skye: I really have no idea. You know, you tell yourself you're going to turn over a new leaf, put all the drama and the craziness in the past. You're going to -- you're going to focus on the small things, the reachable goals -- you know, the love of a child, the respect of a good man. When your ex-husband falls out of the sky, you keep your cool. When the man that you're dating becomes a jealous maniac, same thing. Don't let it get to you. You grab your things, you move back into your old place, you walk into your living room, and -- bam! -- There's an escaped felon waiting to take you hostage. So, really, what is the point? I ask you, why be a reasonable, rational adult when Luke Spencer could just explode into your life at any moment?

Luke: When are the cops going to arrive?

Nikolas: As far as I know, they've all been reassigned.

Luke: You haven't called them yet?

Nikolas: Why would I?

Luke: I heard your eulogy. You say you loved Stefan. I killed him. Payback.

Nikolas: As far as I'm concerned, Luke, the war between our families died with my uncle.

Luke: I'm not convinced.

Nikolas: I don't care. I won't let you do to me what you did to him.

Luke: Kill you?

Nikolas: Become a monster that you created.

Sonny: Where's Carly?

Courtney: She went out.

Sonny: Out? Where? With who?

Courtney: I'm not sure. Johnny, I guess.

Sonny: Where's Jason?

Courtney: He went to go get her.

Sonny: What do you mean, went to go get her?

Courtney: Sonny, Carly was upset. She said you disappeared without a word.

Sonny: Okay, I'm working on something. I'm -- I'll explain -- I'll explain it when I get back.

Carly: I never should've called you.

Lorenzo: But you did.

Carly: I have a bad temper.

Lorenzo: Yeah, so do I on occasion.

Carly: Like when I get hurt, I just -- I act out, I don't think of the consequences, and I regret everything later.

Lorenzo: Sonny hurt you?

Carly: No. Sonny and I love each other, and that is why this -- this was a mistake to call this meeting.

Lorenzo: Listen, if you're so sure of yourself and your marriage, no reason to be afraid of me, right? We'll never be anything but two people who met under unfortunate circumstances and did the best we could.

Carly: I hope you mean that, Lorenzo, because you're right.

Lorenzo: You made me want to visit Florence again. There's a jeweler there on the via San Pietro who deals in heirlooms and antiques, and I asked him to find me something from the renaissance. The chain is a reproduction, but the pendant is authentic.

Carly: You know I can't accept that.

Lorenzo: I told you about a city that has meaning for me. This is a reminder. There's no harm in accepting it.

Jax: I thought it would be nice to introduce Skye to Sam, but Skye doesn't seem to be here, so we wasted a trip. We'll be on our way, then.

Sam: Yes.

Jax: Good to see you.

Sam: Nice meeting you.

A.J.: Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- you little lovebirds can't drop a bombshell like this and run off. Hold on. Grandfather! Mom! Anyone else in the asylum, get down here!

Sam: Now what?

A.J.: Jax has got a little surprise!

Jax: Just play along, play along.

A.J.: They'll be along any moment. In the meantime, why don't you tell me about yourself -- Samantha, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Edward: What's all the yelling about Jax? He better not have taken anything --

Monica: Why do we even install upgraded intercom systems in this house every six months and everyone refuses to use them?

A.J.: Mother, Jax has made a special trip. He wanted us to meet his new girlfriend.

Monica: Oh. Well, I'm very happy for you, Jax, and you, too, miss --

Sam: McCall, Samantha.

Edward: Young lady, if you'd take my advice, you will run, not walk, to the nearest exit because this scoundrel will break your heart.

Monica: Oh, Edward, put a sock in it.

Edward: What? Why are you defending him? It's obvious what happened. He took this little girl off some farm somewhere, and he swept her off her feet. She's probably never been more than 10 miles away from home, and she was just too dazzled by all of his money --

Sam: Excuse me; I am not dazzled by Jax. I've been tripping over billionaires my whole life. I happen to be an heiress.

Skye: Oh, my God. Would you look at this? The police were out here once to search already. What if they came back? What if they came back? What would I say? What if Ned came by? What would I tell him?

Dillon: Not that I'm suggesting you go to the police, because I'm not, but why didn't you?

Skye: Well, because Luke was in trouble, you know, and the police are after him, and I was just trying to help him, right? But, oh, he took advantage. They always do.

Dillon: Who are you talking about?

Skye: Rebels. The bad boys. The eternal malcontents. Oh, yeah. Never had so much fun in your life until you wake up in Tijuana and realize they've left you stranded and taken all your money.

Dillon: That happen to you?

Skye: Literally, no. Figuratively? More times than I care to count. Oh, look, I'm not saying that I think Luke's a bad person. I'm just saying I think he's -- he's an adrenaline junkie. You know, he pushes everything he does way past the limit.

Dillon: Well, you know what they say -- everybody loves the bad boy, and the bad boy always gets the girl, so --

Skye: Oh -- no, no, no. No, the bad boy kisses the girl, but the smart boy gets the girl after the bad boy goes to prison or is killed. So, really, Dillon, tell me, which one would you rather be?

Nikolas: Before you, Luke, my uncle was always calculating, but he was never evil.

Luke: I don't know from evil. What he was was a rotten bastard.

Nikolas: Never violent towards women, didn't even believe in murder.

Luke: What are you talking about? He tried to murder Emily and he killed Summer in the process.

Nikolas: He tried to kill Emily because he loved me, the same way you hounded him to his grave because you love Laura. You -- you needed to defend her, avenge her. And now that you've done it, what did it solve? Nothing.

Luke: Stefan's in that box for one reason. It took a while, but I got the job done.

Nikolas: I'm not going to waste my life on a war that no one wins. I understand why you had to kill my uncle, and I accept it needed to happen. Let's just end it here, shall we?

Helena: A charming attitude but a trifle naive. The way to achieve lasting peace is to destroy your enemy. Isn't that right, Luke?

Emily: Hi.

Zander: Hey.

Emily: Oh, my God. Zander, what happened to your hand?

Zander: I got in a fight. You here to see your parents?

Emily: No -- chemo, actually.

Zander: Are they starting a third combination of treatment?

Emily: Third one's a charm, right?

Zander: I hope so. You know what? Whatever happens, Emily, I -- I just -- I want you to be well.

Emily: Thank you.

Bobbie: I'm sorry to interrupt, but Dr. Misra can see you now.

Emily: All right, thanks, Bobbie. Okay, well -- I hope your hand feels better.

Carly: At one point in my life, I might've liked playing you against Sonny. It would've made me feel important, powerful, even if it only was symbolic -- the thing that one of you had that the other one wanted.

Lorenzo: That's not how I look at you.

Carly: I get that now. You're lonely, Lorenzo. The girl you loved died, and when they buried her, you must've felt that your heart was buried with her. It wasnít. You were alive. You can feel, and you want to feel for someone, but it's not me.

Lorenzo: How would you know I'm lonely unless you're lonely, too?

Carly: I am happily married. And there's no room in my life for you. So if you keep trying to force your way in, I'm going to hate you. Please, just go, okay? Go to Florence, find a beautiful woman there, give her the necklace.

Lorenzo: How can I? It belongs to you.

Jason: Get away from her.

Carly: Jason, don't make this a big deal --

Jason: Alcazar, just walk away.

Lorenzo: You make it a habit of not listening to Carly? Must've picked that up from Sonny.

Carly: Jason, I will explain this to you --

Jason: No, you don't have to explain it.

Carly: This is not --

Jason: Don't explain. Don't --

Carly: Jason, I called Alcazar. I wanted to meet him here. Nothing happened.

Jason: Okay, nothing happened. I believe you. Sonny wonít.

Sam: My great-great-grandfather made the family's fortune in railroads, actually.

Edward: Oh, really? Which line? My family owned the northern and central for years.

Sam: He sold out, turn of the century. Diversified into real estate mostly and -- and some oil wells.

A.J.: Texas? Alaskan?

Sam: Alaskan.

Monica: Oh. So that's how you two met?

Sam: Met?

A.J.: Yeah, that's how Jax's family made their fortune. It was in Alaskan oil wells.

Sam: Oh.

A.J.: Yeah.

Sam: You don't say? Honey, how come you've never mentioned that?

Jax: It just, you know, never came up in conversation.

Sam: Anyway, it really doesn't matter where the money comes from. It just matters how you spend it, right?

Edward: You know, young lady, it's exactly that attitude that has forced fine, old families into bankruptcy, hmm?

A.J.: So, where did you meet, if it wasn't Alaska?

Jax: Playing cards.

Sam: Yeah, Monte Carlo. Private room. We played cards all night and watched the sun rise on my yacht, the Lazarus.

Edward: Lazarus? That's a damn peculiar name for a yacht.

Sam: It's named for my grandfather's favorite salvage boat.

A.J.: I thought he made his fortune in oil.

Jax: Well, he diversified. A lot of money you can make in salvaging things, isn't there?

Sam: Yes.

Jax: Well, now that you've all met Samantha, we've got another appointment, so it was great to see you.

Sam: Yes.

A.J.: Oh, no, no, you can't run off so soon. Really, I want to hear about the night you met. I mean, we're talking Monte Carlo, a yacht, a playboy stud, heiress. Sounds like fate to me, really.

Sam: You know, that's exactly what it was. We just danced on the yacht all night long, watched the sun rise, and he is just, truly, one of the most romantic people I've ever met --

Skye: Oh, God, Jax, no. Don't tell me you're dating that maid from the hotel.

Helena: I knew that Luke would return to admire his handiwork, but why are you here?

Nikolas: I came back here, Grandmother, to thank my uncle for the years he spent protecting me from the both of you.

Helena: Stefan was wrong about everything. Now, can't you see that he was wrong about me? I've always loved you, Nikolas, and for good reason. Your strength and your intelligence are worthy of your name and heritage. My grandson, the true prince.

Nikolas: Prince of what? I have a bottomless debt and an empty title with only one use -- to banish you, to treat you as if you're already dead, because to me, you are.

Luke: Ah, makes me all warm and gushy inside to see vampires get sentimental.

Helena: Well, I expected nothing more of Nikolas, nor of you. You finally killed Stefan, and I couldn't be more pleased, especially since my otherwise useless son has left me one precious gift. He's ruined your life, Luke.

Carly: I am about to give birth to this baby, and Sonny wants a divorce. He made me think that I got through to him. He said he was going to take me to dinner, and then he walked out.

Jason: Carly, you know that Sonny's scared. It doesn't help to make him furious on top of it.

Carly: He is wrong!

Jason: Maybe he is wrong, but now you're wrong. So, what, you guys going to be wrong together? What's that going to solve?

Carly: Okay, well, tell me what I'm supposed to do, then.

Jason: Nothing. Nothing. For once in your life, you were just supposed to wait. You know that it's going to take time for Sonny to understand that he's not going to hurt you or the baby, Carly, just like it took you some time to figure out that you weren't going to hurt Michael.

Carly: Jason, that was different.

Jason: Do you remember how afraid you were to touch Michael? At the time, it didn't make any sense. And right now, what Sonny's doing doesn't make any sense. But he loves you, and he's afraid to lose you, and that's hard to get past. And I'm going to tell you, soon -- I don't know when -- Sonny is going to come home to you, Carly, because that's where he wants to be.

Carly: What if I don't want to wait? Jason, what if I am just tired of understanding?

Jason: Then just give up.

Carly: I canít. You know I canít. I love Sonny -- God -- even when I don't want to. Why -- why can't he just see that he is hurting me?

[Door opens]

Lorenzo: Sonny came back to the grave?

Marcella: He found a letter Lily wrote.

Lorenzo: A bodyguard found it with her things. I told him to leave it out where Sonny would find it.

Marcella: You didn't warn me. I had no idea what was in that letter.

Lorenzo: You think you made a mistake?

Marcella: I don't know. I tried to be as vague as possible. I just kept telling him that his family was in danger because of him.

Lorenzo: That's all I wanted.

Man: Mr. Alcazar doesn't want visitors.

Sonny: I'm not a visitor. I'm clean, I'm clean.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I know it was you, Alcazar. You're working with Faith. But she's not smart enough to pull this off, and you're trying to mess with my head.

Lorenzo: You looking for your wife? She isn't here. I left her in the park with Morgan.

Sonny: How far you going to go to try to get her, huh? What lines are you going to try to cross to get to me?

Lorenzo: I don't want Carly because she's your wife. I happen to like her, value her. You don't even want her in the same house.

Sonny: You're a gambler, Alcazar. My father is, too. He's been broke his whole life because he overplays his hand. You just made the same mistake.

Courtney: Thank God you're home. Where did you go?

Carly: To meet Alcazar.

Courtney: Well, Sonny came home, and he left again. He said he was working on something.

Carly: This is great. You realize he is the one who is leaving his wife and his children, and I'm going to be the one who did the unforgivable thing by going to meet Alcazar in a public place for five minutes.

Jason: Carly, the point is that Sonny is acting on wrong information, okay? I need to prove that this thing with Lily, this -- this supposed ghost isn't real. It's the only thing that's going to reach him at this point.

Carly: Yeah, and for weeks you've been saying this, that she isn't real.

Jason: Well, now I got a lead, but I need one more thing before I can follow up. Answer this question -- did Johnny take you to the park tonight?

Carly: What does that have to do with anything?

Jason: Please, all I need is a yes or no, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, Johnny took me.

Jason: Okay, did he follow you to the bridge, or did you ditch him again? I need the truth. It's important.

Carly: I talked Johnny into letting me go to the bridge alone. Look, he's -- he's sweet, so it's easy to get around him. Jason, don't go get mad at Johnny.

Jason: Guards are there for a reason, Carly. It'd be great if you would just let somebody do their job just one time.

Skye: This woman's not an heiress. She cleans bathrooms at the family hotel.

Sam: Just because I have money in the bank doesn't mean I can't work for a living.

Skye: As a chambermaid?

Sam: This month. Last month, a diving instructor.

A.J.: I thought you were in Monte Carlo.

Jax: A.J., Monte Carlo is on the coast, in case you didn't realize.

A.J.: Oh, I see. So you roll yourself out of bed on your yacht and row yourself over to the nearest dive shop to teach scuba diving?

Sam: Absolutely.

A.J.: Oh.

Sam: I like to experience how the other half lives.

Jax: That's right. Sam's very adventurous. That's why we're such a great match.

Skye: Really? Why didn't you introduce us that night at the hotel?

Sam: Oh --

Jax: Well --

Sam: Because you were too busy insulting me and arguing with your boyfriend.

Skye: Well, I walked in, and the maid was groping one of the guests.

Sam: No, you just barged in on a private conversation --

Jax: And, you know, it was perfectly understandable that Skye made a mistake, given that you were wearing a maid's uniform, honey. It was really nice to see you all, and I'm glad that you met Samantha, but we really must get going. So, please, give my love to Lila.

Monica: She'll be so sorry she missed you.

Sam: Nice meeting you.

Jax: Bye.

Skye: I don't know what Jax could possibly see in that creature.

Edward: Why should it matter to you? Aren't you supposed to be in love with Ned these days?

A.J.: I'm more interested in why Jax is here introducing us to his new girlfriend when he's supposed to be trying to help his ailing father.

Luke: I understand a mother's need to mourn her son -- or, in your case, dance on his grave -- but you made a terrible mistake coming back here, my darling. You reminded old and new enemies that you're still breathing. There are so many upstanding citizens in this burg who would love to see you with your sons and your long-dead husband in hell.

Helena: Are you sure you want me dead, Luke? You'd have no one else to fight.

Luke: But you're not an opponent. No, you're a spectator, Helena, cheering from the sidelines as your team leaves the field.

Helena: Well, it's true, yes, the Cassadines are sadly depleted. Mikkos and Stavros are already dead long time at your hands. Now Stefan is gone, too, and Nikolas seems to think that he's above the fray. I certainly couldn't fight you by myself. So I suppose you can say that you've won, if you consider a wife who's insane, a son who's betrayed you, and a life devoid of purpose and meaning a victory.

Luke: God, it sounds so depressing when you put it like that. I think I need some reason to be, some excitement, some thrill. Like maybe snapping your neck.

Helena: I love it when you talk dirty, Luke. I'm tingling with your touch. But I have one small request -- don't bury me with Stefan. I loathed him in life. I can't imagine spending eternity by his side.

Luke: No, that would be cruel and unusual punishment, even for you.

Helena: Hmm.

Luke: Besides, why should I kill you when I can leave you alive to suffer?

Helena: Admit it, Luke. You'd miss me.

Luke: Yes, I will. No one appreciates my black heart like you do. You have a unique, stylish menace all your own. But your triumphs are behind you, my darling. Without your spawn on the frontlines to do your dirty work, you don't even rate a second thought. Oh, I'll miss you, yes, on those cold, winter nights when I'm nostalgic for a worthy opponent, but I'll survive. You, however -- you face a fate worse than death -- obscurity. You're evaporating. You're fading. I can barely see you. Soon, my darling, you'll be as invisible as you are irrelevant. Goodbye.

Emily: If you're telling Nikolas he's amazing, I'd have to agree.

Nikolas: Oh, hi. How you feeling?

Emily: Hi. Good. So far so good.

Nikolas: Good.

Bobbie: I'm very glad to hear that.

Emily: Thanks.

Bobbie: Take care.

Emily: Okay.

Bobbie: Bye.

Emily and Nikolas: Bye.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Emily: Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I just had a chemo treatment and you look worse than I do.

Nikolas: Well, Luke was there after all.

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Nikolas: And then my grandmother came back. They -- they hounded my uncle his entire life, you know? Maybe -- maybe he deserved it. You'd think they could just let him be buried in peace.

Emily: You know, Luke and -- and Helena and their endless, awful fight is in the past. Your life's your own now. You're free to do whatever you want. Even give me a ride home.

[Emily chuckles]

Nikolas: I love you so much.

Emily: I feel exactly the same about you.

Carly: I went to meet Alcazar.

Sonny: Really? Yeah, he told me.

Carly: You said we were going to dinner --

Sonny: Don't start with me, Carly.

Carly: But you walked out on me.

Sonny: And you went running to another man. All that talk about how, you know, you love me and we're married, and I'm not gone, what, five seconds, and then you're all over Alcazar.

Carly: Oh, yeah, you're right, Sonny. Hot, sexy me. Nine months pregnant with your child. I couldn't wait to get up close and personal with Alcazar at Ryce Bridge in front of anyone right where they could see us.

Sonny: You want him, Carly? You want him? You want to be with him?

Carly: Sonny, I want you.

Sonny: No, no, do you want to stay with him?

Carly: I want you, and I love you, but it doesn't seem to matter because I don't get --

Sonny: Well, you got a great way of showing it!

Carly: And how is your way any better? How is it loving me to walk out on me and the children?

Sonny: Do not bring the kids into this.

Carly: Sonny, they're in it! They are in it! You are deserting all of us!

Sonny: How many --

Carly: And it is not --

Sonny: How many times have you lied and gone to Alcazar? How many times have you lied that I don't even know about? Like what happened on that yacht? What did you guys do on that yacht? Huh? Did you guys have fun on that yacht?

Carly: Nothing happened on that yacht! I have never, ever done anything more than talk to Alcazar. And I'm not the one who lied tonight. That was you. You said we were going to dinner, I went upstairs, and you vanished. You are so selfish, Sonny. No one's pain matters but your own.

Sonny: Oh, shut up!

Carly: It's all about you all the time!

Sonny: Shut up.

Carly: You -- shut up! You shut up! You -- you don't want to lose me, so you push me away? You don't want to love me, so you make me wrong?

Sonny: Shut up! Did I -- did I misunderstand? Did you not go to Alcazar? Did you not call my enemy to meet with him? Did you not meet with him last week, put your mouth on his mouth to save his life? Huh? I don't know! Did you do that?

Michael: Leave Mommy alone!

Sonny: You didn't do it?

Carly: Stop it, Sonny.

Michael: Leave Mommy alone!

Sonny: It's all right.

Michael: I won't let you hurt her! I'm not going to let you hurt Mommy!

Jax: An heiress who likes to do odd jobs for fun, huh? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?

Sam: Who said I was his girlfriend in the first place?

Jax: That's a hell of a lot better than claiming I brought you there to see the house. Where were you going with that?

Sam: I don't know.

Jax: Exactly. Okay, here's a little hint -- keep your cover story brief and as close to the truth as possible.

Sam: So, what are you saying? You really want me as your girlfriend?

Coleman: So far this employment opportunity doesn't interest me.

A.J.: You haven't heard what I want.

Coleman: I don't have to. You're hanging out in the park, staring at some chick. So if stalking's any part of the deal, you can count me out. I got shot last time, remember?

A.J.: Take it easy. I just want you to do a little surveillance for now. Her name -- Samantha McCall. You follow her, find out what she's doing with Jax.

Sam: What was I supposed to do, let that old windbag talk down to me like I was some trailer trash from the sticks?

Jax: Aren't you?

Sam: You know what? You can go to hell, because the McCalls are a fine, old family, thank you.

Jax: Yes, who don't have two nickels to rub together. So why would you claim to be an heiress? Do you know how easy it's going to be for those people to trip you up?

Sam: Why do I care what they think of me, anyway?

Jax: Well, too bad for me because I've gone along with your lie, so -- I don't believe this. I don't see any other choice, but I'm going to have to teach you how to be a lady.

Skye: Why are you doing this?

Luke: What?

Skye: I just cleaned up!

Luke: Oh. Well, I'm sorry, but I'm trying to put a few disguises together.

Skye: Disguise? Why do you need a disguise? Stefan is buried and in the ground. The revenge is complete. Can you please just go away?

Luke: I thought you were sort of enjoying this.

Skye: "Enjoying this"? No, you see, when I enjoy myself, I tend to smile, to laugh, to enjoy the moment. I'm not tense. I'm not jumpy. I'm not about to explode in frustration because there's an escaped felon in the middle of my living room!

Luke: All right, all right. Relax. I'll be gone soon.

Skye: How soon?

Luke: Well, as soon as I find some shoes to match this outfit.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: No, actually, as soon as I get some money together for traveling.

Skye: Uh -- excuse me. You expect me to bankroll you now?

Luke: No. I expect you to help me rip off the Quartermaines.

Sonny: Sorry, buddy. I'm sorry I scared you. Now, you -- you know, Daddy lost his temper. You know, sometimes --

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: You know, I yelled. It's -- it's wrong. But no matter how angry I get, I -- I would never, ever hurt your mama.

Michael: But why were you yelling?

Carly: Daddy and I -- we got angry. Instead of giving ourselves a time-out, taking a break, we -- we just kept yelling.

Michael: I hate it when you guys fight.

Carly: Yeah, we do, too. And we're going to figure out a way to deal with that better. But first, we need to put you to bed.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Okay? Come on.

Sonny: Mike, Mike -- I'm proud of you, okay? You did the right thing. Always protect your mama.

Johnny: Tell Mr. Alcazar I appreciate his generosity.

Man: He's happy with your work.

Jason: So how much is Alcazar paying you?

Johnny: Jason, I swear --

Jason: How much did you charge to sell Sonny out?

Johnny: I made a mistake; I got in debt, and Alcazar --

Jason: Shut up!

Johnny: Helped me out! I swear --

Jason: You shut up! You broke into Sonny's home. You went through his dead wife's things. You're the one who found that picture of Lily and left it out. What else? What else?

Johnny: There were some letters Lily wrote.

Jason: You tell me who Sonny saw on that terrace! How'd she get out there, Johnny? Alcazar's using a woman, isn't he?

Lorenzo: I want the building watched. There's a chance Corinthos could be leaving tonight. No, no, I don't need him followed. All I want is confirmation that Sonny's leaving his wife for good.

Marcella: You think you've won?

Lorenzo: I'm very close.

Marcella: What did Sonny mean about overplaying your hand?

Lorenzo: It's a threat, a last try at backing me off. The man's no fool. He obviously doesn't want to lose Carly. But he's trapped, and now his pride's in the way. Because Sonny knows that Carly came to me. Doesn't matter that he practically forced her into it. The man's possessive and jealous, and he'll throw Carly away before he forgives her. And I'll be right there to pick up the pieces.

Carly: Thanks for tucking Michael in. You -- you can leave.

Sonny: You want me to leave?

Carly: I never, ever want to fight like that in front of Michael again. I don't ever want him afraid that you're going to hit me.

Sonny: I would never raise my hand to you.

Carly: I know. I'm as responsible tonight for what happened as you are. I wanted you angry, Sonny. I got my wish. I can't do this anymore. We can't -- we are destroying everything that was ever good. You wanted to end our marriage. I'm agreeing. I'm done.

Sonny: Okay, wait.

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Edward: You are incorrigible. Extreme measures are required.

Ned: I miss you. I'm taking you home, tonight.

Ric: I was going to ask you out to dinner. Can we do that?

Sam: I'm not going to change for you or any other man.

Carly: I will love you forever. I just can't live like this anymore.

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